m-Qube Inc. Complaints

If you have received charges on your wireless cellular phone bill from m-Qube Inc. or VeriSign for mobile content subscriptions (i.e., for ringtones, premium text messaging services, ring tones, joke a day programs, wallpaper, screensavers, text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized mQube or VeriSign to bill you for, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized mQube Inc. Cell Phone Charges–

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–Report Unauthorized mQube Inc. Cell Phone Charges–

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950 Responses to “m-Qube Inc. Complaints”

  1. Keith says:

    Dave—Don’t give up. That’s exactly what they want you do to. Call Verizon again and tell them you want a refund or else you’ll become an ex-customer. It’s your money.

  2. Jackie says:

    I can’t believe that the FTC, FCC, my states attorney’s office & AT & T are aware of this problem & continue to allow M-Qube to bill their customers! AT & T did credit me back the 10 months worth of charges after 3 phone calls to them but this shouldn’t be allowed to happen in the first place. I think AT & T should require confirmation from their customer that they did order the subscription before charges are added to the bill! AT & T said there is no way to do that but I don’t believe that for a minute. We are too high tech these days to not figure out how to. They know how to notify you by email & Text that your bill is due!

  3. nerm says:

    I NEVER approved services (of any kind) from this company yet it appeared on my cell bill as a charge. Sprint told me that I had subscribed to the service -which I had NOT EVER DONE SO.

    The customer service rep says to me ‘…I know how it happened to me. I was filling out a facebook questionnaire’ …and the fine print at the bottom says they will bill your phone X amount of dollars and cents. ‘Oh,” I said “that’s probably what I did.” Well, after a little investigation, I realized that that was not the case. Read on.

    Here’s the kicker: I NEVER SUBSCRIBED NOR GAVE MY OK, –even accidentally, for this charge in question. My cell bill states: SendMe Mobile: Alerts –Solow Auction -12/26. This is a confirmation that it was not via a facebook or other online questionnaire, though I suspect that’s how they got my cell number, but it was a text message sent directly to my phone. I found that the suspect email was received on the very day that the charges were billed to my account. It read:

    Text Message
    Win prizes playing SoLow! 20 guesses/day/game.
    Reply HELP for help. $9.99/mo+ Msg&Data Rates may apply. Reply STOP to cancel. Txt GAMES for prizes to win BIG!
    Received on:
    Dec 26, 09 4:38pm

    I then checked my send messages for that day. I SEND NO MESSGES at all that day! So, how could I have been charged this service (which incidentally I never received any so called updates, what so ever) that I never confirmed –even by accident (cell in pocket can sometimes hit keys)? This basically means that this SoLow Auction company (own now by M-Qube) is committing fraud! The worst part is Sprint says they have no control over this practice and that I should report it to my local law enforcement!

    I asked them to block SoLow Auction from their system entirely and again they opted to not do anything. Further they told me that there are just too many complaints and they can’t follow-up with all of them so they don’t follow up on any of them! What a joke! No wonder our economy is in such a shambles. Americans 50 years ago would never let something like this go unchecked. And we The People are the ones who pay for it all. Sad.

    Researching this on the Internet revealed a long history of this company committing the same type of fraud over and over again. Changing their name or methods and billed amount. They are international in their fraud. What’s worse someone can fill one of these out for you and supply your cell phone number, without your knowledge, and voila you get charged and ‘you signed up for it’! Gone are the days of consumer protection. This is even easier than stealing your credit card! The moral of the story: We’re all in the wrong business! We should open our own ‘legitimate’ business and make a fortune! Lord knows no one will try to stop us.

    In closing, I warn you not to fill out any online questionnaires that ask for your cell phone number. If it doesn’t result in an automatic charge, it just might supply some company with the means to bill you for services that you never asked for.

  4. Kathy D says:

    I have been charged EVERY month by this “m_qube” since I got this new phone last year. EVERY month I have to call my provider and get a refund. I have submitted a request to their site to remove me and stop the unauthorized billing, my provider has advised me they are blocking them, stopping the service, unsubscribing me and had me text “STOP” to a 5 digit number…I AM STILL BEING BILLED every month. How can they get away with this? If this was a local retailer charging you, they would be breaking the law. Is this not virtually the same thing?

