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If you were wrongly charged on your Cingular Wireless or AT&T Mobility cellular phone bill for third party mobile content subscriptions or services (i.e., for ringtones, premium SMS text messaging services, ring tones, joke a day programs, wallpaper, screensavers, SMS text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized Cingular Wireless or AT&T Mobility to bill you for, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized Cingular Wireless| AT&T Cell Phone Charges–

What Is AT&T DirectBill or DirectBill Communications Downloads?

According to AT&T’s website “DirectBill lets you purchase MEdia products such as ringtones, games, and graphics online or on your phone.” The charges are billed to your AT&T wireless phone bill. If you make purchases online or on your phone, you are eligible for DirectBill. DirectBill allows access to downloads with no need for a credit card.

How To Cancel An AT&T DirectBill subscription:

According to AT&T’s website to unsubscribe from a DirectBill subscriptions you need to go to, login with your ten (10) digit AT&T wireless phone number, have your phone/device ready to receive a free text message with an eight (8) digit secret code needed to complete your login, enter the eight (8) digit secret code and select the subscription you wish to cancel, follow the instructions and then log into your account.

How To Block All AT&T DirectBill Communication Download Purchases:

According to AT&T’s website, you can block DirectBill purchases from your wireless phone/device by following these steps:

1. Log onto MEdia Net from your cell phone device.
2. Go to My Account on the MEdia Net menu
3. Select Parental Controls
4. Select Purchase Blocker

You can also contact AT&T Customer Service.

Contact Cingular Wireless | AT&T Mobility:

AT&T Customer Service

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–Report Unauthorized Cingular Wireless| AT&T Cell Phone Charges–

If you have a complaint about AT&T wireless service, share your AT&T complaints with others.


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330 Responses to “Cingular AT&T Wireless | AT&T Mobility Complaints”

  1. Raf Cezanne says:

    Out of the blue, started getting erroneous charges for data transfer when I never use my device for internet nor for IM or Bluetooth.

  2. Anna Partin says:

    I did NOT order anything or download anything. I don’t do text mesages.

  3. Anna Partin says:

    The charges I don’t understand them.

  4. R Kay says:

    AT&T is aiding and abetting the posting of spurious charges for services such as Mblox which costs as much as $29.99 per month.

    If you call and ask for a Purchase Block to be put on the account, the trick AT&T uses to dissuade you from putting a Purchase Block is to say that “A Purchase Block will not stop people from sending you text messages to buy services”.

    While that is true, you need to insist that they do put a Purchase Block.

    I hope everyone who has been hit with this MBlox scam on AT&T Wireless complains to them and to their State Consumer Affairs dept. to put a stop to this.

  5. Bonnie Ludtman says:

    I did try to utilize their download site and was willing to pay the $9.99. I did receive my access in. However, when I tried to login to the site, it would not allow me to enter. I attempted the login multiple times and two different computers. I text them back telling them I was unsuccessful in accessing their site and to not charge me the access fee. No response and I was also charged.

  6. Cindy Pray says:

    Erroneous 2 charges of $19.99/ea ($40!!!) started appearing of my bill from m-Qube, Inc.. DO NOT subscribe/order, etc. anything thru my phone or on websites for my phone! Had previous problems with Mblox for 8 months! 2 charges of $9.99/ea appearing on my bill for 8 months and could get it cancelled. Did not have this problem thru Sprint!

  7. jeff schardt says:

    I’ve been having major problems with getting billed for service I didn’t download or subscribe to. They include a 29.99 monthly fee for EMEXUS from Mblox, and the others are random downloads with AT&T media Mall name on them. I called over 1 month ago and was told they would stop and I would recieve a credit. TO my surprise the next month I recieved an additional 42.46 on my phone for the very same service and no credit. Now at&t tells me it will be at least1 or more billing cylces to recieve my over $200 in credit back. Meanwhile they say I have to pay my bill with these unauthorized charges on it or my phone will be cut off!!

  8. Vicki L. says:

    I had several DirectBill charges by three different Merchant names: eBay Alerts/Verisign Inc, OpenMarket and m-Qube Inc.

    These different merchant names are not from a third party, but from your own cell phone provider. The Merchant Contact phone number will match your cell phone provider customer service number.

  9. Linda C. Gorby says:

    Received phone bill; had m-Qube Inc. bill for joke of the day. my husband never downloads anything and was on his phone! replied to have removed and they replied they removed. three days later says, you are not signed up.! October bill has charges!

  10. jennifer iraheta says:

    i called to cancel.for they can stop sending me messeges adn the next day they startes sending me again i want it cancelled

  11. Mike Shaw says:

    Got my first monthly bill with 20 bucks billed from M-Qube. When I purchaced my phone package I asked that there be no way to purchace services from the phone. No internet. No nothing. I was told not a problem, this was set up. Now I got a charge. AT&T was good about deleting the charge. Watch your bills like a hawk.

  12. Susan Davis says:

    My daughter’s line had the 21.99 charge this month…not sure if she downloaded it purposely or not (she is a teenager) but was downloaded thru a text message sent to her phone…AT&T did remove the charges for me…watch your kids phones and your bills closely.

  13. renee byers says:

    I have tried for 3 months to have a credit and get m-Qube Inc. removed from my bill. It is still on there. This phone has text and internet blocked already. Who do we talk to to get it fixed?

  14. Jeanette Dempsey says:

    i have m-Qube Inc for several month now never described for it or even heard of that company please refund money at once

  15. Ragan says:

    My iPhone just got charged by M-Qube for $19.99 this month and im a teenager, my mom saw that and got mad but i never download anyhing or ever even heard of this stupid Inc. please stop this, this is ridigulous

  16. Chuck Reynolds says:

    I would like to cancel the EBillit section of my bill. My son doesn’t use that anymore and we’ve tried by phone to get it off my bill, but to no avail. My home phone # is xxx-xxx-xxxx. The current charge to me is $30.90, AOL online service monthly fee… Please cancel that portion of my bill.
    Thank you
    C. Reynolds
    Indianola, MS 38751

  17. Etienne Boulianne says:

    I did NOT order anything or download anything. I don’t do text mesages. AT&T will only credit account after they receive credit from the 3rd party company. I did NOT order anything or download anything. I don’t do text mesages. At&T should never let third party charge without customer approval ! This is IRRESPONSABLE from AT&T

  18. pat says:

    I have ATT and they took care of it, right away, we’ll see .I also called m-cube and got unsubscribed. It was deal or no deal on the internet I was subscribed to and did’t know it, what a scam. I took off all text messaging, media net and picture messaging off my phone.

  19. Rod Kemp says:

    Did not order this m-Qube $9.99 monthly subscription. I have no idea how it got charged to my account, but AT&T credited it back to us without much hassle.

  20. Melissa says:

    Had a charge for 4.99 + tax on my account for “DirectBill Download.” The Cingular rep asked if I’d been receiving any jokes of the day, horoscopes, etc. daily – I had not. She is putting a refund for the charge on my NEXT bill. She is stopping that subscription. And she is also emailing me a pin number so that I have to enter that pin number to accept a subscription in the future. I didn’t even have to ask for the purchase block, she just did it, which was nice. Hopefully this takes care of it.

  21. Vita Poimboeuf says:

    I did not order service fro m-Qube Inc. or Upoc Networks and was charged for them on my bill. I want them removed

  22. Richard Hoffheins says:

    I was billed by mQube for $19.99 this month. I don’t subscribe to things on my phone, such as “Funmobile” for which I was charged.

  23. Sanu Gupte says:

    I was billed by mQube for $19.99 this month. The itemization statement is not clear on the charges either.

  24. Abbi says:

    I was charged 19.99 three times in one month. I called AT&T and they credited me with no problem.

  25. sam says:

    i was charged 19.99 by mQube this month. i cancled it two weeks ago and they are still charging me

  26. Richard says:

    Have had similar experience as those described by others. Charges appear out of nowhere. When I have called AT&T (and on previous occasions Cingular), they readily agreed to refund charges. When this first happened to me about a year ago, Cingular also said they’d block these charges in the future. They obviously did not do so however, as charges from Motricity and M-Qube showed up again on my November and December bills. Called AT&T today. Again, they agreed to refund charges, but said there is nothing I can do to prevent future purchases of “communication downloads”. The AT&T rep also insisted that someone approved of these charges by text message or mobile web. This is NOT true. I asked what else I could do to formalize my complaint and he said he’d leave a note for his supervisor. I’ll be pursuing further with FCC and others. This is outrageous!

  27. Cathie says:

    I’ve sent an email to Dateline NBC asking them to look into this, along w/a link to this website so they can read the complaints themselves. There’s more than one kind of “predator”.

    I’m also going to contact all my local TV Stations here in the Boston area where I live, asking them to look into this, since m-Qube is located in Watertown, MA which is a stone’s throw away from Boston. These wireless phone carriers all $UCK. I also filed a report w/the FCC..just do a search and you’ll find their website. Regardless of whether they credit you w/out hassles, or don’t credit you…it’s about them doing it in the first place. How much of this is never caught by someone…how much profit is being made? What comes next? This needs to stop now.

  28. dennis j. regan says:

    I was able to get T-Moble to block the unsolicited “RingAZA” text messages after contacting the top level of the Customer Service Dept. I was not an easy task but all the documentation I had helped. I also contacted the FCC which was usless and the Attorney General’s Office in Colorado where RingAZA is based. Nothing yet!

  29. jim s says:

    Complained about unwanted services tacked unto my billing. $2.99 for roadside service and $4.99 for text messaging. never ordered or wanted. Did not notice for 3 years and total of $287. AT&T would not do anything about it. Have complained to Atorney General

  30. danielle bryce says:

    I just got a new phone and new number from at&t and I have been recieving annoying jokes of the day via text message. I never subscribed and was told it is impossible to stop them by an at&t customer service rep. I am being charged for these and looking online it seems it is a common problem. I am totally frustrated! I can’t even unsubscribe because the number comes back as invalid. What a scam! Help!

  31. Claudia says:

    Just received a huge Internet Xpress charge of $740 on this month’s bill. We don’t use internet access. We only use text messaging. I was told you can’t have the family unlimited text messaging plan and block out the internet. There is no way to protect ourselves! We also get strange communications downloads. This month the description was for a merchant named Upoc Networks for $9.99. This is absolutely outrageous. Something must be done about this. I have a complaint in with AT&T, but haven’t heard back yet. Today, I’m going to call them and cancel my messaging and have them block the internet until I can find a better alternative. I’ve been a customer since it was Cellularone back in 1996. I guess they don’t value my business. I found another website where customers are complaining about the same thing. Could someone be tapping into our phone service to gain internet access without our knowledge?

  32. Kristine says:

    I keep receiving unwanted horoscope readings on my phone. I never signed up for any of them. Also was charged 19.99 for something called mobile messaging. I am not sure what that charge is for.I will be calling At&t tomorrow in search of some helpful answers. I hope.

  33. Debbie B says:

    My phone was not working because the battery was DEAD. I received a $19.99 charge on my at&t cell phone bill. When I called to question the charge I discovered they planned on billing me this amount EACH month for something I knew NOTHING about.

  34. Kim says:

    I charged $19.99 three times on one bill for mQube. I called to cancel it and request a refund. They cancelled it but denied my refund. Now I got to pay $60 for this and I don’t even know what it is. Ain’t that a bunch of bull!

  35. Kim says:

    I was charged $19.99 three times on one bill for mQube. I called to cancel it and request a refund. They cancelled it but denied my refund. Now I got to pay $60 for this and I don’t even know what it is. Ain’t that a bunch of bull!

  36. Vita Poimboeuf says:

    I did not suscribe to any new service and was charged for it.

  37. Jim S says:

    Still have not been able to resolve complaint of Jan. 6, 2008. Have changed cell phone companies and refuse to pay any invoices received from AT&T.

  38. diane says:

    i was charged every month for the last 6 months and sometimes twice a month for services i did not authorize from m-qube and motricity. i still have not gotten this resolved. my phone is going to be continued to be billed each month for something i have no idea of what it is. i am unhappy with at&t on this matter.

  39. cathy says:

    I was thinking about getting songs for my phone, and downloaded the sample songs from at&t and decided against it. Then when my bill comes in there is a charge for $19.99 for music downloads from m-qube.

  40. Vicki says:

    I had four of these charges (two were for $19.99 and 9.99 by OpenMarket and m-Qube). I called AT&T customer service and they removed all charges. The first customer service rep wasn’t so helpful, but when I called the second time, the new rep removed all my charges back to 3 months. Keep calling AT&T until they remove all charges.

  41. dolce says:

    yeah ive been charged 2 months in a row and cellone which converted to att acted like he had no clue what i was talkin about well they are bouts to have a clue cause i have already text stop to the retarded ass company and they r still charging me

  42. dolce says:

    also how do i get charged for ring tones and i dont even have internet on my phone u think the phone co would be on top of this especially when i already told them i didnt have internet i think they are all in it together

  43. ray mcleod says:


  44. Tony Rome says:

    I’ve had the same problem.I’ve been with AT&T for a year and a half with no problems.I then added a second line for my girlfriend and that’s when I started to get charged for these texts.I believe they target people with multiple lines,cause it would be harder to spot on your bill.More paperwork to look through,or maybe blame it on your kids which most people do.This is the fifth or sixth time I had to dispute this with AT&T.I’m curious to see whether or not most people targeted by this practice have multiple lines or not.

  45. renee byers says:

    multiple lines! always on the kids phones.. one with a block for text and Internet.. person on phone said ‘they had to receive a text and reply to it for these charges to occur’… remember.. We had a text/Internet block on this phone, AT THAT TIME!!! NO way could he have received and/or replied to ANY text to approve anything! It should be illegal and we should be reimbursed interest and time spent fighting with these people!!!!

  46. JIM S. says:


  47. H Sullivan says:

    Was charged upwards of $90.00 over a 1 year period by (with a Cingular merchant contact #!) on my AT&T cell. They say they will credit me on my next bill-I will wait and see if that occurs…their rep was very helpful and said this charge can stem from an unsolicited text message sent to the phone, which, if ignored or deleted automatically signs you up for the service. Seems like “scam time” to me–im the future I will read all 50+ pages of my business phone bill carefully and immediately complain to AT&T. Will update you on success of credit from AT&T.

  48. D. Lane says:

    I share my phone with a young girl that I mentor. I got hit for 2 $19.99 charges this month and she swears she didn’t download anything. Thanks for helping me know she was telling me the truth. ATT said they would remove this months charges.

  49. Grace says:

    I’m not paying for the club pack.

