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If you have received charges on your wireless cellular phone bill from OpenMarket | SimpleWire | Qpass for mobile content subscriptions (i.e., for ringtones, premium text messaging services, ring tones, joke a day programs, wallpaper, screensavers, text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized them to bill you for, tell us your story!

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Who Is OpenMarket | SimpleWire | Qpass?

According to SimpleWire’s website, SimpleWire, Inc. is a premium billing and messaging aggregator whose aggregation services provide a direct route into each mobile operator’s network for the delivery of text-messages, premium content, cross-carrier short-codes, billing transactions and other value-added mobile services.

In May 2006, Qpass, a digital commerce software and solutions company, announced that it had completed the acquisition and integration of Simplewire, Inc. and made it a part of Qpass’ OpenMarket Business Unit. OpenMarket Exchange is a business of Qpass, the Digital Commerce Division of Amdocs.

According to OpenMarket’s website “Qpass customers include Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile International, Vodafone, Sprint, SunCom, Alltel, US Cellular, and Skype. Qpass serves more than 185 million mobile subscribers and more than 100 million Web portal, Wi-Fi and VoIP users worldwide. The Qpass technology platform processes tens of millions of premium services transactions per month and has processed more than 500 million premium downloads since the company’s inception, representing more than US $1.3 Billion in gross retail consumer sales.”

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Qpass | OpenMarket
2211 Elliot Avenue, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98121
+ (phone)
+1.206.830.7777 (fax)

Simplewire, Inc.
27777 Franklin Rd
Suite 1545
Southfield, MI 48034
United States
Phone: + (US and Canada)
Fax: +1.734.527.6124

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47 Responses to “OpenMarket | SimpleWire | Qpass Complaints”

  1. Corrie Brown says:

    I found an advertisment for a free hunting ringtone and went to the website where I had to make a user account. Two days ago I find a $9.99 charge on my bill. I never even found a ringtone I wanted. And never downloaded anything.

  2. Corrie Brown says:

    I recieved a $9.99 charge on my phone bill and I never purchased any thing from the site. I went on a site that was supposed to have a complimentary ringtone and they didn’t have what I wanted and I ended up with a charge.

  3. Corrie Brown says:

    This website was the worst one for me. I now have a $19.99 charge and I didn’t purchase anything and they keep sending text messages to go to their site.

  4. Sandi Langdon says:

    My 11-year old daughter started receiving horoscope text messages. I immediately called Verizon and they told me to block text messaging. I ask if there were any other charges associated with these on my account and was told no. Then, I received my bill which had a 9.95 charge on it from Open Market. I called Verizon again and they told me to text message to cancel it but I had already blocked text messages based on the advice of my last call. So, they gave me a 800 number which I called numerous times with no response. Now, another 9.95 charge appeared on my bill. I am furious. No human being in their right mind would pay 9.95 a month for a horoscope. Why is Verizon letting these companies do this without our permission. My daughter says she did not sign up for anything. An 11 year old doesn’t have the legal authority to do this anyway. I’m ready to take action.

  5. Michael Aughtry says:

    My little brother signed up for this and didn’t know he would be charged monthly and he never downloaded anything either

  6. Melissa Finley says:

    I recently went online to search for a specific ringtone and was linked to a “complimentary” ringtone by OpenMarket, which requested that I provide them my cell number and could then download the ringtone I wanted. I provided them the number, but not download anything from them and even canceled the “service” immediately when I saw that they didn’t even have the ringtone I was looking for.

    Despite my canceling of the “service” and never having downloaded anything, I was charged 9.99 on this months bill. When I provided my cell number to the website, nothing was listed saying that I would be charged a fee, nor signed up for anything.

    I am disputing this charge and am amazed that a company can do business in this way, charging people after not even telling them there will be a charge, and then also charging them after their immediate cancellation of their supposed “service”.


  7. Al Wootten says:

    My recent Alltel bill had seven charges for $9.99 from this company. I have no recollection of ever seeking a free ringtone from anytone; these were certainly not authorized charges. Someone should sue these ripoff artists!

