Thumbplay Inc.: 48000, 71073, 66075, 40443

If you were charged on your cell phone bill by Thumbplay for mobile content services or subscriptions (i.e., ringtones, premium text alerts, downloads, etc.) that you never authorized, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized Thumbplay Cell Phone Charges–

Thumbplay Inc. Short Codes:

Who Is Thumbplay?

According to Thumbplay’s website, “Thumbplay, Inc. is a leading online platform of mobile entertainment content” that “promotes and delivers mobile content directly to members via”

Thumbplay Websites:

Thumbplay Content:

Thumbplay offers ringtones, wallpapers, games and other text-based services. The Text Services include Pop Gossip, Hip Hop Gossip, Horoscope, Joke of the Day, Daily Insults, On this Day, Superstitions, Bible Quotes, Daily Inspiration, Romance Tips, and Booze Tips delivered to phones on a daily basis.

Thumbplay Related Subscriptions and Services:

  • Thumbplay Subscription Service: $9.99/mo. for 10 credits
  • Thumbplay Transactional Service: from $1.99 per content item
  • Text Message Subscription Services : $9.99/mo. for daily text messages

Contact Thumbplay Customer Care

1-877-THUMB-99 (1-877-848-6299)

Thumbplay Supported Carriers

Supported carriers include Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, Nextel, Boost, and Verizon Wireless (according to their site: coming soon for Dobson and Alltel)

Possible Thumbplay Related Websites:

How To Cancel Thumbplay Services:

According to Thumbplay’s website “You can cancel your Thumbplay Subscription Service by sending a text message from your mobile device containing only the word ‘STOP’ to the shortcode 48000.”

“You may cancel the Daily Pop Gossip Text Service at any time by sending a text message with the word STOP, END, or QUIT to the shortcode 71073.”

“You may cancel the Horoscope Text Service at any time by sending a text message with the word STOP, END, or QUIT to the shortcode 66075.”

“To cancel all other Text Services, send a text message with the word ‘STOP’, ‘END’, or ‘QUIT’ to the shortcode 40443.”

“Text Services can also be cancelled by submitting a request to Thumbplay at”

Thumbplay Related Search Terms:

cancel thumbplay, stop thumbplay, thumb play, end thumbplay, sms, premium, unauthorized charges, spam, text message, Premium TXT Messaging, thumbplay downloads

–Report Unauthorized Thumbplay Cell Phone Charges–

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176 Responses to “Thumbplay Inc.: 48000, 71073, 66075, 40443”

  1. Alyssa says:

    I didnt get the ringtones on my phone!

  2. Innes says:

    Continued to bill after cancellation on 7-30-07.

  3. Innes says:

    36726. Continued to bill after “stop” message sent 7-30-07

  4. Amy says:

    My 9 year old ordered this thinking he was going to get FREE RINGTONES. He did NOT recieve any ringtones, and they charged me twice on my cell phone! When I tried to call the 800 number for Thumbplay that was on my bill, it was not a valid number. I found the number to call from their website, but they are only willing to reemiberse me for one charge. The lady I talked to told me you had to be 18 or older to subscribe. What a joke, they’re just looking to take your money.

  5. melissa wallen says:

    I never signed up for this service and I’m with T-mobile and they charged me for 2 months

  6. Audrey says:

    My 10 years old ordered it thinking he was going to get a cool ringtone but he got nothing but a bill for 9.99 to his cell phone.

  7. Ed Hicks says:

    They haven’t been charging me but they keep sending me messages from the previous owner of my phone number. I really hate spam. Sent numerous stop messages and they never stop. Called them, said they would stop it. Called my provider and they blocked premium messages. Still getting the messages.

  8. Damon Mitchell says:

    This Thumbplay company is really starting to piss me off. I have been charged $9.99 at least twice that I’ve caught it. My cell bill is set up to pay automatically, so I don’t often check my bill. While they have refunded my money both times I’ve called, they insist that if I didn’t enter the “code numbers”, then someone else must have done it from my phone. Are you kidding me? This past time I asked the customer service rep, Holly, to give me the corporate office’s phone number. She said it is a posted rule that they are not allowed to give the corporate office number to customers and there were no supervisors that worked on weekends to override the rule. Of course, to Holly, this all made perfect sense…I somehow mistakenly entered a series of numbers and sent it to them requesting stupid ringtones, and if it wasn’t me, well, obviously some sneaky little Blackberry gremlin must have done it. And it also makes perfect sense that a legitimate business would not want customers to have their phone number. Why would a business selling a product want customers to have a way of reaching them? Idiots. I filed a complaint with the BBB.

  9. Amy says:

    Thumbplay is still charging me, even after I put a block on the phone. They say my 9 year old must have subscribed again. Maybe this time it is AT&T’s fault. Either way, I DO NOT like thumbplay!!

  10. Chuck Maack says:

    I have no idea how Thumbplay to my cell number. My provider is T-Mobile and they walked me through text messaging “Cancel” and I got a text back from “Thumbplay” saying I would no longer be charged. Unfortunately, T-Mobile said they can do nothing about refunding the last two months of $9.99 charges plus a couple ring tones I never subscribed for with this scam outfit “Thumbplay.” What is most bothersome is that our cell phone service providers as well as AT&T and others just automatically accept these charges and place them on our phones. That shouldn’t be legal. Nothing should be charged on such accounts that we did not authorize with that service provider.

  11. John says:

    Unsolicited txt msg to my Sprint phone from Thumbplay today. It’s the first time I’ve been spammed on Sprint. Must be a trend this year. I got my first Verizon spam on my Verizon phone too. Lucky me.

  12. Andrew says:

    I merely went to their website after I saw “Royal Tenenbaums Ringtones” on myspace. I was stupid and entered my phone number, not realizing that I had unwittingly signed up for a $9.99 a month charge. They never even had the ringtone they advertized, and it took my months before I realized that I was paying the charge. My fault for not checking my cell phone bill closer, but what jerks!

  13. Elvus Sasseen says:

    I was trieing to down load ring tones.But i could not down load anything.Then i started getting pop gossip.I did not know were this came from until today.I want it stop.I made a copy of this and sent it to Drew Edmondson attourney general OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA

  14. Ed J says:

    We never ordered this and found that we have been getting charged at least 2 months!!! How can this happen?

  15. Mike says:

    I closely inspected my bill this month, which I never do, to find a charge for $9.99 from Thumbplay 48000, which I never signed up for. I called T-Mobile, who could do nothing about it, and then I was told to call Thumbplay, which I did, and the woman on the other end described to me how someone must have ordered it off of my phone, which is total B.S. I don’t have kids, and I live alone, so that rules that out.

  16. Amit says:

    I was checking my bill online and found and charge for $9.99, on a phone I don’t even use. I started inspecting my other months as well and I noticed that Thumbplay 48000 has been charging me for past 7 months. I have text plan chancled on that certain phone for over 5 months so how can that be?

  17. Mike says:

    I was billed for this on my work phone, but never even visited the site. I had no idea what is was until HR notified me I had inapropriate charges on my phone.

  18. Judy says:

    Our business account is with Cingular. I noticed this charge on my number a few months ago and Cingular credited our account for each month that had been billed. I just noticed on this month’s statement that it is now being billed to his number. I know he never visited the site. I hope someone can put a stop to this.

  19. Carmen says:

    I got a $9.99 charge on my cell phone bill. Unfortunately AT&T said they could do nothing about the charges.So I did some resarch on the internet and found this page! I just called Thumbplay to cancel, they claim they will be sending me a check in the mail. We’ll see what happens???

  20. tammy patterson says:

    I do not want you people to text me anymore I have pre paid phone.

