Verizon Complaints

If you have received charges on your wireless cellular phone bill from Verizon for mobile content (i.e., for ringtones, premium text messaging services, ring tones, joke a day programs, wallpaper, screensavers, text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized Verizon to bill you for, tell us your story.

–Report Unauthorized Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Charges–

If you have a complaint about your Verizon Wireless service, share your Verizon Wireless complaints with others.

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This entry was posted on Thursday, August 16th, 2007 at 4:46 pm and is filed under Verizon Complaints. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. By using this blog, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Under the Terms and Conditions, you agree and understand that your use of this blog does not create an attorney-client relationship, and that the contents of the blog does not constitute legal advice. This blog should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed attorney in your state. Note: We DO NOT send SMS text messages or charge you for third-party mobile content services. We have simply created a forum for consumers like you to share your cell phone billing issues with others. If you were charged on your cellular phone bill for mobile content services (i.e., ringtones, text alerts, games, etc.) you never order or authorized, you may also contact an attorney at

797 Responses to “Verizon Complaints”

  1. Brad Greenawalt says:

    leting a minor run uplarge bills without checking for age, credit card or someother form of ID

  2. ricky anderson says:

    they said free music download but took all my prepaid money from myaccount

  3. Janice Dudzinski says:

    received a 19.99 charge on my verizon bill for a subscrtion for “special text messaging” turned out to be a ringtone purchase that verizon states was not purchased through verizon but appeared on my verizon bill?!!!?

  4. Patty Aronson says:

    My daughter had this charge and she and I had a huge fight and she told me she never asked for this service and I believe her. Please refund my money of $19.99.

  5. Chris Sheppard says:

    I have NO idea how I got started on this 75557 text but, how in the hell do I get it off my bill????

  6. Arlynne says:

    Please stop texting me…Its charging my bill a lot of money for nothing!!!! Stop it!!!!

  7. Kim Wood says:

    charged 19.99 on cell phone that we never authorized to a minor!!!!

  8. Ken Gilbert says:

    Got a billing on one of our phones for a “75557″ item. It was a $19.99 charge. Verizon customer service stated it was on their bill, we had to pay it,but was not their problem. Interesting that a third party can bill through Verizon and you seem to have no recourse. Some thing happened on one of our other numbers for ring tones for $9.99. Same response from Verizon.

  9. Barbie F says:

    Did not sign up. Do not want it. Stop it.

  10. Barbie F says:

    Please stop sending these annoying texts and stop charging it to my bill.

  11. Richele says:

    please stop sending on my cell.

  12. Marci M says:

    Stop sending this stuff to kids who are 10 years old and 14 years old you have caused huge arguments in our house this weekend. My daughter and son had no idea they even opened it up. They have been punished all weekend for no reason at all. Verizon needs to know the age of people using the phones.

  13. Tawnya Adams says:

    I have know idea what I am being charged for and will have service turned off if it does not stop asap.

  14. Rafael Ocejo says:

    This people from Ringaza are a scam and start charging you via your cell phone bill without any permission to do so. Please make sure my bill does no reflect any charges from them. Thank you.

  15. Kent Hatterick says:

    There were 2 charges for 19.99 on my daughters phone bill. I went to the site and it advertises a complimentary ring tone. Then they charge you $20 give me a break. The FCC needs to take a look at these people.

  16. keith palmer says:

    stop sending me a joke a day i dont want it

  17. keith palmer says:

    its bs because if you want it to stop sending you a joke a day they say to send stop to 69999 and you do that and it says messege sending failed so what are you suppose to do then!!!!???

  18. Marcus wright says:

    send me a reply as to why a third party was able to charge me 19.99 for premium test msg when it was never authorized why would you let this happen to your customers I will be paying attention to my bill I cannot believe how verizon would let this happen to so many people

  19. Liz Hoffman says:

    I called 2x and got a confirmation that I would no longer be charged- that was back in August- it’s now October and I’m STILL being charged!! What gives?

  20. Derek Goss says:

    I sent a text message to get something and then i got the confermation of a charge for $9.99, so i never ordered anything and I texted stop. I want my 9.99 back. It aint no joke.

  21. Christine Hill says:

    I recieved my bill and there was an extra charge of $19.99 on my bill and i called VZ and it stated that it was a third party doing this. This is a scam and it needs to stop!

  22. BILL PLEDGER says:


  23. tonya says:

    19.99 cont to appear on my mnthly statement. ive txt STOP over an over but it doesnt stop. verizon does NOT work 4 ME!!!!

  24. Janice Dudzinski says:

    I still got this charge on my bill even though i text to stop the service. I stopped the service 9/4 and verizon tells me it was automatically redowloded August 29th so I have to pay it. Verizon’s customer service is a joke. The FCC needs to get involved in this scam. To stop this service you must text 75557 and say stop subscription. You should receive a confirmation text. Stop it soon or you will be billed another month!

  25. Brenda Basile says:

    Accidentally authorized. Cancelled immediately. Charged $19.99 with no minutes used. Want it cancelled now and a refund.

  26. jonathan fontanez says:

    it said free ringtones and took all my prepaid account minutes

  27. jonathan fontanez says:

    it said free ringtones then wiped my prepaid account dry if my money is not replaced i will seek legal action

  28. sonnynbleu says:

    charged me 19.99 from mobile messager – we never authorized it- this is the second time it was done and we have no recourse with verizon- this is crap

  29. Vicki says:

    I too have been billed 19.99 for 3 consecutive months. This is ridiculous! I want a refund. This is fraud. Does anyone have a contact # ???????

  30. Ela says:

    I just get off the phone with Verizon and they helped me…They got the charge off,they are tired of that crap too…hope someone can stap that nonsense

  31. Brigitte says:

    Charged me $19.99 for two “premium message” services I never used or signed up for!

  32. james says:

    I keep getting charged 9.99 a month from *71888. Verizon says it’s from and they can’t do anything. Web search turns up nothing. I need help!!

  33. alfred rocha says:

    Please, stop texting
    me.. it’s charging I never used!! stop it!! please cancelled inmediately…

  34. roland says:

    ringaza is a scam it says that subsciption is only 9.99$ but when i checked my pre paid blance they charge me $40. what the hell they are..

  35. Amy says:

    Call 1-800-235-7105 the website obviously doesn’t work. Verizon won’t take charges off.

  36. Amy says:

    Verizon gave me that number (1-800-235-7105) the charges have been on my bill for the past three months. It’s my son’s phone line.

  37. Amy says:

    It’s an automated system but after putting in the phone number where the charges were applied you can then leave a message for the investigation dept.

  38. Tim says:

    My Mom say we are getting a 19.99 charge for this text service from my phone thing is my screen on my phone has been black for 4 – 5 month so why would I want text messages. This is simpley a scam and is steeling peoples money!!!!

  39. Josh Humble says:

    69999 laughhaholics keeps text messaging me and I’m fed up with it. I responded with stop texting my phone. Still occuring. What can I do?

  40. Colleen says:

    I was told by Verizon that this was a charge made by and that we must contact them to have it removed. Unfortunately, their website seems to have disappeared (I wonder why….). I just talked to Verizon again. They said to send a text message of STOP to 71888 and I should receive an instant message back confirming cancellation of the service. As this is happening on my son’s phone line, I will have to wait until I can get my hands on that phone to do this. Wish me luck!

  41. Wendy says:

    Verizon bills me for this unauthorized charge of $19.99/month and says it has nothing to do with them?? Told me to have my son press 71888 STOP and it would cancel. Well it didn’t. What do I do next?

  42. Amy says:

    Once again! Here’s the number to call to have them stop charging you. Verizon gave me this number (1-800-235-7105). It’s automated – you just enter the phone number that’s being charged.

  43. Wendy says:

    Thanks Amy – I called that 800 number and it seems to work fine. We’ll see what the next bill shows.

  44. Tangela says:

    I am so mad right now. I was registering to the website with my dad and i have a prepaid account with verizon and as soo as i check to see my balace it says 28.71 when less then 5 minutes ago it was 39.00. This is so fucking bullshit i sighned up thinking the ringtones were free and im already charged 10.00 i fucking heated i want my FUCKING money back beacuse i didnt get shit from your scamming ass website. Im going to get my momney back or its going to be a major lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  45. dalila hardwick says:

    I have been getting this dumb jokes from 909.00 I never subscribed and they kept sending them stupid messages. verizon said they can deactivate my texting however they cannot block these idiots. I don’t understand why I have to be inconvenienced while they can pretty much high jack my phone at will and charge me for it!!! this is an outrage and we should band together and sue the jerks. There should be a send to unsolicited messages and or calls registry as well. we need to mobilize and raise hell.

  46. DeMarco says:

    I just started receiving text messages for no reason . I didn’t authorize it.

  47. Mike says:

    started receiving texts that were not asked for and received a 9.99 monthly fee. It is from nevus from Verizon took care of one month charge. Hoping not to see any more.

  48. Dinora Saravia says:

    I have been receiveing text messages from joke of the day #90900. I have never signed up for this service. I have called your customer service (verizon) and I was told to go to to enter my cell # plus any other cell numbers. I did that & put stop 90900 and right away I received a message from 90900 thanking me for signing up. I want this service to stop and stop chargeing my cell phone bill $19.88 a month.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  49. Dinora Saravia says:

    I have never subcribe for joke of the day service. and want this service to be cancel immediately & refund the money I have been charged for the past three $19.88 each month.

  50. Amanda H says:

    received a 19.99 charge on my verizon bill for a subscrtion for “special text messaging” turned out to be a ringtone purchase that verizon states was not purchased through verizon but appeared on my verizon bill! I want to unsubscribe
    !!! Stop, stop all, end & cancel this subscription

  51. Natasha says:

    these charges just came up on my phone and took my minutes away.. in no way shape or form did i ask for these charges nor did i even hear about this who site..but how do i get my mintues back or re instated

  52. Cathie says:

    HEY FOLKS..You should know that the same think is happening on AT&T w/a company called m-Qube Inc. I was charged $9.99 in July which AT&T reversed (but others posting have had problems w/refunds). But on my Oct/Nov. bill I was AGAIN CHARGED $9.99 FROM M-QUBE. ALL SHOULD GO TO CLASSACTIONCONNECT.COM AND FILE A COMPLAINT. IF ENOUGH OF US DO THIS, WE MAY HAVE A CLASS ACTION SUIT GOING. DON’T JUST VENT ON THIS PAGE, FILE A COMPLAINT!!!

  53. Alex says:

    I got a new phone from Verizon and wanted one nice ringtone.. so I looked at a number of websites which offered them. I didn’t MEAN to sign up for any of these services, but perhaps I did so inadvertently. I did NOT get any ringtones though. Nevertheless, Ringaza has billed me $9.99, and neither they nor Verizon will do anything about removing this charge from my bill. It should be illegal for Verizon to bill for third-party services, since they do not provide for conflict resolution, like Credit card companies do.

  54. MEGAN K says:


  55. Anne says:

    My son’s phone suddenly had nearly $150 charges in two months. Somes of the charges are legit for music, but many were for “premium text messageing”. He showed me the messages he’s been receiving – unsolicited, and he replied “Stop” but we are still being billed. I will pursue this to get our money back, but in the meantime, block all text messaging for a couple of weeks to stop the charges and messages from getting through.

  56. Benkai Bouey says:

    I started getting this junk about a month ago. I never subscribed and I can’t get rid of it.

  57. irene says:

    so verizon tells me that even though they blocked text messaging, that i have to come on this site and also apply for text blocking? does this makes sense?

  58. scott osmond says:

    How do we confirm that this crap is cancelled? I have texted them STOP CANCEL QUIT

  59. ryan says:

    I got a new phone from Verizon and wanted one nice ringtone.. so I looked at a number of websites which offered them. I didn’t MEAN to sign up for any of these services, but perhaps I did so inadvertently. I did NOT get any ringtones though. Nevertheless, Ringaza has billed me $9.99, and neither they nor Verizon will do anything about removing this charge from my bill. It should be illegal for Verizon to bill for third-party services, since they do not provide for conflict resolution, like Credit card companies do

  60. ryan says:

    i didnt mean to get charged with all that money and i have a prepay card and it took away all my minutes

  61. abhi says:

    charged for 9.99 in my last bill for data services from 71888!!!

  62. Sharon B. says:

    Unfortunately, blocking your text messaging is NOT the same as cancelling the service. I too am being charged by M-Qube/Nevis Mobile on my AT&T cell. I blocked text messaging months ago but even tho I cannot receive text messages I still keep getting these 9.99 charges since AT&T says I have to stop the service. And get this, I am supposed to TEXT the word STOP to them. HELLLLOOOO, I don’t have TEXT capabilities any longer.
    Oh and BTW I never signed up for any text messages from Nevis in the first place.
    Good Luck. I’ve been dealing with this since September. It’s out and out fraud. I personally think it is collusion between the cell provider (AT&T or Verizon etc) who gets to keep 30-40% of the fees collected, M-Qube who is the billing agency who keeps a portion, and the text company such as laugh-a-day, or Nevis or Ringtones. They all get a chunk of the pie and don’t let your cell phone provider tell you differently. It’s in an article in Forbes magazine.

  63. Lydia says:

    I got a horoscope today, Thursday, January 3, 2008. I do not want horoscopes text messaged to me. I did not sign up for anything. It was from 71888. I do not want to pay for anything I did not sign up for.

  64. james says:

    If your phone # isn’t registered with the federal do not call registry, do it. If it is file a complaint at

  65. kar says:

    I do not want text messages sent to me every day by these people.It costs me money and I did not sign up for it!!!

  66. klaus says:

    ringaza billed my cell 9.99 a month so i cancelled texting service in Aug ust of 07. In January of 08 i resubscribed to my texting and immediately recieved a text from ringaza so I called their number 1-866-616-6076 was put on hold for 30 min. so i text STOP in caps! to 75714 and they sent a text in reply that it was cancelled.

  67. Catherine Gibson says:

    money is coming off my account from this Ring and I don,t want anything to do with it

  68. Ken says:

    Got charged $9.99 for 90900 Kepler Joke Text from Verizon.

    My father in-law is 80+ year old, had limited English language skill, and had problem just to use his cell phone got subscribed to this 90900 Kepler Joke service .

    I called Verizon and requested them reverse the charge. Verizon claimed he did subscribe to this service even he didn’t send out a single text message from his phone. He may run around and used a computer to subscribe the service.

    Verizon finally agreed to reverse the charged after heated discussion. However, it seems to me it’s a win-win situation for and Verizon. Jokemobil got $9.9. subscription fee and Verizon charged me for the 25 inbound texts at 15 cents each.

    One thing Verizon did right that is to block premium message service for my kids phone.
    It bad luck for them pick the wrong phone, I wouldn’t notice / can’t complain if this happened to kid’s cell phone.

  69. Jp says:

    I was under the impression I was getting a free download, and then I recieve a ten dollar charge on my bill

  70. Jp says:

    I was under the impression I was getting a free download and when I received my bill there was a ten dollar download

  71. nicefo says:

    i dont get it. i’m 10 and i dont want my bill high. i do NOT know who this person is. I got a wierd picture. Wat can i do?

  72. joey says:

    i got a $9.99 “preimium txt” charge for some dumb ringtone i didnt even order or send a txt message to. i have since cancelled but to me VERIZON should refund my money. i think its bullshit and companies and do this to innocent people and make tons of money.. the ringtone sucked anyways…

  73. Arlene O. says:

    I started receiving joke of the day messaging. First of all the first one said that if I wanted the service to reply so I didnt and deleted the text. When I got jokes sent to me anyway for two days I called verizon and they told me to simply text cancel/stop to 90900 which I did and got a confirmation cancel service. I kept that text on my phone with date/time/etc. I just got my verizon bill and have a $9.99 app charge anyway. I called verizon and they say there is no way to prove that i didnt download the app but that they have record I did on such and such date. BS. Apparently they didnt have ability to block premium texting in December when I called and now in January they do. So the freakin charge better not be on the next damn bill. I asked for a company number and they cant give one. they give you the website which asks you to enter your cell phone number…thats BS im not doing that, so they can have a record that I gave them my cell number. wtf!!!! This is BS and yes the FCC does need to get involved. BTW the website to sign up for service just asks you to enter a cell number and check off an agreement. Sounds like a scam to me…anyone can enter anyone’s number including hey someone that wors at verizon and may be getting a cut for providing numbers. BS! like everyone else on this page has noted.

  74. Arlene O. says:

    i just found an la times article on this:

    see my complaint emailed to verizon:

    Where’s my credit Verizon. Ken Mucher, spokesperson for Verizon claims in this LA times article that Verizon gives. All I got was a reasoning that there is no way to prove that I didn’t download an app for joke of the day texting. I had to be persistent about more information and was given a jokeof theday website which doesn’t help…they want me to leave my cell # so they can in writing that I gave it to them. That’s BS! I want a number if to complain too. And now Im complaining about poor Verizon customer service to and misrepresentation of trying to their customer in the latimes article. I texted stop as advised by the rep in December 07 but I still have a charge on my bill. The charge better not appear on my next bill. I have my text confirming the cancellation and I a rep supposedly confirmed a premium text blocking service that wsnt an option in Dec. but now is in January. That’s all Verizon could do for me. I am very disappointed as a new customer and cant wait til my contract is up.

    See article referenced above:,1,828995.column?coll=la-utilities-business

    “We do what we can to prevent this upfront,” Ken Muche, a spokesman for Verizon Wireless, said of Fitzgerald’s situation. “But you can’t always predict which companies won’t play by the rules.”

    He and representatives of other wireless companies said they work with customers who may have been victimized by scammers, typically refunding any contested fees.

    “Over time, we learn how customers are being treated” by specific service providers, Muche said. “People who don’t treat their customers well — we end our relationship with them.”

  75. Moris Aronson says:

    I was charged $9.99 (twice) for a “preimium txt” charge for something I didn’t even order or send a txt message too. I have since cancelled but to me VERIZON should refund my money.

  76. A. Brown says:

    I was charged servral times for ring tones from different companys such as gator arcade,slimwizard,,, & bid 4 prizes all of which cleared my balance from my pay as you go account. every time I try to get a reply I receive a text messege and my account reaches zero… I currently only have 1 ring tone but have lost over $70.00 I have since cancelled all but I am not holding verizon resonsibe, however I would like for your company to intervene… Thanking you in advance Arthur Brown

  77. A. Brown says:

    To whom it may concern;
    I was charged servral times for ring tones from different companys such as gator arcade,slimwizard,,, & bid 4 prizes all of which cleared my balance from my pay as you go account. every time I try to get a reply I receive a text messege and my account reaches zero… I currently only have 1 ring tone but have lost over $70.00 I have since cancelled all but I am not holding verizon resonsibe, however I would like for your company to intervene… Thanking you in advance Arthur Brown

  78. JK Hulon says:

    I was awakened at 4am by my phone alerting me there was a new text message from 755-57. The message said “Your PIN code is ****. Use this in website to receive you predictions! Support: 18002357105 9.99/mth txt help 4 help stop 2 stop. Jan 29.08 4:00am”… I have NO idea what in the Hell this is. I bought two ringtones FROM Verizon’s service 6 months ago and that’s it. That’s the only thing I have downloaded to my phone. How is that some ass can just out of the blue start demanding payment for a service I never requested? I haven’t checked my bill yet, God and Verizon only knows if they’ve already started charging me.

  79. Lori says:

    We too received charges from 71888-notified Verizon and received explanation and asked for Premium Txt Block but what they forgot to tell us was you first must text “STOP” to the number then ask for the block or else the charges will continue coming in. Verizon was asked on 1/29 to block – we received another charge today and when contacting them they did (I could not believe it either) remove the charge as they failed to activate our blocking. I have emailed all family and friends on this issue and I am sure Verizon is getting a ton of calls this evening.

  80. ying lu says:

    How come after I send a message to stop getting joke textmessage(I got three messages from them), and I still got charged $9.99. That is very unfair!!!!

  81. sharyn d. mann says:

    I was charged for service and didnot!, sign-up at all.

  82. Denae Shuey says:

    I just recently took over a line from a family share plan. On my first bill I had a download charge that I didn’t authorize. I had already put the blocks on my phone so there would be on internet usage or downloads. I didn’t dispute the other charges on my bill as they are probably valid, but I did not download this game in January 2008. I researched my download log and went over it with the rep when I called in and she pretty much said I was full of it. She told me the day (Jan 22nd) and the time (2:02AM) that I downloaded it. I sat there arguing with her on my lunch hour. Let her know it’s just myself and my bf in the home. We’re both in out late 20′s early 30′s and get up for work between 4:30am and 5:30am. There was no way that game was downloaded. She claimed I, or someone with my info, must have done it on the internet at 2:02am on Jan 22nd. Now I have to waste more of my time and go the to Verizon store after work and “prove” that I don’t have it on my phone. This is ridiculous I have to jump though so many hoops to take a $5.95 charge off my bill.

  83. Caytie says:

    I was charged $9.99/month for ‘Premium Text Messaging’ the Verizon rep said it was probably a Joke of the Day but, I don’t receive any jokes!! I will try the phone # left by Amy on October 31st.
    (800-235-7105) I will also register my phone with website. Something has to work!

  84. Isabella says:

    Asked Verizon to delete text messaging capability from ALL of our phones after my 12-year old DD was charged $20 for unwanted text messges. Next thing I know, we are receiving a $600 bill on my 10-year olds phone WHICH HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN REPORTED LOST OR STOLEN!!!! And the entire charge is for text messages. Sounds like retaliation, doesn’t it?

  85. Debbie says:

    Data charge appeared on my bill – 10.59 for Jan. and 11.19 for Feb with notation of “data.” Called Verizon to see what this was. They indicated someone had downloaded this “service” (like when you dial in to American Idol to vote) on 1/14 at 3:05. They told me to go to message area, enter 63232, then put “stop” in message area. When I googled 63232, it was for Dada ringtones. Never requested this service, so hopefully the Verizon directions help.

  86. Rick Schultz says:

    Went to Sony website and got what were advertised as “free” ringtones to promote the movie “walk hard”. The next month I had a $9.99 charge on both of my phones! I did not sign up for any “pay” service… and Verizon has been reluctant to resolve the matter. I went through all of the refund steps with Playphone and I still have charges occuring on my phone. If this happened on my credit card I could have the charges protested. How can they bill you for something that you did not agree to… I demand satisfaction.

  87. Angela says:

    How do I stop this text charge. I want it stop now! I’ve already been charge 3 times. waste of my money.

  88. Rick Schultz says:

    Here is the latest. The Attorney General of the State of Florida gave a “wake-up” call the cellphone carriers. AT&T did listen and is refunding MILLIONS of dollars in these ringtone charges. I understand that the Attorney general of Florida is now going after Verizon. Call your attorney general of the state you live in and let them know that you DEMAND SATISFACTION!!! These charges for “free” ringtones are way out of line. The charges on your phone bill should be handled in the same way as a charge on a credit card. IF you do not agree with the charge you should be able to contest it. Verizon did not even give me the courtesy of that. In my humble opinion Verizon is not looking out for their customers interest. They are looking out for their ringtone partners interest as they get 35-40% profit on each ringtone sold. I did not BUY anything. There was NO fine print. The sony picture corporation website said “FREE” ringtone. Since when is “FREE” turn into a $9.99 perpetual charge. This in my opinion is a fraudulent act, and is no different than someone robbing me on the street. I demand satisfaction.

  89. Darren Ross says:

    Received a $9.99 charge on verizon wireless bill from PREM_SMS 63232 dadamobile. Customer rep at Verizon Wireless was “oblivious” and said to reply the “next” time with STOP or UNSB. Disgusted to say the least. May change carriers on business as well as personal.

  90. Deborah Perryman says:

    I noticed a charge of $19.98 on last month’s bill and called verizon and they advised me that my college aged student had downloaded stuff from verizon’s website, I thought that was very strange because it’s not her nature to do that without checking with me first. She just came in this week for spring break and I spoke with her about it and she stated she did not do it. I called verizon back and was informed that this was for “premium texting” from some company called playphone and gave me the text # which my daugther also states she didn’t know about it. The rep states even if she didn’t open the text they would still charge you for it unless you I guess hit or text stop. She gave me their 800 # and it’s been on every since, I also found out this evening that there was another charge this month of $9.99, this is unacceptable to me that anyone can charge your wireless phone like that I even told her that I’ve had do not call on those phones since 2005 on the cells, but I guess this does not apply. She did remove one charge, but I am definitely calling back tomorrow for the other charges. This cannot be allowed. I will defintely get my paper billing back because I had been a little lax in looking at my bills when I received them online.

  91. Alexandra says:

    this has been mentioned before, but for anyone just discovering this complaint thread… Please complain to the FCC! Verizon credited my account for those fraudulent charges as soon as they got my complaint forwarded from FCC. Plus, if FCC gets enough complaints, perhaps they will finally regulate these ringtone thieves!

  92. Tracy says:

    I got an e-mail from website Bid4Prizes saying I had been singed up to win prizes. I did not athourize the $9.99 charge that they then charded my cell. I called the Phone no listed and it confirmed that my cell had been removed from their system. Next month another $9.99 charge. I tried to call the 1-800-861-7414 no and it is disconnected. I called Sprint they gave me another no. they had and it was also disconnected. How do I get this to stop!!!!!

  93. Deborah Perryman says:

    I contacted verizon again today and all other charges were removed and I also asked them about the premimum texting block that I read about online, maybe here, but she added it the cell phones Please have it added to your cell phones and contact the fcc at the form is called a Form 2000B – Billing, Privacy, or Service Quality Complaint and is very quick and easy to fill out. This has got to stop. I spoke with a friend that also has sprint and she stated she has to call every month to stop it and I told her how verizon showed me to stop it by texting stop and the code or reply stop if you see it come in. They can give you the code and it’s also listed on your bill. Good luck everyone. p.s. the block will not work until you text stop. As soon as we did it on my daughter’s phone she received a text that stated cancelled & by the way Playphone still hasn’t returned my calls. The verizon rep told me today they usually don’t. She was extremely helpful.

  94. Diane says:

    Rec’s verizon bill with 4 premium text charges of 9.99 each – does anyone know how to stop text Off Net or Red Circle. I found a web site for Smart to test stop to – I also blocked premium texts through verison on all of our phones — what a pain – who are these companies making $$$$$ off innocent people (teenagers)?

  95. tammy patterson says:

    I have email this place several time to STOP texting me & they just Keep them comming is this LEGAL??? I will ask my Lawyer!!! I bet he can make them STOP. I cinsider this HARRASSMENT!!! So if this is the people that is doing this STOP NOW CAN YOU READ ENGLISH

  96. Right_Track says:

    Verizon cannot control your children. That’s your job. Verizon has no idea when your 12 year old picks up your phone and subscribes to these services. Technology just isnt that advanced yet. I.e. (You have cable service. You purchase shoes from HSN but never receive it. YOUR CABLE COMPANY IS NOT 2 BLAME!) So neither is Verizon. It’s 3rd party. Get a grip & learn to read the fine print. It’s 2008.

  97. Faith says:

    On Feb 20, 2008, I received a $9.99 fee for “Prem_SMS 33999 MMTXTALRT”, but had not ordered any such service

  98. Mike says:

    I discovered the “Premium TXT Message” on my bill, associated with my son’s account. According to him, he did text to 71888, which he saw on a commercial, but when he received a message back stating there was a 9.99 fee, he cancelled out. Regardless, we did incur $9.99 fees in 3 of 4 months. I did call Verizon, and initially they gave me the site (does not exist) as well as a toll free number. I called the toll free number, and used their automated phone system to stop sending this content. I also called verizon back, and they blocked premium text messsaging on my account. They offered to remove 1 month’s charges – I requested all 3 months charges removed – waiting to see my next bill.

  99. ricardo says:

    I do not understand why verizon take the responsability of any no authorized charges. I do not know . look like a partnership. mangas de ladrones.

  100. julia says:

    On Feb 20, 2008, I received a $9.99 fee for “PREM_SMS 66047 MMTXTALRT”, but had not ordered any such service!!

  101. ruben says:

    i did not sign up for nothing and it took all my credit away
    give me back my money and stop texting me!!!!

  102. Shaniell Jones says:

    i won’t my money back on my phone they took all my money even know i text STOP the textin just keep comeing so who ever reading this don’t ever use this SHIT if so your phone will be off Thank You

  103. rhonda s says:

    all my phone is saying searching svc.i want it to stop or iam switching to cingular. my bill has been paid so why is it saying that?

  104. Chris says:

    I just called VZ about 66300, and they gave me an 888# to call and ask to be credited and that # is disconnected. I wonder if this company is a front for VZ? If VZ is getting all these complaints, they should block these guys from their network…IDIOTS!

  105. Christopher says:

    “PREM_SMS 71888 MMTXTALRT” is what showed up on my Verizon bill for $9.99. Verizon credited account and told me to call 800.235.7105 to cancel subscription. But to what? I didn’t subscribe to anything? This is a f*cking scam and a half.

  106. Jessica says:

    PREM_SMS 25516 MMTXTALRT showed up on my son’s phone as well. It’s $9.99 a month. I checked my son’s outgoing text messages and found no outgoing subscribing to this service. After 30 minutes of yelling at my son (who swore up and down and was in tears promising me that he never did this)I called verizon who could not answer my questions as to how or why this was put on his phone. I was told to text “cancel” to 25516 and that would stop the service. After recieving the confirmation that the service was cancelled call verizon back and put a “premium text message block” on your phone. You can only do that once you get the confirmation back that it has been stopped. Since my son did not text anyone for the service the only thing I can think of was that these f**cking companys are texting secondary lines (knowing that they more than likey belong to kids) and once they open the text message- they unknowingly subscribe to these services. This is a great scam they’ve got going!! Oh and the coup de gras??? Verizon couldn’t even give me a phone number to contact the shi*bags who’s service we supposedly subcribed to. How’s that for a scam???

  107. Jessica says:

    oh and I will be contacting the Connecticut Attorney General – you should do the same and contact your state AG – this is sooo hot right now

  108. Greg says:

    Everyone who is experiencing problems with Verizon Wireless should file a complaint with their local Better Business Bureau. They are very helpful in these matters and they keep a record of all complaints and build a profile for the public to view. They also act as a mediator to try to resolve the issues between parties. Plus, by filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau it is a major black mark against Verizon Wireless and they always try to rectify complaints filed through the BBB to try and clear their record. Trust me this works very well !!

  109. jean says:

    this company charge me 89 dollars for a message i dint even apllie for if i cant get my money back im leaving the company

  110. Terrie says:

    Childs phone was upgrade for new family plan; Verizon failed to block downloads as requested; 12 yr old child used 2 numbers from a Teen Magazine that required a min age of 13 and resulted in at charge of $65.00. One number was prem txt # used 4x in less than 10 min cause she did not know what she was doing. NEVER was I the account holder notified until the bill was received. Now I can’t find contact information to notify the company.

  111. Nellie Gordon says:

    do not wish to receive any more text messages from laughaholics.

  112. Nellie Gordon says:

    please stop messages from 446-74 to this number

  113. Cyn says:

    Verizon never asked me the subscriber for permission for premium text messaging from 71888 and 77888. They did not require, nor did they get a “double optin” as they say they require. They are no help whatsoever in getting charges dropped from these scams. We want our money back, and these people locked up.

  114. Dontae says:

    I have a question. Once the text is sent, no matter if you accept or not. Do verizon take out the money. Or do you have to accept it first in order for them to charge you

  115. pissed off says:

    Last year I got billed for that stupid joke thing, no idea how or why. Now I see I’m being billed for Flycell or some shit I didn’t subscribe to. These jerks are raking in the $$.

  116. Jason says:

    We are being charged over $20 monthly by Emexus for premium txting. The number being charged is NOT a CELL PHONE It is an internet stick/card attached to our mac to access the internet. The stick (from Verizon) is assigned a phone number and is billed along with our other cell phones on the same bill. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TEXT –CANCEL — to Emexus to stop the service. I can’t get through to the phone number, or even go online and figure out exactly WHAT Emexus is. Help!

  117. Cathie says:


  118. Cathie says:


  119. Myong Wilson says:

    I just received my bill stating I owe $892.76. After examining it I see that the large amount is due to text messaging on my recent trip to Korea. Well, I did not sign up nor request any international access or roaming and any attempt to use that should have been blocked or an alert sent to me asking if I wanted to activate such. Also, on the bill, it mentions “GLOBAL PHONE” which I, again, never authorized nor desired or even thought possible.

    When I tried last year to have my daughter’s phone set to use in Europe, I was told that a chip change was necessary, which I did not implement. So how is it that you can just turn on a service without my knowledge or approval – even if it worked? Since we do have a plan that has unlimited texting, my daughter assumed it was just like in the USA. If I had known there was such an outrageous charge I would have never let her send any on the trip.

    Again, one would reasonably expect that no service would automatically turned on if not specifically requested and verified to the account holder. This is not the first time I have had trouble with your billing practices. Some time back my daughter innocuously replied to some advertising and we started to be billed for something we had not specifically authorized, requested, desired, nor verified to you. Your response was that you were only the billing party, not the product supplier. We finally got that cleared up, but not after countless back-and-forth calls to all involved. This was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE in my opinion and deceptive!

    And, now, this current issue is, again, totally unacceptable and is a deceptive, and unauthorized service that you appear to be trying to have me pay for that I did not request, approve, nor desire.

    I hereby dispute the charges of $495.60 (in my calculation from your bill) for any texting charges while I was out of the country during the period of March 18 – 22 2008.

