T-Mobile Complaints

If you were charged on your cell phone bill by T-Mobile for third party mobile content subscriptions or services (i.e., for ringtones, premium text messaging services, joke a day programs, wallpaper, screensavers, text alerts, etc.) that you never ordered or authorized T-Mobile to bill you for, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized T-Mobile Cell Phone Charges–

What Are T-Mobile Premium Service Charges?

According to T-Mobile’s website, on your T-Mobile bill “Under PREMIUM SERVICE CHARGES, you will find charges for ringtones, graphics, and so on.”

What Are T-Mobile Premium Messaging Charges?

According to T-Mobile’s website, on your T-Mobile bill “Under PREMIUM MESSAGING CHARGES, you will find charges for on-demand info alerts.”

Contact T-Mobile:

T-Mobile Customer Service: 1-877-296-1018


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–Report Unauthorized T-Mobile Cell Phone Charges–

If you have a complaint about T-Mobile wireless service, share your T-Mobile complaints with others.


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203 Responses to “T-Mobile Complaints”

  1. Derek McKenzie says:

    I was recently billed $9.97 three times for services that I never confirmed or ordered. I was sent free text messages that I never replied to. I was also hcarged four times for services that I never ordered.

  2. Maggie Segesser says:

    I was billed twice for 9.99 for services I never ordered as well. My elderly father is on my family plan and got the text and he said all he did was delete it. When I called TMob, I had to call a toll free number to cancel the service, except they are only open m-f. I will not text back stop to any number just in case other weird crap happens.

  3. dennis j. regan says:

    I never authorized RingAZA ring tones. I have called T-Mobile with no success to stop it. I will not pay the bill and all the collection agencies in the world will not get me to pay for something I did not subscribe to.

  4. Bre da says:

    I did a search on the info on my phone bill. The website of the ringtone co’s told me how to stop service; Thumbplay said they will reimburse me. We’ll see. Still waiting to hear from Jamster. A 3rd company, RingTone Channel allowed me to stop via their website. Only charged one mo, but I’m still going to ask for money back. Didn’t even contact T-Mobile and maybe I won’t have to. Go directly to the culprit!

  5. Santiago Ramos says:

    I was billed twice for 9.99 for services I never ordered as well.

  6. Eulalia Ramos says:

    I never subscribed to this service but I have been charged $9.99 for no reason!!!

  7. dennis j. regan says:

    I have the same story and T-Mobile is doing bothing about it.

  8. RAYZA ORTIZ says:


  9. G.McCullo says:

    There is no place to complain about VERIZON on this same issue. Emexus Alerts signed my 13 year old son up for Premium Texting that I (as primary phone number) did not want. I am not certain if they called or texted him, but there is no valid telephone number on my bill for Emexus Alerts. Each month Verizon told me they had cancelled but instructed me to pay my bill until the credit was shown. This went on for four plus months. I finally changed his phone number but am out over $400.

    I object to them pushing their products. I also do not think it should be legal to sell this to minors. They need to require proof–not a quick sale perhaps (probably none in fact) but this selling to minors should not be legal. We have to prove things all the time–this is their responsibility.
    EMEXUS ALERTS is also not available on the web–they are in the Netherlands, w/ out-of-USA exchange #’s only.

  10. katie says:

    T-Mobile is charging me for incoming text messages–a service that I don’t use and do not want. I feel that I am getting charged against my will for these text messages and it’s just getting worse as more telemarketing companies embrace text messaging. My phone is on the do-not-call list but apparently that doesn’t apply to text messages–only phone calls.

    These telemarketing companies keep sending me text messages and I get charged $.15 for each incoming message. I called T-Mobile this morning to correct this issue and just spent over 35 minutes on the phone trying to get this resolved.

    The agent, her supervisor and the supervisor’s supervisor were totally rude, curt and abrupt. I’ve never received such poor customer service. And they are reluctant to remove the $.15 charges or issue a credit to prevent future charges to my account.

    The supervisor actually told me that I should spend $.15 to text the companies back and have them remove my number from the list. Puh-lease! That’s like responding to spam or phishing emails.

    T-Mobile will not block incoming text messages unlike other cell phone providers because “it’s how they communicate with account holders”. That’s complete BS. If all the other major carriers can do it, T-mobile can too.

    I’ve had an account with T-mobile since 2000. All I know is that when my contract expires on Oct. 8, 2008, I will not be renewing it. I will go to a prepaid phone. I’d love to cancel my account now, but will have to pay a $200 early termination fee.

    I’m sick and tired of dealing with all this stuff. I doubt there’s anything that can be done, but if they’re doing this to me, I know they’re doing it to other people too. At least I have the satisfaction knowing that I cost T-Mobile more than $.15 in agent and call center opex expenses.

  11. F. Shown says:

    I have the same problem with Verizon and EMEXUS as well as Cellfish. We have had as high as $90 for premium text. Had verizon delete the charges several times. (They only did this because in the contract all premium services were supposed to be disabled on that phone) and finally, we had to change the phone number. This is BS

  12. STEPHANIE says:

    I was charged 3 times and sent stop to their number all 3 times. I finally called t-mobile and had them blacklist there number so i cant get charged from them anymore. This needs serious attention they are stealing money from people

  13. katiria julia says:

    i never give my autorisetion two charge me for tha servise please i dont want that servise anymore

  14. katiria julia says:

    please idont give eny permision two ringza two sucrime we them please dont charge me any more

  15. katiria julia says:

    i dont want two be a menber of ringaza.never give my authorisetion

  16. Marcus says:

    First off, I admit this could be carelessness on my part for not reading the fine print. My wife is pregnant and I went over my minutes for the holidays and they charge me 40 cents a minute over my plan. I have been a customer of theirs for eight years. My bill came to $250. What infuriates me even more is that my plan is for 1000 minutes, i went over by using 1200 minutes and now they advertise 1500 minutes for new customers at the same cost of my plan. When I attempted to change service they informed me i was looked in until 5-2009 or else pay a $200 penalty. On top of all this, when I called in, the first few reps were nice, then they transfered me to a “supervisor” who was combative, literally not letting me get a word edgewise over the phone. I would avoid this company at all costs. Again, I am partially to blame for not reading their fine print, and whether it is abusive that is also questionable. What is certain is they do not treat their customers well.

  17. Lynda Quish says:

    My complaint is about the charges for the past few months ranging from $30.-$35. My son is 16 (a minor) and says he never clicked YES to subscribe to anything. He said he clicked on a “PREMIUM” text once not knowing that there was a charge as he has unlimited texting. These charges are completely unfair and I will notify the BBB and other sources to try and get something done about this matter. Of course VERIZON can’t do a thing to credit me for these unfair and probably illegal charges because EXEMUS is charging me (how convenient).

  18. Angelica Shaw says:

    I was charged $9.99 for a service I have never used. I have periodically received text messages from Thumbplay and just deleted them thinking nothing of it until I looked closely at my bill and saw I was charged by Thumbplay. This is ridiculous! This company should not be getting away with this! If anyone else knows of how to cancel this so I won’t be charged anymore please let me know thanks

  19. Brenda says:

    Go to http://www.thumbplay.com and you’ll see how to unsubscribe. Can send a text msg or call them. I got a refund from them – service was on my grandson’s phone, and he’s under age.

  20. megan says:

    i am an employee of a major mobile phone provider and must say there is nothing we can do about these message subscriptions. because it is billed to the mobile phone company by jamster, thumbplay, etc., the company in turn bills you. there is NO way one can subscribe to these unless submitting a text message to the company, they do not show up unsolicited. before becoming an employee, i had never received a text from jamster, after becoming familiar with mobile services, i still have yet to receive any text message like that. the statement about t mobile not being able to block text messages is TRUE. the company does not have the technology to do so because that is, in fact, how they inform customers of past due balances, account changes, payment confirmations, so on and so forth. really, would major corporations like verizon, t mobile, sprint, and cingular willingly open themselves up to lawsuits from jilted customers? they all have highly skilled legal depts who write contracts, enforce FCC guidelines, etc. READ YOUR CONTRACT (for everything, people!). would you sign for a loan without reading up on the interest rates and late fees? didn’t think so. know your stuff before you point fingers. chances are, if you did, you’d only have one person to blame: yourself.

  21. Nancy says:

    I had a good experience with T-Mobile today. I received an unauthorized text message and called their customer service number. I was told to register with T-Mobile.com and then I could place a filter on the text messaging (the 4-digit sort). I also received a credit for the unauthorized texts. The customer service rep walked me through the entire process and was very helpful.

  22. Nancy says:

    Also, you can go online with the donotcall website and report the unauthorized usage.

  23. Kris says:

    I’m being charged for text messages I don’t want. I hate T-mobile and will look for another service provider if they will do nothing about it. Luckily I do not have a contract to pay my way out of.

  24. JOYCE JONES says:


  25. Co says:

    T-Mobile sends me messages stating I can get 15% more if I spend $100.00 or more for pay as you go minutes. But $100.00 cards don’t quailfy. I want others to reply to start class action law suit.

  26. Tin-Man Lau says:

    I was charged twice for 9.99 that I have never subscribed from Thumbplay. I called T-mobile last month and this month. I asked for proof of my subscription if there is any. They said they cannot send that to me. I asked them how dare they let other people to charge my account but not willing to send me information why they charged. I suspect T-mobile owns Thumbplay. I think if T-mobile allow third party to charge their customers, they have to be responsible and accountable. They finally said they will blacklist Thumbplay and refund my charges. We will see. I tried to text message stop to 48000 (that is Thumbplay) but bounced back.
    Well, it is extremely frustrating. I am fixing to leave T-mobile if it happens again next month.

  27. Brenda says:

    When I had a problem with Thumbplay and Jamster, I contacted them directly; they refunded my money. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2003 and plan to stay with them. Do a search for the company that is charging you, and you can usually find a website with contact info. Email and/or call them until you get the results you’re looking for. It worked for me, but I had to be vigilant.

  28. Miss M says:

    There was a $9.99 PREMIUM SERVICES usage charge on my phone bill and it came from dada.net. And i remember last month they send me an text message about ringtones which i never purchassed & said to reply “STOP” to not be charged a fee which i did, and then it said my request couldnt be processed.
    I called Tmobile to inquire, they refunded the 9.99 and gave me dada.net’s number (1888-214-0381) to have my number removed.

  29. Paul Tinsley says:

    I get unsolicited SMS. T-Mobile tell me that it is impossible to disable these. Unsolicited SMS is illegal in Colorado and I know that some networks can disable SMS. I feel that T-Mobile is turning a blind eye and profiteering from illegal activity on their network. I don’t know what I can do about it. I tried to cancel my service and they threatened to fine me $200!!!

