Ringtones | Unauthorized Cell Phone Ringtone Charges

If you were charged on your wireless cell phone bill for polyphonic ringtones, monophonic ringtones, or realtone (i.e., truetone) ringtones that you never authorized, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized Cell Phone Ringtone Charges–

Why Am I Being Charged For Ringtones I Never Ordered?

If you don’t know why ringtone charges are on your cell phone bill, you are not alone!  Many, many cell phone consumers have complained about having unauthorized ringtone charges mysteriously show up on their monthly cell phone bills.

When you called your carrier to complain about the unauthorized ringtone charges, did your carrier tell you that you must have authorized the ringtone charges, even though you know for a fact that you didn’t buy any ringtones?

After insisting that you must be wrong, did your phone carrier pass the buck and tell you to contact the carriers’ aggregator or billing agent about the ringtones?  After you contacted the aggregator about the ringtones charges on your bill, did they refer you to a mobile content provider whom they insisted obtained your authorization to bill you for ring tones?

Were you unable to reach the ringtone content provider to dispute the issue?  Were you unable to unsubscribe to the ringtone subscription service that you never signed up for in the first place?

You are not alone.

Do You Even Know What a Ringtone or Ring Tone Is?

A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a cellular telephone to indicate an incoming call and is most often used to refer to the customizable sounds available on mobile phones.

Monophonic Ringtones

A monophonic ringtone is a type of ringtone that is only capable of playing one sound at a time.

Polyphonic Ringtones

A polyphonic ringtone is a cell phone ringtone where more than one note of a song is played at the same time (up to 40 notes can play at the same time). The polyphonic ringtone offers a more complex sounding song than the monophonic ringtone, and can  emulate different musical instruments, simulating a digital orchestra in your pocket when your phone rings. Polyphonic ringtones lack one thing: the ability to use digitalized audio samples.Realtone or Truetone RingtonesTrue tone ringtones, also called real tone, realtones, full music ringtones, voice tones, or MPS ringtones can play actual music. The true tone ringtone can play fully digitalized audio samples such as MP3s, including the vocals.  Realtone ringtones are far more advanced than polyphonic or monophonic ringtones. Ringtones | Unauthorized Cell Phone Ringtone Charges Tags

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If you were charged on your wireless cell phone bill for polyphonic ringtones, monophonic ringtones, or realtone (i.e., truetone) ringtones that you never authorized, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized Cell Phone Ringtone Charges–

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42 Responses to “Ringtones | Unauthorized Cell Phone Ringtone Charges”

  1. Michael S. says:

    $50 on 4 services!!

  2. Kathryn L. says:

    $19.99 a month

  3. Wendy C. says:

    Lost $30.00 Because I signed up for RingAza which I believed would get me free ringtones. Instead I go NO ringtones with a monthly charge on my phone statement without my consent. What a bunch of crap!

  4. Reuben Z says:

    By (only) looking for free offer of free ringtones, became hooked for $33.95 on my Alltel’s bill for October 2007, from care@ringtones #71769 who after answering [10 days later from Australia] said they would not reverse charges. They need to be stopped!!

  5. Lisa G. says:

    Since August 2007 I have been charge for text message alert 75557 every Tuesday of everyweek. I was told it looks like a joke of the day text. I should text stop to the number. I explained to customer service rep, my phone isn’t programmed to text. I was advised to change my cp #. Just received a new bill for the new cp # $23.96 charge for number in used for 3 weeks!!!! Sprint PCS has only credit October bill but not September and I specifically requested a credit for both months. On top of all of this I get a late fee charge when I have had a 47.89 credit with no money owed since I have paid the October bill before realizing I was charge for this stupid 75557 text alert.

  6. Amy says:

    My daughter has been getting charged $9.99 a month since June after texting STOP to an offer from thumbplay. AT&T can only refund 2 months of charges. My daughter looked over the latest bill and found 3 ringtones she didn’t download. Wish I had looked closely at my bill before now as I am sure there are other things she never purchased! Her access is now blocked. How about getting CONGRESS to make some PROGRESS with legislation against this garbage?!

  7. michele says:

    I noticed my son was being charged $9.99 for something he did not ask for. It says ringaza content and 3rd party is opera telecom. I called t-Mobile they said he had to text to get the information, but yet the bill shows no texts outgoing or incoming from a number we don’t recognize. I think its fraudulant for a company to think they can get away with this and another thing he is a minor! There is no contact info for this ringaza other than I n eed to give my order number, cell number to even have the email sent, I wont give out my cell and cant give order number because one was never given because nothing was ever ordered

  8. phil prawl, sr. says:

    billed for thumbplay for ringtone $9.99 I neither ordered or received in nov 07. AT&T service provider said they would fix nov 30, 07

  9. no ringer says:

    $30 in Nov.Another $30 in Dec. My daughter who has no idea what this is all about had to pay me for it. All of the texting from 71769 came in during the school class hours after investigating. Spring cannot do anything about it. Told me to send text back with STOP.