  120. Terese says:

    I have had $30 worth of premium SMS messaging subtracted from my bill over the last 2 months and I DID NOT authorize this. Verizon says that they cannot do anything because it is not them that is subtracting it. They gave me a phone number to call and I did and got the service stopped, but I cannot talk to a person to try and get a refund. I think that Verizon should do something about it and not let these companies piggy back on their service and subtract it from my minutes. I will be dropping Verizon soon and looking at a new company. It is total BS and if anyone knows what I can do about it, let me know. I just have the pay as you go since I don’t use it too much and why would I put $15-30 a month on it and then subrtact $10-20 for a stupid text service or whatever it is. It makes no sense and I hope that something can be done about this.

  121. pissed off says:

    I called and argued w/ Verizon rep when she started talking her shit. I told her she didn’t need to say anymore because I had heard everything she has planned to say. I am w/ you all and just as I told her this is bullshit. Finally she said she would take off one month, so I have to eat the other one. What, they don’t make enough $ off us already?
    I’m still pissed off

  122. Verizon Fan says:

    Call(1-800-235-7105).I Called it and it seems to have worked fine.

  123. Terry Carter says:

    Renewed my contract with Verizon and Added a line for my daughter. Was told expressly by the Verizon Rep., that my daughter only has to pay $20 a month for unlimited text message, that, we wouldn’t see any other charges. Well, Got a $465.00 phone bill the following month (billed for text messages over a certain amount) along with charges by MMTXTALRT and Levendo-Info Services totaling $29.97 which my daughter never subscribed to. The only way Verizon would help, would be to spend more money with them and they would knock off a quarter of the bill. This is NOT fair since their REP lied to us to begin with.

  124. J Park says:

    I keep getting texts from 718-11 i want it to stop please…

  125. Jake says:

    I signed up for the new Nationwide plan in place of the America’s Choice plan becuase they made me in order to get the voyager. Complete scam! Ever since Verizon has been double billing me. I have the 500 messages + Unlimited in; however now I am charged for megabytes as well, which completely ruins the unlimited in promotion. On average for a pic message i can send about 3 or 4 before they smack an extra $2 on the bill. They must really want everyone to pay for their stupid vcast service to really receive unlimited messaging for the stated cost!

  126. Nancy says:

    FOLKS… first things first, stop the bleeding! you can ask Verizon to block all of these txts. Yes, you still have to go back and deal with the outrageous charges, but you will stop the bleeding!

  127. marc says:

    I was receiving charges a $9.99 recurring charge. I was told that it was an outside company. I had verizon put a block on new charges and they gave me a number to call. Fast forward a month or two later and I am still getting this charge. Verizon is issuing a refund for the charge and I called the number again to cancel the charges. I may not be staying with verizon.

  128. Donna says:

    I did not sign up for PREM_sms654654 AND WANT IT STOPPED. I have called Verizon and blocked all text msg but continue to receive these at 9.99 per month. Get it off my bill please I did not authorized this.
    Can anyone tell me how to get this stopped please?

  129. George Allen says:

    This is sheer theft! These charges were not authorized. They have been billed to my Verizon account without permission. We’ve texted them to ‘unsubscribe’, but the billing continues. I want my money back!!! I’ve read the attached notes and am calling the Governor’s regulatory office and requesting an investigation into these thieves. You better start listening too Verizon.

  130. Joe Jones says:

    I never payed attention to my wireless bill just had it on auto pay. Went on the website and see that I have been getting charged $9.99 for a long time for premium text messaging. I’ve never signed up for anything or authorized it. Could have been going on for a long time maybe over two years.

  131. Lance says:

    I signed up for a free ring tones but cancelled it the same day when I found out my phone was unable to download anything. I stopped the service and was charged for it. I never even used the service. I want the 10$ removed from my bill

  132. Donna says:

    Had another charge from Pridicto on my Verizon bill this month after having Verizon block all texting, called them and Gaylon the representative walked me through the steps to stop it. He took the block off our cell phone had me send a text to the pricto number on the screen which was 654654 and then text stop. Received a cancel notice from Pricto a few moments later. Gaylon stated this should stop it if not call Verizon again. He was most helpful. I will stay with Verizon but if this comes up again I will keep sending them emails and calls.

  133. Reta says:

    Unauthorized text msgs on grandkid’s phone, age 11. Charges on Verizon bill for $9.99 and $19.98 for last 3 months. Can’t get Verizon to remove. Tracked texting to NYC, co. called Flycell and Premium Text Msg Srvc. They said bill would never be removed, their billing system is infallible, if person under age 18 activated their service then holder of account has to pay, regardless if there is a contract or not. Told Flycell that they were soliciting and harrassing a minor -illegal. Have placed text block on kid’s phone, but she gets a new msg every morning asking for $9.99 – an attempt to bill for text msg service. May have to cancel Verizon service if I can’t get this to stop.

  134. Ed Cedillo says:

    My wife and I had Verizon in 2003. The service sucked so we cancelled them. My wife paid the final bill. Recently when we refiniced my house we noticed this went to a collection agency for 1149.00. When we called Verizon to prove thet we owed the money they told us to contact Midland credit. Midland credit told us they didnt have any info on the account and go to Verizon. When we called Verizon again they told us that they sold the account to Midland credit in March. I then sent Midland a letter asking for details of the debt or take it off my credit report. Today they called me to tell to pay up 1149 or they will sue me. I told them I will pay if they provided proof if what I owed them. If told me that the burden of proof is on me and they sent me a letter in Feb. I asked them how can you send me a letter in Feb if you didnt buy the account until May. The collecter will mad at this point. The also said that they called us and we promised to pay. When I asked what phone# they called they told me a phone# we havent had in years. So they lied again. Has anyone had this problem with Verizon and Midland credit? In the past if you didnt pay your bill on time they turned off your phone and it was 1149.00. Help!!!

  135. kelli says:

    it said “free” but it wasn’t free when I got charged for it on my monthly bill

  136. Shelmaine Whitfield says:

    I was sent a text for enmob telling me to enter a pin number from their website, which i’ve never enter a pin number anywhere, and also which i’ve never been to that website a day in my life until now to figure out how they are going to charge me for something i didn’t authorize someone owes verizon.

  137. Winifred Higgins says:

    I am no longer a customer of Verizon. Please stop interfering with my smooth entrance into Comcast

  138. Stefan says:

    I had any premium text messages blocked by Verizon on my step-daughters phone. I’ll see if it really works. Now it WILL becone Verizon’s problem if I receive any more $9.99 extra billing. DaDaMobile63232

  139. Debbie says:

    I texted Stop to 718-88, 730-00, 339-99, 308-79 and blocked all premium text messaging. Verizon credited the 3 Premium text messages for $30. Good thing I keep record of text messages sent and from now on will better police my daughter and her friends on the internet. More has to be done to prevent unathorized third party charges to your cell phone via the web.

  140. Donna says:

    Just received my first Verizon billing after they help me with instructions on texting the word stop to the premium test message on my phone. NO Charges this month first time in 3 months, thank goodness Verizon took the 3 months off my billing, as they have the best network in our area.
    Good Luck Debbie watch your billing it took 2 billings to clear mine up.

  141. Ed Clark says:

    Please remove me from your list. I wish not to charged if I was charged the last time. I haven’t used it or do not have any intent to use it. Thank you very much.

  142. Terry Gray says:

    My son received a bogus text message about 10 months ago. Being 13, he did not realize the consequences of replying. I have been trying to get Verizon and the “third party” to stop billing me $9.99/month since then. However, I have had not luck. I tried calling, speaking to idiots (oops sorry mean customer services) at Verizon and the “third party”, still no resolution. Please help; how to I stop this charge?

  143. TJ Rougeir says:

    some site with the text number stole all the money out of my prepaid account. i texted stop but by time i did all the money was gone out of my account

  144. joanne says:

    i just received my cable bill and to my dismay i have been billed $70 for messages received from this…whatever you want to call them.i do not care what elmo thinks of my love…please stop sending these messages or i will have no choice but to pursue this in a legal venue..we’ll see what happens over the next few days as to whether or not this madness stops…regardless,if i receive another message from this group i will be filling a formal complaint with the courts…

  145. Derick says:

    $45 in charges for browsing for ringtones (this is on top of the actual $8 for purchasing 2 tones). I agreed to pay the exhorbitant rate for the tones, not for “free” previews!

  146. Ruth Syvlester says:

    3 premium TXT messages that I didn’t order 9.99 each. One 800# fro was easy to discontinue the service. The second 800# was disconnected and I’ve been on hold with the 3rd for 30 min now. This is insane.

  147. Mark says:

    Same story for me. Daughter opened some text without knowing. 71888 charges $9.99/month. 9 months I have not been able to stop it. I agree, Verizon customer service is worthless.

  148. Mike Blitz says:

    My son keeps recieving unwanted “premiun” text messages. We want it to stop.

  149. sinira jasmine says:

    I have a verison wireless prepay phone and ever since i’ve got it my money has been dissapearing for no reason. I have complained about but there was nothing they could do for me. There was one week I hasd to refill my phone 4!!!!! times in one week thats crazy and its a waste of money. I always felt since you have a prepay phone you always get a screwed up deal. And thats not fair that they cant do any thing about money just dissapearing.

  150. L.A. says:

    I upgraded my plan when I purchased a Treo to unlimited internet. My bill climbed to $160+ a month and nobody at Verizon could explain why. Data usage fees escalated and I was never told what it covered. My mother was hit with high text messaging fees after she told them several times to remove the feature. Verizon likes taking your money but offers little relief when they make a mistake. All Verizon reps will tell you something different.

  151. Brooke Taylor says:

    My son got billed for $9.99 for this crap and just to find out from Verizon that we will be billed another 9.99 for next month also. I want these fees refunded ASAP.

  152. chelsea says:

    i just got this text from 717-69 saying “CSW subscription renewed@ $9.99/mo Get ur contents”

    and i’ve never even heard of that site. there is no way i’m paying for that crap.

  153. michelle fucken henry says:

    it took my money and i got nothing untill i bitched about it and got my money thought a check…well in 2-3 weeks. still waiting

  154. ashley says:

    i want my money back NOW…… THIS IS BULLSHIT with gas prices going up,food prices going up,everything is going up and we still not safe from this kind of shit i would like someone to ask me for once if i want shit obama or die seriously

  155. Willie Robinson says:

    Stop bitching and pay your bills. Stop telling Verizon to cancel it as they do not read this site. And if they did how would they cancel it whenu do not provide a cell or full name.

  156. April Hardin says:

    I did not sign up for this service and i contiue to get text from them everyday. It CHARGES my phone everytime. I can not get any help and i dont know what to do about getting it stopped. I have called the 800 # and sent an email as I was told with no results. I dont know what to do. HELP anyone??

  157. Ruth says:

    Hi, I am a little upset about this program. Don’t even know how this got on my cell and not sure why no one can remove it.

  158. Lisa says:

    LISTEN PPL CALL VERIZON and Have them TURN OFF YOUR “Premium Texting Service”! That is why you are getting charged extra it has nothing to do with your regular texting or pics

  159. George Friend says:


  160. George Friend says:


  161. margie says:

    Well yet another IRATE parent of this company. Verizon!! can BLOCK these from ever hitting your cell phone. . I was charged by 3 different Company’s over $150.00 within the last 3 months. In Aug. 3 other charges hit my Cell bill. Verizon returned those items as unauthorized to each company. Here is the number I have for Data Base 1-888-214-0381. A check is to be mailed to me within the next 2-3 weeks, but the other company’s phone numbers have been disconnected

  162. Bradi says:

    i keep getting texts from 71888 and they are charging me 9.99 per month. i sent the text stop, so we will see what happens!!!!!!

  163. Mike says:

    I have been charged 3 months at 9.99 on 2 lines via Verizon. Have had the block put on, called the number for the 3rd time to cancel and have sent the stop 66047 as well and I am still being billed. Verizon’s ringtone comapny the way is see it is the way they are getting this done. Both phones used the verizon ringtone link off their website and that’s when the charges started to appear.

  164. Fi says:

    9.99 chargeshowed up on my son cell number on my verizon bill. I contacted customer service, who was willing to give 50% off the premium charges of $87.91. Gave no information on who those 3rd party were, and continued to tell me that I was responsible because I authorized the charges. Many hours later to find out these providers that bill through Verizon( what a Deal!!)I contacted 6 out of 9 directly and got promissed 3 refunds, 1 NO REFUND (after 2 sec of service-since my son cancelled when he saw it was not FREE as advertized, 2 emails not answered, and seeing different 3rd parties with different names, same contact information.

  165. Germaine says:

    Ladies & Gentleman, I figured this scam out.

    Just recently, my kid stepbrother was getting yelled at by my mother on this. She asked me to do some research and I found out about all of this complaints. This has become one of the biggest scams in this country.

    Think about it: At least half of the USA (about 150 million people) has at least one cell phone with text messaging available.

    To have a cell phone company charge you an extra $10 might not be too much of a big deal for individuals…but take 10$ from 100,000 people and the company makes 1 million. Think about those numbers when the amount of people are in millions.

    I ask everyone available to contact me at my own myspace page or hotmail at I ask this because something has to be done about it. It is time for the American people to stop getting cheated and I propose a combined lawsuit against these companies for the robbery of perhaps millions of dollars.

    Thank you.

  166. anthony says:

    stop sending me shit i am fucken tired of it stop.

  167. shawnee says:

    charced my prepaid without permition and want my money back

  168. Linda Osenton says:

    My daughter swears she did not put her number in to this company. She is 34 and on my cell phone account. She has never done anything like this so I tend to believe her. When I tried to unsubscribe they say the number is not correct. So how did I get charged 9.99? Of course they are not opened on the weekend for phone calls. I have put a block on all my Verizon phones!

  169. Abby Seck says:

    My husband and i want the txt alrts to stop. It is cause our bill to go sky high.

  170. Debra says:

    My husband just received a scam text message early am on September 30th from code 76036 (found the code when I viewed my bill online). I don’t know if I’m going to be charged for this text (other than the 25 cents I see was charged from Verizon for receiving the text – again, found from viewing my bill online). I called Verizon, and they said that it was from Tone Crazy. My husband doesn’t text and said he didn’t subscribe to anything. I believe him! Verizon said they can block premium text messaging, but first, I have to CANCEL or STOP to the 5-digit code number. Since I am a skeptic about scams, I don’t know if I’ll get charged just for receiving the text or if I will get charged for sending the CANCEL note. The number Verizon gave me for the company that I can call to CANCEL the “subscription” is 1-800-235-7105 (same number as some of you were given). I still find it “fishy” that the 800 number asks for your cell phone number first off when you call it. Again, being a skeptic, I’m afraid if I give the cell phone number that that’s when I might get charged, so I hung up without giving my husband’s number. Verizon said that they can’t see a charge on my bill until next month’s billing comes out. Hmmm…that sounds “fish,” too. Needless to say, I will be checking my bill online every day to see if I get a $9.99 charge. If I do, maybe then I’ll try calling the 800 number. Still skeptical about how the scam company charges you…

  171. maurie says:

    i wish these text mess will be stop. it is charging my cell phone bill high without me knowing it for two months.. the numbers 66047,37215, please take this matter into a concern,, i want it to stop…

  172. Joanie says:

    I thought I had signed up for unlimited text messaging on both my son’s & my Shareplan – got a $900 bill the next month and realized that I had signed up my phone only. This just happened today and I am pursueing this but I’m confident that i’m not the only person who has made this error and then get’s hit with 14 year dollars worth of text messaging in one bill . . .

  173. Drew says:

    71888 MMTXTALRT SMS 09/26/08
    654654 Predicto SMS 09/05/08
    35308 BigTime Crush 9.99 SMS 09/05/08
    63556 MMTXTALRT SMS 09/05/08
    99711 TheIsh OFFNET Content SMS 09/05/08
    69999 69999 Flycell Horoscopes SMS 08/11/08
    75714 1-866-616-6076 Opera Rin SMS 08/11/08
    36726 Alerts 8663 SMS 08/10/08
    654654 Predicto SMS 08/10/08

    All shit I don’t want and had previously cancelled.

  174. johnwise says:

    thank you for have this for ever one

  175. MUHANNAD says:

    Please Stop texting me, it took all of my prepaid account mins.

  176. lee,, says:

    please stop sending ringtones i didnt ask for and replace them minutes back on my prepaid phone

  177. Debra says:

    Update for post number 173. I checked my bill and I was NOT charged for the text message sent to my husband’s phone. Maybe I’m a lucky one, but I am happy. :)

  178. Chuck says:

    Got charged 9.99 for PREM_SMS 37215 MMTXTALRT

    Don’t know what that is, and I didn’t authorize it.

  179. Brenda Noteboom says:

    75714 1-866-616-6076 Opera Rin – they have charged my daughter 5 months now in a row after cancelling…..and was never a subscriber in the first place!! stop charging $9.99 a month without authorization!!!!! I don’t even know what this is and why we are being charged. Verizon says is a third party?? stop now, this is ridiculous and a waste of money…….what a scam!!!

  180. angel says:

    63556 MMTXTALRT
    keeps on sending me txts i dont want.
    and i never opened them!!
    and yet they charged me!!!
    so now i’m really mad.

  181. angel says:

    they charged me $9.99 too!!!

  182. Phil says:

    I’m a Verizon Wireless customer, with three lines on my account. The following unauthorized charges appeared on my last two bills:

    9/14 12:24P Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 37215 MMTXTALRT — 9.99 9.99

    9/14 2:57P Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 36726 Alerts 8663 — 9.99 9.99

    9/14 9:22P Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 71888 MMTXTALRT — 9.99 9.99

    9/15 4:57P Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 75714 1-866-616-6076 Opera Rin — 9.99 9.99

    10/15 2:44P Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 37215 MMTXTALRT — 9.99 9.99

    10/15 2:44P Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 71888 MMTXTALRT — 9.99 9.99

    Verizon Wireless refers to these as charges for “Premium TXT Messaging”.

    When I called Verizon Wireless, today, the representative reversed the two charges that appear on my current, unpaid bill. Unfortunately, the representative said he could not do anything about the four charges on my prior bill. He said they were from “third-party vendors” and my only recourse is to contact them directly. Of course, there is insufficient information on my bill to even identify them.

    However, the representative told me he was able to (and did) block all three of my cell phone lines from receiving any “Premium TXT Messaging” in the future. I hope this turns out to be true.

    In the meantime, I have sent an email to my state’s Attorney General (in Connecticut)describing this fraud and requesting assistance. I will post again with any future developments.

  183. Ray says:

    I was charge as well. 9.99 without authorization.

  184. Ray says:

    I just finished opening a BBB complaint against ringaza

  185. Donna says:

    My son’s phone showed 4 of these text messages and he didn’t approve of any of them Verizon won’t credit my bill since it’s third party which I think really sucks. I am now stuck paying the extra $40 for these charges that are truly a scam. Watch out for these to show up on your phone.
    63556 mmtxtalrt
    71888 mmtxtalrt
    33222 zero9club8chat
    75714 1-866-616-6076 opera rin

  186. Michael says:

    I just got off the phone this morning with Verizon regarding the premium text messaging that everyone above has been suffering with. This is the second time I called them after I read my bill. I had the text messaging blocked as advised by Verizon when I called the first time but still got billed again. I called back today and they are going to refund the charge and gave me the 1800 number(18002357105) to call to cancel. Verizon also gave me a website to use to cancel,…but guess what?…it doesn’t work. The text messaging company does ask for your cell phone number to cancel their “service”…so I entered my number,…we shall see. I, too, will try to remember to post again with an update as did Debra at post 180. I think I know how this scam works after reading everyone’s input here, and that is all the websites that you go to that advertises getting music downloads or ringtones for free,… or something for free. And when you are suckered into this site, or sites, you are then manipulated into signing up for a service even though it says whatever you are looking at is “FREE.” We gullible Americans,…when are we going to learn NOTHING is free. Anyway, I was getting hit with the text: 71888 mmtxtalrt. It was giving me the “joke for the day” or a daily horoscope, something that I detest, and I disregarded it as someone mistakenly sending me a text. I will not ignore things like that in the future, that’s for sure. Thanks to you all who took the time to enter a complaint and comments. Helps me to know I’m not the only one being taken by underhanded money grubbing thieves or con artists. Hope my entry helps too.

  187. Robert says:

    Kept receiving questionable charges on cellphone bill & didn’t know where it was coming from. Dug a little deeper & found that the 71888 comes from a site called, which sends you dating tips & horoscopes. Called 1-800-235-7105 to assist in cancellation & received a direct text from 71888 stating that service/subscription had indeed been cancelled & no further charges will be applied. Just have to wait until the next bill to find out though. Money I could use for Christmas but it goes to some shady people.

  188. Mary says:

    I just noticed premium text messaging charges on my Verizon wireless bill @ $9.99, checked last months bill also there for $9.99. Called Verizion wireless asked what was this premium text messaging about since I rarely text. They told me it was for dadamcontent. I remembered trying to download a free ring tone, that I never received and I did text them to cancel, it appears they mever got my text. Anyway Verizon has credited my bill for both month ($19.98) and is blocking this Premium txt messaging. However anyone out there who txts American Idol or Deal or no Deal you won’t be able to txt once the block is on. Guess that’s why we have redial!!

  189. Donna says:

    I had the same thing happen to me on my son’s cell, we got charged 9.99 for some service called premium text (44999), I was told it was a third party charge and I could not get refunded. I did put the block on all premium textings on all of our cell phones. I only wish verizon would have told me about this block sooner!

  190. Joseph Hall says:

    I recently decided to renew my Cell phone plan , I was a little worried about this because of the last time i renewed , I have been with verizion for 4+ years , the last time I renewed I had a lot of extra charges on my plan I fought for months to get the charges reversed , which some were , after that i had no problems with my plan until this new plan renewal I went in and done my Home work asked questions and at the end i finnaly signed I got new upgraded phones and changed my plans that is when the problems started ,after changing to another plan I upgraded my plan for another nation wide something plan . I got my first bill it was over 900.00 when i have never had a bill over 130.00 for 3 phones . It turns out the plan they stuck me on caused me to be billed for ever minute for a month . And guess whos fault they said it was , Mine because i failed to back date the plan ………….. mind you i had 6 verizion employes work on this from the start … one good thing about verizion is the coverage area I could call and bitch and complain where no other service could get out when i discovered this .

    Has anyone eles had this problem ….

  191. Perley Patrick says:

    After having verizon block all text massages on my cell I still received “Premium” charges of $9.99 a month. Eventually I got the information as to where the charges originated and contacted them by phone (not by cell phone)and was talking to a person in India that was obviously reading a prepared list of answers to my questions. after a long and repeated request on my part I was given a confirmation# that the service was canceled but none of the previous charges would be credited.

  192. Bruce says:

    I had a 9.99 charge on my October Verizon bill for Prem. TXT Messaging and went to the Verizon Office to find out what it was for, since I never text message. They told me it was for a third party charge and that they could not reverse it from their end and that I would have to call customer service, but they could put a block on premiun txt messaging. I did get a regular txt message from the source of the Prem TXT that said they could not send me a message because my Prem TXT Msgng was blocked. I did receive a bill for November but it was posted before the date that I it blocked. I went online and found the detail on my bill which is from “Prem_sms 47941 Too Lazy”. I will now try to get a refund from Verizon.

  193. wendy says:

    I don’t know what is happening , i just stand and see that every day i am receiving messages i did not authorized from Ringaza to my cell phone . They keep charging me 9.99 On a phone which is on a family plan . In conclusion , some body has to do something to stop this mess ,it is not fair at all to you are charged for something you did not authorized. Please do something to stop those immoral people.

  194. Flower says:

    We received 2 $9.99 charges for text services that we did not subscribe to and subsequent charges of $1.99. The first was 37215 mmtxtalerts and the second was 21222 cellfish alerts a love coach these were charged as premium text. Verizon did agree to take the some the charges off. They do offer premium text blocking for free…sign up for this if you have kids with cell phones.

  195. Dana Mackie says:

    I started getting text alerts and read them and then 3 weeks after the first one , looked at my bill on line and it had jumped from $50 to $90. It was from M-qube?? and I was left wondering HUH??????

  196. Randi Coleman says:

    I did not request some premium text…I don’t even know what a premium text is…DON’T CHARGE ME FOR THIS ANYMORE. NOT AUTHORIZED.

  197. BERLYN G SHATTUCK says:

    i have not authroised premium txt messaging for any of my phones. they were to BLOCK all txt messages, but someone at the store screwed up.

  198. Nancy says:

    Why don’t all of you people just call verizon and block premium text messaging or log on and you can do it yourself at verizon’s website? It’s that easy.

  199. Yong says:

    I got the charge. just blocked it today

  200. michelle says:

    This is the most bullshit scam in the world and if everyone will back me and report them to the news and troubleshooter and the better business place and report them they actually told me on the phone that they could not help me resolve my problem and were happy they stole my money so fuck them and they will pay

  201. Bruce W says:

    Update on my Nov. 26 message. I contacted Verizon to see if I could get a refund for the unauthorized Prem. Txt Msgs I was billed for. Verizon said that they could not give me a refund and that I had to contact the party that sent the Prem Txt Msg. The gave me an 800 number to call which I did. I got a recording that told me how to unscribe and how to contact them via email. The way to unscribe from “Too Lazy” Prem Txt Msgs is to text them a message on their number “47941″ and type “STOP” and send. I tried that but it didn’t work because I had them blocked by Verizon. I then sent them an email requesting that they unscribe me and refund my $19.98 they bill me through Verizon. I have yet to hear from them. I also sent an email to Verizon Customer Service complaining about the scam they are allowing these people to run on their customers.

  202. Sharon says:

    I saw two charges on my 13 yr old’s cell:

    Pyschic Reading 73000
    Cellfish Alrts 21222

    I just called Verizon. They’re blocking “Premium TXTS” from her phone, deactivating the above two and crediting back the $20 already charged. She said we will see them on next month’s bill and have to pay, though.

  203. sue says:

    verizon have unlimited data usage for a charge of 29.99, and they want to charg me $689 for data usage which they never explain to me when i went to a verizon store to get my phone. i call cutomer service and they said they will have the manager get back to me, but they never did. i am not going to pay 698 dollars when there is a 30 dollar unlimited use.

  204. Michele Arble says:

    I have a $9.99 charge on my Verizon bill for premium texting from “PREM-SMS 75714 Media Breakway”. Not sure where it came from but I know I would not authorize a $9.99 per month charge. Please stop texting me as I will not authorize any further charges.

  205. Michele Arble says:

    I’m not sure if this will help anyone, but I called 1-866-616-6076 and supposedly I’m unsubscribed to this service. I was signed up for Hip Hop Updates! Like I’d ever willingly sign up for that!!!!

  206. mina says:

    please, stop texting me ! I don’t want to get messages again.

  207. Maikol says:

    i just got my bill and i have a $9.99 charge from PREM_SMS 48000 thumbplay. i dont know how that got into my bill. i never got any ringtones or jokes or whatever from them. i just txt them to stop and they replyied i was unsuscribe and i would not be charged further more. lets see if thats true.

  208. Leonard Flier says:

    I’m getting billed for three premium text services through Verizon on my 11 year old daughter’s phone: 28282 redcircle content; 48000; and 63232 DADAMCONTENT. When I set up the phone I instructed Verizon to block all premium content. I have no idea how it could have been possible for my daughter to subscribe. And she shouldn’t be able to because, at 11 years old, she is not able to understand the costs. Verizon has told me that I have to make three separate calls myself to cancel these services. But I think that if I’m getting billed through Verizon, it should be enough for me to make one call to Verizon. In my opinion this premium text content is a scam by a giant corporation on little kids and their parents. As a subscriber, I deserve better protection.

  209. Dennis says:

    My Verizon bill just came with a $9.99 changer for PREM-SMS 75714 Media Breakway. I haven’t downloaded anything for my phone and I get a $9.99 monthly bill!!!!

  210. Brian from UK says:

    hi Leonard,
    Verizon are billing your daughter on behalf of a company called Zamano.
    Verizon take and keep a sizable share before passing the revenue on.
    the company behind club 28282 is Zamano/Red Circle. They are based in Ireland. The regulators in the UK and Ireland received thousands of complaints about them and were forced to clamp down on them.

    It appears they are now targeting the US because your regulators are willing to turn a blind eye to their revenue sharing scam.
    You should all be demanding your political representatives explain why your regulators are not acting to protect you from these companies that they know to be unscrupulous.

  211. kami says:

    you need to give me my f*$king money back i ?NEVER hit the okay and it took all the money i had on my phone WTF I WANT MY FUCKKING MONEY BACK LIKE NOWW!!!

  212. kate says:

    I was charged on a phone that has been sitting in a drawer for 2 months, charge was removed but I think that verizon would supposedly bill for a 3rd party reflect ridiculous business practices at best and fraud at worst

  213. Ben says:

    I have a $9.99 charge for data on my last 2 bills. I need authorized anything to be added to my phone and I don’t want this charge. Please ses that it is removed!

  214. Sharron says:

    My Verizon bill shows a charge for $9.99 for Prem_SMS 44999 MMTXTALRT. I called customer service and asked them to remove the charge since we didn’t sign up for it and they said that they cannot. They said that I had to have ordered this online or from my phone. I insisted that I didn’t and that I’m not a techno dummy. I would know if I had done this. They wouldn’t remove the charge but told me to google the 44999 info and find out what the service is that I”m being charged for and then go through that company to have the charges removed. I did google it and the only site returned was this one. Interesting. Incluce me in any class action complaint. I want my money back. Thanks.

  215. Eric Fleming says:

    I was charged $9.99 for something i never signed for..this place is ripin everybody off!

  216. DAN says:

    We had charges on our phone that my 13 year daughter did not even reply to. It was a recorded call that she hung up on. then they texted her she said about 5 times and said to cancel this push stop, which she did then they would call and she hung up on them again.
    We got charge a total of over 40.00 from 73000PsychicReading and Verizon said they have no control over 3rd party charges. I think this is Bull shit. Supposedly Versison will block these. We will see.

  217. Dan says:

    Ringza, a third party service, gets your cell phone number from a legitimate looking survey on myspace and/or facebook. once you enter the number, you get charged for a recurring subscription fee of $9.95. cancelation is not straight forward. there is no plain to see notice that you will be signed up for a subscription and charged.

  218. monserrat sanchez says:

    please stop to sending me text. I don’t want anymore this ok.

  219. Kathy says:

    My daughter went online and thought she was getting a free ringtone. Just got my bill and was charged 9.99. be careful when it says free! its not. I now need to get this off my bill and hope no scams come up. prem_sms71888mmtxtalrt

  220. David McCarthy says:

    How is it that this happens to all these people?And these are just the ones that are speaking about it. Verizon is definitely the worst company in my opinion and they have the nerve to scam peopleout of money.I will no longer be using verison once i am finished with what i have because the same happend to.

  221. John Vess says:

    I was charged $9.99 for Prem Text Msg and Verizon customer service also told me they would not delete the charge, but had me text 44999 with an “unsubscribe” message. I would also like to join a class action suit, but against Verizon for allowing this to happen.

  222. David says:

    I had the same problem as Sharron (217). 44999 MMTXTALRT charge of 9.99. I don’t know what this is, and I don’t know how it got there.

  223. Stef says:

    I too am trying to figure out with the PREM_SMS44999 MMTXTALR on my recent bill is from. One email to verizon still not answered.I was not able to find anything else on line for this. Would really like to know what 3rd party dinged one of my lines so I can personally call them. Has anyone else had luck with finding the 3rd part for this 5 digit number?

  224. John says:

    sendmemobile is a scam

  225. Brady Willis says:

    I had 20.00 dollars on my phone and i took an IQ quiz and they sent me a few messages and when that was done i had 5 cents left!

  226. Beverly Tank says:

    2 unauthorized charges for $29.97 each showed up on our Verizon bill today. I contacted Verizon, and they blocked premium TXTs from our phone but said they could not remove the charges, but I intend to keep trying. I called the number they gave me for, but it was just a recorded message. I did not authorize these charges and will not pay them!!!

  227. John Popa says:

    I Have the same problem that 90% of the people on this web page are complaining about.Premium text charges added to my bill that weren’t agreed to.

  228. bernie lord says:

    My Verizon bill just came with a $9.99 changer for PREM-SMS 76036 and i want this to stop now as of today 1-9-09 i don’t know how you’ll get away with this but it’s not right because i did’nt approve it so please put a Stop to it now!!and like everyone else i would like my money back too!! END SUBSCRIPTION OR WHATEVER IT IS !!!!!!because im not paying another charge of $9.99 again

  229. Rock Valley College says:

    We have 30 lines of service with Verizon. Two of them show charges of 9.99 on the last bill. Both users state that they did not actively subscribe to any such services. We are pursuing a credit from Verizon and asking that premium services be blocked for all of our lines.

  230. Pierre D says:

    Same here. Scam artists preying on minors. 12-yr old girl, A-student, she knows not to open herself to obvious scams, but this had to be some kind of trickery!

  231. Albert C. says:

    FYI, FL Attorney General has an open investigation on Verizon. Google A of G FL and put in your 2cents.

  232. Albert C. says:

    FLs’ AG has an open investigation on 3rd party billing. Case # L08-3-1035. I have not checked other states but I did add my complaint to list for Verizon Wireless. Florida

  233. G6 says:

    The scam is that you put in your cell number believing you will receive a free ringtone, instead you get billed 9.99 when you receive the text message with the “FREE” ringtone code. I was given the website www Fmtones us to try and unsubscribe, but the website does not seem to exist…hmmm.

  234. tim says:

    i have been getting horoscopes sent to my phone with 71888 coming up as the sender. i dont do horoscopes

  235. Frank R. says:

    Sounds like we all were fucked over from the cell phone provider. If I did this kind of thing I would go right to jail! Now The only one thats going to get any money back is the Lawyers that will take on this fucking SCAM. How about that? Every things on the wheel however and when your in hell wondering what you did wrong, read this. playphone

  236. Frank R. says:

    PS Playphone is the company fucking us down.