  30. Kris says:

    I told T-Mobile that I was on the Do-Not-Call list and was told that doesn’t count against text messages. Anyone else heard of this. I told them they were complicit with those texting me.

  31. James Compton says:

    I also didn’t register for this service.. It one day popped on my bill under “usage” charges. They cleverly place what these “usage” charges are at the bottom of the bill. T-mobile needs to do something about this ridiculous charge. I called t-mobile and they have “no idea” how frequent this is occuring. I’m glad i’m not the only one experiencing these unpleasant charges.

  32. Paul Tinsley says:

    T-Mobile has been hit with a class action concerning unsolicited charges: http://www.rcrnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080130/FREE/927035123/1005/FREE
    How do you get involved in these. I get plenty of unsolicited SMS and T-Mobile simply doesn’t care.

  33. Lauren says:

    This is total BS. I keep being charged for the incoming texts that i do not read. This lady at t mobile told me that if i dont want to be charged for the incoming texts that i recive just delete it and dont read it. I do do that, but therefore they still charge me. I’m being chared 7-15 bucks a month for this. This is really dumb. T mobile should have blocking for text messages because this is happening to way too many peole and is not aprecitated.

  34. Brian T says:

    Hey, T-Mobile actually let someone order a 200$ phone on my account. The sent me a letter thanking me for the order. Supposedly this was a big deal to them and they were launching an “investigation”. They were supposed to get back to me to let me know exactly how someone was able to order a phone in my name so I could take the appropriate steps to protect my Identity. THEY NEVER RETURNED MY CALLS! In addition, I was paying for some sort of trivia that I could not get rid of. In addition, the text messaging scam was going on. I finally just stopped paying them. Can’t wait to see them in court :)

  35. Paul Tinsley says:

    We have got absolutely nowhere complaining to T-Mobile about unsolicited SMS. They outright refuse to do anything about it and constantly hold this $200 fine over us all the time – it’s very threatening and unpleasant. We told them that we would no longer use their services once our contract was over and they said that we had to call them on the exact day that our contract ended to cancel it!! Otherwise, we continue to be their customers. This surely isn’t legal? Someone in authority needs to step in and stop this company. You can’t even sue them because they have a term that forces you into arbitration. I feel like I am robbed of all my rights!

  36. Fidelia says:

    i don’t know if anyone would like help me out of this mess. you see i am just new in the country and i was meant to understand that t – mobile is the best network which i agreed with after using it foe the first one week. the first plan i got was just 600minutes, i was using it to call just within the state b/c it was connecting to outside the country, so when i found out that the 600 was not enough for me i changed to 1500 was very happy that i got high minutes i never knew that the person that subscribed me gave me another one which is not prepaid and was connecting outside the state, i thought that this plan was connecting b/c of the high minutes i had not knowing that my bill is accumulating until last week when i was notified by by T-mobile staff that my line is cut off and that my bill is $703. since then i have not been myself, how can a just a poor girl like me, new in the country rying to survive could accumulate phone bill as high as that, please you people should think of it. i am aplogizing for my ignorant i thought my phone is been taking from my 1500, please my kneels are on the floor begging for your help. please do something about this bill and reduce it, it is better for us that i am alive to pay part of the bill than being a dead person due to hypertension without paying the bill. please let anybody that reads this message talk to manager about this predicament, i am so sorry for my ignorant. Thank you.
    yours faithfully,

  37. Melissa Pike says:

    T-mobile allowed my son to rack up $400 worth of charges when he used aol chat feature. each incoming and outgoing message was .15. T-mobile can text me when my bill is due, why can’t they give me a heads up on this? I have had T-mobile for years. This should not have happened!!!

  38. Tony says:

    Watch out for Tmobile. i returned a phone that was only 1 month old when it stopped working for no reason. the key pad was just not responding. you could answer a call by opening the flip. it was a free phone or so i thought. i called customer care and we tried everything to get the phone to work right. the rep even told me that it was not water damaged based on a white square in the back (under battery) i knew this wasnt the case any how. a month later, i was charged $100 for the phone b/cause it contained “moisture”. i could not challenge the claim and no one would listen. why would anyone return a phone if they knew it was their fault. i could have used an old phone that i have alreay and saved $100 – or bought cheaper one. these guys are rip offs. be careful when dealing with them. they also never activated the insurance i requested either, and could only compensate me by activating the insurance after the fact.

  39. Hadley says:

    Ok. So about 5 months ago I got a myspace message from one of my friends saying to go to ringza and sing up for free ringtones. I signed up, but I got 1 song only. Anyway, for the last 5 months I have been getting textmessages saying “thankyou for continueing your membership to ringza” I thought It was a joke at first, but now I think I’m actually paying for it. I never signed up for this. They didn’t give any indication there was a price on anything. I figured if I saw anything in which It said anything about money I would quit. But it didn’t. And even in the last moments it said it was free. It didn’t say I was signing up for any account. I feel used and upset. Isn’t this fraud!

  40. Peter says:

    T mobile has been charging me for tzone internet and I dont buy and when I call they say they take it off but it is still there. I hate tmobile. AT&T is way better.

  41. seth says:

    You know what stinks, is that if you don’t notify T-Mobile they so pleasantly deposit your money into their coffers.

    I called recently to complain about a text message “If you don’t pay X amount by this date all of your minutes will be deleted from your Flex Account.

    I am a professional with a public service record. T-Mobile thinks that its appropriate to send me those messages, threatening me.

  42. J. Malouf says:

    I have tried unsuccessfully for
    several months to
    “Unsubscribe” to
    this service that I
    never subscribed to! There is only
    a website–no human–and even tho
    I have hit the
    unsubscribe button
    and receive a
    message that I am
    unsubscribed, I will subsequently
    receive a message
    a day ot two later
    “welcome back”?! Now I am being charged 9.99 TWICE a month
    all on different
    days. The 15,16 of
    the month; 18,19 on
    the following month
    etc. T-mobile has
    banned this service.
    Initially, I was
    being billed on my
    American Express, then T-Mobile. I
    will pursue any
    action to get these
    guys out of my life!

  43. m. selser says:

    I have had T-Mobile since 2003 and always loved them. I got my daughter an account with 1500 min.and paid the extra charges for mobile to mobile and text messaging. The 1500 min. included free nights and weekends and free long distance. My sister in law asked me about the t-mobile service and I told her that I loved it. She didn’t have good credit, so she couldn’t get a contract with t-mobile, so I told her that I would sign her up on mine. I fully trusted her and still do. She has always made her payments when they have involved me. Anyway, I had my brother, my daughter and myself on one account and tried to get my sister in law and her kids on another account, but I made the mistake of doing this online with a live t-mobile rep. She obviously was from another country and did not understand what I was needing. She messed up the order!!!! I called t-mobile and explained that I would like to add 3 more phones to my account. They said that I would have to open a seperate account. I said fine. They took the 3 lines that I had and put 2 phones(niece and nephew) on it, then put us all on a shared plan. Then opened a seperate account for my sister in law (their mother). I called them back and after an hour or so of disputing my way too high bill, because they put us all on the same plan, they finally understood that I wanted my phone service the same as always, 1500 mins,free long distance, nights and weekends free. Of course that was an old plan, but they agreed because of the grandfather clause. They finally put all back as normal and put all the sister in laws phones on the same plan.!!! This only took 3 people 4 or 5 hours to figure out!!!! I still paid the bill, but was just glad to get it straightened out and get off the phone!!! Plus, they graciously gave me extra minutes, that I didn’t need, for all my trouble!!! My daughter didn’t use her cell phone too much then, just to call me when she was with a friend. Well, she got a boyfriend this year!!! It was around January that she started using her phone more. No problem about the text messaging, I just added the package of unlimited text for around $14.99, I also put free t-mobile to t-mobile on her phone, so no problem there!!! I just told her to watch her minutes on weekdays and nights until 9:00. After that her minutes were free and weekends were free, too!! Of course I told her be off the phone at a decent hour, so she could get some rest. I gave her an 11:30 curfew. As you know kids don’t listen too well, so she used the phone alot later than she was suppose to. No problem, we have free nights and weekends!!! Well, this weekend comes up and my cell phone is shut of for non-payment!! I just sent them $300 last week. I should be good to go for another month!!! So, I call t-mobile to find out what is going on and they tell me that I owe over $2000 dollars in overage fees!!!! I asked them how could that be? They said most of the calls were from my daughter’s phone at night, to her boyfriend!!! I said we have free nights and weekends. The t-mobile rep says, “no you don’t.” I argue nicely with him and he looks back in his records and says he does see where we had the trouble with the sister in law’s phones last year and that I had told them to return my service back to the original, but someone didn’t put the right plan on there. He also says he can’t help me because it has been longer than 60 days since the change and I didn’t catch it!!! Of course I didn’t catch it!!! My phone bill has been in the same price range forever, that is until my daughter got a boyfriend and started talking on the phone more!!! The point is t-mobile screwed up my plan the first time and was told to put it back and obviously they have screwed it up again and now expect me to pay for their unauthorized changing of my phone plan!!!!! Now, what do I do??? This will ruin my credit and I really had great phone coverage with t-mobile all these years!!!! I however, do not think I am responsible to pay any overage charges that were acquired on nights or weekends. I am willing to pay for overages that my daughter may have acquired during normal hours and believe me, she will be working that off!!! Ha, Ha. Anyway, if anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks so much, sincerly, Melissa

  44. EVELYN says:


  45. Verne says:

    Bought a HTC Dash in Nov 08′ I has never worked properly. I have been on the phone with T-mobiles tech support since Nov 08 for at least 70 hours. Trying to get this to work, it never has. T-Mobile has sent me 2 additional Dashs that also didnt work. Then they said ok we’ll send you a Blackberry 8800 as an exchange handset. I didnt want the 8800. I wanted the Curve from day one ( I was turned around and onto the Dash)
    Upon receiving the 8800 which also didn’t work properly. I went into my account I noticed that T-Mobile “Slammed” me into the phone and charged me $367 plus taxes AND set-me up with a NEW 2 year contract. I called them on it and they have taken the charges off. Now, I’m stuck with an inferior phone that doesn’t work properly ( I have been requesting a Curve as the replacement but they seem to want to keep sending me phones I either don’t want or don’t work. All the while I have been paying for my Data services that I have not been able to use. They will send out everything under the sun except the unit I have requested. They also have charged me twice for shipping me the new handsets. Which I was never privy to til this evening.
    I have also gotten text messages from T-Mobile after payment saying “Thank you for your payment” and they charged me for the Text messages THEY sent. This is out of line. Anyone have some input, suggestions or Class action information that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your time…

  46. ROBIN says:

    TMObile is a fraud. They rob hard working good people who pay their bills and yet when you need a manager becuase they are cluless and destroyed your account good luck!! I have been waiting 6 months for a manager to call me guess what none have as of yet. That is ok though when I am dont they will wish they called me. People look for me I am turning my mysopace page into TMOBILE HATERS COMMENTS. I am tired of companies robbing people and getting away with it no more!! Anyone with complaints please send to me so that I can put them on my page I plan on having my page up this week… thank you NIBOR29@HOTMAIL.COM

  47. Scotty says:

    My wife was billed for the $9.99 service for which she did not subcribe. I am very unhappy about this high tech stealing.