  8. steven foster says:

    I can top all of you guys. 2 months ago I started recieving 9.95 charges on my cell phone from openmarket. But I didn’t go to any website, download any ring tone, or anything. I didn’t even know what it was till I looked it up online. and I certainly didn’t authorize it.

  9. christi berger says:

    I have TWO $9.99 charges on my cell bill every month. I tried calling the “contact number” listed for them (them being OPEN MARKET) and it is not a valid number.
    I am not sure where to go with this.
    I was searching for other company contact info when I found this site.

  10. Joseph Stateson says:

    Marketing form should be unchecked by default when signing up for wireless communication. Either I did not see the signup marketing authorization form or it was now shown until after I signed up. It would appear that AT&T sold my 3 day old cell phone number to “marketing enterprise subscription” out of phoenix at 1-866-211-0264. If there is a class action lawsuit to get them to default the signup to “no” please let me know.

  11. Shelly says:

    I just went through the samething through this company and mblox I put a parental block on my son’s phone, was reimbursed charges from AT&T so this shouldn’t happen again to us as the charges added up to about $50.00. You may also put a purchase block on your phone if you do not buy ringtones, etc… It’s worth it or have a pin set so if it’s a required purchase you need to enter a pin first to authorize the purchase…

    NEVER EVER open a text from someone you don’t know, at least this is what I told my son, just delete it. It’s just like getting email don’t open it if you don’t know the person that sent it to you.

    It’s too bad that companies like these can get away with this, automatically charge you for their service that you NEVER signed up for

  12. diana says:

    i’m reading all this coments. please stop charging me and refund my money for the last 5 months $600 dollars. WE DON’T WANT TO TAKE THIS CASES TO COURT. THANKS

  13. AB says:

    Qpass is just the company that processes the bills–tehy don’t make or sell content. You should check with your carrier as to how those charges get sent to Qpass because teh people there can’t really help you.

  14. CLG says:

    Open market started two months ago with 3 charges that came just over 30 dollars. I immediately contacted my cell carrier to have it taken off. They apologized and removed it so last month I recieved a charge for 9.99 and it was removed. This month I recieved a charge for 9.99. I don’t understand why I am being charged an extra 10 dollars a month. I would like to sue them. If I didn’t review my bill I would be out of hundreds of dollars. I don’t want to pay for something I never even requested.

  15. mary c. says:

    checked the cell phone bill today..saw 4 charges of 9.99 each (not including fed tax, etc)..2 on my phone, 2 on daughter’s phone..all for services not signed up for or websites visited..called numbers given and all the same number despite being ‘different’ companies. Will be contacting AT&T and FCC m-qube,openmarket,jamster,buonjourno,playphone


    please remove me from this subcription on number


    remove me from you subcription list for number

  18. Elaine Hall says:

    cell phone #919-268-5583.My 13 year old grandson subscribed to ring tones without permission, believing the advertisement that it was free. This used up all of his prepaid minutes. This phone is in my name. Please discontinue this service.

  19. Erik says:

    I was an employee of this company after I had been laid off from my previous job in the IT field. From the very beginning this company felt very wierd, sort of like a cult in the way they did business and acted. They were very secretive and would not allow anybody “new” to really “know” what was going on. From the very beginning this I knew this was a scam and I did not go to a private college and get my MBA just to work for a scam company. I quit after 2 months, and if anyone has any questions about this company, please get a hold of me as I will help you testify against any wrongdoings against you, your billing, etc.

  20. Dave says:

    I started to see charges on my monthly bill after I added a second phone for my 16 y/o brother. I asked if he went to any site and he says that he went to a few sites but only free ringtone sites and he never purchased anything. I contacted AT&T and they advised me I had to contact the company which I can’t seem to find a working number for. I’ve been charged 9.99 for the past 4 months from OpenMarket and have no clue who authorized this charge as I haven’t and its illegal for a 16 y/o to authorize this type of charge in the US.