  237. kevrho says:

    I was charged for premium SMS also. Nothing VZW can do to refund. FACE BOOK IS A RIP OFF!! They promote the IQ quizzes and horoscopes that charge these premium SMS. It is VERY deceptive!!!

  238. Jenn says:

    I got a $9.99 charge due to the IQ quiz on Facebook as well. That sucks! No contact info for the company anywhere on line. These scam companies are terrible. Isn’t there something we can do?

  239. mary thornberry says:

    my minor daughter answered a ? about her i.q. ten minutes later my prepaid cellphone was out of minutes

  240. mary thornberry says:

    how can i stop this do i have to get a new sim card or will they keep billing me every time i put mins on my phone

  241. Mamie Wolfe says:

    This charge showed up on my daughter’s phone and we can’t get any kind of confirmation from stopping it and the website I was given by c.service is not valid.

  242. steve mackey says:

    Add me to the 44999 class action suit. This is B.S.

  243. Bob H. says:

    I got a long text message on my phone promising a super sales deal. Knowing texting costs extra I called Verizon and found out that some unknown 3rd party was charging me $9.99 for each text message and there was no way I could stop it. I never subscribed for this service and had to argue with Verizon to get a refund. Their solution was to block any further texting in or out of my phone. They would not tell me who the company was and I still have no way to find out who they are so I can expose their scam. I suspect they are connected with Verizon since that’s where the texting charges showed up on my Verizon bill.

  244. Kathy Hood says:

    My son and I have a family share plan. We were billed through Verizon for 9.99 for Premium text messages from a third party and charged 9.99. My son sent a cancel text to them and received a message back saying he wasn’t subscribing to the service. I want someone to get these scammers.

  245. Dawn Elmezyen says:

    Like complaint # 249. Complete same scenerio…My daughters phone has four charges and when we unsubscribed to something we never subscribed to we were told she wasnt subscribed to the service.. so why are we being charged and why are these phone companies not accountable????

  246. Jeff Huffman says:

    Like many of you, I had a 9.99 charge for a premium text that I never sent on this month’s (Jan. 09) bill. I called Verizon and the customer service guy said he blocked the premium text service and took the charge off my bill. I hope this isn’t a monthly hassle. So much for technology making our lives better.

  247. isaac espinosa says:

    i was watching deal or no deal an i called in for mthe brief cases u pick to win they took me to a web site when then i start getting e-mails and they took all of my pre-paid money..someone should find these people an put a stop to this (SCAM)thats all it is…truly yours one pissed off verizon customer…

  248. isaac espinosa says:

    i was watching deal or no deal an i called in for the brief cases u pick to win they took me to a web site when then i start getting e-mails and they took all of my pre-paid money..someone should find these people an put a stop to this (SCAM)thats all it is…truly yours one pissed off verizon customer…

  249. steve elkins says:

    Stupid IQ test on the internet for free supposedly. Now taking out $9.99

  250. pparker says:

    over $100 charged to my account. i have no clue how this all started. verizon knows nothing.. just collects commissions. i put a block on all premium messages. this is a scam and verizon is liable.

  251. Melissa Haley says:

    Constantly receiving text message from 718-88. I never signed up for the service.

  252. Nichole McCollum says:

    We received two charges on our verizon bills for premium texting. One from 44999 and the other from 71769. Verizon will not delete the charges from our bill so we have to pay for the charges. Verizon did agree to block the phones so premium texting is no longer allowed.

  253. JAH says:

    PREM_SMS 63232, charge of $9.95. No way to get a refund from Verizon, per the rep. I have no idea who to call to get a refund. The rep said to go to and try there. Yeah right, I’m thinking my daughter text American Idol or something. Have no idea.

  254. brandy says:

    Just got these two charges on my 17 yr old’s cell:

    Pyschic Reading 73000
    Cellfish Alrts 21222

    I just called Verizon. They’re blocking “Premium TXTS” from his phone, deactivating the above two and crediting back the $20 already charged.

  255. brandy says:

    Actually he had to text them and deactivate from his phone, and then Vz blocked the premium texts and applied the credits.

    They couldn’t deactivate.

  256. Dale says:

    Both our phones in out new family plan got hit with $9.99 charges. One from 37215 MMTXTALRT and one from 47941 TooLazy. Verizon will not take off bill even though we did not order this stuff. They blocked future premium texting. I believe texting STOP to the numbers will cancel the service. Verizon said they cannot get rid of it for me.

  257. Amber says:

    PREM_SMS 75714 MEDIA BREAKAWAY, & PREM_SMS 84287 MMTXTALRT all came through last month with $9.99 charges!!! I also got charged twice for a V Cast song that I purchased. AND, was charged twice as much for my broadband service for overage after being told by the rep that there was no way I’d go over the monthly allowance unless I downloaded movies online. We got the highest broadband package they had. I’m probably going over again as I’m typing this message.
    I am furious, though!!! I’ve been with verizon for many years, but may have to find another carrier without hidden charges!! Would love to know how to get my money back for the prem_sms.

  258. ebc says:

    Have $19.98 “premium texting” charges for last two months. Per Verizon rep. these are from 2 websites that offer “free” ringtones (but in fact each charges $9.99 subscription fee). Requested and received password from and could see that subscription had not been used and was able to “unsubscribe”. Received password from akazoo, but site indicates I am not a subscriber so why was I charged for this one at all? How can a 3rd party slam my cell phone bill with unauthorized charges?

  259. Dan says:

    I never, ever gave these frauds my permission to charge my account. What a SCAM!!!!
    I will notify MY-SPACE and FACEBOOK of this scam for free ringtones. I could not get the charges taken off by Verizon because they said they were made by a third party. I was charged twice for $9.99 without my consent. I contacted the other and they said they would send me a check for the amount. I won’t be holding my breath. If not, I will post another complaint. This is criminal.

  260. EED says:

    My alltell bill included a $9.99 charges for Premium Alltel Purchases by 47941-Too Lazy. Alltel agreed to credit my account and I have filed a complaint with the FCC. I also e-mailed this lazy group to complain about their unethical practice. Legal? You bet it is. They are protected by the fine print. It a scam nevertheless. And, think about the millions of people who just don’t catch these charges on their bills. One can STOP this nonense by texting the word STOP to 47941. Sure hope this works. This practice of Opting out is crazy making when it comes to junk mail, but now it has hit my pocket book. I just might go postal.

  261. david says:

    Privacy Policy | Contact Info | Service Information
    Summary terms: This is an auto renewing subscription service on short code 33999 and available to users over 18 for $9.99 per month on T-Mobile {3 alerts per week}, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and Nextel {3 alerts per week}, Virgin Mobile USA (2 alerts per week}, Cellular One, Alltel {5 alerts per week}, Cincinnati Bell, Centennial Wireless, Unicel and U.S. Cellular. For $4.99 per month on Boost and Cricket {2 alerts per week}. For help, text HELP to 33999, email or call 1800 235 7105 for automated help or call 1800 416 6129 for a live operator. You may stop this subscription service at any time by sending a text message with STOP, to short code 33999. Standard messaging charges apply for T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless customers. All other carriers, other charges may apply. Charges will appear on your wireless bill or be deducted from your pre-paid balance. Your phone must have text messaging capability. You must be the owner of this device or have permission from the owner. By signing up for this service and entering your personal PIN Code delivered to the cell phone number supplied by you on this website, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to the full Terms of Use. Click here for full Terms & Conditions.

    this migh help

  262. Daryl Morgan says:

    We have a family share plan with four lines. My daughter, who is away at college, has been getting Premium Text Charges on her phone. Every time she is solicited by these people, she declines. Last month there were 3 charges for roughly $10 each. I called and complained. Verizon did two things:
    1. Removed the charges for Premium Text Messaging
    2. Blocked all FUTURE Premium Text Message charges to all of our lines

    On this month’s bill is a new Premium Text charge for $9.99. I need this removed. I would also like to know how these people, whoever they are, can just add charges to our bill WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. This needs to stop.

  263. ashley says:

    Hey idiots- YOUR CHILDREN ARE LYING! Verizon does NOT make any damn money from these companies and the charges do NOT come from VZW. If you don’t want the charges, don’t give phones to your dishonest, irresponsible children! You all keep saying the charges started showing on your kids lines. What’s the f*cking common denominator? YOUR LYING ASS KIDS! Do you really think these companies know what lines are secondaries? As the account owner, YOU are responsible for any charges incurred on YOUR account. This means if you give a teenaged daughter a phone, and she downloads 500 ringtones, YOU are responsible! The charges WERE authorized, by YOU, when you signed the damn contract. Own up and take some responsibility. How retarded do you have to be to think that the scumbag premium text companies seriously go out of their way to blindly and proactively send out millions of texts (only to your kids lines, remember?) In hopes that someone will subscribe? DUMBASSES, the lot of you.

    Go ahead and leave verizon wireless. We don’t want you. Every cellular carrier has premium text capabilities, though, so don’t be surprised when you start getting charges again.

  264. Sheila says:

    I have the same complaint, charges for Prem_sms 47941 Too Lazy. I have never fallen for any of those “free” schemes so I have no idea how i was signed on to this. I am going to try and call to get the charges removed. They are getting our numbers somehow. Let’s figure out how to stop them

    PS #268 only a small fraction of the complaints stated that it was secondary line, what are you getting a kick back for being vzw’s voice?! So much for good customer service.

  265. Abby says:

    I tried calling verizon about the 9.99 recurring charge on my bill, was told it was ring tones or jokes or something like that. Would really like the $100+ I have paid thus far. Am going to complain to FCC and the Wisconsin AG. I was hoping this site would help, but I have tried some of the suggestions, posted earlier. And Ashley at 268, is a very angry individual, I pray for her children, now or any she may have.

  266. Cathie says:

    HEY ASHLEY…You should probably take a look at the AT and T, Sprint, ect. sites (links on the upper right side of the page) to see that this problem is rampant, across the board with all cell phone providers involved. That being said, I have to wonder why you are so angry and accusatory. There was someone just like you on the AT and T site….rambled on and on about how it was kids that subscribed to ringtones that caused the charges to be incurred. HEY ASHLEY….You are so wrong!! I am 60 yrs. old and have no kids that have secondary lines. I don’t use my phone to download anything, don’t use the internet feature on my phone, and have never lent my phone out to anyone, and I don’t text message. I use my home phone number when filling out anything. Yet I was charged repeatedly by M-Qube and others. AT and T played stupid when I called and complained, but as you can see from the posters on these blogs, this problem goes way back for at least 2 years.

    You, as well as some other ignorant people on the other cell phone pages, think you are so smart, telling us that we must be retarded to think that these companies do this illegally. Well, MISS ASHLEY, there have been many states, including Florida, that have fined these cell phone companies millions of dollars for this illegal action. There are other suits pending in other states as well. The courts of this country do not look at this issue as some “dumbasses” not taking responsibility for themselves. The courts have deemed the cell phone providers responsible and have fined them. Perhaps you should do a little background work before you go into you little potty mouth tirade against people who have legitimate gripes against these cell phone companies.

    We are responsible adults who know that there has been fraudulent charges on our cell phone bills. You, on the other hand, are some wack-job, looney tune idiot, who doesn’t have a clue about this problem. Had you done any research, you would have known that the courts of several state governments have fined these cell phone providers BECAUSE THERE WAS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY ON THE PART OF THESE PROVIDERS AND THOSE M-QUBE TYPE COMPANIES.

    My suggestion to those who have incurred these types of charges is to continue to insist on those charges to be reversed and put a block on the text messaging, get a pin so that only you can access that feature. Also, when your contract runs out, don’t bother to go with another company since they are all doing this fraudulent billing. Instead, just keep the plan you are on and go on a month to month basis with your billing…like a free agent. My contract with AT and T ran out 2 years ago and I did not sign a new contract. Those companies will offer you a new or free phone when you renew your contract, but you can buy your own new phone on Ebay and elsewhere. You just bring it to the cell phone store and they will have to set it up free of charge, unless you need a sim card which will cost you about $25. I have purchased 6 phones on Ebay, one came with the sim card, and I have paid less than $75 for each of those phones. A couple were used, and the rest were new. All ran perfectly and I didn’t have to deal with renewing a contract. I haven’t had any fraudulent charges since my contract expired, probably because they don’t want to lose my business.

    And Ashley, you just might need some anger management if you react in such an angry manner online…..makes me wonder what you’re like in person.

  267. jj says:

    I have not recieved any psms. I have however resolved some psms issues for a cellular company in the prepaid department. Ashley is incorrect in almost everything she said. Companies cannot tell which lines are secondary unless the agent looking at the acct is paying attention. then you can see the main acct and then the add on lines, the computer can’t tell. Prepaid it is one line per acct and no more. You can be Mickey mouse for all we care.
    I instruct customers in opt-out procidures everyday. You send STOP or preferably STOP ALL to the 5-Digit short code before the psms block can be put on the acct. some companies at least on prepaid will give up to 1 psms back becuase it is such an inconvience and the company that took it is very difficult to get ahold of. I am compiling a list of companies and opt out procidures and will post a link and it will include best ways to get ahold of those companies. Now I’m sure it won’t include all companies but it will include as many as I can find.

  268. jj says:

    oh and quite often you get subscribed by someone entering your phone number into one of the myspace or facebook ads just some random person who doesn’t even know you they just don’t want to enter your nubmer and yes myspace and facebook do know about this they are the ones that sell the ad space

  269. Jordan Mayor says:

    cancel/stop f-mtones services (71888)for cell# (xxx)xxx-xxxx effective immediately

  270. Niccolo Debole says:

    please stop having 28282 keep texting me. i dont want to be charged. 818-388-2353

  271. Niccolo Debole says:

    please stop having 28282 keep texting me. im only a teen. i cant have this be charged to the bill

  272. Ria K says:

    I have been with Quest Hm (21 yrs) & Sprint Mobile (through Quest for 9 yrs) I have been satisfied with these services. I knew exactly what to expect and if there was a problem, my experience has been usually good customer service that worked with me to resolve it efficiently. Now Quest changed contractors from Sprint to Verizon and I’ve been with them for 2 1/2 mos. and I’m so through!!! I was misled about service. I was charged for things that were not explicitly clear and when I asked where the service was that I contracted for, basically I was told “Buyer beware” and their solution…spend more money to resolve it. Now, because I’ll save more money over the course of the next 2 yrs, I terminated my contract early and incurred a $320 fee in addition to the generically inflated bill I already had and their customer service leaves much to be desired. It was suggested on this site to REGISTER A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and that’s all I can do that I’m aware of.

  273. Ria K says:

    Ria K says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I have been with Quest Hm (21 yrs) & Sprint Mobile (through Quest for 9 yrs) I have been satisfied with these services. I knew exactly what to expect and if there was a problem, my experience has been usually good customer service that worked with me to resolve it efficiently. Now Quest changed contractors from Sprint to Verizon and I’ve been with them for 2 1/2 mos. and I’m so through!!! I was misled about service. I was charged for things that were not explicitly clear and when I asked where the service was that I contracted for, basically I was told “Buyer beware” and their solution…spend more money to resolve it. Now, because I’ll save more money over the course of the next 2 yrs, I terminated my contract early and incurred a $320 fee in addition to the generically inflated bill I already had and their customer service leaves much to be desired. It was suggested on this site to REGISTER A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and that’s all I can do that I’m aware of.

  274. yasmin galindo says:

    please stop 75714 texting me this kind of msj because i do not need it and i di not ask for it. i want you stop this services 75714for cell 8312412237 effective immediately

  275. Patricia says:

    I have a credit balance on my verizon account and no contract. Verizon says their policy is to keep my money for 40-60 days before they will refund my money. The credit balance was the result of my over paying them. I want the money transferred to my new family plan account but they won’t do that because the family plan is under my daughter’s name. They have stolen my money

  276. liz says:

    i am being charged after i have texted stop like it told me too. i have done this twice. i have a prepaid phone and i cant afford this. it is wasting my mintues that i need

  277. Sharon says:

    I actually had very good luck w/Verizon reversing the charges. However, they did seem to stand by the fact that my daughter must have subscribed to something. I don’t buy that. If it was my son, yes, but not my daughter. She rarely even uses her phone. Now, I see from reading on here someone else could have put her phone number in some place.
    For those looking for some solution. One they told me at Verizon to make sure you reply with STOP. You just reply and spell it out. That cancels any subscription. Then have Verizon block any premium texts. You can still use text messaging, just not receive the premium texts (the ones that charge extra). Hope that helps. I guess I’ve been very lucky w/good Verizon customer service.

  278. Entisar Abdeljabbar says:

    Please stop 75714 texting msj to my cell 9736266046, i never asked for this service kindly stop it immediately its really bothering me wake me up at this time 12.15am everyday i hope I’m not going to get it any more

  279. Candyce Ross says:

    I never requested a subscription and if they charge my phone company I want a refund. Again, I did NOT order anything from this website!I want to be taken off their list.

  280. David C. Garner says:

    Started being charged an additional $9.99 per month for “PREMIUM TEXT MESSAGING”. I never ordered this option. Verizon told me it is billed to them by a third party I ordered something from. I never ordered anything! I did a search using the code PREM_SMS which was on the bill, and found out this is some sort of ring tone club with charges attached.


  281. Maria Sarabando says:

    I had the same problem with my son, I called Verizon they gave me credit and a code that u have to text with the word “STOP” and they should stop charging you for this service, if nothing is done about this u will keep on receiving such charges on your bill..

  282. Michell says:

    Got charged $49.99 this past month for $9.99 charges on phone. When texted stop to numbers came back as not subscribed or to to What bull that Verizon won’t refund money for these scams…

  283. Timothy K. Edwards says:

    Redeived 2 premium text messages (PREM_SMS 75714 MEDIA BREAKAWAY) within a 5 minute period on 2/1/09. I am charged $9.99 for each call. I never signed up for any such service. I have put a stop on premium text services on my cell phone account but want to know how I can get my money returned to me.

  284. Jeb says:

    All premium texts are from outside companies, they bill Verizon and Verizon bills you. No point going off on the reps, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar, what you do is tell them to “opt out” for you and block your number from ALL future premium texts…ALL the cell phone companies have the same issue, not just Verizon. READ THE FINE PRINT anytime you type or key in your cell phone number online..this is where they come from. AND remember, be nice! we understand your frustration but I dont offer credit to anyone who talks to me like Im garbage…would YOU ?

  285. Jim Hefner says:

    I was charged $9.99 for Premium TXT Messaging somehow last month without me authorizing it. I started getting text messages in late January from 718-88. I called Verizon about it and they said it is charges from a 3rd party and told me I would have to contact the 3rd party about getting a refund. The gal told me their website addr at and gave me 1-800-235-7105 to call them. She told me to send a txt message with STOP (CAPITAL LETTERS!!!) to 718-88. When I did I got an immediate unsubscribe text message back so hopefully these txt messages will stop since I have pay as you go txting on my phone since I dont use text messages. She said I have already been billed another $9.99 for this month so that’s $20 of unauthorized charges to my cell account from these criminals… seems the FBI needs to begin investigating interstate fraud and put a stop to these people. Junk mail is one thing, but this type scam costs real money! I plan to call them and complain but I don’t expect much help given what I’ve read here.

  286. Bob says:

    Verizon added Premium SMS unauthorized charges for the same codes that I see in this thread. We did not authorize or subscribe to any of this junk. I have filed a complaint with the FCC tonight and recommend everyone also file a complaint. A class action suit should bring a quick end to this garbage that Verizon allows. I can’t help but believe that they are also profiting somehow. Letter to our senators might help. I was shocked to see that these fraudulent charges have been reported for more than 2 years. Verizon needs to become responsible and credit those who did not sign up for these “subscriptions.” Needless time has been spent trying to STOP via text these scam artists. Verizon was not cooperative but after much ranting they have credited my account. Don’t give up! Verizon needs to pay!

  287. bruce hartman says:

    i just started getting texts on my phone i will not pay for this

  288. Harlan says:

    Unreal. My daughter’s phone got the charge w/o her initiating anything. Verizon said they would credit her account and BLOCK the service from charging again. We’ll see what happens but right now the Verizon customer rep is being helpful and will be crediting the amount. I’ll update you all if/when it gets resolved.

  289. Qiana says:

    I work for VZW. Please allow me to explain.

    Third party applications are subscribed to often when looking for free ring tones. A great example is “for free ring tones enter your 10 digit cell phone number!” Just like anything free, READ THE FINE PRINT. Below that big flashing web ad it states what is being subscribed to be it joke of the day, daily advice or whatever. Also the cost will be there. So, as your 10 or 12 year old is looking for a new ring tone for free…keep this in mind.
    .Again, this is not always the case, but a good example of how it happens.

    Now, what can you do as a Verizon customer?
    Well, for one, read your bill. Charges will be listed under “data”. I have customers billed for months without looking at the bill. At 9.99 for most apps, by the time your 2 year contract is up you can be spending $239.76!

    What can Verizon do for you? It is true that the application is a third party subscription. However, VZW can see the number or name of the sender. Most often you Google that number to see how to opt out. It is normally as easy as replying stop, quit, quit all, or unsubscribe.
    Speak to a rep. BE NICE. I understand you are frustrated. I will do my best to help figure out the problem and correct it, but what are the chances that I am going to want to help someone who is screaming at me or cursing at me? I am a human just as you are. I am doing my job. Just as you do.

    What happens if you are being sent SPAM messages? For example: for a hot cheap night call XXX-XXX-XXXX. Again, speak to a Verizon representative. VZW offers a free premium text block. Sometimes, VZW can credit the cost. However, it is a legitimate fee do to a subscription you have set up. We are not required to credit that fee. Remember, being nice to your rep will help you.

    Thank you.

  290. pam says:

    ok what the verizon person didn’t tell you was how to stop it. i was told by verizon to text the word STOP the the # 28844 from your phone

  291. Barbara McMahon says:

    More information –plus, Verizon could not give phone number for company just said 63232 DataNet Music Center –and if you look at that on web it just says to 63232 text then to cease –but since Verizon now put block on you can’t text them and they can’t text you ….

  292. kristina dugas says:

    i have a premium TXT messaging charge on my account of 9.99. it is 47941 too lazy and i texted them “stop”. they haven’t replied yet and i was wondering if you could make sure i’m not subscribed to anything if you can.

  293. Denise B. says:

    And the madness continues folks! I just opened a bill from Verizon… same scenario as MANY of the other complaints. My child doesn’t know why she received the TXTs or what they are… she texted “STOP”, didn’t work,there are several different ones. What’s most upsetting is if another child has a problem with your child, the other child can simply go on-line and subscribe your child’s number and SURPRISE MOM/DAD you’re hit with an outrageous phone bill. Legally– what can we do about this? I am all in. these are the providers
    37215,72449 MMTXTALRT), (75714 MEDIA BREAKAWAY). When I purchased my child’s phone I placed every media block available on it… this is a new one, so I’ve now blocked it too.

  294. Denise B. says:

    With all these complaints I think we need to contact FTC Federal Trade Commission, FCC Federal Communications Commission an Consumer Affairs.

  295. scott thomas says:

    about a month ago i got charged for my moble to moble calls and night min for a week or so costed me about twenty dollers my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx thanks

  296. Qiana says:

    again, speak to your local verizon wireless rep. You will need the correct number to reply to. You also need the correct command. Stop doesn’t work everytime. Like I’ve said before, it can be stop, quit, unsubscribe, stop all, ect….. You will get a confirming text saying you have been removed from the listing.
    Kristina, you will have to speak to your VZW rep. To pull up your account I’d need more information; things I am not going to ask you to post or email. However, you can quickly connect to a VZW rep by dialing *611 from your cell phone.

    Feel free to ask me any questions on here. I will do my best to answer them so you understand.

  297. Brian from UK says:

    ‘Qiana says:
    Feel free to ask me any questions on here. I will do my best to answer them so you understand.’

    What percentage of the charge do Verizon keep and why are you telling Verizon customers to contact third party companies they have no sales agreement with?

  298. Brian from UK says:

    one more question.

    ‘Qiana says:
    However, it is a legitimate fee do to a subscription you have set up.’

    Why do you say this. What evidence does Verizon have that shows their customers have authorized Verizon to debit their accounts.

    In all the previous class actions and law suits the Network Operators have lost specifically because they could not produce this evidence.

  299. Qiana says:

    I do not know what percentage is kept from something like this. I tell you to contact the 3rd party because the subscription is through them. Terms and conditions are on the website of the 3 party applications. Again, this is not every way it is set up, but most are set up online by entering your cell number for free ring tones; but, not always. For this example, the T&C are listed below as well as the charges per your cell phone provider. Again, most have a box that is checked.

    Please remember is varies from case to case. This is just a general example.

  300. Qiana says:

    Scott, as far as the Mobile 2 Mobile calls,were they calls to the same number? If so, it is possible that they have carried or ported the number to a different carrier. If not, it could be a mistake on our part. You can pull up your bill at and print out a detailed list as well as fees. Take it into a store or call customer care from your cell phone to discuss it. As far as the night minutes go, the call must begin after 9:01. If you are on the phone from 8:56 to 10 pm you’ll be charged for that call. Always go by the time on your phone.

  301. Brian from UK says:

    Qiana says:

    ‘I do not know what percentage is kept from something like this.’
    “Every time a consumer buys something, it gets billed to his or her cell phone. The carrier collects it, keeps about 30% to 40% of the proceeds and sends the rest to m-Qube”

    why are you saying,
    “However, it is a legitimate fee do to a subscription you have set up”
    “but most are set up online by entering your cell number for free ring tones”.

    In all the previous class actions and law suits the Network Operators have lost specifically because they could not produce any evidence to support what you are claiming.

  302. JOhn says:

    If you get a charge for “PREM_SMS 44999 MMTXTALRT” and find you are getting texts from trivia things or the like then reply to the text, in my case it was a trivia thing and I just typed “stop” in the reply and got an immediate reply saying I was unsubscribed and would no longer be billed. So reply with stop, no quotes just the word and nothing else. Hope this helps

  303. Becki says:

    I had the same issue with my daughter’s phone — 4 charges on $9.99 on January 30. I spoke with my Verizon rep who was WONDERFUL and not only credited the charges, but explained to me how they came up. Most often the kids don’t do it through their phone. They are usually on a website (Facebook for example) and click on one of the links to take a quiz. To get their results they have to enter their 10 digit cell number and then they get their results and the parent’s get hit with $9.99 a month subscription fee. The customer service rep took off the charges and blocked all future premium texts and it was not necessary to text STOP. I then explained this to my daughter who I had previously read the riot act for doing stuff on her phone (when she hadn’t) and she confirmed that is what happened to her. She was on FB and took a quiz. Anyway, let your kids know about that cheap trick by these companies as well!

  304. C J says:

    Saw this charge on my minor sons cell bill and contacted Verizon. They gave me a number to call company (877-225-1198) but it is just dead air and eventually disconnects. I guess I’ll try the ‘stop’ suggestion from John.

  305. qiana says:

    Cj, check this website for better info on how to cancel that.

  306. shelly says:

    My daughter, unknowingly subscribed to mmtxtalrt. She responded to an offer that was sent automatically from mmtxtalrt by deleting it. For the months of November 2008, December 2008, January 2009 and February 2009, my phone bill has shown $9.99 charges from mmtxtalrt when my daughter does not even receive services from them. They are stealing!!

    Please let me know how to get them off her phone?


  307. Randy Whalen says:

    Iam getting text messages from people I don’t even know and did not sign up for anything. Please stop soon.

  308. Randy Whalen says:

    Iam getting text messages from people I don’t even know,and did not sign up for anything. Please stop soon. I don’t have text on my plan.
    Thanks Randy Whalen

  309. Jasmine says:

    I just got charge for two months for getting unauthorized texts that I dnot want to receive in the first place!

  310. Ted says:

    Did the stupid IQ test on fade book and was the recieving hip hop texts for 9.99 without even an tdea that I would be charged or even enrolled. Seemed easy to stop by going on website, but we will see if it worked. How can they get away with that without first asking my permission for this service?

  311. David compton says:

    I am not sure hoe i got this 75714 text but I want it to stop. One theory is it may be from a facebook site.

  312. Angie Dickson says:

    I was told that you can requet a premimum block once the subsciption has been cancelled and it worked.

  313. eril holson says:

    On top of these text charges verizon has managed to slip this thing called megabyte charges and if you go into anything that uses data even by mistake you get some charge of 1.99 and if you ask to have it blocked it will stop you from getting your pictures messages you pay to have B.S

  314. eril holson says:

    verizon has found another way to scam people out of there hard earned money. When will the FCC get involved with this unless they are getting something out of the deal too

  315. Dave says:

    I have a 17 yr old that would keep downloading. told him form the start that I DONT PAY THAT. so he has been paying for his FUN. last month I got tired of babysititng the bill so put the PREMIUM BLOCK thing on. this month I have charges??
    this Media Breakaway thing I have no clue as to what??

  316. John S says:

    I purchased a new phone for my daughter with a text messaging plan. I specifically told the sales person that I did not want to have anything on my bill other than the monthly fee. The first bill I get had $140 in data charges for premium txt services that I did not even know existed. They had blocked web and downloads but not premium SMS. After 2 attempts and 2 hours on the phone I got the charges removed. The cell phone companies should have an opt in policy, not opt out. If you get a phone, your kids can run up hundreds if not thousands of dollars in charges by the time you see your first bill. They never explain up front what all those added services are for or that they are automatically in your service. This is a total scam. However, I told Verizon to cancel my account, and all of a sudden they were quite open to getting rid of the charges.

  317. Dave says:

    RE the premium messaging situation.
    Out of curiosity I intentionally tried to find if the charge is disclosed on some of the items where as my son racked up the charges. They did have small print to say such in every case but did not ask to confirm to accept the charges.
    I totally agree with John that it should all be opt out as the default and need to OPT IN if anything is wanted to be allowed. Verizon does have a flat subscription for this if a person chooses but they offer that AFTER you call having the cahrges added to your bill. (I didnt add that I just added every block besides phone and text. One other thing I have asked them and others for years was to have a limit to a phone number for max minutes allowed in a month. My kids dont need to be talking unlimited on the phone. (they text the unlimited, WOW another whole issue)

  318. Joseph Sanocki says:

    I have been billed through Verizon for ‘Premium Text Messaging’; PREM-sms 91097 MMTXTALRT 91097. I did not request this Usage Type. Verizon did not inform me that they entered into this third party contract with out my proper authorization. This is a SCAM that Verizon is a party to. I want this Charge of $9,99 x 2 credited to my verizon account.

  319. Jim says:

    A friend asked me to join their Face Book site. I did, and at the end I took some stupid I.Q. test. It wanted my cell phone number and stupid me freely gave it.It said I would be receiving a text message very soon. I tried to stop the program from finishing but it was too late. A text from came with a pin number. A charge of 9.99 monthly would be be billed. I went to the web site t& and this site came up. Now I know it’s a scam and I got pissed. Called Verizon and told them if this bill shows up I will not ever pay it and I will deduct 9.99 or whatever else this sleeze bag company bills me, from my bill, and if it becomes a serious problem then I will cancel my account, of 15 years, with Verizon and go to a different carrier. She checked my account and it showed no charges as of yet. She suggested that I put a block on these premium texts and I should only have to pay my monthly texting that I already signed up for. She said if you don’t go in to download any tones from their site, you won’t be billed. I hope that is the case and I don’t have to worry about this anymore. Hope this helps someone.

  320. Lance says:

    My wife found two charges for 9.99 on her cellphone bill that were for Premium Txt Messages that she had not authorized. I called Verizon to find out what they were for and the rep told me that they were for and…

    My wife is an IT person and knows the difference between phishing and a real text message. There is nothing that she cant put on her phone herself, so why would she have to pay for something that she can do manually free of charge.

    I asked the Verizon rep is she would remove the charges and she told me that she could not. I am going to call back and try again with a different rep and if they are still not going to remove the charge then I will continue to ask for manager after manager until something is done.

  321. Elizabeth says:

    i just added minutes to my alltel wireless and when i check the balance this morning it was less and in my text message something download from dada that i never authorized. can someone access my phone without having my phone and download. How can i remove this from my number because i am being charged monthly service to dada. HELP!!!!!

  322. JAMES MADDOX says:

    casion military spec. phone adds use minutes if you do not go off speaker prior to close of flip WARNING

  323. JAMES MADDOX says:

    CASIO MILITARY SPEC BOULDER stays on if you close flip when speaker phone is on

  324. unwelcome text messaging says:

    18002357105 funny text received. I will not pay for received text messages.

  325. Jeanine Scholz says:

    I too have been billed through Verizon for ‘Premium Text Messaging’; PREM-sms 91097 MMTXTALRT 91097. I did not request this service. When I called Verizon they said it was a third party that I would have to contact but they did not give me any more information. They insisted I must have signed up for it though I kept telling them I don’t want it and did not sign up for it. I went online and found a number to call and called and they cancelled the service for me.Verizon did not inform me that they entered into this third party contract and were not at all helpful.

  326. Shaun says:

    I do not want this service I never signed up for this service so I want my money back for the services

  327. me says:

    keep texting me i will find u and blow your fuckin building up with yuo in it!!!!!!!!!!

  328. Cheryl says:

    This charge has been appearing on our bill for the past year at least. Only discovered last nite that it was not something to which my son had not subscribed. I too would like to be refunded for the unauthorized billing. Is it too late to do this?

  329. Richard Speaker says:

    I do not want to subscribe to IQ testing site

  330. vince soprano says:

    They scammed me by using a fake IQ testing site.

  331. KIM says:


  332. Jon Sonnen says:

    Verizon gave us one month’s credit. We were charged $9.99 for two months by MMTXALRT without authorization. I can’t find that company anywhere!! This is a serious scam!! We don’t even text! I submitted a claim to the OAG (Office of the Attorney General).