  48. Kyle says:

    Everyone!! I used to work for T-Mobile, and now I work for Alltel Wireless. These texting services are not the faults of T-Mobile, Alltel, Verizon, etc. The people charging you is the company (I.e. CSW, phoneplay, etc.) that offers these “Free” texting services. Somehow, they are getting their subscriptions onto your phones, and probably not legally.
    Again, T-Mobile is not at fault here, they literally can not do anything about it, neither can any other company with this issue. If it’s happening at other phone carriers, obviously it can’t be the carrier can it? It must be the 3rd party company that is charging you. If you are going to report anyone to the BBB, you must report those 3rd party companies, they won’t do anything to the carriers!!

  49. David says:

    In early Jan. 2008, we switched our cell phone service to T-Mobile. I completed an online registration and when I submitted it they gave me a number to call a customer representative. After, I received my first bill from T-Mobile, (it had been delivered to a wrong address with a wrong name), I immediately noticed that the bill was unusually high. I immediately see that they have not included unlimited messaging for families and see that we have be billed for each text on both phones. This is an error on T-Mobile’s part. I never would have ordered any phone without text messaging. My wife distinctly remembers me talking with the representative and asking for Unlimited Text Messaging for Families at $19.95 more per month. We have a teenage son and we would not have ordered any phone, ever, without Unlimited Text Messaging for Families.

    After calling a service representative named Robert (3/11/08), I was told I needed to provide proof. I’m thinking that is difficult to do seeing how I was asked to call in this order. Fortunately, I kept all correspondence with T-Mobile, including my original order that I sent online. It shows very clearly that I wanted Unlimited Text Messaging. I was going to mail Robert (1244637) my information but the next day or phones were shut off.

    After they shut off our phones on 3/12/08, I called service representative and spoke with Sharmin (1725160). Once again, I was told I needed proof that I had actually ordered Unlimited Messaging for Families. I feel sorry for anyone who does business with T-Mobile, as consumers are wrong until they can prove they are right. I immediately sent a fax on 3/12/08 to Sharmin, showing her what I had ordered from T-Mobile back in January ’08. I have not received any response. Later, T-Mobile said they never received this fax, even though we have a confirmation for this.

    Since then I have talked with various T-Mobile representatives trying to get this disputed bill corrected. Finally, talked with a person in Billing who agreed to take off the text charges on our first bill and told us that our phones would be turned on once they received a check for the corrected bill. I wrote a check which T-Mobile has deposited and our phones are still not turned on. We also agreed to send another fax with the proof that we had order unlimited messaging when we ordered the phones. This proof was needed before they took off the charges on the 2nd bill. We actually called first to make sure that they would get the fax. ‘Andrea’ promised to call us back immediately when she got our fax. We sent it and got a confirmation # that it was sent correctly….and we waited and waited for a call from Andrea. After an hour and half, we gave up. Yesterday, we received e-mail from a customer representative John, who said that we are so sorry but we never received your fax.
    We needed to pay our balance on our first bill (the amount that was promised to be taken off on our 1st bill), otherwise, we would be terminated and charged and early termination fee of 200.00 per phone. So, basically, we have been jerked around. T-Mobile has a unique system that you can never talk to the same person twice. Each time you are forced to speak with a new customer representative, or billing representative, who are so polite, yet they lie to you.

    When I googled T-mobile on billing errors I quickly saw a red flag, as they had literally hundred of thousands of sites, including numerous consumer fraud allegations. After reading story after story, including a few that had the exactly same problem as mine (being billed for texts when they signed up for unlimited messaging) I realize that T-Mobile has a problem. I will be contacting, Public Regulations Commission and various other consumer groups, including the Attorney General in if this problem is not resolved fairly and to my satisfaction.

  50. ROBIN says:


  51. ruben says:

    u guys are idiots all u complain is that blah blah there ripping me of, 99% is just dumb people not reading print when registering there number, face the facts read before registering.

  52. Ocean says:

    If were all such idiots… Why is T-Mobile in heavy litigation for their business ethics. Such as Slamming and billing clients extra fees and Early termination fees. Deal with it buddy their a corrupt organization. Check out this link before you call anyone an idiot http://www.google.com/search?q=T+Mobile+lawsuits&rls=com.microsoft:en-us&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1. Simply Google, T Mobile lawsuits and see for yourself…

  53. susan says:

    Ruben you are equally idiot, your english is just nonsence. how dare you call people idiot?. you must apologize or i will send another insultive mail to you.

  54. Paul says:

    Ruben, there isn’t one agreement out there that is fair to the consumer. It’s totally evident that you are the idiot for failing to grasp that fact.

  55. susan says:

    Thank you Paul for being so wise to understand that Ruben is very foolish. infact this is an evidence that he is one of the obstacles in people’s pregress.

  56. ROBIN says:

    I said it once I will say it again TMObile sucks. And it is about time consumers took control instead of these morons on a little school bus telling us what they can and can not do for us. I am tired of being robbed by companies like this for my hard earned money. I say we start creating WHO RIPPED ME OFF DAY and go to these locations of robbers and stand outside their place of business and advertise all the rip offs.. I would be more than happy to organize a TMOBILE HATTERS DAY… Let me know..

  57. ROBIN says:

    I understand you do not want to loose your job with TMOBILE was it you I spoke to who took the little bus to school?

  58. ROBIN says:


  59. Kris says:

    Robin, I agree that T-Mobile sucks but get off the little school bus crap. My grandson is mentally challenged and I take offense to your gibberish.

  60. ROBIN says:

    So is my brother if you do not like what I write may I suggest clicking the window closed it is in the upper right hand corner. This is a site to vent anger about being robbed why are you even on here with no complaint? If you have that much time on your hand may i suggest a job at T-Mobile? This is the problem with America today god {oops cant use that word} you just can not speak how you feel.. I said it once I will say it again Tmobile sucks……..

  61. Mary Villalba says:

    I sincerely hope that as the CEO of T-Mobile you will be able to adequately resolve the billing nightmare we’ve been experiencing with T-Mobile, and restore my faith in your company!

    Last year when I bought my Blackberry, I was not as technically savvy as most subscribers and naively thought when I placed the 5 “MyFaves” on my phone that T-Mobile would automatically register the same phone numbers as I had on my phone. Evidently, that was not the case, and so for half a year I had one set of numbers and T-Mobile had another. That really didn’t cause any problems, since I didn’t use my phone enough to go over my minutes, and therefore I didn’t even notice on the billing that T-Mobile had the wrong numbers for MyFaves.

    In January that changed; my daughter returned from working in London and we put her on our phone line. Two of my daughters and I spent a good three hours in the Boulder store getting questions answered and getting her line set up. One of the questions was, “could she text to and from England without additional charges?” The store rep did not know the answer, but kindly called a service rep from T-Mobile and got the answer, which we ALL clearly heard….”NO ADDITIONAL PER TEXT CHARGE EITHER WAY, if she pays $10 additional per month on the bill.” I had to put this in the category of “lie #1…”….but, we all heard the rep and we all believed, including the store rep, that was the correct answer, since it is also what we found at your on-line website.

    That “mistake” was not as critical as the next few. When the January bill showed up and I realized that we were not being charged for the correct MyFaves, and we were being charged for per text calls to England, I called and spoke with someone named Shawna, #1244537, who assured me she would straighten it all out, right then; put the correct MyFaves in your system, credit for the wrong numbers charged, remove the per text charges to England, and lastly, since the bill for my daughter calling to Europe was so high, she would be glad to apply the $500 deposit I paid last June for my Blackberry to the balance on the account and then send us a check for the remainder. I should have known better than to be pleased by this response…..it was “lie #2.”

    As I discovered on a number of subsequent phone calls to T-Mobile, Shawna was blowing smoke, so to speak! Not one single one of the items that she had so sweetly said she would take care of was done, and on top of that, we were now into a February billing, which was also wrong., or should I say, STILL wrong. So, I placed another call to your “customer service” and was told that “it has been taken care of, and they were so sorry the deposit refund wasn’t reflected on the bill, but it would certainly show up on the next bill.” Well, it didn’t. Then the stonewalling began, and I was told when I called your “customer service” that they could not help me on the phone, because it was our business line and I would have to go to the store, so I made a trip to Boulder and spent another half day in the store trying to fix the problems created by your staff.

    I have to say that the two gentlemen who tried to help us in the store, did the best they could. Your “service manager” whom we put on speaker phone for us all to hear, insisted that my billing was correct, even though we could look at the screen, then look at my phone and see the two did not correspond, AND the two store reps had already seen my phone the month before, so they could verify that what I said was true. On top of that, there were clearly phone calls that must have been billed to my number over the last six months that were NOT called by phone or to my phone, and were somehow incorrectly attached to my phone in your system; all of this clearly showed up on the computer screen in the store.

    The store manager made notes of who spoke with us and what was said and gave me a copy of everything, including the note from someone named Mabel who told us “that these kind of billing problems were a known issue on Blackberry Pearl.” (also noted on the copies the manager gave to me). During that store visit, yet another one of your “customer service” reps stated that my deposit would be applied to the bill, and the balance sent by check to me. (I’ve lost track, how many lies is that?).

    Since Feb. 29th, I’ve made a number of calls, and sent a number of e-mails to your “customer service” staff, all of which have the same inane response, and all of the phone calls ended with your service reps telling me that I was lying about having been told the deposit would be returned, as they could see “no notes” in the file to that effect. This is the point where the “duh” factor comes in….of course if your reps are going to lie about applying the deposit they would have to be fairly stupid to write a note in the file.

    Fortunately, your two staff people in Boulder heard for themselves the lies (one service rep even claimed to be a manager, when she was not), and we all heard the inconsistencies and lies on the speaker phone, so I am confident that I have support for my claims within your own company.

    Now, the crux of the matter; I was told, not just once but several times, that the deposit would be applied to the phone bill. That is what I expect to happen. Regardless of what your company policy may be, I was told it would happen in January and in February and here we are in April, and it has still not been resolved. Your staff has now cut off my phone, which means harm to our business, so we need to resolve this issue promptly.

    I would be happy to send all thirty pages of notes to you, if you wish to see for yourself.

