Flycell Inc.: 69999, 24444

If you were charged on your cell phone bill by Flycell for mobile content services or subscriptions (i.e., ringtones, premium text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized, tell us your story!
–Report UnauthorizedFlycell Cell Phone Charges–

Flycell Inc. Short Codes:


Who Is Flycell Inc.?

According to its website, “Flycell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Italian mobile-messaging pioneer Acotel Group. Launched in November of 2004, Flycell empowers mobile lifestyles by delivering personalized infotainment on the fly – unique and custom information, entertainment and more – to mobile users across the US. ”

Flycell Websites:

Flycell Content:

Flycell offers “downloadable mobile entertainment, such as ringtones, wallpaper, games and graphics.” Flycell also offers text alerts and mobile sweepstakes.

Flycell Related Subscriptions and Services:

According to Flycell’s website, Flycell mobile subscriptions include the following:

  • ClubPack: “$9.99 per month; includes 20 credits used to download products and services including ringtones, wallpapers, games, applications, and SMS services. (For T-Mobile customers, games and applications are not supported.) Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • FlyMobile Pack: “$4.99 per month, includes 5 wallpapers or ringtones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • MegaPack: “$9.99 per month, includes 10 wallpapers or ringtones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill. “
  • KingPack: “$7.99 per month, includes 8 wallpapers or ringtones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill. Other charges may apply.”
  • HyperPack: “$5.99 per month, includes 6 wallpapers or ringtones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • RealPack: “$9.99 per month, includes 6 real tones and 3 wallpapers. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • TonePack: “$9.99 per month, includes 10 Ringtones, Real Tones or Funny Tones. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • Horoscope: “$9.99 per month. Message sent every day day of the week to your phone. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill”
  • LivePack: “$5.99 per month, 5 items included in package: 4 Ringtones, Real Tones or Funny Tones plus 1 Game, Application or Theme (For T-Mobile customers, Games and Applications are not supported). Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • PlayPack: “$5.99 per month, 4 items included in package: 2 Games, Applications or Themes plus 2 Wallpapers or Animations (For T-Mobile customers, Games and Applications are not supported). Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill.”
  • PicPack: “$5.99 per month, 5 items included in package: 4 Wallpapers or Animations plus 1 Game, Application or Theme (For T-Mobile customers, Games and Applications are not supported). Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill. “
  • Mobile Match Up: “$7.99 per month for peer-to-peer chatting through a mobile handset. Includes unlimited messaging between users of the service within the monthly fee. Charges will be billed to the user’s mobile phone bill. “

Contact Flycell Customer Care Support


Flycell Supported Carriers

According to Flycell’s website they support the following wireless carriers “AT&T, T-Mobile, Nextel, Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Boost, Dobson, and Cellular One. However, not all carriers (and not all phones) support all content.”

How To Cancel Flycell Services:

According to Flycell “Customers may stop this subscription service by sending the word STOP in a text message to number 69999 or by contacting Customer Care. Subscription cancellation will become effective at the conclusion of the Subscription Month in which we receive the cancellation request for monthly subscribers. Weekly subscribers will be canceled immediately upon request.”

To cancel specific Flycell subscriptions:ClubPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP CLUB” to 69999, Fly Mobile Premium ($4.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP FLY” to 69999, TonePack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP TONE” to 69999, RealPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP REAL” to 69999, MegaPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP MEGA” to 69999, KingPack ($7.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP KING” to 69999, HyperPack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP HYPER” to 69999, LivePack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP LIVE” to 69999, PicPack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP PIC” to 69999, PlayPack ($5.99)To unsubscribe text “STOP PLAY” to 69999, Joke of the Day ($6.99 – 5 days a week) To unsubscribe text “STOP GRIN” to 69999, Joke of the Day ($9.99 – 7 days a week) To unsubscribe text “STOP JOKE” to 69999, Horoscope ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP ZOD” to 69999, Mobile Match Up ($7.99), To unsubscribe text “STOP DATE” to 24444.

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–Report Unauthorized Flycell Cell Phone Charges–

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583 Responses to “Flycell Inc.: 69999, 24444”

  1. Charles Sovick says:

    Flycell has been sending me messages for the last month without my authorization. I have sent them a email and text messages stating cancel immediately. I will also contact my carrier. Thanks for posting this information.

  2. Erandhi says:

    I never subscribed to this service but I have been charged $9.99 for no reason!!!

  3. Katrina says:

    I started getting texts from them and I have no way to reply for them to stop. I have no idea how they got my cell number but intend on getting them to cease one way or another!

  4. Earl L. Myers says:

    I started getting text jokes and fake news without subscribing. I will follow up with a complaint to my carrier and the Ohio Attorney General.

  5. Dean Whitehead says:

    I have been receiving Laughaholics text messages for over a week. I never ordered this service. I have sent stop notices 2 times prior and again today. I received a text message back today saying it was cancelled, however I received the same message prior and it keeps coming daily. Hopefully its over, but I will let you know.

  6. Santiago Ramos says:

    I never subscribed to this service but I have been charged $9.99 for no reason.

  7. Kim says:

    TO stop the Laughaholic texts you need to text STOP GRIN…. what a scam these guys have….

  8. em says:

    i did not subscribe for this and now i have to pay 10 dollars extra for no reason. i have been getting these annoying texts and i have no idea how to stop it. it is very frustrating.

  9. Brad says:

    I have contacted my cellphone provider and text “stop joke” to 69999 and nothing has worked. I never even signed up for the stupid jokes they send.

  10. K Purdy says:

    Had a new prepaid Alltel phone for one week, then got this text message from Flycell 69999, my account was already 9.99 lighter. I don’t and have not used text messaging

  11. Kira says:

    I’ve havd enough of those stupid messages ! It’s been a year !!!!!!!!!!!! I try to send STOP and STOP ALL but it did’nt worked !!!!!!

  12. Wally says:

    I keep getting these stupid text messages. I called and they said they would stop but they don’t and I get charged .15 for each one.

  13. R.Taniguchi says:

    I’ve been seeing $9.99 on monthly cell phone charge (on T-mobil) for “Flycell Contents”. I don’t recall signing up for anything… But how do I get out??

  14. michelle m says:

    i took my daughter to a rascal flatts concert in october, they had a contest that you text your message to and they would pick someone to go backstage. i had no idea that from what seemed to be a harmless fun act would end up to be such a nightmare. i am still trying to unsubscribe but i have no idea what i am unsubscribing to. this is to say the least unethical.

  15. Richard says:

    These guys have a real scam going on, “legally hacking” to get into people’s money. I got txted, and i txted stop back and i went to my comp and they hacked my phone through there. This is total BS you got going here!!!!!!!!

  16. DESIREE TUCKER says:


  17. plomero says:

    La promocion de tono decia que ho frecia tono gratis para celulares y me cobraron 9.99 favor de canselar la orden. Por que fue una promocion falsa.

  18. Joe says:

    My son’s phone got charged $6.99 four times in the same day. Sent them an email, but still waiting for a response. How do you get them to stop?

  19. Polo says:

    I was charged 9.99 without my authorization, How can I get my money back?

  20. Kim Johnson says:

    I was searching my account on my web on the phone that i just purchased on 2-5-2007 when this pop up screen came on and said get 15 complimentary ringtones, just put in ur phone # so i did. I noticed 20$ was missing from my phone so i called verizon and they said to call flycell and get a refund. So I tried they refused to refund the 9.99 they charged my phone on 2-6-2007 and the 10.09 they charged on 2-7-08. Is there anything we can do?? I am a single mother of a 6 year old girl and am currently pregnant and no job.

  21. Rachel Marschand says:

    I have been getting charged $10-20 every month for about seven months because of this FlyCell scam. I CANNOT AFFORD to pay this. I have tried all the TEXTSTOP things and of course they haven’t worked. I called Verizon and they forwarded me to FlyCell, which is just a recording. I got an email that asked me if I had been scammed and described my situation PERFECTLY, yet when I filled out the info for the class action lawsuit or whatever, it said that I did not qualify at this time. I need help! I need my money back! I can’t take this any more. How could this be legal?

  22. yolanda ware grizzard says:

    the company flycell as ben sending message for service the i did not request and billing me along with taking money form my account that i did not authrise with out my knowlge and or consect and when i ask the to refund the money they told me no i an not sure what to do

  23. Kerri says:

    Flycell just deducted 9.99 from my daughters cell phone balance and she never subscribed to it. We have a prepaid card plan for her and just added money to it today.

  24. Christine says:

    I only wanted to download one Free ringtone and somehow I found myself a member of this and being charged 9.99 per month. I keep getting text messages and been given 20 point, which I have no idea what to do with nor want. I have tried numrious time to connect flycell to no avail. Website doesn’t work, text messages return saying: “Sorry, we didn’t understand your message, try again.” What can be done to stop this? I have been dealing with this since Dec. 07.

  25. NancyKhan says:

    Ring tone $9.99 from fly cell showed bill. We dont even have any ringtones! Text Stop – it will not stop. 1800-Phone line noone answers or returns calls. Have been billed for 6 months and dont even have any of the flycell services and never asked for them!

  26. jeff says: everyone visit this, fill out the complaint, more we get people on the board, the better we take down this site!

  27. Kathy says:

    Never heard of this company. Hadn’t been looking at my phone bill closely. Today saw charged $9.99 for flycell ringtone subscription. They’ve been charging me since November 2007. Should have paid more attention. I called the 800 number and lady told me I subscribed on a certain date and time. Couldn’t have happened, I was at work then. It’s definitely a scam. Said they would unsubscribe me, I’ll see what happens. How can this be legal? Why can’t we get our money back?

  28. marilyn says:

    i started receiving jokes everyday about a month ago.i did not subscribe but i am still being charged. i have submitted a text message to stop club

  29. helga agostini says:

    was charged 9.99 for something we never ordered and wish to contact the the not call list registry as well as the attoney general but of what state?we will also write our senators and congressman

  30. Robin says:

    I was searching for a specific ringtone, their site said they had it. When I went to download the 1 ringtone I wanted, I found out that they did not have it. Just a sucker move on their part. Took me three months to cancel after several calls to their customer service. I did get a full refund. Flycell blames it on their “billing company”.

  31. marie says:

    im getting laughaholic jokes from 69999 i never subscribed to it i dont know how im getting this there better not be a charge on my cell phone bill havent received bill yet to see if there is a charge i want this to stop

  32. Teresa says:

    I recieved a $9.99 charge on my VERIZON bill that I did not approve. I have called Fly cell and Verizon and BOTH are refusing to reverse the charge so far. I now have every block known to Verizon.

  33. DC says:

    I followed some links to browse Flycell ringtones. All I did was register for their site and found I was signed up for a joke service and was charged $9.99 even though I downloaded NOTHING. I WILL get someone to reverse this charge. I will keep calling customer service but also researched a number for thier NY, NY office.

  34. KENYA COX says:


  35. donB says:

    i never signed up for this and was charged monthly without knowing it through verizon which makes them just as guilty watch out its a scam!

  36. Corinne says:

    I received at least two messages from FreeCell, but I thought it was just spam messages…until I received the phone bills saying that I was charged $9.99 from FreeCell! How do I stop them?!!!

  37. Corinne says:

    I meant FlyCell, not Freecell. My Bad.

  38. D. Lint says:


  39. SteveO says:

    I just found out about being charged $10 from Flycell for services I never signed up for. I spoke with a guy for 20 minutes about this problem and he seemed to insist that I must have signed up. I explained that I would never pay $10 for wallpaper, ringtones or any other extra cell phone services. Guess I’m out of $10. P.S. I managed to get the Corporate HQ address from the guy. It’s: Flycellinc. 120 Broadway (15th floor) NY, NY 10271

  40. TJ Parsons says:

    I’ve been getting unwanted text messages daily (horoscope). Every msg costs me .15 and I’ve tried everything everybody else seems to be doing. When I texted STOP ZOD, they texted me back instantly saying I wasn’t subscribed yet I continue to get the annoying and costly messages almost every day. I’m so sick of these people that I could twist their heads off. How many people have to get ripped off before something is done?

  41. mark says:

    I also am being ripped off.can’t seemto stop 69999.ringtones idon’t use or want. 3-months. tring to fix with no avail.

  42. Elisabeth Innemee says:

    Since 2/19/2008 on one of the lines of our Family Plan from Sprint suddenly is billed $9.99 for Flycell: Ringers-Acotel Binary. NO ONE OF US SUBSCRIBED TO THIS AND WE HAVE NO DIFFERENT RINGERS THAN THE NORMAL FOR SPRINT.

  43. Elisabeth Innemee says:

    Following up on my first message I tried again to contact Flycell at 1-800-580-0017. It seemed wise not to call from a cell phone. That seems not possible but if you persist, it works also from another phone, just press 1 in the menu.
    They told me that the subscription was done by computer and that my phone company should watch in the future that such actions should only work at the cellphone from your account. It sounded very dubious to me.
    The final result now is, that we unsubscribed (hopefully!!) and they gave a confirmation #.
    I wrote two emails to my phone company to let them know about this.

  44. Kyle Sirchilds says:

    I never used service and cancelled in less than a hour. I called the 800-580-0017 and the indan (accented) lady says, we know you did not use or have the service but we keep your money anyway. Ha Ha :(
    Owner is Claudio Carnevale of Acotel Group SpA
    Phone: 06 6114 1000
    Address: Via della Valle dei Fontanili,29 Roma Italy 00168
    Director of Customer service is Patrick O’Donald
    NY Office Address: 120 Brodway 15th Floor New York NY, 10271

    I filed complaint at

  45. jim grow says:

    thanks for the info. I cancelled my cell phone service after getting those $10/mth rip-offs. I travel to Italy alot on business, soon will look up Claudio personally.

  46. chris ross says:

    Had charges attatched to my cell bill do not use & do not call tone eather.

  47. Mildred says:

    I can not access this on my cell phone from my hometown. We still can not text and receive text, here not yet. So please cancel my account until further notice.

    Thank you and have an excellent day.
    Mildred Jackson

  48. ferhat Ya?ar says:

    flycell is a world wide thief. I have trapped from Turkey. I do not understand how the cell operators allow and helps that kind of pirate companies. this is the faults of operators and you have to charge back from cell operators. they have the bigest responsible…

  49. Helen Darrington says:

    Sprint say they can’t assist me with the charges from flycell. I have not had a normal phone bill since I’ve been with sprint. Help!!!! Helen

  50. PAUL says:

    I was being careful since i know that small letter text is important and i never gave any consent to any charges but still 2 months in a row i was charged $ 9.99 – how come ? i don’t know…

  51. Charlie Vazquez says:

    I send them emails by putting about 100 address in the “to” section of the email. I send the email about 10 times a few times a say requesting my refund. In essence I send a few thousand emails requesting my refund for the money they stole from me. Eventually they will get sick and tired of it.

  52. Syed S. Zaidi says:

    This is crazy, I just noticed my cell phone bill increased for last 5-6 months , when I checked my billing details , I found out that I have been charged $9.99 each month for Flycell content, which I never authorized, I think some authority should look into this company for bogus billing, they must have been making a lot of money by ripping people off. That’s so very unethical and illegal too

  53. Rick says:

    To whom it may concern: I worked for a phone Agency before and the company would sell your info to other agencies.

  54. Kylie Turner says:

    I was charged today for this service. Thankfully T-mobile says they will remove it. Flycell says there service was excepted this morning online. I was at church and had no way to be online. What a rip off.

  55. Andy Kim says:

    when i checked my bills, i notice that i got extra charge bacuase of flycell… $9.99! how can i get my money back?

  56. Milton Rosario says:

    I was charged today $9.99 for this service, which I never authorized. I’m going to deduct this amount from my Sprint bill.

  57. hoa le says:

    when I checked my bill.I notice that fly cell charged me $9.99 that I never subscribed it .How I get my money back ?

  58. Jeffrey Lam says:

    yea how come i got charged too, i dunno wat it is and why, i got charged $9.99 and i keep texting the Stop Club and i wont get a confirmation text, i also called them no one picks up

  59. floyd jackson says:

    i have never herd of the web site untill now and would like it to stop and would like my 20 credits back pleas and feel free to call me on this matter thank you

  60. Gary says:

    I never subscribed to this service but I have been charged $9.99 for no reason. Please give me my money back.

  61. Mark Worthen says:

    Flycell is a slick, savvy company. They know how to skirt the edges of the law so they don’t get busted by the FTC or other governmental agencies. At the same time, they employ deceptive practices to ensnare unwitting visitors. They will not give you a refund. Their Terms and Conditions (hidden at the bottom of the page in microprint and not hyperlinked from the TOC agreement box, covers them.

    If your kids sign up, your cell phone carrier will probably refund the money b/c they realize that Flycell is very skilled about getting kids to sign up and the kids think it’s free. After all, they don’t have to enter a credit card or anything.

    It’s probably going to take Congress passing very specific laws to prevent the Flycells of the world from fleecing consumers.

  62. John Fasano says:

    My son cell phone is charge $9.99 since 11-06 by M-Qube without authorization I will call the company to morrow

  63. Michael Lucas says:

    TO STOP ALL CONTENT FROM FLYCELL. You have to send all of these!
    How To Cancel Flycell Services:

    According to Flycell “Customers may stop this subscription service by sending the word STOP in a text message to number 69999 or by contacting Customer Care. Subscription cancellation will become effective at the conclusion of the Subscription Month in which we receive the cancellation request for monthly subscribers. Weekly subscribers will be canceled immediately upon request.”

    To cancel specific Flycell subscriptions:ClubPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP CLUB” to 69999, Fly Mobile Premium ($4.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP FLY” to 69999, TonePack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP TONE” to 69999, RealPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP REAL” to 69999, MegaPack ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP MEGA” to 69999, KingPack ($7.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP KING” to 69999, HyperPack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP HYPER” to 69999, LivePack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP LIVE” to 69999, PicPack ($5.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP PIC” to 69999, PlayPack ($5.99)To unsubscribe text “STOP PLAY” to 69999, Joke of the Day ($6.99 – 5 days a week) To unsubscribe text “STOP GRIN” to 69999, Joke of the Day ($9.99 – 7 days a week) To unsubscribe text “STOP JOKE” to 69999, Horoscope ($9.99) To unsubscribe text “STOP ZOD” to 69999, Mobile Match Up ($7.99), To unsubscribe text “STOP DATE” to 24444.

  64. Michael Lucas says:

    Call 1-800-580-0017 from a land line. Not your cell phone. They will say to access aoutmated help to call from cell phone. Press 1 when you hear this and it will take you to customer service. You will have to wait for about 10 min or longer. Call will be answered in India. “Danny” answered my call. I stated I wanted a confirmation # that I was unsubscribed. He said I’ll send you a text and I said NO!!!! He gave me a conf # of 145599. No refunds! They are covered in the fine print you don’t see but no more charges!

  65. Phyllis says:

    I was charged $10 a month by Verizon Wireless for a service I never signed up for. Verizon agreed to refund the charges, but I had to argue with the guy for 35 minutes. Verizon said they will block future charges to my account from “premium data” providers. Then I called customer service (see above)and they agreed to stop my “subscription.” (Make sure you get a confirmation number.) We’ll see if it actually works. Flycell has a mailing address in New York City: 120 Broadway, 15th floor. It’s a real building, but I don’t know if there is actually a flycell office there, so I am going to go there and find out. If there are actually people there working for flycell, they are going to get an earful from me!!!

  66. Glen M says:

    I was charged $9.99 a month by flycell for a service (joke of the day) that I never subscribed to. They would text you a joke everyday and you would get charged for the text.I called flycell, supposedly they are to cancel the subscription, we’ll see. I also called my phone carrier and they canceled the charge and put a premium block on my number.

  67. Casie K. says:

    I keep getting text joke from laugholics and trying to get them to stop sending me text jokes Which I’m getting charged for.