  21. tammy patterson says:

    you people have cost me lot’s of money tried to txt on cell did not discontinue or I will consult my Attorney. thanks

  22. Modupe Hyatt says:

    I am also charged $9.99 monthly for this stupid thumbplay and I did not subscribe for this.

  23. John says:

    It has to be a scam. I browsed the website and if you plug your cell # in for a ringtone you apparently “opt in” for monthly, recurring charges. There is no question that their services are deceptive.

  24. Guadalupe says:

    I joined Thumbplay last month and the service has been great. some ringtones didn’t work on my phone but their customer service was really friendly and helpful, they credited my account for the downloads that didn’t work.

  25. K Ritchh says:

    I tried to order a ringtone from thumbplay and i did not realize that my phone could not surf the internet. you have to have that feature in order to recieve the ringtones. So they automatically put my name in the system for monthly payments. I tried to stop this by texting “stop” to 48000 like they said to do, but they still charged me. My advice would be to stick to using your phone services ringtones.

  26. Linda B. says:

    I have called and asked them to stop charging me.I never gave authorization

  27. bhikhaari says:

    i carry sprint, and i NEVER purchased thumbplay ringer. however, they charged me twice. The first month, I called sprint and they refunded the $9.99 as even they were unsure how it could have happened. I then canceled the thumbplay subsciption (which again, I never purchased) but I was charged the following month again. So I called thumbplay at 877-848-6299 and they sent me a check, as it was not my fault. They have also told me that they’ll block the phone no. and it should solve the problem. If not, I’m gonna keep on calling them, and ask for refunds…until I die. Yes, this is true…that’s what I’ll do!

  28. Cheryl O says:

    I recieved my AT&T bill and found a charge for 9.99 My daughert or I did not order this. In fact we have never heard of it. I goggled it and came to this site. I called them and talked to Bill who said they will send out a refund check in 10 to 12 days. I will let you know if I get it!!

  29. Rose says:

    Just realized billed for 2 months by VERIZON and NEVER ORDERED ANYTHING from this Thumbplay. EVERYONE needs to send a complaint with their state Attorney General’s office.

  30. Cheryl O says:

    I actually got my my refund check in 11 days. Let’s hope it doesn’t show up on my next bill…

  31. Laurie S says:

    I received a $19.98 refund check today “to be cashed within 60 days.” I hope it doesn’t bounce! If it’s of any help, the address listed on the check is: Thumbplay, Inc., 599 Broadway 8th Floor, New York, NY 10012

  32. Natalie says:

    Thumbplay keeps charging even though we’ve told them to stop. This is ridiculous!

  33. Rolanda Ebby says:

    I work for one of the cell phone companies that is hit hard by Thumbplay. Over the years I have seen youths, and elderly persons targeted by the misleading offers, or telemarketing text. Most children know their parents cannot afford extra charges, and would lose their phone. I see parents stuck with multiple charges even after Thumbplay is contacted by the main accountholder only to be sent to a dead end. I have helped more than 32 persons over the years. This issue is getting older, and there is no end in site. The “text” telemarketing is hurting the economic structure of innocent people. Thanks to everyone who submitted a solution. Here is another solution, email the company from a generic email. You will get a response. Do not give up any of your information, it will only mean more charges (a gift from Thumbplay, and websites like them). Request a name, and contact number in your initial email (You will get a response). Tell everyone you know what to look out for (Free ring tone texts, or unexpected text advertising ring tone, horoscopes, etc.) There are thousands, maybe millions of innocent people getting charges from the phony telemarketing companies with their surprise text. Help each other, you would be surprised how people with the knowledge you have are very grateful, Thanks

  34. Bob S. says:

    Unfortunately, I had signed up for autopay with AT&T. Found that Thumbplay had been charging one of my phones for 6 months. Never ordered any service from them. This is a real rip off. They keep sending text messages trying to get the same phone to sign up – even though that was they phone they snagged. How they do it is beyond me. I put a purchase block on all my cell phones so they can’t get to them again. Now I have to fight for the refund. I am turning them in and I hope everyone else does too.

  35. Ken Robinson says:

    I never ordered it, but somehow was signed up anyway. Cancelled 7-12-08

  36. PJ says:

    I received a $9.99 charge to my Verizon bill and was told it waas through Thumbplay. I now have to pay the charge I guess, and go through a bunch of procedures to get this damn service off my phone. Thumbplay you are completely dishonest. You suck.

  37. Tom says:

    I just wanted a ring tone and as soonm as the first text message came I knew something was wrong so I googled it and seeing all these displeased people I have a feeling im in a little trouble with my parents for a long term 9.99 bill is there any way to actually cancel it I haven’t read a response where someone said they actually did stop the subscription.

  38. Jefe says:

    I work for a wireless company and get complaints about companies like Thumbplay all day long. I try my best to help cancel these services and sometimes issue credit as a goodwill gesture but I just can’t believe how they can charge someone $10/mo without any authorization! AND I can’t believe that carriers just let them tack those fees onto their customers’ bills. I think this just as bad, if not worse than all that long distance slamming back in the 90′s and is gonna take an act of Congress to have carriers come to their senses to stop letting companies like Thumbplay rip honest people off!!! When I started with my employer, home long distance was still a focus and it was a PAIN to sell because of the verification process. I found out that should we be accused of slamming a customer for LD, the company could be fined something like $10k – sounds like a reasonable fine to impose for these bogus texts!

    …which brings me to why I’m on this site… my mom’s phone somehow got signed up for Thumbplay. Since I have an employee plan, I definitely notice when the bill jumps $10. I’ve had this # for about 10 years now so it wasn’t something that was inherited from some stupid kid who got his phone shut off and now I’m stuck with his #. So I called Thumbplay and supposedly I will be getting a refund check for my $9.99 in about 2 weeks. I asked how I got signed up and the Thumbplay rep told me first, someone must have accessed Thumbplay via web or phone. Hmmm… ok… highly unlikely but feasible, I guess. Then, a text is sent to the phone and the user must respond with the confirmation code and that completes the subscription process. Wow, so my mom – who barely reads English and doesn’t know how to text – did all this? Hmm… maybe some kid got a hold of mom’s phone… so I check mom’s usage for the month and there were exactly 0 sent/received text messages! Sorry Thumbplay… your story was on shaky ground to begin with, but the evidence shows beyond a reasonable doubt that you are utter douche bags.

    It’s sad to know that there are people and companies who make a living (and sometimes fortunes) ripping people off. Thumbplay (and similar companies), I hope one day that you find your moral conscious and it haunts and gnaws at you like the unsuspecting fees you’ve fraudulently charged to so may innocent people!

  39. James Martinez says:

    I had 2 monthly charges of $9.99 from Thumbplay and I have not even heard of this company before. From the number of complaints in this website, it is obvious that Thumbplay needs to be investigated for fraud.

  40. Leslie Parker says:

    My son had a charge on his phone, he didn’t know anything about it, I called ATT and they took it off my bill. You have to watch your bill.

  41. N. Davis says:

    I saw an advertisement on the site for Free Ringtone. I usually don’t pay attention to those things but that day I did.I honestly don’t remember seeing a $9.99 charge for this on the site when I entered my number or else I wouldn’t have done it. I just checked my bill online today and realized this charge. I checked the website to read the terms and conditions and see that there is a 9.99 charge in there. I believe they’ve changed the layout of their site and have included the price upfront. Must have gotten to many complaints. What a ripoff?!

  42. Carole Frantal says:

    Please send me a refund for this month’s charge.

    Thank you.

  43. Kate says:

    On our bill from AT&T if you look under the charges there is a website where you can cancel any third party billed items and ask for a refund. I did that and then I called AT&T customer service to double check they got me 2 more months credited and added parental blocks so that nothing can be downloaded again.

