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If you were charged on your cell phone bill by Flycell for mobile content services or subscriptions (i.e., ringtones, premium text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized, tell us your story!
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Flycell Inc. Short Codes:


Who Is Flycell Inc.?

According to its website, “Flycell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Italian mobile-messaging pioneer Acotel Group. Launched in November of 2004, Flycell empowers mobile lifestyles by delivering personalized infotainment on the fly – unique and custom information, entertainment and more – to mobile users across the US. ”

Flycell Websites:

Flycell Content:

Flycell offers “downloadable mobile entertainment, such as ringtones, wallpaper, games and graphics.” Flycell also offers text alerts and mobile sweepstakes.

Flycell Related Subscriptions and Services:

According to Flycell’s website, Flycell mobile subscriptions include the following:

  • ClubPack: “$9.99 per month; includes 20 credits used to download products and services including ringtones, wallpapers, games, applications, and SMS services. (For T-Mobile customers, games and applications are not supported.) Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • FlyMobile Pack: “$4.99 per month, includes 5 wallpapers or ringtones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • MegaPack: “$9.99 per month, includes 10 wallpapers or ringtones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill. “
  • KingPack: “$7.99 per month, includes 8 wallpapers or ringtones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill. Other charges may apply.”
  • HyperPack: “$5.99 per month, includes 6 wallpapers or ringtones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • RealPack: “$9.99 per month, includes 6 real tones and 3 wallpapers. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • TonePack: “$9.99 per month, includes 10 Ringtones, Real Tones or Funny Tones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • Horoscope: “$9.99 per month. Message sent every day day of the week to your phone. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill”
  • LivePack: “$5.99 per month, 5 items included in package: 4 Ringtones, Real Tones or Funny Tones plus 1 Game, Application or Theme (For T-Mobile customers, Games and Applications are not supported). Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • PlayPack: “$5.99 per month, 4 items included in package: 2 Games, Applications or Themes plus 2 Wallpapers or Animations (For T-Mobile customers, Games and Applications are not supported). Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • PicPack: “$5.99 per month, 5 items included in package: 4 Wallpapers or Animations plus 1 Game, Application or Theme (For T-Mobile customers, Games and Applications are not supported). Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill. “
  • Mobile Match Up: “$7.99 per month for peer-to-peer chatting through a mobile handset. Includes unlimited messaging between users of the service within the monthly fee. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill. “

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Flycell Supported Carriers

According to Flycell’s website they support the following wireless carriers “AT&T, T-Mobile, Nextel, Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Boost, Dobson, and Cellular One. However, not all carriers (and not all phones) support all content.”

How To Cancel Flycell Services:

According to Flycell “Customers may stop this subscription service by sending the word STOP in a text message to number 69999 or by contacting Customer Care. Subscription cancellation will become effective at the conclusion of the Subscription Month in which we receive the cancellation request for monthly subscribers. Weekly subscribers will be canceled immediately upon request.”

To cancel specific Flycell subscriptions:ClubPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP CLUB” to 69999, Fly Mobile Premium ($4.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP FLY” to 69999, TonePack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP TONE” to 69999, RealPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP REAL” to 69999, MegaPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP MEGA” to 69999, KingPack ($7.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP KING” to 69999, HyperPack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP HYPER” to 69999, LivePack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP LIVE” to 69999, PicPack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP PIC” to 69999, PlayPack ($5.99)To unsubscribe text “STOP PLAY” to 69999, Joke of the Day ($6.99 – 5 days a week) To unsubscribe text “STOP GRIN” to 69999, Joke of the Day ($9.99 – 7 days a week) To unsubscribe text “STOP JOKE” to 69999, Horoscope ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP ZOD” to 69999, Mobile Match Up ($7.99), To unsubscribe text “STOP DATE” to 24444.