  5. vmatt says:

    TODAY I discovered that I have been billed $9.99/mo for the last 6 mos. The download charge indicates I have a “monthly subscription for “horoscope alerts”. I NEVER subscribed to this!! I contacted ATT and was told this happens all the time. I was only refunded 2mos…. not the 6mos I was billed. By the way, a monthly horoscope was never even sent to my cell!!

  6. vmatt says:

    ALSO: ATT claims their system will only allow them to go back 2 mos to issue a credit. I DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!! Then why was I able to to view my 11/08 bill. IF I CAN VIEW IT, THEY CAN CREDIT IT!!! I will call back and hopefully get a more customer service oriented employee.. or DEMAND A MANAGER OR BETTER YET THE RETENTION DEPT. I’ve been a customer since 1997, that should count for something!!!!! I felt he was making things up as he went….

  7. Keith says:

    vmatt— Don’t give up! Tell them, point blank, that if you’re not credited for the full amount that you will switch the first chance you get. If they still refuse to credit you, then tell them you want your contraced terminated immediately. And then follow through on your threat if they don’t make you a happy customer again. Threats are the one thing that really gets their attention.

  8. Kathy D. says:

    ***Everyone…if your needing a refund, there has been a Class Action Law Suit that recently settled. You have until March 26, 2010 to file your claim and I believe you can get up to 80% refund. Go to http://www.mqubesettlement.com/ and file your claim!! Help spread the word!!

  9. Irene Schwier says:

    Buongiorno UK ltd, Buongiorno Deutschland GmbH:
    Obviously we are facing a global crime: this happened now in Germany: two days ago I got bothered by a pop up pretending to come from Apple. I was offered to participate in a competition to win one of 100.000 ipods.
    In the end I was told to have won an ipod and was asked to enter my mobile phone number, then I was asked to enter the win code which immediately appeared on my handy. Then I received a message from my telcompany they charged me about 3$ for a third party. The third party was Buogiorno GmbH a company operating also as blinko in Europe and obviously in the US.
    Then finally I learnt that it has not been Apple – it was Buongiorno pretending to be Apple and now they charged me for a subscription for strange things.
    The CEO of the affiliate in Germany and the UK is Jürgen Reutter a former CEO of O2. The headquarter is in Italy. Please do something in the US – in Germany this fraud is legal – there is no way of prosecution!!!
    Some people got cheated by lots of money.

  10. Dringende Warnung vor Buongiorno GmbH Berlin - Seite 8 says:

    […] […]

  11. Kate Kiechle says:

    I was fraudulently charged $9.99 per month on my ATT wireless bill from August 2009 to March 2010 (when I found the strange charges). My wireless provider refunded the last two months of the mysterious charge and cancelled the never verified service I was supposedly receiving. m-Qube Inc., or should I say content providers such as SendMe, are charging wireless customers for a service the customers did not request or verify. According to my bills and the representative of ATT wireless I spoke with, I was being charged for an “Auction Alerts” service. I never received any “alerts” via call, text or email (lucky me I guess). According to past posts on this blog a class action suit was settled recently… yet unaware customers such as myself are still finding mysterious charges on our monthly bills. What will make these now millionaire criminals stop?

  12. Kenneth Topham says:

    I noticed this billing on one of the phones on my Verizon account. After checking it out I realized it has been charge four times (Jan, Feb, Mar, and April) My son did not order it. Does not even use texting. I would like those four months of charges refunded.

  13. Kenneth says:

    Kenneth—Call Verizon to complain. Tell them you want all of the bogus charges refunded. If they won’t issue a refund, threaten to switch to someone else. Don’t give up!

  14. Eddie Jastrau says:

    You have charged me for services I did not subsribe to. I entered stop at least 15 times and you did not,I want you to clear this up with Bell Mobility,Now, it constitute Fraud and other good things.

  15. Eddie Jastrau says:

    Signing me up for services,bullshit texts,that I did not subscribe to.

  16. Eddie Jastrau says:

    Charging me for a service,I did not authorize

  17. Eddie Jastrau says:

    You ……..es,scam artists………….

  18. Keith says:

    Eddie— Call your provider to complain. Most of the time the provider will issue, at the very least, a partial refund. This site is just for consumers to share stories of the scam.