  44. William says:

    I received a spam text during business meeting. It was irritating because it disrupted my meeting. It was the first time I had ever received a solicitation on my cell. This month, my Alltel bill had a charge for $9.99 from Thumbplay. Alltel gave me the phone number to call Thumbplay. Thumbplay refused to credit Alltel and instead asked me for personal information so they could send a refund check. I told the agent “No” – I wasn’t about to give them any personal info that they could end up selling to another solicitor. I called back to Alltel, told them about my conversation with Thumbplay. At first, Alltel did not want to credit my account, said that I must have given Thumbplay permission to solicit me!! I told the Alltel agent: “Let me get this straight. I receive an unauthorized spam text that disrupts a very important business meeting, I don’t respond to it, but Alltel allows the solicitor to pass along a charge to me in the amount of $9.99?” The Alltel rep than agreed to reimburse my account on the next billing cycle. This is unbelievable! Someone can contact your cell phone without your permission and then charge you for answering or for reading the spam text. The cell companies are aware that this is going on but do nothing about it!!!

  45. David says:

    I just went off on a VerizonWireless rep (sorry Katie) because I thought that this was a continuation of a VerizonWireless billing problem for Text/Pix that I’ve been fighting since last year. Now I find that the $9.99 (+ tax = $10.41) has been billed to my VerizonWireless account since May, -08. Since VerizonWireless has been acting as a passthru agent for these unauthorized charges (I too have my bill paid via CC), a VzW supervisor has kindly “put the screws” to ThumpPlay to credit me back to the date of request and blocked my phone from this crap in the future. Just for verification, I have a Palm PDA phone that does not support GetItNow from VerizonWireless so I couldn’t use this download service(?) anyway.

  46. mike says:

    i have received 1 random txt from them and i sent stop and they stoped but i was charged on my bill for 10 dollars i do no belive i singed up for anythign

  47. Charlene says:

    I had went on Thumbplay’s site months ago to check out their ringtones and apparently that automatically subscribed me to their service. Bill is auto paid on CC and my husband didn’t notice the charge on the cell bill. Since I keep getting these stupid text msgs from Thumbplay, I finally got on their website and called them. “Candice” canceled my subscription and after I pointed out that I have NEVER USED the service she agreed to send a check for the 3 months of charges. I just checked my our bills on Verizon site and this has been on 7 bills. I’m only getting a refund for 3 months. I’m still out $40!

  48. Boone Kummer says:

    4800 was added to family plan line. When we added this line it was specific that it could not be altered or have any charges added to it. Verizon allowed it to be added, when Verizon is supposed to get authorization before a feature can be added. Billing on a cell phone seems to welcome scams and rip offs.

  49. Javier Rodriguez says:

    I have been billed twice, once about a year ago and another last week. This is an outrage, virgin says they can not help me.

  50. Noel Tigley says:

    To my surprise, found a “subscription” to Thumbplay on my bill, unauthorized like everyone else here. Called AT&T to address and had them put a “parental block” on my account to prevent these for future. Happy ending is that they found 3mths worth of this activity on my account and refunded me for all of it!

  51. Rachel Whitehead says:

    Saw the charge on my 10 year olds phone. She doesn’t text or use internet. There was an incomming text 5 days before the 1st charge. ATT took the charges off (was charged for next month also). Now have to put in password to down load. Don’t think this will stop it though. Nothing was downloaded to begin with. The CSR at ATT told me to scroll to bottom of message and there will be something that says stop. I probably deleted the message without even reading it because it was spam.

  52. tara lewis says:

    i have know ideal who downloaded this on my phone please let me cancell i cant afford this extra charge!

  53. rezky says:

    This 66075 subscription is pissing me off. I never subscribe it and suddenly I see it on my ATT charge details. Is there any way to block these unauthorized charges?

  54. Mike says:

    Not sure how they duped me into signing up for this service, but word must be spreading of this scam and potential lawsuit. I just called 877-848-6299 and told the rep I nover ordered or used the service. While the money is not in my hands, the rep was very nice and took down my information to send a refund check for the past 3 months. To stop any third party from ripping you off through your phone bill, call your cell provider and they can block ALL 3rd party content. While I do feel that Thumplay duped me, atleast they offered a refund!!

  55. Kristin says:

    Like others, I didn’t know I was on Thumbplay until I found an erroneous charge on my phone bill. I have not yet spoken to anyone about a refund.

  56. Mark says:

    Yep – just found out I’ve been billed for three months by this BS service company. Will notify the state AG.

  57. Mark says:

    I just filed a complaint about thumbplay online with the state of Ohio AG office. It’s quick and easy to do. I would urge others to do the same in their state.

  58. Qais says:

    I never signed up for this service and I’m with T-mobile and they charged me for 1 month and luckily I caught it. I called TM and they credited my account, I then called Thumbplay and cancelled subscription through an automated service. I will monitor my account for next month. What a Scam

  59. Dorothy S says:

    This charge started appearing on my bill so I called my provider, Alltel, to have it removed since I didn’t sign up for it, don’t use it & don’t want the extra charge. They told me that I had to pay my bill in full or face penalty charges and that I would have to follow up with thumbplay to cancel the service. This is the worst sort of scam I’ve ever heard of, not only am I being ripped off by this “third party subscriber” but my cell service will do nothing to prevent it or protect me from it!

  60. Bob says:

    These jerks got me for 20 bucks on ringtones that I never signed up for. They say someone had to approve it but I am the only one with access to my phone. These guys are pirates plain and simple and something has to be done to stop this type of activity. They did agree to send me a check since records show I didnt actually download any of the ringtones in the 2 months I was signed up. I usually don’t check my statement every month since I’m on auto pay but this time I did after seeing some strange texts from thumplay which said to enter stop to discontinue, or something like that. Well I hit stop and was still getting billed. What can we do….aren’t there laws to protect us. Sure they gave me my $$$ back but that doesnt cover my time and aggravation> And how many people are getting suckered that don’t even know it or just roll over and let them have the $$$ as long as they dont take anymore. I would love to see these scam artist on the news being led out of their offices in handcuffs…ARRRGH

  61. Billy says:

    I accidentally signed up for this service a day after getting my new phone. No more than ten minutes after signing up i callled them to cancel my subscription. they said “no problem , ill take care of that rigt now’. this was in AUG 08 . its i just called them today after finding out ive been charged everymonth since AUG of last year. they said they would refund 49.95 of it and it would be mailed to me within 14 days. i will repost in 14 and let you guys know if i recieved my refund. The girl i spoke to said her name was Angie. she seemed to stutter in a wierd manner. i dont know if i will see the refund but i will keep you guys informed.

  62. Lois says:

    I just reviewed my statement, that I always check thoroughly and there is a charge from Thumbplay that I have never heard of or subscribed to. Alltel is removing the charges. I advise everyone to check your statement online to catch these charges early so they can be reversed.

  63. Ben says:

    I received a $9.99 charge on my cell phone bill. So I call the number that was associated with the charge and they said that I had set up a subscription with my phone on March 9th, which I did not do.

    They are supposedly going to send me a refund check but it’ll be here in 12-14 business days.

    This activity seems as thought it is illegal and I may talk to someone about it.

  64. Stacey says:

    The same thing happened to me! I also have cellfish! What the heck is going on! THey are ripping me off with $30 extra charge and i never got a ringtone or anything they say! T-mobile better refund me!

  65. Ken says:

    What the fuck same thing is happening to me. I mean if there’s even this website of all of us complaining they should take this company down. ASSHOLES!