  333. kikki says:

    Post #332 person named “me” now you’re just being an idiot and I suggest you find something constructive to do with your senseless anger.
    Though I’ve had my issues with Verizon and I’ve only been with them for a few months, they’re a large company and sometimes things will go wrong but they always aim to resolve matters.
    You can switch carriers but with your anger and attitude issues you’ll always find something wrong with any carrier you use. Clearly your problem isn’t with Verizon, it’s deeper mental issues. Most of you have legitimate complaints but Some of you are just too self absorbed and are nothing more than faultfinders and will never be happy unless you’re bitching about something or someone. Truth hurts doesn’t it?

  334. Nick says:

    I will sue CSW for every penny if they dont stop sending me 9.99 a month subscription renewed text messages.. ill fucking kill you fuckers

  335. Drew says:

    72449 MMTXTALRT appeared on my bill for a $9.99 charge. Have no idea what it is. Don’t want it.

  336. Choy says:

    I didn’t even know I started to get premium texts out of no where and now my bill is higher than it usually is …

  337. carol landis says:

    I never ordered this “service but can’t seem to get it off my phone.” please cancel at once !!!!!!

  338. brian says:

    unsuscribe is this the place to do it

  339. Jennifer J says:

    I too was a victim of this scam. I called TMobile to block all texts on both of my phones, I reported the issue and they were kind enough to reverse the $20.00 charge. When you call the 866# they want you to call froma different phone, knowing this horrible business they will probably start trying to text the phone I used to call them with. They do NOT answer the 866#, I emailed their customer service and filled out a form on their website. If they don’t respond, I will probably change my cell #’s. Something should be done about this….what?

  340. John M says:

    Just billed $19.99 for 2 “premium text messages”. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO EVEN SEND A TEXT MESSAGE< OR SEND PHOTOS>I admit it, I AM AN OLDER GUY…this is a total scam and I will decline to pay

  341. Dale D says:

    I tried to fill out a Walmart survey online, as soon as i did predicto jumped on & charged me $9.99 for a texting charge. They got my # from the info i provided for the survey. Make sure you dont use google when logging on to the survey. Walmart couldnt help me. They told me to contact the BBB. So much for “Save money. Live better.”

  342. EJ says:

    NOTE: for those asking/telling someone to stop the charges on here – that won’t work. You need to contact your mobile service provider and they should help you identify which 3rd party provider you need to contact.

  343. John Nikula says:

    I took the IQ quiz on facebook and they asked for my cell # to get the results. I started to get texts and finally called Verizon and had them blocked. I cannot seem to contact the companies. They are 75-714 Media Break Away and 91-097 MM Text Alert. I was charged $10 from each. Would like a refund.

  344. Eloise Christiansen says:

    I also did the IQ quiz on facebook. Now I am getting different sayings on my cell phone. The number is 40544 that I get these sayings from. I want them off ASAP. Please help me to get rid of that number.

  345. Linda Hiple says:

    I have been receiving text messages on my wireless ph. and being billed 9.95 and 22.95 per month I absolutely did not sign up for any text phkgs. ect. how can I stop this verizon doesn’t seem to be able to stop it. I am furiuos about having to pay for this scam

  346. jay hedin says:

    Charged early termination fee during 30 day opt-out period.

  347. Dale says:

    For the past several days I’ve been getting unwanted text messages from 757-14. Verizon told me that it was from a Premium SMS. I didn’t even know what a SMS is. Verizon blocked all premium sms messages from my phone but couldn’t tell me who these were from or how to contact them. If it shows up on my phone bill and verizon pays them, why can’t they tell me how to contact them?

  348. Jodi says:

    Also have several bogus charges and it appears is from my husband doing quizzes on Facebook.

  349. Mark says:

    Wow, last month it started with a $9.99 charge. I blew it off thinking that the kids had downloaded some stuff. Then this bill there were almost $90 in charges, however this time on my own number. I know that if I want to look at my horoscope or get trivia questions, I will read it in the paper. When I stopped by Verizon, they acted as if this were something unusual, but after checking it out, it seems to be the norm. Verizon has a responsibility to me to make sure this stuff does not happen. My phone bill with them is usually about $230 a month, this one was over $300. Unacceptable practices in my mind.

  350. Jane H. says:

    Verizon was not willing to reimburse me the $180 in bogus charges by Flycell, Inc. Also, Flycell, of course, was not willing to reimburse me either. I have to go higher up on this complaint – FCC, State Atty General’s, etc. Anyone done that yet?

  351. Nathaniel says:

    It’s a gay third party app called Too Lazy, your kids probably tried the IQ Quiz on Facebook and had to enter their cell phone # in in order to get the results, without reading the fineprint, it says it will charge a fee of 9.99 per month…. TO UNSUBSCRIBE: I have found that you can go to and there’s the option to unsubscribe… took me three months and $60 to figure this shit out

  352. Bridgett says:

    Someone used my phone for that stupid Facebook IQ test, too. Called VZ two days later, she saw it pending in the system. I work for a bank so I explained that I wanted that pending debit to be canceled with a credit for 9.99. She did just that (checked it online two days later, says my balance is -9.99). I also wanted Premium Text Messages blocked (shows online as well in My Verizon) and she says that I will never see a 9.99 charge ever again on future statements. Since my statement just cut off a few days ago, in about 10 days, I will be calling VZ to see if I have anything for my May statement. Here isd the rundown of how my call with VZ rep went down.

    I called her (forgot name, sorry) told her that someone used my phone for this stupid thing. She found the 9.99 premium SMS charge. She said she will do a block of premium SMS charges and asked for another phone number so I could stay on the line with her while she does it. So I hung up, she walked me through the process of blocking: First TXTing stop to 32715. I told her it says that I am not subscribed. She then walked me through the process of blocking. She added the status, and then told me to reprogram my phone. Phone is reprogrammed. So far so good, but if I get any future charges, it will be at the fault of Verizon for not saying that I will still be charged (she said I won’t see those charges again on my bill).

  353. Michelle says:

    TO UNSUBSCRIBE: I have found that you can go to and there’s the option to unsubscribe… It really works. I have done it. :P I had like 4 of those 9.99 things because I didnt know. I got the bill and was like wtf?! so I took it off :P
    Try it.

  354. Pete says:

    Got charged 9.99 from 40544 and who knows how and for how long but this sucks

  355. Corey Smith says:

    My daughter also has two different charges on her phone, one being mmtxtalrt and the other is Both for 19.99 a month. We just talked to Verizon and they supposedly just credited my account.

    According to them, anyone can go on the website, put in my number and have my bill charged.

  356. Alan Horan says:

    My cellphone bill kept increasing and I couldn’t figure out why. When I asked Verizon I was told my daughter who is a minor signed up for 3 text message services (71888, 654654 and 75557). I requested on contract renewal with Verizon that my daughters phones not have data usage, so I’m a little boggled how these charges have come about for the past 4 months. I very much do not agree with this policy or practice.

  357. Rita says:

    I just opened my verizon bill and there is a charge for more than $180. for one month for a subscribption i never asked for. WHen I call the numbers given to me by a representative, all I reach is a recording asking me to state my problem and a representative will get back with me. I have left a message several times and still no call back. The numbers are 77899, 23687, 84287, 72449, 86455. It is hard enough to pay the bills that we honestly owe without someone ripping us off. HELP

  358. Jane H. says:

    Today I filed complaints with the FCC against Verizon and Flycell, Inc. I also wrote certified letters to the Pres. of Flycell, the Pres. of Verizon Wireless (Northeast area), and Verizon Wireless’ chief legal counsel. I found out that on my past 18 Verizon bills, I was charged $9.99/month for a Flycell subscription I never authorized (totaling $180). I want a full refund.

  359. Dana T. says:

    Obviously this is a known scam. I am stunned that this practice is legal and I have no recourse to getting my money back. Where is Main Street’s protection?

  360. Mike S. says:

    For the past 3 months, I have been charged for meagabyte usage on my cell phone. One month was over $41 alone! I have not ever accessed the internet over this phone or any other, and no one has access to my phone to do this. To top it off, the charges are occurring at around 1 a.m. when I am asleep and no where NEAR the phone. Talking to customer service with Verizon is like talking to a marshmallow–all their answers are fluff and ridiculous. They cannot explain to me why I am racking up data charges, all they say is that someone is accessing the internet with the phone. I complained to the Better Business Bureau, Office of the Attorney General and Consumer Affairs, so maybe someone can get to the bottom of this. At this point I would just like out of my contract, but guess what? Of course Verizon says I will owe $145 to get out of the contract!!

  361. Alan says:

    OK people. i got hit with the scam as well. seems the wife input a cellphone number on the internet when filling out a form, and thats how we got ours. We also have a teen who LOVES myspace and i tracked almost all of her charges to myspace ads. go figure?!?! seems myspace has been in kahoots with alot of these cell phone scams in order to get more money. Im not accusing the kids of purposely doing this to you as parents..but i would DEFINATELY think twice about the myspace and facebook usage, as these sites are WELL KNOWN for virus apps, and scams. Verizon wont do anything due to the fact that SOMEONE…somehow…HAD to give that company permission, even if its the admission of that cell phone number. The net has become a den of thieves per se, and we need to be even more vigilant as to what our families are doing online. Those online surveys…are not surveys…they are just a way for these less than honest companies to get the needed info to charge you. To get angry at verizon is….well….comical. They as a business HAVE to charge you for that service, because somewhere..somehow.oooyou ASKED to be put on the list! you may have not known what it was at the time…or just didnt think it was dangerous…but now you have a bill you technically didnt ask for. go figure right?? i dont agree with the practices, as they are VERY shady, but…trust me…they ARE legal. Just be careful with your personal info…dont even give out your home address and phone number!! they can bill you!!!

  362. Jenifer says:

    $81.91 in “premium text messages” on my bill this month. the codes were 40544, 84287, 72449, and 44123. All were $9.99 each and made at really suspicious times (like 5:35A). I am furious!

  363. Esther says:

    Verizon charged me 919.58 claiming that I allowed “text messages” that came with “internet” links to…just opening the text message supposely connects to the internet… oh by the way my next months bill supposely is 4,000 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY ASS COMPANY IM WRITING TO THE PUC

  364. Ron Jones says:

    Same as many, wife got charged 9.99 per “Premium Text”. This is total BS. Count us in for the lawsuit!!
    The two charges are below: PREM_SMS 72449 MMTXTALRT, PREM_SMS 75714 MB Mobile

  365. Sandra Schuck says:

    I have been charged $43.00 for the last two months from CLUBM8, MMTEXT ALERT and Maritone. I NEVER signed up for the services. the first charges .99 for every text and I got several nonsense texts a day even at 2am in the morning!! I had no idea what they were and naively thought it was soliciting and deleted. In total I will pay close to $150. Verizon has now blocked all three. COUNT ME IN!!

  366. Mike Davis says:

    This is month 2 I have received a 9.99 charge on my verizon wireless bill. MMTXTALRT 37215 and 44123 cellflirtchat. Yhese are both crap charges.

  367. Joe Sanderson says:

    Showed up on my bill – PREM_SMS 84287 MMTXTALRT – 9.99 – nothing I ordered!

  368. Tom Rathman says:

    PREM_SMS 84287 MMTXTALRT – 9.99 and PREM_SMS 72449 MMTXTALRT ???????????????????????????????

  369. Jane Hodge says:

    I got a response from Verizon Wireless executive offices, probably because I filed an FCC complaint against them. Anyway, they hold their position that I subscribed for a Flycell premium service (on line!). She had all the “facts.” They offered me 1/2 refund ($85) of my total charges ($170). I URGE EVERYONE WHO HAS A COMPLAINT WITH VERIZON WIRELESS TO CALL LISA IN THE EXEC. OFFICES AT (910) 794-6242. DO IT and let me know what happens!!!

  370. Keith Adams says:

    Recieved a $9.99 charge for premium text messaging to “63232″ that I never signed up for and never used. Called and complained and eventually got the charged removed after 30 minutes of arguing and speaking with 2 different managers. I am getting sick of Verizon.

  371. Theresa says:

    25. in charges from some website I never heard of

  372. Diana says:

    I just received my bill & it was outrageous! For 3 yrs I have had the same plan with the same charges, then all of a sudden it’s $75 more due to data usuage & premium texts. I have never heard of these or had a problem with them before. I called verizon wireless at least 5 times & am still confused what the hell is going on. They are telling me that a majority of consumers who use lwer minute plans wanted to be charged for data usuage & not have it use their minutes. I find that hard to believe that they are satisfied now. I had a plan with plenty of minutes & preferred my minutes used. Now I have to worry & stress about everything I do on my phone for fear of being charged extra. I was told about blocks & had them put on. Then I had to call back & have it removed because my picture texts that are a part of my plan were blocked. I told verizon that my old plan (Family Choice) was wonderful & was forced to change plans due to a phone activation. They assured me that the plan was the same & only the name changed. Why wasn’t I given the choice if I wanted data usuage to take from my minutes or be charged extra? They did credit me the charges but I don’t feel they should have been incurred in the first place. Now I’m going to stress everytime someone sends a text or does anything on their cells until my contract is up. Just what I needed, more stress in my life over bogus fees.

  373. Nancy Rodgers says:

    I was on facebook and clicked on ‘whats your iq?’ for fun…and now $19.98 later i can’t stop the texts to my cell even with replying ‘unsuscribe’ to the sender.

  374. Diana says:

    I sent in a complaint to verizon as well as BBB & tomorrow the FCC. I still don’t understand this usage crap. I was told I could add the VCast feature but that costs another $15 a month per line or upgrade to a plan with the same minutes but it would include data usage. So in reality I’m paying the same amount I have been for 3 yrs but now have less options or I’ll be charged extra. I’d drop my minutes if they had something more than 700 but less than 1400. 1000 minutes would be perfect for my family plan. The extra that was on my bill was for things we have always done before they changed to data usage charges & I never had to worry about extra charges.

  375. ADH says:

    I also have recieved addition charges on my son’s cell phone in which he has not made. The latest 1 is PREM_SMS 654654 654654Predict $9.99. Every month it seems I have to go over the Verizon Bill with a fine tooth comb because I have some addition scam charge. I have complained and complained but every month they come up something new. Again I hope to gtet this resolved.

  376. Diana says:

    Of all the websites I found on data usage complaints I can’t believe Verizon Wireless believes a majority of their customers are happier with the change. I think they should offer the option if I want my data usage taken from my minutes or billed additionally. I would take from my minutes. They advertise that they are the Most Reliable Network! HAHAHA… I feel so insecure that I will see bogus charges on my next bill that I have decided to call them EVERY night before they close to inquire of my account’s data usage to be certain there aren’t any. I figure I’ll do this every night until my contract is up which isn’t until Oct 2009.

  377. kelly says:

    added 3rd line & provided our own equipment for teenager-we asked for everything to be blocked for downloads, etc-only talk/text. I called & requested 1 song to be downloaded & have block reinstated-found out 3 months later that block was never put back on-talked to c/s & was told it should have been blocked & charges for “premium texts”, downloads, etc would be removed-bill came & charges there. Talked to manager & was told that I hadn’t specifically requested a block on those, & there was nothing they could do. They also were supposed to waive the set up fee on this phone being our 3rd & took 3 days to get hooked up, 3 months later called to ask about a fee, & was told that noone documented to waive the fee so, had to pay it. I provided equipment for this line & had no contract-was set up over phone, they tried to tell me 6 months later, (because I was leaving them), that I still had 6 month contract-supposedly they can assign a signature to a contract for you! Reckless and unethical-sad statement for what should be a reputable company!

  378. Diana says:

    I sent in an email complaint as well as written to Verizon Wireless & someone called me this morning. She was understanding of my particular complaint & apologetic but I am still left confused about the billing problem to begin with. She said she would transfer my complaint to the proper department because she states that she’s sure there are others with complaints as well. I told her that when I searched to find info on what data usage was I came across many websites full of complaints by other customers. Maybe if everyone who is complaining here & other sites send in emails & written complaints then they will find a solution for all of us. I told them that my previous plan was perfect. I would prefer to have data usage taken from my minutes since I have plenty to spare & I have 5 lines on my acct. Customers who don’t want it taken from minutes could opt into paying an as use basis or extra for an added bundle.

  379. Jess says:

    I have received a 9.99 charge on my account for a website i have never been to and something I never authorized. I thought that this stuff was illegal. I pay 100 a month as it to have my phone shouldnt that included some type of privacy and protection from this stuff. I wont pay for a service I did not sign up for.

  380. Lynn says:

    It’s ashame that Verizon has isolated customers with the way they charge for data usage. They believe a majority of customers are happy with the data billing. I have been an ideal customer & I’m not happy. I had no problem with data usage being taken from my minutes, I had more than enough & we have 5 lines on the acct. Why weren’t some customers given the opton on how to be charged? Verizon claims customer satisfaction on commercials, ads, website, etc but they don’t seem to really care about the majority of us complaining. It’s false advertisement. I pay the same amount for my plan but now have less options, things I did before when data was taken from minutes I would now be charged extra for. I hope everyone does start complaining to their office then maybe something will be done to make us satisfied customers again.

  381. ryan says:

    my bill went up 50 buck due to this crap…i shouldnt have to pay for this if i didnt do it!!!!

  382. Mike S. says:

    Update for everyone reading this thread about Verizon false charges–we complained to the Better Business Bureau and the Office of the Attorney General for Maryland, in writing, using their required forms and submitting the phone bills and an explanation of the false charges. Because we complained to both of these places, it appears Verizon is now ready to work with us to give us at least partial credit for the falsely applied charges. I urge everyone on here to complain using the proper forms through the Better Business Bureau and the Office of the Attorney General. The complaint forms can be found on-line, and it worked for us. Maybe if enough people follow these procedures to complain, your Verizon charges will stop appearing…

    The supervisor at Verizon has so far successfully blocked all additional charges for my phone number. It has just taken some time, but I feel like I at least got some answers. Let’s just hope the next bill is not full of more false charges!

  383. tee says:

    I got them to remove charges by asking for the company who charged me info … they could not find it … I told them I needed that info to file a consumer protection complaint … and I had the right to know who was ripping me off … Verizon was a middle man for a scam …. rep talked to a supervisor then said they normally dont remove but would … make sure you get the scammers info so they too can be held accountable!

  384. Leona DiVecchia says:

    I got on Facebook and got a message that a friend had played the IQ Quiz and told me her score and asked if I could beat it. I played the quiz (nothing said that this was being charged to me) then after playing it came up with another quiz. All the sudden it says I have subscribed to the IQ Quiz. I called and immediately cancelled and still I have 2 charges of $9.99 on my bill for 1 month. This is awful the Verizon Wireless will let these people bill on their statements. I think I will change cell phone companies.

  385. Anne says:

    I HAVE THE ANSWER!! for charges with the support phone # 1-800-235-7105: go to the main website and if you read the find print you will find a customer support phone # with a live person. I was able to get a full refund!!!

  386. Ramona says:

    I started to receive text message “alerts” on my mobile phone in April 2009 about the time that I entered Facebook. My complaint is that there is no disclosure statement when you accept the application or play the IQ Quiz or receive free music that eventually bill you via text message alerts, including sports news, music, & other entertainment new, and some include tasteless, offensive wording.

    I received a refund from one of the companies and am fighting to get my refund from two other companies but Verizon is not reversing the unauthorized $9.99 charges for each & Verizon is instructing me to contact the following: MMTXTALERT 84287 “OfficialIQ” contact @ 888-214-0381 to stop the text message subscription 84287; “” 23687 contact 877-402-3687 to stop the 23687 subscription; MB Mobile 75714 “Media Breakaway” @ or call 408-517-3700 to stop 75714 text message alerts.

    I just sent a contact to FaceBook to complain about the applications they are allowing on their site that are not including disclosure details and information regarding these premium $9.99 each monthly charges.

    I see that Anne on June 2 has accomplished her mission. By the way, I did get a full refund from for the 23687 text message alert. I need to continue to pursue these issues between the applications representing companies advertising on FaceBook, and continue to monitor and discuss with Verizon.

    Good Luck all & wish you the best in obtaining your refunds.

  387. Jennifer says:

    I was charged by My 1 True Love, sms 69097. I canceled and Verizon put a block on my phone to prevent future attacks. No refund from Verizon, but they provided a phone number for my 1 pure love, but it was only a recording. I don’t know how we signed up for this, because we are not on Facebook, my space, and don’t even know how to text! I guess I am lucky it is only $11.39.

  388. Ramona says:

    I’m sorry that this SMS message cost you #11.39.

    Now that you mention that you’re not on FaceBook or MySpace, I remember I selected the application but didn’t agree to their conditions/terms. Since then I’ve terminated any application that requires my personal data; too late and $30.00 less in my pocketbook I see how these small businesses make their “fast” thievering money that I cannot afford to relinquish

    Another note to add about the Verizon script – they’re never in sync or not consistent. When Verizon provided callback numbers or URLs to these SMS companies, it’s not a relevant name. Therefore, I jest that Verizon doesn’t want anyone to know that they are not protecting you, one of the reasons I left SPRINT.

    I think it wise if Verizon placed an option out there for all of its customers/user to have the choice to block ALL SMS unless specified, we’d be cooler/happier customers for it!

    Take care everyone and be alerted. If any of this ever goes to court, I want to know.

  389. don says:

    We were also ripped of by FACEBOOK and have $50 in charges on our cell phone. I think I stopped the service but do we really know its stopped. I was on hold for an hour waiting to speak with an operated to request a refund.

  390. Deborah Shackelford says:

    I was charged an additional $59.95 ,in May, for unauthorized charges to my AT&T cell phone account. These charges included alerts, downloads, ringtones, etc. Merchant contact was 1-800-331-0500.

  391. R Burns says:

    Verizon bought Unicel, up until then I did not have a problem. This month I have 4 $9.99 charges on my bill from 4 different companies. I called Verizon and they said I had to pay. I think it is amazing that if I want to change service, etc, I have to be validated to verify I am who I am, but a third party can make charges. I found that if you put your cell number on line you can get charged. I was new to FaceBook and they used messages from friends and family to take IQ Quiz, etc. My family and friends have told me they did not send a message requesting me to take the quiz. This must be a scamming technique. I have been promised refunds from two of the companies and have settled with another. I have not received a response from Solow and probably want. It is very difficult to talk to anyone at the numbers Verizon gave me, just a recording saying send an email. I did additional research (going to company websites and calling legal) to locate numbers. The moral of this story is treat your cell phone number as you treat your SSN, birth date and etc. I do not agree with the practice of third party billing. You don’t pay and you could lose the phone. I think these services should require payment by credit card. It would make it more difficult for scammers.

  392. p wojcik says:

    verizon never checked for age of person to authorize this bill. and they won’t help me to get the messages/subscription stopped.

  393. p wojcik says:

    I was charge two months in a row @$70 for charges I did not authorize. I am the primary holder and the other phone is held by a minor. I never authorized these messages or alerts. Verizon is definitely in on this scam.

  394. Jamie says:

    To R Burns, I had the same exact thing happen to me, but I have 9 – $9.99 charges on my current Verizon bill. I also took the IQ quiz on FB. But once I received the texts, I cancelled them all immediately assuming it would take care of itself. WRONG…now I have to pay almost $90 extra on my phone bill and there isn’t anything I can do about it cause like you said, I will then have my credit scuffed and/or lose my phone. I did contact Verizon and they put a block on my phone so that this cannot happen again and I contacted the companys that I could, but I’m screwed for now!!!

  395. R Burns says:

    P Wojcik: Someone was very helpful at Verizon in canceling the subscription. Dial the number next to the bill and Type STOP. Then send. She couldn’t help me get a credit. I have gotten refund on one and two are promised in the mail. I could not get a warm body on the line (Verizon gave me numbers) so I sent emails threatening complaining to the FTA and the Attorney General. I found articles where one company was paying $1M to the state of Florida for just such practices. Then I went on line and started looking up numbers. Talked to one legal department, etc. One company directed me to the web page and I could see the 9.95 charge very noticibly placed. I am paying that charge. The Verizon supervisor in NC I talked to was not helpful at all. He said you made it you pay it. I think the minor thing could be a big issue. I wonder if the web sites state you have to be over 18 like they do when you are ordering something. This scam preys on the older generation and the young. When I told my daughter about this she said all her friends knew about the quizzes, etc. and to stay away from them. Facebook should put something on their site t explain these rules.

  396. Bruce says:

    My daughter was trapped last year by Thumbplay, which somehow was part of Dada from Italy I had found out. Thumbplay had been able to billed her for 2 months before I caught this scam. She tells me that she had entered her phone number and that was all it took. She wanted a free ringtone. Verizon would not credit us for the Thumbplay monthly charge that had already beed paid 2 months before. My daughter is 17 years old and very nieve. Verizon and Thumplay are making a lot of money off of this scam.

  397. Jamie says:

    JFYI – I called Verizon and complained again…luckily this time I got someone who was very helpful. She credited half of the charges back to my account as a courtesy and I am fighting 3 companies for 4 of the charges.

  398. Riley Wisler says:

    they say the ringtones are free but then they charge you monthly without your permission. they also do not check for minors sending messages.

    Is there any way to unsubscribe from the different groups??

  399. R Burns says:

    Riley: Using your cell phone, dial the number on your bill or reply when you get a text message. Type STOP (all caps) and send.

  400. Diana says:

    This is an update to my situation: I did file complaints with the BBB, email to Verizon Wireless, & in a letter. One representative called about the email & did credit for the premium texts since they were on my 62 yr old mother’s line but informed me that’s all they could do except put blocks on. I still felt stressed about the next month’s bill.

    Scott Johnson contacted me about the BBB complaint & did credit an additional amount for other charges that I missed but also stated that was all they could do. He submitted to the BBB that Verizon Wireless was considering the case closed. I felt he was kind of rude & what he reponded to that complaint made me feel as though I was at fault for the problems I was having.

    Jenny from Verizon Wireless responded to my letter. She was very polite & seemed to really understand what my complaint was & how it came about. After many phone calls back & forth she was able to replace my daughter’s upgraded model (Verizon told her she had to) with the model she originally had. That then allowed Jenny to change the Nationwide Plan we were told we needed to upgrade to back to my America Choice that I originally signed up for. Now we can do as we did before with our phones & not worry about seeing charges for data usage. It will once again take from my minutes (which I have plenty of). I also feel less stressed about next month’s bill since they won’t be charging me extra for data usage.

    I believe if Verizon Wireless receives enough complaints (to their headquarters & BBB) about the customers who would rather have data usage taken from their minutes w/out paying extra for the packages, then maybe they can offer the plans we are already happy with. When will they realize that change isn’t always better & doesn’t work for everyone? Good Luck to everyone on getting your issues resolved.

  401. Daniel Nyberg says:

    Just found out these three companies were charging 9.99 to my phone each per month.
    mm text alert
    send me a
    ** Called Verizon and they are disputing with the billings and they are blocking what they call premium text messages to this account. These companies Suck!

  402. moiuntidog says:

    My family’s cell phones have also been hit – not a kid thing – verizon not very helpful – under MY Services and MY plan, one can block Premium SMS – I can not say how effective this is

    Block Premium SMS

    Premium SMS (PSMS) Blocking prohibits adding premium fee based messaging programs to the selected mobile number while allowing all other messaging services (including text and MMS) to work as usual. PSMS Blocking will terminate all current Premium SMS programs at the time the blocking feature is activated. No credits or pro-rating will be applied to the Premium SMS fees already incurred. All messaging services will continue to be billed per your Calling Plan and Messaging Bundle or at the standard messaging rate as applicable.

  403. Mike S. says:

    I thought I had my mess straightened out with the false megabyte charges but I was wrong–this month I now have to fight another charge of $1.99–I am paying an extra $4.99 per month to Verizon for their “250 pics package” and now they are charging an extra $1.99 on top of that. Verizon refuses to answer why I am being charged that extra $1.99 when I already pay for the $4.99 package. I have submitted a letter to the Attorney General for the State of Maryland regarding this. I am so sick of fighting Verizon every month.

    Does anyone know a supervisor’s direct number that I can call? I was dealing with one named Sylvia, but she won’t return calls and I have left 5 messages for her.

  404. Kathleen C says:

    I opened 5 junk txt messages today. I later went online to check my usage (I am pay as you go) Come to find out I was charged $9.99 2 times, and apparently I have been charged this for the last few months without my knowledge! I have since blocked these premium sms txts. What a SCAM!!!

  405. LEE PATRONE says:


  406. dbeck says:

    I can’t get over how stupid some of you people are. If you text a TV ad for ringtones or ANYTHING it will charge you a monthly subscription fee – says so in the teeny print. Tell your kids NOT TO DO IT, it is NOT Verizon’s fault and your kid basically lied that they are 18 by texting the ad in the first place. Not Verizon or anyone else is not going to stop billing you by posting here. DUH.

  407. R Burns says:

    In response to dbeck,it must be nice to be so smart. I am not a kid and I got sucked into the scam. The techniques the companies use are very misleading and many are under investigation and paying fines for their practices. I have just gone with Verizon and was not aware of third party billing and have found no warnings in any of the literature I received. I would think if Verizon valued their customers, they might would do some customer education for us dummies. By the way, you sound like the Verizon employee I talked to, do you work for Verizon?

  408. dbeck says:

    No R Burns I am not a Verizon employee and yes it is nice to be smart enough to READ THE FINE PRINT. That’s the problem with people today, no one wants to be responsible for THEIR OWN ACTIONS. My 22 yo son did this and as soon as the charge showed up I logged into my Verizon account and found that I can BLOCK this sort of thing from happening again – it actually STOPS the subscription too so no further action is taken. If you lost money, that’s just a lesson learned.

  409. Brandi says:

    I just noticed a charge of $9.99 on 2 of my phone lineson my Verizon bill for june and Verizon told me that we read the message so we are charged and there is nothing we can do about it. She stated that I should have known because of the number was a 5 digt number rather than a 10 digit number. Told her how am I to know that I would be charged just for reading the message she told she would not have read the measage total her that is because you are aware of the scam. Got the number to the web site and it is a number that you can leave a message we will see if I hear anything. But I am looking at getting my 40.00 back because verizon told me there is another fee for this month.

  410. Bud says:

    Brandi – to stop the subscription, call the 5 digit number on your bill using your cell phone and type STOP. You should get a message confirming cancellation. Otherwise, you will continue to be charged. I am surprised Verizon didn’t tell you to do that. Verizon will not give you a refund for third party billing. Contact the companies for a refund. Most are involved in law suits for using questionable tactics. It worked for me, but took some work on my part. You might want to block this capability on your phone through Verizon. I am on facebook and my nephew sent me a challenge to take an IQ Test – I was charged for taking the test and putting my cell phone on line to get the results. My nephew is a computer engineer and I trusted his advice. Come to find out, he didn’t send anything, I guess the company had access to my friends list and did the challenge. As the other guy above said, stupid me. But, even bright people get scammed.

  411. Val K says:

    i started receiving charges that i did not authorize to receive. 2 charges of 9.99 per month. verizon, how can you do this to your loyal customers. is this a scam between you and them?

  412. MikeW says:

    Call your cell phone providers and make sure that they unsubscribe you from their Premium Text Messaging service. I was told by Verizon that this will keep all of these types of services from latching onto your account and submitting their fraudulant charges. I’d personally like to find out how this sort of practice even became legal since all phone services are regulated by the FCC. If you have premium text messaging on your account, have it removed, it might help stop the crap.

  413. MikeW says:

    I just read dbeck’s comments above and thought I’d say this real quick. Don’t berate people dbeck, we all fall into traps from time to time an no one is immune. I try to stay as vigilant as I can, but life is busy and there are so many inputs these days, it is easy to overlook possible exposure to scams. We all learn some things the hard way.

  414. jamie says:

    I am after 10 years of being a verizon wireless customer been a customer since prime co and going to cancel my service over a 10.00 fee that keeps appearing on my bill. I never went on facebook or texted an okay for any PREMIUM text messaging. I already knew these were scams. Verizon’s only result was to say these companies are legal and you would have to call them..little do they know after calls and emails to the company one returns your call so now i’m out 10.00 + fees that verizon and taxes on a service i never used. SO i blocked this as requested and got the confirmation and low and behold it got charged again. now they are saying my billing cycle was 2 days after I cancelled so I have to pay yet again. Verizone said there is nothing they can do about this charge and now I’m stuck with it again. Well screw verizon…after 10 years i’m gone..what customer service to loose a client after 10 years overa charge where they can’t even show me proof that I made..Scams scams and scams. Verizon should be ashamed of itself

  415. Chris Strobach says:

    American Idol tried to charge me $9.99 just because I opened up a text message from them soliciting a “Cell Flirt” service. Alltel was good to refund this bullsh*t charge and I thank them. But I did file a complaint against American Idol for this charge with the Federal Trade Commission. I hope others will do the same. Watch your phone bills closely! And don’t tolerate this type of scamming; file a complaint with the FTC as I did.

  416. Margie Rose says:

    There’s a $9.99 charge ($10.39 with tax) on my VerizonWireless bill from some website called “” for “premium text messaging.” I’m 58 years old and don’t even know how to text. I only have a cell phone for emergencies. Customer service would do nothing for me; told me I’d have to contact the sender myself; weren’t even personable or helpful. I tried to contact the sender and found out their website is not even active, so I don’t know what to do and am afraid this will keep happening. If I don’t pay it, Verizon said they’d add late charges. What kind of recourse does a customer have? When my contract is up in December, I’m canceling my service.

  417. REF says:

    Just an update for Ramona. Solow and MB Mobile refunded my charges.

    Additionally, when I spoke with a young gentle, VW customer service rep, he advised that VW has 3rd parties obligations and honor the billings, however, they do not seem to know the extent of ramifications until recent of these twisted, busy & multiple games that are on one site screen. TWISTED!!!! One click and you really don’t know what’s happened until the charges start billing on your VW account. Well, remove your cell phone #s and email addresses from Facebook, MySpace, etc. Don’t play the games until you intend to pay $9.99 monthly subscription for them. Furthermore, if you do NOT want these text alerts, depending on the type of services you are contract with VW, you are able to block all SMS on your cell phone account! Just beware, be safe, take care and always have fun.