  62. Mary Villalba says:

    ps: I think this is the name and home address for the CEO of T-Mobile:
    Mr. Robert Dotson
    CEO T-Mobile
    15722—58th Place
    Bellevue, WA 90006

  63. Kris says:

    Vent anger at whom? The people that ride the short bus or T-Mobile? It’s hard to tell if your just venting or just hate the world. It’s my right as an American to vent, just like you, which is what I thought I was doing. So it’s just your anger or thoughts that are important? How egotistical! Perhaps you need to click window close and, as I’m going to do, get on with living.

  64. ROBIN says:

    Mary Villalba
    Thank you so much for putting this information on here.I am drafting my letter to him now along with a big fat bill.. Good luck on getting the problem resolved let me know if you hear anything further and if you have any more addresses for the CEO’s… Phone numbers would be great lets start flooding their phones lines with complaints..

  65. Erich Pfeil says:

    I took there 1600 minute plan because I needed more minutes for my job found out we were getting company cells and called to talk to some one that said that the 1600 minute plan would fall off in two months and revert to my previous plan it did not and they of course will not take care of the mistake that they don’t have documented (I have no control over what they document ) only what they told me two months running. I cancelled my service and refuse to pay them.

  66. ROBIN says:

    Erich it will just go to collections. They could care less about any customer. The CEO’s and all of those up there are thugs… Juat another example of a company that is out to rob the middle class consumer..

  67. Srila Maiti says:

    I called Sunny Singh, a tmobile agent to get a connection on 19th June, 2008. He told me that it is a 6 months contract with 600 minutes as any time minutes.It is an individual postpaid plan and the activation fee and the cell phone fee will be waived off upon receipt of my first bill. And addition of 6.99 dollar will make tmobile calles free. He asked me my first,last name, dob, visa type,card no and cvc no and asked me to send scanned visa copy. Friday he gave me some invalid tracking number.They have deducted USD 56.25 from my bank a/c and have not sent any thing. On monday when I asked them about the status, they were very rude while talking and they told me that they will call me back shortly.I have neither received any call back from them nor any replay to my email.
    I became fedup and called them again in the morning when I came to know that on thursady night, suddenly tmobile changed the policy and hence they stopped shipping though they deducted the money and have not informed me anything about it. I called tmobile agent Megan with ID 1048942 at the number 18777278778 addressing this issue and she gave me a complian no 0721583. She tried as well to call Sunny and he was not speaking properly to us and moreover asked not to call him back again. When I wanted my money back, he told it will be done in 48 hours.But I am apprehending that the same thing will again happen where they will only say that they will refund the money, but they will not do that actually.Please help me to get my money back.I am terribly upset regarding this.

    The details is given below:-

  68. Tony says:

    I received a text message from them and called them directly to have them block my number (per T-Mobile). When I called them, I explained that I get charged for text messages so they owe me 35 cents because I didn’t give them my phone number in the first place. Then I asked for a supervisor and explained the same thing. When the supervisor stated that they couldn’t give me a refund for the charge, I asked for the manager. But this time, they said that the manager was unavailable and would get back to me. During this entire time, I recorded the conversation and plan to post it as a podcast. Rather than ignoring their messages, call them directly and voice your frustration with them. Labor isn’t cheap so the more people that call, the more it’ll cost them.

  69. Anneliese says:

    I was receiving messages that I had subscribed to a monthly subscribtion from RingAZA! I ingnored them because I knew it was SPAM. All the while T-Mobile was charging me for a 3rd party subscriber for something they said they have no control over. They said I must have subscribed. I spoke to 2 reps at T-mobile and both would not even let me get a word in edge-wise, it was obvious they know more about this then they are letting on, and led me to believe that I need to be more vigilant about my bill, when in fact as a customer of t-mobile you would think I would only be getting charges from t-mobile. I asked them to not AUTHORIZE any 3rd party charges and they cannot. You would think Tmobile would be trying to protect them from this type of thing.

  70. Anneliese says:

    You would think Tmobile would be trying to protect “ME” from this type of thing.

    sorry typo-

  71. ROBIN says:

    Went to sprint love them….. tmobile sucks!!!

  72. Dedra says:

    First, let me say I do not have the horror stories like some of the other posts. I have four lines under my Tmobile account. I have been a Tmobile customer since 2005. I like the network, and for the most part, the people in customer service. It was a phone rep who informed me that if my minutes are on the verge of or have become overrages, to call them *before my bill closing date* and upgrade to the next tier of minutes, which is usually about $30 more then what I would initially pay. The ONLY downside is if I decide to decrease my minutes, then I have to agree to another year under contract…and since I don’t see myself leaving, I usually do. But this is the reason for my post….. my 13 year old’s line has accumulated over $40 in charges from Emexus for the past three months. Each time I call customer service and they’re understanding and credit the charges back to my account. Each time the rep tells me she/he will block the incoming SMS text number, only to see another number and charge the next month. Emexus keeps changing their number. FYI, this company is based in the Netherlands so there’s no way Tmobile or I can bring any legal action againist them. However, reading the posts, I see my best resort will be to change his phone number. Hopefully, I will not be charged that $15 fee.

  73. Brian from the UK says:

    You guys have to understand how this billing fraud is being carried out to be able to understand who is responsible..

    There are basically three company types involved:…
    1,Network Operator (eg..T-mobile)..
    2, Gateway company (eg..mblox)..
    3, Content Provider (Emexus,Ringaza..etc)..

    The Gateway has the billing/revenue share agreement with your Network Operator (NOT YOU). Your Network Operator bills you/your account. ONLY THEY HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BILL YOUR ACCOUNT (NOT THE GATEWAY). The Network Operator takes ’50%’. THE GATEWAY COMPANY BILLS YOUR NETWORK OPERATOR (NOT YOUR ACCOUNT).. The Content Provider has a revenue share/billing agreement with the Gateway company (NOT YOU/NOT YOUR NETWORK OPERATOR).
    If any of you are disputing bills you should be disputing them with your Network Operator and NOBODY ELSE. That is the only company you have a contractual agreement with (NOBODY ELSE).
    If a third party company has somehow abused the billing agreement between the Network Operator and Gateway company that is a matter between them (NOT YOU).

    Your Network Operators are fleecing you,conning you and giving you the runaround.
    They are also making billions from this billing fraud.

  74. Cindy says:

    I have been a tmobile customer for over four years. During those four years I have had trouble with my bill. I like the service I receive but it seems every month there are charges from Emexus and others that I dont want service from and dont want to be billed from. I have 3 lines two of which belong to my 13 and 17 yr olds. They receive bogus text messages and dont respond to them. When I call tmobile the credit my account but it keeps happening. HELP!!!! Tmobile tells me each time I call they will take care of it, but it keeps on showing up! Whats wrong with people? Why cant we get the services we agreeded to pay, pay them and be left alone!!!! I very mad.

  75. JOSEPH NGUYEN says:


  76. Ray says:

    Tmobile have let someone call in and order $800 worth of phones on my account in the past week, adn they wannt me to pay for it, even after i told them that i think that it is a inside job because i have changed my password info 6 times in a week, tmobile is full of shit. this makes me want to keep the phones that they are sending to my house so that i can pay off that crazy bill, i’m trying to figure out what the hell is going on. tmobile suck, and when i tried to cancel my account, they said i will be biled 200 dollars in addition to what i owe them already, thats a 1000 dollars i was like no i’m not. its you guys fault that my account is jacked up and they are playing phone tag with each other sending me all over the place. i am so pissed right now with tmobile its a shame

  77. Ray says:

    in addition to that message about, please leave all replies on this one.

  78. ROBIN says:


  79. Germaine says:

    Ladies & Gentleman, I figured this scam out.

    Just recently, my kid stepbrother was getting yelled at by my mother on this. She asked me to do some research and I found out about all of this complaints. This has become one of the biggest scams in this country.

    Think about it: At least half of the USA (about 150 million people) has at least one cell phone with text messaging available.

    To have a cell phone company charge you an extra $10 might not be too much of a big deal for individuals…but take 10$ from 100,000 people and the company makes 1 million. Think about those numbers when the amount of people are in millions.

    I ask everyone available to contact me at my own myspace page or hotmail at gethomas3@hotmail.com. I ask this because something has to be done about it. It is time for the American people to stop getting cheated and I propose a combined lawsuit against these companies for the robbery of perhaps millions of dollars.

    Thank you.

  80. ROBIN says:


  81. Aleksandra says:

    My complaint is that i keep getting bills for $130 because the t-mobile company and my parents think that i signed up for a program to send me ringtones or something like but this is so not true. They gave me 3 websites that i have to find but i cant find them.

  82. ROBIN says:

    Aleksandra Good Luck…

  83. P. Morratto says:

    Forget that T-Mobile customer website. Complaints filed there go into a black hole unanswered. The fourth time I sent them notice, I told them they could ignore me all they wished but that I would NOT be paying for unsolicited incoming text messages that I am not able to block. I also got a letter saying that they “show” that I recently renewed a contract with them; there has been no conversation or correspondence about any contract, and I am not under any contract.

  84. ROBIN says:

    FU** T-Robbers…

  85. Carlos says:

    I recently received mt T-Mobile cellm phone statement and learned that close to $1000.00 worth of charges were made through my account form a 1-800-global number. After inquirung with T-mobile about this they say they are called from a prison and that the call s are legit even though I have no idea how or who could have done it. Furthermore, they will not investigate because they believe that fraud just can’t happen. HELP!!!!!

  86. ROBIN says:

    Carlos, there is no help. The only hope anyone will have is that T-Mobile goes bankrupt.Poor customer service, stupid people on the phones, no customer loyalty, ignorant little fish in a big pond of shi**.

  87. P. Morratto says:

    Author: Carlos
    I recently received mt T-Mobile cellm phone statement and learned that close to $1000.00 worth of charges were made through my account form a 1-800-global number. After inquirung with T-mobile about this they say they are called from a prison and that the call s are legit even though I have no idea how or who could have done it. Furthermore, they will not investigate because they believe that fraud just can’t happen. HELP!!!!!

    If you Google “prison cell phone fraud” you will find countless pages and pages of stories like this. I received
    an e-mail warning me about this. Let’s consider a couple of things that few people on the outside are aware of.
    Jails and prisons today have telephones for use by inmates only because they have to. Inmates have to call lawyers and court people, and make other institutional-related calls as well as calls of their own to the outside. These phones are crafitly designed to be as difficult to use as possible. They have a tiny earpiece that is wall-mounted and has extremely low volume, nearly impossible to hear anything. Dialing is a convoluted procedure too, something like Centrex but far worse. Collect calling? Have you tried to make a collect call lately? It ain’t like in the old days. How about charging your call to your home (or another) number because you don’t have change for the pay phone? It ain’t like in the old days. Now, an operator must verify that someone at the number being charged will authorize it. If no one is home, sorry.
    The e-mail warning I got said something about a call coming to you from jail, and after you hang up (or you think they hung up), they remain on the line, and somehow they have use of YOUR line to make more calls from the jail, on YOUR dime. There is no way for you to protect yourself from such a scam, if the guy calling you is shrewd about what he’s saying and doing. The people who are CHARGED with ruling his conduct are the people who must be held accountable.
    Here’s my take on this. The courts and jails and prisons take these inmates into custody, and THEY are responsible for them. THEY are responsible for everything inmates do while in THEIR custody. The courtes and the jails and prisons they run should be sued for any and all damages. Sue the warden. Sue the judge. Sue the bastards.