  50. Grace says:

    I don’t want to be apart of paying $9.99 a month for

  51. Grace says:

    I don’t want to pay for any club pack for $9.99.You charged me for it but I don’t want it.Take it off my phone bill. Thanks

  52. Maria says:

    I have been getting series of 3 or 4 text messages at times from 3 to 7 am asking to confirm a subscription, messages that a message I sent (which I did not) did not reach the target, and other messages regarding services from a direct billing account with ATT-Cingular. I called them and they said that I should reply with stop, quit, but it is worse. They said that if I keep getting the messages, to call back and they will look into it. I did and when I called they said there was nothing they could do.

  53. Penny says:

    I have also added a third line to my account. I’ve had the account almost two years before adding this third line then wham this text charges coming in from m-Qube Inc. that I know was not authorized. What a scam and yes something should be done about this outrageous charges.

  54. James S. says:

    My experience seems to be somewhat unique. I am disabled and still learning my phone. My hands are

    paralyzed and as such I sometimes press the wrong button or mistakenly, due to finger spasms, double/triple press what should have been a single. This has sometimes caused the choice to be made to go to the very first layer logo or menu screen for some or other Internet or media content page. Get this part straight, I have not on these occasions chosen to purchase a single damn thing! But I am still charged from between 0.07 & so far 0.12 and for what>?… the priviledge of seeing the choice menu or their stupid logo? This is outright theft! I am thinking of suing on a class action lawsuit for discrimination because with my disability I cannot help but occasionally wind up only one or two key presses away from my phones absolute beginning menu screen.

    I want there to be a warning tone and a FREE screen with a message that states that going beyond that

    certain point will incur charges.

    Are they so greedy that they must become common thieves and steal from someone so poor as myself to make a buck?

    James S.

  55. Sam Woodward says:

    I keep getting charged for Tone Club and Thumbplay premium SMS. AT&T told me that they would remove it and credit my account. New bill, same usage charges. I have an iPhone, which isn’t even compatible with these services. I’m about to get frustrated.

  56. Terence says:

    Cingular charged me $100 for downloading 10MB file, but I never go to internet and check email.(never work on my phone)

  57. Enrique Arenas says:

    I have tried for 2 months to have it removed from my bill. But It is still there. This phone has internet blocked. So who do I talk to to get it fixed.

  58. Enrique Arenas says:

    I have tried for 2 months to have a credit and get m-Qube Inc. removed from my bill. It is still on there. This phone has text and internet blocked already. Who do we talk to to get it fixed?

  59. Andrew Gillinson says:

    AT&T has a page for cancelling DirectBill services (in my case never even ordered). The address does not work as advertised, so I can’t cancel. It is

  60. john m says:

    Tony,I had the same thing happen to me when I got another phone.I started being billed 9.99 for a service i did not buy.It only started when I had 2 phones going.

  61. amy herberg says:

    another month…another M-Qube charge. DO NOT listen to AT&T when they say they will remove the charges….another 90 minutes on the phone with them, nothing was EVER removed with my complaints. We have contacted AT&T, M-Qube, FCC, to NO AVAIL! This is fraud!!!!!!!!!!!! I want OUT!!!!!

  62. Aaron C says:

    AT&T just billed me 9.99 on behalf of Moticity for a ringtone that neither my wife nor myself purchased. The AT&T agent was not very helpful either, saying that I would have to wait two months to get credited the amount (which they should rightfully return with interest). He then went on to say that these charges can only show up on a bill if the purchase is physically confirmed on the phone itself, which absolutely did not happen (phones were never loaned out either). Something corrupt is going on here, as this is the second time this has happened (first as with a game that was supposedly purchased from M-Qube) in the last year or so. It’s far too easy to cry “Third Party” as an excuse to keep people’s money, even if it’s for only two months. I’m totally on board if anyone wants to pursue legal action.

  63. Stephanie G says:

    I have been dealing with these charges for the past five months. We have five lines. Each month customer service tells me it is resolved and then the charges show up again. I am so frustrated. Because we have so many lines it usually takes them a long time to figure out what is going on and attempt to fix it.

  64. Sandy says:

    I just discovered that I’ve been charged up to $36.75/month for the last several months for services I never signed up for. I did order about three ringtones online from the AT&T website but I’ve never signed up for ringtone subscriptions. I’m very upset.

  65. Tina C says:

    I was charged 9.99 ea for 2 subscriptions I never asked for. I called ATT, complained and had a block put on the phones. While the charge has not recurred, I still have not received a refund for the money paid. This is a scam! Think of the thousands of people still waiting for their refunds and the thousands of dollars in interest the company is earning on the money.

  66. Carolee says:

    On receiving a bill for $618.16 in a one month period, I called to query the details and after 2 hours and 2 representatives, I was told that although I did not receive/answer my phone calls, the fact that it was powered on meant that I am liable for calls that came in locally and internationally ( while I was overseas).

    My understanding of the word according to the Oxford American Desk and Dictionary Thesaurus is to “take and accept”. Analogously, if someone throws money at my feet, unless I pick it up or put it in my possession, it was not received. Therefore, I understand that I am liable for my monthly package whether I use it or not. But to charge additionally for unanswered calls locally and internationally is downright criminal. I am certain that poor, unsuspecting consumers who are more docile than myself are probably unaware of this rip off.

    Not only am I asking that you use your good offices to probe this criminal behavior, but also to force these communication giants to be accountable and to be reminded that “AT&T governance practices require honest and ethical conduct in all of its business operations”

    I will certainly break my contract with ATT and advise my 5 other friends to do the same.

  67. frank goad says:

    without me knowing i was charged 9.99 per month starting in apr/07. this was done with out my permission. why!!!!!
    why is it that a company can call at&t and say charge this phone number so much a month for me…why!!!! beter yet….how!!!! i believe that at&t should be held accountable…why cant they just call and ask if this was authorized by the customer

  68. Nery Danger says:

    Without my authorization and also having listed all my phones for no solicitation, I ended up with a bill from both companies. It so happens that if you do not answer their text messages (which is a way of soliciting) it is understood as accepting. When I spoke to the representative of, she indicated that I should have accepted it by answering with the correct PIN# given accepting it. My husband is 62 years old, would never had known how to text message back or even interested in ‘laugh for the day or ring tones services. This is a way to get around soliciting by a direct phone call. It is indeed a phone call and worse because by you simply ignoring it, to them it is an acceptance. I will contact the goverment sponsoring the DO NOT CALL List to actually complain about them bypassing the law and solicit and charging unauthorized for services never accepted. They need to be held accountable for their abusive practices.

  69. Shaun says:

    I switched to AT&T when Apple’s iPhone came out. I love the phone, and in fact it is because of the iPhone that I am now able to PROVE that AT&T is dishonestly charging overage time (at least on text messages) at least to me, and probably many, many others. This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but my most recent bill said that I had written 266 text message from January 2 – February 1. On the iPhone, you literally NEVER have to erase any of your text messages because your memory never fills up (I have EVERY SINGLE text message I have ever sent or received since I purchased the phone in July!). So I thought it was odd that I had gone over my included 200 free text messages (a grand total of $3.60 by the way). So I counted every single message during the prescribed period and came up with a grand total of 188. There is NO POSSIBLE way that I sent more or less than exactly 188. My phone contains the proof. When I called AT&T it was quite the hassle to get the charges reversed, but eventually I made the agent understand that I have indisputable evidence that there system is overcharging me. My question is this: If they are overcharging me by $3.60 because their system isn’t accounting accurately, how many other people are also being overcharged every month (even if only in small amounts?)?? $3.60 times a few million customers is quite a little chunk of change if you know what I mean. They should not be allowed to get away with these kinds of tactics!

  70. Randy says:

    I contacted Thumbplay last month to cancel. They are still charging me.

  71. cynthia sheldon says:

    I have a pre-paid cellphone. i order ringtones. Never recieved the rintones. I put stop taking money off my pre-paid phone. I sent text back to them to stop. they are stealing my money off my phone. very mad.cs

  72. Julie Cooper says:

    i was billed for a service that was not authorized by me they charged me 19.99 for text messaging and ring tones when i did not need a text ring tone plan becuz i had one thought my network and im very upset that there is no contact information that i can get a hold of them to tell them of my anger GRRRRRRRRRR

  73. Monica H. says:

    I had the same problem as a previous person and was charged over $500 for “internet usage” that was never used by anyone in my home. In fact, I was charged on my phone and my internet on my phone doesn’t even work. I tried to explain this to an AT&T rep and they were ver apathetic and unhelpful. Basically saying, well we “show it in our system so it is valid.” I have had AT&T for many years and just noticed this when I added another line. This is a scam and we all need to get together somehow and fight these companies!!! Any ideas????

  74. Monica H. says:

    By the way, when I asked for a detailed description of the internet usage they said they would send it but it would cost me $5!!! Outrageous! We’ll see what they even send me. I know the charges aren’t valid!

  75. Ron Yonan says:

    m-qube, mblox and Upoc Networks charges started appearing on my sons cell phone bill with ATT, he swears he never downloaded anything.
    The guy from ATT basically told me these companies are scams and deleted all the charges from my bill.This is insane, how can these companies get away with this? Why can’t ATT refuse the charges?

  76. Rick Schultz says:

    IF you live in the State of Florida, you are in luck. The attorney generals office has apparently gotten AT&T to understand the gravity of this situation, and according to CBS news is refunding MILLIONS of dollars in these unwarrented ringtone charges. Do your part call the attorney general’s office in your state, and let them know of the Florida precedent of the AT&T refund for ringtones. I understand the Attorney general in florida is now going after Verizon on the same premise. Lets make it a 50 state sweep. Call your local attorney generals office today. Demand satisfaction, and let them know of the Florida precedent. Blood is in the water. It is time to go after these cellphone operators and remind them of WHO the customer really is!

  77. Kathy says:

    I too have a multi line account with AT&T and on this months bill – pinned to my daughters account- was a charge for m-qube for $32.40 and also $89 worth of internet charges. I know that she was not using the internet. I questioned her on this and she stated she knows she never did any of this, and I believe her because we have never had this problem in the past w/ other carriers that we’ve had so why all of a sudden would she start now. I called AT&T and the first rep told me that if she was sending picture messages that it would hi thte internet and charge me for that, but we have family text messaging so I wasn’t understanding how that would effect the internet pay per use. THey also told me how to dispute the other charge from m-qube, which didn’t work – it stated that I exceeed my refund request limit – which obviously is 0 b/c I have never requested one before and we have only had AT&T for 3 months. They would not do anything about the internet charges b/c they said she had to have been on b/c that is the only way for the charges to appear. That is a bunch of b/s becasue then she used the oppurtunity to try and sell me the unlimited media net pkg for my duaghter’s phone so that this won’t happen again. Ok, so don’t bother to find out where these cahrges are coming from but try to use the oppurtunity to upsell! Nice. I was unhappy with how the call was handled so I called again and the next person I talked to was cancelling the m-qube and requesting a refund that can take 1-2 months to show on my bill and agreed to delete the internet usage charge this time only as a one time courtesy. I asked if there was any way that someone could have gotten access to the internet remotely using my daughter’s # and she said absolutely not, that she probably let one of her friends use her phone and they probably accessed the internet. Not at 8:45 pm on a school night! Anyway, we will see what happens with this. I have never had so much trouble with a cell phone carrier and charges like these ever before.

  78. Michelle says:

    I went on line to view my bill and it did concern me that I could no longer view all details of my bill, only the friendly CSR could see what I couldn’t see, which is not acceptable. If this shows up on paper, it should show up online. Also, also online billing the invoice could go a future amount due; the online system cannot show you items associated with the future bill, again not acceptable or fair to the consumer, since I’m told that future billings realize past activity as they bill a month in advance. Also, there were subscriptions showing on the bill that the CSR and myself had no clue about; phone are not used to download information the only texting down is allowable for the service purchased. A charge in excess of $37 was showing and apparently this was a subscription that M-Qube somehow charge to the phone. This is not acceptable, as any charge added to someone’s service should be validated with the person who is responsible for paying the invoice. It is obvious I am with the others who have made complaints and obviously did not validate any such charges. M-Qube, whoever, the heck they are should not be allowed to operate in this fashion and is taking advantage of the knowledge of how to “trick and scheme”. I am hoping the charges will be removed as agreed and that no future subscription is allowed by AT & T/Cingular or whoever they are unless a representative for their company calls me first. And if something is hidden in their written contract when we purchase the service that allows them to do this, then they themselves have guilty of a “trick or scheme” and have mislead the majority of their customers, which is total, unfair business practices. Otherwise, they need our written permission to execute new subscriptions under the contract I would think. Good business practices regardless would be the way to operate and offer fairness to their consumers. But like the internet, there are many people out their who are viciously “tricking and scheming” for their own benefit. For those like me who are paying attention to their bills, good for you. Those who aren’t will hopefully wake up before it’s too late. The CSR in my case assured me that A T & T was on my side and that they would remove ALL charges and cancel the subscription. Again, all they could tell me was it involved M-Qube. I went online and needless to say I think this entity, whoever, they are is up to no good. If you children have cell phones, be sure you communicate with them as well. In my case, I have a very good handle on that and a very trusting responsible child.

  79. Barbara F says:

    I have a big complaint-I have been getting charged for things that I didnt order and I am fed up with paying for it. I contacted our phone company and they said that they would look into it and do you think that they did..NO!! Because it is still be charged to our bill..and this has been over a year now. If I order ringtones or anything I would say that that I ordered them but I didnt and I dont think that we should have to pay for things that we didnt get.I am getting charged for and m-qube, inc and it totals about 30$ a month..I just want to know how to get compensated for money that I put out on this and have it taken off my bill…Thanks!

  80. Germaine says:


  81. Tim says:

    Had unauthorized charges from Mblox on my phone for $19.99 and $9.99. Talked to the At@t CSR, she said that she would credit it as soon as the 3rd party refunds it. She did put a block on my phone. We’ll see the outcome, after reading the other posts here.

  82. brittany says:

    i work for AT&T, i get calls from people with this subscriptions all the time, we often get the bad end of things because our customers believe that we’re placing them there. i always tell my customers that it is a third party provider & that they apparently don’t conduct their business too well. customers who don’t even have internet access, or customer who are very old & don’t have much interest in the “mobile content” find these charges on their bills. & they try to say they’re a legit company- i doubt it.

  83. brittany says:

    by the way, when you call us to have them refunded, WE can not refund the charges for you. they are a THIRD PARTY PROVIDER. it takes 1 billing cycle [a month] for the charges to be refunded, & they are refunded. you just probably never look at your bill. & also- the reason why we stopped detailed bills is because people like all of you were complaining about having 30 page bills. so we took it off to satisfy you & now you want to complain because it’s not there? go to, register your account. it doesn’t take that much energy to walk to your computer, sit down, & move your fat little fingers to make an online account.