  418. Michelle says:

    I have been getting charged 9.99 each month on my bill for the last 3 months and Verizon will not help with stopping this scam. I did not sign up for this please help!!!

  419. Tim says:

    People.. Your complaints are going to the wrong company. I used to work for VZW and now work for an authorized agent. Don’t blame VZW or switch networks for charges to the bill because this is something that happens with all carriers. Somehow/someway you, your significant other, kids, parents, even grandparents have put their cell phone number somewhere online. Yes they are BS charges. I completely agree. They have gotten better about the process but still lack customer service whatsoever. To file a complaint many of the company’s websites or phone numbers are listed on your bill if you have detailed billing. If you don’t, login to VZW online and get free detailed billing. Then take that complaint directly to company charging you. The FCC put in a double OPT-IN process. If you put your cell number online somewhere they send a text message to you and you have to respond. By responding you are agreeing to their terms and conditions and you most likely won’t get any money back. If somehow this company enrolled you in their “product” without this double opt-in they have to credit you for it otherwise it is subject to legal action. Most of these companies are not in the U.S. just so you know. The one we got stuck with was from Australia. Gonna sue some company from Australia is normally more hassle than paying the $9.99 fee… Thus the scam. But like a said this is with every carrier. VZW is leading in class action lawsuits against all the companies not following the rules. So in my opinion VZW is the best option against these scams… This is fact look it up. I understand the frustration. Trust me. But complaining about VZW is not going to solve the real problem. PROBLEM: Our GOVERNMENT allows this to happen from foreign countries. If you feel 3rd party companies shouldn’t be able to charge to your cell phone bill then write a letter to your government heads and put the complaint in where something can be done. VZW can’t restrict these 3rd party companies without being sued. Yeah… double edge sword. Overseas people can use their phones to swipe across a soda machine and charge a soda to their cell phone bill while convenient the US just seems to get the crap services that the other countries get.
    Don’t blame all premium test messaging companies. There are many free ones out there that work great. I use google constantly! Text to 46645 thats (googl) google without the (e). You can get driving directions, movie times, 411 services, horoscope, weather updates… and Google don’t charge a cent for it. The only charge is from your carrier for the text message. VZW=$.20 without a package. Many reality TV shows allow you to vote for winner.
    Caution: some charge for this service. If they do it is B.S. I hope this information helps. VZW is normally willing to help you but on many of these issues their hands are literally tied. If they try to block pretty much anything anymore then rights groups show up for these companies saying that we are restricting small businesses from operating. AT&T and VZW are being looked at right now for anti-competitive behavior… Why? because small companies complained enough. Wake up and get informed.

  420. Glenn J says:

    PREM_SMS 37215 MMTXTALRT 37215

    for $9.99 a month started on my May bill…contacted customer service to correct on 07/09/09…we shall see what happens. I have NO subscriptions to anything, I am the only one on the account, and I also happen to be a lawyer…let’s see where it goes.

  421. Diana says:

    Verizon did credit my acct for the premium text messages & data usage charges because when I had to upgrade my plan no one in the store explained the possibility of those additional charges. I was also lucky enough to have them give me my old plan back so data usage is taken from my minutes (I prefer it that way). I have a block for the premium texts. And Dbeck yes people do fall for all sorts of scams. Not to mention ANYONE can put in ANYONE’S phone number online. The $50 worth of premium texts showed on my 62 yr old’s mother’s line. I was told they were for celebrity gossip & cartoon network… lol. My mom has NO interest in either. She lives by herself so there was no way it was anyone in our family that did it. That’s the problem with the premium texts, a stranger can type your number in & you’ll get the bill. It should be a crime because in my opinion it seems to be a small form of identity theft.

  422. Jen H says:

    We are receiving a ton of text messages on one of our lines. Definitely didn’t sign up. Followed txt instructions to stop receipt by texting STOP to 25692, but the frequency of their unwanted messages only increased! Haven’t even checked our bill yet for the $10 or $20 charges that others are describing. Very obnoxious!

  423. hmiller says:

    My brother has been ggetting text spam from two different numbers 37215 and 47941. Now we have a twenty dollar charge on our Verizon bill. They are refusing to remove the charge! It turns out this both come from the same company! Verizon needs to block these known spammers. Its absolute bs that they can charge us for this.

  424. SandyL says:

    Same as all of you. 5 charges at 9.99. Contacted Verizon to block prem txt msging, sent STOP via text to all associated #s (23687, 75714, 69097), reported the phn#s to 800-235-7105 mobile content customer care line. I doubt I’ll get a refund but we’ll see. Hopefully there won’t be anymore charges.

  425. connie kelley says:

    i bouht a phone at a frea market but can’t use it cause there is an outstandind bill against it. Is there any thing I can do to get it hooked up even to pre-pay

  426. ron edson says:

    premium txt messageing verizion
    prem sms 23687 23687,25692 mmtxtalrt

  427. Belva Waller says:

    I was charged 9.99 for Premium TXT messiging for which I did not subscribe, I want this removed from my bill at Verizon. I have never texted and don’t know how. I do not wish to know how.

  428. Belva Waller says:

    I want the charge of $9.99 removed from my Verizon Cell Phone bill.

  429. Belva Waller says:

    Please give me a phone number so I can talk to a live person

  430. Belva Waller says:

    Remove charge from my Verizon bill

  431. Belva Waller says:

    This is ridiculous!

  432. Michael says:

    Some web service,, started billing me for some ‘flirting advice’ I never signed for. The website claims they charge $9.99 a month, but somehow Verizon bill for their so called ‘service’ for less than 2 months was $45! I sent them a STOP message several times, but they didn’t. Now Verizon demands me to pay the bill I should have never received in the first place. And useless Verizon customer service only demands to pay, very seldom they are willing to deal with an issue.

  433. Greg Lawson says:

    Last 2 months being charged on wifes phone for 5 premium txt messages my wife don’t know how to use text messaging I sent stops but now I got new ones 39.99 1 month 49.99 this month

  434. Laura Brennan says:

    Seeing if this works before I type in my whole story

  435. Laura Brennan says:

    Got a charge for 9.99 for premium text messaging this month. I called Verizon. The girl refunded my 9.99 on the spot… It has already gone throught; I checked verizon wireless online. Also put a “stop” in my reply to The girl on the phone said they would send me a text that confirmed my opt out. The text came while I was on the phone. Hopefully, this will be the end of it. I also put a block on premium messaging for all family members. The best part of this whole thing was that MY phone line was charged the 9.99 and I hardly ever use texting AND would never subscribe to something called premium texting. Warn fellow Verizon Wireless customers to scrutinize their bills. I agree w/ a previous post… this is not Verizon’s fault, however, they could put a warning on their website and directly on your bill indicating this could be a problem. Does anyone have a website for a class action suit against I am to lazy to read all of the previous posts. Thanks!

  436. myka says:

    i have charges for 19.99 on my verizon bill for texts i didnt approve. someone owes me this money. how do i get it back?

  437. Laura Brennan says:

    Myka… Call Verizon. I got someone who explained what the charges were, a couple of ideas of how they could have gotten there, and how to get the particular company to stop sending them. She also put a block on premium messaging and refunded my 9.99. Call Verizon and ask for help. Get your money refunded. If the first person doesn’t help, ask for a supervisor. If he/she doesn’t help call back (you will probably get someone new). Sometimes it takes a few calls, but you CAN get the charges refunded. Good luck. Hang in there

  438. Chris says:

    I use AT&T and the same thing happened to me, 9.99 every month… never asked for it..

  439. Laura Brennan says:

    I forgot to mention that the girl at Verizon said they can get you cell number from Facebook, so don’t play any of those games (like the IQ test) that requests you number!

  440. beverly says:

    i have been getting these 9.99 a month for 6 to 8 months we get a message with the info from verizon and we text stop just like yesterday i notiiced it on our bill again, called verizon, all they could do is tell me text help to 26451 then text stop so we did that and called the 1800 to cancel guess what new message today and on a bill someary that thank god we can check everyday.. we are back on with this toplogo crap.. stop doesnt work i think the best thing is to change cell phone companies

  441. david says:

    Was charged 9.99 for 6/20 3:01P Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 25692 MMTXTALRT — 9.99

    I did not order this subscription, and if I did, I wasn’t made aware of it costing money. I have verizon wireless. I am about to commence fighting on this charge and I should probably win.

  442. Nick says:

    yeah uh u were charged $9.99 with at&t because thats how much it cost to have ur phone each month

  443. Nick says:

    hi david well i have at&t but it could be from of ur being text by other people because for at&t u get charged for being texted if u dont have a texting plan but im not sure if its the same way for verizon wireless

  444. Nick says:

    also if ur being charged $9.99 it might be because ur trying to get free ringtones or pictures when most websites say free ringtones but in the terms of policy they may say this will cost $9.99 a month for a certain amount of downloads

  445. DeeDee says:

    My daughter had 2 charges for prem text messaging, this month. She had no idea what she had done to incur these charges. Verizon was great about it. They reversed the charges. They also put a block on prem text msg and also a block on web access so that it can’t happen again.

  446. Marlene Thomas says:

    I have numerous vidicom alerts, opera tones, purelove alerts, love quiz trivia, & thumbplay tXT msg that I know nothing about and would like stopped permanently!

  447. Melinda says:

    On my Verizon bill I was charge 9.99 on 6/25 and 7/25/09 for a premium text message 77877.
    I was given the contact phone number of 888-353-2801.

    The company absolutely refused to refund my money though I never gave consent.

    Apparently you can go online to and log in anyone’s phone number and with a click of the mouse agree to the disclaimer that you are the legal owner of the phone. They feel this is legal enough of an agreement to charge your phone.

    If you get so much as one text from 77877 BLOCK IT! Then text “STOP” to 77877 to cancel the contract. Then call your cell phone provider!

  448. Marcy Ronen says:

    Also found a charge for premium text messages on my bill and called Verizon. I never signed up for anything and was confused as to why I was receiving 91907 texts which I thought were wrong number calls and ignored until I started doing some research after the customer service person told me they were short codes. I looked it up on the web and found all kinds of people who have also been scammed by some unknown company and then billed by Verizon. They did put a block on my account and refunded charges for some of the months I’ve been billed. I will now join the class action lawsuit, warn my friends who have Verizon and hope to get my money back that way or at least put a stop to these scams. What a pain in the butt.

  449. alejandro sanjines says:

    I pay $. 19.88 for two mounths ….idon’t want you send me any texts, stopped

  450. Glenn Lukacs says:

    My brother, myself, friends in other States – have all been charged 9.95/month for ‘premium text messaging’. We did not ask for it, and do not know what it is. After my brother called Verizon, he was told it was a third party billing, that they did not know who the third party was, that they could take it off the billing system, unless he contacted a company they did not know, but allowed them to bill.

    I was told a different story – Verizon told me it was for text messaging videos and pictures. I cancelled the option, and am awaiting next months bill. They would not take the charge off previous bills.

    Sounds like a scam, sounds like a class action suit, sounds like I will be contacting the SEC.

  451. Kirt Bajwa says:

    Five months ago I changed my Verizon Cell phone number as I was getting too many junk calls. Next month there was a charge for a new video download serviced which I had not ordered. When I called Verizon, they said that the charges were valid and I should pay the bill and forget about it. I told them that I did not order the service. Verizon Customer Service said that when I changed the cell phone number, the video download service is automatically activated and I have to tell Verizon that I don’t want the service. I told them how the hell I know about any service unless I am asked for permission to subscribe the service. Finally Verizon Customer Service said that the charges are valid and I have to pay the bill.

    I went to the Verizon store which had changed my cell phone number. They called Verizon store Customer Service. I was told that the service is cancelled and the charges were reversed.

    For five months now, I have been charged for the video download service. When I go to the Verizon store and they check it up, I am told that my account no longer has a subscription to the video download service and they don’t know why my phone bill have these charges on them. Last month I got one month credit but the new bill received today again has the same charges.

  452. Diane says:

    I was charged for over 2 yrs for something I NEVER signed up for! They offered to “settle” and pay me $30, but nothing more. I declined stating I would be calling the BBB. They never got back to me either!
    I never downloaded anything of theirs. They would send a text msg for “credits” which I had no idea what it was and deleted it each month.
    This outfit is full of shit!

  453. Giannina says:

    Well, first of all I am only 15. Though this is kind of unfair. Well I got a new phone from verizon. It was great for the first month. Then the second month I check the charges on my phone. I have a $3024.89 charge on my phone for long distance that was never used. Sadly, I’m going to get the blame for this bill. My advice is whatever phone company you use. Avoid verizon at all cost. There good at first, but then they bite you.

  454. Paul frye says:

    I am tired of not having service in breezy point we pay good money to use the damn cell phone and get no service my wife can send a text messages if she holds the cell up high and the wind is blowing. 4 yrs now we paid for service when are people in breezy point chesapeake beach md going to have to go without it, Nextel or sprint is looking good

  455. Kathy says:

    Received txt messages that I did not request, over $200 for the past 4 months. This should not be allowed by verizon. Let the company send them be billed instead and they will stop. This is unfair to have to pay money for something you did not request. Someone is getting rich off of this and it is not the person who has to pay the unauthorized charges. This should be illegal, however I do not think verizon would back that because they are getting the money. Now that I think about it they probably get paid from both the sender and the receiver. It’s all about the money and to hec with the people. If anyone knows of where you can register your complaint to get your money back please let me know. Obviously you need to check your phone bill monthly for all of the sneak charges. They start out small and just keep growing.

  456. Kathy says:

    In thinking about this now that I have calmed down. A text message is a text message plain and simple. We all pay to send and receive text messages. Whether it be from another person or a third-party they are still just text messages. So you say don’t blame the cell phone companies, but who is the one that charges you for a premium text message. So in actuallity, the cell phone companies support the third party more over their customers. They say they value your business but they do not, they value your money. It is not just verizon, I had tmobile sign me up knowing they did not have service in my area. They are just like anyother business. The government needs to step in, they do on everything else. This is stealing, stealing from innocent people. If you steal from a store, bank or anyother place you do jail time. Well maybe this is what should happen with these business that are stealing from us.

  457. anne says:

    I am tired of paying 82.00 a month and I can’t make a call from my cell phone at my house its a dead area but I can go up a block away and I have 3 bars of service what would I do if I needed help at my house

  458. wicked says:

    This is so funny, you people crying for premium text messages. You know you or your kids see “FREE RINGTONE” or anything that says “FREE”, and you’re eyes light up light kids eyes on Christmas Morning. Stop replying to the text messages and you wont get charged. Don’t blame the cell phone companies for allowing your 13 year old kid to accept the “FREE” content. It’s not their responsability to raise your kids, IT’S YOURS!!! The cell phone companies sold YOU the account, not the underaged minor. After you walk out the store with that brand new phone, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with it. It’s YOUR fault you’re getting charged and nobody elses. You want them to stop? Send a text message to the 5 or 6 digit number that is appearing on your bill, and put STOP in the text, and you wont be billed anymore. Call your cell provider, ask them to remove the “Premium Service” from your account, and ask to put a “Premium Text Message Block” on your account. It’s that simple. Now, stop crying and get to work before you get another $9.99 charge.

  459. Kevin says:

    I got hit last monthe for 2 $9.99 charges. Once I figured out how to stop it I did and figured it was my own fault for clicking on something in Facebook I shouldn’t have. Well it hit me again this month for a single $9.99 charge. Verizon worked with me to get it straightened out so now I just need to keep an eye out for another mystery charge.

  460. Pony says:

    Same here! FaceBook IQ test well obviusly I’m not that smart since I put my cell # but I was smart enough to call Verizon threaten them to cancel my account and they gave me the contact info for the two Douche Bag company’s charging me, one was (pure love) the other (so low) I emailed so Low and they said they will send me a check in three weeks but I haven’t heard from Pure love yet I also got Verizon to credit me 20$ cause I Bitched. Class action lawsuit people!!!

  461. Pony says:

    Hey Wicked Dork! If there is no disclosure that this is a subscription they can not charge you at will. obviously they are mis representing them selves if there are this many disgruntled people

  462. Chris says:

    I replaced my wife’s phone and for a while couldn’t figure what or where the charge was coming form until I was able to dig around and found that it was coming from this music site, never heard of it until now.

  463. Lora says:

    I tried to watch a “free” video online and somehow racked up 4 separate charges of $9.99 each in less than 1 hour. I have since blocked premium messaging at Verizon but have not yet gotten my money back. I am happy to join a class action lawsuit as this practice is incredibly deceptive and wrong in principle.

  464. Diane says:

    Well I just had a very unexpectedly pleasant call with Verizon who showed me how to cancel this subscription from SoLow (an obviously ironic name don’t you think? Stoop SoLow). First and foremost I’ve worked in customer service for years so when you call Verizon, don’t yell, kick and scream because the rep will take it personally and it IS WITHIN HER CONTROL to decide which way the conversation will go. Explain to the rep very nicely that you’re unaware of this charge and want it removed immediately, however… LET THEM KNOW that you have seen FCC and BBB complaints regarding the said matter and that you don’t expect they’ll make it easy on you since people online are furious, yada yada yada. It’s all in how you talk to them, seriuosly. I got her to remove the service, the charges and block premium texting as well as downloads and mobile web time which is now at a rate of 1.99 a MB. My daughter racked up over 50 dollars in charges so check your plans and monitor your bill until you’re sure it’s been resolved.
    611 from your mobile, text CANCEL to 23687 (or whatever number is on your bill). Good luck, be careful.

  465. susan climer says:

    I am disabled. verizon wireless continuously calls my no. to harrass me just because my no. is on the record even tho is in my husband name. She is rude, i have called back several times, she never gives her hame, i ask for a manager, and she puts me on hold and leaves me there. I have contacted my lawyer for discrimination, and have reported this to the news media. 615-372-1213 is no. keep calling and speak to same girl.stop this or get suid for discrimination

  466. Brenda says:

    I added web access to my cell a couple of weeks ago for 19.99, thought I could check my email, etc..So far still haven’t learned to use it so was going to get it removed. TODAY I get a bill for $117 charges for data downloads. Don’t EVEN know what those are or how to go about downloading anything. I don’t think I even accidently downloaded anything. I called and they said they couldn’t remove the charges. I said, oh well, guess I’ll see you in court cause I ain’t paying for something I don’t even understand.

  467. Delia says:

    Received $9.99 premium text charge to daughter’s cell phone 8/29 4:45pm from 47941. Daughter was in the sky on a return flight from Bahamas.

  468. barb says:

    verizon is so much more expensive than AT&T. Love my iphone! Hate verizon.

  469. Delia says:

    I got to the bottom of the 5 mysterious $9.99 monthly charges attached to the Verizon data text premium category. It’s 47941 and from this If you take the test and put in a cell phone number put to get the results, you’re subscribed to a monthly charge of $9.99. Verizon should not let 3rd party’s charge their clients, unless the clients explicitly authorize them to do so. Verizon withdrew 2 months of charges, put free blocks on our account but, there should be regulations that prevent this in the first place. Have formally complained to Verizon, Too Lazy LLC and contacted the Better Business Bureau.

  470. Cindi Howson says:

    my daugther got these charges as well – $40 in one month – and says she never requested them. Verizon told me to call the text message 1800 numbers to get a refund, but there are no live people there. Verizon eventually refunded our money and we have blocked premium services from all phones now. It’s terrible!

  471. Wanda says:

    Flycell has charged me twice since I unscribed. We’ll see about next month. I have them blocked and the only advice Verizon gives me is to call the flycell, what a joke!

  472. Candace says:

    i was charged 9.99 for something i didnt authorize then they kept sending me texts which took all my prepaid minutes. i had over $14 now its 0. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when i tried to get a ringtone they didnt give it to me.

  473. Linnie says:

    Flycell targets teenagers by offering free coins for a Facebook game. My son subscribed, got the coins, and sent stop notice. Flycell says they did not receive and billed us. Even though he did not download a single thing from their service, they will not refund. They are scammers with a business model built around tricking people.STAY FAR AWAY FROM FLYCELL.

  474. Jack says:

    Learn how to operate your own phones and take the time to be an active parent by supervising your children. Through you can see exactly who is texting who and when. I was getting the same charges on 1 of my phones. After Googling the issue, it took me about 2 minutes to figure out how to unsubscribe from the service and be done with them. All you do is text “stop” to the number, similar to how you unsubscribe from just about any other text service. If you don’t understand these the services that your phone is capable of and that you use, then why even pay for them?

  475. Denise says:

    I too was caught in this scam of premimum text messaging. 4 charges of $9.99 each showed up on my bill and since I didn’t know why, I naively called Verizon. I never expected to be called a liar and told the I had signed up for the services so I have to pay Verizon. I told them this was fraudulent and was told it’s not illegal and that
    I owe Verizon the money. A supervisor told me to “google” the names on the bill and try to get a refund. Again, I never signed up. I now have the blocks, Verizon verified I opted out which I had done when I received an email from several places but still, it’s not their problem, it’s mine since I agreed per their report to have signed up by texting the companies – texts which they have no record of and which I never made. Someone needs to stop this.

  476. Jimmy says:

    This is pathetic. I cleaned out my 11 yr old sons account. Someone ought to do something about this!

  477. Chris says:

    Same issue. Verizon is obviously very aware of this problem and should do something to solve it for their customers. If you MUST block premium TXT messaging, why is it you never actually have to SIGN UP for it??? Wrong! And this too lazy company needs a class action suit filed against them to stop their illegal practices for sure!

  478. Laura Brennan says:

    I contacted the BBB and put in a complaint about Verizon and SoLow. I was called by someone in the corporate offices within a day. She took off the charges and said she will follow up to make sure that the premium message blocking was working. She also told me that once they blocked premium text messaging, I should *228 my phone to update it and put the block into action (I guess it is like rebooting your computer after a download). Will keep everyone posted as I continue to try to resolve this problem.

  479. Tammy says:

    These messages are called Premium text messages.These are automate and only understand certain command words. Do not ignore these messages. Simply reply “Stop”. Usually, a toll free number is provided with the opt-out confirmation. You can then dispute the charges with the company and they will send you a check. These are third party companies that are charging you, not your wireless service. You are opted in by providing your cellular number online. For example, you take a quiz, at the end, you are asked to enter your cellular number to recieve results. READ THE FINE PRINT. You can also opt-in by responding to advertisments that ask you to send a text to a 4-6 digit number with a command word. There are free examples of premium text messaging,ie, mobile banking alerts. Or ones that have a one time charge, ie voting for American Idol.

  480. Tammy says:

    To add to my previous note, companies that misuse the system are vilolating the contract they have with cellular companies. You can have form submitted through your wireless carrier with complaints of misuse. For example, double charge, not being opted out after following opt-out instructions. If their contract is dropped from the wireless carrier, they can no longer bill the wireless carrier for it’s customer’s opt-ins.

  481. terry says:

    My current bill shows the first entry for PREM_SMS 40684 MMTXTALRT. After some investigation, this appears to be an unauthorized charge of $9.99 placed by for “flirt tips” (as if). I texted STOP to 40684 and received a confirmation message that I am not unsubscribed. We’ll see – I never “subscribed” in the first place.
    The message also contained a number to call, 1-800-235-7105. I may need to later. Bastards.

  482. lynn says:

    just found out that four companies have been swindling us since April 2009 through Verizon billing. Total amount exceeds $350.00. Verizon only reimbursing for one month worth of charges. Send Me Mobile. com who is also alleges that Verizon makes money from these deals as well although Verizon cust service denies this. You lie in bed with snakes and you’re a snake.

  483. lynn says:

    send me/solow did agree to reimburse a large chunk of the money, but we’ll see.

  484. Mel Hurt says:

    I have three lines and every month I get two, three or even four of these damn 9.99 charges for prem texting of which I have no idea what they are. I have reported it to Verizon and they gave me a web site to cancel them but they still keep coming. I am about ready to dump Verizon and screw the early termination fee.

  485. Kimberly Gregory says:

    My Alltel bill had 5 months of an IQ Quiz $49.95 total, and now I have another one for Predictomobile for $9.99. Frustrating, we never authorized this!

  486. Dont worry says:


  487. Dont worry says:

    again, u have to send a text to the 5 digit #.. they send u a message asking if u want to subscribe.. if u say yes, u AGREE to THEIR terms and services.. ITS YOUR FAULT.. NOT THE CARRIER

  488. barbara says:

    Another one of these scammers that sends a text message saying you can get a free ringtone and then bam, $9.99 is being charged to your Verizon bill. That Verizon allows this is also obnoxious and there is not even an explanation of who the charges are from!

  489. Kristen says:

    I too have been charged these fees. and my husband. we called 18002357105 and its automated. this has been reaccuring for three months. if you call 18004166129 you get a live person. we complained and got three months of fees back from both phones…that is 60 dollars. call them and B**** them out!

  490. kristen says:

    The same thing has been happening to me for three months on both my phone and my husbands. we called 18002357105 and its automated. we cancelled. but it still charged us. so we called 18004166129 … from a web page. and they refunded us the 60 dollars. they will argue with you but give it back and they WILL refund. good luck to ya all.

  491. Michelle says:

    I am continually receiving charges through Verizon from Play Phone, even though I have a premium text block on the phone and have contacted the company to cancel the service.

  492. cat says:

    every month my parents get my cell bill and it say i downloaded content and i never did so what am i gonna do about it

  493. Jon Blake says:

    I got a two text messages that said we are They charged my phone 19.99 for this. Verizion said they dont care.
    WTF? Is the FCC going after these bastards?

  494. eren says:

    was charged over 200$ for sending unlimited text with picture message!!! WTF..this company is A FRICKIN SCAM! No way does it cost them that much money…why does it us?

  495. Carol says:

    How is it not illegal for a 3rd party random co. to make unauthorized charges on a Verizon cell bill? How can Verizon allow this? Our “contract” does not allow this. I was charged $9.99 on my bill recently – the good news is I was not receiving any trst messages.

  496. Jeannette says:

    My daughters 11 and 15 had premium text message charges on the bill this month like over $200 worth. One daughter had almost $100 in 2 days. 4 were from mmtxtalrt?? No idea. She said nothing ever said she was to be charged. I called Verizon and got the same as everyone else. They are 3rd party and they could not reverse the charges. This is a bunch of crap. They let these services tap into their phone lines to cheat people out of their money. They should be able to safeguard their customers.

  497. Paul Cullen says:

    Phone Number 77888 $9.99 charge. Called verizon and they couldnt explain why the charge occurred or provide a company to contact to refund the charge. Premium text messages is a scam in my own opinion.

  498. Joan says:

    Just learned that I have paid for at least 5 months worth of something that I had never heard of nor wanted.

  499. Sara says:

    I just discovered I have been paying $9.99 a month for a ringtone subscription for the past year that I did not authorize. When I contacted Att they would only refund the last three months. It was applied via text spam. People should be warned on their website about this so that if an erroneous text comes in they would know to reply stop or canel. I would have instead of paying for something I didnt want…….

  500. Kimbely Hurt says:

    I have a Verizon Contract phone and home phone I pay my bills with the automated system using my debit card but last month I started getting charges for prepaid wireless cards which i can not use and where not authorized when I reported it to the bank they refunded my money and Verizon immediately charged my Wachovia account for the exact same amont they where denied from Bank of America it cost my account to over draft 355 dollars. I tried calling the prepaid divison but only get a automated system. And when i call 1-800-Verizon they tell me there is nothing they can do about it. But most shocking is the fact that they have done it to others to the tune of 500 dollars and more.

  501. Joe says:

    The Cell Phone Mafia! I have been robbed at gunpoint twice in my life, yet I can honestly say that never have I been robbed worse than in my dealings with Verizon. I cannot begin to tell you the number of times that I have had to complain to, and threaten these thugs with smiles in order to get them to stop charging me for my data fees. I have the premium Blackberyy package, which comes with unlimited data for $50 a month, yet for some reason, they deem it appropriate to still charge me in excess of $200/month, on top of the the $50 fee! They think they’re slick, and they are….because they laugh as most people take this stuff from them!

  502. Linda says:

    My daughters cell phone got charged this and she does not know how. I have been round and round with verizon to find out more detail to this. I had my daughter do the STOP, but I did not authorize this on my Verizon bill at all.

  503. gary says:

    I just discovered 20.00 in premium text mesages on the bill. Did not know anything about such messages. Talked to Verison to block. They said text back the numbers that the gave and send “stop”. Then call back verison and have them block all premium text messages from our phones. Then call verison back to the national nmumber to see if they will give me back the 20.00 and change. From looking at other peoples messages we are lucky that it is only this small amount. Hope this works. All in all we DID NOT authorize this to be on the bill.
    All others out there…..good luck.

  504. Linda says:

    I complained to Verizon both via phone and email and reported this to the Attorney Generals Office. Come to find out my daughter filled out a survey and in order to get the answer you had to fill in your cell phone number. Verizon did refund me the 29.97 which is great, but this is an awful practice of allowing others to put charges on MY Verizon Bill.

  505. kristi says:

    I just got off the phone with Verizon who agreed to refund the $9.99 third party charge to my daughters phone that wasn’t authorized and they also had us send a STOP text to 36058. We’ll see next month if it appears on my bill. They said if it does, call them and they will credit it back again. It actually started with Alltel for a couple of months as well and they refunded me both times so I have no complaints. I then blocked my daughters phone from these services so hopefully this doesn’t happen again. Hello FCC, there needs to be regulation for these third party providers that are blatantly tricking consumers (probably mostly the kids) into playing the games and then when they click to see the answer it automatically subscribes their cell phone to these services. How many complaints and lawsuits will it take? I didn’t realize how big this problem was until I decided to do some research on it.

  506. Multani says:

    An unknown charge of $9.99 appeared on my Verizon Wireless’ monthly bill. Called their customer service just to be disappointment. They refused to refund the money b/c as per them the charge didn’t come from them, but a third party, so I should contact this third party to take care of this charge that appeared on verizon Wireless’ bill. I’m laughing my lungs to death as I write this. It’s like is playing a bad joke on me. No more Verizon Wireless for me. I’m done with them.

  507. Multani says:

    An unknown charge of $9.99 appeared on my Verizon Wireless’ monthly bill. Called their customer service just to be disappointed. They refused to refund the money b/c the charge didn’t come from them, but a third party, so I should contact this third party to take care of this charge that appeared on My Verizon Wireless bill. I’m laughing my lungs to death as I write this. It’s like someone is playing a bad joke on me. No more Verizon Wireless for me. I’m done with them.

  508. jackie says:

    I just called Verizon and they were of great help. I told them what was going on. They got the charges dropped and they said that they could put a block on our phones to stop any of these scammers from billing our phones again. Call them tell them to block your phones too.

  509. tina says:

    Ive called every number just get a run around

  510. HEATHER says:

    To all that need help with these premium sms texts that are getting charged to cell phones. YOU NEED TO CALL OR GO ONTO YOUR CELL PHONE COMPANIES WEB SITE AND PUT A “BLOCK PREMIUM SMS” OR “SHORT CODE SERVICE BLOCK” on each one of your cell phones IMMEDIATELY. Can not stress this enough. Doing this will block all furture sms services to get charged to your account.
    Please post this for us customers that are getting ripped off and for furture customers.

  511. Colleen Viands says:

    Today I too had the same runaround. I just viewed my verizon bill and as far back as June 09 I was billed for $9.99 for PREM_SMS 44123 Cellflirt Chat.CELL FLIRT I do not subscribe to trash sites. After reviewing my bill online 1 time a month shows the Data date time on minutes are dashes, doesn’t that mean NO minutes. I am so MAD…Luckey for some that got the refund. Oh yea the blocked the number but for how long. I bet I’ve paid this for a year or longer. My problem is I thought Verizon was an honest company. BUYER BE WARE! When my contract is up I’m giving up the whole package, cell phone, hs internet and tv. I can’t afford a $340.00 bill every month.

  512. ERNEST DUTCHER says:


  513. Henry says:

    For six months I have had problems with text messaging chages from Verizon. They state the bills come from a third party and Verizon does not get any money from the charge. This is a lie. Verizon gets a profit sharing from the company. They are just crooks.

  514. Henry says:

    The person called DONT WORRY Seem overly concerned. These scam companies often sent people to sites like this to defend their pratice. First, Don’t Worry does not even know the law so he shoud shut up. The law states that a contract is only valid if it is made by an adult. There is no legal contract for these charges.

  515. Scott says:

    I have noticed a disturbing occurrence in the past several months. Ever since verizon bought out alltel and i have been switched over to verizon, every couple months there are new changes to my plan that i had no knowledge of, first is the reduction of my number of text messages allowed without charge gradually from 1000 to currently 250. This is verizon changin my account. I did make some adjustments to my text plan but that was about 3 months ago and it has been once again lowered so i am paying extra for texting every month. I never used to get billed for picture messages and now they have changed that so that im payin for those also. My girlfriend had an alltel prepaid phone, had unlimited text, mobile to mobile, unlimited favorite number calling, and picture messaging was not allowed or charged for because it was sent to a website where you had to retrieve it with a computer. The $.10 a min for anytime calls was not listed nor was a $.25 fee for picture messages. Those charges are now showing up on the verizon website. Every time i turn around there changes to the way they charge you for services that makes you have to pay extra money. I have discussed this with a verizon office, was told that verizon had taken it upon themselves to ensure that in the coming months there will be no more existing alltel contracts. They are gradually screwin up our charges so much and driving up our bills in an attempt to do 2 things. 1 get us all uspset eough with the cellular service that we either switch service, or upgrade to one of their contracts that provides less services for more money, and 2 they are jacking our bills out of sight with extra charges so that they can prepare us for a rate hike making the cheapest monthly contract nearly $100 a month. This is such a bunch of crap. Wish we could figure out a way to stop them from ripping us off this way. They are getting close to being as bad as the big oil companies and automakers, etc, that charge out of this world amounts for their products. Needs To Stop Now.