  88. P. Morratto says:

    P.S. The call which caused the criminal, fraudulent damage to me came from where? Who’s name is that number and account held in? SUE the bastard!!!

  89. P. Morratto says:

    It wasn’t you? It was some jailbird who did this behind your back? Yes, but he was YOUR jailbird, YOUR guest, using YOUR phone, dude!

  90. ROBIN says:


  91. Dale says:

    I bought a phone from T-mobile about 8 months ago and they gave me a free phone and told me that if the one i purchased broke then I had a back up phone. So, I accepted the free phone and still have it unopened in my room. I pay my bills every month when I recieve my bill, and have never seen any other charges on there besides the minutes I use on my regular phone. All of a sudden a collections agency starts calling me saying I owe T-mobile $800 for unpaid bills for the number that my free phone has. This is very irritating and I call T-Mobile to try and get it straightened out and they tell me I have to go to the store I bought it from to get it straightened out, but that store actually closed. This is rediculous and do not know how these scum bags can get away with this stuff and hurt hard working peoples credit. screw them all

  92. ROBIN says:


  93. Victoria says:

    i hate third party services too I found this by looking up how to stop them…what most of you don’t realize is that t-mo isn’t charging for the services, t-mo isn’t ringaza, ringaza is ringaza so quit blaiming you cell phone company when they didn’t do it….i found just text STOP to the companie’s text it will quit,

  94. maritza says:

    I would like these charges to stp I sent in a text message to stop and the charges still come do not want this and do not know what this is.

  95. ROBIN says:


  96. Jennifer says:

    I am underage n the third party store put me on a contract so now when i go to turn my phone off they say i have to pay a fee of $300….but i didnt want a contract i wanted flex pay.
    what should i do????

  97. P. Morratto says:

    T-Mobile has an entrenched policy of “renewing” contracts without our authorization. They will call it a verbal agreement or an assumption or some lame crap. If you didn’t give it to them in writing, DISREGARD their dreaming.
    As for the growing problem of unauthorized charges, simply DO NOT PAY them. Deduct them from your bill.

  98. intelligent says:

    tmobile isn’t charging you for third party charges, thats a third party, as in not you and not tmobile

  99. Mrs Justine Mace says:

    I have spent 59 minutes on hold, with a very helpful girl called ‘amy’. was passed on to a man called ‘sharez’ apparently a mananger asking for help with some bad advice i had already been given by t.mobile, amy tried to help but shiraz was disgustig. I am a manager at tesco, on non-food, and belive me i will be telling evryone about poor service and bad attitude, will not recommend. you deserve bad press, and you desevrve me recommending any other network than yours., you stink

  100. Dana says:

    So what do you do when you get a statement that is over due? Just not pay? Then what happens? I’ve already been to the T-Mobile store, spoke with them by phone several times… they don’t care, won’t assist in lowering any fees and will not end my contract.

  101. jon says:

    im getting charged from this website, and its making my bill raise higher. I haven’t even applied for this site. Please stop billing me or I will sue, or this will go to third party. Thank you.

  102. Pirate Paul says:

    Re: Idiots.
    Some people posting here really ARE idiots. They act like they’re complaining to T-Mobile, when they are really talking only to other victims. They accuse T-Mobile of doing something it doesn’t do, because they don’t understand who did it. Furthermore, “this” website doesn’t sell or bill anybody for anything either. It’s not hard to see why these buffoons on here get ignored.
    Still, I don’t forgive T-Mobile for an assortment of sins that are quite real. What part of “unlimited” (texting) do they not understand? And if and when I dump them, telling me that I am still under contract because of some fictitious “verbal understanding” is not going to cut it either. They’d better keep in mind that they are not the only game in town.

  103. Pirate Paul says:

    It seems that most of the complaints above are related to chargeable text messages and ringtones. I think I have a solution.
    First, ASSUME that ringtone offers are NOT free, and simply avoid them (unless you’re into that sort of nonsense).
    Second, I just learned that you can go to MY.T-MOBILE.COM and enter the numbers of jerks who text you, and they can be blocked. Even better, you can choose to block ALL chargeable messages with one single click. No charge for this. Be sure to click “Submit” afterward, for it to go into effect.

  104. David T. Albanese says:

    I was denied a T-mobile rebate for an upgrade that was purchased. They said I did not meet the “tenure requirements” After assuring both rep and supervisor of my continuous T-mobile service for almost 10 years, they still denied the rebate. I am frustrated since the rep at the store told me that changing my number a few months earlier would not change the rebate eligibility status. Also, T-mobile told me after the fact that I would have had to use the SIM card at least once to be eligible. This was not the case in the store when the rep actually changed the SIM card for me! This is an outrage how T-mobile has simply washed their hands regarding the rebate of a long standing customer…one who is suddenly more interested in the I-phone. Thank you


    David T. Albanese

  105. Mayra Oliva says:

    Iam so dissapointed with tmobile. My sidekick was lost so asurion sent me another one which was malfunctioning.. Since the sidekick was malfunctioning 75 dollars worth of ringtones and games were downloaded.. I did not download this items.. I am not that rich to be downloading 75 dollars worth of ringtones come on now? ok well i called tmobile spoke to 3 different supervisors and was on the phone for 3 HOURS!! one of the supervisors was really rude and unprofessional and actually hung up on me.. And another one was real sarcastic to the point where I just gave up and hung up.. So I have to pay for something I did not ask for.. And when i asked for them to cancel my account from downloading anything but supposely them I can not do that either since I have a sidekick.. Believe that next month when my contract is over I will be switching companies!!!!

  106. Linda Clemson says:

    sometimes when people call or text it does not show up on the bill. I needed them to show up at one point because it was a harassment issue and because the # showed up only one time it did not show the actual 10 times this person called.

  107. Navdeep Bassi says:

    In october of 2008 i added 2 lines to my cellular phone account. I called T-Mobile customer service and asked their advice what plan will be best for my use since i have been their customer for a long time.I was advised by their customer serice representative to go on 3000 minutes per month, when i ask what will happen if my minutes go above my contract usage in any month.I was told and assured by t-mobile rep. that in any month if my minutes go over that i have not to worry just call customer service and they will change my plan from last month billing period,so i will not be hit by extra usage minutes.In month of January my minute went over by 1033 minutes,when i called T-Mobile after receiving my bill and asked them to back date my plan because that’s what was assured to me by the T-Mobile representative. T-Mobile refused to keep their promose and asked me to pay $744.66 more on top of my monthly plan.I am dissatisfied with T-Mobile’s attitude ,they are not keeping their promise, using this incident just to make extra money .They had told me supervisor will call me back to resolve my issue but i never received any call.
    I can not afford to pay $ 744.00 more .I would like T-Mobile to keep their promise and change my plan back dated from January 2009 and not increased my contract time

  108. Steve says:

    Megan you dipstick, Tmobile has blocked my phone from these. They can too block them!!

  109. megan says:

    steve you dirtbag, i posted that a year ago. january 2008 this was not available. if you don’t believe me, go ahead and give customer service a call and ask when they started to be able to filter and block sms. they will tell you august 2008 is when this was implemented.

  110. george helms says:

    i am being charged 9.99 and never asked for anytihng of ring tones.i want it stopped

  111. John Weber says:

    I am so sick of T Mobile and just as soon as our current contract expires we will rid ourselves of them forever. We have been using T Mobile for the past ten years and have a family plan which results in our average monthly bill of $200. We found a bogus charge on our account and when we called to have it taken care of we were told in no uncertain terms that they would not take it off our bill. We then talked to a supervisor who after a couple of minutes of telling it that it was our charge hung up on us. We called back and talked to a very nice woman and explained what had just transpired and the rude behavior of the supervisor so she did some checking and said she would give us a credit for something and that would basically even things out and wipe out the bogus charge on our bill. When the next bill came nothing had changed and we were still being billed for the bogus charge and there were no credits given to our account. We decided to pay our bill minus the fifty some dollar bogus charge only to have T Mobile notify us that unless we paid our balance in full within two days they would pull the plug on our service. Since there are several of us that rely on our cell phones for business purposes we were being held hostage and had no choice but to pay these bandits for something that was not ours. I would hope that everyone who has had a problem with T Mobile change providers and put these bandits out of business.

  112. Josh H. says:

    My wife was charged 9.99 for the unwanted messaging services. We called T-mobile and they immediately blocked the service and credited us the amount on our next bill. Thank you T-mobile!!!!

  113. M.raza says:

    Cellphone bill not recived

  114. M.raza says:

    03009511233 blackberry cellphone not yet recived

  115. pete testart says:

    This is not a question.
    This is not a complaint.
    This is a statement about why I will not renew when my contract expires.
    When I bought my t-mobile motorola phone and t-mobile service from the t-mobile store in the Bonita Plaza Shopping Mall in Chula Vista CA, I told the sales rep that what wanted to do was have my computer send me updates on my daily appointments, send email to my computer, hook my laptop to the internet and generally integrate my phone and internet services. I was told that I needed an air-card of some kind to fit in the slot in my laptop. So I bought the motorola flip phone and then shortly thereafter the air card.
    When I tried to hook up the air card it did not fit in the hole in my Dell Laptop. I called the technician and was told I needed an express card.
    I asked for an express card and was told that it would not be available for another 3 months. At the end of 3 months, I called again and got the same answer 3 more months. After a year of this I finally cancelled the service. I guess I am too stupid to deal with t-mobile.’
    Then my motorola phone fell apart with one of the screws falling out of the case. I was told that I could not get it repaired. I bought a Nokia.
    I could not send text messages because when I tried the keys just put in scrambled letters. Just recently all of a sudden the keys started working normally and I could send a text message.
    So today I finally called 611 and asked how to send a text message to my email address and was told I needed to pay another $10 for that feature.
    Enough, when my contract expires I am going to whomever will give me service even if it is AT&T.
    Please send this message to corporate management.