  84. brittany says:

    & if you want to file a “lawsuit” or “sue” us, read your terms & conditions when you signed up with us, you aren’t able to. :]

  85. renee byers says:

    Brittany you are obviously a young child whose parents pay your bills. If it only takes a month then why was I told 2-3? I look at my bill at least 3 times a month.. my ‘fat little fingers’ are on the net ALL THE TIME… We are getting cheated… if not then explain why I was charged on TWO phones that are BLOCKED for Web and Text??? How can a person “HAVE TO SEND A REPLY TEXT TO APPROVE THIS” when they can’t even get a text in the first place?? LIES, ALL LIES! It is definately AT&T’s fault if there is a charge on my bill as that is where my bill comes from.. why would YOU allow charges for something that is IMPOSSIBLE to approve when you don’t have access to approve the way AT&T says they have to? Why don’t you get a programmer in there that actually knows how to prevent invalid charges when they shouldn’t be there.. all that had to happen on mine was to see that BOTH phones were blocked for anything and it would show that it wasn’t approved!! Get a real job and try to grow-up instead of accusing innocent people of being lazy and stupid. If there is a problem with having THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS… STOP LETTING THEM IN!! or write your own programs that can do the same thing! Not too hard to do if you have an IT education!

  86. Tifna says:

    hello, I am charged for a purchase that I never made and I got billed for it. Please refund me. I did not even sign up for it.

  87. Pam says:

    Beware of Internet charge scam. We also have added 2 additional phones onto our account. recently we added texting and the phone with the most texting has bogus internet charges. I disputed last months and after they offered me a 50/50 settlement and I refused they did credit my account. At that time I put a block on the interenet which they told me they could do. They called me 5 days later to tell me they couldn’t block but they could do something else that would require a pin number to get to the internet which I agreed was the answer. In the mean time they sent me the detail to the costs which they waived the mailing fee. There is nothing on the bill that means anything or is tracable. An attorney or judge would laugh at the details. Well this month I recieved even more internet costs. I called to try to understand why a phone that is supposed to be blocked can have $325 worth of internet charges. They then asked me who had the phone and did I discuss the issue with my adolescent. They also went on to say that the phones are meant for adults and not for adolescents and if an adult gives it to a adolescent that I was responsible for the cost. They also said that there is no way to block the internet if you have unlimited texting. I asked them if they had the taped conversation from me blocking the internet and they said not all conversations are taped. Convienent. They again offered me 50% reduction to settle before I talked to a supervisor I declined. I was offered a $15 unliminted internet backdated deal which would then allow them to credit my account for the balance of the internet charges.
    They totally target kids and I would guess there are similiar issues with many phones that people don’t notice or blame on their kids. P.S. there is no evidence on the phone of usage on the internet and no way to take the user id or password out. Again convienent!

  88. traci says:

    $67 of direct bill services and another $70 of internet usage not to mention all the $10 chargers over 3 yrs of service for i never ordered these and my daughter swears she didnt either and i believe her as most of these charges occured at 3 or 4 in the morning when she was asleep time to switch carriers after 3 years and with over 3000 rollover minutes oh well buyer be-ware

  89. Deb says:

    I have charges on my cell phone for M-qube and M-blox. Never heard of these and most importantly never agreed to there subscriptions. Called ATT because charges added up to $44.00 for 1 month on an internet “blocked” cell phone…..Now they said they can’t block internet

  90. Deb says:

    I have charges on my cell phone for M-qube and M-blox. Never heard of these and most importantly never agreed to the subscriptions. Called ATT because charges added up to $44.00 for 1 month on an internet “blocked” cell phone…..Now they said they can’t block internet they even went as far as to say my son probably did it and is lying to me about it!!! My son was in the hospital when this supposedly happened. I can’t even explain how I feel about ATT at this point! They said they would “try” and take the charges off my bill but I won’t see it for 1-2 billing cycles. We’ll see!!!

  91. Allen Cheesman says:

    I have been charged 16 times @ $20 a pop.

  92. Allen Cheesman says:

    I feel like I’ve been a victim of systematic fraud. The charges occurred monthly on the 16th and 22nd of month. We did not initiate these charges.

  93. gary e. williams says:

    i would like to view my detailed bill and i can not find it on your web page

  94. Allen Adderholt says:

    I too was scammed mcube. I just got off the phone with AT&T and they volunteered to refund the 2 months that I was charged 19.99 and they also told me that could block forever these bogus mcube charges from ever appearing on my phone again. We’ll see.

  95. Tiffany Williams says:

    I had similar issues with bogus internet charges for 3 months in a row on a cingular account. I asked that they tell me what websites i was apparently going to and they explained that due to privacy laws they couldn’t tell me and refuse to drop the charges. I have refused to pay the bill to this day that is over $500. I have recently switched to Verizon Wireless and have never once had a bogus internet charge…has anyone been able to argue their way out of this one??

  96. Pam says:

    Tiffany, if you look at #88 that is mine and I was about to come unlglued on the phone with dealing with this issue. they finally offered to change me to unlimited internet and back date it so it cost me $15 a month which I had to leave on until credit hit which amazingly was the next day. So it cost me $30 out of $325. I kept trying to get a supervisor but couldn’t get very far. Now I have blocked all texting and internet. Good luck with getting yours fixed.

  97. Jen says:

    Cell one was just bought out by AT&T. Well suddenly people everywhere are getting mysterious charges. It’s unauthorized spam scam. It’s junk mail on your phone from a awful little place called MBLOX who has a contract with the phone companies. advertisements you have to pay for. Well not me. AT&T says that if you don’t pay it they will shut off your phone. Well I’m on a shared contract and if mine goes everyones goes. BS. I may be the next one to file a law suit. Most commonly they say pay it and we’ll reimburse you. well I doubt it. We shouldn’t have to pay for the scams in the 1st place. My advice to everyone is- DON’T PAY. You don’t go to the store and pay the cashier to walk away with nothing. you pay for a product, not advertising. Fight the system and don’t let unauthorized spammers rip you off.

  98. Denise says:

    I, too, have had problems with Cingular. When I got the phones, I didn’t know that I had to request to “block” internet or text messages. I got hit with a rather large bill (my teenager) which I paid and learned from. I had asked that these services be blocked. No problem they said.Things were fine for a month or so. Then I get another rather large bill. When I called about the extra charges, I was told that they were for text messages and internet access. I told them I had placed a block on those services on all 4 of our lines. They said well somebody used the services, you have to pay for them. I asked how they could be used when they were supposed to be blocked. They finally said they’d drop those charges and place the block back on (which I never asked to be taken off). Again things were fine for a couple of months and then WHAM! another large bill. I immediately called to inquire about these charges. I talked with an AT&T rep who told me that there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to her supervisor. After being on hold for approx. 30 minutes, the supervisor came on the phone and told me not to even ask for the charges to be dropped because we used the service and we were going to pay for it. I explained to her that these services were supposed to be blocked, it shouldn’t even be possible for any of my 4 lines to text or have internet access. We “discussed” this for over 30 minutes. I told her I refused to pay for it since I requested the block MANY times and they failed to do their job. She laughed at me, told me I didn’t know what I was talking about, and hung up on me. I called right back and spoke with another rep. I told him what had happened. He apologized and dropped the charges right then. He also said he placed the block back on the phones. How can one rep authorize it but not another one? I think the reps will pretty much tell you anything, just to get you off the phone. The charges were dropped though.I also recall having several “media” dowloads that showed up on my bill. I don’t remember the names, I just thought my kids had done something I asked them not to and took their phones away for awhile. Now after reading all of these comments, I feel bad. They were probably telling me the truth, they didn’t download anything. I have since changed to Verizon because I was sick to death of the poor customer service I received from AT&T. So far, so good with Verizon!

  99. Jermaine says:

    Who is m qube? Why is it on my bill? I have ATT and I wish I would’ve never made that mistake. I’m sick and tired of getting these ridiculously high phone bills with these bogus charges. Why do I have to constantly call to have charges removed just to get them on another bill later on? Needless to say, I WILL NOT be renewing my contract!

  100. Jen says:

    ok. heres an update for everybody. I called at&t and requested a purchase block. they refused. they gave me a fake number to mblox, so no luck there. i found the real number online, but i have to wait for business hours. the at&t rep said she couldn’t help me and refuses to drop my charges. she said that if you are receiving strange text advertisements from a company there should be instructions in the message on how to discontinue the spam. I told her there wasn’t and she said I know. So why frickin lie. anyways, supposedly if you reply to your text with a text that simply says “stop” it will unsubscribe you. So i tried it, i received a text confirming that i unsubscribed. But I do not know if this is the end of it and I have over 50 dollars of advertising that AT&T better drop off my bill. which they will do unless they want a law suit. Don’t pay guys. don’t do it. you don’t have to, it’s robbery, it should be illegal, and I’m sure after enough law suits it will be. if everyone fights it they will have to stop sooner or later. I don’t don’t know about you but I’m not made of money and I don’t go to work every day just to be robbed by a crappy cell phone company. so don’t give in. And don’t agree to let them credit your account 2 months down the road because they won’t do it. So get your purchase block, google m blox or m qube, get the number, file a complaint, make them stop charging you for there garbage, and DON”T PAY for it. You don’t have to. It’s just a bunch of scamming jerks trying to manipulate and push us around and its wrong. stand up for whats right and put a stop to this. We work hard for our money and we shouldn’t let people try to steal it or threaten to take our phones away. Hang in there people, it can’t go on for ever. STOP THE SOLICITING.

  101. Paul M. Woodrum says:

    I am being charged through Cingular / AT&T for these 44674 astrology messages occuring daily on my cell phone. I do not know how to cancel it am I am informing AT&T that I will not pay the charges. Please advise. Thank you.

  102. Michelle says:

    I was charged $19.99 for a service I did not authorize nor am I receiving. I contacted AT&T service center and the service agent was very helpful in that she canceled my supposed subscription and advised me that I would see a refund on my upcoming bill!!! Thank you AT&T for your prompt curteous service!!

  103. nikki says:

    My husband purchased a new phone and had declined the internet package. He never used the internet functions. Then a message pops up for him to have a 3 day trial of the internet on his phone. The message never said he had to call and cancel so during the trial he played around on the internet then stopped. Well when we got the bill the internet charge for his line only was over $1000. He has called and complained and they claimed they would call back after a week of “research” they call back. Well when we called back they only offered $50 deduction for the trial period and thats it. They refuse to let him speak to a supervisor. What can we do?

  104. Jen says:

    for those of you who directly have a plan tell them you’re not going to pay the extra charges on your bills, for those of you on a family plan, tell the plan holder to tell them you’re not going to pay. My plan holder is agreeing to pay the charges and wait for a refund and expects me to pay. obviously that makes me angry, because people are not getting credited and that is robbery. also I have attempted 3 times to get them to stop sending me the ads, ( texting stop to the sending number) and talking to a representative. Low and behold I’m still getting ads. Now if my plan holder would put a purchase block on my phone that wouldn’t happen, but, nope :) So me personally i dunno. But I’m not dishing out an endless flow of cash for nothing. Infuriating! So my plan holders going to have to pay for it if he doesn’t want to fight it. But again, in response to the what do I dos. Tell them to drop the charge,put a purchase block, and unsubscribe from the ad company. Be Firm. The reps will try to argue/persuade you out of it.

  105. evan b nutt says:

    At&t bad business practices. I got a notice in the us mail, stating I now have emergency roadside assistance for my cell phone.
    After my 30 day free trail I would be billed $2.99 a month. I did not order, approve, or have knowledge of this service.After fighting my way thru At&t phone maze, I finally got a rep to cancell this ‘service.
    Back in sept 07, when my AT&T dsl contract expired my Internet jumped to $29.99 per month for the $19.99 dsl package. It took me 4 months to resolve that problem, and I expect to spend another 4 month to resolve the roadside
    service fraud.

    I am looking forward
    with fear and loathing for my my next AT&T bill with some unwanted surprises

  106. Dan says:

    usually, you can go to an ATT store and manage your account and get a reciept with proof, you just have to be the account holder or authorized user

  107. larry biser says:

    I was billed for text messages I did not make and for a download from the internet which I did not make.

  108. James says:

    Att has not send me a bill in 5 months I have to call them for what I “O” them.
    There’s few times they cut the service off and charge me $32.00 to turn it back on. I told them over and over I not sure what I’m paying because they are not sending me a bill. I keep telling them to send me bill they have not email me a bill or send it in the mail. My plan was $110.00 a month but I’m always paying a lot more I’m not why. All I ask for them to do is send me a bill so I can see what I’m paying for. I”m thinking they are doing this some I can pay a late fee or the phone be turn off so I have to pay extra to turn it back on. I have not got a bill from them in 5 months i check with the post office about the mail they side they may not be sending…

  109. LBivens says:

    I did not subscribe to Media ID. I want it cancelled today.

  110. Michael Saucier says:

    My son ran up an incredible amount of text & overseas charges without my knowledge. Out of the blue, at &t called me after the balance reached $4000.00 (what they said) it was more like $1600.00. I was told that unless i paid at least half of the approx. $4000.00 bill, my service would be IMMEDIATELY disconnected. (which I told them to do) I’m not disputing the charges yet, but why was this allowed to accumulate without a (courtesy call) to me to give me a heads up warning about what my son was doing, & why did they cancel my service without warning. They should have seen the RED FLAG & alerted ME to it.

  111. Jen says:

    Hey, guys. My bill no longer has the m blox fees. call your reps and complain over and over again till they fix it. good luck. It can be resolved.

  112. A.P. says:

    My bill this month had $59.97 worth of charges from m-Qube and $9.99 from Mblox. Yes – $70.00 worth of bogus charges!!!

    Sure, AT&T would isse credit – when they got credit themselves!! They said when they received credit from their Merchant, I would be credited but I would be responsible to pay it until they passed the credit through — which they said could take 1-2 billing periods. WHAT CRAP!

  113. naomi brown says:


  114. naomi brown says:


  115. CATHIE says:


  116. Rick Lyons says:

    With the last cell bill from AT & T we notice on our son’s phone that he was charged 19.99, 9.99 on the same day and then exactly one month later 9.99. He said he didn’t download or order anything.

  117. jessebel says:

    I recieved a bill for 69.96 of my bill. I did not sign up for anything involving Qube.

  118. Derek Taylor says:

    My last AT&T bill included charges for $9.99 for one or my daughter’s phones and two charges of $19.99 each on my other daughter’s line. These charges were under the merchant names M-Qube Inc and Mblox. I contacted AT&T and they nearly caused me to explode with a ridiculous explanation as to how this occurs through ring tones and some other unbelievable diatribe. I let them know in no uncertain terms that I feel they have complete control over this type of practice and were basically aiding and abetting a deceptive practice.

    I requested an immediate refund be posted to my account to which they stated they would need to contact the merchant and a credit would be posted in the next two billing cycles. I insisted I wanted the credit now and made it as fare as a robotic supervisor who repeated phrases from what I’m sure was a scripted response. AT&T has now, supposedly, placed purchase blockers on my cell phone service to prevent this activity from happening in the future. I asked them why anyone in their right mind would want this type of service in the first place and told them the default should be to prevent this scandalous activity from occurring. Surely if a customer wants this type of service (although why, I’ll never understand) then I’m sure it would be a simple task to select this when setting up the service.