  66. D says:


  67. Drew says:

    My wife somehow ended up with this service, and we missed it on our cell phone bill for a year. I called the contact number on my bill, told them the situation, and stated I had records going back to Mar 08 with the charge. I had them look up the account activity to see if there was any. They said there wasn’t any activity, so they are refunding my money going back to Mar 08 ($129). The customer service tech was very cooperative, so before getting irate, a simple phone call to Thumbplay might be your best bet!

  68. Drew says:

    Got my check for $129 today! Wahoo!

  69. Kat says:

    Same thing with several others like and so on. I canceled my wireless service because at&t fail to unsubscribe me withing a month. I used wireless phone for the last 10 yeas but recently those people start getting really annoying and I don’t want to pay almost $10 every mounth for spam. I decide to go without any mobile phone unless the phone company stop this practice (to allow this purchase go through them) completely.

  70. JT says:

    Today I found a $9.99 premium charge from Thumbplay (short code 48000) on my T-Mobile bill (on my son’s line). I checked the message history on the line back 2 months and found no SMS to or from that shortcode number, nor any other SMS I didn’t recognize. I called T-Mobile and the rep was very helpful, blacklisted that particular premium content provider, and provided a refund of the $9.99. This is why I stick with T-Mo, the customer service is great.

    I suspect Thumbplay is violating it’s bill-on-behalf arrangement with carriers, because how can the charge be valid if there are no SMS messages to or from the short code service?!?

    Sounds like a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen!

    This is the problem with bill-on-behalf arrangements: there are virtually no authorization or authentication standards to prevent (or at least frustrate attempts at) fraudulent charges.

  71. Kimberly Field-Marvin says:

    A $9.99 charge appeared on my bill for a line that had been deactivated. How is this possible?

  72. Bernie says:

    Same story as everyone else’s. Didn’t order any service from “Thumbplay” . Their business model appears to be a scam: hope people don’t notice and collect the $ until they do.
    I am doing two things about this, and hope that each of you do the same.
    1- A complaint to the state’s Attorney General seems to be in order. With enough conplaints, the office is bound to investigate. Our AG, Dick Blumenthal, has a reputation of being somewhat “aggressive”. Hope that to be true in this case.
    2- A letter of complaint to the carrier, in my case AT&T, telling how poorly this reflects on their brand. Again, with enough complaints, perhaps carriers will finally block these scammers.

  73. Bill Adkins says:

    last year I went to thumbplays website for free ring tones. I have a new phone and stumbled on the old e-mail. I tried to redownload the song I had on my old phone and it wouldn’t work. After calling to ask why I can’t use my 24 free credits he reset my account and told me there is a 10.00 charge for last month. I said how the hell could that be. It is the last day of the month and he wanted to charge me for the month. lmao. I took his name and station number down and told him to cancel that BS. I have never been charged for thumbplay before. (I think) Total scam artist. If I lived in NY I would go and kick some serious ass. I will be waiting for class action paper work soon. Thats the kind of stuff that makes my blood boil!

  74. Chris says:

    I work customer care for a major cell phone provider and I get about 5-10 calls about this daily, and as much grief that I get from customers, it frustrates me just as much as it does them. I credit every single 9.99 charge that I see. I think its a bit interesting how its set up on Myspace and Facebook where all you have to do is simply enter your phone number in order to subscribe… as many people that go on Myspace and Facebook on a daily basis, it looks like anyone can put in whatever set of random numbers to that online application and it could very well be someones actual cell phone number…. a possibility

  75. Bruce says:

    My daughter wanted a free ringtone and did what Thumbplay directed her to do to get it. She is on Verizon. It was on her third billing cycle after she had done this, when I noticed that there was this $9.99 charge. I looked back at her past bills and noticed that we had been charge for two months before that I had paid. I was upset, $30 for a free ringtone. Verizon would only credit us the one past month and the current, but kept $9.99 from charge 2 months before. Thumplay and Verizon have made a lot of money with this enter your phone number for a free ringtone scam. I read the fine print and now understand how they cover their butts in this preditor scam with kids and nieve people who are just learning about the use of our new media phones. Verizon should not stoop so low to be in business with companies like Thumbplay. I can’t believe that the phone carriers even allow Thumbplay to practice such a preditor scam on our kids. Shame on Verizon. I moved our families five cell phones to Sprint where we are happy. Verizon is just too big to realize that my family plan left them and went to Sprint because of $9.99 that they did not credit me from this Thumbplay/ Scumplay scam. We are a Christian family and my daughter should not have been able to view and listen to the profanity that Thumbplay displays and sells within their site. Does anyone know if Verizon or any of the phone carriers could be liable for selling explisit and content to our children. I would think that because they are making available and distributing for profit adult content to children, they should be held accountable. Remember that record store that sold that song Band In The USA in the bible bilt that was closed down because the store sold to a minor. I think that it is obvious that Verizon knows that the content on these ringtone sites that they are in business with, such as Thumbplay is not legal to be distributed to minors, but they hide behind, their manipulation of what their lobbyists have put in place for them to pull off these un Godly scams. It is easy to see that mainly Verizon, AT&T and TMobile are spoon feeding our children through the cell phones, porn lyrics and graphics, and selling this and profiting as they do it. How do the parents in America stop this? I can’t believe that they are making billions of dollars from hard working parents, as we are at work they are ate work on our children, and then holding us, the parents at work accountable. I guess we are trapped. If we block everything on our childrens phones, then our kids feel that we have deprived them from services and the fun things that their friends are allowed to do, but a good responsible parent who blocks their childrens phone options, now has a child that feels we have deprived them. I feel it is time to hold the cell phone carriers responsible to control what is being distributed, and sold to our children. Verizon, Alltel, AT&T and TMobile are the worst. I must say that after doing my research, Sprint has blocked most of these scam and smut serving ringtone companies. Praises to the Sprint network for blocking most of these ringtone companies that sell explicit lyrics and trapping kids with these scams. Sprint has blocked Thumbplay (Italian connected) and Jamster (owned by Rupert Murdoch) which are 2 of the worst smut selling companies. These companies suger coat their home page. Sprint must of gone beyond the sugar coated home pages to fined that Thumbplay and Jamster have thousands of pages of iniquity to serve through Verizon, AT&T and TMobile to our children.

    If any attorneys out there read this and have good suggestion on putting together a class action to hold these carriers responsible, please comment. Again, while hard working parents are at work, Verizon, AT&T and TMobile have partnered up with Jamster and Thumbplay, as preditors, to profit off of our nieve children, and pervert them through the hand held cell phone.

    There must be a way to penitrate/ or hold accountable Verizon and AT&T. At a minimum, let’s stop this business practice.

  76. Ed Coolidge says:

    Just noticed a 9.99 charge from thumbplay on my att bill that I never authorized. They’ve been leeching cash from me for months!

  77. bud says:

    Lost ringtones phone was stolen andnever received all my tones back

  78. bud morgan says:

    Cancel my subscription please

  79. Baller says:

    Bruce – You are a dork.

  80. consumer says:

    I noticed a $9.99 charge on my cell phone bill. Called AT&T they told me about ThumbPlay 48000. We have been being chraged $10.69 ($9.99 plus tax) a month since October. That is 10 Months for a total of $106.90. I called AT&T and they took of the charges and retro-creidted me from April giving me a creidt of $49.95. Then I called Thumbplay at 1-877-THUMB-99 (1-877-848-6299)and complained to them. They are going to send me a check for 3 months charges or $32.07. so for all this HASSLE I still have PAID $24.88 to Thumbplay for NOTHING! Thank You THUMBPLAY…I hope there is a classaction suit!

  81. Emeraldnite says:

    Got a call from my parents (who take care of the cell phone bills) saying I was getting charged for this service. Called the company number, they said I signed up 3 months ago using my work email. I never once went to their site! They say they don’t solicit, but that has got to be false! Since they had my work email I didn’t attempt to get a refund.