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–Report Unauthorized Flycell Cell Phone Charges–

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583 Responses to “Flycell Inc.: 69999, 24444”

  1. DantheMan says:

    I have Sprint. I called them and they immediately reversed the $9.99 and blocked these @$$holes from my number. Sprint Rules.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am reporting flycell to the bbb as well as starting a litigation lawsuit on false advertisement and for being charged falsely…. If anyone has the same problem please contact me at -Jennifer it’s time to take action against underhanded websites that steal ur money n refuse to credit back your account…. I cancelled within 1 minute of finding out they would charge me n refused my refund it’s against the law…

  3. janet halstead says:

    I accidentally signed up for this and do not want it. Please cancel i do not want this billed to me thank you verizon phone number is 7122296355

  4. Bernestine Austin says:

    Iam being charged every month towards my son’s phone. Please remove this account it has not been authorized by me,and I cannot afford it. So please unsubscribe to phone # (919) 637-8762. Thank You

  5. stanley gay says: charged my phone with out permission. i want my money back.

  6. Fred Finger says:

    Noticed a message 699-99 on my wifes phone from Flycell club saying I had 10 credits and they will continue to bill us $9.99 a month. No knowing what this was, I visited a verizon store who told me it was from Fly Cell about a ringtone service and that it had been on my bill for a year. They promply canceled the program. Then I call flycell and got ‘Punjab’ in New Deli India and spoke to a guy who who could hardly speek english. He said he would send me a check for 3 back months and that is all he is authorized to do. lesson learned. I will wait for their check. He said it would take three weeks. If it doesn’t, I will file suit against the company. I don’t beleive there is any ‘corporate’ office in New York on Broadway. He could not supply me with persons name in charge of that office. Watch your phone bills carefully.

  7. dottia says:

    Have not received tones i have downloaded

  8. Larry says:

    Legislation to stop scams like this have been blocked by our wonderful people in Congress. It is time we vote ALL of them out.

  9. Patricia says:

    Just got billed $19.98 through my Verizon phone bill for two “premium messages” from this scam. No help from V, told to disconnect text on my phone!!

  10. nancy harbach says:

    I do not want this service. PLEASE REMOVE MY NAME and VOID THIS

  11. john jackson says:

    This flycell has been taking money off my phone and when you text stop they still do it
    .This is robbery and I need to know how to stop them.

  12. Mike says:

    My wife is a 60 year old woman who would never want a ringtone or wallpaper for her cell phone – the only wallpaper she wants is wallpaper for the bath. However, this was not enough for me to get charged $9.99 on my Verizon bill. I called my carrier Verizon and they found that the charge was FlyCell. Unlike a few of the posts that said they got reimbursed by their carriers for the charges – Verizon did not. (Gives me a real good reason to dump Verizon and attempt to find a cell carrier that is not part of a scam.) I did call FlyCell and found out that they just charged my phone for another $9.99 that will show up in my next bill from Verizon. After giving them an ear full they said they would refund me all of the $19.98 by check, and should have it within 3 weeks. I can only pray.

  13. Steven Van Nostrand says:

    I have a Verizon account with 4 phones and teenagers. When a Premium SMS 79999 (Jamster) charge showed up on my wife’s phone, we knew something weird was happening. Verizon happily blocked these services but told me to pursue getting my money back from these fraudulent ‘companies’. I was shocked and dismayed when I see this site has been recording these kind of complaints since 2008! This is a scam targeting young people that are not responsible for paying their bill and after reading comments here, anyone at random! I want my cell phone to be just a phone! Verizon has not heard the last of me…let them try and squeeze blood from a rock from these scumbags. I am unsatisfied with their ‘products’ based on the delivery system alone and I want my money back!

  14. Jon says:

    I received a text from Flycell telling me that my subscription was up for renewal and I would be charged $9.99 or I could unsubscribe if I replied with the word STOP. I replied with STOP and immediately got another text saying they were sorry to see me go and hoped I’d return again. I’ll watch my bill and if it turns up again I will call Verison and cancel my account.

  15. Alisia says:

    I have AT&T automatic bill pay and never actually check my bill- till today, because I realized a significant increase. I decided to do a thorough check to see what could be downgraded to reduce my monthly bill. Sure enough I am bei g billed $9.99 monthly since who the heck knows when for “Flycell Club Pack”, which I never authorized! AT&T only refunded 2 months- NOT FAIR!

  16. Brandon says:

    Just found out that we’ve been charged $9.99 a month for the past two years by Flycell. No authorization was given for these charges. Verizon refuses to reverse the charges and says we need to contact Flycell about this situation.

  17. Nick says:

    Same thing – charged $9.99 a month for service I never authorized.