  68. Ann Miller says:

    The website said you could get a free ring tone if you entered your cell number. My phone was IMMEDIATELY charged 9.99 – FOR NOTHING! The company’s customer service is in India with a mailing address in the U.S. – Flycell, Inc., 120 Broadway, NY, NY 10271 – which I am sure is just a drop spot. I am furious! Is anyone doing anything about this?

  69. charis says:

    I was in the same situation as Ann Miller! I am so upset! I called the customer service and the agent told me that my phone no. was not registered with them, and as such, they can’t do anything! I’ve complained to t-mobile and t-mobile has removed those charges and blacklisted them. So, everyone, please check your phone statement every month!

  70. Mildred says:

    I phoned and talked to Danny also and got a confirmation number to cancel, let me see if this works. He says that I will not be getting any more text as of today.


  71. Alison says:

    When this showed up on our bill we called AT&T and they were able to cancel it for me. Not only that they gave us a credit for the months we were charged.

  72. Kumar says:

    I am another victim of this stupid company Flycell. They cheat you very discreetly. I called the company and the guy told me he can do nothing and its unfortunate. I have called AT&T and see if they will refund me and take action against the company. Boycotting Flycell is what we need.

  73. WB says:

    I got those same $9.99 charges on my T-Mobile bill 3x’s for one month on one phone. Not only that but 2 of them were billed on the same day. I called the flycell company and got lucky. They said they are going to cancel the subscription and refund my money. They even gave me a confirmation of cancellation number. From the sounds of things I guess I was lucky. Then again, next month’s bill isn’t here yet.

  74. Pasli says:

    I never ever signed up for this STUPID
    If they do not pay my money back, I will fight or this. I do not care how much i pay

  75. May says:

    How do I stop this? Text messages coming in from nowhere which I never subscribe. I sent them the text “stop.. bla bla bla” but still they kept charging my phone carrier. Please help!!!

  76. T says:

    It is an evident scam. When I called their costumer service 1-800-580-0017 and told them that I was charged money without ever ordering (or even knowing) their service, they were not at all surprised. After a short conversation, they did not offer any explanation, but agreed to send me the full refund. I will wait if it will ever arrive. I notified T-Mobile (my carrier) about their practices and look forward for their action. I suggest everyone cheated by this company calls their carriers, so Flycell will get blacklisted.

  77. Prinya says:

    This was the most outrageous thing ever! I called the flycell company and all it was-was an long and extensive voicemail about nothing… and they wanted me to leave my name, social security number, and phone number so the customer service rep could get back to me! I responded with “What do you think I am…a moron?” and hung up with them. I called T-mobile and the lady was nice enough to get my money back and blacklist them for me. I HATE FLYCELL!

  78. Shirley Scott says:

    I just got my cell phone bill and there was a $9.99 charge for Flycell on it. I’ve never heard of them. Andre at T-Mobile credited my account after I assured him that I did not sign up for this service. I also called 1-800-580-0017 and spoke with Andy who said he was in India, when I asked his location. After much yelling on his part and threatening to sue on my part, he said they would be sending me a check for the $9.99. I have a heart condition and my phone never leaves my sight. And I most assuredly don’t have any desire at my age to subscribe to any ringtone service. Flycell is a scam!

  79. Nancy Savarda says:

    I started getting charged $9.99 for flycell services in April. I just got my May invoice & it’s there again. I contacted AT&T and told her I had no idea what flycell is and I most certainly did not order anything from them. She processed a cancelation on the spot and placed a refund for both monthly charges. I guess I will have to keep an eye on it to make sure they really do cancel and stop billing for something I did not order. I think I will write a letter to my state attorney general and lodge a complaint against flycell.

  80. Dennis says:

    It is pretty upsetting after reading all these posts and seeing that Flycell can continue getting away with this! I never even heard of them before today when I took a close look at my bill to find out why it was higher than usual. Come to find out, I was charged 9.99 for the last two months for a bogus subscription that I did not authorize nor was it ever used. The first person I talked to at my cell phone co. didn’t know what this was either. After speaking to his supervisor, I was instructed to contact Flycell directly as they would not be able to reimburse the charge. After calling 1-800-580-0017 and talking to Sean, I was told the subscription will stop however I will not be reimbursed. If you add up all the money they have gotten (unauthorized) just from the people that have posted these complaints, and who knows how many others, they are making a small fortune. I guess I will be making another call to my cell phone carrier and filing a complaint with my state attorney general as well.

  81. Fred Thompson says:

    This is ridicules I too was charged 9.99 actually verizon said the charge was 10.09 and yes I am on a prepaid also having your prepaid minutes deducted without even making a call is not good. at .05 a minute they took hours off my phone.

  82. Brian says:

    yup,same as everyone else. Mark in India told me that I signed up on a web site (not true) and agreed to the terms of their contract (also not true). They then started billing my cell phone number. I got thru to them on a land line and stopped all services and got a confirmation number. He would not refund a penny. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but was told there was not one available, and to call back between 9 and 5 EDT and talk to a manager, but was cautioned that the manager would not refund either….. what a scam..

  83. jimmy says:

    i did not want this

  84. Chris says:

    I can assure you that they are radomly signing people up becaus ethey know they can get away with it. I got a text message from them saying :welcom to the club” and also saying I can quit by texing them. I knew somthing was wrong because I never “signed” up for anything. I HATE ring tones and all that other bullshit, I would never sign up for anything. But wouldnt you know I called flycell and they said that there will be a 9.95 charge on my phone because I signed up for there service. He then acused me of being a liar because I had to of texed back a pin number! I didnt text them, go to there website, or even want their crappy scam-tones! This is TRUE fraud that is making these assholes rich. They should go to PRISON!

  85. David says:

    I, too, got a random $9.99 charge from this company. Called them from a landline phone, their response is “sorry we’re keeping your money”. Asked for a supervisor and was told “he just left for a family emergency, call back Monday.”

    Luckily, Sprint was willing to reverse the charges.

  86. Jayne says:

    I too just got my bill iwhte 9.99 and 1.20 of weekly text messages. I had email flycell more than a month ago to stop sending me spam and they said they had never gotten my cell phone. This id disgusting

  87. Jayne says:

    AT*T told me they are aware of this problem and there is this class action lawsuit. They too reversed the charges

  88. Havilah says:

    I was on there website where it told me I could get free downloads for my phone. I never agreed to being billed but there was a premium service charge on my last mobile bill of $9.99!

  89. Havilah says:

    Well I filled a complaint with

  90. Lisa says:

    We noticed a charge of $9.99 last month on our T-Mobile bill. Than again this month, we got a hold of T-Mobile and asked them what it was for and they said this Flycell place. Well myself nor my boyfriend would have ever signed up for this. I figured well I already paid for this months service why not go grab some shit while I can. Went to their site to download stuff and it tells me I need to purchase a plan? WTH is that?

  91. Deryck Warren says:

    I subscribed to flycell and they never provided me any ringtones at all. Plus, they continously charged me 9.99 per mo. over and over again. I want to file a class action suit or be along with it.

  92. Tony Y says:

    The phone companies are complicate they know about these shady people but continue to have a working relationship with them they should not let them charge their customers. If they can’t just freely charge people money on their phone bills they couldn’t be in business no one is going to give these people credit card info, being able to just charge us by phone with no recourse is a scam the mobiles must benefit somehow since they don’t really care that it is a scam.

  93. Jennifer W. says:

    I received a $9.99 charge for flycell on my phone bill. Knowing I didn’t download anything, I called my carrier and asked them to remove it. They did, no questions asked.

  94. Gabriel Williams says:

    I tried to download an mp3 from a website when I was redirected to a flycell authorization message. I received the following text message: “**** Enter this code on the web page 2 get ur complimentary items and the Flycell ClubPack. T&Cs: quit? txt STOP. help? txt HELP. ClubPack 9.99/mo.” I entered the code on the website thinking that I was trying to download a file. The website said nothing about a charge, just the cryptic and unprofessional text message. After I entered the code and was unable to download the file alarms started to go off in my head. Too late. “Shawn” at their customer support was very combative about their terms and conditions and refused to offer a refund. He said I could call back the next day and speak to the manager “Alan” but I can no longer get through to their customer service. I only get a message to leave my name and number and that they will get back to me…

  95. harmonchi says:

    I have been receiving text messages at all hours of the day and night. I never signed up for this service and can’t seem to get them to stop contacting me. Phone carrier is stating I have to pay charges even when i have texting blocked on my phone. I am still in the process of straightening things out.

  96. San says:

    Huge problemo! Wanted free ringtone(s). I followed instructions, received a number 69999 that I thought was the pin. Entered my cell# again, like a dummy, got the 4 digit pin next and entered it on the website. Wallaa – I was in. I decided to “unsubscribe” and the next day I started getting these daily Laughaholics. They’re cute but I dont’ want this! U can’t reply to it (them) to make it stop. I’m really upset about this. Don’t know how the heck the Laughaholics thing happened except it’s attached to “Flycell” by the reply I get when I reply to the daily message. What a crazy deal. Will have to change my number I guess from reading everybody elses problems. Makes me mad. I don’t venture out on the web very often and now I know why. It’s a scam and you can’t make it stop. It’s like a nightmare that just keeps coming back.

  97. San says:

    Back for an update: Just texted back STOP. Got a reply “You have successfully opted out of all FLycell services. We are sorry to see you go. Thanks for using Flycell and visit us again at…” Lets see if I still get billed. Good luck to all of us.

  98. Rt says:

    I noticed the charge on my bill and called AT&T. They told me they had had a problem and THEY stopped the service and gave me credit for both of the months that I had been charged.

  99. Sandra says:

    AT&T is aware of these type of ‘scams’. When I contacted them about the charge I was assured not to blame my daughter and that there are probably many lawyers looking into this company. It was suggested to contact you provider. Though we have a purchase blocker on the phone’s, Flycell somehow was able to still allow thier scam to get through. Sneaky and scary.

  100. Kristy says:

    I was charge for 9.99 and I sent a text to Flycell saying “stop”, and for extra protection I called At&t. At&t did refunded my 9.99 and they also put a “stop” on the my account on Flycell. Whoo, I got my money back!

  101. Adam says:

    I just noticed that I have been charged $9.99/month for the last 3 months from Flycell, as well as, something else called Buongiorno. What is this crap? I’m calling AT&T tonight to get my money refunded.

  102. Tina says:

    This is crazy Flycell did it again, how you get it stopped is you have to call your phone company and report the charges, At&T removed me from Flycell and got my money back. You have to request that they put a stop or Flycell will keep renewing the issue.

  103. MARK & VYVYAN says:

    These Jack@$$es includes a sticker for “Free: ringtones on my wifes phone. She downloaded TWO ring towns and was UNINTENTIONALLY subscribed to FIVE $9.99 monthly subscriptions for $h!t she does not USE or WANT. The other subscriptions she was signed up for WITHOUT her KNOWLEDGE or authorization include CSW, ACOTEL, and Thumbplay.

  104. amazinmajician says:

    I got scammedinto thinling this service was free they do things so fast because theysending you a text whenyou get the text there sceen is telling you you have 30 seconds to type in the pin they’ve provided for youyour so much in a rush that you don’t take a look at the whole message where it tells you your being chargedITS A BIG SCAM

  105. Dennis Hille says:

    I had previously blocked all text messages on my phone. I had to enable text messaging on a replacement phone and almost immidatly received the text message solocation from this FlyCel

  106. alan b says:

    I just tried to call the 800 number to cancel and finally got someone the voice on the other in said his name and when i tried to respond he said “I can not hear you plase call back” this sounded like a prerecorded message , What a scam I just want to get rid of flycell i have been getting txts for almost a year and never used there service it took almost 6 Mo to realize I was getting charged.

  107. I Stopped Then says:

    July 9 2008 – I think I stopped them. (1)Texting to them to STOP does not seem to work. (2) Sending them an email – with your phone number, and STOP

  108. I Stopped Them says:

    July 9 08 – (1) Send them an email at the addresses listed on the FlyCell website. Include your phone number they are texting to. Say STOP CANCEL UNSUBSCRIBE in your email. I have at least received courteous emails back claiming they WILL Stop. (2) Texting to them is a waste of time.

  109. tabatha says:

    i did not want this program i was just wanting to see what it was about and i ended up being charged for it if this is your way of wanting new people you r wrong i dont want it !!!!!! i even got text msg. and i have sent them back stop and what not it dont work!!!

  110. Samson says:

    Replayed by mistake, cancelled the subscription 1 minute later and charged $9.99 Big scam

  111. John Dill says:

    I noticed a charge on my May08 bill for $9.99. I do not download from these sites, nor do I text message anybody.

  112. CindyS says:

    Ok, I got duped as well. Accidentlly clicked on a link and $9.99 charged to my cell. I first went to the website in the hopes to find out what happened only to find out their website is inop. Then I googled and found this string of blog. Called AT&T, explained what happened and they (1) refunded my $9.99 and (2) blocked I rec’d a text from flycell that confirmed me “opting out” and they were sorry to see me leave…I’m sure sorry to not get my money any more. Althought I will watch this next month. AT&T is the best for just easily fixing this for me and giving me peace of mind. Be sure to tell everyone you know about this scam and don’t get duped into a bunch of stupid free stuff!

  113. Jack Hugo says:

    It is amazing how a simple “free” download of a specific ringtone ends up to be a scam. I have cancelled the service, called the 800 number, sent emails — to no avail..The 800 number is answered in New Delhi *after 10hrs of being on hold I suppose they receive so many complaints* A guy who is obviously Indian but has an American name “Vincent Kyler” said No refund, Nothing he can do, No Company information, No email address for him/or his boss, just an address off 120 Broadway 15th Floor, NY NY 10271. Amazing how much time it takes to (un)resolve this mess what it took them a nano second to charge my phone for service I didnt want/didnt receive! They suggested I activate flycell again so they can “correct” the situation, hah!

  114. Jack Hugo says:

    I just called AT&T AND they refunded the charges. I gave them all the information on Flycell hoping they will look into blocking this service!

  115. Alishia says:

    I called sprint and they credit my account with the 9.99 charge. Also they blocked my cell number to 3rd party companies like this CSW Ringers shit. So we will see what shows up on my next bill. But i think this is the only way to stop these charges is by having your cell phone company blocking your number to them.

  116. Lisa K says:

    Just checked my ATT phone bill online and found this extra charge on my son’s account. I called ATT and they canceled it for me and issued me a credit for it as well. Both of my kids said they have been getting text messages that they have been sending STOP to. Make sure you file a complaint about this business. This is the only way to get this type of business shut down.

  117. PG says:

    Today I was billed $9.99 by Flycell..I sent them an email requesting for a refund, and texted STOP to 69999..hopefully am not going be charged again. They really need to be shut down. This is a scam!

  118. Ashlie says:

    recieved 3 messages from jamster saying this is a free message and then went on with various offers. after deleting the messages i checked my credit balance only to find out these free messages actually cost $15 dollars??? if they cost money why does it say this is a free message???

  119. Andrew says:

    I have been getting Flycell messages at 1am for a long time. Never knew what it was. Well I finally checked my bill and noticed a text fee of $20. So I called Verizon and they told me to send a text to 69999 and just write STOP (like this website says). I got a reply back saying that I am unsubscribed from all Flycell programs. Hopefully it will stop.

  120. Ellen says:

    Topped up my sons Virgin Mobile account today and noticed later that $9.99 had been deducted from his account. Called VM to find out why and they told me to call back 69999 and text HELP. Got their phone # and called from a land line. The woman said I subscribed on 7/27. What?? My VM record says I topped up on 7/31 at 9:11AM, Flycell deducted $9.99 on 7/31 at 9:14AM. I never gave permission for this and the woman at Flycell says I did, no refund. Called VM back, also no refund from them, but they blocked Flycells # to my sons account so hopefully that will end this nightmare. I just want to know how they do do they get your cell phone #..does anyone know. I just put $20 in my sons account today and half of it is gone by no fault of ours. This stinks!

  121. Jason says:

    this stinks i have a tracfone pay as you go phone and i thought i would get free ringtones so i entered in my cell num but it didnt give the ringtones to me… i txted stop but it didnt help, luckly since it is trac fone they havnt been able to bill me but i keep gettin txts from them it is very irritating

  122. Judy says:

    Noticed a 9.99 on my bill and called the number of the company listed…Flycell, of course. Someone in India told me that I signed up on a web site and agreed to the terms of their contract. So they started billing my cell phone number even though they see the service was cancelled the same day. They said I was unsubscribed but the 9.99 charge would stand. I immediately called my service provider AT&T and they are crediting my account and blocking 3rd party services that are not confirmed through an email that they send me. Great way to do it! Theses companies are such a scam.

  123. mary says:

    yeah! i keep getting these text messages from flycell. then i checked my phone bill online and they have been charging me $9.99 and i haven’t even signed up for anything. i just texted 69999 to cancel the service that i didn’t even sign up for

  124. Alison says:

    I was charged 9.99 on my cell bill from ATT. When I called and asked about it they canceled the subscription (which I never made) and credited the charges. 3rd party pirates!

  125. Jane says:

    What a bunch of crooks. I tried to download one ringtone (it never did work) and they somehow determined I should be charged $9.99 per month for a “subscription.” AT&T was very helpful in putting through a cancellation.

  126. Summer says:

    I work for AT&T and see this very frequently. If you call customer care, we will be happy to cancel it and credit you back for the fraudulent subscription. I am personally very sorry for all of you that are getting scammed and paying for this service. I’ve even been signed up on my work phone and I KNOW that I didn’t order that!

  127. Tony says:

    I noticed the charge and called my cell company . They took the charge off immediately.

  128. Sam says:

    I was sent a text message by, and I sent the message STOP to them. They billed me anyway. I called customer support, they will not tatke off the charges, will not let me talk to a manaager (said no manager was no duty) and did not care that I said I was going to file a complaint against them. Very rude and fradulent company. BEWARE!

  129. Glenn Burton says:

    I did not ask for this. Stop sending me this mess.

  130. Mary Braet says:

    My twelve year old ordered a “complimentary ring tone” off one of their two web sites. It says “complimentary” which according to Webster’s dictionary means “given free as a gift or courtesy”. However Flycell’s customer service says that is not what it means. I have a $9.99 charge on his Cingular Go Phone that they refuse to take off.

  131. Chadz Mom says:

    My 12 year old also ordered one of these “complimentary” ring tones. AT&T was very helpful cancelling the $9.99 monthly “subscription”. BUYERS BEWARE

  132. Alex says:

    I was sent a text message from them, I didn’t even know who they were and all of a sudden I’m $9.99 short on my minutes. They billed me for something I didn’t even request.

  133. KC says:

    I was online and was completing information for something not even related to flycell. I immediately started to receive text messages from them. I sent the STOP messages to every text I received and received a text stating I was unsubscribed. To be safe…or so I thought…I immediately followed up on their website by sending them an email stating I inadvertantly somehow subscribed to them and didn’t want the service…don’t charge me…blah blah blah. This all happened within a span of about 15 minutes. Lo and behold, I was charged $9.99. I called Flycell, and Jay insisted that I accepted the service and that their charges were legitimate. Even though he has record of all of my STOP texts and my email and can verify that it all happened in the 15 minute time frame. He stated that while I was on their website, sending my email to tell them I didn’t want their service, I also accepted their service. What a bunch of BS! It was a complete waste of time. My suggestion is to not even bother calling Flycell. Its a scam, they know it and you’ll just end up even more upset. Just call your cell phone carrier. I called AT&T and Jason was very helpful and immediately unsubscribed me from their end…as an added measure…and are refunding me the money.

  134. jason williamson says:

    i want my $9.99 refunded because i did not agree to this i just was supposed to get a free ringtone which i don’t even want because you are just ripping hard working people off so refund my money now or i will seek legal action

  135. chafik says:

    i don’t know why these peoples charged me 9.99 a’s a scam and am verry ANGRYYYYY :(

  136. nicole says:

    i dont know what i get this messages and i cannot send the word stop
    because i cannot text message!!