  82. Claire Miraglia says:

    I just checked my bill which I don’t do every month, but notice the bill larger than expected. There it was at the bottom of the At&t bill Thumbplay. Never signed up for this and have yet to check past bills. Will be doing this after typing this comment. Outrageous!!!

  83. Claire Miraglia says:

    This has been going on FOREVER!!!! Checked all AT&T, paperless billing (not always a good thing). I could only access from 3-11-08 to present. This Charge was on EVERY SINGLE Bill from that point and who knows how much longer. I will call AT&T and then Thumbplay. My hands are shaking as I type, I am LIVID!! Will report results re: calls to be made.

  84. Claire Miraglia says:

    I’ve been being billed for 26 Months!!!! Okay, called AT&T they refunded 3 mos. Called Thumbplay, they refunded 4 mos. Joined the Class Action Suit: Go to:

  85. Thumbplay says:

    I recently discovered the Thumbplay charges on my bill too and was outraged that I have been charged for something I didn’t subscribe to, as most of you have already discovered. I texted STOP to 48000. We’ll see what happens. I just wonder how many other months I was charged for it that I was not aware of………

  86. Sally says:

    I never knowingly signed up for Thumbplay. Thankfully, my dad caught onto this extra charge pretty quickly, but it still took us a couple of months to cancel it. But as this was pretty recent, we’ll see if it actually worked or if we are still billed.

  87. noel says:

    just took over the bills from my wife, found the 9.99 charge for thumbplay on my son’s # and called AT&T who will remove the last two months, called thumbplay and they agreed to reimburse all of it.

  88. Plays Games with Consumers | Comma 'n Sentence says:

    [...] I was I had known that is known for screwing over their “customers”. In 2008, a major lawsuit was filed against the company. “According to the suit…the rapidity with which the mobile content industry has grown has led to ‘a disastrous flaw:’ Billing and collection systems put in place by companies like Thumbplay have no ‘checks or safeguards’ to protect against unauthorized charges showing up on customers’ bills.” Other angry consumers have shared similar experiences. [...]

  89. Robin Jacobs says:

    My daughter asked if I wanted to pay $3.95 for a ringtone of Beyonce singing ave maria. I agreed, but the resulting ringtone was horrible~! We never used it, much less realized there was a recurring fee. Terrible scam.

  90. Dennis. link says:

    Got billed twice never bought it. Frauds

  91. Thumbplay Member says:

    Thumbplay is a very ligit company! If you took the time of review and read through the terms and conditions and also in any of the text message you get even before competely signing up you will see that it is a $9.99 monthly subscritpion. You cannot blame Thumbplay if your daughter/son signed up it’s you choice to give them a cell phone and monitor that phone. If you are billed more then 1 month from Thumbplay continuously, and don’t realize this, it is also your choice to not go through your cell phone bill. They are only doing their job in charging an account that gets credits to download. Maybe everyone should take the time to read through things and monitor their children and bills. I found their customer service to be extraordinary, helpful and polite people!

  92. Claire Miraglia says:

    Re: My Post #84 “They refunded 4 mos”…not so. They Promised that over the phone, but refunded a mere 1 month. Will I call them again and waste more time?–probably not. Commenter behind comment 91–use spell check first, then tell it to the judge.

  93. Nick W. says:

    Never ordered and actually cancelled thumbplay and still receiving charges.

  94. Frank P. says:

    Thumbplay is in the wrong for not putting in plain english on their website that your going to get charged for their services when next to their ringtones that they don’t mention anything about it costing anything. All it says is get ringtone and no mention of a cost for it. I’m calling them today and demanding a refund for the membership because it is ridiculous, never again.

  95. David T. says:

    I too have been a victim of this scam. I too never subscribed to this service and continued to get billed. I too have responded with “stop”, “end”, and “quit” and even logged onto the webside to cancel and got a response stating I am not even subscribing to the service. How many complaints have to be posted before this company changed their ways of doing business? Why doesnt the FCC get involved in this scam and shut them down?

  96. Claire Miraglia says:

    I called AT&T for the second time; after they had agreed to block further Thumbplay charges but to no avail as the charge showed up again on the following bill. They had previously agreed to refund 3 months of charges, but after my second call to them to alert them that the Thumbplay charge was still appearing on the bill, they stopped the charge and blocked it from occurring again. During that phone call, I requested a paper bill from now on as I had been on a paperless plan, thus, wasn’t paying attention. The paper bill this month showed a credit from AT&T of $199.31 and was described as a Third Party Content Refund, which I applied for earlier, but did not expect would happen. We were considering changing services, but now feel a little better about AT&T. Go here to apply for your refund:

  97. Nick W. says:

    To Thumbscam employee-commenter#91. A legitimate company does not continue to charge many months after several attempts were made to cancel the subscription. Many attempts made to cancel and the only confirmation we received was a text stating “get free access to over 450,000 ringtones”! Advertisements that have FREE, FREE, FREE in bold letters with a disclaimer in a million tiny letters at the bottom of the ad, are very deceiving even for fairly intelligent adults let alone children. The only way to talk to a Rep at Thumbscam was to call as if I was ordering a subscription, otherwise to cancel, you never have the opportunity to speak to someone. Customer service even stated they only should have charged the 1st initial month and not four months. Please submit problems with this organization to the Better Business Bureau as I have.

  98. Paul Andrews says:

    My son called 678-999-8212, some “Soulja Boy” number in Atlanta. They seem to be in on this scam. I see three voice calls to “Boy”, then two 48000 texts back. No texts out. How can a voice call have authorized the subscription? We are trying STOP to 48000 and Purchase Blocker through ATT, plus ATT says they have canceled. We shall see…..

  99. Steve J says:

    I was checking my email through Yahoo web site and accidentally clicked the free ring tone add via touh screen on a bad scroll. Guess what? I get a text message from 48000 to get free ring tone and a link to thumbplay. Found your site and texted a STOP. Called them up and a subscription was pending. Future Text messages are now canceled(I Hope).

    In their TOS (18 pages long with out scrolling option available) They claim your are signed up just by visiting site
    “Thanks for using Thumbplay! This agreement (“Agreement”) is a contract between you and Thumbplay, Inc. (“THUMBPLAY” or “Thumbplay”). By visiting or using the THUMBPLAY web site (, using the Thumbplay Widgets or by completing the registration process to use the THUMBPLAY Transactional or Subscription services (collectively, the “Services” or “THUMBPLAY Services”), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service” or “Terms”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, your use of the Thumbplay Music Store™ software application is governed by the Thumbplay Music Store Terms and Conditions.”

    THanks for this site.

  100. Jennifer says:

    Just put end to stop the ringtones i just did and they stopped messaging me. Gosh! i hate sites like this!

  101. Susan says:

    We got fast, courteous results with AT&T after the first Thumbplay charge. They now have a FREE “purchase blocker” service, which we added to our account. They immediately credited our account for $9.99.

  102. Kevin says:

    Magical charge showed up on my bill. Looking into Purchase Blocker described above. UNbelievable scams from both Thumbplay and playphone (which is $14.99).

  103. AJ says:

    I just spoke to Sprint about the same situation and it seems that Thumbplay had charged me for four months of membership fees. Sprint blocked any further charges from Thumbplay AND credited my account for all the charges. Way to go Sprint!!

  104. Saman says:

    Thumplay charges of $9.99 started appearing on my cell phone bill and I have no idea how they got there. I am a busy mom who barely even knows what a ringplay is. Sprint did take care of the charges but the fact that they allowed it in the first place makes them complicit in the fraud if you ask me. I asked for an additional $25 for my troubles which Sprint was kind enough to give me. I think Sprint should lose money or be penalized in some way for allowing Thumplay to defraud Sprint customers.