    With regard to my current bill, I have reported AT&T to the FCC and, in anticipation of the credit have paid my bill less these ridiculous charges.

  119. Jennifer says:

    We got billed 19.99 from m-qube. I never download anything on my phone from the internet. I don’t even do ringtones.
    Don’t know where the charge came from. AT&T was very helpful and will refund the charge after they are refunded from the 3rd party.

  120. mary says:

    I just want to thank these ******* my daughter has been the brunt of their stupid charges, it has caused a lot of undue stress in our life. I have called repeatedly and ask for it to be removed . When will it this end?

  121. Sandy says:


  122. Jill Singletary says:

    I am SO very angry that I keep getting charges for ringtones .
    I have a $19.99 charge from CSW Group LTD on my account for doing nothing except looking on a site for a specific ringtone that I never downloaded .

    It was a lesson learned that ringtones are a shady dishonest business with complete intention to take advantage of consumers .

    I would appreciate consideration for a credit to my account and CONFIRMATION that any membership or other trickster contract that I agreed to by entering your site is cancelled , discontinued , over .

    My phone number is AT&T wireless . Please confirm acknowledgement and action to this request .

    Thank you
    Jill Singletary

  123. Myra Watkins says:

    I went into a website that offered free downloads of ringtones. I was not able to download anything. I noticed the $19.99 charge on my May2008 statement and believed that I must of downloaded something by mistake, but I never received anything. But when the $19.99 charge appeared on my June2008 statement, I knew there was a problem. I called to dispute the charges and was told by Janet at AT&T that I had to dispute it at the website. It allows you to dispute the charge and request a refund, but they denied it, even though I explained that I didnt know what this service was. I know I never requested a subscription to m-Qube Inc. And after reading all the above complaints, it seems AT&T has some sort of scamm going on and I’m not very confident that they will cancel “my so called subcription”.

  124. Vicki says:

    To everyone:

    Call AT&T customer service, demand all Directbill charges be removed immediately (AT&T will remove all charges going back to three months), and have AT&T put a block on your phone(s) for unathorized subscriptions. Customer service should explain to you that you will be responsible for blocks you accept (which of course you won’t!).

    Also, I noticed when I added the Mutli-media package (cost is 14.95 a month) to my daughter’s phone, I have not received any unathorized subscriptions since. Hope this helps.

  125. Vicki says:


    I mentioned the Multi-media package for $14.95 in post #125, but it’s actually called Media Works Bundle, which includes 1500 messages – messages can be Text, Picture, Video or Instant (IM) – and 5 MB of Media Net. Additional messages are $0.05 and additional Media Net usage is 1 cent per kilobyte.
    $14.99 per month.

  126. robbie rowland says:

    I get charged twice for text messages

  127. robbie rowland says:

    I get charge twice for text messages dont know why

  128. Myra Watkins says:

    I called AT&T back about the charges. I was told this time that I should see a credit within the next 2 statements for both $19.99 charges. I’ll have to wait and see.

  129. DawnThompson says:

    I was charged 19.99 for a product that we didn’t receive and don’t know what I was charged for

  130. Jean Scott says:

    I took over the phone bill from my boyfriend and I started paying it. I looked at my full bill this month and noticed a charge from mqube for 19.99. Much to my surprise I looked into it on past bills and noticed that my step son has been being charged since Feb. for this. I looked into mine and I have two charges for 19.99 in June and July. I have yet to check on my step daughters phone. This is obsurd!!!! How can this happen. I know I never authorized anyone to charge me for this service. I don’t even download ringtones etc. My daughter sends them via bluetooth to me. I will be calling at&t to discuss this with them. Between me and my step son so far we have been charge a total of 110.00 for this. I hope this company gets what is coming to them.

  131. Marylyne Goldstock says:

    In February I asked to have my grandson’s phone blocked from receiving text messages and to cut him off from being able to download anything. What I wanted, I told them, was just to have the phone service and nothing else. Thereafter some text messages showed up on my bill, despite their promises that I relied on. I wanted to get their attention so I stopped paying the bills until I was able to speak to them. Then I got a bill for over $1,000–for closing the account and for some of the back charges, which I am disputing. I called them and told them that it was not my intent to close the accounts, but that I was not going to honor my part of the contract since they had breached their promises to me, until I had been advised as to why the charges were put on the account when it was blocked. Anyway, someone was supposed to call me so I could resolve the issue. Their response: send the bill out to collection. In addition, I have been charged for years for some kind of roadside auto service that I did not sign up for since I have AAA.
    Unfortunately, I have had problems with AT&T before when the offered me a phone service that turned out to not have the features promised and for which the cost was much more than stated. I cancelled my service with AT&T then. The only reason that I got AT&T again was because they bought my cell phone company.

  132. jessica l huerta says:

    review charges

  133. jessica l huerta says:

    review past cell bill

  134. Dee Hicks says:

    Dear AT&T,
    Let us be upfront and honest with each other for a change. Ours is a loveless marriage. You only want me for my money; and I overlook your blatant infidelity because you are the most handsome gigolo at the party. I know that you and your counterparts snicker at me behind my back; but if I leave you, I know I shall only end up in bed with one of them on the re-bound. Let’s face it. You know that I could never survive in a wireless world on my own. I am totally trapped by the reality that we both know I cannot live without you.
    But, for the sake of my pride; next time I catch your hand in my pocket and you have to credit my account; please don’t sweetly apologize and say it was totally innocent, and that you’d never intentionally hurt me. The next time you overcharge me for equipment while I stand by and watch you give it to some stranger for free; please don’t look me in the eye and say that I’m the only one you truly love. Give me more credit than that.
    We both know that you will not change. You are who you are. And I am your helpless love slave.

  135. Anemos says:

    Have a problem with your bill? Call about it, dispute it. Yes, you may have been billed improperly, bring it to our attention. But think about this, for every one person who has a legit dispute, there is at least 5 people just calling to see what credits they can get. It takes experience and the knowledge of thousands of similar situations to make a decision whether it seems legit or not. A pop machine eats your quarter, only you were there, it’s your word against the mechanics of the machine, you get me? It seems like alot of people fail to realize that AT&T is nothing but a system, with reps there in case this system fails.

  136. Tiffany Williams says:

    Here is a reply to the latest response. I called At&T to complain about cell phone charges and asked for proof of what websites i had been to for these so called internet charges and they said they couldn’t tell me. I made the comment that i was not using the internet otherwise i would’ve upgraded my plan because it had happened 3 months in a row…(the first month they offered a partial credit). I have since had a plan with verizon and no internet charges have been made to my account..interesting…our bill has now gone to collections even though i took all the steps to dispute it, including a letter to the company. I am refusing to pay it…anyone have any ideas??

  137. donald grundborg says:

    my phone is being charged over 20 dollars and i didn’t do anything the operator said she was going to give me a credit please help me

  138. Kelly Spencer says:

    These bogus charges from m-Qube are still showing up as of Aug 2008, but the Class Action Settlement is only covering charges up to May 2008. AND btw info on this settlement just came in my Aug bill.

  139. Rosalee says:

    First of all the carriers do not own mblox, mqube etc, you know that free ringtone you downloaded from flycell or whoever you forgot to check the one time download only or failed to read where it said you were subscribing to the service for a fee. The only way this isnt the case is if you got a new number and the previous owner of the number did this. as far as $700 worth of internet usage – you did it no way someone hacked in to your cell and no way it was charged just for the heck of it. Anyone who thinks their kids always tell the truth when they say that they ‘I didnt do it’ needs to stop and ask again. Also, reply stop, quit or unsubscribe when you receive the text.

  140. Tiffany Williams says:

    It wasn’t a child that said they didn’t use the internet,…i am talking about a grown adult…I think that the phone was faulty and for some reason it stayed online and there was no way of logging off the internet…but the store said it wasn’t possible and didn’t even try to figure out where the internet charges were coming from.

  141. Amy DeSpain says:

    wanting to cancell firebird on mall media not did not order it

  142. Angie says:

    I was billed 3 times by m-qube inc. I texted STOP and emailed their customer service and I still got charged. I called AT-T customer service and they stopped payment and credited me at least for one month. Something is better than nothing. Those charges are called direct bill and I had ATT put a purchase blocker on my phone. Now if I want to charge something through my phone, I have to unblock it to do so.

  143. Danielle says:

    Here is just a little of what I have been through and they keep asking me if I want a cell phone from them I guess you know my answer!!
    I have spent 20hours alone last month just talking to At&t I have documented every time I call what time it is when I call who I speak to ect…I have a very huge file on this…Every month there is a prob and on avg (no exaggeration) an avg of 3 hours per call…last month they made a $500 error and the bill comes this month and is still not correct…I have had a problem ever single month with them since I signed up last Sept so basically a year…I can NOT get another service right now because I live in a rural area. They have tried to trick me into signing new contracts and threatened that if I didnt they would come and take all my equipment…I have talked to supervisors that do not help or when I ask a customer service person to please have a supervisor call me back (which is supposed to be within 48hours) sometimes has taken over a week to leave me a message to call their same customer service number and thank you for calling ect
    I cant get anyone to truly help me and I am so tired of calling every month and getting notices that I am going to be disconnected if I dont pay a wrong bill that I have made the payment on (the correct one that was figured out after the 3 hours) that I could just scream or cry>>dont know which!!
    I wish there was an office that I could go to in person…I do not care if I had to drive a ways just so I get someone that will actually help me!! My favorite is when I supposed to have this all resolved the bill may not show the corrections (that are still wrong) for like three months which then the cut off notices show up in the mail…then I call and its starts all over again!!

  144. Danielle says:

    I just want an answer…..will anyone out there listen or help??

  145. Lesia Harris says:

    I have a prepaid phone and it is hard enough for me to keep minutes on this phone so why is this FunMobile ringtone company taking my money off my phone. I don’t understand how At&t lets this happen if it is not directly related to their company. I want my money back on my phone ASAP.

  146. vicente says:

    favor de no mandar mas este correo a mi celular no tengo porque pagar 9.99 gracias no mandarlo mas

  147. ALeinweber says:


  148. CatheyS says:

    I have jsut been notified by ATT that the plan I am on is no longer being offered, despite having five more months on my service contract.
    I am being “migrated” to a different plan that costs $10 more per month, with 50 more minutes. I don’t want this change. Doesn’t ATT have to abide by contracts?
    I will either keep the same agreement or cancel service.

  149. Sherry Mills says:

    We’ve been getting charged by GatorArcade and MBlox since Jan 18,2008 until Aug 18, 2008. Called AT&T and they agreed to remove one months worth of charges. NO THANK YOU!! Had my husband call again and try to get it settled. They said they were only authorized to credit back up to 120 days worth of charges. We got some of our money back. But not all of it. I’ve filed a complaint with the FCC, BBB and signed up for the Class Action lawsuit. We’ll see if we get the rest of our money. I’m not very hopeful at this point.

  150. Germaine says:

    Ladies & Gentleman, I figured this scam out.

    Just recently, my kid stepbrother was getting yelled at by my mother on this. She asked me to do some research and I found out about all of this complaints. This has become one of the biggest scams in this country.

    Think about it: At least half of the USA (about 150 million people) has at least one cell phone with text messaging available.

    To have a cell phone company charge you an extra $10 might not be too much of a big deal for individuals…but take 10$ from 100,000 people and the company makes 1 million. Think about those numbers when the amount of people are in millions.

    I ask everyone available to contact me at my own myspace page or hotmail at I ask this because something has to be done about it. It is time for the American people to stop getting cheated and I propose a combined lawsuit against these companies for the robbery of perhaps millions of dollars.

    Thank you.

  151. CATHIE says:


  152. Credit forfeiture says:

    I purchased an iPhone in October, 2007. I decided on a month-by-month plan because I didn’t want to get locked into a contract with ATT.
    They have been debiting my bank account for approximately $70.00 per month since that date.
    At the end of August, 2008, my bank sent me a new ATM card as part of their security measures to prevent identity theft. I received the card during ATT’s monthly billing cycle, so I called customer service (Ha!). When I called I had a $230.00 credit with ATT; the agent said that any amount over $250.00 in credit would be forfeited, and that I would probably be better off with a new calling plan with some restrictions.
    SHE recommended I wait until AFTER the holiday weekend and submit my new card info – which I did. Now ATT has claimed that I violated the agreement terms, and that they are going to KEEP the $230.00!!!
    I tried, obviously unsuccessfully to explain to them that I was caught in the middle of my bank, changing my ATM card and ATT – to no avail!!!
    I even told them that I was open to a token “late” payment amount, but that $230.00 as punishment for something that my bank did was unconscionable – a total waste of time.
    I’m angry beyond description. So here I sit with a dead phone. I’m NOT going to continue to give them money when I didn’t do anything wrong!!

  153. Paul Dawson says:

    I was billed $19.99 and $9.99 for Mblox, called AT&T and they credited my account without question. I guess they know it’s a scam.

  154. Nicole says:

    Well apparently its not just their wireless service where they practice deception and steal money from the public. Check this out:

  155. MR PHILLIPS says:


  156. Vicki says:

    Mr. Phillips,

    Call AT&T customer service, demand all Directbill charges be removed immediately. AT&T will remove all charges going back to three months, and have AT&T put a block on your phone(s) for unathorized subscriptions.

  157. Brian from the UK says:

    hi Mr Phillips,
    mBlox (the company) is known as an aggregator company. It has a billing agreement with the cell phone companies for the cell phone company to bill their customers on behalf of mBlox. When a customer receives a premium rate text from mBlox the cell phone company bills its customer’s account, keeps some and passes the rest to mBlox.

    mBlox will claim they are sending the texts on behalf of a ‘client’ and are not responsible.

    None of the companies involved have to offer any proof that the customer being billed has requested or agreed to pay for the ‘service’.

    Phone your cell phone company up a demand the ‘services’ to be stopped and a full refund. Don’t take any rubbish from them.

  158. Matt Bussey says:

    I just want to stop 19.99 /month don’t need it

  159. Jill McChesney says:

    Your company took money from my account with out my approval, which is illeagal. They caused me to go in the hole and get charged overage costs. Also, your company has made it possible for people to get on line and not even know they did it. My 12 year old son supposedly went on line for hours costing us $1,000 when he was asleep. This is unacceptable. I have been a faithful customer of At&T for years but now I am most likely changing my service at home and wireless.

  160. Liz Dunn says:

    I have been charged 9.99 twice and 5.99 not to mention .15 per text. I did not sign up for this. Had ATT take messaging off phone. E-mailed pridicto to no avail.