  137. Don says:

    I was lured to Flycell by the offer of free ringtones (I think via an ad on Facebook). Foolishly, I signed up for the plan, which gave me 20 “free” points and I could download ringtones using those points. Then out of the blue I started receiving “premium” txt messages that gave no indication that I was going to be charged for them. Two months before I figured it out and then replied with the words “STOP QUIT END CANCEL UNSUBSCRIBE” and that took care of it.

  138. Red says:

    I just got off the phone with a man by the name of Vincent Kyler from, I called him regarding the 9.99 charged to my Sprint Acct. He stated that I requested the service & that I will continue to be charged 9.99 every month here after untill i cancel, He would not refund/credit my acct. and said i could cancel, but I would not be able to receive my 50credits(whatever that is) I asked for a manager, he said he was it. I asked to speak to some one else(no offence to anyone) he is indian I could not understand a word he said, He said he was the only one there. I asked if he was working out of his garage with his He said not he was just the only one there at the time. I asked where they are located he said “INDIA” WTF? so we are getting ripped off from these bastards in India?? Can we do anything about this? Come one this is crazy!!!!

  139. Ed says:

    After reviewing my bill I noticed the $9.99. I contacted verizon they haver refunded the last 3 months. But say I am stuck for the rest. This should really be illegal.

  140. Seth Jennings says:

    I noticed this same charge on our bill for a secondary phone that is only used for emergencies and it is very rare that it is ever used. I called our service provider (AT&T) and asked about how that charge could have been put on a phone that wasn’t even being used and they noticed that our primary line was also receiving a monthly charge of $9.99 from Thumbplay which is just like Flycell. They told me that both were a third party subscription service that are typically setup through text messages. Either sending to them or replying to their message. AT&T didn’t try to place any blame for the charges and immediately reversed the charges, credited the account and stopped any further charges for these services to both cell lines. I am so glad I don’t have Verizon anymore! I can only imagine what my call would have been like with Customer service back then.

  141. Erik de Bats says:

    I live in spain and have a spanish mobile number. I never registrated on the flycell site, they keep sending me massages and deduct credit from my account. Is there anyone around who knows how to cancel this terror? i haven’t registrated for this service, so how do they have my number? I will swap to another provider soon, but i dont need this crap. Neither do i want any ringtone from them.

  142. Glenn Wilcox says:

    Class Action their asses. I just had them black listed on my 12 year old’s account that she never downloaded after 3 months.

  143. Scott says:

    requesting a refund to all charges applied to my daughters phone do to non parental consent please! phone number that was charged is 262 510- 5672 thank you

  144. Deb Abraham says:

    A total scam. They sent a text message to my daughter’s phone (age 14) that screwed up her phone. We were later charged for $9.99 – we never authorized this service. I called to complain – you can’t get a human to answer. If selecting billing through their automated phone system – all you get is a prerecorded message claiming that any charge to your bill was “double authorized” through a double opt in process. BULL CRAP. We never went on line to authorize this service, but I have no idea what my daughter may have done on her phone when she received this spam text message. She didn’t understand what it was. Verizon refused to take the charge off of our account. What a rip off.

  145. Deb Abraham says:

    Update – called back Verizon. They waved the charge and blocked flycell from all of our phones – a service they started after receiving multiple complaints from customers – Verizon Customer service is the best!

  146. H Gardner says:

    This sounds so familiar. My 14 year old son was on phonezoo and signed up for a free ringtone. He received a testmessage to stop the subscription for $9.99. I called to remedy the situation and got no where (although I did get to speak with some man named Dani with a very hard to understand accent). I was told they can’t reverse the charge (can’t or won’t). I called At&T. They were wonderful. They reversed the charge and added something called a “purchase block” to prevent it from happening again – Thanks Teresa.

  147. Marcy M says:

    I don’t like the way alltel just lets anyone or thing get on our cell phones. LETS GET THIS OFF AND CLEANED UP NOW

  148. Mark says:

    i was lookin at flycell for a free ring tone but then i saw there was a 9.99 charge at the last minute so i tried to cancel when i double checked it said i was already unsubscribed this was about 2 minutes later but it still showed up on my phone bill i thought it might only happen this one time but later i checked my account Purchases on at&t media net flycell was still there on auto renew for 9/29 the only thing i was allowed to do was select DO NOT renew on 9/29 so i will be really pissed if i find another charge

  149. Linda Brown says:

    I just realized that Flycell has been charging fees to me since February – $9.99 for everytime they text me. I ignored the texts, because I thought they were telemarketers. I only opened the messages in order to delete them. I have never authorized this nor downloaded anything from Flycell. I never would have downloaded a ringtone, because I just don’t care about ringtones, wallpaper, etc. To me, a phone is just for calling people. I wouldn’t have taken the time to download a ringtone. I called T-Mobile who said that they could credit me for two months but not all of it. Flycell said that they could credit 3 months to me. T-Mobile and Flycell used the copout excuse that the person who had possession of my phone authorized the $9.99 plan. Well, I don’t have kids, and I don’t loan my phone to people. Nobody else uses my phone, and I know I didn’t authorize it! Places to file complaints: your State’s Attorney General’s office, your State’s Public Service Commission, the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications, Commission, your legislator (to change laws to prevent this from happening). Also, contact the local news media. Local TV stations often alert consumers of scams such as this. Good Luck, Everyone!

  150. tom field says:

    flycell continues to bill $9.99 mo even after texting stop to all their accounts and getting confirmation. I’m having verizon put a block on the line for them

  151. Heather says:

    I have a prepaid phone and just added money to my account yesterday, $15 to be exact, and woke up this morning and had approx. $4 and change in my account, having no idea how I could have possibly spent $11 in one night in calls, $15 lasts me typically 2 weeks….sure enough, I check my online account and it says RINGTONES….remembering back to last month where I unknowingly agreed to this stupid ringtone and text message program….that I had called and cancelled the minute I found out how much they were reaally charging me,….the customer service rep I spoke with (and could barely understand through his thick indian accent) verified services had been cancelled, which I now know is a lie. Someone please do whatever you can to bring this bogus business down!!! My phone isnt even compatible with this stupid ringtone service.

  152. Chris Kaiser says:

    I texted them to stop subscription and they replied saying it would be stopped but I have been billed.

  153. Jonathan Murray says:

    Never subscribed to Flycell but somehow they got my cellphone number and charged me anyway. Sprint are willing to remove the charge – but it keeps turning up. Called Flycell and they have promised to stop – and Sprint have promised to block.
    Maybe the charges will stop!

  154. beth says:

    no need for an explanation. i was scammed like everyone else. when i finally got on the phone with human being, the person on the other line was unsympathetic and rude by not even letting me finish a sentence. i hope i dont have to deal with this next month.

  155. James says:

    i was careless and got scammed. i unsubscribed immediately but kept getting noitices and was billed again

  156. Wayne C says:

    A $9.99 charge just showed up on my bill from these people. I called AT&T and they said you can get signed up just by going to flycells ringtone site. They immediately removed the charge from my bill. If you have AT&T, just call them, don’t even mess with the flycell people.

  157. Amy T. says:

    Today, I saw that I got charged $9.99 from my bill. I immediately called my phone carrier. They said they won’t refund me because it’s a third party blah blah blah. They told me to call Fly cell, which i did, and they never picked up their phone!!!!! Anyway, Virgin Mobile’s people are sooo rude, they hanged up on me for like 3 times! Also, how hard is it for them to refund $10!!!!!!That’s like worth $.01 of their profit! I will be calling Flycell again!

  158. Nick Connors says:

    flycell charged me 10 on my alltel prepaid phone and I never subscribed to them, hopefully alltel will be helpful in the morning when I call them if not then I will be calling flycell and kick some butt….

  159. Nick Connors says:

    update to my post above, called Alltel this morning and reported the charge, they refunded me the amount and told me to call again if they charge me again and they will take it up with Flycells corporate office……gotta love alltel (they are merging with Verizion soon…)

  160. Phil Walker says:

    This is how bad , or sloppy they are . Reported sister in laws cell phone lost or stolen in late june sso line is suspended with carrier (att) yet they imposed a flycell charge on that line ! Which one is worse?

  161. Scott Dial says:

    Same as everyone else.. I found a 9.99 charge on one of my phones and we didn’t subscribe. ATT was courteous enough to refund all of the charges 4 months back and put a block on purchases made through the phone. Seem’s completely unethical and illegal

  162. Bob says:

    Same deal here. Son downloaded a supposed “demo” and we’ve been attempting to get Flycell off of our bill since then. You can get ATT to put a purchase block on the number for free (parental control).

  163. Kari says:

    Flycell charges started showing up on my 12 yr old son’s phone bill. He swears that he did not sign up for anything…does anyone know how to get a refund?

  164. Piper says:

    For the past three months I have received a 9.99 charge. When I call at&t they tell me that I am downloading something. NOOOO I am not I just want it to stop. I have a feeling my next step is to change my phone number. Very frustrating….

  165. Jeremy says:

    These bastards started texting me and as I found out charging me a month ago. Never have I ever signed up for a program.

    But, I swear. I BLAME FOX NEWS because I responded to one of their bullsh!t polls and the very next day I was getting mysterious texts.

  166. Donna Gonzales says:

    I have looked at your website but did not authorize you to charge me 9.99 a month for something I do not want nor have recieved from flycell. I have also contacted my carrier of this. This needs to be canceles as soon as possible.

  167. Mark says:

    Someone hacked MSN messenger and I received a message from someone on my contact list sending a link to flycell. I have been getting billed by them since. I am contacting the Oregon Attorney General and t-mobile.

  168. DONNA HUELTER says:


  169. Joe Spisak says:

    I never subscribe to this service, but was billed 9.99. The company says the account was set up by me and would not credit me the 9.99. They are wrong, and are performing unlawful buisness practices. Cellular service companies should not serve as third party billing agents for these rip off specialist!

  170. Angela says:

    I didn’t realized that my daughter’s cell phone # has been charged $9.99 till now. At&t told us they can only go back for four charges.

  171. Elysia Purcell says:

    I never subscribed to this service, but was charged $9.99 and continually text, which used up my minutes. Virgin Mobile won’t be held responsible because it is a third party. It seems illegal that a company is able to get away with such practices.

  172. richie baptista says:

    This is insane..I deleted their first message and have been getting charged ever since. I cannot seem to stop it. I am over 250$ owed by flycell in false charges? I mean really ..for astrology tips?? their nuts and i need help to get reimbursed!!!

  173. tbone says:

    My wife got charged 2-10$ charges , Verizon first wantd to get out of it but I told them I wanted a manager and want to sue them for fraud. They stopped the service , blocked any more prem TXT and gave me my $ back

  174. Ace says:

    I was being charged for this also even though I never subcribed. Another way to cancel your account is to call this 800 number. (1-800-580-0017). They will give you the option to unsubscribe. They will send you a text confirming that.

  175. CAtalin says:

    I used a pre-paid plan with Virgin and I was charged $0.50 per day for about two months. When I found out I stopped adding more money and I am waiting now 6 months with a 0$ balance in order for my number to expire. Hopefully my new number will be fine.

  176. Mauricio says:

    My daughter’s phone was charge by Flycell and Thumbplay $9.99 each/one. I called AT&T and they accepted my complain, reversed charges, and blocked the possibility to may purchase using only the phone number.
    It is amazing how the FCC do not regulate, telecommunication companies on the right form thinking on the users.
    It is not fair, that when you buy a phone service, providers set up automatically a long list of services where the user are unaware as international call long distance, International roaming or the possibility to buy on web sides where the user pay with only the phone number. End users only realize about these services when they found unwanted charges on the bill. Who really take care of customers?

  177. Pietro Minuci says:

    Dears,I am from Brazil.I notice that flycell here is doing the same wrong thing. Several person were charged without authorization. See www reclameaqui com br and search flycell. I am trying to awake public attorneys to investigate and persecute these guys.

  178. McGillicutty says:

    Call the 1800 number above and complain…. they will stop your service.
    I asked for the NY address and am going to mail them a formal complaint.

    Flycell can go f*#k themselves!

  179. Sunil says:

    found Flycell address from a good source –
    120 BROADWAY
    NEW YORK, NY 10271

    -they are located on the 12th floor

  180. Mr. Thomas May says:

    First of all let me say that I never subscribed to flycell,laughaholics or any other fly by night Bulls_ _t organization that charges someone elses costomers for something a no good S.O.B. texted to my phone by mistake.You people need to be shot in the ball,or cunt for such bullshitfor charging someone for something nobody (ME) wants to begin with. how do I get rid of this shit once and for all,and without being charged for this shit!!! my email address is

  181. Mr. Thomas May says:

    I never subscribed to or for your service and would like to be removed from it as soon as possible,and without having to pay for it as I never asked,wanted,or subscribed to this service at all!my email adress is as I would like very much if you would remove this SHIT from my phone!!!

  182. scott says:

    my computer is slow and did not mean to hit the cont. button

  183. scott says:

    i just hit the button not ten minates ago, and i just want it to stop. and not charge me 19.99 a moth.

  184. Lee Lheureux says:

    I have received random text messages (which I get billed for by my cell phone carrier). I sent back a “NO” reply to one and now I got hit with a $9.99 monthly charge on my Verizon bill. I got stuck with the 9.99 but Verizon put a block on my lines for any “premium Txt messaging” which will block any more incoming texts from flycell and others. The billing number to Flycell from Verizon is 1-800-580-0017. Lets trash their phones and see how they like paying 9.99 a month for something they did not order.

  185. Lee Lheureux says:

    I just called the 1-800 number Verizon gave me to contact Flycell. The middle-eastern jerk that tried to read a script to talk to me would not do anything for me unless I gave him my cell number. I refused and told him I did not trust the company and that they would probably try to bill me more or send more dumb text messages. Verizon rep said DO NOT GIVE INFO TO FLYCELL they will reproduce more billing to your cell account. I did get the guy to give me the mailing address so I could mail a complaint and he said it was 120 Broadway, 15th floor, NY, NY 10271. I have also filed a complaint with my state’s Attorney General’s Office. This company needs to be shut down immediately for illegally calling cell phones. Verizon says ANY call to solicit anything to a cell phone number is illegal. You don’t even have to register on the Do Not Call List. However, I listed all my phones anyway.

  186. aida m gonzalez says:

    i do not want the servic please cancel the service

  187. Joe the plumber says:

    Use the number to cancel your subscription…Ask for Mark. It was canceled in a few mins.!

  188. Joe the plumber says:


  189. jamie says:

    Flycell is such a bogus company. They charge our account for years withut any of our knowledge in the subscription. Their customer service is also pretty bad. They just hung up on you have complaints that they dont have a reasonable explanation to answer. They also don’t let you speak to their company manager because clearly they know that they are wrong. I already closed the account, but i think its pretty dumb to say to tell your own service to block the number for you so they wont charge you anymore? isn’t that just bogus, if you already cancelled the phone in your company then why the hell would you charge them again? and now they are saying they have pending fees whatever that they still need to charge us…for what? they dont have any answer. Besides their representative clearly dont have any clue of what he was talking about. I think its pretty stupid to charge a cellphone that dont have any internet or text messaging on it when clearly this company is marketing ringtones and screensavers. I think they need to be shut down or put to court for scamming people.

  190. Cila says:

    Last month they charged me 9.99 for text messaging. I called verizon and got it canceled. This month is is 9.99 for Horoscopes! My number isn’t even a cell phone it is for broadband service.

  191. Edward says:

    I share the experience of many of the above. I did not invite this. I do not want to be annoyed again and I have been unable to stop it.

  192. beka says:

    I have been receiving Laughaholics text for 2 yrs now and can`t make it stop but they say I owe them and I have never paid them a penny yet they keep coming..if anyone knows how to make it stop would love to know…so annoying.

  193. NICKY says:

    stop messeges on my mobile please

  194. flower says:

    i did get charged for 3 months $9.99 when i first got my cell on. i didnt understand til 3 months went by and kept getting texts telling me.i called them up and got it straightened out and a refund for the 3 used to be possible to get a refund, they used to be understanding once upon a time.Good Luck!

  195. Rick Whitney says:

    I am not nor do I wish to be a ClubPack member. I have never downloaded anything from you. Remove my number from your club. Any charges will be viewed as fraud and prosecuted. Please respond

  196. Dianne Glasner says:

    Two $9.99 charges on my bill and Flycell was never ordered. Hopefully my carrier has put a stop to it and they said I will not be charged.

  197. Angie says:

    I hope there are not charges on my bill from Flycell as is there is I will press Fraud and prosecuted to the fullest

  198. joann says:

    I’m sick of the shit. i better not get charged or i will call bitchin

  199. Lauren says:

    I just received my phone bill for this month and it is reading that I owe an extra $19.99 for a download of something, what I don’t have the damnedest idea considering I put a lock on my phone for any and all internet connections that requires a password to allow access, from a Flycell with the short code of 69999. I put the lock on to not only keep myself from using the internet, which is a pay-per-use, but to keep any “accidental” access to downloading or purchases. Not to mention, I’m not even GETTING ANYTHING SENT to my phone!! What on earth is going on? In any case I’m on my phone now talking to my provider to inform them of this “mix up”. And what really has me worried is all these internet sites that require your cell numbers and other telephone numbers. How secure is everything really? As if identity theft isn’t enough to worry about, now there is cell phone theft?! Please. Enough is enough.

  200. Andy says:

    Todat, I recivied 3 text messages. The first 2 were says something about pin number. and there third one shows i’m subscribe some kind plan with them which is 19.99 a month. I was so confuse after i seen it. So i decide to go to their website to take a look. I saw there is a log in page, So i tried to put my cellphone number in user name and leave blank for password. Then i try to log in. It shows a password required. I simply click on rest password to see what is going to happen. Suddenly my cellphone recived another message with a new password in it. well, I log in again with the new password. it’s worked. I went to account setting page. It shows I was subscribed with their ultimate package which is 19.99 a month. I don’t know where they got my info to sign me up with their service and even creat a account in their website. But it’s defenitally not me. I have no idea what is going on. So i simply click on unsubscribe from the service in my account setting. I would like to delete my account too. But I don’t know how. I can’t find it on their website. I have recived another message from them after i clicked on unsubscribe button. In the message, It shows “You have succesfully opted out of the flycell ClubPack. Service has been canelled. You will not receive more msgs from us.” I hope it’s just end like this. I did some serch on google. I have found alot pages people talk about this kind scam from Flycell. And it’s start from 2007. Now almost 2 years, I just don’t know why this kind company still here. That’s all I want to say. I’m not sure they are going to charge me or not, Cause it’s should be show in my next bill. I’ll defenitally going to call AT&T to get rid of it if they really put charge on me. I’m not going to pay for it.

  201. Katie says:

    I never subscribed to it. And I kept getting texts. I just ignored them, but my parents kept telling me I was getting charged for so much money.. Stupid Flycell has been charging about $20… What the crap! BTW, thanks for the post.

  202. Kandiss says:

    I never signed up for this I took an IQ test the next thing I know you add 19.99 to my cell phone bill, I would like my money back.

  203. GREG says:


  204. Holly says:

    I did the IQ test also, got the text message from Flycell, and immediately sent a stop, and never entered a PIN. I got the charge of $19.99 on my bill. I email AT&T and they said they would reverse the chargte. I then got a textg message from flycell, saying my unsubscdription failed…WHAT???? I called them, got a foriegner, of course. He said I entered a PIN…didn’t, and that the charge was not reversable. I have all the texts saved in my phone. So, I called AT&T and they said they get a lot of complaints about flycell. AT&T will reverse my charges, and not pay flycell. So, do not take no for an answer, call your phone carrier.

  205. Terry Swartz says:

    Everyone call your Attorney General in your state. Explain that Flycell are thieves that hit all at random.

  206. PKB says:

    I called ATT on a different matter and the CS rep asked me about a $9.99 charge that has been appearing on my bill. I told her that I didn’t authorize this subscription. She has given me 3 months refund on it, but can’t go back further than that. This is what happens when you don’t look at that long bill close enough. Call your carrier to get it removed and the subscription stopped. It was on my husband’s phone and I wasn’t calling from it, but its on the same account as mine, so I was able to get it reversed.