  116. stella downing says:

    I have had you taken off and suposedely you could not get back on the account charging for ring tones ever again but you did and the worst part of all of this is I don’t know exactly how much I have paid over the past 9 months and I have not gotten a single downloaded ring tone or game or any thing from you I want you to re emburse my acct. 89.91 plus taxes and other charges that would increase due to the charges increasing. I will file a case with the courts if I have to, so go ahead and credit me atleast $100.00 bucks on my t-mobile bill or send me a check, you have my acct. Info so there’s nothing stopping you, I am very very un satisfied with the service you claim to provide. Cell number 405-xxx-xxxx Ruthie Calfy billed under Stella Downing

  117. Carrie says:

    I was charged $9.99/mo for 3 months on a HOME PHONE line from Blinko.com. How in the world can you get downloads on a HOME PHONE line??? This was total scam! I called Tmobile, and they were actually VERY helpful. They refunded me the full 3 months of charges, but said I had to UNsubscribe with Blinko and they provided me that #. But, i don’t understand how they can let a company charge without authorization, especially to a HOME line!!

  118. Wanda says:

    After poor service, I switch carriers–from Tmobile to another carrier in April 2009. I received a $200 bill for early termination of contract from Tmobile. They never gave me a chance to pay them. They automatically debited it from my checking account because I had been set up for auto pay each month. This overdrew my account and caused me to be late on several other bills. They have no clue and don’t even care about giving good customer service!!! Thanks for nothing Tmobile.

  119. Gabriela Curry says:

    I have been billed by your company and I am really upset with these charges. I don’t use your connection why am I being billed? This is a scam I want to be re-imbursed with this charge I don’t use it. T-mobile is a very reputable company not yours!

  120. Taya Cook says:

    I was no longer under contract with my service provider. I wanted to stop using their services, and admittedly, I should have called. But that is not the way they deal with me when I am ever late with a payment. They just shut off my their service. Which is exactly what they did. I had paid through the period I had used. Now six months later they have turned me over to a collections company. They want over 200$ for services they never rendered. I ask for bills and they refuse to give me documentation. I think this is abusive!

  121. Sheila Milam says:

    In December of 2008 I bought two phones from a T-Mobile representative in Twin Falls, Idaho. He recommended the Motorola W490. I pay almost $93.00 for the privilege of using two phones that less than six months later do not work. In answer to T-Mobile-no — the phones have not been abused, damaged, or broken. They simply do not work. T-Mobile continues to bill the same charges for phones that do not work. This is a violation of their own contract. Their own representative stated that “nowhere in T-Mobiles contract do they promise good service or good phone usage.” He quoted paragraph 7 of their own contract that they have consumers sign. BUYER BEWARE–T-MOBILE IS A RIP OFF AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CONSUMER. I plan to complain to the Consumer Protection Agency and anybody else that will listen. As a tax payer and a citizen of this country–I’m damn sick and tired of the big companies taking advantage of the “little people.”

  122. m.sj. adriano says:

    I just want to know if 7138396286 is a T-Mobile phone.Kindly inform me cause my husband and i have a problem with that number.I call the customer service number but no one answered.Sorry if i write it here.IF ever that this number belongs to your company please inform me and if not disregard this message.Thank you.

  123. julie laurent says:

    please remove this service.. I didnt order it nor do I want it or use it.

  124. julie laurent says:

    Julie, you are an idiot. This website is not the site of/for “this service” (whatever service that is) that you are unhappy with/about.
    THIS site is for the rest of us victims to share.
    As long as people like you keep clicking those “click here for [something] FREE!!!” buttons and forgetting all about it the next day, it will continue to come back (later, on your bill) and bite you on the ass. Get used to it, and get over it.
    Wait a minute. It said “Describe your complaint — Name.” Did they mean my name, not Julie’s? But Julie IS my complaint!

  125. Artemio Mallari Jr. says:

    I am billed $9.99 every month which i did not ordered please remove it.

  126. Pirate Paul says:

    And darned if there ain’t ANOTHER one! See what you started, Julie?

  127. Me Too!!! says:

    I Too got billed $9.99 this mth. for dec.5th.09 from SendMe; Called T-Mobil and thy took off the charge! (THATS COOL!)So, I figured that I’ll spend the $.20 for the text to stop the future charges And wooo&behold; Guess What? On MY phone,It states;Free Msg.Receiver 77899 UNABLE to recieve message,(GET THIS!!)MESSAGE BLOCKING IS ON!!! How’s That for convienance?? (ANYBODY ELSE??)

  128. gywfer43 says:

    I accidently subscribed into a premium texting company and i texted STOP to they text they gave me, they texted me back saying that i unsubscirbed from the premium texting company, it have been one month and i receieved no texts from the company, i knew that i was saft and free of charge (well ecept for my $.20? when i got my bills this month i was charged 9.99 I GOT SO MAD please help? (:

  129. Pirate Paul says:

    Was it T-Mobile that invented my dollars that keep rolling over but minutes that don’t? Now their poison has spread to internet jukeboxes. Not only are they grossly overpriced, but a song takes 3 “credits” whereas a dollar only buys two. So you’re always left with a non-rollover “credit” you can’t use, or have to fork over another dollar, after which you are… left with a non-rollover “credit” you can never use.
    I’m throwing T-Mobile a new Madison Avenue ad idea for free: “T-Mobile minutes — Use ‘em or lose ‘em!”

  130. Gary Oliver says:

    A charge of $9.99 per month (for two months) showed up on my kid’s line. She claims strongly that she didn’t use any of the text numbers for subscribing to a service like this. Logs back this up, though they may be out of date. Called T-Mobile asking to block this charge – had already texted STOP ALL to the SendMe number and received an ack response. T-Mobile went one step further and put in credits for the two months already charged. A+ service so far. Apparently from stories I read this is atypical, but has been the rule for me. I’ve ALWAYS been treated fairly by T-Mobile Cust Service – even way-back-when I was a new subscriber (voicestream days.) Just putting in a good word.

  131. JH says:

    Same issue with us. My husband wound up with three months worth of $9.99 charges. The first TMobile rep I called stated that I had to text ‘STOP’ to the number…to which I responded what number? We don’t have any incoming test messages from a 5 digit strange number. He told agreed to credit me for the charges but stated I would just have to wait until the next time we received a text and then respond ‘STOP’ and also provided me with a 1-800 number to call for flycell. He said that TMobile couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t want to deal with flycell since we never signed up with any of their services. I called TMobile back and the next rep was much more helpful, offering to provide me with the 5 digit number to text ‘STOP’ to, and even offered to block flycell since we didn’t authorize it and wanted no future contact from them. If you don’t get the right answer from one rep, try again.

  132. Paco Morratto says:

    JH: The most important piece of information here is that T-Mobile is able to identify the caller using only their bogus/alias (in this case, five digit) number. Many unsolicited text messages come from origins appearing as “11111″ (example) so you don’t know who they are. This is some good news.
    But it begs the question: So why can’t I punch in some made-up fictitious number instead of showing my own when I’m dialing out? Why do the scum sucking bottom feeders get camouflage I don’t get? Thanks.

  133. Drew says:

    I have been a t-mobile customer for the last four years and after the first time I renewed their service, I noticed that their customer service has gone down the hill. Their representatives are rude and argumentative, they always try to make themselves like they did you a favor when they have not. T-mobile has poor coverage, you have no signal when you work inside a warehouse or a large concrete building. They overcharge you when you go over your minutes, 4 times the most. To send a text message is outrageous. And to receive it from third party and being billed for it is like stealing your money, very underhanded and sly. For a company striving to survuve in the phone business its amazing they are not doing anything to keep their customers. As for me, my contract is up I will go pre-paid even more to another company and never look back. And I will continue to tell all my friends and relatives never to get t-mobile. Or have anything to do with t-mobile, as this is the lousiest phone company in the universe.

  134. Giseli Rodarte says:

    Está sendo cobrado indevido R$4,999 há tres meses , no celular 035 98074513 meu filho é menor , caso não seja ressarcida dos valores já gravei mensagens http://www.wap.flycell.com vou judicialmente cobrar meus direitos . Aguardo URGENTE providências ;já enviei mensagem para o numero 48359,sem respostas .Att. Giseli Rodarte

  135. Pirate Paul says:

    Drew: If you find a prepaid phone service you like, let us know which one and how it compares. I have read horror stories about Vonage, Consumer and others.
    Nowadays we have to look at users’ comments for all of them.
    Also, GTE/Verizon may STILL be the worst one in the universe.

  136. Brittany says:

    My contract was supposed to have been canceled as being out of area when I moved to Montana in 2004. Of course they have record of me changing my address but not canceling it. T-Mobile is unwilling to pull recorded calls to verify their ignorance and only refers to the collection company. The collection company says only T-Mobile can fix this. Can anyone help? And also, anyone know how to get the BBB involved?

  137. Brittany says:

    Also, instead of canceling my contract they sent it to collections as unpaid… the call was dispositioned incorrectly. I even sent copies of phone records with verification of me calling them when they do not have my account noted that I even spoke with them.

  138. Paco Morratto says:

    Forget BBB. They are as worthless as teets on a boar hog.
    When I tried to launch investigation or legal action against a crook who defrauded me of about 20 grand, I found that he was a member of the BBB! But get this. BBB itself was even listed as one of his other victims, as he had not paid them for their endorsement or membership! The right hand doesn’t even know what the left one is doing over there.
    A TV expose of home repair scams quoted BBB bragging that they had been “tracking” the same crook across several state lines for over 12 years, and still nothing was being done to stop him. There’s your BBB for you! Fed and California state officials were no better though, even after I showed them absolute proof of the crime.

  139. EDUARDO says:


  140. Alma Santiago says:

    on my TMobile phone -787-460-5856
    they are charge $19.99 on march & is this coming bills for april, they already posted the same amount in my account, this phone is belong to my daugther 12 years old, and she told me, that she’s not accept any messages from them, I still telling her to not do accept them. please do something about it.

  141. Paco Morratto says:

    Sigh, another lost soul thinking s/he is talking TO T-Mobile instead of ABOUT them.

  142. Brittany says:

    Paco Moratto – Is there any course of action that you have found to be successful with T-Mobile? Surely they can be exposed. The credit agency ended up closing their claim after they investigated it and removed all charges. However, the account will most undoubtedly be sold back to
    T-Mobile and it is only a matter of time before they add another penalty and sell it to another agency. Whether it’s a week or a few years… Every credit bureau has returned the claim… but T-Mobile won’t clear it up and they keep selling it. Sorry. Thanks for your help.

  143. Paco Morratto says:

    Brittany: Sorry, but I don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about. My comment was about the post directly above it.

  144. James Brown says:

    I tried to pay bill and you tell me I have wrong phone number to register you want money call me >Not only that you can’t give me an unlock code for over seas and I am strnded for every thing here and can not get out to where I am needed to go You have cost me thousands and need a company to service me! Pretty Bad when I can not even be able to pay phone bill.