  161. Nelda Perez says:

    My husband and are both bellsouth employees. We were using T Mobil service and were reasonably please, then went to Spring and were pleased but we decided to give ATT another try since we get a discount and the adds claimed more bars, etc. I would never recommend ATT to anyone. We do not get good reception and our phones are the worst we have ever had. We were sold a regular phone for my elderly mother who is hard of hearing only to find out later that their are special phones for the hard of hearing. When we inquired we were told it was too late that we would have to pay full price. As soon as our contract is up we will NEVER go back to ATT!!!!!

  162. Cathie says:

    To all who have complained about ATT and want to switch….Please check out the other sites (look up on the right hand side of this page under complaints) such as Sprint, T-Mobile, & Verison, and check out those pages. They are absolutely FULL of similar complaints. This is happening across the board w/all the cell phone service providers. The best remedy is to let your contract expire and continue without a contract on a month to month basis. I have done this with ATT since January…same service package, same price, NO CONTRACT and NO FRAUDULENT CHARGES, because they don’t want me to walk I assume.

    In addition, continue to contact and barrage your elected public officials, Senators, Congressmen, State & Federal Attorney General’s office, etc. with your complaints. Don’t just say or think about doing it…DO IT. Email them, send them a link to these pages so they can see first hand what is going on. Don’t stop….keep doing it. The State of Florida has already fined one the companies because of this. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!

  163. Robert Salter says:

    I have 2 cell phones with 2 different numbers. And I have been charged 19.99 plus taxes on one, and 9.99 plus taxes on the other. I did not at any time purchase your downloads on eather of my phones. I demand the services to be stoped! And a full refund.

  164. Cass Ward says:

    I was sent these sites from AT&T and it asks to put in your phone number for select plans you may qualify for, and as soon as I knew you would get charged for them, I cancelled out of the page, and I am still getting charged, this is rediculous!!!

  165. Melanie says:

    I am afraid that I too was just hit with a $19.99 bill from this mblox…I definitely want this refunded to my att account and I want this to be stopped so that it does not happen again.

  166. tom says:

    i got charged 9.99 two times so far for flycell and when i went to the site to find out what it was i could not find out how to cancel but i came here and finally found how to cancel and hoping it will stop.

  167. ionie dixon says:

    ive been billed for a voicemail that i did not authorize please take from my bill662-451-9208

  168. ionie dixon says:

    ive been at 662-451-9208 for a voicemail please credit my account for all charges to my account and remove services please

  169. sondra says:

    i was applying for a job and i was charged 9.99 but I did not know it>help me please I am 17.This is wrong..

  170. Kurt Walker says:

    I just reviewed my statement. I have a $99.62 charge for AT&T mobility. I don’t know why it is on there because my credit/debit card is not associated with my cell phone service in any way. I think its fraudulent. Is this just me?

  171. Vicki says:

    Sondra, just call At&t you were wrongly charged, and tell them you want the Direct Bill charge removed. Also, tell them that you did not download anything on your phone. At&t removed three charges off my bill with no problems.

  172. kristina says:

    i called at&t about the charges and they were really nice about it and is going to refung me money back and make my phones so that i have to put apassword in to be able to download stuff to my phone, which works good so that nbobody can charge my bill without my permission. just call the # on the phone bill.

  173. Jen says:

    We’ve had three 9.99 charges and I keep having to argue with Att to get them reversed. The guy I am on the phone with currently is telling me they will refund one but not the other and keeps telling me it is for a messanger program, but we dont HAVE a messanger program except the one that came on the phone. He isn’t liking my arguement that if he can’t specifically tell me what it is for, why should I be paying for it?? We don’t download things, and he can’t tell me what it for… I am not paying for it! DUH!

  174. Vicki says:

    Jen, call AT&T back and tell them to remove any Direct Bill charges on your bill. AT&T will remove any charges going back to three months. It’s in their policy. They removed 3 months of Direct Bill charges for me. Also, have AT&T put a block on your phone to block unauthorized subscriptions.

  175. Jason says:

    I received the following on my AT&T wireless bill: BULLROARE:25184#8536 from Mblox. Didn’t authorize it and have no clue how it got on my bill. However, AT&T customer service immediately stopp the supposed subscription and credited my account with no issues.

  176. Jason says:

    I received the following on my AT&T wireless bill: BULLROARE:25184#8536 from Mblox. Didn’t authorize it and have no clue how it got on my bill. However, AT&T customer service immediately stopp the supposed subscription and credited my account with no issues. The monthly charge would have been 19.99 per

  177. Lorenzo says:


  178. Katie says:

    AT&T Customers can get more information on how to use self-service refund tool, stop charges and how to block the charges.

  179. n.caputo says:

    My Boston area phone has no signal (no bars) when visiting my daughter in Panama City Beach FL.

  180. Patricia says:

    I noticed a charge of 19.99 for bullroare. I immediately called AT&T,the charge was credited and I was advised that I was just charged again on 12/23; that amount was also credited. I was advised that it was done through a text message received and I guess when I responded to the text mail it automatically charged my phone (?). So now I have a block on my phone which prevents any purchases. I look at my cell phone bill every month and I know what the charges should be, so when my bill was 20+, I knew there was an error.

  181. Eric Fleming says:

    I cant belive that att is not stoping all of this many people r paying for this crock of shit att will not credit my account.and they say i will get 1 more charge from these ass holes WTF

  182. Crystal says:

    I have been receiving text messages from an unrecognizable number. I have not been to either of the above websites nor have I signed up to recieve these text messages. I have been billed 19.98 for these sites. Could you please check this out and credit my account the 19.98. If at anyway possible could you find a way that I can block these. Thank you very much for your time.

  183. Jenn says:

    At&T has been very helpful in helping to ensure that the subscription was stopped and the charges refunded. Customer Service recommended the purchase block to me and I am very grateful because I did not know such an option existed.

  184. Gail Bryant says:

    I was charged $9.99 for Mobile purchase &download communications.This phone is not capable of anything like that.I purchased a Razor phone and after one year it quit working.Cingular would not replace it and instead gave me a junk loaner phone.It is only good for texting.I feel like I’m being charged alot of $$ for a phone like this and have been doing so for a couple years now.

  185. Mary E Schoenberger says:

    I was charged for a service i did not order and asked to have it remeoved but I am still recieving and charged for text messages

  186. Stephanie Branom says:

    I STUPIDLY took a “fun” quiz on line and was told I would then be charged $19.99 monthly for this. I IMMEDIATELY cancelled but was still being billed the folowing month. I spoke with At&T Cust. Serv. Rep. who assures me I will be credited and service with Mblox-Bullroare:25184#8536 will be STOPPED! We’ll see!

  187. wj holding says:

    they charged me and I have no idea how or when I got “sucked in.” AT&T stopped the charge and I always check any extra charges on my bill!! JERKS!

  188. ken says:

    i have the new att tundra va76r it looks nice but no one can run it meaning the people that sell it, its worthless unless you want a heart attack

  189. Dave H says:

    By chance I noticed a $9.99 plus tax charge by UPOC Networks for dada ringtones. Charged on a day I spent mostly flying and hardly had phone access. Total scam. This company should be shut down and investigated. AT&T said they would refund the charge and even noticed it began the previous month.

  190. David DeFalco says:

    Just noticed that there’s been a 9.99/month charge appearing on my 75-year-old mother’s phone line since October. The charge is from Mblox, for “FREEZEMOB”, whatever the heck that might be. Same thing happened on my wife’s phone about a year and a half ago, and we were able to get AT&T’s customer service folks to credit the charges back to my account. Haven’t called them yet on this latest scam. Apparently the charges began after my mom received (not sent) a text message from 36726. In fact, the billing detail shows that she received 3 messages from that number on the same date (9/14/08) within a 2-minute period. Shoot – my mom can barely use a cell phone as a phone – fuggetaboudit when it comes to text messages and data downloads!

  191. Trish Ignao says:

    It only took $20 but it broke the camels back. Now l discover that all telephone companies charge if you return a cell phone that you purchased within 30 days. The difference with the majority of the other companies is that they do actually advertise this clearly on their web pages so you can see it and read their larger than average print. AT & T are supposed to tell the customer when the phone is purchased but instead the snappy customer rep in the store told me to look at the back of my receipt after the phone stopped working. Funny…..l thought that you check the front to make sure they do not overcharge. So the phone we upgraded should have cost $210 but ended up costing $289 and now l have to add $20 to that bringing the bill to over $300. Well l took my custom and my five family lines to Verizon. Still waiting on the surprise cancellation bill that will come from AT & T when l am with Verizon. No doubt it will come in within 3 business days and they will demand immediate payment!!!!! If only l had the spare cash to challange these guys in court and save thousands of consumer millions of dollars a year from these greedy cats. For all abused customers out there……keep at them…keep fighting their deceit…..keep nibbling away at their unethical and immoral policies….keep up your willingness to pursue them to the bitter end……l am!!!!

  192. Cynthia Penn says:

    My prepaid cell phone was charged $19.99 for ring tones from Ring-Aza. I have NEVER ordered this or never been interested in ordering ring tones. I can’t get a person at that company on the phone to speak with me, but they did send me an e-mail saying they would not refund the money. I am FURIOUS.

  193. Holly says:

    I just looked at my bill and my son have 5 charges listen on there from a “firebird” at 20.00 each!!! $100.00 worth of charges for I have no idea what! This is ridiculous…and all of this occurs every other day in a week. NOT HAPPY!

  194. Quanda D. Clark says:

    AT&T (formally Cingular Wireless) has been overcharging me since I started with their service in 2007. I too have been a victim of all the things others are speaking of here unwanted, unsolicited, unexplained and unnecessary charges. I have spent countless hours over my affiliation with this company and it has been a nightmare. I switched from Nextel To AT&T (CINGULAR) for the roll-over-minute plans. HUGE MISTAKES I have actually ended up paying more mentally, financially and in time. Something has to be done about this.

  195. Stephanie Branom says:

    This is an update to my comment #187. AT&T removed BullRoare charge of $19.99 and then once more charged $19.99 three days later! I called AGAIN and was on hold for 5 minutes only to get an operator who once I explained situation that has gone on for months, informed me her computer was “locked up” and she would have to transfer me to another operator. After another 5 or so minutes on hold, I went through situation AGAIN and operator said yes, they say I did not have service with BullRoare so they would credit me again! This is a load of bull! Also, there are text message charges AT&T “SNEAKS” onto your bill. I don’t even know how to text message, I believe in HUMAN contact! I’m sure AT&T figures the average consumer will not notice these small charges and will continue to pay them rather than go through this HELL and those add up when you are dealing with millions of people! AT&T took my Email address and said they would send me info. on blocking any Direct Bill Charges. Funny, but that was three days ago and I STILL have not received any Emails from them!! What a RACKET!!!

  196. Stephanie Branom says:

    Follow up to my last comment- AT&T operator Lori, (I’m withholding her last name as AT&T would undoubtedly fire her for her true statements against them), told me that she and fellow agents speak with THOUSANDS of customers weekly about these Direct Bill Charges and she is FED UP too!

  197. Wes says:

    Well i guess i’m their latest sucker, but i believe i have 2 ideas they may stop this nonsense (and that’s an understatement and they may not be for everybody). 1st- If you want to find out if it’s your cell phone company involved or not, pay a few dollars to have your number changed. If you keep getting bills you will definetly know if their in on it, then take proper procedure. 2nd-Especially if your on pay as you go, you might think about this. Use up what time you have left trash your phone and get another one and leave the ringtones alone and get them from friends. Like i mentioned, these ideas are not for everybody. Now here is my complaint; Just bought a brand new at&t samsung cell phone for 70 dollars- nice phone. Joined flycell for 9.99- received ringtones but my phone is not compatible-taxt stop and it said it was successful. So i figured i would have to wait 30 days to see if is was true or not-WRONG. 2 weeks later, which was a few hours ago, i received a text from them saying they are trying to bill me and they couldnt. By the time i read the text i received another one saying they took 19.99. I tryed to call them from the number on the internet and couldnt get any one. I then sent a vulger text message hopeing they would reply somehow, in which they sent back text saying didnt understand reply(i cant say what i sent them, but it wasnt nice). I’m putting my phone in a zip lock bag after i burn up the little time left- sinking it in the river and let them try to figure why they can’t get anymore money from me. I pray you all get your money back- you can handle it the way you choose. Now a little word to the scamming cowards- they say you can’t take money with you when you die. Well, in your case i hope you can, cause i want you to watch the money to stolen burn in hell with you.

  198. PEGGY says:

    I SWITCHED FROM NET 10 TOO AT&T MOTOROLLA RAZOR TO GO THEY HAVE CHARGED ME $30.00 in ring tones an i never even downloaded any i have only use my phone twice to call my son on then right in the middle of a min conversion the phone goes dead this happened twice i’m afraid to reload so my dad call’s at&t an they say go to an unsubscribe i never subscribted to it i don’t even have a 8 digit pass word so i’ll like to give them an 8 digit pass word at&t u sux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Clay says:

    I am currently on the phone with ATT and the person is going though my bills one at a time to see how far back my m-cube charges go. I don’t really look at my bills, and always pay them late so I don’t notice extra bits. So far I am out $135.83. She had me text 42222 with the word stop to stop the billing. I don’t know if missing small print was the mistake or if someone just put my number in to make money. What is to stop them especially now with the cell phones being fair game for telemarketers. You could write a script to sumbit thousands of numbers at once. I say any charge outside of your provider should have to send you a text invoice at least.

  200. Pete Smith says:

    Will I be charged for Texting from my Computer with Time warner cable to someone elses cellphone with AT&T? I don’t have Texting on my cellphone with AT&T and Ihave a block on that and the Internet access. But will I be charged fro doing this and if so how much? If I have to pay then I will fight this and switch to Verizion because my contract is up this month. I want to stay with AT&T but if they charge fro this it is wrong and I will change to verizion and so will my wife and brother and sisters. Please answer as soon as possible.
    PETE. S.

  201. Joseph Neill says:

    Please cancel 2 subscriptions (1)jumble 02/24 $2.99
    (2)Cingular Racing
    03/04 $2.99
    Any Questions Please

  202. Peggy F says:

    What’s the sense?? After what just happened to me, I’m outraged but it appears it’s been happening for several years now and no one is doing anything about it. I’ve had AT&T since 1994 when my phone was bigger than my purse, and I’m done. I’ve had 4 lines since my kids were teens (the’re now in mid 20′s) I’m done! While filling out a simple form on line my husband thought it was part of the form process clicked continue and PREDICTO MOBILE popped up!!! not even 30 seconds later a text message was sent to him congratulating him for signing up for the 9.99 service. He immediately called the number 800-360-0518 to tell them he did not want the service (within 2 minutes)he was told they would UNSUBSCRIBE him but he would be charged 9.99 for this month only–UNACCEPTABLE-these people are predators. I called At& T and told them it was the principle of it that they should not do business with such a company, they are all in on it..I’d love everyone to make a call to this company just to pissed them off for the inconveinence. (The firm is out of NJ- 1 Bridge Plaza Suite 275 Fort Lee, NJ 07024-if it is a real company??)some how after reading all these complaints I think this is an extension of the mobile subscribers?? some brain child from perhaps a Marketing exec…and we’re are all getting screwed. Thanks AT &T

  203. Fran says:

    This world has become so cruel and mean-spirited. I guess if you can’t make enough money honestly and uprightly, then CHEAT as many people for as long as you can to get some big bucks in your pocket. We received our first “bogus” direct charges today, and I hope we can get it cleared out. And there are people who always complain about too much regulation by the government. No regulation = the mess our country is in now. No regulation = this type of thing being allowed to victimize us all.