  105. Donna Lee says:

    Have been billed for 6 months for this service which i didn’t know I had. My Sprint service provider has not bothered to provide its subscribers with information about this spam of a text service. This is the most ridiculous spam I have heard of on a government controlled airway, and the government hasn’t even bothered to tell the public about this.

  106. Shante says:

    I signed up for this because it clearly stated that I would get 20 free ringtones and I would not get charged until the next month. I got two ringtones, and when I went to see how much money was left on my phone (it ‘s prepaid) I saw I had a very small amount left. I went to check why, and see that I had been immediately charged $9.99. I was able to cancel the charge but now until I get enough money to put more on my phone, I can’t text or call anyone. Thanks Jerks.

  107. Karen says:

    I was charged $9.99 for the past 8 months by Thumbplay unknowingly. AT&T refused to provide a refund for these services. Thumbplay offered past 4 months refund and then I have to speak w/ supervisors to get the last 4 months.

  108. Victoria says:

    Just like everybody else who posted here, I just realized that this company called “Thumbplay” has been charging my cell for text messaging service! What the-??? This is something that I definitely didn’t request!! This lowly practice of getting “customers” should be illegal!

  109. Danni says:

    I know most people have nothing but bad things to say about this company, however, I initially had the same issue you ALL had. I simply called 877-848-6299 and spoke with a very nice rep named Trudy who not only agreed to issue a check for the charges (9.99×4=39.96) but she also allowed me to give her my other two cell numbers to put on the blocked list, as I requested so I would not have this problem again. Now, I am waiting up to 15 days to receive my check and as long as I do, you won’t hear from me. Otherwise, I will be sure to update you all on the status. Give the number a try. It may help. Good Luck!

    BTW: I agree that this should be illegal and the ICC needs to step in to prevent these scam artists from getting over. Imagine how many people just pay their bill without paying attention, just like I did for 4 months. It is a sad shame.

  110. Lynn Wright says:

    I didn’t order this

  111. Catherine says:

    Never ordered this service but still ended up paying 9.99 for ringtones I don’t know anything about. I think thumbplay should be shut down!!!!

  112. Deena says:

    Just realized Thumbplay charged me on my mobile broadband card for 2 years (each card comes with a phone number).

    I called them and they claim that my number was not properly recycled and was transferred from someone else who had the service. But they couldn’t confirm that they actually had records of having service on that phone number prior to when I got that number. So sounds pretty shady.

    They immediately agreed to reimburse the entire amount – $249! Maybe that’s their way of avoiding law suits.

    My impression is that it’s very sketchy and I don’t buy their explanation.

  113. Debbie says:

    I attempted to download a free ring tone from which I never received. I never agreed to a monthly service to Thumplay yet was charged for 2 months. I sent an unsubscribe txt 2/2, rec’d a confirmation and still was charged for February.

  114. BRIAN KOPPELMAN says:

    In January 2010, I clicked on Thumbplays free ringtone and was billed $9.99 on my phone bill. What kind of scummy company is this. I then had to go through there process of opting out. Then they billed me again $9.99. They stole $20 from me. All I did was click on get a free ringtone. How can this be legal? This was faulse advertising and intrapment. Whom ever is behind this company belongs in jail.

    I can’t imagine the phone carriers allowing this. I did notice that Sprint doesn’t allow Thumplay. They say that they took in $100 million. They stole it, and probably mainly from children and kids that didn’t now that as soon as you click on get free ringtone, there is a good chance that these poor parent and kids get billed $9.99 for two, three, four and five months before catching that Thumbplay keeps billing your phone. Thumbplay is like Satin or a blood sucking vampire working covert on peoples bank accounts through the phone bill. THIS MUST STOP, before they cause real big problems for some poor person. I did some research and found that Thumbplay is owned by some really gready venture capital people. This is as bad as Countrywide and Ennron. When will corporate greed stop and taking advantage of our children and innecent people. Verizon and AT&T should be ashamed for even allowing this type of business to even exist.

  115. Eva says:

    I have the t-mobile company and I never subcribes anything like this! Thumplay has charge 29.99 to my third teen daughter’s phone and I block everything on her phone texting, internet, everything. And they charges 3x on the bill for that month. I called the t-mobile company and they said that only my daughter had subcribe it, that’s why it charges.I got so mad I yell at my daughter and grounded her for two months. I didn’t know that I was wrong until today they had charge 9.99 on my billed again. I apologize to her. So I went on google to find out what is this “thumplay” and I found this website. Oh my gosh, I am so angry and feel sorry for other people including me that got these charges and didn’t even know about. this company is such SCAM!!! Thumplay should be out of business!!!

  116. Eva says:

    “third teen year old daughter’s phone, that’s what I meant to say.”

  117. Alex says:

    I just got credited from AT&T. Props to them. They were able to cancel for me and give me a pin that would block any future billings from happening. I’ve never even heard of this site, so imagine my surprise when I saw the charge. I still text STOP to 48000. To my surprise I got a text back from them that I am not even a subscriber, yet they’re on my bill. Shady practices for sure.

  118. Tiffany says:

    Charges for the last 2 months at $9.99. Sprint tried telling me it was a “valid” charge and they could block the internet from that phone to keep it from happening. Um, no! This was not something we downloaded or signed up for. They finally took it off the bill, said they cancelled it, and supposedly blocked them from sending “hyperlinks” because that must be what happened. (I don’t believe it, I think we tried to download a game moths ago that never worked, and have been getting billed since.

  119. Cathy says:

    I am another victim of this fraudulent company. I think someone needs to start a Facebook page warning the public about this horrific practice.

  120. Marlene says:

    My T-Mobile bill showed an increase in montly charges. Noticed charge for $9.98 from Thumbplay and another charge for $9.98 for upcoming end of April bill. Contacted T-Mobile and they credited the current month but not the upcomng month. TMobile rep advised that they receive a monthly printout from thumbplay requesting payment for services provided to tmobile customers. I explained that my 10 yr old child inputted her number on internet for free ringtone. Problem is her phone is a $19 phone with no download capabilities. Tmobile told me to please contact the Feds and advise them of what is being done by this company. I have also called thumbplay and complained to them. Their business practices are deceptive at the very least. I have blocked all phones including mine. I hope that the charges do not continue to be posted to my bill. thumbplay indicates that they will refund the charges for April. I plan on reporting them to the Attorney General.

  121. Cathy says:

    I am still seeing the charge on my phone bill after the Stop message also. If there is a Class Action suit against Thumbplay… please advise us how to join.

  122. tcfor816 says:

    I never ordered any ringtones,or anything else!!!!THEY ARE MAKING EASY MONEY..

  123. Jefferson Kale says:

    I noted 4 charges on my bill from thumbply, celebSq, funmobile, and openmarket to the tune of 42.36 what is this?

  124. Randy I says:

    I pay my ATT bill via auto credit card so don’t pay much attention to the actual bills. Found out yesterday that one of the phones has been billed for Thumplay since at least May 2008 (that’s then oldest bill I have). Never ordered anything from them. I’m embarassed to say I’ve been scammed. I should have been checking the bills but then again I shouldn’t have to. Will be calling ATT today to try and get this resolved.

  125. jorben says:

    I did not purchase anything from this company matter of fact this phone was turned off with no service at the time you claim this purchase was made you should check your numbers again because at&t can verify that this phone was completely turned off

  126. Randy I says:

    Well, AT&T shut off the service, took it off this month’s bill and credited me for 3 months. Have to go after Thumbplay for the rest.