  19. Rick Scott says:

    I am FURIOUS!!! While casually glancing at my ATT bill, I noticed some weird subscriptions for my wife’s phone. I knew she wouldn’t have subscribed to anything, and further investigation revealed this was ongoing from Feb 2011 to now (July 2011). My 10y.o. son who just got a phone, also had these charges for the last 2 months. They were “Best Eco Alert” and “Text Alert”, and varied from $9.99 to $10.81. ATT took some of these off (said they were from this “M-qube”), but said they could only reimburse going back 90 days, while admitting they were a scam and served no purpose (at least not to my unsuspecting wife and son). Unbelievable that this is allowed to continue. Rep said there was an ongoing lawsuit. How can I recover this stolen money?? I will pursue this until they are stopped and punished, and everyone should do the same.

  20. brian says:

    I added a line for my mom to use as an emergency phone. Fraudulent charges for text msg alert services for m-qube and solo elite games showed up on the second bill for $9.99/ea. Unfortunately I use paperless billing and the online billing doesn’t show detail of the “Mobile purchases and downloads” section. This section instructs to loook at the bill, which doesn’t exist since it’s paperless. I couldn’t have known what the charges were for until calling customer support. ATT offered to credit only the current and previous month’s charges. Upon pressing them to open a fraud report, they were willing to credit a total of three months back plus the current month, similar to others who posted here. I was able to get direct purchasing blocked as well as blocking all text messaging on this device.

  21. sandra conger says:

    i was charged fo a daily hoarascope downloaded at 2 am an i never approved or accpted it an the fone company could not undo the charches cause they say it was a liget charge an i now it isnt

  22. Jim Rood says:

    Seeing that i am not alone and when i requested from Sprint to put in writing they have no connection or idea whay this happened they suddenly became NOT SO FRIENDLY. I will be following up with complaints to FCC and diretcly to the Attorney Genrals office in my state

  23. Mary says:

    Looked at my bill today because I couldn’t understand why it was so much. I was surprized to see a charge from mqueb that I never authorized. I have never heard of this company. I am going to AT & T tomarrow to find out what to do.

  24. Anita Ahumada says:

    Two days ago I received a text mssge from #514-418-0440 inquiring about an ad on a car. When I replied asking “what car”, I simultaneously received text mssges from the 514 number, and from the 69999. The 514 # said that I’d receive a 4 digit PIN & that I should text it back to them to confirm. The mssge from the 69999 # gave me a PIN & said that I would be charged $9.99 a month by “Flycell” for heavens know what. I haven’t ordered anything from these creeps. There should be an instrument where these jerks are held accountable for their illegal activities.I’m angry and frustrated because these b——s tend to get away with their fraudulent practices. How could I have even thought that responding to a text about an ad for a car would bring me some much anguish and frustration. I’ll see what happens when I get my phone bill.

  25. Maureen says:

    I was charge $35.45 on my att phone bill for charges I didn’t authorize. Never receive any messages about charging my account.

  26. Carol says:

    I had two charges for Nov. and one in Dec. I called AT&T and had them put a charge block on both of the phones. I never answer texts that I do not recognize where it comes from nor to I answer blocked/unknown calls. Check your bills and contact AT&T. They removed the charges.

  27. David says:

    They are still at it. Received Dec ATT bill with a $9.99 charge for Ringtone/Auction. How do they get away with this crap.

  28. linda says:

    have two charges on daughters cell phone # of 19.98 see all are having same issue how do we get it stopped? no ome seems to have been aBLE TO RESOLVE ISSUE

  29. Jim says:

    Watch your phone bill, just had a $9.99 cent charge from Mobile Messenger for a ringtone service that I did not authorize. Luckily I caught it the first month and have emailed the PR department to stop and to credit my next bill for the amount. We’ll see what happens.

  30. Kelley Starr says:

    being billed for a service I did not order

  31. Kathy says:

    I just had a similar experience, being billed $19.98 on my cell phone for two subscriptions I didn’t sign up for. Mqube.com was listed on the bill. AT&T was great about helping stop the subscription, refunding the amount on my bill and setting up my account with a free subscription blocker to prevent this from happening again. Very happy with AT&T today!

