Jamster, LLC: 75555, 95555, 88888

If you were charged on your cell phone bill by Jamster for mobile content services or subscriptions (i.e., ringtones, premium text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized, tell us your story!

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Who Is Jamster, LLC?

Jamster, LLC is a joint venture between News Corporation and VeriSign, Inc. that “provides downloadable mobile entertainment content, such as ringtones, games, graphics, news and other information data via the Internet, SMS, MMS, WAP, BREW, IVR and other means of mobile content delivery to certain compatible mobile devices.”

Jamster Short Codes:


Jamster Websites:


Jamster Content:
Real Tones Ringtones, PolyTones Ringtones, Fun Sounds Ringtones, Video Tones Ringtones, Mobile Games, Mobile Software, Graphics, Wallpaper, Screensaver, Skins, Mobile Videos, Video Tones

Jamster Subscriptions and Services:

  • Jamster monthly XXL Plan subscription:  “Credits for 6 ringtones, 10 graphics & 4 games/apps* each month Download any ringtone, any game and any graphics on Jamster.com to compatible handsets All for just $9.99 per month” According to Jamster “In the past, Jamster has offered various different weekly plans (charged at $1.99 per week) and monthly plans (charged at $5.99 per month) that are no longer being offered (“Legacy Plans”).”
  • Monthly Jamster Value Plan subscription:  “Credits for 2 ringtones, 1 game* and 3 graphics each month. Download any ringtone, any game and any graphics on Jamster.com to compatible handsets. All for just $5.99 per month”
  • The Big Plan: “Credits for 6 screensavers, 6 megasounds & gossipnews each month. All for just $5.99 per month.”
  • The Fun Plan:  “Credits for 6 funsounds, 6 megapics & gossipnews each month All for just $5.99 per month”
  • The Giant Plan:”Credits for 3 polytones, 6 megapics & musicnews each month All for just $5.99 per month”
  • The Gold Plan: “Credits for 2 realtones, 2 graphics & musicnews each month All for just $5.99 per month”
  • The Happy Plan: “Credits for 6 wallpapers, 6 funsounds & gossipnews each month All for just $5.99 per month”
  • The Hyper Plan: “Credits for 3 realtones, 2 graphics & musicnews each month All for just $5.99 per month”
  • The Jam Plan:”Credits for 8 ringtones, 8 graphics & musicnews each month All for just $5.99 per month”
  • The Realtone Plan: Credits for 3 realtones, 2 graphics & musicnews each month All for just $5.99 per month”

Jamster Supported Carriers:

Alltel, AT&T, Cingular Blue, Cellular One, Cincinnati Bell, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Virgin Mobile

Contact Jamster Customer Support | Customer Care:


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How To Cancel | Unsubscribe Jamster Services:

You may cancel your plan by sending a “STOP” text message to 75555 or by calling Jamster customer service at 866-856-JAMS.

According to Jamster “To cancel your Subscription Plan, send a text message with the text “STOP” to 95555, 75555, or such other number as may be designated on our Site.”

You can also visit the Jamster website, Go to “My Jamster”, Enter your cell phone number and password, click on “Login,” Click on “My plans” and Click on “deactivate” right next to the plan you want to cancel.

What Is Jamster Guardian?

“The Jamster Guardian allows you to block your phone or a family member’s phone from receiving our mobile content services. Any requested services using a number that has been entered into Jamster Guardian will automatically be blocked.”

Jamster Related Search Terms:

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 –Report Unauthorized Jamster Cell Phone Charges–

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128 Responses to “Jamster, LLC: 75555, 95555, 88888”

  1. Kevin says:

    Just called T-Mobil and they said I had to contact Jamster to stop the subscription. I was transferred to Jamster to cancel the monthly service and they said they would send me a check. BS!!! The worst part is that T-Mobil is offering a service that will stop 3rd party companies from charging my account. Of course there is a $4.99 monthly fee after the first free month!!!! F__K! Who is culprit here?!? Jamster or the cellphone companies?

  2. Kelli Fletcher says:

    They somehow got my mother’s cell phone number and when she texted to unsubscribe, they conveniently didn’t get the message and charged us for three months! I have been fighting with the phone company and them.

  3. Kathy says:

    My husband’s phone has had 9.99 in premium messaging charges monthly over the last 3 months. I called Verizon and customer service said to text “stop” to 75555. This will cancel the monthly service charges from Jamster. He never knowingly signed up for this service. How can a pocket dial do that? You can also block premium messaging on your cell phone but you need to cancel any current services first.

  4. judul karim syed says:

    i cant want any premium message in my mobile phone.i dont subscribe any premium message.who is culprit there give me premium message and charge lots of money,never give me any premium message.

  5. judul karim syed says:

    i cant want any premium message in my mobile phone.i dont subscribe any premium message.who is culprit there give me premium message and charge lots of money,never give me any premium message again from 88888.

  6. Matt says:

    Same as many others, received 4 months of charges for $11/month from Jamster, a company I never heard of and never authorized to bill me. I too received a text message that I thought was spam and deleted it around the time charges started showing up.

  7. JAson says:

    what abunch of scammers eh,. they say YOU subscribed. NO i didnt. okay how long have you fucked me for. and only give half my money back. AS any seen any money back from them

  8. Pearl says:

    My daughter has also been fraudulently charged $11.00/month from Jamster and she has no idea how it came about. I will register complaints with The Better Business Bureau, crtc and who ever else I can. Dirty lousy cheats! I hope that they get slammed with a huge lawsuit at some point.