  204. Brian from UK says:

    I completely agree and would go further.

    It’s ultimately the responsibility of our politicians to ensure there is adequate consumer protection.
    We didn’t vote them into office to represent the interests of corrupt dishonest companies. We voted them into office assuming they would represent the interests of the honest consumer.

    It’s about bloody time they got off their arses and start representing the people who elected them.

  205. Karen Gutenkauf says:

    I just received my bill and had charges from and m-ube Inc. totalling 29.98 for services I never requested or authorized- a call to AT&T CS has supposedly removed them and a credit was issued to my acct. I will check monthly to see if it sticks. This is a horrible business practice of any company- shame on them!!! We need this practice stopped!

  206. Daniel T. says:

    We have 4 cell phones and share with my parents, two adults and a quiet 16 year old. The charge showed up on my husband’s phone – the luddite of us all who wouldn’t know how to text message without a 30 minute tutorial. The ATT person adamantly insisted that we had triggered the fee. It took forever to get the service off, and we had to go through an ATT infomercial about other ATT products we might be interested in. There was little sympathy for our irritation at the monthly scrutiny of our wireless bill. It outrages me that it is so easy for third party scam artists to be able to access your $$$ by your phone number alone. I can see major abuse from spurned lovers, or just plain jerks who would want to mess with someone. I can’t use my credit card without picture ID, but my cell phone number alone will allow charges to be placed on my bill.

  207. densie latol says:


  208. Shyam Subramanyan says:

    Funny. I am on an iPhone plan and MediaNet is not even available for IPhone, but I see $9.99 MediaNet charges from M-Qube for the last four months. Can’t imagine that AT&T is not helping with this scam.

  209. Terri Miller says:

    After reading my latest bill from at&t I was outraged. Somehow, even though I did not use up my rollover minutes, my N&W minutes, nor my regular minutes their accounting dept. somehow came up with a bill of $357.00. HOW?? Because I think they are a bunch of incompetent, uncaring idiots who just pick numbers out of the air. I even got a late charge added on when I called last month and the one nice person I found to speak to deleted my entire bill because she read that I had been calling practically every month with some kind of problem so she wrote off my entire bill. I can’t even get e-mail or text messaging on my phone because it comes up as “Error: network unavailable”. This is getting ridiculous dealing with these people. It is almost worth paying the $200 to get out of the contract and out from under the stress this causes every time I open my bill. I hope every one who has problems will write in and good luck to you all with your issues regarding the billing dept. from this lame, unknowing, company.

  210. Lordy Lordy says:


    I feel for you, we just switch from Sprint to AT&T. I rec’d our phones and 3 of the 4 were activated. I called AT&T… OMG what a bunch of IDIOTS.. First of all the operator was like ummmm, I dont Know.. Transfered me to someone who asked for my Agent Number.. I was like WHAT, W.T.F. well, 4 cust svc reps, and over an hour later.. finally got ONE PHONE activated… it was crazy… couldnt believe it… I filed a complaint with the,

  211. kevin says:

    i am using red pack network.i haven’t opened any service like 33999 text message,but it keeping sending me the text messages every every other day.i want to know how to stop it

  212. Christina says:

    Wow I can’t believe how many people have had this same issue. Normally our bill is $80 per month, has been for years. With our new baby we budget and our latest bill was $150 with $50 something dollars for mcube and flycell. I have my same old ringtone, nothing has changed, except my bill. AT&T isn’t open on Sundays now it seems, I will be on the phone 1st thing monday morning with AT&T. We don’t need this!

  213. David D says:

    Re my post from 2/9 (#191) – I finally took the time to call AT&T’s customer service folks about these bogus charges (misc. incoming text messages from an array of “short-code” numbers on my 75-y-o mom’s phone, in addition to $9.95/mo charges from Freeze Mobile and Ringtone Club, billed via Mblox). Well, they’ve agreed to credit it all back – about 6 months worth of the monthly charges, plus all the incoming text messages, with no dispute about the situation at all (so they’re obviously aware that this is going on). I think the salient question here really is – how can people prevent this from happening in the first place? (Of course, that shouldn’t really be necessary, but all the posts here prove that it is.) After having read a bunch of the latest posts here, I think that contacting the FCC probably is the best route to go. If the feds get enough complaints about the thousands (or more) of people getting scammed like this, they may take some action. mBlox and m-Qube, from my understanding, are just “clearing houses” for the folks actually billing for the services (Freeze Mobile, etc. are the actual scammers). AT&T’s just passing the billing along (apparently w/o any analysis), so they’re not really the bad guys here. BTW – posters, these posts do not go to AT&T – this is just a public forum to air grievances, so posting messages like, “I didn’t download anything. Please stop billing me $9.95/month.” aren’t going to produce any action. You need to CALL AT&T to get credited for any fraudulent charges. Oh, yeah – we did also get AT&T to block all incoming text messages coming from those “short codes”, so hopefully we won’t get into this situation again in the future.

  214. george whitfield says:

    stop 47941

  215. george whitfield says:

    don’t want Too Lazy Text Alerts

  216. Ariel N Leon says:

    I did NOT order anything or download anything. I don’t do text mesages.

  217. Tarsem singh says:

    please stop predicto code 654654 and give me credit 9.99 that charge on 3/10 I am unable to pay this offer and never ordered for this

  218. Cecil O'Kelley says:

    On my Mobile phone 806-674-5038 bill why was I charged 9.99 when I havent ordered anything??
    let me know on Email at

  219. Mahmoud says:

    ATT is charging me for Qube inc service that I never ordered or used.

  220. patricia miller says:

    i am very upset with this iq test it took 9.99 off my phone i want it back

  221. Taya says:

    Well, I took a simple I.Q test on the internet, and it was advertised as a free test. So, they said to give them my cell number, to send me the results, next thing I know the results came along with a bill of $9.99. That is very crazy to me, because it clearly stated that the I.Q test was free, but I feel like I was bamboozled. Now, I really want to leave this cellular company, after I’ve been with it for the last four years. I really don’t want that on my bill, it’s really terrible.

  222. vicci lenza says:

    don’t do any txt msging, did no iq test, but I sure would like to find out what I did and also why is ATT still servicing and protecting some invisible client who rips people off for 3 years??

  223. Jen says:

    wow cecil, way to put your cell phone number out there, obviously yet AGAIN, to be used for fraudulant purposes. I’m beginning to think you people really ARE causing this issue by not being careful

  224. Donald Cooley says:

    I am trying to find out how to remove MusicID from my phone and stop charges.

  225. eidtha lina says:

    Iwas never informed how much the charges for the text message, I want my money back that is a scam

  226. Daniel Schneck says:

    This company name is Premium Content 460 and BullRoare. If they don;t stop I;ll give it to my lawyer. Tanhk you.

  227. marrison construction says:

    just looked at my bill a little closer and noticed that i am being charged for something called Digital Content who has a provider name of PlayPhone Inc.,I have no clue what that is but I plan to find out

  228. David Morein says:

    We were charged for downloads of a very perverted nature.My wife is 66years old she would never buy this for her cell.Please remove this fromm our phone and bill.The charge is 26.10. If possible block this access from further purchases, as I do have grandkids who or very smart but still children.THANKS

  229. wanda waishkey says:

    I’m getting charged for text messages.I do not want.I was charged 24.98 for these, and I want it blocked. NO MORE TEXT!

  230. gary jeffries says:

    Customer Service was very helpful and blocked all future text messages and charges from the three SMC (Short Message Code)providers who had begun sending me text messages. I had downloaded a ringtone and paid for it with my credit card. Apparently the fine print told me that I would receive text messages from various companies. Of course I hadn’t read the fine print. Hopefully I will know better next time. AT&T did promise a credit for the amount charged to my accoung.

  231. Ed Anderson says:

    Just received a bill from AT&T – son’s phone was billed twice for 9.98. Claims he did not sign up for anything – but suspect just didn’t read the fine print! Told him to remove phone number from Facebook!

  232. robert tyll says:

    i am gettin charged 4 fortune cookie alert and ring my tone i never ordered that how can i cancel it

  233. Kathleen says:

    Crimal, I think AT&T knew about it; and since they were getting part of the cut- they wagered that only a small percentage of people check their online bills. Crimal robbery

  234. roger turner says:

    im on my grilfrindes phone plan and i started getting a bill for mobil purchases&downloads communication charges how do i stop it

  235. Vicki says:

    To Roger Turner,
    Call your cellphone provider and tell them you are a victim of this scam, and that you would like all charges removed. AT &T will remove ‘Direct Bill’ (scam charges) charges going back to three months.

  236. Deborah says:

    They are rude, arrogant, nasty, and unprofessional. I have tried talking with the Office of the President regarding a bogus charge and all they can do is call me a liar and other names. They humilate and disrespect me each time I call. I wish their was someone I could call to get this taken care of but even the operators are nasty!!
    If anyone can help please email me at

  237. Toryann L. Turner says:

    It said that I was not joining by accepting the code next thing I know I have been billed three times for $9.99 for something I did not join. I am very upset because it also states to text stop and it would stop they still send me stuff now my cell phone is cut off and I have these charges this is wrong and I am trying to contact someone but you get a recording saying to leave a message. someone needs to call me back this is crazy and unheard of!!!!I DID NOT EVEN GET MY RESULTS OF THE IQ TEST. this sounds like we need to get a lawyer and sue you all for this misleading information. I am looking into it now.

  238. David Young says:

    The IQ Test and Trivia have both appeared on my phone.. unsolicited. I was able to stop receiving the messages by replying with “stop”.

    However, in checking my bill I found that I had been billed for a “subscribed” horoscope for over six months! Not only did I not subscribe… they never sent me any texts! Yet AT&T billed me just because a third party said it was okay.

    AT&T has credited my account, after advising them of the illegal bill, and blocked all of my accounts cell phones immediately.

    As a business person, I want to know how to be able to tell AT&T to bill people for services that were not authorized or delivered? Sounds like a great “racket”, albeit a “little illegal”!

  239. denise rolfe says:

    I have been charged for m-Qube Inc. 3 times and I have tried unumberous times to have it stopped and I still get stuff on my phone I am really upset. I have asked for assistance many times without results. I am really disappointed in the service I have gotten with ATT.

  240. Kim Westgerdes says:

    I have been getting charged $20 a month for at least 6 months and didn’t know about it till now. I looked back at past phone bills and for the past year I got charged for several different things. $10 here $5 there. What the hell is this. I know I never signed up for anything. But what are they saying that I signed up for?

  241. Cecampbell says:

    airG & AT&T are in cahoots in a cramming scam. They place charges on your phone bill for services that you did not request and did not receive. The charges are unclear and are almost undetectable. This is so that most victims will pay the these companies. This is a scam and needs to be stopped.

  242. Esther Hatherly says:

    MY bill is never the same.Why 9.99 this mo. for sme download that I have never done.I should have stayed with Verizon!!!!!!

  243. kristine says:

    Wow, have just finally paid attention to my AT&T bill. I have a family plan, not one of us has internet capability. My son sometimes texts, but 99 percent of our time on the phone is just talking. We were attracted to AT&T because of the rollover minutes. This M-Qube, gatorarcade, bid4prizes stuff is insane, not one of us uses ANY of this stuff. I am the “plan” holder and have made NO authorizations for change on ANY of the phones. I called the AT&T rep today. They took 3 months of charges off my bill. They really did do it because I went online to view the new monthly statement, and yes she took off $89. She told me I could put a block with a password for no charge and I said do it. But after reading all these comments on here, I’m not real optimistic, but will keep you posted. This is insane. My question to any of you is this: “do you have a phone number or an email address for this M-Qube”? Thank you

  244. Connie Lamb says:

    I want the stupid downloads and purchases removed that I DID NOT order taken off! I tried calling and got disconnected 3 times. So I’m trying this web site. We’ve been with AT&T forever, but we are now looking somewhere else.

  245. Jan Dzierzko says:

    For last 3 months I was charged 14.99 for each month for services provided by PlayPhone which I did not subscribe to.

  246. Darell Stegemann says:

    I have charges on my cell phone bill for purchases of games not mine

  247. Gogui says:

    There is something funny with AirG & AT&T. In March 5, 2009 I was answering the classic 15 question trivia that MediaNet post frequently and are free when at the end of it a subscription message appear. I called the next day ATT and reported the issue and ask for canceling what I believe was a subscription; they say they did. I was checking my bill online today ,July 29, and noted that it was a little higher than expected so I went line by line and I noticed a charge about 4.99 or 5.32 with taxes basically hidden. The charge was for “downloading & purchasing” and was located in the “Tax section” of the invoice. Since I have unlimited internet and text I thought, it was weird. It had a note which instructed to see another section of the bill for details wich I look and found that it was blank and had another note saying that for details please go to a directbill website. I went to the website and followed instructions and found that the charge was for AirG and that it had been charge in May, June and July also. I called customer service and informed the situation. They said that they will make a refund and said that if in the future I don’t want those charges to appear I should put a purchase block in the acount which I say “yes please do”. I also noted in the directbill webpage that it said that the March charge was not reimbursed because it was over 120 days old. Even the directbill page has 1 day difference so I don’t get why they put that as an excuse.. I mean is there. I don’t download games nor applications or even ringtones nor I had even click any MediaNet links over months since I also ask back in March to block propaganda text messages, even ATT, since they can not sort between ATT’s and others. In none of my ATT written invoices that charge “AirG” has been put clear or even declared. I tried to search for AirG website to talk to someone and its contact information is misleading or non existing.

    After I called ATT customer service then that blank section that I mention before now have a line for AirG. I wonder…

    In short, I agreed with the post that reads “They place charges on your phone bill for services that you did not request and did not receive. The charges are unclear and are almost undetectable. This is so that most victims will pay the these companies. This is a scam and needs to be stopped.”.