  516. Tyson says:

    I tried to get a ringtone that didn’t work. I cancelled immediately, now I get a stupid joke text daily and can’t get them to stop. Anyone know how to stop (laghaholics 699-99)?

  517. Denise Murphy says:

    I bought a cell phone (blackberry) at a verizon wireless store (independent dealer) and found out it was actually owned before me and returned by 2 other people. How does this happen? Is it legal?

  518. L Patrick says:

    9.99 charge showing up for 5 months. Just like everyone else, I did not authorize it. I’ve been told by Verizon that because I didn’t call right away and dispute it, that they can only refund one month’s worth of credit. That it is MY duty to keep track of my bill and notice anything out of the ordinary. Here is the rub …. I am an adjunct line on this account. The bill does not come to me, and when the acct holder saw the 9.99/month charge, she figured it was something I wanted. She just happened to say something about it the other day, and we realized it was a charge that neither of us had signed up for. I don’t even know what the service it is that I am supposed to be getting!! The best Verizon could do was give me their Executive offices to write a letter. You best believe I am about to after 3 hours of arguing with people to get this fixed and refunded. Here is the address for anyone who wishes to write… and I encourage you to do so! Verizon Executive Offices … 777 Big Timber Road …. Elgin, IL 60123 …. Attn: Executive Relations. Good Luck everyone.

  519. Scottym says:

    Just spoke with VZW. Was charged $9.99 for the past 4 months. They credited 3 but could not see Jan. charge so they told me to call back and they will refund this one as well. I think VZW understands the issue and is making the right decision to credit the bogus charges.

  520. sheila keirns says:

    how do i get these charges off my verizon bill?!

  521. sheila keirns says:

    please contact me regarding how to remove this charge. i have blocked txt. but verizon wont take charge off!

  522. Angela says:

    I gave my 11 year old daughter a blackberry for her first year in middle school. She has gotten $107.62 worth of charges on her portion of the bill from this 28282# and 21222 cellfish alerts. i don’t know how to get rid of them. and i don’t know how i’m going to pay this bill!!! what do i do?

  523. Linda says:

    They cannot make a ‘contract’ with any one under the age of 18. I contacted the companies and told them my daughter was only 15. They then deleted all of the charges from my bill. Cellfish has a website I would email them. Then contact verizon to have all premium text messages blocked. verizon told me this cannot be done via the web site that you have to call to specifically ask to have them blocked.

  524. Vicki says:

    I gave my grandaughter who lives in another state a cell so we can keep in touch. I recieved a $60.00 charge that we did not authorize from cell fish alerts and hunters sweeps. Some at verizon told me that I had to go online to have them removed or I would be charger every mounth. I have searched and searched and can not find a way to get it stoped. What do I do?

  525. Linda says:

    You have to text the 5 digit number on your cell phone bill and key the word STOP in the body of the text message. This will only stop future ones from getting on the bill. Contact them to have the charges that are there removed. HTH

  526. Kelly Miller says:

    WAS CHARGED ON MY BILL FOR A SERVICE NOT RECEIVED. My 14 year old was trying to find free ring tones and when he saw that there was a charge he text STOP right away and they replied that there would be no charges. I’m billed 17 times in Dec. for a service not received. $170.00!!! I’m not paying that. Something needs to be done about these scams. I would rather switch wireless services to a different company and start over with everything blocked so that can never happen again. Verizon shouldnt support companies that pull this crap.

  527. Meliessa says:

    i went to look at videos and some how it ended up sending me questions about mudic and super stars and i am getting charged 9.99 for it

  528. Mary says:

    Unauthorized charges by 3rd party companies ($9.99 x3). Called all 3 one said absolutely no refunds, 2nd said will refund by check, 3rd – couldn’t “speak” with anyone. Called Verizon back and they gave me one credit and blocked 3rd party charges.

  529. Suzy Thompson says:

    Verizon Wireless
    Customer Service
    P.O. Box 96082
    Bellevue, WA 98009

    After approximately seven years with verizon wireless, I have had more than enough.
    This letter shall serve as a formal written notice concerning unlawful billing practices verizon wireless has subjected me to. On more than eight separate dates throughout 2009, I attempted to resovle this notorious style, (by style I mean theft), with nothing but lies from vzw employees, followed by more; THEFT BY BILLING. The most recent unacceptable behavior was the entire 2009 year, from the very beginning to present. I must say I am astonished by the total disregard for business ethics, the many negative court findings and rulings, and vzw’s position of total denial and misrepresentation as a standard practice. I am certain I am one of thousands who have decided to discontinue long standing accounts due to vzw’s never ending quest to eliminate customer service and obtain undue monies through unfair billing practices, only topped by no incentives left to remain contracting with you. (doubling ETF’s WOW) If you need copies of the disputes I am reporting on every bill I received this year, I can provide them at $5.00 each plus shipping and handling. Otherwise, adjust my bill, (WITHOUT CREDITING, THEN ON SAME BILL RE-CHARGING FOR SERVICES NEVER PROVIDED AND CREDIT JUST GIVEN, ONLY TO FRAUDULENTLY CHARGE ME AGAIN, THEN REPEAT) to reflect current balance, which is $90.00 for early termination fee. I AM DISPUTING $90.00 TERMINATION FEE AS WELL. Verizon has violated the terms of it’s own contract and I am choosing to end it. That would have occurred in November 2009.
    On three separate occasions my service was interrupted because I refused to pay the unjust fees for services I neither requested nor used. On two occasions I was credited the re-connect fees, but was billed five times for re-connect fees, at this point you got me bitches, your in the black unlawfully $211.98. On two occasions I was charged for equipment, (never an explanation or description of said equipment) once for $137.49 and once for $279.99. On one occasion I was credited $137.49. On four occasions I was charged $192.95 for access charges that are actually $147.95, that is $180.00 in OVER-CHARGES. Now you do the math and tell me how your bill is accurate, we know it is not correct, but give it a shot.

    My records indicate my account is NOT past due.
    Total amount overcharged $671.97

    fact >noun 1 a thing that is indisputably the case. 2 (facts) information used as evidence or as part of a report.

    Considering the FACT, I have made eleven payments to you this year, two of which were 200 plus (that is an additional $100.00 to be added to total over payments TO YOU, BY ME) I do not owe any amount whatsoever. I am done playin and payin.

    What is your pleasure?

    Mine is Metro PCS.

    Suzy Thompson

  530. Kelly Weimer says:

    We have been charged for “Too Lazy Txt Alerts” since 5/26/09.
    That’s right, over $80.00 worth. My husband and I have two numbers on our account with our bill being routinely over $170, so I didn’t even know we were being charged until 1/19/10. I called Verizon, who refunded me 9.99 from my December 09 bill. They also put a block on Premium texts. Since then, I received my next Verizon bill with the 9.99 charge again, dated to 1/9/10. I called again and they refused to take off the charge, since I had called on the 1/19. Verizon said the removal of the one charge was a “courtesy” and this was a service we had to double opt-in to. My husband and I use our cell phones for business, not for receiving texts alerts. I should have noticed earlier, but Verizon should refund me the 9.99 from this month’s bill considering the CS person I talked to on 1/19 stated the charge would no longer appear on my bill. Great service from a company we spend $2000 a year on.

  531. Linda says:

    I think you have to text back the word STOP to whoever is sending them to you. That is what we had to do to get them to not send them anymore. Verizon should have told you that.

  532. Willie says:

    Stop sending me these text mesages and refund my $9.99

  533. Anesti says:

    I’ve been getting charged $9.99, didn’t even sign up, kept telling you guys to stop…you guys billed me over $100, my number is 602-881-9435, refund me please.

  534. Steve Winter says:

    The following is an active complaint with the NC Atty General and the FCC regarding Verizon Wireless deliberately crippling the connectivity of customers who elected to stay on Alltel data plans. This would mostly affect people in fringe areas (though advertised as full coverage areas) An update to this complaint is that Verizon is retaliating by removing credits that we had been given because of previous service failures. Please spread this information around, especially to any Verizon customers you know who may be having connectivity problems. It COULD be deliberate.

    ?FTC complaint # 25257585 NCDOJ Complaint # 1001670 FCC complaint 10-C00194123
    BBB complaint # 9431389

    This may need a technical person to understand the details.

    Verizon Wireless bought Alltel and the Alltel customers could remain on Alltel plans. Verizon is now deliberately crippling the connectivity of smart phones that are on the Alltel plan instead of the more expensive Verizon plan.

    We came over to Verizon Wireless when they purchased Alltel. We were/are on a data plan with one “smartphone” and the rest regular phones.

    I was expecting to get better phone reception once the transition was done to merge Alltel etc. Instead I found that my phone (the smartphone) would not work well as a phone. I was advised that the smartphones don’t get as good of reception (why don’t they advertise that, eh?)

    I have endured months of poor phone service and have gone through several phone changes (which meant wasting hundreds of dollars in accessories that I had purchased for my original smart phone).

    The event that prompted me to change phones and lose my investment in accessories was an event where my wife was desperately trying to call me because our grandson was bleeding and it would not stop. My son was with me and she was able to call him to contact me, but what if he had not been there? (I thought).

    For months we would be in the same car and she would be unable to call me but his phone would work just fine (same plan but his is not a data phone).

    Verizon tech support suggested going to another brand of phone and one on the Verizon system so that I could get a “hybrid” PRL (preferred roaming list) so that I could get phone reception. After several more phone swaps and wasted time I was finally advised of the cause.

    Verizon Wireless is deliberatly crippling the smart phones which are on an Alltel plan instead of the more expensive Verizon plan. This is only the smart phones that are being crippled. My phone has a PRL of 40059 which deliberately limits my connectivity even though I am in the advertised full coverage area. You can imagine my anger at discovering that all these months Verizon had been deliberately crippling my connectivity to try to get me to move to their more expensive plan. The Verizon plan data PRL starts with a 6

    I believe that their actions may well be criminal as they are discriminating against former Alltel data phone customers.

    It was a tech support manager who revealed this to me because they are very frustrated in trying to give support to people whose phones are being deliberately disabled by a crippled PRL.

    This deliberate crippling of smartphones that are still on Alltel plans could cause public safety issues such as the incident when my grandson was bleeding. Imagine when I discovered that my phones failures and poor reception was a DELIBERATE marketing strategy by Verizon.

    Update 2/17/2010 I was contacted by one Karen Milbrodt from the Verizon Wireless President’s office stating that because I was on an Alltel plan that I was not entitled to the same connectivity that I would have if I was on a Verizon plan. She basically confirmed my allegations. Also she advised me that I was not entitled to the credits that had been applied to my account by an earlier customer service manager and that they were going to remove the credits. I had been concerned about this retaliation by Verizon Wireless.

    If you are a smart phone customer who is on an Alltel plan with Verizon wireless and you are having connectivity problems please note the complaint numbers at the beginning.

    Steve Winter

    This is my reply to Verizon’s 2/17/2010 answer to the North Carolina Dept of Justice

    ?FTC complaint # 25257585 NCDOJ Complaint # 1001670 FCC complaint 10-C00194123
    BBB complaint # 9431389

    I have expanded my complaint to include fraud and false advertising by Verizon Wireless

    Re File # 1001670
    In the Verizon Wireless response they admit my allegation that they are limiting the connectivity of Alltel customers by providing a crippled PRL. That most certainly does limit the connectivity of the phone. Their excuse for their discrimination against Alltel plan customers affirms my allegation.

    We are in a fringe area, BUT this area is advertised by Alltel and Verizon Wireless as being a full coverage area. This amounts to an admission of false advertising by Verizon Wireless.

    The credits given us previously were due to the past trouble that we had been experiencing. I am not privy to how the customer service manager coded the credits but we were promised the credits for many years into the future as incentive to stay with Verizon., and as compensation for past troubles.
    It was my concern that Verizon would retaliate for my filing this complaint by removing the promised credits. I had called Verizon many many times and wasted many hours on the phone with a plethora of problems. The customer service manager was able to see all of the problems we had been having.

    Verizon also admits that the “unlimited free photo, free video etc. plan that we are on does use minutes which is also an admission of false advertising on the part of Alltel

    Verizon is engaged in a pattern of limiting connectivity of Alltel customers, especially those on data plans. The other phones my family members carry have a DIFFERENT PRL from mine that does seem to work. It is my data smart phone that has the deliberate connectivity limitation.

    In summary, in the letter from Karen Milbrodt she admits the following:

    1.Verizon/Alltel continues to advertise full coverage in areas that they KNOW that they do not have full coverage.
    2.Verizon/Alltel are advertising an “unlimited text video and photo family data package” knowing full well that they are charging call minutes for use of those “unlimited” features.
    3.I was promised the credits that she now is removing. The details she provides are just a lame excuse for Verizon’s retaliation for my filing this complaint. Obviously credits don’t block unwanted features which should establish that she is lying. The credits were given as a culmination of many ongoing problems and trouble tickets etc. I was told that data had to be enabled for the photo and video messaging features to work. The credits were compensation and incentive to stay with Verizon.

    I feel to add that it was Verizon tech support who first advised me that I needed a better PRL to fix the connectivity issues that I was experiencing. It is my understanding that Verizon has in some areas actually transferred towers FROM Alltel use to exclusive use for Verizon plan customers with the effect of further limiting connectivity of the Alltel customers.

    Today I have very poor connectivity and I am very much within an area that is advertised by Verizon/Alltel as a full coverage area. I ask that my complaint be expanded to include false advertising AND deliberate fraud by Verizon Wireless especially Karen Milbrodt in their retaliation efforts to breach the agreement that I had been given in the $19.95 credit per line to stay with Verizon.

  535. lisa says:

    got a bill for 378.27 the only thing is my plain i got my bill should have been 135 at the most

  536. lisa says:

    i got a bill for 387.27 and it should have been a bout 135 why did they add 250 to my bill

  537. Walt says:

    Verizon charged me 9.99 for premium data services for unsolicited txt msg saying my subscription to Music Fan Club by SendMe had been renewed. Never had a sub. Sent txt STOP and had to contact Verizon to get credit and have premium data services blocked.

  538. Stevie Bellamy says:

    My girlfriend and I had two different accounts.So we went to verizon and brought the droid and got one free, but when we brought the phones the represented failed to explain the full policy to us because he did not know what was going on his self. Three weeks later we got a bill for 333.98 which he told us that it would be 113.00. Verizon need to start haveing training classes for their employees, so this would not happen to any one else.By the way we had 1400 any time minutes that we shared

  539. Linda says:

    be sure you text back STOP to any of those services. Then either contact them or your cell phone company to get the charges reimbursed and be sure they do it retro. And tell them it is on a cell phone that a 14 yr old has. Then be sure to get the Premium Text Messages blocked. You cannot block them until you do the STOP. Good Luck

  540. Joseph Jones says:


  541. Lindsay Gardner says:

    This is ridiculous! I just happened to notice a $40 charge on my Verizon account and called to ask about it. They said there were 4 different “premium text message” companies I had subscribed to. In no way have I ever signed up for any of this. I am furious and I can not believe this is allowed.

  542. Roxanne Rae says:

    I have received a bill for 4 text premium at 9.99 each on this past month’s bill and 5 at 9.99 each which was never authorized. This has happened in the past which I addressed this subject with verizon and they said that they would put in for a credit which I never received. I was told that the credit was denied. I am in the process of asking for another credit.

  543. Felpe says:

    I never requested 84287 mmtxtalrt and verizon does not want to stop the service from coming in. I they told me that I have to text them with the work stop but they continue to send the text. I have paid about 100.00 of this service that I never requested to happen.

  544. jennifer farrar says:

    i use pre pay from verizon and never ordered anything to be sent to my phone. everytime i get min the all go to this junk triva stuff. im gettin really irritated i have tried several different things to have it stopped and it has not happened yet. i want all things being sent to my phone stopped immediately

  545. Eric Vanstory says:

    Date Time Usage Type Description Minutes Application Price Total
    1/18 9:14 PM Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 69999 Bid Hunter Sweeps – 9.99 9.99
    1/18 9:21 PM Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 20795 Mob Msgr – Genius Ispir – 9.99 9.99
    1/18 9:28 PM Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 88922 Mobl Msgr 88922 – 9.99 9.99
    1/18 9:29 PM Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 77877 77877 2waytraffic Alerts – 9.99 9.99
    1/24 4:27 PM Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 23687 23687 – 9.99 9.99
    1/24 4:27 PM Premium TXT Messaging PREM_SMS 41933 MMTXTALRT – 9.99 9.99

    I got all these messages on my daughter’s bill and she has no clue how it ever started. I thought maybe it was because of something she accidentally turned on, but now that I have found THIS site with all these complaints, I believe her. In reading some of these complaints, I have discovered one recurring theme: Most of these hits with premium text messages are happening to folks with a new phone number… Makes me wonder… Can it be that these services were requested by whomever had the phone number BEFORE we got hold of it???

    Anyway, I found that Verizon Wireless has a method for shutting this down completely… you have to log onto your web account “My Verizon” and disable the “premium text message” capabilities.

  546. April says:

    to this LINDA that keeps telling everyone to text “STOP” in the body & they will stop being charged. I watched my 13yr old do so & I was not only charged once but 2x by SEVERAL of these companies within the same month for the same service that we shouldn’t & don’t get. Now what?

  547. Timothy says:

    People, Do not allow your child to post their phone number on any facebook program. This is where many of these charges come from. You fill out a survey.. to get your results enter your phone number… blah blah blah.. In small print it says you admit to being 18+ and are agreeing to that companies terms and conditions which are allowing these text messaging services. Not all companies use this method but many do. I work in Customer Service for VZW and have seen this many times. You can be billed from multiple times from the same company because they have multiple services i.e. horoscopes, pickup lines, weather updates. The only times this happens accidently is where you get a new number that someone had previously and was signed up for these “services”. In these circumstances VZW will normally credit it back. Most times your children “admit to being 18+” and enter their phone number online. Parenting has to come into play here and tell your children to never text to anything they see online or TV and to NEVER give their phone number online. If they have it listed on their facebook/myspace take it off immediately. If it ever asks for it don’t enter it. These companies can be seen as a scam but technically they are not. They are offering a service and can charge for it. I hate every single one of them but they are just companies. FCC mandates that a reply of “stop all” must immediately stop these companies from continuing. You can not have anything else in the text message so if you have a signature on the end remove it first. There are good premium text message companies out there. Most the good ones are free. It is a great way for small companies to advertise specials such as grocery store deals and many many more. Google offers a premium text service where they can give you movie times, sports scores, weather updates, driving directions, definitions of words, and so on… ALL FREE (other than the cost of a text from your carrier.. if you have unlimited or a text plan it comes across as such) I use google all the time because I have an unlimited text plan. Research it yourselves to see if it looks good to you or send a text to googl (46645). I understand that you are angry.. trust me I would be too. VZW is not out trying to just charge you. This is an issue across all carriers. Don’t think just by leaving VZW you are going to solve the problem. We are here to help.

  548. Jim says:

    If you get charged reply “stop all” don’t allow anything else in the text even a signature if you have one.

    Never put your cell phone number anywhere online including (facebook, myspace, their games and surveys, etc.)

    If you never want these to happen at all Verizon can put a premium text block on your account. However there are many good premium text companies out there that don’t charge and can be extremely helpful.

    If you see send a text for a “free ringtone” read the small print and terms and conditions. ALL of them will tell you if there will be a charge placed on your bill and have you agree to be a certain age or if you get parental permission.

  549. Rachel says:


  550. Chris Petz says:

    Started getting text msg asking to sign up for stuff that I would never want. Got them every few min for a day..
    Never asked for it, real pain in the a$$

  551. Donald Robertson says:

    I am being charged $9.99 for Flycell Club and I did not ask for it. I sent STOP and nothing I called them and they told me I must pay. This is a sham!!!

  552. Donald Robertson says:

    I amd being charged for Laughaholics from 699-99 and I did not order it either. Why and how do I stop them. I sent STOP.

  553. Harlene Willard says:

    I must be the dumbest prson in the world. I have been charged a $9.99 data fee on my Verizon Wireless bill since before 2007. I only recently questioned it showing up in an area on the bill I did not review before. It was a third party premium text billing called Bid Hunter Sweets. Take charge of your own finances from now on I told myself. PS: Wouldn’t it be nice if the wiresless company called me one in a while to say “did you review your bill lately, are you satisfied with your charges?”

  554. Harlene Willard says:

    Mr. Robertson: That is exactly what happened to me. Luckily I have a mild-mannered husband or I would have gotten killed. Do the math $9.99 a month since 2007 OMG !!!!!

  555. Brett Lancaster says:

    877-373-6363 has texted my phone 20 times in the last 10 minutes. I texted them back to stop and they did it ten more times. My number is 716-785-7721

  556. Brett Lancaster says:

    877-373-6363 has texted my phone 20 times in the last 10 minutes. I texted them back to stop and they did it ten more times.

  557. Flaboyjim says:

    We also had “premium text” charges on the account for the past 4 months. Have called Verizon every time – they told us that we subscribed to it, and there was nothing they could do about it… WRONG>> spoke to a supervisor who walked us through the “STOP ALL” procedure and got the reply you are disconnected…..
    Verizon then credited us…. BUT, Too Lazy charged us $9.99 for sending the STOP message…. go figure.. Today, Verizon says it will end by putting a block on the line and they credited… Thanks Verizon.

  558. David L says:

    About a week ago I did an online IQ test. At the end of the test it asked for my cell phone number so they could send a pin number to use in order to get my score. Even though I concider myself internet savvy, I did not put 2 and 2 together and never heard of this scam. What followed were useless test messages from txt 46357. I figured it was due to the IQ test and wasn’t too concerned until I received a text saying my subscription had been renewed ($9.99). The message included a phone number 800-235-7105. I called and cancelled via an automated message. Two days have passed and now I’m getting text messages from txt 23687 including one that says my subscription has been renewed ($9.99)

    I found the page where I took the IQ test. On the bottom of the page in pale font it does indeed tell me I will be charged. The was no box to check that says I’ve read the terms and conditions like any legitimate website would have.

    Okay, fine. I’ll take my lumps for the first charge even though I was misled but the second charge from hell no. Either solow is part of officialiqquiz and they just pass my number from dept to dept or officialiqquiz sold my info to solow.

    I haven’t contacted verizon yet but will tonight/tomorrow. I have two verizon cell phones, one land line, one residential high speed internet service and a hotel in davenport, florida all using verizon. If I don’t get my way I am simply going to make a change accross the board. If they want to facilitate these thieves and make a few bucks themselves, fine. But what I have been ripped of for is about 5% of what I spend on verizon services per month.


  559. Lisa Schultz says:

    I don’t what this is. I don’t know how or why this appears on my bill. Very upsetting that this could happen, and might happen again. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?!?!?

  560. Linda says:

    You need to text STOP to whoever is sending these to you first. Then call Verizon and have them turn off premium text messaging so that it does not happen again. Good luck

  561. Jack farris says:

    Our bill has been charged for these sites. It was 19.98. It was also at 1:54 & 1:55 am. There is no way this could have happen because we take her phone from her at night. It was on our bedside table off and charging. we do not owe this bill.

  562. Jen says:

    I have a block on my account and Verizon is letting another company charge things to my account without authorization… hmmmmm… kinda of strange that they can’t give out any account information unless they are talking to the correct person, but they can let third parties charge $$ to my account without my authorization… what a bunch of bs…. sounds like someone is trying to make money off of a scam!

  563. alexis says:

    Im teird of the laughaholics how do i gety them off???

  564. BJK says:

    I got two 19.99 charges the last two months for txt horoscope, verizon refuses to refund me. I don’t get the horoscopes anymore but I still get charged 19.99. I don’t know what to do? Where is the justice?

  565. Harlene Willard says:

    To BJK: I called Verizon about my problem and they put a third party block on my line so that I would not receive any more charges. I was paying $9.99 for over 2 years.

  566. Melissa Sullivan says:

    All we know is that 77899 sent 3 messages to my wifes phone and shw did not respond to them. Next thing we know our bill is being charged $9.99. I caught it on the second month which Verizon refunded but I can’t get a human @www.sendmemobile to refund the initial $9.99…. Ideas??? should I pressure Verizon afterall they are passing on these bogus charges!!!!

  567. Mary Vang says:

    I just received my Verizon bill and was charged 19.98 for 2 premium txt, I call verizon and they couldn’t do anything. These spams need to be stopped. If we know that these third party exist how can it not be stopped.

  568. Joan says:

    Do not take those cute little IQ tests on facebook – or else you’ll get a $9.99 charge EVERY time! Verizon would not credit and said it could take one – two billing cycles before the charges stop even after the block!! BS! What a scam!

  569. April says:

    Dear Melissa Sullivan,
    Ask verizon for the direct number to the company that uses 77899 and call them. That’s what I did and seemed to sometimes get somewhere with them.

  570. Larry says:

    Block premium SMS on your phone and it can’t happen by accident.

  571. Juan Luis Achirica says:

    I just had the same problem with peremium messages on my kids phones. What is so dangerous about all of this is that they don’t even know how they are incurring these charges. I seem to have gotten lucky with verizon because they are refunding me the full amount. I guess mentioning Class action law suit might have some weight in the matter. You can also have premium messaging blocked for future charges.

  572. Cheryl says:

    On 4/1/10 my phone bill was charged for premium text services from “37975. Charged $9.99. I called Verizon to find out what company charged this. I was told that they didn’t have that information to provide me. I called back again and requested to dispute. I was told to send a text message back to 37975 and in the message box type stop. I was also told that my account would be credited the $9.99. Still would like to know who the company is so that I can file a complaint against them. (Also, I never do online surveys through any website, or do I download ringtones through anyone except Verizon and it’s affiliates.

  573. James Havermans says:

    Verizon Wireless has charged me about $550.00 for a plan that was cancelled last August. I have wasted 20 plus hrs on the phone trying to get it resolved. They say that they will give me the credit to my phone bill but never do so.
    Signed One Peed off customer

  574. christian wynn says:

    i have been charged $10 and shouldnt have because i never suscribed to this site.if its not free then dont put that its free on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  575. Tim Hawk says:

    Text message from 64651 saying, “your pin is XXXX and you can enter it in the web to reveal your Crush. Entered this help phone number in the internet to find out what the heck they were referring to… here it is! a scam. They just texted me again… more sexual content… getting annoyed.

  576. Dusty Vaughn says:

    Im sueing the crap outta these jokers!!!!, and Verizon if they dont put a stop to it!!!. I too was told that they dont remove these kind of charges… well ladies and gents thats breach of contract… I spoke to my attorney who had a good laugh and then said these idiots have been sued several times I think there is already a class action law suit against these idiots (Predictomobile)

  577. whou says:

    I cann’t believe this thread originated in 2007, and this practice is still going on !!! I had just been victimized by this scam, and there’s no a damn thing I can do about it ! where is lawyer when you need one ?

  578. Harlene Willard says:

    I guess this a very hard lesson to learn about monitoring your own data. I feel very naieve about the whole thing and out a lot of money.

  579. Richard says:

    Verizon bills me for $29.97 for premium messaging that they say my daughter “signed up for”. My daughter swears she did not sign up for anything. She does remember doing a survey… What the hell is wrong with this picture???? Preying on innocent minors that don’t even own the account for their phone? No notification from Verizon that premium messaging has been activated on my account? Bullsh!t. I want my $30 bucks back Verizon!

  580. Jillian says:

    PREM_SMS 71888 MMTXTALRT 9.99
    PREM_SMS 23687 23687 9.99
    PREM_SMS 77899 77899 wwwsendmemobilecom 9.99
    PREM_SMS 77899 77899 wwwsendmemobilecom 9.99
    PREM_SMS 44123 Cellflirt Chat 9.99
    PREM_SMS 91097 MMTXTALRT 91097 9.99
    Total charges: $59.94 I want this money back. I have been trying to cut corners for 5 months now. Everytime I think I have my cell bill taken care of it’s higher than last month. I am not impressed and half tempted to take my service elsewehere. I want my money back!

  581. Sue says:

    One of our family lines was hit with this PREM_SMS 99689 just as she started learning to text (65+ old lady) and Verizon told us to text STOP and to put blocks if we wished. They issued one month’s refund, but said we are responsible for the first month. We’ll see.

  582. Richard says:

    RE: Verizon bills me for $29.97 for premium messaging that they say my daughter “signed up for”. My daughter swears she did not sign up for anything. She does remember doing a survey… What the hell is wrong…

    Well, I filed a formal complaint with the IA AG Office of Cnsumer Complaints. I also let Verizon know that I filed the complaint. The next day I received an email from Verizon stating they would be issuing a credit for the charges. I guess filing the formal complaint got their attention? I have to say I am impressed with their immediate response and resolution.

  583. Richard says:

    FYI – Bocking Premium Messaging Services does not appear to be something you can do online through your Verizon account. You have to call customer service and request the block. (800) 922-0204.

  584. Larry Bennett says:

    I am charged 19.99 for two different Pre mess servises that was not approved but what is happening is you go on line you click on something , for whatever it is you are looking at and when you do this you agree to the cost, but you don’t know you are doing this because it is hidden, then you get the bill, and a lot od people keep paying for a service that they really never get, and never wanted in the first place. You can call Verizion and complain about it all you want but they may or may not do anything about it.
    I think I am ready to change cell phone company’s, my bill is never the same, and it keeps going up.

  585. Larry Bennett says:

    flycell rip offs. call the number they have and just cancle it.

  586. Chad says:

    So I notice my bill ramped up $20 and ignored it well this month it ramped up more like $100 and its all these $9.99 charges from random bogus sites. Its very frustrating.

  587. Clarissa says:

    My 10 year old charged $40 for taking an IQ quiz! There was no warning that $9.99 will be charged. I called Verizon and they cant give me the phone numbers for Mobile IQ Quiz, Marriage Calculator (my daug is not even 180) Too lazy to text horoscopes, Top Logo Alerts,so I can dispute, thanks alot Verizon!

  588. harry janvrin says:

    how do i get this to stop.

  589. thomas w schmitz says:

    thomas w schmitz,forgot my cell phone pin no,

  590. thomas w schmitz says:

    forgot my pin no.for voice mail

  591. jon nicholson says:

    i was charged for text messages that i did not authorize what bull shit and verizon will not help. just gave me 1 800235 7105 to call what a joke!!

  592. Deborah says:

    We are getting a joke a day on one of our cell phones and I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone who can stop this from happening…does anyone know how to get in DIRECT touch with these idiots who call themselves

  593. Deborah says:

    Hey Jon – Thanks! just tried that number and hopefully that has put an end to all of this ~ if not…I WILL BE BACK WITH A VENGENCE!

  594. Edward Lamke says:

    I was hit on both my phone lines by several of these in the same month totalling 120 dollars verizon is telling me i agreed to this “somehow”. Id like to know how i agreed to these and stopped them without seeing a single text message

  595. Heather says:

    I looked at our first corporate verizon bill. My 10 year old son has 2 back to back charges from red circle alerts! 9.99 each pop and was charged 2 times only 9 minutes apart! verizon can only block the charge from happening again. somebody give me the site that put some unknown crap on my sons phone thats linked to the corp acct! We pay verizon big buck to have a biz acct! if anybody has the info I will get my computer tech to hack there site ruin them! what happened to under 18 needs parents permission? BTW: my son had nothing on this phone that shows me any premium messages. not even a download or a app!

  596. jameelah walker says:

    I cnt stand this company. They will cheat you out of your money. Dnt buy anything else from there.

  597. Patricia Field says:

    I never subscribed to mmtxtalrt. I have been charged for 2/20 at 1:19 pm,1:21 pm and 1:30 pm all on the same day! Also, on 4/22 @ 1:16 pm. This is crazy. I want my money refunded to my verizon account. This is terrible to take advantage of people especially in these poor economic times.

  598. Edward Lamke says:

    like most ppl here i was told by verizon they will not refund the 180.00 in “premium” text charges even after i pointed out how fishy is it that i didnt have to text stop to but one of the 12 i some how got signed up for. its all a scam i never enter my cell phone number online or send text to any of the advertisements, I as well will b contacting the state attorney general for fraud

  599. Donna Ruckman says:

    Verizon should not be able to ‘wash their hands’ with this 3rd party charges bull. They are a major company and should pony up credits to their customers who have been charged by misleading and down right fraudulent business practices that these companies are doing business with them and through them. I’m looking at about $63.00 of charges that should be refunded and the 3rd party companies should be sued for emotional and monetary harm caused. I doubt I will ever see any kind of a refund.

  600. Harlene Willard says:

    I finally found out why the $9.99 charges kept showing up on my bill since “2007.” I was surfing for a ringtone that was not available from my cell phone provider and low and behold on the left hand side I saw “FlyCell” and realized that even though I had not purchased the ringtone they kept my cell phone number and continued to charge me $9.99 every month while alerting me I could cancel any time. I learned the hard way what had been done and called Verizon. They put a third party block on my phone to avoid this practice. I DID NOT ASK FOR A REFUND OF ANY KIND BECAUSE OF BEING SO DUMB.

  601. thomas w schmitz says:

    need my cell pin no.

  602. Thomas says:

    Why are cell phone bills getting so ridic expensive? I don’t understand half of the charges. It is so wrong of these companies to treat us like this. Who governs these companies? What should a monthly average bill run? Min phone calls/unlimited text

  603. Duh says:

    All of you people are retarded, do you not realize when you sign up for services from 3rd party vendors its not verizons issue? do you realize when you give your child a phone, that is your issue and anything that is charged while using that phone is your ISSUE? do you not understand that when youre being billed for roaming its because you used your phone while you were roaming and your PHONE INDICATES THAT? What is wrong with you people all you do is complain, take some responsibility.