    The rep from ATT said that scams like this are out of control and everywhere. You have to be vigilant. I don’t know how many months they were able to get $10 from me, but I know that from now on, I’m scouring my bill from top to bottom.

  207. Margaret says:

    They lie when they say so and so score was a certain number. All they want you to do is take the test and then they send text messages toyour cell phone which I put in but I did not know that I was going to be charged for the IQ Test. This is a scam and there should be something done about it and I want my money back ASAP>

  208. Margaret says:

    I want my money refunded NOW

  209. Bob Fahey says:

    Looks like the crap has started again. I will call AT&T on Monday to have them shutdown these creeps.

  210. Bob says:

    For those people who are getting laughaholic jokes on their cell phones.
    Here is what you can do… worked for me.
    TXT: STOP JOKES to 69999

  211. Ms. "A" says:

    This is totally unfair! I took a quiz, from that,I was charged 19.99. I immediately text STOP to 69999. My phone was charged anyway. I then called these people directly when I saw the charge on my phone bill and demanded a refund only for them to tell me once you subscribe they are unable to refund any money. I told them I never subscribed, it automatically charged me for something I did not want. So I asked “David” from India or wherever, if this was the practice of this company to take peoples money for something they did not order or subscibe sufficient answer has been relayed to me to this day. Please Beware!

  212. PKB says:

    Do not bother to call the company – call your cellphone service provider. In my case, that was ATT and I was able to get a refund to my bill.

  213. Mamie says:

    I also took that IQ test and started getting messages from FlyCell and something called PlayPhone, Inc. I called my mobile carrier, AT&T, and talked with customer service rep this evening. Was refunded 3 sets of charges totalling $54.97. I think I accidentally got into this mess on Facebook…will probably cancel my account with them. The customer service rep also cancelled my mobile text option and internet access, at my request, and put a stop on all access to solicitation phone calls.

  214. Patrick says:

    Just purchased new phone. Received my new bill and noticed charges from Flycell. Called my carrier and they informed me that any downloads from the Marketplace need to be reviewed and accepted. I informed them that I reviewed all donwloads and did not notice ANY disclaimer for Flycell Charges. I had downloaded 1 application, which I paid $0.99 for and did not see any instance for a 3d party charge.

    I think the cell phone carriers should be partly responsible for these charges since they know of the situation and let them happen.

    The carrier should unwillingly reimburse the charges, since the 3d party is not disclaiming that there are additional charges for ANY service.

    A class action suit would be suitable for a 3d party or carrier responsible for any additional charges billed unwillingly.

  215. Bruce Eckel says:

    I got my phone bill and saw a charge for $19.99 for “flycell downloads” on my 13 year old daughter’s phone which she denies knowing anything about. I called and spoke to someone who said it was activated and stopped on the same day, but we would be charged since it was activated. The bill says it has a renew date on it so hopefully the charges will end.

  216. Geoff says:

    Well, I am just about to get a new phone, and i got this bill for 20 dollars from “flycell downloads” and i know that i didn’t do anything, and my mom might not let me get my new phone, so i’m really madd.

  217. Alex says:

    This is a huge scam, I never signed up once, but I keep getting $9.99 bills, and they don’t even send me anything.

  218. Jane Hodge says:

    I found out 2 days ago from Verizon that I had been charged $9.99 monthly since October 2007 for Flycell services I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT! I was given an address for company and a fax number, but no phone #! If there is a class action suit, please inform me. I wish to take this matter as far as I can to stop this company from stealing from unsuspecting people.

  219. Suzanne Armstrong says:

    I decided to go through my bill and was shocked to see a charge for $9.99 on my bill for flycell. Called them and they said they would credit two months worth exactly what I had been charged. Then found a $12.38 cent charge for going over my minutes. My past bills I had accumulated a lot of extra minutes and could not believe it. I complained and they immediately said they would credit it back and give me 700 free minutes and she was unbable to check and see how many extra minutes I had really had. Sound guilty to me…Just feel sorry for the people that are loosing their cars and/or houses and don’t have the time to study their bills or deal with any of this. Sad world and ATT is guilty!!!!! I believe. Byt who is surprised. Greed everywhere!!!

  220. Jane H. says:

    Update on previous comment: talked with Flycell – only willing to refund 3 months out of the 18 I was charged. I declined. I called my carrier Verizon – only willing to refund 2 months. I declined. Going to file a complaint with the FCC and will call the State Attorney’s office, as someone previously suggested. Please share any other useful information.

  221. Shelly says:

    I signed up to get some ‘extra credits’ on a facebook game under the impression it was a trial period. WRONG. I immideately got a text stating I would be charged $9.99 so I immediately (within minutes) sent a STOP message and received confirmation that I was unsubscribed. They STILL charged me the $9.99!! I just called FLYCELL and got someone named Larson Kelly who’s manager’s name is Alan Smith (such American names for people living in India and with Indian accents!) Anyway, I was informed that there is NO WAY I can get my money refunded it was my fault and there was nothing wither of the could/would do for me. I asked for a number to contact the company here in the US and was told there wasn’t one. Not a single office number he could provide me with. I am SO P.O.d!!
    The mailing address I received for Flycell was 120 Broadway
    15th Floor
    New York, NY 10271
    Perhaps if we all sent them a bunch of junk mail or other communication they would disappear (or at least start running a responsible, legitimate business!!!

  222. Shelly says:

    (212) 400-1212
    Have not yet been able to get to speak to someone but I am not going away quietly.

  223. Billy says:

    I tried calling about the service and after they told me theyll refund me… i got a text message that said “unsubscription fail”

    theres seriously some issues there…

    im gonna wait for the next bill just to be sure i got the refund and the ‘unsubscription’ was not a ‘fail’

  224. Kerie says:

    I also was charged 9.99 from flycell which I never purchased. So now how do I get a refund when they say I did. When I did not!!!

  225. Kerie says:

    And just so ppl know most cell companies have it so you can block sms messages so this won’t happen to any of you again. You can still have internet on your phone still do text messages. It just won’t except SMS messages which are these type of messages. I’m with verizon and I’m now blocked from receiving these or sending them. Good luck to all who have been scammed by these type of companies.

  226. INES DE LA RIVA says:

    When I got the phone I was experimenting on new ringtones, but I never complete de suscription since I do not have internet conection on my phone. The still bill me for the service I never receive and they never finish the transaction to cancell it either. Any sugestions?

  227. Bob says:

    Like the others, I took a quiz on Facebook and all of a sudden i got media messages and no idea who from til I checked my Cell bill tonight and there was Flycell. Will be contact AT&T monday morning..

  228. Michele says:

    These charges have just begun to appear on my bill. I contacted AT&T and they reversed the charges. When the rep stopped the charges my son immediately received at test message stating the unsubscription FAILED. This is a scam and AT&T is working to put filters in place for these low lifes who are too lazy to make an honest living and instead rip off people. LOSERS!!!! Just call AT&T and they will reverse your charges. I just hope these crooks can be stopped!





  231. Christian K says:

    Charged 19.99 ea month without me approving or accepting anything! Had NO idea I was being charged, and I never received any of their messages or alerts, so I had no clue until I took a closer look at my phone bill. This guys suck! But, I gotta hand it to them. Good way to make an extra buck. What ingenious scammers!

  232. Mohan Reddy says:

    Flycell is new model to con people. My Wife was taking an IQ test and she entered her phone number and we got billed 19.99 for flycell downloads.

  233. Scott McKenzie says:

    I received a charge for 19.99 for the month without me approving or accepting anything! Had NO idea I was being charged, and I never received any of their messages or alerts that I know of. I called AT&T and they were excellent. They took off the charge immediately and they cancelled the Flycell thief’s subscription.

  234. Scott McKenzie says:

    My carrier, AT&T was very responsive. The charge showed up without my consent and I don’t remember doing anything to gernerate it and AT&T was great they removed the charge from my account and cancelled the service

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    no quiero recibir mas mensajes 69999 que debo hacer ayuda por favor o tendre que tomar otras medidas

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    que puedo hacer para dejar de recibir mensajes 69999

  237. Cecelia says:

    I’m have a monthly charge from flycell that I did not authorize

  238. que puedo hacer para dejar de recibir mensajes 69999 says:

    Por favor que puedo hacer para dejar de recivir mensajes 69999 . por favor respuesta en español

  239. k post says:

    Got charged for no reason. Called them and they want me to fax them a copy of my phone purchase order for credit. I think not!!! This company is bunch of scammers.

  240. debra skinner says:

    My 12 year old signed up for this not knowing what it was for sure, I cancelled it the first month but still got charged a second month, even more charges in fact, I want my money back. This is crazy how you trick these kids that don’t know any better.

  241. Jesse M. says:

    Just realized I’ve been paying like 35 a month to these guys and some other company called Playphone. Fortunately my carrier (ATT) was responsive and put a block on it. I have a feeling it happened when I entered my cell # to recieve via text the results of this online quiz I took on facebook.

  242. Durik says:


  243. Durik says:

    I canceled my account 10 minutes after I was notified of “signing up”. I never use ANYTHING in this site and they said to me I’m still going to be charged. I’m so pissed.

  244. Phil A. says:

    I was charged $19.95 for an ‘activation fee’. I never ordered the service, and the customer rep was quite rude on the telephone whenI spoke with him. They said the service was ordered and cancelled on the same day. The day in question I remember quite clearly, since it was the day I graduated from college. The service was never ordered.

  245. Gabriela Curry says:

    I am so pissed off with your scam and decided to report your “so-called” company ! Other folks who complain ~ and I see you have many should do the same

  246. Heidi Patton says:

    charged 19.99 for something we never downloaded. How does AT&T allow this?

  247. Heidi Patton says:

    Billed for something we did not order!

  248. Brian says:

    How do I get in this business? Sounds like a money maker.

  249. Mica Zimmer says:

    My 14 year old son took the i.d. quiz and put in his cell phone number in to get his results. Guess what showed up on my bill?? A 19.99 charge. We immediately sent a text to 69999 to STOP. I just recently looked at my new statement and the charge is on there again. What else can I do to make this stop? I made my son pay for the first month, but cannot make him pay for any subsequent charges. UGH!

  250. David says:

    Just found out I’m paying 9.99 for some chat program. I agree with Brian, what a money maker.

  251. Hugh & Deloris Donahoo says:

    We received our cell phone bill yesterday, 6/3/09. We were wrongly charded $19.99 for something called flycell downloads. We have never downloaded anything like this. I called our carrier, AT&T and they informed me that it was from an outside source and they would credit my account but I had to go on and pay for the charges this month. That seems wrong to me when I had nothing to do with downloading anything. They have put a block on my phone so nothing can be purchased and that is fine with me. You have to watch your back these days no matter what you are trying to do in your life even talking on the phone.

  252. Hugh & Deloris Donahoo says:

    We were charged $19.99 on our AT&T cell phone yesterday and they will give us credit on somthing called flycell downloads, but we first have to pay the bill, which is a crock.

  253. Darlene says:

    It also started as a fake IQ test on Facebook and then I received the text messages saying that I’m now subscribed to their service for $19.99/month. I was also subscribed to another service called SendMeMobile for $9.99 without my consent. I text “STOP” back right away and receive a confirmation text back from both saying that it was canceled. Weeks later I checked my wireless bill and found out that I was still billed by both SendMe. Inc and Flycell. I just called FlyCell. They said that I did cancel it right away, but once I subscribed it they’d charge me for the first month subscription fee, which is $19.99. They wouldn’t give me a refund. The only best thing I could do is to cancel it. I’m very a careful person in this kind of thing so I did read through everything when I did the IQ test on Facebook. It didn’t say anything related to subscription to any service. It’s such a scam that they can just charge us by knowing our number. And they didn’t even tell you what you’re getting yourself into.

    I did get to speak to customer service in both case though. And I only hope that they’ll keep up to their words – just to cancel it and never bill me again. Just a tip if you want to call in for customer service: don’t call at regular business time. I called at 5am in the morning (which was when I found out that I was billed!). They picked up.

  254. Nick says:

    Yep, same story as the 250 posts before me. My fault for doing some stupid quiz on facebook, but I never agreed to the $19.99 charge that was on my bill the next month. AT&T was kind enough to take the charge off. Waited for 10 minutes on hold to talk to “Danny” like so many other people. Supposedly it’s cancelled and they’re blocked from doing anything else to my service. These people need to be shut down.

  255. edward owusu says:

    these people are just stolen my 5 euro weekly for nothing.

  256. xomgitzrachelx says:

    just block premuim messaging thats what i did and they havend done that 2 me =P

  257. rg2009 says:

    Similar story. Got a $19.99 charge from flycell downloads. I called AT&T and they were kind enough to take off the charge. They also blocked two other smaller charges from previous months.

  258. Fiona says:

    I have a “GO PHONE” from AT&T. i have NEVER EVER bought anything from Flycell at all and I got charged 19.99! I called AT&T and they kindly shut Flycell from my cell phone and gave me my money back.

  259. Erica says:

    I had a Flycell subscription on my bill that I never purchased for 19.99. Somehow they must have gotten my phone number. There was also a different email address on my AT&T account info when I called. I was wondering if that might have something to do with it. Anyway it is a pretty shady scam. I never did a quiz or anything, like some people have. The only thing that I ever give my phone number for is when I purchase items online at reputable websites. Anyway I called AT&T and they reversed the charges, no questions asked. If your cell phone company doesn’t do this, then it is time to switch. They put a purchase blocker on my phone so that I have to put a pin number in to buy anything on my phone.

  260. Tim says:

    My story is over 100 dollars worth of charges me and my wife found then researched where in the hells all these came from. Somehow Flycell got a hold of my cell # somewhere and decided to have a field day and now we have over 100 dollars thats right 100 dollars of charges on our bill for products we never downloaded or signed up for nor did i get any text messages from them, simply no warning other than the sticker-shock on our cellphone bill.

    These people are criminals that deserve a criminal act comitted against them. I am a disabled person with a fixed income and these people just literally took food off our table.

  261. Phil says:

    Had three charges on my bill that we had never subscribed to nor even heard of. ATT was AWESOME! Took it right off and blocked future charges. Hard to believe this stuff can go on without our telecom industry or fabulous bloated government taking charge considering how much we pay each of them.

  262. Dennis C. says:

    I was scammed on Facebook completing an “IQ Test”. As soon as I found out that I was being charged $19.99, I cancelled via text that same evening. I thought it was OK until I saw that charge on my ATT bill. I called Flycell and they said I did not qualify for a refund. I intend to persue this through every venue I can.

  263. Gary says:

    On Facebook’s IQ test, I had enter my phone number, then noticed that I was going to be charged so I closed out the window thinking I was safe. Well as soon as you enter your cell phone number they got you. This is the definition of “phishing,” because it doen’t matter what you do afterwards. I called ATT CS after I filed a complaint to the AG’s office. I asked them how do they plan to protect their customers from this and the customer support person was able to unsubscribe me from Flycell???? Flycell must own stock or the carriers get a share of Flycell’s charges. I plan on checking with some of my Facebook’s friends to see if they really took the IQ test or if Facebook and Flycell are committing fraud.

  264. Stephen Graham says:

    I just opened my bill and found a $19.99 that I never authorized. I have no idea how it got there. In reading the above entries, I see that I may have gotten the charge through Facebook doing the IQ test. Nobody ever said I was being charged anything. I intend to forward this to my Attorney General’s office to lodge a formal complaint. Put me down as a potential litigant.

  265. Brian says:

    Found out they have been ripping me off for $19.99 a month for the past 2 months. We never signed up for this service. We did call them but they said we were sent a text that had an option to subscribe or unsubscribe. They say we responded with subscribe. They say it’s canceled but we will see. Need to call AT&T next to see if they will reverse the charges.

  266. Khandi says:

    I just viewed my bill online and found on my statement that I had been charged for this flycell bullshit that I didn’t even use. I called to see if I could get my money back because I did send a text message telling them to STOP my subscription. I was charged for this service and I don’t think that its right that they will not refund my money. FLYCELL IS A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!!! I AM TOTALLY PISSED RIGHT NOW!!!

  267. Bobby says:

    I was told when i called them because i went through a sight to get one complimentary ringtone, and when i replied back with a confirmation number i got a text back saying i didn’t have any active subscriptions and when I talked to customer he(Gary) told me that i had to pay the 9.99 subscription charge, call them back and they’ll delete my number out of their system! A LOAD OF CROCK!

  268. Leigh says:

    This afternoon, I noticed two new charges on my monthly cell bill–one from Flycell for $19.99 and another for “Daily Horoscopes” (presumably from Flycell) for $9.99. I called AT&T to dispute these charges. They agreed to remove the charges, but told me they were doing it “as a courtesy” and then told me that I would “be responsible for the charges for the next one or two billing cycles until the service cancellation processes”. I asked how I could file a complaint as I have never seen, much less subscribed to, these services before. I was advised that AT&T Customer Service has no way of contacting the AT&T department that works with third-party vendors (despite that department billing through the Billing/Customer Service department). I told them that was absurd and that I would be investigating all of my options. To be told that the only way to address this sort of fraud is to catch it independently, ask to have it removed, and then *keep paying* the fraudulent charges until the removal “processes”…is appalling.

  269. Holly says:

    Tell your carrier to block all 3rd party charges. AT&T is doing this for us and gave us a password to use when it is a legit charge.

  270. melissa says:

    ok i just got thei free federally funded phone well it had no ring tones so i went looking to see what i could find any way the sent me some sorta pin number from a sight which i enterd.. mistake one come to find out it sayin its gonan charge me 19.99 a month.. texted stop to the number provided tried to call them from my house phone as the government only gives me a certain amount of minutes per month they would not accept the call so risking minutes i would need later i called waithed around 10 mins only for it to ring someone pick up and hang up!!! i got news for these ppl i will try again tomorrow and if they think they can get away with it on a federally funded phone i believe they will be mistaken and have a whole lot to answer for if i am charged.. i did nto download anythign or even register for their sight in any way heck i cant even log in to it

  271. Brandon Peter says:

    I just checked my ATT statement and saw that Flycell tried to charge me 19.99 for whatever they have. I never have and never will sign up for that crap they offer through texts. I’m not sure how they got my number but my guess would be someone on facebook put my number in, A–holes. Luckily the customer service rep at ATT removed the charges (which were actually $36 and change) no questions asked and blocked flycell from my account. However they said because its a 3rd party service they cant guarantee it wont happen again from someone else who tries this crap. If theres ever a lawsuit put me down as a potential litigant also. These people need to be thrown in jail.

  272. Lesley Morrison says:

    I accepted a challange for an IQ test on facebook. I was stupid enough to put in my cell # in order to get results or so I thought. The next thing I am in this flycell account and having a hard time comprehending how to get out. As always I had alot of other things going on in my life and had no time to stop and try and deal with it. To top it off I got a phone call very shortly after from a woman demanding to know who I was and how I was on this account. When I demanded to know who she was she would not tell me. No one and I repeat no one has ever called me on my cellphone and demanded personal information. I know it was related to flycell. I believe I still have to deal with my son-in-law on this matter since he is the one who recieves the bill on the friends and family plan. This whole thing makes me sick. It is a scam.

  273. Danny says:

    samething guys, spent 10 min. on phone w/ flycell just for them to tell me they can’t reverse charges.

  274. Rich from Greensboro says:

    A Charge of $19.99 showed up on my ATT bill from Flycell. I called ATT CS and they were able to remove the charge since I had no idea what it was. They also put a purchase block on my account so that I now need to type in a PIN to be able to make purchases. Thank you ATT! The CSR mentioned that this charge probably originated from a text message. She had seen this happen before from facebook. Facebook users BEWARE! Don’t ever type in your mobile number on a facebook app.

  275. Dave from KC says:

    I also found a charge for 19.99 on our ATT bill from Flycell. I asked my son, he had done some quiz on FB. After contacting ATT, they took the charges off and also gave us a PIN for future downloads.