  21. Ryan Nolan says:

    I’m also receiving charges. I need these removed and refunded.

  22. Kathy Keltner says:

    My complaint is the same as the rest on this site. AT&T has credited me so for, but I’m sure eventually that will stop.

  23. GERRY says:

    Have been billed past four months for $19.99 per month and did not sign up nor have I received any services from these guys. Bill says “Striker SMS – Open Market”.

  24. Eric Warzecha says:

    My AT&T bill is set to autopay. I have an iPhone so I know that these types of subscription services are not even allowed. Randomly, this month after checking my bill I notice $32 worth of openmarket and m-cube charges at the very bottom of my bill. I took it up with AT&T after some research of my past bills. I have been getting charged this for 2 years, ever since starting iPhone service. Now I feel stupid because it took 2 years to catch and it is a lesson to be thorough when going through phone bills. Since AT&T only credited me going back 6 months, I need to take this issue up with m-Qube and OpenMarket themselves.

  25. Laura says:

    I found a $14.99 charge on my cell phone bill from this company and have never accessed the internet from my phone. I had no problem getting AT&T to remove the charge, but how is this even legal?

  26. Gina says:

    On 2/6/09 open market applied a 14.99 charge to my bill for my husbands number for download of digital content. My husband rarely uses his phone and is not very technically savy. he swears he has never downloaded anything on his phone. I have contacted AT&T to remove the charges due to my dispute but am concerned if this will actually stop the charges. No one can tell me the specific digital download that was supposed to have occurred and I cannot find any thing on his phone that shows he has anything other than “default/ factory content”.

  27. Marnie says:

    Apparently, my husband entered his cell phone number for “age verification” on a website for game cheats, but when it started asking for additional personal info, he closed the site. Next thing we know, we’re being charged $9.99/month on our AT&T bill for a “subscription”. Thankfully, AT&T was able to give us a full credit for the 3 months of charges and has supposedly put a password protected block on downloads, etc. on our phones. Hopefully we can figure out how to block the text messages from this “company” so we won’t be charged in the future. What a scam!

  28. Nelson says:

    I had a 9.99 charge on my ATT bill. No idea why. It said Open Market. ATT wiped it RIGHT OFF. Open Market seems to be scumbags.

  29. Gary says:

    Total scumbags. Credit to the AT&T phone rep, she wiped out the charges which go back several months. We also had auto-billing on the account and I didn’t follow the charges too closely. We added two lines for girls in the family, specifically instructing the retail counter rep at the AT&T store to block all data services on the lines. They did not, and we were getting billed monthly for ringtones, Open Market and Telenav – what the hell is a 13 year old getting billed 10/month for navigation services for?

    In any case, the lines are now blocked and the charges have been reversed. Open Market should be prosecuted ASAP for blatantly fraudulent business practices.

  30. Robert says:

    Same issue. I have an ATT family plan with four lines, one for me, spouse and our two kids. Stared seeing 9.99 charges a couple of months ago on two to the lines. Contacted ATT and learned these were “Premium Subscription Services” from Open Market. ATT cleared two months worth of the charges and the ATT rep told me this is a common occurrance. He said its easy to respond to a text or enter your phone number on a website and get set up on a subscription you don’t want. He put a purchase blocker on each of the 4 lines. But the charges go back more than two months and I may get screwed for those charges. What a farce.

  31. Tina says:

    I just opened my phone bill and saw a 9.99 charge from OpenMarket for a subscription for “Too Lazy”. I called AT&T to report it and they credited the charge and stopped the subsciption. HOW IS THIS LEGAL? If AT&T knows about this and has to keep crediting the charges, why can’t they and the other phone companies stop it?