  604. UhDuh says:

    Duh, you should change your name to Idiot!

  605. eddie says:

    well UhDuh since you gave a fake name the problem is we are not signing up for this. My phone lines do not get used by children and i never recieved any of these text explain that one RETARD

  606. Harlene Willard says:

    Dear Duh, Way to go and agree with you. I finally realized where my charges came from, which I posted earlier, but considered it a very hard lesson learned because I did not scrutinize my bill the way I should have and wound up paying $240.00 for nothing in 2 years.

  607. UhDuh says:

    eddie – i think you were responding to Duh’s message, not mine, now who’s the RETARD?

  608. Kt says:

    I had these charges on my phone bll:

    5/08 12:58 AM Premium Messaging PREM_SMS 91097 MMTXTALRT 91097 – 9.99 9.99
    5/08 4:22 AM Premium Messaging PREM_SMS 77899 77899 wwwsendmemobilecom – 9.99 9.99
    5/08 4:22 AM Premium Messaging PREM_SMS 69999 Flycell Monthly Alerts – 9.99 9.99
    5/08 4:23 AM Premium Messaging PREM_SMS 77877 77877 2waytraffic Alerts – 9.99 9.99

    I do not remember doing anything to cause this, but I was able to call verizon and since I am a good customer they took off the charges. And they set it up to block premium charges in the future. I had trouble finding these charges on my bill.. but if you look under bill details.. and usage type /downloads that is where you can find these.

  609. HB says:

    My mother barely knows how to use her phone and e-mail. But somehow she magically learned how to bid on an item, GET the text message and then figured out where to put that pin number to subscribe. I asked about what she had bid on and what was the ad that had been sent to her, the rep said she didn’t know. But as soon as I mention that she has to have that information to keep her company from beign sued, she cut me off and said she’d be happy to send me a refund for the last couple of months. This is a scam and I am pissed about it! Oh, and I’d be dollars to pesos that the call center is NOT in the U.S.

  610. HB says:

    Oh, I should mention that the company was, and NOT Verizon that I dealt with..

  611. David SwiDrak says:

    I have four phones on a family plan, two of them are voyagers. Verizion is charging me $30.00 for downloads that they say were authorized on the voyager phones which one of them is mine. I don’t even know how to download anything and never have. Verizon said that my kids must have gotten ahold of my phone and downloaded frogger but that is not true…has anyone else out there with a voyager phone expierienced unauthorized download charges on their bill? I would pay it if it were true but I will not pay these false claims and I will not re-new my contract with verizon

  612. Harlene Willard says:

    If you ever did anything “ON LINE” where you were asked for your cell phone number, that is where they get you, if you hit “SEND.” My husband almost did it yesterday by taking a quiz to see how smart you are. That was DUMB

  613. KJ says:

    This is the epidemic of our society ,total crap about crappy people.

  614. Ripped Off says:

    Please send me a claim form! I just hung up from Verizon and learned I have been getting ripped off since 6.28.2009. Ironically as late as 3 months ago, they were telling me the charges were for sending pictures. I had to ask for a manager as there is a seperate line item for pictures which is covered on my plan.
    I don’t understand how Verizon can charge me for another vendors service. I wonder what their cut is!

  615. Ellison Smith says:

    I became aware of this premium text messaging scam when $80 in charges hit my bill in one month. Prior to that, $9.99 on various lines went unnoticed. My kids (all under age of 18) should not be able to sign up for these “services”. They (and adults) don’t understand what they are agreeing to when asked to enter a cell number on the internet. Who would really want to pay $10 per month for this crap. This is a scam.

  616. N F Dilks says:

    I can’t say enough negative things about Verizon in general — whatever you do, DON’T DON’T DON’T switch to their Fios TV sevice. It is the biggest ripoff going. They start with a low price, then more than double it after a few months. God forbid you try to get out of it – more charges and charges on charges. Then without any notice, they send the charges to a collection agency that employs total idiots. I have perfect credit, but will not after this. My question is — does everyone who complains about all these outrageous charges actually pay them?? EVERYONE should stop paying Verizon completely and see where they end up. I think they are running scared and only know how to rip people off to stay in business, which, let’s hope won’t be for long. Oh, for a company who can provide telephone, cell phone, internet and TV service in a fair, honest, and honorable way. If Verizon was the only provider left on this earth, I would do without all these services – perhaps pick up a book and get back to the simple life!

  617. Pamels Loso says:

    I have 17 charges on my Verizon bill from Prem _ SMS i did not down load help.

  618. Terry says:

    I would also like to stop recieving these joke texts.

  619. John Saint says:

    Normal bill was $150 for 2 cell phones. All of sudden got bill for 12,000 which is not even possible since 1/2 the day is free. Called to clear it up and they refused. Sent me directly to collections. Last I checked they claim I owe 19,000 Still unresolved after 5 years.

  620. Casandra says:

    I was broswing the website, and answering a test that was sent to me, and it asked me to put my phone number in to get the answers. When i get my bill and it had a $19.99 charge, it sent me a text and i opted out of it, Please credit my phone the amount

  621. Luis Moreno says:

    Verizon keeps on charging me for megabytes even though I don’t use the internet or any of that stuff! Im mad about this! If they want money they should work for it!

  622. Duncan says:

    I continuously rcvd a text message telling me to text 71888 for nearly a week. I have limited test message and was afraid that this would go over my usage charges. My daughter texted back and says “who is this.” The month I get a bill for $9.99 from verizon that I have subscribed to a premium message service. In calling Verizon, they said I had to text back stop to end my subscription and then I would get an 800 to call to remove the charges. Never did I get a response and waited a week to call Verizon back to find out more info. They said that the 1st rep I talked to put a block of premium mess block on my line is why I did not get the 800 number to call. Today I called the 800 number to get $9.99 removed from my bill and left a voicemail because no rep came to phone after 20 minutes (also incurring minutes used). I have had erroneous charges on my billing before and asked Verizon to block anything except my standard services. I guess a new item came into play they I did not have a block on. It is a total conspiracy….1000 people times $10 (or $9.99)is only a million bucks. I am livid and want my 10 bucks plus more back NOW!

  623. janet says:

    Well after a very long conversation with verizon I’ve been charged this flycell/thumbplay crap for months. Thought it was spam canc everytime. Tried to text to the stop2stop text noooooooo now have to sign on and complain. It’s all crap and FRAUD. I never authorized this Shame on Verizon for allowing this third party CRAP_!!!!!!!!!

  624. Eloise Christiansen says:

    Sorry, I don’t understand why I get a text message saying my ringback tones will expire in 14 days. I DON’T HAVE ANY RINGBACK TONES!! I hope they don’t start charging me for any either. Also, I am hoping and praying that there is a phone company out there that we don’t have to do a contract with. When my contract is up–that will be it for me and Verizon. It’s disgusting what a person has to pay to use a phone–cell or landline. If anyone knows of a company that doesn’t do a contract–let me know–thank you!!

  625. Susana Garcia says:

    I was getting charged 3.99 for months. And this months. I called Verizon and they insisted that this was uploaded from my phone and I had subcribed this site..I was upset since I am an older woman, don’t know how to download anything and don’t care to learn. I was upset since agent and supervisor did not want to credit me and all those months. And, supervisor did not care when I told him that I will cancel my account. I asked him for a fax number so I could sent him my itenary to proof that I was not even in the country…but fax could not go through. I called again and finally I talked to another agent who gave me full credit. I was told by a agent on Saturday that there was a problem with clonning and I should speak with fraud department, but since they are closed on the weekends I called today and the agent told me that there was no such thing and I had uploaded this.

  626. Carl Holler says:

    I have been charged $9.99 this past month fromThumbplay after I called Verizon Wireless and they told me to unsubscribe to 48000. The previous month I got charged $19.98.

  627. Daughter/Mother says:

    Well, we also have a similar situation. We were given a very large phone bill because of downloads that were unauthorized and etc. But my problem is that when they told us to text “stop” to the numbers, we did so but we received a text saying “You are not subscribed to any of our services” which means we were not apart of it, yet we were still getting billed for it. Now there was a few that we were subscribed to, supposedly, but the text we got in return after sending “stop” was this; “Your subscription is now terminated without charges” but of course, we still had charge from it. Majority of the downloads we texted stop to, we were not even subscribed to the services, but yet we’re getting billed for it. This is very confusing and frustrating. We called Verizon to try and explain this but the lady insisted that “You are not subscribed to any of our services” means you just ended it, when that is inaccurate. The text message that says “You are NOW unsubscribed” means we just ended it. The lady was very useless and somewhat, slow. The lady also asked “Do you have any minors at home?”, so she stereotyped. This is just a hunch, but if a text message is saying “Your subscription has ended without charges”, that means that we’re not suppose to be charged at all. I’d also like to state something to those who called everyone who’s complaining an idiot. There is 626+ messages and majority of them are complaints that is similar to his and hers, we can’t ALL be idiots. ==;

  628. Daughter/Mother says:

    In addition Verizon customer service was totally useless and continued to say it was not their problem due to the third party. My problem was the premium text messages are on the Verizon Bill and I pay the money to Verizon which means Verizon is paying the “Third Party”. This whole situation is unacceptable however I still have a $1250 bill for premium text messaging and I don’t even use my phone for texting!! Go figure!!

  629. Wes says:

    Not a complaint, but some explaination. If you see Premium SMS on your bill, the first thing you need to do is find the short code, which is on the message details and send a text message to it with the word ‘STOP’. This allows you to ‘opt out’ and will take it off your bill. Next, you need to put a Premium SMS Block on your line. It’s free. You can do so via My Verizon (, through the IVR (*611) or through Customer Service. This prevents new Premium Text Messages from appearing on your bill. Companies that do the Premium SMS do NOT prorate the charges. Which means if you send stop on the 1st of the month and they have already charged you for the $9.99, you will still pay the full $9.99 for that month. You must text ‘STOP’ from the cell phone that the charges are APPLIED to. If you had two cell phones one ending in -1234 and another ending in -5678 and the Premium SMS was charged to -5678, sending ‘STOP’ from the -1234 would be useless. You OPT IN one of TWO ways. By sending a text message to the short code (that is advertized on TV) or you put your cell phone number into a website. It actually does take some sort of action on YOUR part to put it on your line. Whether YOU did it or not is immaterial. Whether a family member did it, YOU are responsible for YOUR phone. If you recieve a 1.99 charge for Megabytes, chances are good you accessed some sort of data service. Even to the extend of ‘pocket dialing’ the browser. Add a data block to remove the possibiliy of a pocket dial for data. Premium SMS *IS* third party. Verizon does not own or control the thousands of companies that provide these ‘services’. It is unrealistic to expect or even demand that Verizon eat these costs. I realize it’s frustrating to be harassed by these companies into subscribing, but there is such a thing as a Do Not Call/Message/No Solicitation option that you can sign up for on the website. Not to mention, the Premium SMS BLOCK, which I’ll say again is COMPLETELY FREE. TO say that Verizon should ‘notify you’ every time there is a charge to your account, like a ringtone, or an application is ridiculous. Every Account Owner is a grown adult, you need to take responsibility for your cell phone and your bill and actually LOOK at it when you get it. Personally, the ability to have Premium SMS on your account should be blocked by default like International Dialing. So if you have it, or what it, you have to ask for your phone to have the feature. Then, there would be no question as to the validity of the charge appearing on your bill. I hope this helps.

  630. Chris Johnson says:

    I had a $9.99 charge show up on my bill under premium messaging. The reason I checked into details was that my bill was higher than usual. I googled the info on the bill and up came this site! I’ve been getting text messages and just deleted them. I had no idea I was being charged for premium messaging!!! I do not text much and I’m not enrolled for that feature. What’s the best way to stop this? I was thinking of having them change my number. Any better suggestions?

  631. Wes says:


    To opt out, you will have to send a text message to the short code with the message ‘STOP’ to opt out. If you do not have a text message package, you will be charged .20 for the text message to opt out. Go to thru your My Verizon and put a Premium SMS block on your line. This prevents them from subscribing you to the service. You do not need to change your number, while you are at put yourself on the Do Not Call/Text/Message/Solicit list. It is FREE, same as the block. If you do not want to pay the .40 to send the text message to opt out (and the return message telling you you have successfully opted out), once it shows up on your bill, call Customer Service and ask for it to be credited back. Explain the situation as to what the text messages were for, they will give you the credit for the .40. Premium SMS is *NOT* a friend of Customer Service.

  632. Wes says:

    A side note … Premium SMS is not something exclusive to Verizon. All cellphone carriers all the third parties to bill thru their billing systems. Jumping from one carrier to another will not fix anything long term. You are just as likely to get a Premium SMS on your AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile bill as well as Verizon. If you give a minor a cell phone, *YOU* are responsibile for monitoring their usage, not the carrier. If you hired a plumber and left the house while he was working and he called Antartica and Japan on three way while you were out, it doesn’t matter if he didn’t ask your permission to make the call. You are responsible for the charges. Once you left the house (handed the minor the cell phone) you essentially give them permission by omission. And when it comes to text messaging internationally … you need to keep in mind, Verizon = US NETWORK ONLY. They do not own or operate networks outside the US of A. The only country in the world you can text and it come out of your text bundle outside of the United States, is Canada. Anywhere else in the world, it’s .50 per text sent, and .05 per text received. You can get a similar rate for Mexico, but 50% of your usage *MUST* be in the United States, or the .50/.05 charge will apply. FYI

  633. Wes says:

    To Clarify: For Mexico, you do have to have the Plus Mexico plan for the 50% to work. If you do not have it, it will be at the standard .50/.05 rate. The rates charged for voice, text, and data are negotiated by Verizon and the local carrier. No company in their right mind would charge you $5 for a 250 text bundle, beat charged $500 for what the local carrier charged, and eat the difference. If you are going any place other than Canada, just don’t text. It’s not worth it.

  634. Brendan says:

    Same story different day. I have had $9.99 charges for 40554 IQQUIZ and 52975 MMTXTALRT. So far, Verizon has said that my minor children who are being charged without their permission have to text “stop” to the number (such as 40554). But what really sucks is that the damage is done and you are out 10 bucks. Really sucks. Seems like they know to go after kids. Should be illegal!

  635. James says:

    Charged for 2 premium txts within 2 minutes- no explanations, no refunds from Verizon

  636. Janice says:

    I have been charged for premium text messaging and horoscopes for months. The charges were hidden in a category called “Data Charges.” Verizon will only credit $50 of $200 in charges. I googled this issue and discovered that Florida Verizon customers had successfully sued Verizon via a class action lawsuit. I would love to participate in a North Carolina action against Verizon.

  637. The_highwayman says:

    We received a $9.99 charge on our daughters phone for PREM_SMS 64651 MMTXTALRT

    Here is how you disable it through my VZW

    To disable Premium Messaging:

    1. Make sure you are signed in to My Verizon.
    2. Click on the Safe Guards icon.
    3. Under Service Blocks, click on “Add/Remove Blocks”. A list of available service blocks will display.
    4. Check the box next to “Block Premium SMS”.

  638. kyle h says:

    I have been billed for several months of eroneous 411 charges. I have a data plan and access to internet by radio dispatchers no matter where I am. These 411 calls have not been made me and I’m concerned that Verizon and 411connect is billing these charges without any any true documentation. It’s really pissing me off and making me want to leave when contract is up.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  639. Andrew Devoe says:

    Girlfriend got charged 12 bucks because of some: PREM_SMS 48000 i would like my 12 bucks refunded plz

  640. TAMY says:

    Have same problem as above, 13 yr old received question text from friend, answered and then charges started. He deleted following txts not knowing he was charged for them anyway. What is the “underage” clause for if they don’t check it.
    Called Verizon, told me how to stop txts, which we are going to see if works. Asked them to block future txts but said this would block pic msg which I pay for him to have. Something “ain’t right”. The 1.99 data charge keeps coming up even though I have all mgb usage blocked. Explanation was, “hitting wrong buttons on phone”
    Also, when you call to take a block off of phone to download app, if you want it back on, request it THEN. If you don’t, they don’t put it back on.

  641. David Carter says:

    This showed up on my Verizon bill also. Look if this stuff is gonna be allowed to happen this is just the beginning, if it gets out of hand you can kiss alot of mobile users goodbye.

  642. KRISTA HAYES says:

    My 13 year old was able to do this from the computer for her phone, total BS and should be regulated by the FCC!!!

  643. Harlene Willard says:

    You have to realize that ANYTIME you enter your cell phone number on line this can happen. Try searching for health insurance on line and enter your cell phone number – within 5 seconds from entering the number someone calls you. Verizon put a “third party block” on my phone after I paid $9.99 for two years until I discovered what it was. But it was my fault for entering my phone number on line.

  644. m coop says:

    We have 3 phones on our family plan and these criminals hit a different phone each month. I just researched my bills and noticed it had been going on for 10 months now. 9.99 for 10 fargin months. I am incredibly pissed.

  645. Stacey Leiting says:

    I got charged $9.99 every month for a couple months for “premium messaging”. It was the 77877 2waytraffic alerts that I never signed up for. I thought the charge was for the new phone I got, like a data plan. When I got an older phone, I looked into it. Realized I was being charged for nothing for months! Now I don’t know how to get credited back…

  646. Kristen Jefferson says:

    I have a son who is developmentally delayed. Got him a phone since he is riding the “regular” school bus this year for safety reasons. He does use facebook and I assume that this is how he ended up charging 136.00 on the bill. Apparently all he had to do was submit the cell # and click a box that said he authorized the charge. Where are the safeguards that should be in place. Someone with a lower understanding of how things work should not be able to charge additional features on an account without some sort of access code or securtity code. That way if mom and dad give the code and charges show up, that’s on them but this was way to easy. He thought he was getting access to items for a game he was playing on facebook, farms animals or something. This is just wrong on so many levels.

  647. Otis Michaud says:

    I have a password protected account – no one is authorized to approve charges to this account without providing this last level security prior to authorizing a change. I have been charged approx $30 monthly for premium services that could have been entered on any website by anyone who knew the number. This went on for months until finally discovered the source and “unsubscribed” by simply replysing STOP to the message. Subsequent to this action I’m supposed to pay an extra $5 monthly if I want this block on my primary line ( assumedly because it could not be a line that is in use by a minor )

    I trust Verizon to control their service at least to the point that I do not have to worry about charlatons anywhere on the globe using that tidbit of information to expose me to highway robbery. Yes – I very much do hold Verison responsible and I do not blame anyone in my house for having done a damn thing – because it didnt have to have happened that way. This is more than a control issue, it is criminal accomplice and neglect of the responsibility toward and trust of their customers.

    Verizon signed a contract with me. I was told that customer satisfaction is their watchword. I was assured that Verizon would do right by me if I had a problem with my billing – having recently recovered from a situation with AT&T involving a $600 month billing without so much as an alert that the account was 3 times its standard rate. Braggards vagabonds and thieves in cheap three piece suits. Every communications provider in the continental United States is complicit.

  648. seyed says:

    On April, 2010, I received a $9.99 fee for “Prem_SMS” which is from MMTXTALRT, but had not ordered any such service

  649. Marcus says:

    Verizon (and all other carriers) simply need to offer a free “no third party billing” block. I’ve hd to fight this sort of thing multiple times and now am refusing to pay a third party portion (of about $26) for 33222, which I did not authorize.

  650. vivian strickland says:

    i have a pre pay phone and some one has used all of my time on it with text messages the number is 40684 i put $15.00 on my phone and it has used ever bit of my time . my number is 229-314-3532would you please do something about this problem and put my time back on my phone. think you

  651. Sean says:

    “PREM_SMS 48000 Tp-Music-MMS” charge for $9.99 showed up on our Verizon bill, which is a charge I never authorized. I never signed up for anything like it, nor do I know who the company even is. Very frustrating.

  652. Janice says:

    Verizon is paying out a huge settlement for unauthorized charges to customers. How many complaints does it take to meet the qualifications for a class action lawsuit? Verizon customers successfully sued via a class action suit and won in Florida.

  653. vivian strickland says:

    ok i am still getting text messages on my prepay phone and it is stll taken my time please put a stop to this problem

  654. Gregory King says:

    I purchased a Droid X. After getting my first bill, I noticed a Premium Data charge of $9.99. After contacting customer service, they said I entered my phone number somewhere which caused the charge. The service is Mint Mob, and I never heard of it. They placed a block on my account for premium services, but I’m still going to try to get my $9.99 back.

  655. David Bulger says:

    Verizon must be held responsible for these charges. This should be blocked at the time you purshase your phone and/or service. Charges of 19.99 should have not been allowed and should be refunded. Shame on you Verizon, my next cell company will not do this if they care.

  656. Barbara says:

    The latest victim: two Premium Messaging charges on my Verizon bill. They will do nothing; if I don’t pay them it will trash my credit but they accept no responsibility. The “service providers” SAY they will refund me one month since I’m canceling (!) but since there is a month delay, my only option is to pay for the “service” or risk the consequences. I can hardly wait to see what will show up in the next six to eight weeks.

  657. Hannah says:

    I was recently charged for Premium Messaging for $59.99- text msgs from website i never heard of before. Have no plans of paying this with Verizon and they said they cannot waive the charges. I tried contacting the third parties but since Verizon block my premium msgs cannot send text to them. Please help get these charges out of my account.

  658. Belinda says:

    My story is much like every one else on this website. I was charged $9.99 for 2 different Premium Messages that I never authorized. One was from SoLow and the other was from Mind Quiz. I have never heard of either. I called Verizon (twice) and was advised they would block any future Premium messages but said they are billed by the 3rd party, they pay them and I am responsible for paying the charges incurred. I tried to call the 3rd party companies and only get a machine that says leave a message. What rights do we have in matters such as this? I am 56 years old and I have had a mobile unit for the past 23 years with the same company (Bell Atlantic was purchased by Verizon) and have never signed up for anything with my servicer other than my regular plan. DOes anyone have any answers? Thanks

  659. Brock says:

    My phone has been charged $9.99 for the last 3 or 4 months i called my phone company and they refunded the money but the charges keep coming. A few days ago i called again and the phone company told me they blocked the number. Well yesterday the charge shows up again. The 20th of every month. I again called my phone co. got the refund and was told that the charges were coming from this number 1-800-235-7105. I call the number and got a robot who asked if i was getting charges to my number and wanted it to stop just input the number and the charges will stop.

    So i did now i have to wait to see what happens, i hope this is the end of it. The name and website of the company is below.
    Caller: National telephone advisory

  660. Roxane Davis says:

    I have been charged for months 29.97 for premium messaging on my verison bill. I called and they told me to contact this site. I put a block on it and would like my money back.

  661. Ur Gonna Be Sry U SMS'd Me :) says:

    i got the message as well. i didnt get charged anything, yet. what you all need to do is all start calling this number constantly 866-390-6184 and harass the crap out of them all day, scream profanity at them and call them the nastiest names you can think of. it wont accomplish much but it will make you feel good. i have their number on speed dial and whenever im bored YOU BET im going to call and harass them.

  662. Butch says:

    I just looked at my venison bill, It had a strange charge on it, So I called Venison, They said that who ever used that cell phone went on the internet and maybe didn’t even know it but signed up for there Horoscope 9.99 a month and the only way to stop it is to text 356-483-STOP venison said by lay they would have to stop sending the Horoscope texts I also got the Companies phone number 1-800-235-7105, Venison also put a block on all my cell phones to block premium testing, Which doesn’t sound to good, They said even with the block stuff like ring tones and Horoscopes can still be purchased on the internet the just can’t be down loaded and you won’t know about them until you receive the Venison bill. There must be a lay, How can they let underage kids down load this stuff and charge a parent.

  663. Butch says:

    Sorry about the spelling in last message, I was upset. I called Verizon back and found that the the first person I talked to on Verizon was wrong, This time I was told to text 35683 and in the body of the text type STOP This was for the Horoscope I did it and was send a reply text stating the account closed.
    My other son did the same thing on his Phone for that one Deal No Deal Verizon told me to text 89147 and STOP My son isn’t home right now but we will do it when he gets home, The Stop has to be texted from the same phone that signed up.The personalso said after this is taken care of to put the Premium Text block on the phones and she said they can not only stop anyone on the phones from signing up for anything but it will also not allow any billing to my verizon account, But she said you have to be sure to get the confmation text from the jurks first, IIf you are having a problem with this type of deal call Verizon they can look at your bill and give you the text# needed to stop it.
    Good Luck

  664. Harbor says:

    I have been charged for months 19.98 for premium messaging on my verison bill. I called and they told me to contact this site. I put a block on it and would like my money back

  665. Cheri says:

    I received $29.97 in charges on my Verizon bill. One was from my phone and the other 2 were from my teenage son’s. My son claims that he never signed up for either of these services and I have to agree with him because I didn’t either. The Verizon rep said that it could be something as simple as playing a game on Facebook and entering your mobile number to see how your score compared to your friends. DO NOT EVER DO THIS!!! It is a scam and you will be charged. I am hoping that all 3 companies will refund my money since we have never used any of their services. I cannot believe that it would be legal to not verify someone’s age and/or get a credit card number. I have no idea what I did to sign up for a Celebrity News/Glam site and I am an educated, 42 yr old so how can a minor be responsible?

  666. Matt says:

    Somehow got enrolled in mind quiz mobile quiz club for 1 month @ 9.99…which must have also enrolled me in 9.99/month charge which I did not notice for 4 months until finally found error and notified verizon, at which time VZW blocked all “premium texts” but am out $70…complaining to FCC/FTC and state Attorney General…these companies are elusive and predatory and need to be shut-down!

  667. Bre says:

    I randomly decided to make an account with my phone online only to see that I was being charged 20 bucks extra for something I had no idea what it was! I am very confused and I texted “stop” to the number it said to on the internet, but I have no idea what it is. That’s ridiculous.

  668. Greg says:

    I was charged for mintmob, something I never ordered. I did send them an e-mail, and they said they would send me a check for the charge…in about 12 weeks. Let’s see if they deliver!

  669. Erik says:

    Wife did a quiz related to facebook, and then they ended up sending her random text messages and our Verizon bill ended up with charges of 9.99 each month. The troublesome texts are from 37215. I will attempt to reply with STOP in all caps to see if that works. This is crooked.

  670. Erik says:

    My wife answered some questions on some type of online quiz tied to facebook. then we just realized that we’ve been getting charged 9.99 each month on our verizon bill while receiving unwanted messages (that do not include a unsubscribe). Today I will attempt to reply with STOP in all caps to see if this puts an end to this scam. This is just plain crooked.

  671. Carrie says:

    We received a charged of $9.99 from My Luv Crush without authorization. The charge was billed on our 10 year olds phone. When I contacted them they said their was nothing they could do about it. Their website stated a refund would be issued within 30 days of service. When i ask for a refund they informed me they never give refunds. how is this legal to tect people and automatically start billing them for cahrges they did not authorize?

  672. German says:

    I received $19.98 in charges for Premium messaging that I have not requested because my phone plan include unlimited messaging. I contact Verizon asking for credit and stop charging this amount to my monthly billing; theire answer is that they can’t cancel these charges because this is a “SECURE CHARGE”?????? That is totally unaceptable.

  673. tara says:

    i have two phones on my plan and i am being charged for subscription im not subscribing to i have to keep calling into verizon and asking them about these charges. they keep telling me well you have the block on the one phone. when i keep telling them it was suppose to be on both phones and if i have the block on the one line why in the world is that phone still getting text messages and no charges and the other line who isnt getting the text messages is getting the charges??? how does that make sense, and why cant they take those charges off my bill??

  674. Andrea says:

    I just got hit with a 9.99 dollar charge. Verizon would not reimburse me and said I had to contact Send Me, Inc for the reimbursement and to unsubscribe. Of course, there is no contact information on their website. Verison put a block on both my numbers.

  675. Mary E Luke says:

    I recently discovered that one of the cell phones I pay for with my plan (the phone belongs to my 74-year-old mother) was being charged for a premium texting service. I had Verizon stop it and block the line, but I had already been charged 9.99 a month for over a year. After making sure that my mother had never subscribed to any service, I called Verizon back and pressed them for more information. They disclosed that it could have happened not just from her phone but it could have been an online survey or sweepstakes entry. (Well, she never gave out her cellphone number on the internet either.) I was given the number for cellflirtchat, which is what her line was subscribed to. I called their customer service twice and both times I could hardly speak to the person because my own voice was echoing back 2 seconds after each word I said. The representative said she would send me an email that explains how to request a refund. This is so frustrating, just another time I’ve found Verizon charging me for something I didn’t want or ask for. Cell phone companies should be REQUIRED to send an email or text to the account holder (that requires confirmation from the account holder) any time that ANYTHING on the account is changed. My online billpay service does this, so how hard could that be?

  676. rich shadwell says:

    I have been getting text messaging from companys that are trying to sell me some thing that is costing $9.99 each time i reseve them !! And i am getting very upset about it and can not afford this BULL— ! I need it stopped now !!!! The BBB neads to know abuot this !!!

  677. roger says:

    in july my 9 year old grandson got ahold of my wifes phone and downloaded 13 games, the next day he got ahold of my mothernlaws phone and downloaded 17 games, all of which i was unaware of at the time, when i got my next bill i had over $200. in extra charges, i called verizon and had blocks put on all my phones to prevent this from ever happening again, and struggled to pay off the bill, 5 months later i finally got the bill caught up to a $0.00 bal, only to fine on my next bill an additional $106. charge, called verizon back and was informed that the blocks were there and working but the games also included monthly subscriptions that i had not been told about, so i had them cancel those subs and was told i would still have to pay the extra on this bill!

  678. Frank says:

    I recently discovered that my daughter’s cell got $9.99 “Data Usage” charge since June 2010. I called Verizon customer service, and been told it was charged by subscribe a third party “40544 IQ QUIZ” service. My daughter told me she never subscribed such service. How can I get these money back ($59.94 in total)?

  679. Brandon says:

    the #1 sponsored site on google TRICKS you and texts you over and over and won’t let you close their website without clicking OK only to open another website. SCAM. They better not even TRY to charge me!!!!!

  680. Jessie says:

    The story line just goes on and on. We found the same erroneous charges on our bill. When we text to stop them the next day we ended up with double charges and three more “premium message” services sending text. Costumer beware! The scam is real and the phone companies do not care.

  681. Susan Mcclure says:

    IQ test and I need to know how to get them to unsubscribe me. NOW help!!!

  682. Judy Sedor says:

    I never signed up for anything,nor wanted ringtones or movie trivia & now have a fee of $23.03added to my Verizon ac. Called to cancel,no help from Verizon except for 877 #’s.

  683. Gary says:

    My wifes Ex apparently has been entering her phone number into these website adds and not knowing why she got the text message she just ignored it and deleted it and suddenly we have multiple $9.99 monthly charges that we can’t get rid of and Verizon says we are responsible for them and won’t credit them or stop them. I’ve sent STOP messages to the numbers but the bills keep coming. the cell phone companies have to be sued to stop this. Unless a YES message is texted back they billing should not be allowed just because anyone can enter anyone elses phone number in these things.

  684. Don says:

    I got several charges for a “Premium SMS” service on my phone. Called Verizon, the charges come from a company called AirG. They apparently sent me a message saying that if I didn’t opt-out I would be subscribed to their service. I thought is was spam and deleted the text without replying. I opening my latest bill and I have over $40 in charges. What a scam.

  685. odalis says:

    I never signed up for nothing is this web, not wanted ringtone, trivia or movie, and the web charge me $9.99 twice, added at mi sprint account, that’s not fair.

  686. Josiah DeWitt says:

    I received this obvious scam message in a text. The cryptic part at then end apparently means premium message that will cost you. I deleted it but I would love to find out how they got my number and who they are.
    33999: Your pin is 2244 Enter this on the Aladdin page to have your wish granted! Txt help 4help 18777071775 9.99pm.

  687. Donna Anselmi` says:

    never asked for this service and don’t want it. HELP!

  688. Dave says:

    I have a Verizon account with 3 phones. Ran into the Premium Message stuff when my son got in to it. Also found out that my PDA talks to the internet even though I don’t do ANY Web stuff. Note: I never initiated any data/Web access and my son never signed up for the third party stuff. After $90 on data and 8 $9.99 charges I was able to get them to put on the ‘blocks’ but they would give NO refund. I also work for Sprint. They not only put on Blocks, but get refunds from the third party AND refund the charges on your bill. However, when I talked to my manger, the response was: way less than 1% of customers complain about this ‘service’ and the company makes a lot of income from the third parties, so don’t ever expect it to be done away with. I too support a huge lawsuit to make a vendor have WRITTEN permission and signature of the account owner for any charges to be added.

  689. peter r. boggs says:

    I can’t seem to get them to stop chargeing my cell for a ringtone subscription that i cancelled two months ago now they have emoptied my minutes so i can’t even text them to stop for the third time i am on a very low income and i am screwed for the rest of the month those ##*& holes

  690. theo reavis says:

    i did nt oder this service they took my my money from my prepaid account i call thm i jus want a refund

  691. theo reavis says:

    jus want a refund did nt ask for this

  692. C. Swam says:

    Have been to Verizon 3 times about these premium messaging charges. This is a real rip off of customers. Does this happen to other phone company subscribers. Our elected officials should be investigating this problem and taking action to block these sneaky ways to get money. I can’t imagine that Verizon is not taking some share of the charges that appear on our bills. I have probably lost $200 to these “services” that I never requested. How can I get a refund?

  693. Patrick O'Rourke says:

    I have to check my bill monthly for mistakes and things I’m being charged for that I shouldn’t be. Now I have charges for equipment I don’t even have anymore. A big pain in the ass and a horrible company with no customer “Service”

  694. pdyildir says:

    With all these complaints re:premium messaging you’d think Verizon Rep would know what their customers are complaining about. But they act surprise and clueness. Never use or asked for prem msging, since Feb 09 to present would like to be reimbursed amongst other charges.

