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If you were wrongly charged on your Cingular Wireless or AT&T Mobility cellular phone bill for third party mobile content subscriptions or services (i.e., for ringtones, premium SMS text messaging services, ring tones, joke a day programs, wallpaper, screensavers, SMS text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized Cingular Wireless or AT&T Mobility to bill you for, tell us your story!

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What Is AT&T DirectBill or DirectBill Communications Downloads?

According to AT&T’s website “DirectBill lets you purchase MEdia products such as ringtones, games, and graphics online or on your phone.” The charges are billed to your AT&T wireless phone bill. If you make purchases online or on your phone, you are eligible for DirectBill. DirectBill allows access to downloads with no need for a credit card.

How To Cancel An AT&T DirectBill subscription:

According to AT&T’s website to unsubscribe from a DirectBill subscriptions you need to go to, login with your ten (10) digit AT&T wireless phone number, have your phone/device ready to receive a free text message with an eight (8) digit secret code needed to complete your login, enter the eight (8) digit secret code and select the subscription you wish to cancel, follow the instructions and then log into your account.

How To Block All AT&T DirectBill Communication Download Purchases:

According to AT&T’s website, you can block DirectBill purchases from your wireless phone/device by following these steps:

1. Log onto MEdia Net from your cell phone device.
2. Go to My Account on the MEdia Net menu
3. Select Parental Controls
4. Select Purchase Blocker

You can also contact AT&T Customer Service.

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–Report Unauthorized Cingular Wireless| AT&T Cell Phone Charges–

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330 Responses to “Cingular AT&T Wireless | AT&T Mobility Complaints”

  1. Mohamed says:

    I have been victim of unauthorized $9.99 charge (twice) for a horoscope service (of all things!). I called T-mobile, they refused to credit my account back. They told me since it was not charged by t-mobile they are not liable. I think it is dishonnest since this appears to be a known issue to which the carrier has not setup any safeguards. It works for them I guess. I cancelled my data plan!

  2. Randy Lane says:

    I have been recently charged for a text service by Motricity Wise Media on my AT&T bill. It was stated as LoveGenieTips Alerts that costs $9.99 per month. I do remember receiving the text and just deleted it because that’s what I do with spam. The At&T operator was kind enough to let me know that at the bottom of the text there is a message to reply “STOP” to the text to not get charged for this service. She was also kind enough to cancel and refund the charge and to also put a blocker on my line that doesn’t allow any charges without my consent using a PIN that she sent to me. This is logically very wrong! It’s the same as if a salesman called me and I didn’t answer the phone and they charged me for their service anyway…. Very frustrating!!!!

  3. Ale says:

    I am so upset! I kept getting text messages from Lovegenietips (836-60) which I ignored as spam. Today I received another one saying that I had renewed my subscription for another month for $9.99 – But I had never signed up for it (how could I get renewed if I never signed up?). Turns out that they had charged me $9.99 this month, and $9.99 last month. The ATT website advised to reply “Stop” to stop any subscriptions. I called ATT and got a “one-time courtesy refund” for the two charges. I find this a bit offensive that it is a courtesy because I never subscribed to this. I was signed up without my authorization. The ATT rep couldn’t give me an answer on how this happened. I am glad they took it out of my account. He also offered to sign me up to “purchase blocker” which will block all things that require payment, and only allow me to sign up using a PIN number. So I signed up, and will be send a PIN to my email. This way, nobody can sign me up for anything.

    This company is a FRAUD, and I feel so violated, how they can just sign me up, and take money from my account. I don’t even know who they are.

  4. maru says:

    ATT Keeps sending me pictures of a womans naked bottom when I try to download CHRISTIAN MUSIC. Is this some sort of forced PORN AlL I would like is the Christian music not make friends with this womans naked but. It is intimaditing and disgusting. Save it for the secular progressives. I dont want to be charged for your porn.

  5. Miguel says:

    Ever since i got this phone from AT&T i have been receiving texts from this number 87313 and i have never authorized it to charge or enrolled in any kind of service. What’s worse is i don’t have texting as a prepaid service so every text i receive costs me money. I don’t have the money or patience to handle the mindless and idiotic process to further understand why they are allowed to do this.

  6. Rose says:

    My cell phone bill kept going up every month. I found that there were services on the phone bill that had been “purchased” by me. The different service sites that I had “purchased”, were texting me the option to buy their services. They then require me to text “stop” if I do not want them. This should be illegal if it is not already. The customer rep said this policy has been changed, but I will keep a close eye on my bill in the future. I am also thinking of changing….but where?

  7. Karen says:

    We are being charge $9.99 a month for Mqube $9.9
    9 subscrip
    n Alert, which was never authorized. I’m trying to go under AT&T Mobile Purchases to cancel, but receive an error message every time.

  8. Jeff Stark says:

    2-3 days ago I called your tech support because I lost my ring tone. All I wanted was help to either download the song back on my phone from my cd I have on my computer. I was on the phone for over 5 hours No exaggeration. I was transferred from one foreign non English speaking person to an English speaking person. About 6 different times. No one could help me. I’d have to once transferred go through the obnoxious recording all 6 times. Finally after 5 hours some inept support agent told me I could maybe get my problem solved if I paid $49.95. How poor is your customer service people. I’m not a patient person. 5 hours for a patient person drive them nuts. It should be an easy answer. I’m disgusted with your service. You ought to be ashamed that such an easy question took over 5 hours and I still didn’t get any help.

  9. Ricky Harris says:

    I have a charge of $9.99,to BULLROARE,that I did not authorize,I also have a recurring charge from Jumbuck Fast Fliriting that no one can get taken off my bill,it does no good to call because next month its back..