  127. Phil McCrackin says:

    thumbplay charges suddenly appeared on my phone bill. I never ordered it, however I carry my phone around in my pants therefore i believe my underwear may have got entangled and accidently ordered the service. Damn fruit of the looms.

  128. Barbara Senden says:

    I had the same problem with thumbplay charging me via Verizon without my ever having signed up for it. I had not received a bill for it yet, but was curious about who this thumbplay was that was sending me texts. After reading the messages on this site, I called Verizon to see if I had been charged (I had but hadn’t yet received the bill) and to put a block on all premium messages. While deleting old messages, I realized that all it takes to “sign up” for thumbplay is the simple act of opening their original text to see what it is.
    If you have already requested a block but are still getting messages, be sure you have reprogrammed your phone. The block will not take effect until you do.

  129. Brenda C says:

    I think yhat I have been paying charges since I bought my phone, I didn’t know that I was being charged. I called att and got a couple of months refunded, they said their records do not go back further than that. That is a lie. They supposedly cancelled the subscription and low and behold it came back mysteriously again. I have been paying it for 4 months again. My daughter got a new phone and together with the sales person we once again cancelled the subscription. Today I got my new bill and there it was again!!! My daughter is an adult on a limited income, she does not order anything extra and my husband and I don’t even know how to do it. None of us ever ordered anything. ATT gave me a refund for 4 months which is why I say that they are liars. They said originally they didn’t have records beyond 2 months. Everyone today is running some sort of scam. You have to be an expert to keep up with them. I am so sick of it, and untold hours on the phone trying to get refunds. We seriously need help with controlling corporate thievery and scams in this country. What a sickening way to live.

  130. Jerry Pack says:

    I never ordered or even had an interest in this so called “service” but found that I had been billed $9.99 for each of the past two months. I talked to T-Mobile and hopefully this is being taken care of but it is scary.

    I suggest that we file a class action lawsuit against this company. We could recover the money they stole from us and maybe even put these guys out of business.

    Contact me at: jp at dr dot com. If there is enough interest we can get these %@$+@&d$ !!!

  131. Jenn says:

    FYI: my phone was scammed in a similar way as everyone else, however uopn contacting verizon, they refuse to reimburse any of the charges. they said it is our responsibility to fight it out with thumbplay. I expect to get that kind of response from scammers, but not my own “respectable” service provider!

  132. Denver Dave says:

    I did not order this service, nor ever used it, but have been billed for 3 consecutive months.
    I unknowingly was subscribed to this service, I believe via a text from 48000. When I open the message, I was subscribed. I had no idea billing began based on that text.
    I tried to cancel via the 877-THUMB99 but the automated service would not cancel me since I have ‘credits’…duh, who knew. Easy for them to scam you, a p-i-t-a to cancel. I text’d “STOP” to 48000, and got a “cancelled” reply, now watching for billing to stop. Anybody know if T-Mobile will engage in refunds?

  133. Tom Vitek says:

    I did not order this service – evidiently started on my bill on Feb 22, 2919. ATT cancelled service today, credited 3 mos.

  134. Jim W says:

    I never subscribed to their service and never went to their website but I was charged $9.99 on my Verizon bill. The Verizon rep helped me cancel and then blocked the number. He also removed the charge from my bill.

  135. Luis Aquilar says:

    Same story as the rest. No permision, but charged for months before realizing it!! What a scam!

  136. john says:

    same crap for months now, we have battled these people before.T Moblie lets it slide.

  137. Sophia banitt says:

    Does anyone know.about brain challenge and the owners/billing? I’ve been getting charged monthly for over 2 years by them for a game that was supposedly unsubscribed for 2 years.

  138. Brett says:

    Has been charging my account for nearly a year. Text shows up looking like you can order something for $9.99, but it’s actually charged to your Verizon account every month. Called Verizon and they credited me 2 months. Told me it’s a scam, but tough luck.

  139. Griffin says:

    I started getting these today on my T-mo BB. I’ve never heard of them, but went online and had customer service block all chargeable download content.

  140. Sara blake says:

    Wasnt satisfied wit thumplay music need money refunded to my creditcard

  141. Connie S says:

    There were charges on my T-mobile account for May and June 2011. No one confessed to signing up. I called the number listed on my phone bill, spoke with a very polite woman who cancelled the account and said I would receive a check in 2-3 weeks with a refund for May and June. I hope she is honest.

  142. Linda says:

    I am the stupid person who figured out only today that I have been charged $9.99 (as a third party biller) through Verizon since November 23, 2008, shortly after I got my phone. Since it is listed as a charge for “Premium Text Messaging” there is no way I ever suspected it wasn’t part of my regular plan. THat’s $9.99 times 30 months. For nothing. Verizon says they have now blocked the “service” and that Verizon is taking several of these companies to court. I hope Thumbplay is one of them. And I will sue.

  143. John says:

    I just realized I have been paying $9.99 monthly for at least over one year to Thumbplay. I did not sign up for it. I never even heard of Thumplay nor have I used their service.

  144. cindy stanford says:


  145. Mat says:

    So I started getting spam calls 6 times a day from 603-214-9021 6 days ago, they wouldn’t stop calling, sales people, I called up my company to block them and they said it started happening soon as your subscription to thumbplay started… I”m like what??? I’ve never in my life signed up for this, texted any code or nothing, only thing I have done on my phone is I was getting spammed by text messages about adds, to stop this press 1, I did, never ever do this! This is the only thing I can think of that signed me up for this, this company should be shut down! Tmobile blocked them from every charging me again and they have a system now to prevent them from calling or anything ever signing me up again without my knowledge. So that is good but yeah the 800 number tmobile had for them didn’t work, disconnected, so I’ll try their number on their site and hope they reinburse me.

  146. Penny Eccles says:

    I never ordered this at all and think it is wrong that these people can get away with this.I am not even getting the ring tones.

  147. Donna R Tucker says:

    Did not order or accept and found a $9.99 charge on my ohine bill.

  148. Julie Sottovia says:

    Did not order or accept any of the this ringtone and found the charge of $9.99 on my bill. This company should be find for adding charges with out or okay

  149. Cynthia Hiddemen says:

    My daughter accused me of downloading something. I have no idea of who these people are. There phone which they refuse to answer says my phone is not a customer but they are billing through T mobile. I just filed an on line complaint with Va Attorney General. I guess I will make sure I run up more than $10.00 on their toll free phone. This is my way of dealing with these scam folks.

  150. LO says:

    Samne thing for me also. Ive seen this 9.99 on my bill and i didnt order anything from them. Dont know what to do?

  151. Sue says:

    This charge was on my last months phone bill and I had NO idea what it was until now! My phone provider cancelled it for me. And as far as ringtones… what ringtones? I plan on filing a complaint with the AZ Attorney General. If there is ever a class action suit against Thumbplay, I’m in.

  152. Shirley says:

    I can’t believe it. I just got a new account with T-Mobile and Thumbplay, a company I’ve never even heard of, is already charging us $9.99. If a class action suit happens I’m in too.

  153. Rueter says:

    I was recently checking my telephone bill and noticed that Thumbplay has been charging me a fee of $9.99 a month ( + $0.8 tax) for close to 2 years. In the AT& T bill this charge is listed as “ games graphics” and the Short Code is 48000.
    This is clearly some kind of fraud/rip-off since I have never visited this website nor have I signed-up for this feature in any other way. I am absolutely certain of it. The only reason this went undetected for so long as it did was due to the way the charge was portrayed on the bill – at first look the charge seemed like some sort of tax, but upon doing a closer inspection I realize it a fraud – feel like an ass for not detecting this earlier – the way AT&T bill is structured, they don’t explicitly reveal what the charge is – one has to dig deeper (go to another URL and sign up to find out what this charge is) – this makes me think AT&T is part of this – if there is a class action on, I am in.