  276. Brian says:

    I got charged 9.99, went online, emailed Flycell to stop yet they continued to bill. Good to know I’m not alone. I didn’t get a good explanation from T-Mobile as to why some third party can slam a charge on my phone without my authorization. The CSR said it was signed up for online, but I sure didn’t do it.

  277. Bob says:


  278. Bob says:

    Just called Verizon. They canceled the $9.95 and blocked the PREMIUM MESSAGES! Thanks VERIZON….

  279. Carla says:

    We were charged 19.99 for 4 months without knowing about the subscription. My husband never authorized the subscription from a Media Net connection. That browser doesn’t work half the time. At&T credited our bill for one month (19.99). (AT&T has a 30 day limitation for credits.) The Customer Service at FlyCell read from a script for 1 min. as to why he couldn’t credit me for unauthorized charges. He said there was a text message send to confirm this. Frustrating that we can’t go back and see there was a text message confirming a subscription. I think the wireless companies need to be responsible for these erroneous, illegal tactics.

  280. rochelle miller says:

    why did you charge me i did not download any service please put my money back on my phone!

  281. rochelle miller says:

    how long will i have to wait until my 19.99 is back on my phone!!

  282. Marcella says:

    tried to cancell and wont let me becuase it wont respond to my says sorry doesnt understand your request. Please try again. So Im on this site how do I stop them from sending me these jokes. So I will call them!

  283. Sandy says:

    I have received bills from them for the past two months. Got charges removed this week over the phone just to find out by email that the charges will be put back on next month’s bill. It’s really frustrating. Watch out for the games etc. on facebook because that’s where I think mine come from.

  284. Eric says:

    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in Flycell that they scammed me. I have a pay phone. I “signed up” for Free ringtones, and got charged $20 right off the bat! For a free ringtone! That was in June. Earlier last month, they sent me a text message wanting to bill me $3.99. I didn’t want their horrible service anymore, so I texted “STOP” to 69999. They sent me a conformation message saying I unsubscribed from Flycell. Later, they sent me ANOTHER text message saying they wanted to bill me. I didn’t reply because I had already unsubscribed to Flycell. Big mistake. They kept spam texting my phone and billing me until all my minutes were gone!
    I called customer service and spoke to a guy named Rohan. He said that they billed me incorrectly and they would send a check for $13.96. Even though that’s 1/2 the amount they owe me, it’s better then nothing.
    Today, I called Flycell again because they were still sending me messages, even though I couldn’t receive them because I had 0 minutes left. I talked to a guy named Mark, and he was helpful. He told me Flycell hasn’t sent me any messages, and that the check would arrive in the next month.
    The check better arrive, or I will be furious.

  285. christopher c. glorioso says:

    i signed up for free ringtones, but they charged me 5 to 10 euros each, and everytime, i reload my cellphone here in italy, .. I DID NOT recieve any ringtones, They do NOt Give instructions on how to unsubscribe here.. they charge me within minutes after reloading my cellphone. I am NOT able to call my family 6days a week, because my kind of work allows exit, only during sundays..,by that time, i have to call thru public payphones , it is useless to reload my cellphone, it only takes a few minutes before http://WWW.FLYCELL.IT makes the deduction from 5 to 10 euros..this has to stop.. I need to stay in contact with my family in the philippines one of them undergoes kidney dialysis and my 3 year old nephew has leukemia , i live far from home .. this unauthorized billing has to stop. it is affecting the lives of many in a very negative way.

  286. christopher c. glorioso says:

    in italy this is how they do it….. TO STOP… Il club Flycell e’ un servizio in abbonamento riservato ai maggiorenni per i clienti TIM, VODAFONE, WIND e 3. Ogni 7mana avrai a disposizione 10 crediti per scaricare fino ad un massimo di 10 contenuti a scelta fra suonerie, giochi e sfondi al costo di 5 euro/settimana (massimo due 2SMS/settimana) escluso il costo del traffico wap (dipende dal tuo piano tariffario) ed il costo di invio degli SMS alla numerazione 48244. X disattivare il servizio invia un SMS al 48244 con FLYCELL CLUB STOP. Il costo di invio degli SMS al numero 48244 e’: 12,4 centesimi per i clienti TIM, secondo piano tariffario per i clienti Vodafone, 12,4 centesimi per WIND (50 centesimi dall’estero), 12,4 centesimi per i clienti 3. Per maggiori informazioni sui servizi di Flycell contatta il nostro servizio clienti al numero 02.320.620.247 (dal lunedí alla domanica, dalle 9 alle 21) o accedi al nostro sito
    © 2008 Flycell. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

    Licenza SIAE N. 187/RT/1438

  287. Kiara says:

    Text Stop to any of the text messages they send you!! They should stop right then and there!

  288. Mogwai says:

    It was fool of me to type my phone number when the random website asked me in order to get the online quiz result. $19.99 was charged on my cell phone bill right after that:(

  289. Derek Saxon says:

    You have none of the songs I asked for. Please take me off your billing list.

  290. Beth says:

    Just got my bill and found a 19.99 charge on it. Apparantly my son was on facebook and took the quiz. This is ridiculous the way they prey on unsuspecting kids! Now I have to pay. I will be contacting my carrier. How can this company continue to exist with all these complaints?

  291. charles strickland says:

    i never athorized flycell please stop 7026729535
    thank you

  292. jimmy says:

    get text from flycell.didnot athorized.still ha ve 2 pay

  293. Kevin says:

    I don’t even know who they are, nor interested in whatever they offer, I am happy with whatever my iphone provided me. My phone bill shows flycell charge me $19.99 and some others $9.99 charge for something else, I called AT&T to complaint. AT&T refund on $30.00 back to my phone bill, hope there’s a way to put this guy out of business ..

  294. Rob says:

    I found two $21.59 charges, called AT&T they stopped the charge and refunded me the money. We have no idea how flycell got to our account.

  295. Matt says:

    Beware….took innocent looking on-line survey. Next thing you know $21.54 on my phone bill. There are some crafty crooks in this world.

  296. colleen says:


  297. Devin crandalll says:

    SCAM! I called them and said this should be illegal, I’m a powerful person, and I’m gonna SUE! And they gave me my money back.

  298. Darren says:

    Just got my Aug bill and there are 19.99 charges from Flycell – working with ATT to get refund, what a load of bunk!

  299. Chad says:

    These started showing up on my AT&T bill as well. Call your provider, contest that part of the bill, and refuse to pay it. Contact your state AG and the FCC if the provider won’t refund you and get them to cancel. The AT&T person has me on hold now and claims to be crediting me now. We’ll see.

  300. H from Chicago area says:

    If you are looking for the job on and potential “employer” contacts you do not click on the link they provide that asks you to do a job personality test.

    If you do test they ask you for your cell phone number to call you for the job and after you enter you number they TEXT you some PIN number and automatically against your agreement sign you up for $9.99 a month Club Pack FLYCELL.COM

    ” From: stevie conklin (
    Hi, I noticed your resume post on craigslist. We recently opened an
    office around the area and have a wide range of jobs available. You
    are able to choose which position you will like to fill along with
    your own hours. Positions need to be filled fast. We have a self
    evaluation test to help pick which position best suits you.

    Please take the test at to find out which
    position will be the best for you. Hope to talk to you”

    The instant text message after job survey from 699-99: ” XXXX is your PIN. Enter it on the webpage 2 get ur 25 DOWNLOADS then 10 credits/mo. Help? txt: help-Quit? txt: stop – TCs: Club Pack $9.99/mo std msg charges”

    Contact your cell company immediately and give them the entire information of how it happened so they block and cancel the subscription you never wanted right away. Do NOT text back, do not CALL Do NOT enter PIN number anywhere.

  301. Ronald says:

    It said Free download of ring tones, now I receive bills for $20 just because I received a text message! Tried to call back that did not want service, and said it was too late! As soon as I received the message the bill was processed. I have AT & T. tried to contact but no luck so far in cancelling the bill.

  302. hue says:

    I never subscribed to this service but I have been charged $9.99 for no reason!!! ringtone blablablabla…

  303. Dave says:

    My son took a quiz on, and it told him he needed to enter his cellphone number to get the result. $19.99 a month! Bastards.

  304. chad says:

    I want these texts o Stop! NOW! this is rediculess. any other company that sends u texts will stop after u text them back STOP… STOP!!!!! my mobile number is 506-432-0260

    Take me off ur list plz!

  305. marie sanchez says:

    dude im a senior in highschool and i have a virgin mobile pre-paid cell phone i put thirty dollars on it every monthi cant afford for some asshole flycell to take all that money off my phone in a matter of minutes. i submitted my number so that i can unlock something on a website it said it was free so i thought it be like any other and i could just text STOP but this was not the case it said i was subscribed to multiple packages i finally was able to opt out but not before they practically stole all ma money off my phone ugh my moms gonna be pisssed she has to wasted more money. but i just text the package name e.g STOP CLUB, or STOP SMSLOVE

  306. ernestina sanchez says:

    dude im a senior in highschool and i have a virgin mobile pre-paid cell phone i put thirty dollars on it every monthi cant afford for some asshole flycell to take all that money off my phone in a matter of minutes. i submitted my number so that i can unlock something on a website it said it was free so i thought it be like any other and i could just text STOP but this was not the case it said i was subscribed to multiple packages i finally was able to opt out but not before they practically stole all ma money off my phone ugh my moms gonna be pisssed she has to wasted more money.

  307. Joe says:

    I bought my underage daughter a new cell phone with internet access. By simply clicking on their website to check out their offer; my account has now been charged $19.99 a month. Someone needs to investigate these folks for how honest a business their running.

  308. Dennis Hamilton says:

    My complaint is the same as most of the 307 listed above. I didn’t subscribe to this scam. I have been billed $9.99 a month for three months before I caught it. ATT refunded those three months but this latest bill has flycell again! I texted STOP to their 69999 number and the auto text stated I didn’t have a subscription. Yet I was billed again. I will take it up with ATT again.

  309. Teresa says:

    I was taking an IQ test on the web. It ask for my cell # to send my results, then there a screen telling me Welcome to a 9.99 a month gaming plan. It was a trick to rob me. I called At&T to complain and cancel the transaction. SHAME there is a crook everywhere.

  310. Em says:

    Has anyone bothered to contact your attorney general’s office? I’ve been getting these text messages and no matter how much I’ve texted stop and such to them, it claims to be stopped, yet faithfully each month, 9.99 gets charged to my son’s cell phone.

  311. Em says:

    Alright, disregard my last comment, just call flycell and mention calling the attorney general’s office, and they’ll refund your money

  312. Alex says:

    Why doesnt anyone think of sueing this poor excuse for a company??? I’d rather do that then have to pay money for no fking reason. its a scam and you should just ignore every ad you see no matter what. >.>

  313. kathy breland says:

    I was billed from Verizon for a Premium Txt Messaging of 9.99 per month from this company. We never accepted a subscription from flycell. I called the opt out # 1-800-580-0017. I hope I have stopped this charge. This is not right.

  314. Brad says:

    Somehow I got this $20/month recurring charge added to my cell phone bill. I did not sign up or receive any ringtones or anything. AT&T promptly removed this charge and “service” from my account. I have no idea where this came from, but I know where they can go.

  315. Esteban says:

    Just noticed the new charge for $19.99 from these scammers. Called AT&T and they will remove the charge. Apparently they can only do this for 2 months so I was lucky to notice the charge early. AT&T recommended setting up a charge-free PIN# (parental control) to prevent future scams, which I did.

  316. pissed off hawaiian says:

    okay first things first my name is april from hawaii i took an IQ test on the internet, now you folks never stated that in order to get my score i need to pay for a monthly subscription of $19.99. i read the terms and conditions and it does not state that i have to pay for as soon as i open up the text now i want to know how i can get my money put back into my at&t cell phone

  317. Annoyed says:

    Got a charge for $19.99 last month plus $9.99 From “sendme auction alerts” Never authorize them. I was playing Farmville on Facebook that day but I never hit the submit button! AT&T is good. They removed all those fees.

  318. Taylor says:

    I hate this I accedently signed up for it with and this is wat i get!?! my moms pissed at me for using her phone number and now Im gonna be paying for it from now on!

  319. Cell Phone line is mixed up with flycell scam says:

    [...] zero authorization on my part. Google flycell, and you’re sure to find many sites such as This Onewith many people complaining about exactly [...]

  320. Rita Gorham says:

    Did not authorize anything to this site. Was stupid IQ test on MySpace or FaceBook. Pls did not authorize anything!

  321. Sandra says:

    I was just charged $9.99 for a subscription to fly cell alert on my child’s phone. My son said he did not request this subsciption. I told the flycell representative that I did not give him permission to request this service. He told me that my son told them he did have permission. I said I want proof. No proof was available. I told flycell that I trust my son’s word over theirs.

    The following is part of the terms of use for flycell. “You must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to use the Flycell Services. By providing information to Flycell through the account registration page for new customers or any other part of the Flycell Sites, you represent to Flycell that you are 13 years of age or older. If you are between 13 and 17, you represent that you received parental permission both to complete the registration process and to download content to your cell phone.” (

    This should be illegal. I did not give permission for this account but I am still be forced to pay for it.

  322. David Weidenbach says:

    I don’t know how I
    got his charge. There should be a law against this. I just received a new phone from wirefly
    .com Is this the same company who says there are no extra fees involved? 19.99 per month sure is not free when I did not ask for the service.

  323. Thomas says:

    I haven’t been receiving messages from flycell but have been charged $19.99 for its unused/authorized services.

  324. Sandeep says:

    I dont know how they charged me. all of a sudden i received some messages and i lost $19.99 from my account

  325. Patsy Ryan says:

    I just disovered the answer to the Free IQ Test I thought I was getting from Flycell….I’m a DUMMY. On/About 10/18/09 I responded to Flycell’s “free” popup come-on. When I received the text response with the transaction cost etc., I immediately cancelled my “subscription”. One month later (11/13/2009, I find out that I may have cancelled the “subscription” but I’m still charged for the full amount $19.99. Whatever happened to the consumer’s 3 day right of rescision on sales in the consumer’s home (my cellphone is my primary residential contact). Did I dream that up? You remember don’t you, the old vacuum cleaner and magazine sales scams…Well Flycell fits right there…Oh, I got the answer on the IQ quiz alright…not from them…but from the large screw inserted in my backside.

  326. J.R. says:

    That got me again this month for $19.99. I call every month the cancel this service. I never signed up for it in the first place. If this continues i may have to cancel all my Cell Phone service and sit up new phones.

  327. terry says:

    just contacted AT&T regarding 19.99 charge on my bill from Flycell. They said it is a subscription. they are crediting the charges and stopped the subscription for me.

  328. Patricia Campana says:

    Charges for 19.99 consistently show up under my husband’s usage on our AT&T bill. I’ve had it removed and credited 3 times. He has texted “STOP” to the messages as directed by AT&T representatives. They come back anyway. I can’t block these types of bogus subscription charges without paying $4.99/month to manage children’s wireless access (kids i don’t actually have).

  329. Lisa A. says:

    I had $30 of charges on my wireless bill. I never ordered any of this nor did I download anything. I don’t even know what they are. I will be filing a complaint with my carrier.

  330. Bill Barham says:

    I’m looking at my AT&T bill right now and have been charged $19.99 for something I don’t know about. Short code 69999, Type MT, from 11/05 to 12/04/99 and says subscription?? I don’t know what this is and am not going to pay it. I am going to file a complaint with AT&T, and will switch carriers if necessary.

  331. Esther Pinkerton says:

    Recently, I began receiving “service messages” in my Text message inbox from Flycell, so I looked them up. I’m not happy to discover that I could be facing charges up to $20 on my cell phone bill. I don’t know where this came from, or how they got my phone number, but I’m holding my breath waiting for my next cell phone bill to arrive. Hopefully, this can be handled amicably.

  332. Bob C says:

    They’re all associated with various online surveys. Where you get to the end of the survey/quiz (usually found as Test You IQ and other nonesense on networking sites like MySpace and Facebook) it asks you for you cell number to send your results too. If you read the fine print, you’ll also be signing up for the service which charges on average $9.99 per month. The companies associated are usually listed as SendMe, mQube and some others such as Flycell, as you mentioned. The best way to stop them is to make sure you read all fine print in the T&C for surveys and whatnot taken online. Then you don’t have to stop what you never started.

  333. MIchelle Fischer says:

    charged 9.99 to enter a contest to win movie tickets and said cancel would erase charges & did not. they billed me anyway

  334. Kelley says:

    I realized that I had been being charged for $9.99 a month for quite a while. I went to the flycell’s website and submitted STOP for anything that reflected the $9.99 charge. Nothing on the cell bill indicated which plan it was under. That was November 22nd. Today, December 8th, I receive another text offer from them. I called the customer service number listed on here and demanded that they cancel the subscription immediately. The man acknowledged that I had tried to stop the service on 11/22 but I the system didn’t recognize the plan the STOP was for. He then tried to tell me that while they could stop the subscription, they couldn’t refund the charges they set in motion yesterday. I pitched a fit! He then offered to send me a refund, which I expect to receive within 4 weeks or they will hear from me again!

    Thank you for this website! You helped me stop flycell from screwing me for another month! Kudos to you!

  335. Patricia says:

    I recommend contacting your cell phone company to take charges off your phone bill for unwanted and unknowingly purchasing Flycell charges. At&T was great about removing it 3 months in a row for me.I’m hoping it is the end of it!

  336. Anne says:

    I thought that I was downloading a couple of FREE ringtones on a phone that I recently purchased. Now I keep getting daily emails and am charged .20 for each one. I have tried to block them, but won’t know if it was successful until tomorrow. I am hoping that I don’t get charged the $9.99/month that others have been getting.

  337. Pamela Bailey says:

    I never authorized this company to bill me and never received one ringtone, wallpaper, aor any other services from this company yet they billed me for $3.99. I called my cell company and they refunded the money told me to text the word STOP to 69999 and I would no longer be billed. Well I did that and 2 hours later they billed my phone for $2.99. I again had to call my phone company, Virgin Mobile, and they again credited the money back to my account. I was told from there to call FLYCELL at 800-580-0017 and make sure that the account was canceled. I did so and told the rep that I NEVER signed up for this service in the 1st place and should have never been billed as I NEVER received one item from them. They basicly wanted to bill my account and make money off me without even providing any type of service to me. I informed the rep my next call tomorrow will be to the Better Business Bureau to report them. I am a single mother on a limited income due to this economy we all are living in and can’t afford to shell out even one extra penny especially for services that I never received! I hope this is the end of me being billed, but I will make the call to the BBB so hopefully no one else will have to deal with this!

  338. Sherilynn says:

    Email I sent to Flycell: Do not insult me with your manipulative verbiage, you will not receive one penny from me. The only thing you will receive is a huge litigation exposing how you scam people who take an IQ test and are prompted to submit their cell number as a means to receive the test results. Once you have their cell number you then send them a text message with a 4 digit code stating to enter this code and text it back to you for the sole purpose of obtaining the results from the lengthy IQ test taken. The results are NEVER PROVIDED!!! You then send another text stating that the code has now activated an account in which we are billed for and will continue being billed for if the individual is unaware of these deceptive terms, which in many cases they are oblivious, and this is how you scam people out of money!!!! I am one person that does NOT tolerate injustice, and scam artists that prey on innocent people at any expense just to make a buck, get a real job and stop using people as pawns for your own greed! This will not stop here, I shall pursue this not just for myself but for all of the other victims struggling to get by in the world who have been severely effected by your corrupt scheme to take what is not yours. You are no better than a thief, actually you are worse.
    I have had several meetings with the media to expose your scam, and unlike you I am not gaining anything financial by doing this, my goal is to dispose of so call “Companies” that strategically plan there attack to DEFRAUD people by luring them to a FREE item, survey, and of course the FREE IQ test with FREE results scam. With all that time spent on something so deviant why not find a real job instead of robbing innocent people, oh I guess that’s just not as enjoyable as sitting back watching money roll in from these “suckers” isn’t that what we are to you, suckers?? How empowering that must feel especially since it’s all your small uneducated brain can do in life, how sad, I’m glad I’m not you. Money vs People, it is quite obvious what your priorities are; money, money, money, oh and more money! Who cares about people as long as you can use them to make their money your money, ever heard of integrity, I doubt it.