  10. Leah M Shelton says:

    I viewed my bill just like every month and there is a charge for $9.99 from that was never ordered/authorized by me, the account holder. Iwant the charge removed immediately.

  11. Michael Schemenauer says:

    I am getting text on my cell phone from 82147 with messages about ringtones and ideas on everyday living, then it says if you want to unsuscribe reply with-STOP , which I did 3 or 4 times. I think to them stop means go or I know you are getting it. Now I an getting a bill for 9.99 for this service I do not want or signed up for. I want this charge removed immediately.

  12. Mark Zaverdas says:

    I send my payments by mail to Att every month at the same date. This month i send my payment and two weeks later, i log on to my att account to see if i am eligable for a phone upgrade and the site said i was past due on my payment. I called my bank to see if the check cleared and they said no, what was strange is if i mailed my bill without the address shown through the window, the post office would have sent it back to me because i always print my return address on the envelope, plus the other checks i sent on the same day had no problem clearing. I think Att has a scam going where they don’t process your bill so they can hit you with late charges. Has anyone else had the same thing happen to them?

  13. Brenda says:

    I am so glad I found this site. I too had ‘bullroare’ show on my on bill. I am getting the run around with the gal on the phone. She too is telling me that she is having computer issues and he system is locked up so she keeps putting me on hold. She said she didnt know what bullroare was or how to contact them. Funny that there are other at&t customers who have had this issue. Does at&t not train their people of issues? My company has a call center and we track the issues that are coming in. We have documents that walk the customer service rep thru the issue so it is easier to resolve. I am floored that at&t allows this to happen.

  14. Charles says:

    Thanks to the customer service rep Kelly who resolved my compliant of unauthorized charges. Also contact AT&T customer service to resolve and forget trying to contact source.

  15. Gilbert Jensen says:

    Some how this charge was put on my phone and att did nothing to take it off or offer any help. I don’t know how to down load anything

  16. Sheila Puryear says:

    I have 3 charges that were on my cell phone that I did not authorize.

  17. Julie Quinsay says:

    I have auction/ringtones on my bill that I did not authorize. Short Code: 86463 Type: MT Content Provider: ClickGen fo $9.99

  18. Jody says:

    Just like those above. Was charged 9.99 to my bill after cancelling “stop” service several times to 82147. Still getting charged and want it STOPPED NOW!! ATT is useless in stopping this and claims they are not involved. Feed up with being ripped off.

  19. Nakenya says:

    I don’t know how

  20. Chris says:

    I get a detailed bill on my at&t bill, all text and calls are on this bill but there is two pages of other codes, I dont have it with me, I’m not sure what they mean. Could they be messages that I have sent/rec. from my facebook acct??

  21. M Bromel says:

    Jusy received a bill from Bullroare. Never heard of it before and I don’t have a smart phone either. This phone is used strictly for brief communication and not by texting either. Apparently I received $2.40 worth of texting. I’ve never texted in my life!

  22. M Bromel says:

    Just received a bill from ATT about a Bullroare download. Never heard of it before have never downloaded anything and I don’t have a smart phone either. This phone is used strictly for brief communication and not by texting either. Apparently I received $2.40 worth of texting too. I’ve never texted in my life!
    This is Bull and it’s not roar either. obviously

  23. Renee Simmons says:

    I was being charged for ringtone that I didn,t even get and I would like them remove please. Thank you!

  24. Pamela Rojas says:

    Wow, As I read about the M-Qube comments I feel bad because back in 2007 my husbands line kept having charges for this although he swore he never went on the internet or downloaded anything. I didn’t believe him…shame on me.

  25. heather says:

    mblox charge showed up on my bill as a monthly subscription. I did not approve this “subscription” nor to I want it! I’m not pleased!

  26. Rekha says:

    I have a iPhone having AT & T network connecting, i would like to unlock my iphone, but it is not displaying firmware and IMEI number on phone, but i have that number with me.

    Please provide me the procedure to unlock my iPhone 3GS.


  27. JOHN MCQUINN says:

    I have a complaint similar to most I have read. We have 5 phones which I pay the bills for. Due to other activities I have neglected to view the bills often enough. Today after receiving an unusually high bill. I noticed that for more than the past year 2 of the phones have been getting billed by several mobile purchases/monthly subscriptions. These charges are totally bogus & I would like to join in any legal action to collect what is due. ATT needs to take responsibility for these charges. The phones are being used by our daughter who has a plain old flip which cant even receive basic texts & our son who is in the USMC unable to use is phone when these charges for between $4.99-9.99 per month over the past year/s were made.

    I am pissed!

  28. Dr. Patrick Jones says:

    For at least a year, apparently, I have been charged $9.99 for TWO different apps I never authorized, one a horoscope app and another called MyLuvCrush. I realized it today and called AT&T. They halted the subscription, but would only refund $40 of at least $130 total (it is probably more, actually). They told me that these companies sent me an email and that NOT REPLYING TO THE EMAIL IS TAKEN AS AN AGREEMENT TO GET THE APP AND HAVE MY ACCOUNT CHARGED! Ludicrous. How is that possibly legal? I want my full money back and I want AT&T to be held at least partially accountable, as they are clearly aware of this and allow the scam charges.

  29. Bill Cronk says:

    Flycell renewals have been coming monthly and I have attempted to cancel them before but always without success. This time I followed the instructions of sending text message to 69999 with the test STOP UNLIMITED and within 30sec had a response back stating my subscription has been cancelled. We shall see how long that lasts!

  30. Yingying Sheng says:

    Like most of the cases, I was charged for $3.99/month for more than a year without my authorization, setting monthly auto pay.

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