  248. Roy says:

    I have been charged $19.99, “Flycell Downloads”, a month for the last four months and I never authorized these charges.
    I didn’t catch it the first two months because my wife and I were going over our minutes. But then I noticed that we were still being charged more than we were suppose to and we were not going over our minutes. I looked further and noticed a charge for “Flycell Downloads” of $19.99. Looking back on the previous statements I noticed the same charges.
    I called AT&T and complained of being charged for something we didn’t purchase. AT&T gladly reimbursed that charge and I thought that would be the end of the charges.
    The next month…”Flycell Downloads”- $19.99. So I called AT&T again and complained about having to complain again. The customer rep said they had no idea what it was and suggested that I send a “STOP” text. So I did.
    I just got my bill yesterday and what do you think I saw…”Flycell Downloads” $19.99. Now I have to call for the third time about the same damn thing and complain about complaining about having to complain.
    Long story short…I’m getting pissed!

  249. Michael says:

    My son received incoming text messages that he did not respond to. These unsolicited text messages from “Too Lazy Text LLC” were essentially an un-requested subscription to just pay them $9.99 a month. Once he did not decline the text message, they automatically enrolled him into a monthly subscription and started collecting the cash. The only way you can stop them is to put a “Purchase Blocker” on your phone. These guys are just pure criminal. Thanks to ATT for helping to get this corrected on my bill; I just wish there was a way to stop these “third party vendors” from ever providing a service.

  250. Sammy Z says:

    Hi I loved the ATT service down here in Puerto Rico, But on my family plan I remember few times I payed 99$ for all 3 lines. for some reason now I pay 130$ and have absolutely no features. keep looking at the bill and seeing charges for things I don understand. My GF’s phone here bill for the second time has a FLYCELL download,(21.48) I looked up the website and, theres no services for that price. what’s going on is ATT actualy robbing it’s customers ? I’ve had to pay flycell 2 times and i dont even have internet service on the phone.

  251. Vicki says:

    To Sammy Z,

    First, look at your bill and you should see Flycell charges under the heading DirectBill. Call AT&T customer service, demand all Directbill charges be removed immediately (AT&T will remove all charges going back to three months), and have AT&T put a block on your phone(s) for unathorized subscriptions. It was that simple for me.

    Also, I noticed when I added the Media Works bundle package (cost is 14.95 a month) to my daughter’s phone, I have not received any unathorized subscriptions since. Hope this helps.

  252. Michael says:

    I have been with extra charges on my AT&T bill for a couple of months now, and AT&T has been very helpful in removing erroneous charges. Unfortunately, purchase blocker only blocks MEdia Net purchases, all third party services that bill through AT&T can’t be stopped. Why are third party vendors allowed to bill through your phone company? It clearly opens the door for unauthorized billing!

  253. Sue P says:

    Found out that I was being charged for, among other things, Horoscope subscriptions, for the past 3 months. 19.95 – Called ATT – rep said that it happens because I delete an unsolicited text (from autodialing?) instead of opening it, scrolling all the way down, and clicking on the No Thanks button. Isn’t this like being charged for something from a telemarketer when you don’t even answer the phone? We are told to never open unsolicited emails – but now we not only get charged for unsolicited texts, but punished for not opening them – and the charge is on the ATT bill, alhtough they claim it isn’t their fault. What the heck?

  254. audrey says:

    they keep sending me text messages and its charfing me 20 cents per text and its taking money off my phone for things i didnt use.

  255. Stacy says:

    All of the sudden I started to see these erroneous charges like 10.00 and 9.00 on my cell phone bill that. How in the hell can someone do that i thought that was against the law to do stuff like i this

  256. Mark Falls says:

    This past month I started recieving charges of $9.99 for two services I never ordered or signed up for or have I ever used them… I’m 55 years old and don’t need a life coach nor do I text and cell flirt on my Blackberry… rediculous. I’ve been charged hundreds of $ in the past for services I didn’t use, don’t start with mee again or you can kiss my 180.00 per month goodby.

  257. sue says:

    similar to the above, I had charges to my phone that renewed each month for near to $10. AT&T refunded 2 months worth, but I am going to try for the other months up to $200. I don’t have this for no services and services I didn’t authorize.

  258. scott allyn says:

    you charge my phone 19.99 for somthing i didnt not want or ask for

  259. Diane says:

    I did not order this and neither did my husband, yet we’re getting charged $9.99/mos. This scamming has got to stop.

  260. GLORIA L. HICKS says:


  261. kimberly blackmon says:

    I just discovered a $19.99 charge on my AT&T bill. And of course, customer service is unavailable at this hour. They will hear from me one way or the other.

  262. Lou Anne Houser says:

    I would like to receive an email or speak with someone regarding an issue with our cellular service. We moved to Gladwin, MI and have NO SERVICE. We are asking to get out of our contract ONE MONTH early and have been refused We have been loyal AT&T customers both home phone, tv, computer, cell phones etc. Home phone with AT&T for over 35 years. Please check our phone 248-879-2845 and cell 248-854-5174. We are being treated very badly. Need to switch to Verizon for our cell phone as it is the ONLY provider that works on Secord Lake. What can we do? We need a phone for emergencies and can’t afford a house phone – live there 1/2 the time now.

  263. humberto31 says:

    nesesito la contrasena de humberto31

  264. Mark says:

    I’ve been charged on a family plan for internet usage. I’ve never used any internet services. However, today after talking to my son, I hung up (My Phone Locks). Three hours later I wanted to use my ATT cell phone to call another party. When I opened the slide my phone was on facebook. I have never been on facebook in my life, not even on my home computer. What the hell are these crooks trying to pull off? I saw articles that this is common practice with several cell phone providers. We need to have some law firm out there to start a class action suit.

  265. Darlene Bulington says:

    I have been charged $47.12 for things that i did not want and were not authorized! or oasked foe

  266. Darlene Bulington says:


  267. Christiana Kepner says:

    Att is charging me 700.00 for a deposit on phones that were already bought! A rep told me not to worry about it and today they shut my phones off and said I had to pay it before they restored service! What a crock! They are crooks and I wish they could be sued! My bf is on deployment and now I have no service! Folks beware…AT&T WILL SCAM YOU!!!

  268. Mittie says:

    I just read my AT&T statement for 11/12 – 12/11 and found a charge for flycell for $19.99 plus tax. I called AT&T Customer Service at 1-800-331-0500 and was advised that they would go back as far as the system allowed to clear the charges. I also texted STOP to 69999 which was the code indicated on my bill. At 3:56 I received a text to my phone reading – You have successfully opted out of the Flycell ClubPack. Service is cancelled. You will not receive more msgs or charges from us. Visit us That won’t be happening.

  269. theresa shvedowsky says:

    I purchased a go phone at an at&t store. Since it was a Christmas gift for my husband I asked if it was returnable and the clerk said it was as long as I had my receipt(the phone was never activated). The clerk never mentioned a $35.00 restocking fee on an 80.00 phone. When I wanted to return the phone the manager didn’t care what the clerk said since the restocking fee was on the fine print of the receipt. Now what good does it do to put this on a receipt since I received the receipt after I made the purchase.
    Radio shack does not charge a restocking fee on their at&t phones. I feel that 35.00 is an exorbitant charge. I feel I was mistreated by the manager. The manger said the clerk no longer worked for them – if she wasn’t trained properly, why should I pay the consequences.

  270. T Bobo says:

    The rollover minutes are a total scam. They give them to you to make you feel like you are not losing minutes if you buy too big of a plan, but then they strategically keep them from ever being used.

    1) If you add a person to your plan, you might start using those minutes. So they cancel them.
    2) If you downgrade your minutes per month, you might start using those rollover minutes, so they cancel them.
    3) Then, if somehow, a lot of people on a particular plan seem to be using the minutes up. They cancel that plan and force you into a change. Then they cancel your minutes because you changed.

    The only way you CAN use the rollover minutes is by greatly increasing your talking time without adding a phone line or changing any features.

  271. Doug says:

    AT&T/Cingular has violated the customer/vendor trust factor by allowing 3rd party firms to charge my credit card with unauthorized purchases without my consent. Apparently my kids (10 & 13) visited a site called Thumbplay and as a result I have been billed 9.99 per kid for the last 2 years. In addition I was billed 3.99 per kid for the last 2 years for a game called bejeweled. So its been28 per month for 2 years of unauthorized charges to my account. I am on auto bill so I never looked at the bills (my bad), until this week. upon discovering this I called AT&T and demanded a refund as no one (including my kids) are allowed to purchase items on my card without my consent. Further my kids had no idea what thumbplay or bejeweled was and claimed they never used it. In the case of my kids they have been trained to ask me to purchase something on line and I will sit with them and enter my credit card # if I approve of the purchase. My kids do not have authority or authorization to make purchases. Thats why they have age limits on credit cards. Typically you have to have a job and apply for a credit card to get one. My kids have neither nor do they even understand what a subscription is. AT&Ts response was poor – even though they aided and abetted this company by allowing them to charge my card fraudulently. They claim I have to contact Thumbplay to get a credit going back further than 3 months. When I contracted with AT&T to provide phone service I entrusted them to bill me for their service and their service only. Sales reps are very good at explaining bills when you are going through the contract phase but they never said to me You could be billed without your personal authorization by other internet companies because we AT&T will give them the right to bill your credit card – through AT&T? WTF that is a direct violation of my trust in AT&T and should be illegal. They do not have the right to allow other companies to bill me by allowing access to my credit card??? I don’t purchase things on the internet using AT&T employees credit cards and if I did I would be thrown in jail. So after 2 years of being scammed they now tell me about data block – why didn’t they say that up front during the sales process? Fianlly Bejeweled turns out to be a company owned by AT&T. Hmmm lets see 2 million unknowing kids look at a site and that gives AT&T the right to bill their parents without their consent (AT&T corporate exec – lets see 3 million underage kids Xs $3.99 per month thats $12 million more in revenue per month + 9.99 xs 3 million kids = 30 million thas 42 million more this month x 12 months = $500 million and I will get my growth bonus for the quarter. I would suppose that enterprising AT&T executive probably own Thumbplay. So what we may have to refund 10% of the illegal charges but lets make a policy that its only good for three months retroactive thats still 3o million per month for me. And when our customer complain put a trained idiot robot in front of them telling them its policy and that it was authorized by the customer because they are an ATT customer and they did not read the fine print. DOn’t budge now mr idiot robot when the customer gets frustrated. Heres you 20 cent raise per hour for the year. Total violation of trust. Should be illegal as hell.

  272. Karen says:

    I’ve been charged $9.99 for the past 8 months by ThumPlay. I have AT&T. If I do not get my money back, I will join any class action suit.

  273. Steve says:

    Just added to what I have said. I have AT&T. This is the third time I was hurt by this company. I sword not using AT&T anymore and chosed Singular but unfortunately was bought into AT&T, an immoral company!

  274. Wayne says:

    Out of the blue an amount of 234 appeared as a collection account on my credit report. When I requested it be investigated it supposedly was verified. I find this amazing since I have no account with them, have received no bill, no have been contacted by either them or the collection agency. This is insane how this can be added to a credit report without any bill being sent.

  275. auto gt says:

    humm ok everything is disputable as people we do have to keep a close eye on our bills. i have not yet had 1 ironous mobile download charge…… u do have to becareful when u r on the internet on ur phone some web sites has popups yes u can get popups on ur phone if u not paying att. u r puting in ur mobile # and subcribing for something but it tells u after u put ur info in u will be charged do u want to continue u can select no…..or just add a puchase blocker mainly if u have teenagers for u bill safty that is recomened

  276. fred quiambao says:

    i just received a bill coming from EOS CCA collection agency that I had a bill from ATT mobility of more than $6000.00. i have no idea why i do have a bill like this. ATT please make sure to settle this otherwise you will be reported to the authority and you will be sued.

  277. fred quiambao says:

    i was billed for more than $6000.00. the bill came from collection agency from EOS CCA. what is this. this is impossible. you need to fix this otherwise you will be sued.

  278. Tanya Atkins says:

    For the past five months I have been billed for services that I did not sign up for. as much as 100 over my bill. I have to call them every month to straighten out my bill. I am really getting tired of being overcharged for bogus charges every month!!!

  279. Autumn Peercy says:

    I had been doing a lot of job searching online. SendMe Inc. somehow got my cell phone number from the internet and began charging me for ‘job alerts’. I recall only getting one and wondered where it came from. Then I realized there was a charge on my bill from that company so I texted them to stop but still over and over again I kept getting billed. Then I found out that they were renewing my subscription without my authorization monthly. I called AT&T twice to have my bill straightened out they refunded the money the first time and told me they were going to stop SendMe Inc. from harrassing me. The next bill still charged me for a service I don’t use and never wanted. I called again and they said they were taking it off but they actually didn’t. Now i’ve gone directly to SendMe Inc. to stop this but since I just recently stopped the subscription they say they can’t do anything about. What do they expect me to do, fight with them every single month of my life? If I see another unauthorized charge on my bill…IT’s ON!

  280. sandra says:

    I just received my bill and there is a $19.99 charge for which I never ordered. Please take it off my bill. I will not pay for something I did not order.

  281. petra says:

    I’ve registered at Amazon Mechanical Turk which is a system where you can earn some extra cash on Internet. It’s an auction where you choose a job with different pay up to $5 that have some time limit (e.g. 5 min). The assignment is usually writing some review, or participation on some survey, always involving real personal information, like phone #, address, name. I took like 10 different jobs and I earned nothing. There was usually either a technical problem right before the end of finishing of the assignment or I couldn’t finish on time. I only tried Mechanical Turk once and since that I started to receive one to three unauthorized messages a day until I realized that I have to pay for them. I discovered (not an easy way) that I have 5 subscriptions for app. $70 a month. I was in shock because I couldn’t remember ordering any of those services, neither giving my authorization to use my AT&T bill to charge me this way. The content of the messages was absolutely useless for me, and moreover it was disturbing when my phone vibrated at 3 am. I stopped the subscription at AT&T online. I also checked the option for refund but it was possible only for one subscription, so I still have to pay $60.

    Such a scam makes some businesses very profitable by ripping off the people that are actually trying to earn some money. That’s a shame!

  282. nancy says:

    I just discovered charges for Junoo House Chat 9.99/month + $2 per message they send me — $20 just for last month. I never authorized these charges. I’ve been scammed!

  283. Sandra Henry says:

    I was viewing a photo and was signed up for this site without my permission. I do not want this and qwill not pay for any thing from this site.

  284. Cathy says:

    I have been charged for several months through my AT&T bill unknowingly – mine is paid automatically – and I have spoken w/AT&T Cust Service…they only can give me the name of the company-no contact, no address, no website. I find it hard to believe AT&T can not provide information on companies they are billing for – this is not acceptable nor ethical business practices.