  339. Alan says:

    Went to webist to search for local jobs.
    After filling out resume information (which includes cell phone number), you immediately receive a text stating you signed up for $9.99 per month on suitepack from
    I called flycell customer service at 800-580-0017 to remove these dishonest charges and they asked for MORE personal information. WTF??!! I called my carrier to remove these charges and inform them of the situation.

  340. Tomas says:

    Everyone who was scammed by this company do this:
    Call the 800 number as often as possible and waste the company’s resources costing them more money. Just keep the phone operator on as long as possible You can simply say ‘hold please, I need to look up my info.’
    This will cost flycell money. This may not be much, but whenever you have spare time, just call. If you are sufficiently upset at flycell, this is definately an outlet to fighting back.
    flycell’s help number: 1-800-580-0017

  341. Joel says:

    Gosh! They charged me $20. I had no idea what “Flycell” was until today when the owner of my AT&T account (yes, my parents) called me asking for me to pay it back!

  342. Lesley says:

    No such thing as a free lunch eh! Tried to get a free ring tone and subsequently I was constantly bombarded with spam and being charged for it! Tried many times to unsubscribe but all my attempts were ignored. Finally got hold of Vodafone who have blocked Flycell. Beware do NOT request anything from them they are bandits!

  343. Irene Kearney says:

    I wnat to unsubscribe to this web site. It was a total mistake by someone using my cell phone

  344. D Johnston says:

    Flycell is still doing this. How are they getting away with it? This is fraud, pure and simple. Is there no criminal law under which they can be charged?

  345. Tina Kopp says:

    I have had several charges by flycell and every month I contact them to stop the charge they tell that they will but yet the next month there is another charge on my bill how do i get this stopped

  346. Tracy says:

    I never subscribed to flycell, but yet I’m being charged $19.99 a month.

  347. Terri says:

    I never signed up or authorized any subscription yet I have recently found that I have been charged !

  348. Irene Kearney says:

    Pleaseeeee unscribe me from flycell. I have asked you to do this over & over & I am ready to report you to the Better Business Bureau. Someone else was using my cell & did subscribe. I am a widow & cannot afford this payment

  349. Cole says:

    I just got the Flycell subscription scam as well. Send a txt “STOP” to 69999. Then call cell service customer care for refund.

  350. Adriana Madrid says:

    I took and IQ test and right away when I realized I was going to get charged I sent a text 3 times saying to stop. I got charged anyway. This is called cramming and if I do not get resolution and a refund I will go to the fcc.

  351. Edith Barley says:

    tried 4 times to unsubscribe and had no success did not understand txt why

  352. D Johnston says:

    I have complained to the FCC. Please, everyone else, do the same. maybe they will take action against this company. The irony is that the CEO recently got an industry award for customer service.

  353. marcio reis says:

    o que voces estao fazendo e um roubo vou tomar providencia se nao conceguir cancelar o clube flicell ,ceu grupo e uma vergonha um absurdo total , ou voces cancelam ou vou no procon prestar queixa…….. atensiosamente um cliente totalmente insastifeito

  354. mark lyle says:

    My name is mark and I’m being charged for something that I did not agree to.this is what I call theft on your part because now I must pay extra on my phone bill.I will be seeking legal action upon this invasion of my phone bill.thank you

  355. Nacia says:

    I recieved a message from ’69999′ with a ‘laughoholic’ joke. I knew immediately I would be charged, because that’s how it always is. I assumed someone had accidently entered my number while signing up for their own subsription. I checked my balance, expecting to have maybe 2 or 3 dollars missing from my account, but found myself missing $15.09. I had just applied a 20 dollar card, and now I have $4,91. What a SCAM! I never even came in contact with this site before. I have no idea how they got my number.

  356. Kathy says:

    I never subscribed to this service either. I called my cell phone provider today and said they would take it off my bill and put a purchasing block so that this does not happen again.

  357. Kathy says:

    Hello everyone,

    My cell phone provider has updated my bill and the $19.99 amount has been taken off my bill. The purchasing block on my cell phone provider is now in effect. I hope this has helped.

  358. janet says:

    we just got charged 5.00 on each phone line in my family. i called my carrier and told them to block this scam!

  359. Humberto Oliveros says:

    FlyCell is fully operating in whole Mexico and several other countries. It turns out FlyCell has been charging me a few cents during the last 8 months, but they didn’t appear in the bills, quantities too small to notice, but 3 days ago they charged the equivalent of 80 US dollars!!!, complaints to the multinational carrier Telcel lead nowhere, complaints to the consumer protection agency from the government (PROFECO), lead nowhere too because of legal holes, i’m stuck, my only choice is full cancellation of the line AND changing to other carrier and phone number, since the scam is operating too in prepaid lines. Hundreds of people here are in the same situation. Check carefully your monthly bills, better yet, request from the carrier a printed full activity log. I’ll never any more buy anything from Telcel in any country. They rip off they customers.

  360. oscar says:

    all you have to do is call your provider and they will refund you the money and block third party conpanys

  361. Lynn says:

    FlyCell charged my daughter’s phone 9.99 for something that she didn’t do. They said that anyone could have went on-line and entered her number. They would have sent her a text and she was supposed to enter the pin code to get this stopped. She is not supposed to open messages from unknown sources so she would have automatically deleted this text. So, we were billed for this and they said that they will not refund us our money. They are the biggest rip-off company or thiefs that I have ever heard of.

  362. Victoria says:

    I went to check my phone bill with Verizon and found the bill to be $20.00 more than it should have been. So I called them only to be informed that I was charged for premium text messages on my 2nd line. I was furious. The told me which website it belonged to and that I couldn’t put a block on my line until I texted the 69999 with “stop” so I would no longer be charged. The funny part was is that the response said there was no active account. How can something be charged to your account Christmas eve and then by the time your bill comes wham be gone?? It has to be a scam. But now how do I get rid of the charges?? I don’t want to pay for charges I didn’t authorize.

  363. Ben says:

    I received a $19.99 charge on my cell bill with the notation of Flycell Downloads, 69999. No idea what it was for, but found this web site and started researching it. Called AT&T and informed them that I have no idea what I supposedly downloaded, but I didn’t agree to pay $20 for anything. They removed the charge and canceled the Flycell subscription that was attached to my account. Five minutes after I hung up with AT&T I received a text e-mail from “69999″ saying I had successfully opted out of Flycell’s ClubPack, my subscription was canceled, and I would not receive any further e-mails or charges from them.

  364. Heather says:

    I contacted Tmobile about this fraudulant charge. They told me to text “stop” to the flycell # and they are required to stop by law. If they do not, contact the FCC #888-225-5322.

  365. mike says:

    trying to get rid of this garbage

  366. Kirk says:

    Just got a $19.99 charge on my AT&T account for Flycell, I have absolutely no recollection of ever getting sending anything to sign up for any service. Called AT&T and they removed the charge and cancelled the service, then signed up for their mobile management site at:

  367. Gotthard Dillier says:

    This company during two years has charged me with a subscription that I never solicited. Now they denied returning this abuse. What can I do?

  368. debbie says:

    they send me a pin number and are gona charge me when i didnt get my report because i couldnt get into it

  369. kathy hobbs says:

    charge 29.99 to my at&t cell bill I never used their service

  370. kathy hobbs says:

    flycell charge 29.99 to me cell phone bill and I NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES

  371. emily says:

    I just found out today that i’ve been charged 9.99 a month by flycell since sept 11 2008!!!! WOW WTF???? I had no idea!!! I feel robbed! How many other people have been robbed by this company??? I will be contacting an attourney on this issue!!!! I lost 180 dollars on this scam that was run. There has to be a way to stop them. Any company that is half decent would have a way to recognise an inactive account after a few months or so then shut it down. All i have to say is what goes around comes around. They’ll get theirs.

  372. Mathews says:

    DONT DOWNLOAD. They automatically charge you $9.99 and send you trash text messages. Don’t offer refunds….

  373. bARBARA says:


  374. Ranjan says:

    I was also getting the jokes though I never subscribed for it. I replied with the message ‘STOP’, and a reply came that i am unsubscribed. I seriously believe that this is an illegal way of extracting money and action should be taken against it.

  375. Karen says:

    I have been getting stupid jokes sent to my cell phone for over a month I’ve text the word “stop” I’ve text the phrase “stop joke” and still they keep arriving. I have never subscribed to this & they won’t stop. HELP!!!

  376. Thomas Vuolo says:

    I never subscribed to this service but was charged $9.99 by my verizon carrier. Thank you for your information. I have since cancelled this account with Customer Service with the telephone number you provided. They told me that someone on my cell phone subscribed to them and that I had to access a pin number. That’s a bunch of bull! I am the only one who uses my cell phone.

  377. Caitriona Reed says:

    Verizon – and presumably other services – will block all such emails if you request it

  378. laquitta says:

    I had att for 18 months and found a 19.99 charge on my oct. and Dec bill i never subscribe to and lost my cell because of my refusal to pay it.

  379. howard case says:

    i went to download songs but they didnt give me any songs they just send dumb jokes and it cost me 9.99 i told them i didnt want that they sent them any way and charge me i called 3 times and told them to take it off of my phone.

  380. howard case says:

    i went to download songs but they didnt give me any songs they just send dumb jokes and it cost me 9.99 i told them i didnt want that they sent them any way and charge me i called 3 times and told them to take it off of my phone.these poeple need to stop scamming

  381. linda says:

    I have verizon and found a 9.99 charge on my bill. I was also told that I had used a pin number to authorize from my phone. Not true. I am the only one who uses my phone too. Won’t refund and won’t let you speak to supervisor who is conveniently not available. Had verizon block but not sure if any charges made it through before block.

  382. Adrian Batterman says:

    I just now descovered a $9.99 bill on my Verizon bill I did not authorize. It was billed to me by a company called = Flycell. I just spent hours trying to find a number to call this Flycell. It is obvious they do not want anyone calling them. I want to publish this number in case anyone else needs it. the number to Flycell is = 800-580-0017 . I did contact them and was told they have been billing me since Feb. 13 2008. that is 25 months at a total of $249.75. I was told I could only get refunded for the last 3 months and they would send me a check in the mail. These people need to be STOPPED. I can see that there are hundereds of people that have signed up on this.

  383. Gearldinecassels says:

    I do not want this laughaholics do not call me again STOP

  384. Steve Mantel says:

    Look i am getting tired of telling you that i did not order anything from laughaholics and if it dont stop i am calling my lawyer.

  385. Diane HAll says:

    After seeing the charge on my bill I contacted stop getting these charges you have to txt the word cancel to the number 69999. Once you do that call your cell phone provider and request that this application be blocked from your account.

  386. Becky says:

    I txt’d them back, “stop” less than a minute after getting the confirmation, and was still charged. I hate scams, though it is partially my fault–I gave them my number. On the other hand I didn’t use their service and they can’t charge me. You can get a refund. Though, you have to be rude, keep insisting on a refund, and keep cutting the person you are talking to off. The woman I spoke with said she was a supervisor, and her supervisor happened to be in a meeting. I think the line that got me the refund was, “I’m sure there are other people you’ve done this to, and I bet there could be a class action law suit.” You can also have their type of txt blocked from your phone by your carrier.

  387. CARLA says:

    I was online one day and it asked if I wanted a free ringtone for my cell phone and to type the number, but instead I got charged 9.99 for a subscription to them and have been receiving text messages everyday from them. I just called and cancelled, but they would not remove the 9.99 charge that I already received they wanted to know if I wanted to use the accumulations that I already received before they cancel my subscription, I told her no, because I did not ask for a subscription

  388. Lauren says:

    i am only 13 and my mom got my cell phone bill and there is a random charge for 19.99 from “Fly cell” and i never bough or subscribed for anything, now they are saying i accepted their terms and subscribed, which i didn’t, and now they are refused to credit us. this is ridiculous honestly!

  389. Jim says:

    This just showed up on our bill. We did not subscribe! “Flycell: Chat – Flycell 18005800017 -03/03 $9.99″

  390. Jeff Martin says:

    I just noticed this on my bill. Flycell says we signed up in Nov of 2007, but they said they only billed us 16 times. That’s $160.

  391. Catherine Blandford says:

    Took an IQ Quiz and had to give my cellphone number to get quiz results texted to me. I normally do not get texts except for emergency notifications so when the laugaholics started sending daily texts I was annoyed and started googling 3/23/10 them to find out how to stop since I do not know how to send a text. I have notified Verizon and Flycell that I will not be paying this charge

  392. Catherine Blandford says:

    Took an IQ Quiz and had to give my cellphone number to get quiz results texted to me. I normally do not get texts except for emergency notifications so when the laugaholics started sending daily texts I was annoyed and started googling 3/23/10 them to find out how to stop since I do not know how to send a text. I have notified Verizon and Flycell that I will not be paying this charge

  393. Wallace Goulet says:

    We have been charged 9.99 since November 2008 for a service no one in our family subscribed to use. Bills have just rolled in since as part of larger package. Need this stopped and refunded.

  394. Craig Lohner says:

    I actually have a life and don’t waste time with texting and cell phones, and have never given my number or texted anything to Flycell, but now get their texts. No problem with Verizon blocking the texts or giving me credit if I am billed.

    Flycell’s address is: Flycell Inc. 120 Broadway, 15th Floor NY,NY 10271

    With all the crap we are flooded with, maybe someone needs to go Postal on the scammers that contintually bombard us with garbage in this country!

  395. david baird says:

    Just got scammed by flycell and Verizon says it won’t give me the money back. I had Alltel before this and never had these issues. Switched ti Verizon and its been a pain ever since. These charges should be reimbursed by Verizon, I bet then they wouldn’t allow this kind of crap.

  396. catie says:

    I have been scammed by flycell as well.
    They signed me up for “Laughaholics” and sent me a bunch of stupid messages, some of which were SEXIST.
    Why not group up and try to sue them? There’s LOADS of people who are completely pissed about this. I’ve been researching them all over the internet and they’ve screwed loads of people. With enough people we could definitely sue them. And a jury would more than likely agree that these have all been complete scams. E-mail me at especially if you know anything about court. I’ve been to small claims court before….

  397. robert larson says:

    i dont know what or how the hell they got my number but they call every day and i dont appreciate it.I WANT THE CRAP TO STOP, HAVE HAD VERIZON FOR YEARS, IF THEY DONT STOP CALLS I WILL STOP MY SERVICE WITH THEM—–I AM NOT GONNA PAY FOR THIS CRAP,,,,,

  398. james feuz says:

    hi all if you are getting these scam text messages from flycell, laughaholies. i found out the customer service phone # its 1-800-580-0017 i called and they put a stop to these scam call away and give them hell.

  399. Denise says:

    i an bein charged 9.99 a monthfor somthing dont know how they got my cell number but i want this off

  400. Lori begley says:

    i have never authorized this to my cell phone and they are charging me and the are not even in our county

  401. JLN says:

    My husband was filling out information on a job board and a pop up came up to have ‘alerts’ sent to his cell. He thought it would be job alerts and instead it was Flycell daily text messages. We texted STOP as a reply and it did stop. However our cell phone bill was still charged 9.99 for the service that we did not want. Our cell company put a block to all Premium 3rd party subscriptions on all our family plan phones. So call your cell company and see what they can do to help you out.

  402. Donald Dean says:

    cancel my subscription with Flycell. Phone is 214-662-0716 and my carrie is Boost Moble.

  403. mondino says:


  404. Miko Radcliffe says:

    My daughter started getting this subscription charge on her phone line as soon as we switched over to a verizon account. Verizon won’t take the charge off the bill. I called the phone number listed on this website and spoke to a customer service rep. He canceled the subscription for me, which he says would continue on indefinitely without a “stop” text message from the phone being charged. My daughter’s phone was charged twice without my knowledge. The customer service rep would not refund any charges, says my daughter misrepresented herself as an 18 year old to sign up. She has no idea how this happened.

  405. Broderick Cork says:

    I really dont know how they get away with this mess! i was looking for a jod and got suckerd into this crap thinking i was going to get sent job alerts! not this flycell bs!

  406. Broderick Cork says:

    I really dont know how they get away with this mess! I was looking for a job and got suckerd into this crap! Thinking i was going to get sent job alerts! Not this flycell bs!

  407. harry janvrin says:

    i did not subscribe and dont want how do i stop?

  408. chris says:

    this is bs

  409. Heather Wallinovich says:

    I opened a text and the charges started this goes back at least a year that I can tell so far. I am so upset. How can this be legal?? I didn’t even know what it was for. Verizon told me that one of the monthly charges was for a “wallpaper” My kids are the only wallpaper I have EVER had. Crazy

  410. Terry Dennis says:

    Did not authorize any thing from them I have a prepaid phone ans still dont have the music dont know how to contact them. Will be calling Verizon 2 stop ant music or further will change no. Really pissed off about being ripped off.

  411. Charlene T. says:

    Just found a $19.99 charge on my son’s phone from Flycell. I did not authorize this and called 1-800-580-0017 and talked to Robin Ross. He told me that he would refund my money in about 3 to 4 weeks…I guess we will have to wait and see. This should be against the law for unauthorized chargers. Please no one fall for this scam.

  412. Florin L says:

    Took a IQ test online and asked me to put in a pin # received via cell phone in order to see the score. I never received the score but a subscription to scam. If my IQ was lower to put that pin in, they cannot play innocent of not sending the score back to me. less than 24 hours I called them, I got a confirmation # for canceling the subscription, but I was told that the charge will not be refunded. They said that nobody is able to stop them making charges to low IQ people who trust a website giving them the result of their stupidity. Also. to cancel any scam service like this you can call 1-800-235-7105. This is an umbrella company providing sport and customer service for flycell and all like them.

  413. Tahsira says:

    I took one of those tests online and i put in my number like an idiot and now they wont stop txting me its annoying and i hate it so much!!

  414. Kathy says:

    I took a quiz online and they asked for my cell phone # and now I’m getting these text messages all the time which I DON’T WANT AND NEVER DID!! I want this texting cancelled now

  415. Rich Bund says:

    received a subscription charge on my AT&T bill for $19.99 for a service that I never authorized. I have never downloaded any file(s) or subscribed to any service from this company, ever. I called AT&T and they removed the charge and refunded the $19.99…

  416. Amy says:

    I just found a $19.99 subscription on my AT&T bill, never subscribed to anything. Sent a “STOP” text the the number on the bill it said to. Guessing there will be a charge next month also b/c the next billing date was 5 days ago and I just received the bill today. So that is nearly $40 I did NOT authorize! I will be calling AT&T tomorrow in the hopes of getting a refund!

  417. Tony says:

    I tried to do a job search thru and after entering my cell number started getting messages which I later found out was related to I never subscribed or downloaded anything from that site (never heard of it before).

  418. robin sahbazz says:

    i keep getting these text that i did not ask for please stop sending i was filling out jobs not these jokes

  419. Tony says:

    I called 1-800-580-0017 to cancel the service I never asked for. Also they promised to mail me a check in 4 to 6 weeks for a refund.

  420. Josh says:

    I let someone use my phone. The person they called must have used my number for an IQ test on Facebook. Beware of who you let use your phone.

  421. sydney says:

    Got this fly cell charge on my sprint phone for 19.99 and dont know for what and how in the hell do I get it off

  422. Ken Cadwell says:

    This months bill had charges for $9.99/mo. for a service I did not order, plus a joke a day at $1.00 that I did not order. Verizon cannot stop it other than to tell me to go to FLYCELL.COM. The jokes are charged when received not viewed. Where is the FCC on this issue? Don’t we pay taxes for their actions?