  32. Ronnina says:

    I am charged $6.99 a month constantly on my boost unlimited service for the past 4 months. I look at my account online and each time its the same charge. I never authorized this Mqube to charge my account and I do not know what the hell this is. I am very upset because every month I call my customer care service, they are unsure of who this is. I want this to stop immediately.

  33. Jeanna says:

    My story, so much like others on here. I wz billed w/o authorization. I cant for the life of me understand how this can possibly be legal. I hope this company and all like it get sued to the fullest. Thankfully AT&T refunded me and put a block to all future scams.

  34. Valerie McGill says:

    I got charged 9.99 2 months in a row and I dont’ know what it’s for. Got ATT to reverse the charges. I never get ringtones or go to the internet from my phone. Never!

  35. Caroline says:

    Two of our cell phones in my family started receiving stupid ‘facts’ from 989-52 #. When I finally called AT&T about it, I found we had been billed 9.99/month/phone for a total of $70. AT&T refunded us and put a block on purchases on these phones. BUT I just received another text from the same # so here we go again. ATT says they are collecting info and will be (or already are) in litigation. MBlox and MQube are the companies.

  36. Kjellyman says:

    Received a 9.99 charge on mt ATT bill. Tried to go to the listed website, but does not exist. http://www.mqube.com

  37. Andrew Barbay says:

    have a 9.99 charge for something I know nothing about. Do not want service of what ever it is.

  38. Andrew Barbay says:

    A 9.99 charge for something I know nothing about. Want it removed,canceled or whatever.

  39. doug kennedy says:

    9.99 charge on my at&t bill.3rd party charge from mqube.com. Did Not request it, nor want it. After comparing other people’s bill at work.. there was others to..that was getting this same charge.

  40. Dana says:

    I have $9.99 charges on my ATT phone that I did not suscribe too for 4 months! This isnt even a good website. I called my ATT to have them removed. This company is just making free money off peoples cell phone bills. Be sure to check your bill for any subscriptions on it! They are ripping people off!

  41. Dana says:

    I am game for a lawsuit. We need to get companies like this off the air or they will keep doing it. They need to be punished!

  42. Dana says:

    And the website they give you, http//www.mqube.com is not even a good site. Everyone, check your monthly bill for fraudulant charges like these companies.

  43. Susan L. says:

    My 12 year old complained to me about needing more minutes. Confused why since I just added $$ tomy AT&T go phone, I went online and she and I viewed her history. We found a recurring bill of $9.99 each month on the 21st for ringtones/gaming/wallpaper. Called AT&T and he said it was billed by M-Qube and could only refund the current months charges. I want all my money back since my daughter and I never requested any service or authorized it. Can anyone help me on how to proceed to get my money back on this scam?

  44. Kristin Y. says:

    So, I was just getting ready to pay my AT&T bill when I decided to go over the charges with a fine tooth comb since my bill was roughly $10 more than last month’s. To my surprise I find that I’ve been charge $9.99 for a M-Qube subscription, which I find to be pretty interesting considering I’d never sign up for a subscription service for ringtones or whatever they offer. I am pretty pissed right now and I will be getting that money taken off my bill or else.

  45. Keith parham says:

    MQube made unauthorized charges to my AT&T phone bill for $9.99 per month for Zodiac (?) and Tunes2go. That’s $19.98 per month total. AT&T rep said he gets the reports daily this company’s fraudulent charges.

  46. Randy says:

    I just received a confirmation text that I had successfully entered a subscription for unlimited coupons from this website i’ve never even heard of let alone visited, mobile-clipper.com! I can’t believe it’s that easy for a company to rip you off! If they just do that to 10 ppl per day then they’ve made a bundle in 1 month… Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Have a nice day…

  47. Tony W says:

    I am being charged $9.99/month for a subscription I have not made and I certainly don’t want. I have tried to cancel the subscription but the website never seems to accept the complete complaint.

  48. Dawn says:

    Got billed on my son’s. Unsolicited text. Verizon took it off. But be careful. The losers are still at it and I can’t find an actual website to complain.

  49. jeff says:

    give these idiots a call and tell them what you think…I DID!!!!..617-673-2400

  50. Janice O says:

    charged 9.99 by Mqube by VERIZON. Verizon was of no help, all they could say is it was a third party charge. I IMMEDIATELY blocked ALL premium messaging from ALL my lines

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