  154. Joe says:

    The same thing happened to me. Today I received a text Special Offer! Get dwnlds at (yadda yadda yadda) Help? txt:help Stop?txt:stop. 10 credits? $9.99/mo. subscription. Msg&data rates may apply.

    so I replied ‘stop’

    next text from 48000

    Warning! Acct cancelled with 10 pre-paid credits remaining. Reply SAVE to keep credits, redeem at Same T&Cs. Otherwise no further dwnlds/chrgs

    Then I received this text:

    ThumbplayTones content download subscription. You will not be charged further and your subscription is being canceled. You will not receive further messages.

    So I called the company at 1-877-THUMB-99 (1-877-848-6299)

    and spoke with customer service representative by the name of Bill (operator number 206)

    He said that I had been signed up on October 10th. I did not sign up for this product, yet I was charged for the month of October. Being unable to credit my account with my phone company he said he could issue me a check and send it to my house in 2-3 weeks.

    I asked him for a confirmation number, and he said, oh yeh and rattled of a 6 digit number.

    He said if I don’t receive a check to call back in 3 weeks.

    This is clearly a fraudulent company. What do I do about this? Is there anyone to contact to investigate the practices of this company?

  155. Dan Naughton says:

    Same story – AT&T, 9.99 for four months. My kid never signed up for this. Thumbplay is a ghost company – there’s no one to call. I didn’t see any recommendations on what to do about it, other than leave a message?

  156. Floy Parkhill says:

    A few minutes ago, I dialed Fandango to get movie times. Got in a auto-loop and heard two ads, at the end of which I was asked to press “9.” Then the auto voice said, “thank you.” and the call ended. Immed, I got txt msg from Thumbplay saying “subscribe to get 10 credits…enter pswrd.
    I ignored it, but in meantime, another txt msg came from my daughter and I meant to reply to it but mistakenly hit reply to the Thumbplay msg. Then got Thumbplay msg: “you are already subscribed…” Yikes. Went online to see what this Thumbplay is and found your site. Texted them back to “STOP.” Got immed reply: “Acct cancelled with 22 credits remaining.” I fear that I’ve been charged, so I’ll check my bill. I think the initial text from them was a result of my phone call to Fandango but can’t be sure.

  157. Floy Parkhill says:

    Yep, sure enough, I was charged $9.99 tonight. However, with AT&T online, I submitted a refund request, explaining that I did not knowingly request this product, and within minutes, a refund was approved. Good ole’ AT&T!

  158. Mike says:

    Everyone needs to report this scam to the New York attorney general where there office is located at. Please, otherwise us complaining and ranting about this won’t solve the problem!

  159. JoAnn White says:

    I was charged for THUMBPLAY and did not request it…..I called ATT and they supposedly requested a refund but it was not done then I got charged again…You are ONLY ALLOWED ONE REFUND. Am ready to switch from ATT when my contract is up!

  160. Mike says:

    Just received bill from T-Mobile and found a Premium Service charge for Thumbplay. Called and had T-Mobile block all future charges, along with crediting the charge back. Also sent a STOP text to 48000. Hopefully this is all it takes.

  161. Ho Yeon says:

    I’m using T-mobile. I was charged for thumbplay that I’ve never authorized. I have no idea about this…

  162. Dennis says:

    I have always checked my bill before paying it with T-Mobile and was surprised to see the ubiquitous $9.99 charge. Luckily for me, it was the very first month. I called and spoke to a customer service rep. I have no kids, and NO ONE uses my phone. The service rep was very fast to offer a credit for the 9.99 the following month and offered thumbplay’s 877-number to contact them. I have filed a complaint with the Texas state attorney general’s office as well as the New York state attorney general’s office. I also will contact T-Mobile and explain to them that I will not be paying for the $9.99 + taxes on that fee. I also filed a BBB report on this company.

  163. Mark says:

    I called T-mobile about 2 weeks ago to switch my wife’s data plan from 2GB to 200mb. So of course I was expecting a lower bill…nope! I checked under Premium service and there’s 48000 Thmbply 8778486299 and 23918Nitto Legends??? A similar service was added last year and T-Mobile blocked and credited me the 9.99 back, hopefully they will do the same for these other 2.

  164. Wenbo says:

    The same scam happened to me. I called T-mobile, after long talks with the rep finally they agree to refund but I have to wait 60 days. It is a scam and T-mobile is part of it although they claim it is a third party service and T-mobile is just acts as a biller. Will definitely change service provider and make sure to block all such scams.

  165. Steven says:

    I received a charge from Thumbplay a few months ago, in which I had never downloaded or bought anything from them. After that I reported it to AT&T and they credited my account back for the charges and said the service will be blocked. However, Thumbplay continues to try charge my account. I believe Thumbplay is a total scam. There is no music or video service as they describe on their website, etc… It’s a pure scam.

  166. Herman Nainkin says:

    noticed an unauthorized change of $10 pm. Upon calling them they made it seem like i did something wrong, i have no kids and they said “my kids” may have played with it – i dont kids. this business should be nailed hard by an attorney

  167. Jay says:

    I have two un-authorized charges of 9.99/month. Called them and they said they cancelled the account and credited the charges back into the account.

  168. Reina says:

    I noticed a $9.99 charge on my T-Mobile bill and immediately looked up the name of the company charging me. I am the ONLY one who uses my cell phone and I know for a FACT I never authorized their service and never signed up for any free tones or anything of the sort. I am VERY careful with my phone and never give that number out for any kind of “freebies”, I know better. I called T-Mobile instead of calling thumbplay directly and they are cancelling it for me and giving me a refund for the charges incurred. Thumbplay is a scam site that often times uses third party methods to STEAL your cell phone numbers and money.

  169. Patricia & Andrea Aranda says:

    I never signed up for this. Service and am being charged $9:99a mo. I tried texting STOP to 48000. I want all moneys paid credited to me.

  170. Yvonne says:

    Like the rest of you. I never signed up for this service. I called T-mobile and they credited my account and “black listed” this subscription so I will not be billed in the future. This is robbery, watch you bills…

  171. Kristina says:

    Never signed up, texted Stop twice, still have my messages saved. Billed twice, T-mobile couldn’t do anything. Just talked to them and she said she could only credit one charge. I said I would check with the lawyer and consumer organization if she does not credit the rest. She then offered to mail me a check. We shall see if it gets here like promised…

  172. Becky says:

    Same story as everyone else, never signed up but got charged! Unbelievable. Tmobile service rep said it will stop and the charge will be credited back to me within 30 days. Crossing my fingers!!

  173. Beth says:

    I also had 3 months of charges from them, and the funny thing is the FIRST time i noticed the charges i had asked to HAVE IT BLOCKED!
    Customer service rep said it takes 4-6 weeks for the refund

  174. Linda says:

    What good does it do to e-mail Thumb play to stop the service you never authorized to begin with. If they have been charging you the damage is done. I told T-mobile in no uncertain terms that I would find another phone service if I don’t get the charges reversed and for the charges to stop. They reversed the charges. I also had had a problem wtih Swizzle, about three months prior , who charged me three months in a row. T-Mobile had not been as forth coming , so my threat about going to another company more recently got results for some reason.

  175. Linda says:

    Oh , by the way, the Swizzle problem came up on a phone we have no texting on. T-mobile had told me you have to answer stop. I told them I don’t do Texting, and that I had told them before to block all texting in going and out going. They don’t listen very well.

  176. Johnathon says:

    I do not own a smart phone and have never been to their website. One day the texts started showing up indicating I was being charged. No remedy from the company or ATT. Completely absurd and fraudulent.

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