  145. Janet Johnson says:

    I have found that I am being charged $9.99 for downloads from Mobilfunster.com that I never authorized. This has been going on for two months before I caught it. I am very disappointed in T-Mobile that they did not tell me to verify new charges.

  146. Paco Morratto says:

    James Brown is the LUCKY guy. T-Mobil has him so disconnected that he can’t even pay their bill. And yet he STILL complains! Go figure. You just can’t please some people. Now I wander away babbling and mumbling to myself. If only I were unable to PAY a bill. Why not me, lord?

  147. Kim says:

    I keep getting charged for “Premium Services,” but I don’t know what the premium services are

  148. Paco Morratto says:

    It says, right at the top of this page. Sheesh.

  149. rudy says:

    contract long done but one day i received a bill in april 2010 saying i was overdue and that i owed a payment since january 2010. i wondered why they never brought it to my attention before so that it would be kept up?

  150. Paco Morratto says:

    You got a free three month loan on your bill, and you’re complaining? Sheesh.

  151. Nani says:

    I was going to switch carriers and tried T.Mobile. Now I have just refinanced my home for a lower interest rate so I KNOW my credit score is in the high 700s. I can get 5 lines with no deposit no problem. I wanted a Vibrant with an equipment install pymt plan which they said for a no contract (which I wanted had up to 20 months). They came back agreeing to the plan for only $200 of the $500 phone AND approved me for their “no/bad credit” flex pay. I can’t get anyone to explain why.

  152. Nani says:

    “I can get 5 lines…” I meant with any other carrier.

  153. Paco Morratto says:

    I wish I knew what in tarnation you are talking about. On second thought, no I don’t.

  154. sharon moore says:

    t-mobile does take up for them i also want it to stop i think you owe me a refund

  155. Paco Morratto says:

    Stop what?

  156. BARBARA fisher says:

    FUN MOBILE, CHARGED ME $9.99. I never authorized this tranaction.. I want to file a law suit against this company and t-mobile please advise me.

  157. Elena says:

    We just discovered that T-mobile charged us repeatedly $9.99 for “premium servicies” “delivered” by Mobile Messenger. Sometimes it was up to 4 charges per month!
    The phone belongs to my teenage daughter and she says that she took famous IQ test on Facebook ( this test is known to trigger automatic subscription to “premium services”). Unfortunately we did not catch this problem in time an the total extra charges ammounts to $220! T-mobile refuses to reverse the charges for more than one month. I intend to file a complain with Mobile Messenger, T-mobile and then report the situation to FTC.

  158. R. Pelletier says:

    Please cancelled everything that is connected to you

  159. Eddie says:

    T-Mobile had my 80 year old mother switch service over to them, she had over 4000 rollover minutes with AT&T at the time, after a few months with no problems, she then got a bill for one month’s service of $326 dollars. I want to file a complaint for elderly exploitation against T-Mobile!

  160. stephanie says:

    ive been charged for that premium junk on numerous occasions and have not confirmed any such purchases. and ive also been charged for a fake phone call to canada. this seriously pisses me off that t-mobile is sneaky and does this, thinking they can get away with things like this, and it disgusts me even more because they usually do.

  161. Angel says:

    Wow do NOT buy T-Mobile. They tell you it is 200 dollars to cancel a contract what they do not clarify is that it is 200 dollars PER PHONE. This mean if your kids have phones ( even the free text only junkers) it can cost a family of 5 over $1000 dollars to cancel a contract. You are basically going to be forced to pay or allow yourself to be held hostage to terrible and abusive customer service reps for at least 2 years.

  162. Bryanne Pershing says:

    I was signed up for a “club pack” that I never authorized. I received a charge of $9.99. They were nice enough to initiate a refund, but we’ll see if it actually goes through. I would NEVER download wallpapers or ringtones through anyone other than my carrier. I don’t know how they got my number, but it really irritates me that T-Mobile couldn’t block it or process a dispute. I’ve been a customer of T-Mobile’s for over 10 years and have been happy. Seriously considering switching now.

  163. talaya says:

    i can never understand my bill. each month im charged something different. i went to a tmobile store with my sister in december and we paid for three phones in full that same day. our next months bill and our bill up until May was charged extra for the phones, even after they said Feb would be the last month to pay for them. im going to cancel this service when my contract is up or maybe even sooner. we pay too much for this horrible service and reception. God forbidif its an emergency i’ll screwed trying to get a bar. i wish someone would reimburse us all of out money and put tmobile out of business!

  164. oceangal says:

    In July, I received three text messages with odd/ random quotes about an ostrich. They appeared to stop. Then I received two more in August along with a message that I was being billed $9.99 for the total brain quiz service. I’d never taken a quiz, downloaded or signed up for anything. Called T-Mobile who told me to block downloads. They agreed to remove one of the $9.99 charges — apparently a company called 1-877-3SendMe had billed me in July and August. I feel as though $20 was stolen right out of my pocket — and am shocked that my cell phone provider does not have security in place to prevent this from happening. I will write the BBB to report the company and this practice.

  165. Lewis Meyer says:

    I have left tmobile to att. TMobile was the problem. I upgraded my to phones to smart phones on the tmobile web site. two brand new identical phones. ok one phones issue was it would start up then shut off. no main screen just light up and then shut off. the other phone started nicely but after putting in all my contacts after the phone was shut off the contacts were no longer on the phone anywhere. I called tmobile and they told me they would send me 2 new phones and pre-paid shipping labels, take out the new phones and put in the phones I received the first time. Great/NOT the phones they sent me worked but were refurbished. now I ask you, would you pay $300 for two refurbished phones. I wouldn`t so I called them back they said when you replace a phone it is replaced by refurbished phones. I talked to the sales persons supervisor. I got no were with him then asked to speak to his supervisor who was totally understanding. He agreed to send me 2 new phones to replace the second set of refurbished phones I purchased. Now ive noticed I was being charged on my account for 4 phones. the storie was the same take out the new phones and attach the pre-paid shipping labels and put them over the existing shipping labels. I received 2 new phones that were actually new and worked. but no shipping labels. I called and said my acount is showing 6 phones I owe for. the two I sent back was not credited. after months of being promised new pre-paid billing labels would be shipped to me I paid for the phone returns out of my own pocket. with delivery confirmation and signiture required. 2 phone were credited to my account but I still have 4 phones being charge to my account, I called and finally after days of arguing with them found a woman who asked me to fax a copy of the postal delivery confermation with the signiture of the tmobile person who signed for them. she said there would be no problem correcting this. weeks later. no credit to my account for the phone. I called back and the understanding woman was no longer employed by tmobile.
    bill was called and said he make the neccesary credits and give it 4 to 5 mdays for the credit to go threw before I send in my payment. Great/NOT the next day I was called by a collection agency about non payment of my account claiming I owe TMobile $600 for the two phone I already sent back. This was one of the things that distroyed my credit rating and Todate I have not nor will not send them $$ for something I sent back and can prove it Via the united states postal office receipt, and signiture from tmobile proving they recieved there phone back. TMobile lost a long term customer again.. UP YOURS TMOBILE. ON IM KEEPING THE 2 GOOD PHONES FOR SCREWING ME!

  166. Lewis Meyer says:


  167. mikaela m says:

    cancel this service imdediatly!! or i will ask for help attorney

  168. Lori says:

    I have also incurred the 9.99 charge now. This seems to be going on for numerous years now.

  169. jasmine says:

    On 12/5/11-1/04/12 bill,I got 3 charges of $9.99 each which I never ordered or authorised . I checked back and found two imilar charges on 2 previous billing months.Here are the providers:1/ SendMe Mobile 77899 Call(877)3-SENDME 2/ Mobitxt 83574 MobileDeal800416612 3/ Bullroarer 966331Q16CALL8668611606. My T-Mobile, pls close and block such services&providers Tks so much.

  170. Jon Potter says:

    TMobile has been told several times now that these thump play charges are bogus. they even know it. I clearly told them within the 60 days you have to dispute charges. I will see if my bill is credited back for these crooks operating usingh a text from what is 877-848-6299 on my bill. One of the charges was made when my phone was in for repair to T Mobile. Who is this thumb play? They may be crooks.

  171. Denise Cole says:

    I have gone into the store in Syracuse on Erie Blvd. East and asked that the Guitar Rock Tour be taken off my service. It has been at least 6 mo. that I asked for it to be done. They have done nothing. I am now being billed for 48000 Thumbplay for 9.99 and 32000 Motime for 9.99. How does this happen. Why are these crooked sites allowed to bill me with out my permission? All of the above charges amount to an extra 24.37 with taxes.

  172. Trisha Cabral says:

    i was charged for thumbplay about 3 TIMES its sicking i thought tmobile was suppose to protect us from this stuff and there not and when i call to complain they say that they will credit my account which they didnt.

  173. Toma says:

    I was charged 9.99 and did not order anything. T-mobile said they would credit me. They also said that even if you delete the message you can still be charged if you do not respond!!

  174. Rocky says:

    I call t-mobile ask payment arrangement due to fact I was car accident with 18 wheeler they wouldn’t give extension only 10 days to paid off balance are my phone would be suspended! well alot important people have my number the doctor, lawyer etc. he stated to me that I could text or they could text me. I very upset trying to maintain a lever head. I spoke to his supervisor he said same thing. I hang up phone and call back I spoke to another young lady she gave me a payment plan, I went thru hell with this company and just coming out hospital due to accident they don’t care I will not renew my contract and looking for another company I felt if I have a contract with them they should help me out doin this time I was asking to skip a payment just divide my payment until i get back to work

  175. Shaylee says:

    Okay. So I have a $10.00 payment on my phone bill. My mother is very upset about it as well. I have had ringtones sent to my phone, but never once was I ever charged for it and it just showed up this month. I do not know where it came from. It will not let me see the site or number it was issued from. I have a dinky little 3G phone and quite frankly, I want it removed. NOW.
    We have had problems with T-mobile and I am getting fed up with it. If the charge is not removed I will not be happy. Don’t know where it came from.

  176. Alex Britain says:

    Shame on T-MObile and any other mobile providers that allow these dishonest companies to take advantage of confused customers… You would think that TMobile, Verizon and all others would give some protection to their customers… and not just say You Didn’t Read the Small Print when you Downloaded YOUR FREE stuff… $20 extra on my cell phone bill and I am so turned off by TMobile… I hope they go down for this… People just don’t understand the power they have… As a group these companies can get the message…

  177. ying says:

    01/29/12 06:43 AM 23532 WT411 8662779648 D2C
    01/29/12 06:44 AM 83574 MobileDeal800416612 D2C
    I don’t know what is the services, i never revealed my cell phone number , never read message, but i was charged 9.99%x4 in January and febrary!.
    07:25 PM 41905COUPONCLIPR D2C
    02/17/12 07:26 PM 88673Playphone D2C
    Total 4

  178. ying says:

    I don’t know what is the services, i never revealed my cell phone number , never read message, but i was charged 9.99%x4 in January and febrary!.