  285. christina says:

    i just bought a prepaid go phone and bought the $60.00 unlimited plan i set it up at 8am and by 3pm the same dy it ate up the whole plan… what the heck!!.i called cutsomer service 3 seperate times that day with various complaints with the service, and the last was this one i had to wait half an hour to get it resolved and the answer to my delema well the supervisor from att/said that it was a tec.error default on their system.sure what ever i’m going to stick it out till the contract is up and go with boost motorolla/or t-mobile…

  286. Howard Shackelford says:

    I purchased a SamsungSGH-a197 for $50. It constantly drops calls and cuts others off. I had it 6 days and AT&T wants $35 to restocking. It’s defective. My wife has same phone w/same problem. I’m on a family plan but no customer service on this issue. My older phone worked much better.I’m ready to switch company’s.

  287. Rochelle says:

    Just looked at my bill and saw a $9.99 + $0.89 tax for Mobile Alerts by Klutch Media. WTF?! I ONLY download from iTunes so I have no idea what this is for. An internet search for “Klutch Media” yielded nothing. Called AT&T customer service and had no problems. They’re putting a 3rd party vendor purchase blocker on my account AND I’ll get a refund (in 24 hrs) of the charge. I didn’t press the cust. svce rep for an explanation because it was clear when I asked about controlling this situation personally that I wasn’t going to get answers. I’ll update this post if I don’t get the refund or if this happens again. I’m furious and will DEFINITELY switch to Verizon (I’m in NYC where the AT&T service is awful) when I get the iPhone5. AT&T just lost a customer.

  288. Dave Tiongco says:

    I’ve been with at&t since it was cingular. This morning I went to the at&t store in Gardnerville, NV. Two young men were playing with their computers. No other customers were in the store. One young man poped up when he saw me, I asked about the Motorola Atrix 4G. I knew nothing about the phone, and the other young man didn’t know anything either. The sales people at Best Buy’s, & Radio Shack know more about the at&t products, then the sales persons at the at&t store in Gardnerville, NV. I was looking into buying two Atrix phones, but now I’ll wait until Verizon’s Bionic phone comes out.

  289. jackie says:

    i went and bought a 25.00 calling card for my att pay as you go accout mines pre payed . went to bed got up next morning and my account said i only had 2 dollars and im pretty mad cause i did not order anything from this playphone. i would like to be given my money back cause i dont have money to just blow or taken by a web site .

  290. jackie says:

    when will i be refunded my money

  291. rui says:

    I have been charged for several months, but ATT just refund 3 months. Those phone companies are really helping criminals out!!!

  292. James says:

    I have been charged over $200 for the past 12 months for “All Mobile Alerts” and “Hot-Hot-News”, both of which I did not subscribe to. If there is a class action suit I would like to join.

  293. Vasu says:

    I was being charged 9.99 for almost 2 years and I have never noticed it as its hidden in the other usage charges which until today I thought are taxes. As I was looking through some International Calling Charges I figured out something was wrong.
    Auction Allerts Solow Content Provider Send Me is billing 9.99 for something that I never subscribed.

    Why do ATT let them bill on Wireless bill ? For anything to be charged there needs to a signature, Contract but ATT can just let SCAM companies bill their customers and for WHAT ?

    This is a day light rip off! Did anyone try to purse Class Action on these Companies I see lot of people had issues with these scams.

  294. marcia marshall says:

    … but my cell phone is with verizon.

  295. LadyC says:

    I have received a few bills with the additional charges and have called to report them ASAP. They were immediately deducted from my bill. If the 2 that appeared on my most recent bill are not resolved, nothing lost because I will only be paying the bill MINUS the 2 additional $9.99 charges that appeared. I have NO idea how these charges got on my phone.

  296. sara says:

    ive been charged over $200 for the last 6 months evn though a pay for 2 data packages i called to complain and they have no explaination of why im being charged that amount bout expect me to pay it. Ive spent 2 hrs on the phone with att today alone with no resolution

  297. brian says:

    I added a line for my mom to use as an emergency phone. Fraudulent charges for text msg alert services for mcube and solo elite games showed up on the second bill for $9.99/ea. Unfortunately I use paperless billing and the online billing doesn’t show detail of the “Mobile purchases and downloads” section. This section instructs to loook at the bill, which doesn’t exist since it’s paperless. I couldn’t have known what the charges were for until calling customer support. ATT offered to credit only the current and previous month’s charges. Upon pressing them to open a fraud report, they were willing to credit a total of three months back plus the current month, similar to others who posted here. I was able to get direct purchasing blocked as well as blocking all text messaging on this device.

  298. trudy says:

    My husband and I have the required data packages for our iphones but I noticed a $9.99 charge on each phone for “mobile purchases and downloads”. What the…?! Thought that’s what the data plan was for! Looked at the full bill and discovered it’s for Family Map. This feature is NOT selected on our plan. Not only that, but the directions say that if you want to cancel the service text STOP to the short code. The short code reads “n/a”. Grrrrr…Don’t know how long we’ve been paying for this feature but ATT will be getting a phone call tomorrow.

  299. Ja says:

    We got the same issue as Trudy. I just found AT&T charged us for $9.99/mth for a year. We never subscribed. AT&T rep only agreed to credit back 3 months. I am not happy. This is fraud.

  300. Jennifer Lehtinen says:

    I have been charged $9.99 every month since March for a download that I never accepted on my AT&T phone. Unless you text back STOP to these companies then they have the right to charge you automatically? That should be illegal. If this happens, call AT&T and they can set up a pin code so nobody can download to your phone without the pin free of charge. Check your bills monthly. I made the mistake of not checking mine until the price spiked.

  301. Mohamed says:

    I have been victim of unauthorized $9.99 charge (twice) for a horoscope service (of all things!). I called T-mobile, they refused to credit my account back. They told me since it was not charged by t-mobile they are not liable. I think it is dishonnest since this appears to be a known issue to which the carrier has not setup any safeguards. It works for them I guess. I cancelled my data plan!

  302. Randy Lane says:

    I have been recently charged for a text service by Motricity Wise Media on my AT&T bill. It was stated as LoveGenieTips Alerts that costs $9.99 per month. I do remember receiving the text and just deleted it because that’s what I do with spam. The At&T operator was kind enough to let me know that at the bottom of the text there is a message to reply “STOP” to the text to not get charged for this service. She was also kind enough to cancel and refund the charge and to also put a blocker on my line that doesn’t allow any charges without my consent using a PIN that she sent to me. This is logically very wrong! It’s the same as if a salesman called me and I didn’t answer the phone and they charged me for their service anyway…. Very frustrating!!!!

  303. Ale says:

    I am so upset! I kept getting text messages from Lovegenietips (836-60) which I ignored as spam. Today I received another one saying that I had renewed my subscription for another month for $9.99 – But I had never signed up for it (how could I get renewed if I never signed up?). Turns out that they had charged me $9.99 this month, and $9.99 last month. The ATT website advised to reply “Stop” to stop any subscriptions. I called ATT and got a “one-time courtesy refund” for the two charges. I find this a bit offensive that it is a courtesy because I never subscribed to this. I was signed up without my authorization. The ATT rep couldn’t give me an answer on how this happened. I am glad they took it out of my account. He also offered to sign me up to “purchase blocker” which will block all things that require payment, and only allow me to sign up using a PIN number. So I signed up, and will be send a PIN to my email. This way, nobody can sign me up for anything.

    This company is a FRAUD, and I feel so violated, how they can just sign me up, and take money from my account. I don’t even know who they are.

  304. maru says:

    ATT Keeps sending me pictures of a womans naked bottom when I try to download CHRISTIAN MUSIC. Is this some sort of forced PORN AlL I would like is the Christian music not make friends with this womans naked but. It is intimaditing and disgusting. Save it for the secular progressives. I dont want to be charged for your porn.

  305. Miguel says:

    Ever since i got this phone from AT&T i have been receiving texts from this number 87313 and i have never authorized it to charge or enrolled in any kind of service. What’s worse is i don’t have texting as a prepaid service so every text i receive costs me money. I don’t have the money or patience to handle the mindless and idiotic process to further understand why they are allowed to do this.

  306. Rose says:

    My cell phone bill kept going up every month. I found that there were services on the phone bill that had been “purchased” by me. The different service sites that I had “purchased”, were texting me the option to buy their services. They then require me to text “stop” if I do not want them. This should be illegal if it is not already. The customer rep said this policy has been changed, but I will keep a close eye on my bill in the future. I am also thinking of changing….but where?

  307. Karen says:

    We are being charge $9.99 a month for Mqube $9.9
    9 subscrip
    n Alert, which was never authorized. I’m trying to go under AT&T Mobile Purchases to cancel, but receive an error message every time.

  308. Jeff Stark says:

    2-3 days ago I called your tech support because I lost my ring tone. All I wanted was help to either download the song back on my phone from my cd I have on my computer. I was on the phone for over 5 hours No exaggeration. I was transferred from one foreign non English speaking person to an English speaking person. About 6 different times. No one could help me. I’d have to once transferred go through the obnoxious recording all 6 times. Finally after 5 hours some inept support agent told me I could maybe get my problem solved if I paid $49.95. How poor is your customer service people. I’m not a patient person. 5 hours for a patient person drive them nuts. It should be an easy answer. I’m disgusted with your service. You ought to be ashamed that such an easy question took over 5 hours and I still didn’t get any help.

  309. Ricky Harris says:

    I have a charge of $9.99,to BULLROARE,that I did not authorize,I also have a recurring charge from Jumbuck Fast Fliriting that no one can get taken off my bill,it does no good to call because next month its back..

  310. Leah M Shelton says:

    I viewed my bill just like every month and there is a charge for $9.99 from that was never ordered/authorized by me, the account holder. Iwant the charge removed immediately.

  311. Michael Schemenauer says:

    I am getting text on my cell phone from 82147 with messages about ringtones and ideas on everyday living, then it says if you want to unsuscribe reply with-STOP , which I did 3 or 4 times. I think to them stop means go or I know you are getting it. Now I an getting a bill for 9.99 for this service I do not want or signed up for. I want this charge removed immediately.

  312. Mark Zaverdas says:

    I send my payments by mail to Att every month at the same date. This month i send my payment and two weeks later, i log on to my att account to see if i am eligable for a phone upgrade and the site said i was past due on my payment. I called my bank to see if the check cleared and they said no, what was strange is if i mailed my bill without the address shown through the window, the post office would have sent it back to me because i always print my return address on the envelope, plus the other checks i sent on the same day had no problem clearing. I think Att has a scam going where they don’t process your bill so they can hit you with late charges. Has anyone else had the same thing happen to them?

  313. Brenda says:

    I am so glad I found this site. I too had ‘bullroare’ show on my on bill. I am getting the run around with the gal on the phone. She too is telling me that she is having computer issues and he system is locked up so she keeps putting me on hold. She said she didnt know what bullroare was or how to contact them. Funny that there are other at&t customers who have had this issue. Does at&t not train their people of issues? My company has a call center and we track the issues that are coming in. We have documents that walk the customer service rep thru the issue so it is easier to resolve. I am floored that at&t allows this to happen.

  314. Charles says:

    Thanks to the customer service rep Kelly who resolved my compliant of unauthorized charges. Also contact AT&T customer service to resolve and forget trying to contact source.

  315. Gilbert Jensen says:

    Some how this charge was put on my phone and att did nothing to take it off or offer any help. I don’t know how to down load anything

  316. Sheila Puryear says:

    I have 3 charges that were on my cell phone that I did not authorize.

  317. Julie Quinsay says:

    I have auction/ringtones on my bill that I did not authorize. Short Code: 86463 Type: MT Content Provider: ClickGen fo $9.99

  318. Jody says:

    Just like those above. Was charged 9.99 to my bill after cancelling “stop” service several times to 82147. Still getting charged and want it STOPPED NOW!! ATT is useless in stopping this and claims they are not involved. Feed up with being ripped off.

  319. Nakenya says:

    I don’t know how

  320. Chris says:

    I get a detailed bill on my at&t bill, all text and calls are on this bill but there is two pages of other codes, I dont have it with me, I’m not sure what they mean. Could they be messages that I have sent/rec. from my facebook acct??

  321. M Bromel says:

    Jusy received a bill from Bullroare. Never heard of it before and I don’t have a smart phone either. This phone is used strictly for brief communication and not by texting either. Apparently I received $2.40 worth of texting. I’ve never texted in my life!

  322. M Bromel says:

    Just received a bill from ATT about a Bullroare download. Never heard of it before have never downloaded anything and I don’t have a smart phone either. This phone is used strictly for brief communication and not by texting either. Apparently I received $2.40 worth of texting too. I’ve never texted in my life!
    This is Bull and it’s not roar either. obviously

  323. Renee Simmons says:

    I was being charged for ringtone that I didn,t even get and I would like them remove please. Thank you!

  324. Pamela Rojas says:

    Wow, As I read about the M-Qube comments I feel bad because back in 2007 my husbands line kept having charges for this although he swore he never went on the internet or downloaded anything. I didn’t believe him…shame on me.

  325. heather says:

    mblox charge showed up on my bill as a monthly subscription. I did not approve this “subscription” nor to I want it! I’m not pleased!

  326. Rekha says:

    I have a iPhone having AT & T network connecting, i would like to unlock my iphone, but it is not displaying firmware and IMEI number on phone, but i have that number with me.

    Please provide me the procedure to unlock my iPhone 3GS.


  327. JOHN MCQUINN says:

    I have a complaint similar to most I have read. We have 5 phones which I pay the bills for. Due to other activities I have neglected to view the bills often enough. Today after receiving an unusually high bill. I noticed that for more than the past year 2 of the phones have been getting billed by several mobile purchases/monthly subscriptions. These charges are totally bogus & I would like to join in any legal action to collect what is due. ATT needs to take responsibility for these charges. The phones are being used by our daughter who has a plain old flip which cant even receive basic texts & our son who is in the USMC unable to use is phone when these charges for between $4.99-9.99 per month over the past year/s were made.

    I am pissed!

  328. Dr. Patrick Jones says:

    For at least a year, apparently, I have been charged $9.99 for TWO different apps I never authorized, one a horoscope app and another called MyLuvCrush. I realized it today and called AT&T. They halted the subscription, but would only refund $40 of at least $130 total (it is probably more, actually). They told me that these companies sent me an email and that NOT REPLYING TO THE EMAIL IS TAKEN AS AN AGREEMENT TO GET THE APP AND HAVE MY ACCOUNT CHARGED! Ludicrous. How is that possibly legal? I want my full money back and I want AT&T to be held at least partially accountable, as they are clearly aware of this and allow the scam charges.

  329. Bill Cronk says:

    Flycell renewals have been coming monthly and I have attempted to cancel them before but always without success. This time I followed the instructions of sending text message to 69999 with the test STOP UNLIMITED and within 30sec had a response back stating my subscription has been cancelled. We shall see how long that lasts!

  330. Yingying Sheng says:

    Like most of the cases, I was charged for $3.99/month for more than a year without my authorization, setting monthly auto pay.

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