  18. John says:

    Out of the blue I get a message stating I’m being billed for a service I never authorized. Never even heard of these guys until then. Don’t know how they got my phone number, and I sure question the legality of billing folks out the “back door”. I sent a STOP message immediately, remains to be seen if it actually cancels this bogus subscription. Big-time scam!

  19. Sylvia says:

    Earlier today received a text from charging me $9.99 from text message# 99176. Gave me the option to text STOP to opt out. Shortly after doing so received a text message from 75884 from asking me to pay a bill of $9.99 so I Opt out of that too by texting stop. I never suscribed to any of these services.

  20. Brett says:

    Had no idea what this company even was but suddenly started getting texts from them so according to the message you text STOP to cancel the service… well it may have been a trick because when I texted STOP I did get billed 9.99. Leave me alone flycell I don’t want your crap and how do I get that stupid billing stopped and refunded?!

  21. Jennifer says:

    I have been getting charged 9.99 amonth and I never subscribed to this crap. So I called them and confronted a guy that barley speaks english we argued back and forth until I mention class action law suit. The next month I recieved a check in the mail and I thought it was over. Then I check my phone bill and bam there it was again so I called them back and I asked why are you making unathorized charges to my bill and he said they are all authorized and I am pissed.

  22. Melvina Washington says:

    They charge me $9.99 for this and did not download this. This needs to be removed as well for my T-mobile bill!!

  23. D Sullivan says:

    how do they get your number. i cannot even get the stop, cancel to go thru. i have called my carrier. they cannot refund more than half the fees. but i have blocked any further charges via my carrier website.

  24. Ron Hinchley says:

    Spam charge to 9.99 for gopack75884. It was listed at 7:02AM, no one was awake at that time.

  25. mik says:

    I have been setup a direct payments that I did not know I have a third party that charged me 9.99 per month for no reason. Please check your bills every time before ending up charged 20 dollars or more like me. I actually got refund through my carrier company and I called them to bloke any third party. I suggest to all of you to bloke the third party especially when you have kids and pay direct from your account. Don’t be a victim for those craps!

  26. vickieleewoolley says:

    I cannot afford this service a month along withy cell phone bill as Iam on a fixed income and can hardly pay for a cell phone bill let alone this bill. I don’t need wallpapers etc so please delete this service immediately. Thank you. I swill n ot be held responsible ffor this service.

  27. Melissa K Vaughn says:

    Called TMobile about unauthorized charges from Flycell. Said they may not get my money back since it is a third party charge. Charge was billed grandson’s cell who is a minor. They said they would reverse the charges. Could hardly understand what rep was saying. Don’t use your cell phone to call them and get a confirmation #. I also threatened to sue, whether that did any good remains to be seen. They also took my address to send me check for any charges they could not reverse. I really didn’t want to give them any personal information but I guess my address was OK if I want to see any of my money returned.

  28. Ivan says:

    I never subscribed to this service but I have been charged $9.99 for no reason!!!

  29. Patrick Rose says:

    I just saw on my bill that I’m being charged $9.99 from Flycell for something I did not sign up for. Also being charged $9.99 for god knows what by rightonmobile. Both of these at least since my December bill, that’s as far back as I found of my bills so far. This is a bunch of crap as from what I’m seeing all these cell phone companies know this is going on and it is still happening. I will hold AT&T responsible if something is not done.

  30. Elizabeth Connolley says:

    I think I’ve gotten several months of Flycell without realizing I was being charged $9.99 a month for it, nor did I ever sign up for it. I’ve been so busy that I just now looked into it and am surprised that so many others have been hoodwinked as well! Talk about slimy. I am now going to look back at all my bills and see how much I got ripped off. Thank you.

  31. germainetrenary says:

    I too am a victim of flycell. I never subscribed to anything,I cannot get thru ny phone, but it looks like it does no good anyway. I got verizon to block future charges. I suggest a class action suit, as it seems there are many victims of this scam. They have been getting rich. How many others don’t know about this?

  32. Sandra Lyon says:

    I did not order this and can’t seem to stop it

  33. Sharon says:

    I never ordered this. Talked w/Customer Service and he stated it will be cancelled immediately and gave me a Confirmation #…I am also calling my carrier.

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