    01/29/12 06:43 AM 23532 WT411 8662779648 D2C
    01/29/12 06:44 AM 83574 MobileDeal800416612 D2C
    02/17/12 07:25 PM 41905COUPONCLIPR D2C
    02/17/12 07:26 PM 88673Playphone D2C

  179. Victor says:

    Stay away from T Mobile and Verizon home phone service.

  180. Victor says:

    I have been a faithful and loyal T Mobile customer since God knows when, perhaps 18 years or so. Recently I surpassed the 500 minute limit on my contract and I was billed for 280.00 dollars. I called T Mobile and explained that I unknowingly went over the 500 minutes due to a time period when I was forced to use the phone during a 3 week period. Mind you that my wife is on my plan ans we have 5 family member whom are T Mobile customers. I tried to re negotiate the bill but T Mobile refused. I used the fact that I’ve been a loyal customer for so many years and the fact that I’ve never paid late nor have I ever gone over 500 minutes. T Mobile’s best response was to reduce my bill by 80 dollars as long as I changed the terms of the contract. This is probably another ploy to hook me into a 2 year contract. They threatened to cancel my service unless I forked over another 56 dollars on top of the 3 prior payments which I made in good faith. My response was that if they discontinued my service that I would discontinue them despite their reminder that it would cost me over 200 dollars to cancel the contract. I told them that it is so sad the way they treat heir best customers and that once the contract expires, which is this November that is is they who stand to lose more. I reminded the supervisor to think: Is is worth it to muscle a customer for a 280 dollar bill as opposed to losing the customer indefinitely? Well, he remained stoic and very business like. I was obviously dismayed at their unwillingness to work with a great customer. I told him once my contract expired that I would be taking my business to their competition. Let’s see how they respond when I un hook them along with my wife’s plan.

  181. Gina says:

    Received the same charge & message as ying. I replied STOP and they sent me a confirmation that I have canceled WT411. I have no idea how this started, but hopefully it will stop. Now I get to call TMobile and see what, if anything they will do for me.

  182. Gina says:

    You can request a refund @ http://www.sendmemobile.com/company/terms-of-service.html. I was very apprehensive to give them any further information. I was told the service had been stoped and THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL. Hmmmm we will see.

  183. Luong says:

    T-Mobile charged me $9.98 for Thumbplay, I never want and use it!?

  184. Tim LaCreta says:

    I was charged a $9.99 premium service charge each for 2 services that I did not authorize. T-Mobile indicates that since no contact number was captured in their billing system, I would need to contact the companies directly to get a reimbursement.
    88673Playphone D2C
    This is quite a scam to charge w/o authorization. I look forward to the class action suite to penalize these unscrupulous businesses and their practices.

  185. Tim LaCreta says:

    I founhd the companies contact info. Contact them, provide your name and cell # and they will ask for your address info to send the reimbursement back, less taxes of course.
    For Assistance & More Information
    Text HELP or INFO to 89474.

    By Email

    By Phone
    (toll free, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST)
    +1 888.225.9820

    By Snail Mail
    SendMe, Inc.
    150 Spear Street, 14th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94105

  186. Stacey N. says:

    My daughters phone line has been charged 3 months in a row for 2 different “premium services” I called T-Mobile to find out what they are and to credit my account $20 *3 and they said that they would “Put in a request to the 3rd party company to remove the charges.” They are showing up on my T-Mobile bill.. why would they not credit me??! In addition she advised me that you cannot ignore the text messages and that if you do that is giving these companies authorization to bill for the services???!!! I have NEVER heard of such nonsense in my life!! How is that even LEGAL!!!???I have no heard anything in response of my complaint for 2-3 weeks and am waiting for these credits.

  187. Fanny says:

    I have been a long time customer of T-mobil . two years ago my children gave me a smart phone. I had a plan of $59.99 plus $10 per internet service. that make $100 monthly. $1200 a year OK. everything was normal until April 15/2012 that I have to go to my country in south America -Ecuador, I called the company to find out if I can use my phone there The sustomer service representative named Joicelyn said yes I am going to upgreater your plan to an international service that let you use your phone from and to there. You will pay $3.99 for this service a month. She never explained to me that the cost of the call there are $5,99 per minute. she willfully hide this information that as a customer service representative it was obligated to tell me. I am no a crazy person may be a litle ignorant about comunication issues. After one week that I was in my country where I received a few calls, because I was sick over there, T-mobil cut off my services because my account had been charged with $2010. When that happen I asumed that my phone was broken . I call my daughter in order she call the company and again they hide the situation that my phone had been desconected because the higher charges in my account. When I come back I when to a T-mobil store and almost got a heart attack when the gay said your phone are suspended because you owe $2010. I started with the night’mare’ of talking with a lot of people that never resolved the problem. I am an older person that I care about the money that I expend ; and its impossible that I would take that service, if the fishy representative don’t hide the most important information. As consequence of the bad service of the T-mobil representative Righ now I don’t have phone and they going hurt my credit because I don’t have that kind of money to make T-mobil more rich . They lost me and all my family that was with them. If any body have any suggestion what can I do I will appreciated to tell me. Thanks.

  188. Traci says:

    My parents pay for my phone service, as my kids and I live with them. My kids went and got their own pay as you go phones. As far as I’m concerned, right now the only answer to cell companies not doing anything about these extraneous charges is to go get a pay as you go phone and pay about $50 a month for unlimited talk and text. Problem solved! It may cost a little more, but at least you know what you’re getting!

  189. Traci says:

    I should add that my parents were dinged $10 a couple of different times for services we didn’t ask for, and we were told that the company that charged it to their account said it’s because we DIDN’T respond, and their disclaimer is that they say if we don’t respond, it’s an automatic confirmation that we want it. That doesn’t fly in any way shape or form, because no one can automatically assume you want anything first of all, and second, we don’t have text, so we couldn’t respond if we wanted to, and it’s called STEALING!!!

  190. Amanda says:

    T-MOBILE charged me for 6 different $9.99 charges and planned on them being recurring monthly charges. When I called confused about the charges, they agreed to block future charges and refund $9.99 of the charges. I researched online and found this site and then called them back and now they are processing a refund for the entire amount. Say it like this….
    “YOUR company, who I am contracted with, is charging me for unrequested and unapproved charges. I expect YOU to refund me for this entire amount.” Don’t blame the app, blame T-mobile, they allowed unauthorized 3rd party billing on an account they are supposed to be protecting.

  191. Ken says:

    I’ve been charged for the past several months for premium services I didn’t authorise and T mobile at first said that they would block them and eventually refund me, then afterwards said I had to contact the companies myself and the companies all had the same story, that I had gotten a text and entered the context of the text into a online webpage sweepstakes and therefore was being charged and I never did such a thing,but the companies are unwilling to give a refund and tmobile keeps charging me 40-60 extra a month.I kept paying because tmobile said it would be refunded but I’m about to just cancel my service because I’m being jipped outta $$ every month theat adds up to way more than their $200 cancelation. I’m afraid of the costs of going to court,and by the time I would even get back my money it could be years…anyone have any info about that?

  192. Harry says:

    When you can’t even trust your own cell phone provider you know the world has become to greedy for their own good, how could Tmobile (scum bags) who want people to use them do this despicable crime against it’s own customers? Yes I have fallen victim to this scam as well, I am so mad as hell I can hardly think or write this because I have curse words going off in my head, yes they ripped me off with one of their scams that they have been doing since 2005, “the Jamster scam”, this is how it works, you download a so called free and safe (no longer safe) ringtone product, a minute or two latter you get a text stating you subscribed for $9.99 to jamsters monthly charge you then say WTF? call Tmobile and they say oh yes we can refund that for you and for a charge of $4.95 we will block it for you, I then told them look how could I be charged? how could YOU have let that happen what is up with this, he then said in a nervous voice NO problem we will take care of it “this time” for you sir, you will be refunded and it will be blocked, I could have bitched on but I hung up and did a search and found many many sites and complaints about this scam and how others have had the same experience and how other companies are doing the same thing! like virgin mobile, WHERE IS THE PEOPLES PROTECTION HERE? is the mob running the world how do we get this stopped for good and make them pay for all the pain and suffering and worrying about what the hell is going to happen next?

  193. Bryan w. Cook says:

    Stop 32000

  194. Negular Coley says:

    I never signed up for flycell and $9,99 was deducted from my account. I would appreciate if it is refunded thanks

  195. Negular Coley says:

    I’ve been charged $9,99 which was not been authorise by me. kindly STOP taking my money

  196. Test says:

    I cant believe this is stay happening. I was charge 29.97 this month for this. This have been going on for too long and tmobile is not doing anything about it. We need a class action lawsuit. Any lawyer want to take this on?

  197. Jorge says:

    I looked at my t-mobile bill and was being charged 9.99 a month for them ply, I did not subscribed for this feature so I had to call and cancel, they don’t mind canceling because they will always have customers that pay and do not notice so it is a big scam. I miss my wall phone but that,s what we get for trusting commercials that lie…AT&T is worse than t-mobile so I guess it is best to just buy a cell that requires a phone card.

  198. Ted says:

    I am constantly battling this. They said they have now blocked it and I have it on 2 phones for the last two months. I am calling tomorrow to remove it which they always do and then if it happens again I will switch carriers.

  199. Dominic says:

    Got a 9.99 charge for Premium services. Called and raised hell said it was from a wobble.com message crap. I never authorized and requested a refund. Same on T-Mobile for allowing this.

  200. Juli CSR T-mobile says:

    My complaint is simply the fact that customers never seem to realize that I am just a person doing a really hard job. Can you imagine talking to about 90 people a day who hate you and the company you work for over something they dont even understand. Half the time you guys dont even know why you are mad you just hate me. Just so you all know those 9.99 charges are 3rd party companies billing through your service provider and could happen with any carrier. Call tmobile customer care and ask to have them blocked and refunded. But please, be nice. There is a regular person like me on the other side of the phone

  201. Bob says:

    This company put an unauthorized chare on our tmobile bill. Theft.

  202. Nanci says:

    T mobile sends me a text when my bill is coming due and also texts me that they have received payment. I have asked that these texts be discontinued. I was told that it was an FCC law that T mobile sends these texts. Friends that have AT&T don’t get these texts.

  203. Elly says:

    I was billed $856 for using my WIFI to call overseas, this they consieder international call, but if I turned off the WIFI the call cannot go through. T_mobile after talking and explaining to them how my friends with other carriers uses the sam service they refuse to listen. I paid part of the money an dthen they took me to collection where I paid the rest of the money that was in May 2009. I have since left there services and yes they send bogus text and alerts which I never signed up for.

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