  32. Pauline says:

    I have a Go Phone from AT&T, so I do not get a monthly bill, but I noticed my minutes kept being used up even though I seldom use the phone. I finally called AT&T , who said I was being billed by a 3rd party company, Open Market Playphone , & the charges would be on-going, unless I put a block on it. Upon further investigation, I discoved they had been billing me $14.99 per mo for 5 months! AT&T asked me if I had entered my number into any website, & @ the time I couldn’t think of any…it had been so long ago.
    Then I remembered playing an IQ game on Facebook, that wanted your cell phone number in order to send your results…Boy do I feel Dumb…
    They’re probably getting a real kick out of how ‘smart’ alot of us are ! Yes, I played the game, but I wasn’t told it would cost me $14.99 & then keep on billing me for 5 months !…….

  33. Dan says:

    If I could sue OpenMarket into the ground I would. Oddly, no one is able to explain just how I got roped into a $14.99 monthly charge from these people. We’ll see if ATT handles it right.

  34. Capt. Scott McCune says:

    I found a charge from Openmarket on my verizon account I never authorized anything…Heck i don’t even know why it showed up to this day!

  35. Scott Baldwin says:

    I just recently found the OpenMarket $14.99 monthly fee on my AT&T Wireless Bill and as everyone else am wondering where it came from!

  36. Derek says:

    I just recently found the OpenMarket $14.99 monthly fee on my AT&T Wireless Bill and as everyone else am wondering where it came from! Open market just processes the charges for companies. My charge was also 14.99 a month and came from

  37. Derek says:

    I had att put purchase blocks on all my lines…

  38. rex says:

    I was charged $30 for this month and $20 last month and total $70 for last 4 months. I call T-mobil they just told me to block my son’s text msg service and still charge me. I may have to cancel the whole line.

  39. Binod says:

    I have been getting billed 14.99 a month since at least april 2010, until I finally realised it this month, and had it cancelled now…..this company ought to be shut down

  40. jane pfaff says:

    First of all i donot understand exactly what went on but all i wanted to do was get a FREE ringtone for my phone. My son pays my bill so i really dont want him to have any EXTRA charges. I do not have internet services on MY phone so i couldnt get downloads anyhow. But by the time iirealized what was going on, i had THREE codes. I am thinking my son is going to get charged 3 times and i never got any FREE ringtone.

  41. Jennifer says:

    You were notified that it was a billable service. The carrier requires the company to do so, however you actually need to read the full message, or if it was a child’s line they needed to tell you.
    Premium text are not 3rd party fraud, several sign up for them and enjoy them. Some banks even use the premium messages to notify their customers about account information. What if you wanted one of the services and the carrier blocked you from it? You’d be singing a different tune.

  42. Robin Griffin says:

    I just got my T-mobile bill today. low and behold there is a $9.99 charge on my bill for Open Market. I stumbled across this website while trying to research who the heck Open Market is and why are they charging me this monthly charge that I didn’t authorize. I am getting ready to call T-mobile.

  43. Heather says:

    I have just been charged 9.99 for some openmarket. I don’t even know who the heck they are and I never authorized for them at all. I shouldn’t gave to pay for something I never authorized!!!!

  44. Roxane Permar says:

    My elderly mother has been charged $9.99 a month for many months. I had cleared her bill of all unsolicited charges (approximately $70 per month) when I started to manage her finances. She doesn’t use her cell phone anymore, so I didn’t check carefully. Today I discovered $9,99 per month since summer 2010!

  45. Bob says:

    I found a $9.99 charge for “mobile Love alerts” on my bill. Sprint told me I need to send a text mail to decline the service or they will automatically bill. I told sprint I didn’t think that was legal. They gave me credit and got the company (Open Market) to remove me from their list. Open Market’s number is supposedly 877-382-4750.

  46. Ryan says:

    I just had a $14.99 charge show up for some lame mobile game show. Based on the dates in the threads, this has been going on for years. Why can’t something be done about this?

  47. Frank says:

    Been paying that $9.99 per month charge for almost a year now. We went to Verizon last night to have my wife’s old phone switched over to me and asked the Tech what the $9.99 bill was for. She told us it was for sending pictures through email. I checked my account online today and the $9.99 is for Data and it says ‘OPENMARKET’ next to it . That is all the information I have on the charge. I would think that these BIG companies like Verizon should be aware of this rip off and try to help their loyal customers!!!

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