  423. brandon says:

    flycell just charged my pre paid phone 21.99 for some kind of charge i did not agree minute trying to find a job next minute this website is stealing my money without consent.i would like my money back asap.thank you and do the right thing

  424. Nelle Pelekai says:

    I been getting all kinds of stuff on my phone like the laughaholic jokes and stuff and I want it to stop already…

  425. Lynne Coker says:

    I too have been ripped off. My daughter took the online quiz and that’s how they hooked me. I called Verizon who gave me the codes to stop it. I also called the 800 number. She “signed up” April 11 and I called May 12 and cancelled. Guess what was on my bill the next month? That’s right! Another $9.99. So another call to the 800 number. “Gary” refused to listen. These people are so busy reading from a script they can’t understand a legitimate complaint. I ended the conversation by telling “Gary” that if one more charge showed up on my phone bill, I would search all four corners of the earth as well as every cave until I found him and I would get $9.99 worth of satisfaction from him. So I called back and got “Serena” and asked immediately to speak to her supervisor. She identified him as “Alan Smith” (yeah, right) and told me he was in a meeting. I told her I would hold but she kept insisting I give her my cell number which I wasn’t about to do. I told her I wanted to speak to someone who would listen and rectify the situation, not someone reading from a script. Basically, she ended the call because I wouldn’t conform to their policy. I will be calling every so often to speak with Mr. Smith. I think we all should.

  426. Joseph Griggs says:

    Just charged $50 on my Sprint bill, apparently because I opened an e-mail they sent me. I received no services, nothing. I do not know why these carriers allow them to send these.

  427. Joseph Griggs says:

    Pardon me, a text, not an e-mail.

  428. David Roodman says:

    Flycell is sending Laughaholics messages to my son’s phone without our permission and running up our phone bill.

  429. Diane Nieves says:

    My husband made the mistaken of ordering a “RingTone” and was automatically signed up for this rediculous service. It’s taken me 4 mos to get rid of them. Thanks for posting this information. I was able to get a rep to remove the svc and send me a check for the $9.99. We’ll see what happens when I cash the CHECK??

  430. Kektk says:

    To stop the text messages, the best idea is to call up your cell phone provider and have them block both “69999″ and “24444″ from either calling or texting you.

  431. Taylor says:

    I just called to cancel for my 19.99 charge and the man I spoke to was actually quite helpful. He quickly refunded my money once he heard my complaint and looked up my supposed account. I was surprised with how quickly I got the issue resolved. They are sending a check but thats better than nothing in my book.

  432. Bob G says:

    Charged through my Sprint bill $19.99 for Flycell : Chat – Flycell. Called Sprint, thay will block all 3rd party charges from now on. Called Flycell, they are sending me a refund check in 2 to 3 weeks.

  433. Jennie says:

    i’ve been charged for $19.99 and i don’t even know what is flycell chat

  434. Jennie says:

    To Joseph Griggs
    I’ve been charged also $ 19.99 n my sprint bill and i just spoke to sprint and the $19.99 have been removed.U should call sprint.

  435. Florin L says:

    This is the phone number for flycell corporate office: 1-212-400-1212 ext 415. Don’t deal with Customer Service located in India. They rejected my request to speak with a supervisor and did not refunded the unwanted and not requested charge.

  436. Joseph Griggs says:

    Thank you, Jennie. I called them and they removed the charges (I hope).

  437. Ruth A Crowther says:


  438. everett says:


  439. sylvia says:

    i just want to end this tex from 699-99flycell it is charging me 29.99 a month try tell them to stop the tx it said atm systrm does not understand vist sit but dont tell u how to end it

  440. Michel says:

    I don’t know if I will be charged yet as I texted “Stop” to them like they said, but I was attracted to something about “what I’ll look like when I’m older” and I may be charged $19.99 from them soon, even though I didn’t authorize a payment.

  441. richard clements says:

    I did not subscrib to 69999 want me off there list imeadeately I shouldn’t be charged for something I did not ask for thank you

  442. Joni Coplin says:

    take me off list, i better not be charged for anything thought you were a valid company, not

  443. doug says:

    never heard of, used or received anything from flycell, but have a charge on my new bill for 19.99. WTF????

  444. Tony says:

    I got my refund (see posts 417 and 419). So call the 1-800-580-0017 number to cancel and get your refund. It took 4 weeks for the refund check.

  445. Sophia says:

    I have been charged 20-30euros for the last 4 months im only 12 and now my dad is thinking about getting rid off my phone ( IPhone ) I rly dont want 2 lose my phone I love it so much!!! Itz driving me mad the bills have been causing family problems!! Please Please tell me how to stop this!!!!

  446. Sophia says:

    My mum has just came up with an idea witch i am going to go forward with i am going to change my nomber

  447. jay andre says:

    SCAM SCAM SCAM i’m calling verizon immediately i don’t know how they got my number. i noticed 9.99 charge on a bill then followed up with this month and again 9.99 I’M NOT GOING TO REST UNTIL I GET MY MONEY BACK. I WISH I COULD GET MY HANDS AROUND SOMEBODY’S THROAT FOR RIPPING ME OFF

  448. lauren says:

    they send me jokes and it is wasteing my money & minutes

  449. Sandra says:

    I don’t know what happened but all of sudden I am getting text messages galore. Had to go to Verizon to find out how to stop it as I don’t have texting. they did, yet I received more. Then i sent Stop and it did, but not until I was bill almost $50. Verizon cancelled $20 of it but said I had to go to FlyCell to get them to deduct the other @27.77. I am NOT going to pay this, what a scam this is. I want my money back!!!!! Verizon should not allow this system on there service, so I blame both. And I don’t even know how this happened!!!!!!

  450. Tracy says:

    These people are a joke! Their customer service is terrible. I thought that receiving the text message was considered receiving or downloading the song. apparently not! I canceled my subscription and then opened my messages. Now they are trying to charge me an extra 2.99 per ringtone on top of the 9.99! The 2 customer service reps I talked to refused to transfer me to a supervisor and I finally had to email someone to see if they will even try to work with me. But I doubt that they are stand-up enough to do that. From now on, I will only use Verizon’s website for ringtones!

  451. dave says:

    do not even mess with flycell find another sight you will get riped off dont put down your phone number will cost you 20

  452. Elise says:

    My sister and I share a cell phone account. I generally pay the bill in full and my sister gives me her share of the bill. Two months ago, she said that she received a text messdage from a friend. Afterwards, she noticed that she had been signed up for Flycell without her knowledge or permission. She also said that she sent a text to cancel the service. Believing that it was cancelled, she didn’t think much about it. However, when I went to pay the bill, her line had been charged $19.99 for the service and $9.99 for one of their other features. We paid that bill and went on believing that the service was cancelled. Well, when I went to pay the August bill, there was, yet, another charge from Flycell. I spoke to my sister about it and she confirmed that she had, indeed, cancelled the service. I decided to look and see if I could find their website. When I did, there was a 1-800 contact telephone number. When I called, at first, they make you believe that you can only talk to them if you are calling from the cell phone in question. But, if you hold on, eventually, you can be connected to a customer service representative. When I spoke to the representative, I was very firm in describing the situation and told him that I wanted the service disconnected. He agreed to cancel the service and send me a refund check for the last charge. He said that I would receive a check in the mail in 3 to 4 weekw (that remains to be seen). But, to ensure that they could no longer charge our account, I called Sprint and had customer service place a block on any further charges from Flycell. Sprint also cancelled Flycell from their end as well. So, we shall see. . . .

  453. Kristan says:

    So i was signing up for And this pop up came up that said “flycell” so i clicked off. And that’s all i did. Then, next month i got my bill. I said i owe 19.99 for flycell!!! So, i just now texted stop. This better work!!!

  454. Rob says:

    I Just got off the phone with AT&T customer service. They were very helpfull and removed and blocked any future charges from these two companies or any future 3rd party companies.
    They refunded the FLYcell($19.99) and another company Ring and Rock($9.99) that popped up the same day.($59.96) They also blocked 3rd party billing and the 3 phones I have now have “Purchase Block” A Pin number is required to turn the feature off/on via the phone or threw your account login online. None of the 3 phones can purchase anything for the phone from anyone including the at&t website unless the Purchase blocker is unlocked first. It will need to be turned on after a purchase. The phone never recieved a text message from either company..

  455. Tamara says:

    My husband’s pre-paid phone was charged $19.99 from flycell. AT&T refused the refund because “he had too many refunds this months,” which is absolute bull because he has not had any refunds for months. We’d like our money back.

  456. Mis says:

    I noticed that my cell bill seemed WAY more than what it should be. Somehow flycell got my phone number and have been repeatedly charging $19.99 per month. I called At&T…THEY WERE AWESOME!!!

    If you want it to be removed, just call. They refunded my money for the past 6 months AND put a block on the account from any unauthorized charges and sign ups….I must say that I am a VERY happy At& T customer!!!!!!

  457. Mis says:

    forgot to add………….

    as a past Customer Service Rep…you will ALWAYS get better service (refunds, etc) if you’re nice to them, because it’s not their fault it happened….they are there to help you! ~

  458. Asiful says:

    i got a messange that pin 4952 its say’s that enter for your iq score & mobile downloads and then its say’s that19.99 mo unlimited credits msg, data rates may apply i don’t know what to do i am 16 years old

  459. Jerri Andrews says:

    I never subscribed to flycell. I got charged $9.99 + Tax taken directly out of my Virgin Mobile balance. This caused me to lose service as I was unaware that they had done this. Called their 1-800 number and got a guy in Pakistan that could barely speak English. He tried to convince me that I had to have subscribed and replied to a text message sent to my phone in order for me to be charged. I told him that did not happen and demanded my money back. He said that would not happen and that I should just go and utilize the service. I had to threaten them with legal action before he offered to send me a refund check. Not a credit back to the account that they took my money out of, NO! A freaking check that he said I won’t get for 3-4 weeks. I’m still waiting for the check.

  460. Laura says:

    I have been charged $19.99 by flycell for the last 10 months on my cell phone and i dont get any texts from them so that i would have noticed something not right…shame on me for not paying closer attn to my phone bill but still..i havent even seen anything they offer that’s 19.99 a month and i sure as hell didnt sign up for anything. AT&T will only refund this past month’s charge too, which sucks. bad enough that my husband’s unemployed and we’re on a shoe string budget, now some strange company sneaks in an outrageous charge for phantom services? wth?

  461. Ross says:

    AT&T just refunded all the scammed money from these guys and blocked 4 of my phones. Great customer service!!

  462. Tiffany harris says:

    I wanted ringtones not retarted jokes that cost 6.99

  463. Tiffany harris says:

    I ordered ringtones not retarted jokes that arent even funny from laughaholics *69999 please cancel

  464. Anecia Lee says:

    I have been charged 19.99 on my sprint bill and never have used this service… I didn’t even know what it was. I never heard of it until I was charged.

  465. Sherri C says:

    How do they get to charge me for this – did they send me a SPAM text that was opened and with that it was automatically charged! What a rip off!!!

  466. Kimberlie Smith says:

    I don’t know how these people can simply hijack a service. There was no meeting of the minds, hence no contract. I did not receive jokes or wallpapers-nothing and I did not ask for anything.

  467. BarryW says:

    A charge of 19.99 on my ATT bill. I have never heard of flycell. This type of ripoff hurts us ALL in the long run. I would write my congressman/woman but they are probably getting contributions for campaigning. Go figure.

  468. Lauri Woldt says:

    I received my AT&T cell phone bill yesterday and there was a charge on 8/7/2010 for $19.99 from Flycell that I never authorized. I called AT&T and they reversed it, as well as a second charge that they could see charged on 9/7, that will show up on my next bill. I’ve now added a purchase blocker to my cell phone account, so that this cannot happen again. I have to enter a secret pin number before anyone can charge anything to my cell phone. I recommend everyone check with their cell carriers. How can companies like Flycell get away with this? Isn’t it illegal?

  469. Ashli says:

    I received my Sprint cell phone bill 9-14-2010 and there was a charge for $19.99 from Flycell that I never authorized or used. I will be calling Spring tomorrow to get this taken care of. I hope everyone is reading their cell phone bills line by line. It’s ridiculous how companies are able to do this!!

  470. Kenneth Lazier says:

    I did not subscribe to this service .Please Cancel

  471. Victor Jones says:

    I called these people to have them stop sending messages to my phone and was told I subscribed to them, garbage. All I am asking is that they stop sending this mess to me, but finding it hard to stop.

  472. Barbara Schwermann says:

    never heard of this “club” – beeing charged by mobile for sirvice I did not required. is thwer some legal action been taken to stopp this peaple???

  473. Theresa says:

    Did not subscribe to Flycell. They said it was subscribed through the internet. I never subscribe to garbage like this. They said they would cancel it for me and re-imburse me last month’s fee. Yeah right, I’ll believe it when I see it. Try and call this #.

  474. Theresa says:

    Sorry, forgot to give the phone # I called. Good luck 1-800-580-0017

  475. Steve Bishop says:

    I never ordered this service.When I told the Indian guy who answered the phone this he said i did and even gave me a date i supposedly subscribed and I would not be eligible for a refund.this is a total scam.I never subscribed to this service.Not only did they not give me a refund they continued to bill me $9.99 per month even after i called and tried to stop it.I sent STOP to the number they supplied and they texts stopped but the charge did not.

  476. Stephanie says:

    I purchased a cell phone for my daughter through AT&T on August 23 of this year. She received her first text from “flycell” on Sept. 6 and then another on Sept. 13. I called the 800 number and they said she subscribed to one of their packages on Aug. 14. That is impossible considering the phone was not purchased until Aug. 23. I am highly peeved and will contact my service provider first thing Monday morning. For those of you that are having trouble canceling try texting either “SMSLOVE” or “UNLIM”. Must be in uppercase.

  477. Shanna says:

    I started recieving a 19.99 charge on my Sprint Bill last month from flycell which I had no idea what that was. After some research, I think that when I accessed one of the Trivia “win a trip back stage” things at a concert this summer they begin charging my phone for this service. Sprint was nice enough to reverse the charges and block the service. It is rediculous the scams people can get away with now.

  478. Jeffrey says:

    I was just looking for employment and reached an avenue that said to continue enter phone number. Next thing I know I am being charged 9.99 from flycell. I’m on a minute phone and it took all my time. Then the next day they tried to do it again but there wasn’t enough money on the phone. It looks like this company has found ways to rip people off for years and they need to be made an example out of to help scare other scam artists. Noby does anything over 10 or 20 dollars and the company gets away with it. Its time everyone gets paid back with interest!!

  479. Jeffrey says:

    I was just looking for employment and reached an avenue that said to continue enter phone number. Next thing I know I am being charged 9.99 from flycell. I’m on a minute phone and it took all my time. Then the next day they tried to do it again but there wasn’t enough money on the phone. It looks like this company has found ways to rip people off for years and they need to be made an example out of to help scare other scam artists. Noby does anything over 10 or 20 dollars and the company gets away with it. Its time everyone gets paid back with interest!!

  480. Sharon Kidd says: poses as a valid Verizon site and takes money for NOTHING refusing to give it backi. I need to find out how to file a class action suit against them. There are enough people her to do it.

  481. charles martin says:

    I was searching for a job. I stop the search due this pop up that stated I would be charged 9.99 I did not agree to be charged

  482. marilyn says:

    i was charched for services that i havent used or subscribe to i want it to stop and refund my money you charched to me back to my number. stop sending me those stupid jokes too. theyre not funny

  483. anissa says:

    I have been being charged 9.99 a month for 18 months without ever signing up and didn’t even know until a customer support person from my wireless provider
    pointed it out to me! They are robbing people of there money and getting away with it!

  484. Kristal Castellano says:

    I just checked my cell bill because it was higher than usual. On 9/13/2010 I was charged 19.99 plus 1.47 in tax for a total of $21.46! I never authorized this. i texted STOP to 69999, I hope this will stop it or I will have to call AT&T, the FCC or the Better Business bureau for my state to get this resolved. Consumer predators BEWARE, we are checking…recessions make us observe more closely!

  485. Samueletta Humphrey says:

    I just found out yesterday that i had been charged 2 months for this service. I have never heard of this service. Had I not viewed my entire bill online, something I never do because just look at summary, I would never have known I had it. I do much online job hunting, and AT&T said they probably got me that way. This is terrible. Folks are being laid off everywhere because our jobs are being outsourced. We are struggling to make ends meet, and cyber thieves are robbing us blind.

  486. Angelo Brice says:

    STOP sending text to phone

  487. linda davidson says:

    I don’t want this service. I have tried following the texts that you have sent me, and i don’t understand them or they don’t work. please stop this subscription. I don’t understand how I got it, or do I want it. stop this

  488. phillip says:

    stop2end help4help

  489. Anna Maria says:

    anch’io ricevo sms da flycell ma ignoro come cio’ abbia avuto inizio. La scocciatura e’ grande, non vorrei perderci anche dei soldi. grazie se mi aiutate!!!


    Stop sending text to my phone

  491. HJ says:

    Received a text saying that FLYCELL was going to charge 9.99 to renew a service I DO NOT HAVE…WHen I called customer service they REFUSED to refund the charges…I called my lawyer and made a complaint with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU…..The more complaints to the BBB the better chance of having money refunded.

  492. sadika says:

    hi, i am the subscriber of the wind 3274226358 and tre 3933526901. i have got deducted 10euro on wind and 10 euro from tre line without requesting any facility from fly cell services. i am not happy for what is happening without my authorization. i mange to unsubscribe the activation through wind services but i did not get my money back.I kindly request your service authorities to looking to this matter and re-embers my money.i hope your organization will take necessary steps to re embers my heard earn money.
    thank you in advance.

  493. Gerald Snyder says:

    just received a text saying my cell phone bill will be charged 9.99–I did not authorize and will not pay–please contact me

  494. Kassie Switzer says:

    I want it to stop but if I say STOP it will just say insufficient funds to send message. It makes me so mad. TELL ME HOW TO END IT!!!!

  495. Amy says:

    This is a total nightmare! My son signed up for this without my permission. I immediately called my cell phone provider and was told no charges were made yet. Hopefully I won’t be charged. I blocked any sort of downloading to our phones. I then called Flycell and was told the charge was pending and to give them my name and address to send me a refund check. Yeah right! Like I’d give out that info! This is an outrage! If there is a charge to my account I’m going to go postal!!!

  496. Samantha Schaeffer says:

    I signed up like 5 months ago and i cancled my account and it keeps on sending me crap n it adds up my phone bill. I only got 2 ringtones and it is saying that i got 20 from there.

  497. Samantha Schaeffer says:

    It is not free at all they are just trying to get people to get ringtones from there so they just made up “FREE RINGTONES”

  498. bairen swint says:

    cant get the ringtones

  499. James Algiere says:

    please stop my subscription to flycll. thank you

  500. James Algiere says:

    please stop my subscription to flycell thank you

  501. timmy says:

    do not send me anymore at 717363-0701

  502. harry says:

    how the living hell do i get these idiots off my PRE-PAY cell phone acct !!!!!! Immediately

  503. rebecca says:

    I was gullable and suckered myself into putting in a PIN on a popup screen with big ads of earning a free iPad. Nowhere does it explicitly say that by entering a PIN I authorize flycell to charge my mobile phone service. Within minutes I cancelled, called them personally to ensure that I would not get charged and was informed that they do not offer refunds. Complete rip off and not an ethical business or company. Spread the word, Flycell is a rip-off, false advertising, phony and unethical company. Never do business with them!

  504. DONNA LAMSON says:


  505. jojotexasgal says:

    I just got my AT&T cell phone bill with $39.96 in unauthorized “mobile purchases and downloads” on my acct. listed as: Flycell $9.99
    Brainy Rewards $9.99
    and Mobizzo alerts $9.99 and then more monthly charges as I found out when I called AT&T my provider.
    I am a senior citizen and DO NOT Text nor do I have return texting capabilities on my cell.I have never gotten any text msgs. on my cell from Flycell nor Mobizzo, but did get Brainy Rewards send me some questions and I promptly looked up their 800 number on line and called and demanded they quit!
    AT&T was ever so kind to remove the charges of $39.96 and you all might consider putting a “purchase Block” on you cell phone account through your provider so these scammers can’t put these unauthorized charges on your phones.