  9. Karen says:

    I had this total b.s. $9.99 charge from Verizon for “Jamster Content” on my bill that I never authorized. I called to have the charge removed but of course they couldn’t do that because it’s actually a third party that made the charge and it’s not them and blah blah blah. So, I was like okay fine, give me the number for the third party and I will take it up with them. They couldn’t find any contact info for the company so they credited back the money and marked it as a “phone malfunction.”

  10. Tana says:

    I’m a middle-aged woman with a dumb phone. I have never downloaded a ringtone, wallpaper, or game in my life. Nobody else uses my phone. I realized yesterday that I my Verizon bill has charged me $9.99 a month for 6 months for Jamster; a product I have not contracted for or used. After a lengthy debate with Verizon and a three-way call with Jamster, I was told they will issue my $59.95 refund in check form and they can not credit it to my Verizon account. Let’s see if I ever get this check. This company is a total fraud! A person can not leagally enter into a contract by accident, as Jamster claimed I did. I dispute this. Both parties to a contract must be fully aware that a contract is being formed. Report this fraud to your Attorney General’s office if it happens to you!

  11. meire carmo says:

    $ 11.00 on my bill wirelles never never order anything. I never head about JAMSTER. STOP SEND ME ANY MESSAGE PLEASE !!!

  12. Lena Whitlock says:

    Since I live in the middle of nowhere I have to use cell internet for my home computer. Today I just got my bill 10$ more than usual. I never subscribed, got ringtones or wallpaper or ever heard of this crap until I checked my bill! I am soo pissed! How can they just add something without my consent? I just e-mailed their costumer service to cancel and they better cancel it!

  13. Jose Lopez says:

    Please, stop
    sending me advertising. i never never order anything. thank for your cooperation.

  14. James Brennan says:


  15. James Brennan says:

    Did not subscribe Intentionally please unsubscribe

  16. S Quilty says:

    Never subscribed. Looks like charges have been on my bill for Jamster for a couple of months at $10 each time.

  17. s fish says:

    jamster charged me for 3 months before I noticed the charge. I never subscribed to this. Why does ATT keep letting them do this? Took 20 minutes on the phone to get it all removed. Scam!

  18. peggy says:

    was charged 9.99 from jamster just because the texted me.i did not respond to or order from this company. thisa is shady business and should be prosecuted.
    the phone company will not get involved like they should to protect thier customers. send letters to congressman.

  19. kristi johnson says:

    So, got a text message today telling me my Jamster subscription was automatically renewed and would do so again on 4/30/13., I called my carrier (AT&T) bc I have not ever (to my knowledge) subscribed to anything called Jamster. they credited me last 3 months but cannot do so for any older charges prior. My fault for not reading the fine print on my bills. Was told by AT&T that Jamster is a sneaky service that bills you when you click on “free” downloads for wallpaper, ringtones, apps etc. Have now blocked all phones on my account from their service but that lesson cost me $90, after my bill credit. Sheesh.

  20. Susan says:

    Just found out that I have been charged 9.99 every month for the last 18 months for a service i never subscribed to! Verizon was only able to credit me for 3 months. I want all my money back!! Anyone know how to get in touch with this shady Jamster site?

  21. B.Robinson says:

    NEVER subscribed! Never dl’d ringtone OR wall paper..still billed $10.00+. Talk about slamming!

  22. B.Robinson says:

    I NEVER subscribed to Jamster, never dl’d ringtones or wallpaper, yet I get billed for $10.95! Talk about slamming!!!

  23. Donna says:

    Just looked at our bill from Verizon. We were charged in November 2012…January 2013…February 2013…April 2013 and May 2013 by Jamster 75555 APS and one other bogus affiliate….Verizon has put a block on the premium messaging and removed half of the charges….They are scammers. Noone in our family agreed to this…we are all adults.

  24. Jean-Pierre says:

    Every month a Charge for $11.00/month!! for what??? i just popped up out of nowhere.

  25. Alana says:

    I realized about 2 weeks ago that I had been getting charged 10$ a month for over a year from jamster. My cell phone company alerted me that I had paid over $170 to jamster. I followed the steps to cancel the subscription (which I had never signed up for) and also contacted jamster. The representative I talked to told me I would get a full refund for the full $170 that I had paid. I told them the company was disgusting and that it was fraudulent. He apologized and told me I would receive the check in 21 business days. It was been two weeks so I called back, and was told to wait the full 21 days. I hope it comes but I am not holding my breath. This company is illegal and should be shut down.

  26. shirley vanbuskirk says:

    hi this stupid number will not stop texting please make it stop my cell is 317-529-9392 i keep getting the same text from the number 75555 it is driving me nuts so please stop it thank you .

  27. Nila G. Drechsler says:

    I am 75 years old and have been being billed for 9.99 by Jamster. Never subscribed…didn’t need and had verizon put a block on my account but have lost 9.99 a month until I discovered the charge in December 2013. I texted the number Verizon told me to text and am waiting to see how that works. Sad that companies can do this without authorization.

  28. Vanessa says:

    I’m 12 and I know this is stupid but I’ve been crying because I texted stop to jamster and it hasn’t worked I really want it to stop please

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