  695. James Kaye says:

    was charged 3 times within a 5 minute period for ring tones I did not receive or request. what a rip off, how go I receive a refund?

  696. Cynthia Weimerskirch says:

    I noticed a charge from COMPUF IXCOMP TECH MTH for 12.95 appearing on my Verizon bill which is bundled for internet,Fios TV, land line & Verizon wireless. I called last month to complain and I was told by Verizon that it was a third party billing. As you all have descibed I never authorized a payment to this company, I have never heard of this company. There is not a reference # to call on the bill and whenI tried looking them up on the web they do not exist. I was assured by Verizon that they would stop authorizing the charge but once again it has shown up on this months bill. I will be deducting it from the total of Verizon bill. I will no longer pay it and if I have to I will cancel my Verizon Wireless account.

  697. Angie Lock says:

    14 year old girl received text and accepted . she is under age and should be allowed to do this so upset that Verizon will allow this

  698. Angie Lock says:

    shouln’t be allowed to have Premium Text message didnt even know what it was this needs to be taken off now.

  699. Jeff says:

    two 9.99 charges for premium messaging. Verizon credited my account and blocked the numbers.

  700. LINDA WEAVER says:

    i was charged for a site 69097 Pure Luv Alerts..i didn’t sihn up for this site and wish it to be placed on a spam list

  701. Sandy Duger says:

    I got a 39.99 charge on my verizon bill on my son’s phone. Verizon advised us to text STOP – my son said he did not sign up for anything- want ot be reimbursed

  702. dolores taylor-smith says:

    I rec’d text message
    After seeing what it was, I tried to reply thru phone text that I didn’t want it, but it said it couldn’t understand my text of ‘I do not want this’ Please make sure I am not billed for anything.

  703. Daniel says:

    I only have a contract with verizon and suddenly there was several so called premium message charges that wrte not authorized by us. Verizon says they can’t refund and we have to search google and request for refund. This is nit fair.

  704. Tina R. says:

    PREM-SMS 90881 MobileBallot 9.99.
    I don’t remember receiving this message or downloading whatever application this is. I will call Verizon Wireless to see if they can take off this charge from my bill, but from reading the complaints above, I’m not too hopeful.

  705. Nick Adelman says:

    Receiving the following charge TWICE every month for the last 4 months. No idea how/why it started:

    PREM_SMS 77970 TXTEarth Alerts1 $9.99

  706. Greta says:

    I e-mailed a PDF of my Verizon bill to, listing in the body of the e-mail the 5-digit codes involved (91395 and 41933, in my case) and referencing which page of the bill the charges appear on. W/in 48 hrs, received an e-mail back asking me to verify my name and mailing address so they can process a full refund.

  707. W.J. Gran says:

    Verizon auto deducted additional $29.98 x 2months for unlimited text/pictures services I did not order, and I already had a text/picture plan I paid $5.99/month for. When I contacted them, they said I clicked a link on the internet to see an answer to a question, and entered my cell number which automatically signed me up for the monthly payments to the 3rd party. Apparently done so without my consent or knowledge. This can’t be legal.

  708. Donna Peterson says:

    We had been paying for this erroneous charge for 10 months, without knowing what was going on. After contacting thumbplay @ 1-877-848-6299, they are refunding us since my son was a minor. This is ridiculous! Why would we have to call to get something refunded that he had no idea he even subscribed to. And shame on us for not checking our bill monthly! Lesson learned by us.

  709. walter bates says:

    vcast was added to my account in 2008 without my authorization as well as a charge for ringback tone i did not authorize. they pretty much said it was my fault for not noticing and refused a full refund of 576.00

  710. Stephanie says:

    I’ve was seeing an extra charge on my Verizon bill each month for $9.99 for a long time now. I at first thought it was me, sending out a picture to a friend or them sending it to me. I received another bill today and my husband asked me about it and I told him that I had not sent or received any pictures from anybody in awhile. When I called Verizon, I found out that the charge was not due to pictures, but because I was getting spam text messages from this company called, which I had never even heard of or authorized to bill be for services. Apparently, Verizon took no responsibility for it and said the most they could do was credit me back for three months of charges. I however, have been charged since at least May 2010, and possibly further back than this. Verizon told me though, that they could not retrieve information beyond May 2010, which I do not believe to be true. I’m sure if they were supoenaed for records, they could produce them quickly.
    There must be something that we as consumers can do It’s not right for to get away with charging for something that was not authorized explicitly by consumers. It’s also not right that Verizon or any other cell phone carrier would allow a third party to charge and earn money through them. They should also be responsible for allowing this.

    I saw that in Atlanta, there was a class action lawsuit involving At&T regarding a similar matter. I want all the money back that I have been charged for by this company. There must be an attorney out there who is willing to take on this case, considering the fact that so many people have been scammed by them.

  711. Rose Kor says:

    I have had problems for several months with data charges for so called “premium” text messages on several of our lines. The Verizon reps are helpful but the blocks that were allegedly installed on the lines did not appear to work, as I keep getting charges which the last rep explained I need to lodge with the company which I could find through some ill defined internet search. This is ridculous!

  712. Vasu says:

    I was being charged 9.99 for almost 2 years and I have never noticed it as its hidden in the other usage charges which until today I thought are taxes. As I was looking through some International Calling Charges I figured out something was wrong.
    Auction Allerts Solow Content Provider Send Me is billing 9.99 for something that I never subscribed.

    Why do ATT let them bill on Wireless bill ? For anything to be charged there needs to a signature, Contract but ATT can just let SCAM companies bill their customers and for WHAT ?

    This is a day light rip off! Did anyone try to purse Class Action on these Companies I see lot of people had issues with these scams.

  713. Emily Booth says:

    For several months I have been receiving txts from mind quiz. When I finally checked my bill I was being charged twice one for mind quiz 40684 and the other from horoscopes 85820 Mundo media. I never received a txt on horoscopes.I tried everything, tsting stop back, calling the company. Right after caling the company I received yet another txt after they said that they cancelled it. I the called the horoscopes company and got the mind quiz people again. Different number same company, different listing on the bill. Once again I cancelled. This month they charged me again, I had to cal my phone company to have this fixed. I remeber the pop up asking for the cell phone number which I gave because I thought the sit I was trying to access required it. I then received a txt with a pin number. I closed the site and did not enter the pin number. After almost a year of this double $9.99 charge the company finally got it to stop. But I am still out $20.00 per month for the past year and the company refuses to return it. I am not any of these companies customer, I am a US Cellular customer so just letting you know it is not just these companies that are being targetted it is all companies. I think a class action suite should be filed on this company because they are relentless and refuse to admit they are wrong and refund the money that they have stolen from all of us.

  714. Emily Booth says:

    WOW! Almost 700 complaints. Isn’t that enough to hae this company stopped?

  715. John Salty says:

    Were charging me $9.99 for “Premium Messaging” from HeyMobAlert I never authorized. They quickly waived the fee and placed a block when I called in about it. They could not give me any more information including day & time.

  716. D. Simonds says:

    I think I caught it the first time it happened, which was last month – $9.99 for “premium text” from ‘bet2win’ or some such. Don’t know how they got my cell #. I’m an old dude — never use texting and hardly ever use my cell! Took a long time with those LIARS at Verizon Wireless to get my refund. Please — do not try to tell me Verizon is not complicit in these scams. I am sure they are making a bundle. Meanwhile I have blocked all text messaging — not a solution for everyone I realize but it works for me (I think – we shall see.)

  717. Mick Julia says:

    I had my verizon wireless account set to automatic bill pay. After a couple high bills, I decided to look into things. Here, I found a $9.99 premium messaging charge from a place called, “mintmob” that had been going on for over 6 months. I called Verizon, and they credited me back for all 6 months. I dont understand how companies such as “mintmob” are even legal. I never signed up or authorized anything. This is a huge scam and Verizon needs to recognize it and put a stop to authorizing third party billing. I had Verizon put a block to all premium messaging on all four of my lines – this should be automatic unless otherwise requested by the customer. Something needs to be done about these companies. It is ROBBERY.

  718. rajwinder kaur says:

    hi my name is rajwinder kaur i have verizon three years ago but there are charging evreytime extra money when i receive my bill they put very very charge extra they doing bursit with cutomers

  719. Jeanne K. says:

    I just found the $9.99 charge for messaging on my latest bill. Called and had charge removed …and Verizon explained that it probably came from a downloaded application where (hidden) in the agreement is the allowance of “3rd party vendors” to access and use the phone #. I found this site after researching who this was with stupid texts like: ‘tell us your favorite movie! Favorite band? What bullshit!!!! How can these people legally continue bilking people of money!! I called Verizon back and found out I had been charged the previous 5 months as well!!! They would not issue me a credit, but gave me a website to log on and apply for a refund. Supposedly MintMob is issuing refunds…time will tell whether this MOB (an appropriate name) will refund me!!!

  720. Debra F says:

    Yes, it apparently goes on and on with Verizon being unaccountable for overcharges. There is NO reason that verizon cannot block these premium messages! If they can opt you out later why do they not have you choose to OPT IN!!!

  721. Mark Hyams says:

    Got charged $9.99/month for “TP Music Mobile” from supposedly texting 48000. Verizon has previously refunded this charge, but today was very unhelpful and refused to credit it. I’m going to talk to a supervisor later today.

  722. Sharon says:

    I do not want this apps in prem 2 7709988936 to take another penny out of our banking account…you guys have taken 29.73 out for months now and I don’t even have the verizon cell phone and haven’t had in months I think before you take money out of someones banking acccount you should contact that person on a regular basic…this better stop and I mean today…I will turn you in two the attorney general!!!!

  723. Chris M says:

    I have been charged 9.99/mo from PREM_SMS 89147 Deal or No Deal. Found on page 18 of 26 page Verizon bill. Scam has lasted for 8 months. I never requested this service. Blocked all Premium Texts. Stopped Verizon auto-debit and ebill today. Managed to get credit for 3 months from Vz customer service, but now will fight after finding out others have been complaining to Vz since 2007. Will be cancelling my Vz plan if I don’t get full refund. I suggest others do same. How could Verizon knowing allow a 3rd party to hijack its billing system?

  724. Chris M says:

    I suggest everybody in this forum file an e-file an FCC complaint against cell phone Premium Text billing practices on FCC website.

    Take Action tab.

  725. JJU says:

    For all those two have these charges and want them to stop, just reply to the number its coming from in a text message saying “stop”. i.e. bill says “TP Music Mobile 48000″, text “stop” to 48000.

    As far as being refunded for unauthorized charges, its almost impossible to do this from the content provider, and your carrier will put up a fight. Call your cell carrier, say that you understand how Premium SMS works, and yourself nor anyone on your account ever opted into one. They will refund your money as long as you tell them you’d also like the Premium SMS service blocked. (from my experience working for Verizon Wireless as a Mobile Compliance Auditor)

  726. Albert says:

    Reported to Verizon that one our cellphones had been stolen. Unfortunately Verizon rep did not bother to mention 2 subscriptions had been added to the phone number. Instructions to end those subscriptions should have been provided at that time. A password should be required before additional billed services are added to a line.

  727. Starr says:

    Received charges on phone for premium txts. Verizon put block on it, but did not remove charges.

  728. Harry says:

    For those who are struggling with unauthorized premium message charges, I want to point out that it is much easier to fight with the third party who placed the service on your number. Do not fight with your cell carrier. Call the one who actually put charge on your bill. I’ve been getting premium messaging charges since March 2011 from number 66249, named Mobizzo1. This turned out to be some bogus sweepstakes website I called their customer service (1-800-218-7629), told them that I never authorized any form of subscription with them, and was able to cancel the service and receive the refund for all previous charges.

    We should teach these companies that they can’t make money off of us by wrongfully charging us on our phone bills. Observe your cell phone bills, find out who exactly is charging you, and fight with them to give you all refunds!

  729. linda lee says:

    i had a family plan with my daughter. 2 phones. unlimited texting, calling the whole thing. they kept adding these $9.99 charges on our bills. sometimes there would be a few on one bill in one month!!!. they told me they didn’t know what they were. but that they can only deduct a few of them. thats our policy. my last bill sent to me was 500 for 2 phone. i haven’t spoke to them at all lately. i used to call them every week about these charges.
    help please

  730. Elena R says:

    I was overcharged by $80 for two months running. They never adjusted my bill.
    Now my Dare camera phone, the camera part isn’t working at all, and I cannot get the customer service people on the phone to help me either!
    Verizon has such lousy service! I cannot wait until my contract is up! I’m never going to use Verizon or its products again. And its reception stinks too. They’re liars when they say the signnal is clear all over the country.
    We couldn’t hear half the words our friends said when they’d call us!

  731. Pete D. says:

    Uses terms like you will pay about “x” dollars but fails to provide every single costumer the upfront in theory exact cost of the monthly service when you sign up for the service in writing. In essence preying on costumers speech usage and freedom of information through the hidden fees. Beyond phone technology freedom of information and data should be free/ What were once the free public libarys now house the mentally ill, homeless, and jobless. Inside the public librarys throughout all of American there is now a wait to access the internet for 30 minutes at a time. Has anyone ever filled out a application? Do you see a conflict of accessibility?

  732. JIm says:

    BOTTOM FEEDER. sumbags attorney/collection using VERIZON # 214-496-2580..CALL, olny # on voice messages

  733. Michelle says:

    Let me set the record straight by saying this. These charges are NOT charged BY Verizon, and therefore cannot be removed or credited back by Verizon. I just love how individuals get on these forums and blame a party that has nothing to do with the reccuring charge, instead of the person that is actually responsible. These charges do not just appear, they have to be SUBSCRIBED to. Parents, watch your children. Spouses, watch your significant other! Many of these premium SMS charges are dating site alerts, ringtones, contests, jokes, and horoscopes. Of course a 10 year old will deny subscribing, but there is no other way to incur these charges! As with anything else in life, free is not always good, and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is spam, treat it as such and stop blaming Verizon.

  734. Michelle says:

  735. Phil says:

    Let me also set the record straight for Michelle and others. These charges are from Verizon, they are on my bill from Verizon. I out of ignorance and newness with a smartphone asked for weather information (not subscribed) thus, I was charged for premium services. I was able to get credit from Verizon. Just search PREM_SMS 57908 Weather Alert to learn more.

  736. Dianne Hall says:

    We use Verizon, 2 phones one with data one without… we have had the same plan now going on 3 years. Our plan includes 250 free text messages a month. NEVER have we gone over this amount. This past month Verizon charged me for 256 text messages over the plan allowance. Which I know we did not send or receive. I called Verizon and they told me I must go to my verizon online and lookup all text messages I am disputing first….. I tried to find that months log and found it is NOT availible to me…. HAVE I BEEN CLONED??… what can I DO???

  737. Donna says:

    I just found these charges on my phone. I never signed up for them and am now trying to get them removed. Verizon was unable to unsubscribe for me. I had deleted all the txt messages and don’t have the number to unsubscribe. I did send an email. And, I requested a refund. I didn’t realize (my fault) that I was being charged for these txt messages. I just deleted them ! Furioius !!!

  738. D Garcha says:

    I had the same spam in Canada. I’m with Rogers and some stupid joke company has been sending me text messages for last 2 months and racked up 100+ dollars on my rogers bill. I called Rogers and fought for hour but they won’t refund the money. They keep saying that contact this company 1-800 number for help. This is a total scam and I totally feel that these cell phone companies are getting their share. I asked the rep if he can block these text msgs in the future and he said he can’t even do that.

  739. Kaz says:

    Why am I receiving these messages and when did I even sign up for this? I’m paying money for no reason.

  740. Eddie says:

    How many people will it take to stop Verizon from allowing charges to their customers as shown here (above – I am number 740 and won’t be the last) Verizon – get off your DUFF and fix this bloody issue. NOW

  741. Stephanie says:

    $9.99 charge on my verizon bill…verizon told me how to stop the recurring charge but will not refund my money…This can’t be legal. The contact number on my phone for the company is disconnected…what a surprise!!

  742. Shauntell Wilson says:

    Never accepted offer….Dont recall ever using the website..

  743. Dave says:

    I have a Verizon account with 3 phones. Ran into the Premium Message stuff when my son got in to it. Also found out that my PDA talks to the internet even though I don’t do ANY Web stuff. Note: I never initiated any data/Web access and my son never signed up for the third party stuff. After $90 on data and 8 $9.99 charges I was able to get them to put on the ‘blocks’ but they would give NO refund. I also work for Sprint. They not only put on Blocks, but get refunds from the third party AND refund the charges on your bill. However, when I talked to my manger, the response was: way less than 1% of customers complain about this ‘service’ and the company makes a lot of income from the third parties, so don’t ever expect it to be done away with. I too support a huge lawsuit to make a vendor have WRITTEN permission and signature of the account owner for any charges to be added.

  744. Jodie says:

    received a 9.99 charge on our 77 year old mothers verizon bill for a subscrtion for “special text messaging” she dont even know how to text..turned out to be a ringtone purchase that verizon states was not purchased through verizon but appeared on my verizon bill went into verizon and no refund, I dont understand how they can bill something you did not authorize?!!!?

  745. Beau says:

    Got charged $9.99 for a ‘premium message service’ that I did not authorize, shortly after they charged me 12.99 to ship a replacement phone that was under warranty. Fuck Verizon. I’m tired of them screwing me over all of the time. Being a loyal, responsible customer and paying your bill on time every time apparently hinders more than helps.

  746. Johnny says:

    My daughter’s phone was charged over $60 for downloads and a data package after she switched phones. I specifically told them I DID NOT want the service level to change. This month’s bill reflected a $10 data package charge, and the downloads. Both of these would have been avoided had they honored my request. They refunded the $10 for data, but not the $50 in downloads. She said she didn’t make them, but I don’t honestly know if that’s true. Since we are on a limited budget, she’ll be without a phone for the next few months to allow us to catch up. After reading all these complaints, what bothers me the most is that with all of the “control” Verizon (and all other service providers) have over their networks, no one can convince me that they can’t put a stop to ALL of this? As far as I’m concerned, the answer is simple… MONEY!

  747. Linda Hennessy says:

    I, too, am outraged at this practice. Since April of 2009, we’ve been paying these fees and silly me — trying to save paper by having an online bill and never seeing it.
    Verizon, I have been faithful for years but you are participating in fraud here!

  748. Mike C. says:

    While paying a company verizon bill I noticed a 9.99 premium messaging charge. They took it off and unsubscribed to some daily horiscopes which we never recieved texts from and we never even subscribed to this thing!. When I took it off, It appeared again a month later. If I didnt review the complete bill we would have missed this!!! NOW AM I supposed to look over every bill to make sure im not getting ripped off?

  749. Maureen Haegele says:

    I have been charged for 2 years for Pac-man bought as a subscription for $3.49 a month. I did not authorize it, but it came preloaded as a demo so I think a friend’s child bought the full version. The charges are listed as “data services” not “game subscriptions,” and I think that’s dishonest. Tell me what I am paying for please.

  750. none your business says:

    I ask my mom if I could buy this and then she said most likely and then I googled. This and im so glad. That I doddent buy this I wanted alot of things and it said that I would get 20 for 9.99a ,onth with was a lie

  751. Angelika Kirkland says:

    I received a charge of $9.90 on my Verizon Wireless bill for a number from “Pur Lov Alerts” 69097. I never authorized it or subscribed to it. How can I stop it? I stopped all my SMS, will this help?

  752. John M says:

    The situation with premium texting scams is still going on and had yet to be addressed by Verizon. You’ll have to catch it in your bill then call Verizon to block premium texting on your phone. I can’t believe there has been no legal action against these scammers to date. Verizon’s excuse for passing through these “third Party” charges is that they don’t know what services have been subscribed to legitimately and which have not. Sorry, that doesn’t register. In this instance, it was an unsolicited text message indicating some prize drawing. Out of curiousity, I followed serveral of the links but was not notified I was subscribing to a horoscope service no less for a monthly fee of $9.99. I assure you that had that been obvious and apparent, I would not have followed any of the links. Here’s the rub, they provide a pin to be entered for the “contest” that serves as their verification that you accepted the service. Complete rot. Although Verizon claims they have blocked premium messaging for future billings, they are colluding with these companies (if they are in fact companies at all) to scam an unsuspecting cell user. Class action needs to occur right away. Actually due to the number of people on this site registering the same complaint, felony theft by deception charges should be filed against both Verizon and Horoscope 4 cast.

  753. Lisa Malone says:

    Billed from aug through oct for service not agreed to.

  754. Lisa Malone says:

    Billed from aug through oct for service not agreed to.I want my money back.

  755. P MacDonald says:

    They billed my verizon acct. for 9.99 x 2 months before I called Verizon to ask what it was. They said that the company was Pure Love Alert. I never heard of it and never asked for it. I feel like I’ve just been robbed through my phone….and Verizon helped the robbers. I’m going to complain to the FCC.

  756. Becky F says:

    We were billed for premium text messaging on two of our phone lines last month. We called immediately and had it blocked but they would not credit our account. We were still billed 9.99 for premium messaging on all three of our phone lines this month.

  757. Charlene says:

    Had it happen yesterday while Grandchild trying to get Verizon pix online. Got into this Flycell looking for picture. Cancelled within minutes of her doing but got a bunch of crap on my phone anyway. Then again today more even after I cancelled so called and talked to a “Rena” who supposable cancelled it out. So when they allow a 12 year old to transact isn’t that illegal?? Talk about sneaky crooks!!

  758. Erin says:

    Verizon – please stop allowing 3rd parties to add their charges to our bills. The charge comes through as PSMS Digital Products – this isn’t SOX – it isn’t transparent, are you getting a kick back or what? People read your phone bills line by line….these companies are making money off of unknowing customers

  759. JoAnn Arrotta says:

    I saw a charge for (.99 . i called verizon and they told me it was a third party charge from IQ QUIZ. They would not take the charge off. I have to pay it. I’m out of work right now and i have to pay some unknown people 9.99 PLUS!!! tax for I dont know what?????? CRAZY!!

  760. JoAnn Arrotta says:

    I saw a charge for 999 . I called verizon and they told me it was a third party charge from IQ QUIZ. They would not take the charge off. I have to pay it. I’m out of work right now and i have to pay some unknown people 9.99 PLUS!!! tax for I dont know what?????? CRAZY!!

  761. Mary S says:

    IQ Quiz billed 9.99 which would have been a monthly charge going forward. Caught them, Verizon refunded, texted STOP, and blocked premium message services on the phone. This type of thievery needs to be prosecuted, because it is just that Thievery at the expense of unknowing, non-participate billed parties. Am reporting this group to our State Attorney General office and any other regulatory groups that are available, FCC, FTC, etc….

  762. Mary Senatori says:

    Ditto to everything people are saying here. These 3rd parties are scammers and Verizon is complicit in this by enabling them to bill to our accounts. The sign-up process is intentionally deceptive and not secure (not user login required). After years of complaints, Verizon should have proactively warned their customers or disallowed this practice, but instead has done NOTHING. The rep I spoke with today said that Verizon is not getting a cut of these charges but I don’t believe that for one second – otherwise what would the payoff be for pissing off their own customers? The rep I talked to today would even take one month’s charge off as a good faith gesture, even though the scammer ( has been ripping us off for more than a year. (Yes, I don’t scrutinize my bill as I don’t have the expectation of fraud, like one might with a credit card.)

  763. Teresa says:

    I never gave them my phone number, never authorized anything, did not respond to a text, did not request info, etc. I had NO contact with them at all and I was charged $9.99 plus $3 tax. Ought to be illegal!!

  764. Stphen Berry says:

    IQ Quiz Mobile Quiz Club $9.99/mth I never requested this service and suddenly got 3 text messages from them. Please don’t charge me for this!

  765. Stephen Berry says:

    IQ Quiz Mobile Quiz Club $9.99/mth I never requested this service and suddenly got 3 text messages from them. Please don’t charge me for this!


  766. Stephen Berry says:

    IQ Quiz Mobile Quiz Club $9.99/mth I never requested this service and suddenly got 3 text messages from them. Please don’t charge me for this!

  767. Denise Kirchoff says:

    who the hell do these people think they are?! charging for a bunch 0of crap I do not want!!!

  768. Janette says:

    Been charged for at least the last year for TWO ‘premium messaging’ services @ $9.99 EACH WITHOUT my consent!!!! ‘Glamorati Alerts’ and ‘Tap Playlist Alerts’. Never heard of them, and just NOW noticed these charges on my online bill. Verizon needs to be held accountable. I am cancelling my service with them. They are deceptive…

  769. Bob says:

    Verizon’s gone over their head, you have to pay your bill asap for those stupid laggy mobile broadband devices and you get dial speeds and speeds below a megabyte on a good day and a 125ms ping or 780ping when you dont pay your bill asap. Advice, if you cant get high speed internet get dial up, its just as fast or faster then Verizon’s “1 megabyte up and down” mobile broadband devices. Im getting high speed through a local service who takes pride in their work and the speeds are what they say they are.

  770. Brandt says:

    My wifes account had at some point been accidentally added to a ‘third party’ trivia thing. I never noticed it because my first bill with our newer plan has always reflected the same amount for about a year, so the charge went unnoticed. I finally caught it under the ‘special premium message’ billing area. Verizon was only able to refund one payment, and I never found out what the companies website was or how to contact them.

  771. adam says:

    just check my phone bill nevery ever sent or called any number but getting charged for this data? says 2/01 11:16A Premium Messaging PREM_SMS 83660 LoveGenie Tips 9.99 — 9.99 9.99

  772. Lisa says:

    Text # 718-88:

    Called them today after they charged my Verizon bill $9.99. I am 31 with no kids and the guy asked me if I let my child use the phone?! What?! He said that a refund would be sent in the mail. I NEVER went to the webiste or requested them to send me any text. When I asked how he received my number HE COULDN’T TELL ME! This is absurd.

  773. KATHY says:

    tonight at 6;20 PM on 3-10-2012 calls me up, wants a payment,of $68.91 says right then, there if that amount is not payed tonight my cell phone will be turned off when I just made a payment on the 6th for $100.00 them idiots had all day today saturday to contact me for a payment plus all week to ask for this amount now what if funds were unavailable I had to use my business checking acount to pay this amount why did them idiots call me earlier on saturday for a payment instead of calling me at 6PM, when the banks are closed.

  774. Marvin Haendler Sr says:

    I never even new that existed until I got a notice on my cell phone that I would be cancelled because I had not used their services in 150 days. I wish they would take a flying leap at the moon

  775. Greg Bove says:

    I am Being charged by Verizon on my Cell phone $9.99 plus tax each month for premium messageing service I did not subscribe to. Verizon has refunded the charge 2 of 3 months but will not do it again and blocked 405-44 for me. Verizon asked me to text 405-44 with stop in the message and that woul work. I do not receive an acknowledgement from the text number. I am not confident it works. Should I receive another charge I will deduct that amount from my bill. Additionally I will file a complaint with the FTC aganinst Verizon and the text number 405-44. The first call I managed to identify as University of Phoenix, The last by a service for Direct TV and ADT. Nothing works to stop the charge.

  776. Ray Liang says:

    What is wrong with Verizon as so many people were charged for service they did not subscribe. It is a crime. Carriers take action!!

  777. Kristin says:

    Just found out my husband has been paying $9.99 for over 14 months for ‘premium messaging’ which was never requested. I cannot believe Verizon or any other cell phone carrier would be complicit in helping CRIMINALS steal money from their customers! Ridiculous and shameful.

  778. jamie says:

    i got a txt saying that i had to go on to and log on so my pics wouldnt be erased so i did but the pin number they gave me wasnt tyhe correct pin number so what is the correct one

  779. Linda Murrey says:

    A month ago I did a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL with Verizon’s Home Phone connect. I asked twice before signing anything that”If I brought it back with the 14 days, would there be any charges whatsoever?” The answer at all times was “NO Charge if you bring the Home Phone Connect back within 14 days.” Well, the phone did not work for what I wanted, and I took it back 11 days later. Verizon not only charged me an activation fee, but and an early deactivation fee, taxes and time used amounting to over $200.00. They reversed the deactivation fee after a long wait on the phone and an even longer conversation, but would not delete the activation fees or taxes whice came to over $40.00. Basically, I was lied to by their representatives or their representativies were not trained properly, and I have to pay for it. You would think that my business with them of several years and their reputation and ethics is worth more than $40.00. I did sign the contract believing that there was no charge, but that was misrepresented by their people before signing the contract. I wouldn’t have tried there “FREE TRIAL” if there was a hidden agenda and it was going to cost me $40.00. IN ORDER to get the phone for trial, you must sign the contract, but it was never pointed out to me any charges at all. that i just deceitful and very bad business practice on Verizon’s part. As soon as my contract is up, I am going elsewhere, unless they compensate me in some way. i have already spent more than two hours talking to them on the phone. I know of a cable/phone company who would not hesitate to compensate their customer happy over a $40.00 bill. With Verizon apparentlly, the customer is always ‘wrong’.

  780. jessie says:

    stop this app i thought it was my on line picture and its not so please delete it

  781. JOSE (@MARINEUSMC0311) says:



  782. marilyn says:

    um i want my mins. back on my phone i did not subsribe this mess on my phone i’ve been wth this company for years and i dont want nothing on my phone i can go on line for and get for free….if my mins. r not placed on my phone i will take futher steps due this matter this is outregeous…

  783. barbara lee says:

    i do not want these services, 5412336279. stop texting me please. i did not ask for this. thank you.

  784. Elaine Quale says:

    I do not remember ever seeing a text from them nor did I ever contact them. My May bill included a $9.99 bill for Premium Messaging, which I am told I have to pay even though it was never asked for or authorized. I feel there is something dreadfully wrong when companies can bill you on your provider’s account, and the only way a person finds out about it is by checking the bill item by item. The representative I talked to said that I have to pay this initial bill, and that he has put a block on it, but he said they could do nothing about the initial bill. I am very unhappy about it, but I did pay the bill. If it happens again next month as this is supposedly a recurring billing, I will refuse to pay it and contact the FCC.

  785. Linda Jimenez says:

    My mother is 88. I got her a phn from Verizon. She doesnt even use it and I get this reoccring bill and have no idea what it is, I can’t believe Verizon allows or is doing this. It really should be illeagle. Get It Now Download NFL Pix and Tones and Get It Now Download FunTones Unlimited — who did this to her phn, I know she didnt do it..I know I didnt do it. Its like being robbed really. Mad. Guess I’ll change providers..seems like no other option.

  786. Teresa says:

    Didn’t ask/accept or request any Premium Messages!! STOP. Called Verizon they removed the most current month. Called Jamster Content today and can’t believe their outrageous practices!! Told me that we agreed to contract. Yes, my 10 year old agreed by receiving a text!! Unbelieveable!! Seeing that we can’t always control who we receive texts from. Blocked them and anyone else from getting through until they can find another way to do it! I want a FULL refund for ALL Charges associated with Premium Messaging! Tell everyone to call, report it, check their bills, ask for a FULL refund.

  787. April says:

    This is bogus. I just went to a website listed in my handbook for my phone to load pics to and it was a verizon website

  788. william scott says:

    I do not want this survice. did it not knowing what it was.. DO NOT BILL MY ACCOUNT.. I hope this works and gets though!

  789. Michael DeLucia says:

    Just charged 9.99 for premium messaging from Jamster. Have no idea why, never knowingly ordered the service. Have they cornered the market on pocket dialing?

  790. Theo G. says:

    Same deal. Two phones both had 9.99 charges no one authorized. Verizon blew smoke up me. Read from a script. No refund or so they said. BS. Scam complicit company. Untrustworthy.

  791. Rod says:

    I called Verizon asking what the $9.99 Premium message bill was about, they said its been on my bill for 3 months, and put a block on it but i wld get one more bill anyway from mobile tonez, i never d’loaded any tones ever, basically i was told theres nothing i can do, just eat it.

  792. Edgar Bernal says:

    I’d never imagined. I was deceived, was supposed from my daughter to open it at and I thought they were pictures from my grandson. That’s heartless.

  793. Hana Im says:

    I started receiving text messages from Bid and Win, also providing me with my pin #. Then I was charged a monthly fee of $9.99. I’ve asked for a refund, but we’ll see how it goes. I hate scammers.

  794. steve says:

    Just noticed this 9.99 chaege fo “premium messaging” on my Verizon bill so I called to find out about it. I was told someone must have gotten my cell number and entered it on a website and I have been billed for it for six months… I told her to stop it and credit me back for six months. The lady called the service provider while I was on the line, we were told that they will stop the “service” and they will send me a check for three mos as they can only go back three mos. The Verizon lady said that Verizon would also credit me for $20. So we’ll see.

  795. riley says:

    clash mobi charge of 9.99 plus 1.40 tax. Don’t know who they are. Verizon charge me. I call and complained. They removed from my bill and gave me a credit with no questions asked. I also blocked premium texting. Sounds like a rip off. If it is one my next bill. I will be dropping them.

  796. Karla says:

    Just noticed a $9.99 charge for “premium messaging” for my daughter’s phone which has been added to my past three bills! Only noticed it this month, so went back to past bills and noticed it on the last three. I called Verizon asking what the $9.99 Premium message bill was and they said it was for either ringtones or text alerts, neither of which my daughter has on her phone. All Verizon could do was put a block on it but most likely I will get one more bill anyway from this Jamster that I never loaded. Basically I was told there is nothing I can do but pay the bill!

  797. kate says:

    Just noticed a $9.99 charge for “premium messaging” for my daughter’s phone which has been added to my past three bills! Only noticed it this month, so went back to past bills and noticed it on the last three. I called Verizon asking what the $9.99 Premium message bill was and they said it was for either ringtones or text alerts, neither of which my daughter has on her phone. All Verizon could do was put a block-same as above person-was told to call myself-got run around

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