  506. aj says:

    i know many of us got the messages from this thing but i have a pre paid phone and it made me mad cuz it kept charging me money!

  507. Jamie F. says:

    I got a text telling me my cellphone balance was low. I checked my phone usage and found that Flycell billed me for $9.99 three times in less than a hour for a subscription I didn’t authorize. So I e-mailed Flycell’s customer support. They e-mailed me back saying they were going to cancel everything and give me a refund. But they were still going to charge me $9.99. WTF!

  508. Jamie F. says:

    I got a text telling me my cellphone balance was low. I checked my usage and found that Flycell billed me $9.99 three times in less than a hour for a subscription I didn’t authorize. I e-mailed Flycell’s customer support. They e-mailed me back saying they were going to cancel everything and give me a refund. But they were still going to charge me $9.99. WTF! Why should pay for something I didn’t authorize?

  509. tom agen says:

    69999 is a scam. i never auth this and they did it for 7 months. we thought it was a data charge…what a scam!!!!!!!!! why is this allowed? been on phone for two hours w verizon and they still dont beleive that i didnt sighn up for this crap company… wtf?

  510. jim cornfield says:

    I have a charge of 9.99 to ph.#708-890-8208 0n 1-24-11 @ 10:01 a.m. please tell me what the charge is for via e-mail its my daughters phone and she is denying knowledge of any charge.

  511. Sam says:

    I have been on deployment for several months and my phone number is suspended yet my bill recently started showing the $9.99 charge from Flycell.

  512. Sharon Shackelford says:

    I just discovered that I have been charged by flycell for $9.99. I never authorized this subscription. Do not know who they are or what they offer. Do not buy games or ringtones. Verizon will not refund the charge and of course flycell will not either.

  513. Shawna says:

    Noticed these people had been scamming me from May-Sept when I called. They said they’d canceled the subscription well… now March I noticed they never did. My bad for just noticing but I have unlimited data plan on my phone so no need to check my bill. So I called again and he said “must have been a billing error”… ya think? He could refund me $39. Ummmmmm, NO- I want all my momeny back. Have to call back tomorrow and speak with a manager. These people must be making a killing!!!!!! $200 from me already. Had to call AT&T to get a block on my account. Have to say I’m peeved they even allow outside peeps to tap into my account. Such BS!

  514. joseph sanders says:

    i got a text message from this web site on my phone and it took $9.99 from my phone i did not authorize it ,and if i do not get it back i am getting a lawyer and sueing this web site for fraud and theft u have 48 hours before i contact the better business beuro,i have all the proof from my phone record and the text message.thank you

  515. Masae says:

    I did not subscribe the service, but somehow I was charged $9.99 for the undesired services. I also requested to cancel the subscription, but they kept sending messages saying “Sorry! Our automated system did not understand your request.” The company did not let me unsubscribe the service after many requests.

  516. Alexis says:

    i keep getting text messages nd i have to pay for my mins. please stop sending those messages……my phone company is boost moblie

  517. KRIST says:


  518. RP says:

    Yeah I got scammed like everyone else. Let’s do something about it. According to flycell’s website, you can contact the head of PR at

  519. neyo says:

    i want to stpo it…. this my number +393495041086 thanks

  520. tina sims says:

    i want to stop this is my num 7402960170 thanks

  521. BA says:

    These people are scum and the phone companies support it. I just got off with AT&T customer no service and they know what it is. They allow these dirtbags to just sign up anyone they want for the service. For 3 years my number was buried in our corporate account and I can’t imagine how many times they billed for this. It is infuriating that any phone company will allow customers to be screwed like this. I am sure they get some percentage and they know most don’t look at bills. They are all scum!

  522. Kathy says:

    I have called my phone co. went in person and have been charged 9.99 for over a year and have submitted several requests to STOP and they reply, sorry we dont understand your request. I am going nuts, they ring my phone every 10 mins. with these stupid jokes, that are meant for 5 year olds. I am beside myself. I dont know what else to do unless it is to get a new phone number.

  523. sabra fazende says:

    ive been charged twice if not three times a month… and being that im on a prepaid verizon wireless phone service, its getting way too expensive,,, and everytime i try to unsubscribe to it they say im out of minutes all of a sudden,,, THIS IS NO OKAY<<<<

  524. Lou Reiber says:

    My cell is an older one that doesn’t get pics and also pre-paid. when my daughter sent me a pic of the new baby I got a message to go to vzw.something or other to see the pic on the computer. so I figured it would cost me a buck or two at best, what new baby is not worth that? okay so the site took me to flycell and as soon as I put the code in it drained my account dry and then told me I did’nt have enough funds to complete the task. So earlier today I had and hour and twenty some minutes left on my account. so they drained me dry of all that was left. I want my money back! I got nothing for the money they did take! I want it back! Now! Those thieves should be put in jail and the key should be thrown away! Theft by deception! What a scam and I am going to let the whole world know who is responsible for putting together a scam to rob people of their hard earned money. and oh yeah, them they sent me some lame ass joke that I heard about thirty years ago…what the hell and yes they charged me to read the message. I hope whoever is behind this gets tared and feathered and run out of town. I am going to rattle the cage all the way to the top if that is what it takes. I do not take being ripped off lightly!

  525. amanda wilson says:


  526. anna says:

    These charges have been on my tween’s bill over a year…I want my money back!

  527. zampa says:

    please i want to cancel my subscribtion to flycell on WIND…….(MY NUMBER…….3899370342.)please i need u to do me this very favour now.

  528. Linda Ice says:

    I was thinking I was updating my pics since I had not been on it for over 30 days or I would loose them. I did not order anything and I do not want to pay for anything either!
    so do not send these to my phone again. It is too confusing for an old person like me!

  529. Linda Ice says:

    In reading the past comments on this site, I am worried! If I get any added charges on my bill, I will definitely take this to the Attorney General! What a rip! It is giving cell phones a bad rap!
    Please be sure and make sure I am NOT charged for anything!!!!!!

  530. Santigui says:

    I was thinking i was updating my phone battery because, it looses charge quickly and the icon shows up on my phone. update your battery. I clicked on update and i got a text from this number 52222 say i will be charge $9.99/mo. Pls tell them to stop the service i didn’t order for it. i thought you guys should do it for customers.

  531. Juan Feliciano says:

    I’m writing because i’m getting text messages that i have not ask for or fill out any application, please take this text message off my cellular because i don’t need jokes coming to my cellular twice a day, this is a serious problem, take it off!!!

  532. Davey Dortman says:

    the same thing happened to me when I thought was updating my battery! I did not subscribe to thie and want these charges stopped this service. I did not order this! stop!

  533. Debra Long says:

    I am getting the same text’s jokes and 2x’s billing. Please STOP!! This is crazy..I didn’t even request it the first time.

  534. Lucy says:

    Stop at Flycell
    at 0039 3356057180

  535. Mike says:

    FLycell same story -never asked or replied or aurthorized. charged 9.99 on Verizon Cell bill Verizon reversed charge and blocked them –Cudos to Verizon

  536. Rochelle says:

    I do not want this service and dont want the extra charges billed to my Phone, so PLEASE discontinue your Horoscope text

  537. Derrick says:

    Flycell stole 19.95 from me before they sent me a text telling me to resubscribe. This is a criminal enterprise plain and simple. Where are our elected officials now? Peobably lobbying for more premium texting services. What a joke!

  538. Erin says:

    I signed up to get ONE ringtone and it wasn’t even available and have never used Flycell’s service again. I had no idea verizon allowed them to bill through them…I’ve been charged $9.99 per month for a service that I have never used. Flycell doesn’t care, that I have never used their service – they wouldn’t even consider returned a few months in good faith. Basically to bad so sad. That is $100 that I have been ripped off!

  539. W. E. Jones says:

    Charges for Flycell started showing up on my Sprint account. I authorized nothing and never saw a msg from Flycell. Contacted Sprint and they are blocking all msgs and deleted the charge. What a scam!

  540. Maggie says:

    Got my charge of $9.99 on my August bill from flycell – I NEVER sign up for anything so I was quite shocked. Will call Sprint and let them know. I don’t understand how they can continue to operate under dubious and scam conditions.

  541. Caitlin says:

    Never EVER in my life have I gotten a text or any sort of message from “flycell” but on my bill there was a 19.99 charge from them. So I found this site here, texted STOP to 69999 and lo and behold, I had “unsubscribed” myself. I am extremely upset over the fact that I was just charged an extra $19.99 for something I’ve never even HEARD of, let alone signed up for.

  542. Erin says:

    This is ridiculous – the biggest scam EVER! Why is this OK? These guys should be closed down and any cellular service that allows them to include their charges on our monthly billed should be sued. This is not SOX – not transparent and should be completely illegal. How much money do they make from people that don’t go line by line on their cell phone bill. ENOUGH already!

  543. Kamala says:

    Wow these messages are going back 3 years and still no has got these guys to prison. I never subscribed to this and I just found this after checking my bill. They will refund you 2 billing cycles if you call ATT (my service provider). ATT also offers free purchase blocker which I have not installed to block these scammers and their like.

  544. Carol says:

    This just makes me so sick that people can get away with this. I’ve never signed up for this and just notice that my cell phone bill was up an extra 9.99. I called Verizon and they said I subscribed for the current one and Flycell. They’ve charged me $9.99 for the past year!! I am so angry. Verizon credited six months so they’re some part of this. I am just sick about this. SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!

  545. marcy cohen says:

    flycell clicked on when I clicked onto verizon -i tried to click off -could not- called & flycell say I charged 9.99 (for something I din NOT order). Called VZ. Called flycell back-flycell said okay cancelled-(after much much arguing) Got tricked by flycell logging onto my txt msg from VZ-wasn’t actually from VZ as I later found out.

  546. Lucy says:

    I was scammed by this company as well! PLEASE, SOMEONE STOP THEM!!!

  547. marcy cohen says:

    Got txt message from VZW Free Msg -BUT IT WAS NOT !!!! Msg said free download ringtones – log onto VZ account-I did- box showed up on account- type email and PIN “click here for pin_ clicked got msg ‘pin at end of message get free etc – but naturally went straight to end of msg got pin-typed it on VZ page=got msg from flycell I subscribed for 9.99 a month. I looked it up & called flycell & said will not use.& cancell etc-flycell sent txt I successfully opted out-then next day got phone call from flycell that I owe them 9.99. But in meantime I had called VZ and said I was tricked and at that time found out VZ never sent original msg. Will not pay. In my opinion, this setup was planned exactually to fool people by the way it was set up-my opinion counts.
    Give your carrier the 5 number code you got and get reimbursed if you were tricked into paying for what you did not and do not want or use is in my opinion the way to handle this.

  548. Erik Weingold says:

    I simply downloaded a free app from the Apple App Store for backgrounds for my iPhone. They then began charging me monthly to my AT&T bill. I had no idea and just realized it over a year later. My damages amount to nearly $2,000. This needs to be answered with lawsuits, including a class action suit.

  549. thabisani says:

    Am receiving sms from this aire and taking my monetaria from phone. Would you mind if you can cancelar my number and stop sending me sms. My number is 0034648021728. Thanks in advance.

  550. King Yang says:

    I have never subscribed to anything with my phone. Never have, never will, and yet there are 2 Flycell Multimedia charges of $9.99 each on my bill. This company can go to hell.

  551. DantheMan says:

    I have Sprint. I called them and they immediately reversed the $9.99 and blocked these @$$holes from my number. Sprint Rules.

  552. Jennifer says:

    I am reporting flycell to the bbb as well as starting a litigation lawsuit on false advertisement and for being charged falsely…. If anyone has the same problem please contact me at -Jennifer it’s time to take action against underhanded websites that steal ur money n refuse to credit back your account…. I cancelled within 1 minute of finding out they would charge me n refused my refund it’s against the law…

  553. janet halstead says:

    I accidentally signed up for this and do not want it. Please cancel i do not want this billed to me thank you verizon phone number is 7122296355

  554. Bernestine Austin says:

    Iam being charged every month towards my son’s phone. Please remove this account it has not been authorized by me,and I cannot afford it. So please unsubscribe to phone # (919) 637-8762. Thank You

  555. stanley gay says: charged my phone with out permission. i want my money back.

  556. Fred Finger says:

    Noticed a message 699-99 on my wifes phone from Flycell club saying I had 10 credits and they will continue to bill us $9.99 a month. No knowing what this was, I visited a verizon store who told me it was from Fly Cell about a ringtone service and that it had been on my bill for a year. They promply canceled the program. Then I call flycell and got ‘Punjab’ in New Deli India and spoke to a guy who who could hardly speek english. He said he would send me a check for 3 back months and that is all he is authorized to do. lesson learned. I will wait for their check. He said it would take three weeks. If it doesn’t, I will file suit against the company. I don’t beleive there is any ‘corporate’ office in New York on Broadway. He could not supply me with persons name in charge of that office. Watch your phone bills carefully.

  557. dottia says:

    Have not received tones i have downloaded

  558. Larry says:

    Legislation to stop scams like this have been blocked by our wonderful people in Congress. It is time we vote ALL of them out.

  559. Patricia says:

    Just got billed $19.98 through my Verizon phone bill for two “premium messages” from this scam. No help from V, told to disconnect text on my phone!!

  560. nancy harbach says:

    I do not want this service. PLEASE REMOVE MY NAME and VOID THIS

  561. john jackson says:

    This flycell has been taking money off my phone and when you text stop they still do it
    .This is robbery and I need to know how to stop them.

  562. Mike says:

    My wife is a 60 year old woman who would never want a ringtone or wallpaper for her cell phone – the only wallpaper she wants is wallpaper for the bath. However, this was not enough for me to get charged $9.99 on my Verizon bill. I called my carrier Verizon and they found that the charge was FlyCell. Unlike a few of the posts that said they got reimbursed by their carriers for the charges – Verizon did not. (Gives me a real good reason to dump Verizon and attempt to find a cell carrier that is not part of a scam.) I did call FlyCell and found out that they just charged my phone for another $9.99 that will show up in my next bill from Verizon. After giving them an ear full they said they would refund me all of the $19.98 by check, and should have it within 3 weeks. I can only pray.

  563. Steven Van Nostrand says:

    I have a Verizon account with 4 phones and teenagers. When a Premium SMS 79999 (Jamster) charge showed up on my wife’s phone, we knew something weird was happening. Verizon happily blocked these services but told me to pursue getting my money back from these fraudulent ‘companies’. I was shocked and dismayed when I see this site has been recording these kind of complaints since 2008! This is a scam targeting young people that are not responsible for paying their bill and after reading comments here, anyone at random! I want my cell phone to be just a phone! Verizon has not heard the last of me…let them try and squeeze blood from a rock from these scumbags. I am unsatisfied with their ‘products’ based on the delivery system alone and I want my money back!

  564. Jon says:

    I received a text from Flycell telling me that my subscription was up for renewal and I would be charged $9.99 or I could unsubscribe if I replied with the word STOP. I replied with STOP and immediately got another text saying they were sorry to see me go and hoped I’d return again. I’ll watch my bill and if it turns up again I will call Verison and cancel my account.

  565. Alisia says:

    I have AT&T automatic bill pay and never actually check my bill- till today, because I realized a significant increase. I decided to do a thorough check to see what could be downgraded to reduce my monthly bill. Sure enough I am bei g billed $9.99 monthly since who the heck knows when for “Flycell Club Pack”, which I never authorized! AT&T only refunded 2 months- NOT FAIR!

  566. Brandon says:

    Just found out that we’ve been charged $9.99 a month for the past two years by Flycell. No authorization was given for these charges. Verizon refuses to reverse the charges and says we need to contact Flycell about this situation.

  567. Nick says:

    Same thing – charged $9.99 a month for service I never authorized.

  568. John says:

    Out of the blue I get a message stating I’m being billed for a service I never authorized. Never even heard of these guys until then. Don’t know how they got my phone number, and I sure question the legality of billing folks out the “back door”. I sent a STOP message immediately, remains to be seen if it actually cancels this bogus subscription. Big-time scam!

  569. Sylvia says:

    Earlier today received a text from charging me $9.99 from text message# 99176. Gave me the option to text STOP to opt out. Shortly after doing so received a text message from 75884 from asking me to pay a bill of $9.99 so I Opt out of that too by texting stop. I never suscribed to any of these services.

  570. Brett says:

    Had no idea what this company even was but suddenly started getting texts from them so according to the message you text STOP to cancel the service… well it may have been a trick because when I texted STOP I did get billed 9.99. Leave me alone flycell I don’t want your crap and how do I get that stupid billing stopped and refunded?!

  571. Jennifer says:

    I have been getting charged 9.99 amonth and I never subscribed to this crap. So I called them and confronted a guy that barley speaks english we argued back and forth until I mention class action law suit. The next month I recieved a check in the mail and I thought it was over. Then I check my phone bill and bam there it was again so I called them back and I asked why are you making unathorized charges to my bill and he said they are all authorized and I am pissed.

  572. Melvina Washington says:

    They charge me $9.99 for this and did not download this. This needs to be removed as well for my T-mobile bill!!

  573. D Sullivan says:

    how do they get your number. i cannot even get the stop, cancel to go thru. i have called my carrier. they cannot refund more than half the fees. but i have blocked any further charges via my carrier website.

  574. Ron Hinchley says:

    Spam charge to 9.99 for gopack75884. It was listed at 7:02AM, no one was awake at that time.

  575. mik says:

    I have been setup a direct payments that I did not know I have a third party that charged me 9.99 per month for no reason. Please check your bills every time before ending up charged 20 dollars or more like me. I actually got refund through my carrier company and I called them to bloke any third party. I suggest to all of you to bloke the third party especially when you have kids and pay direct from your account. Don’t be a victim for those craps!

  576. vickieleewoolley says:

    I cannot afford this service a month along withy cell phone bill as Iam on a fixed income and can hardly pay for a cell phone bill let alone this bill. I don’t need wallpapers etc so please delete this service immediately. Thank you. I swill n ot be held responsible ffor this service.

  577. Melissa K Vaughn says:

    Called TMobile about unauthorized charges from Flycell. Said they may not get my money back since it is a third party charge. Charge was billed grandson’s cell who is a minor. They said they would reverse the charges. Could hardly understand what rep was saying. Don’t use your cell phone to call them and get a confirmation #. I also threatened to sue, whether that did any good remains to be seen. They also took my address to send me check for any charges they could not reverse. I really didn’t want to give them any personal information but I guess my address was OK if I want to see any of my money returned.

  578. Ivan says:

    I never subscribed to this service but I have been charged $9.99 for no reason!!!

  579. Patrick Rose says:

    I just saw on my bill that I’m being charged $9.99 from Flycell for something I did not sign up for. Also being charged $9.99 for god knows what by rightonmobile. Both of these at least since my December bill, that’s as far back as I found of my bills so far. This is a bunch of crap as from what I’m seeing all these cell phone companies know this is going on and it is still happening. I will hold AT&T responsible if something is not done.

  580. Elizabeth Connolley says:

    I think I’ve gotten several months of Flycell without realizing I was being charged $9.99 a month for it, nor did I ever sign up for it. I’ve been so busy that I just now looked into it and am surprised that so many others have been hoodwinked as well! Talk about slimy. I am now going to look back at all my bills and see how much I got ripped off. Thank you.

  581. germainetrenary says:

    I too am a victim of flycell. I never subscribed to anything,I cannot get thru ny phone, but it looks like it does no good anyway. I got verizon to block future charges. I suggest a class action suit, as it seems there are many victims of this scam. They have been getting rich. How many others don’t know about this?

  582. Sandra Lyon says:

    I did not order this and can’t seem to stop it

  583. Sharon says:

    I never ordered this. Talked w/Customer Service and he stated it will be cancelled immediately and gave me a Confirmation #…I am also calling my carrier.

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