  10. Flycell hater says:

    My 12 year old and her friend clicked on a link on the internet about free ringtones. Apparently they were prompted to enter a cell number at flycell.com in order to look at the site. She never downloaded or ordered a ringtone. Then she started getting text alerts/ messages. She didn’t understand where the messages were coming from or that they had anything to do with the ringtone website. I also didn’t know what was going on for 8 months. Then, due to an automatic billing problem, I began closly looking at my bill and couldn’t believe the $9.99 + 5 texts at $5.99 each on her phone line. I then went back and discovered this had been going on for 8 months and totaled to over $250. She said she responded to the original messages to “stop” and “cancel”. But then just received even more messages each month. So she just started to ignore/delete them. Sprint reversed the last 2 months of charges, but wouldn’t do more. Flycell’s responce was “We regret to inform you but we cannot issue a refund.”

  11. Neal Wermers says:

    Went on a web site to get a FREE UK ringtone. Got to the point where it tells you about the monthly enrollment to get the FREE ringtone. Istop right there and did not in any way sign up for anything. I exited the web site with out signing up for anything. And never recieved any ringtone.

  12. William Backes says:

    I found a m-cube billing of 19.99 on my Dec bill. I called ATT and they said the subscription was already cancelled. What is really strange and frightening is I never subscribed or cancelled the service. ATT was very responsive and is issuing a credit.

  13. JOAN says:


  14. mary jane coker says:

    stop membership now

  15. Lawrence says:

    I received three charges for ringtones by T-Mobile, even though I have a data plan and I used a data card (not a phone). There is no possible way that my data card could or would have initiated and verified a ringtone purchase.

  16. Deanna says:

    Just went over our bills back to 12/06 and there are 208.00 worth of charges we didn’t authorize. I then called AT&T and the stupid man said they could only go back 3 months, so he credited us 30.00 roughly. He said he could only “see” back 6 months. He work for the company and can only see back 6 months??? WTH?
    Anyhow, I tried explaining the spam thing to him as I’ve disputed this before and he said well, it’s something that you must’ve signed up for because it’s a subscription. I was so pissed. There was just no explaining to him and I hate being patronized, like I’m stupid! So I guess I will call AT&T EVERY month this issue comes up!!!!!

  17. osorio says:

    There are charges on my coproate cell bill from opera telecom and I have tried to contact sprint/nextel and they have told me i have to contact the third party. Problem is I have searched high and low on the net to try and find some way to contact this company and have had no success. This has been on my bill for 4 months at 9.99 a month. isnt there anything that sprint can do? We have no idea what this even is!

  18. denise says:

    My 12 year clicked on a link on the internet about free ringtones. She was prompted to enter a cell number, email address, etc. in order to look at the site. She never downloaded or ordered a ringtone. She never got any text alerts or messages. We’ve been charged $20-40 per month since July 07. We called our provider (SUNCOM) when we first noticed charges, and they said it was third party that bills through Suncom, blah blah blah, then gave us a phone number to call to unsubscribe. I called and it was an automated system (no human) and entered some info and was given the message that I was unsubscribed. The next month, the charges were there again. We called Suncom furious again and got the same story. Tried to “UNSUBSCRIBE” again. Last month there were no charges mysteriously. NOW today’s bill it’s there again but when we call Suncom they tell us the third party is a different company (New Motion?). What can be done? This is unauthorized charges on our bill. Our account with Suncom is password protected. Even when we call to change services on our plan, the passcode has to be given. So how can it be so easy for anyone to just add these charges to our bill? In reality, anyone could enter anyone’s phone number, email address, etc., and BAM they’re being charged. It’s so frustrating. This has to be illegal.

  19. Doreen Stanbury says:

    I went into the site to browse the ringtones on offer. They asked for my mobile no. and sent me a txt which I wasn’t overly surprised about as I thought they were just seeing if we synchronised. I texted back ‘ok’. I then received another text telling me I had signed up with them. I hadn’t chosen a ‘free’ ringtone because there was nothing that I wanted. They charged me £4.50 for nothing!!!! I’ve made several requests for a refund but they absolutely refuse. This is stealing and fraud

  20. Amber says:

    I have been charged since August on these two. 9.99 each. When I finally fot ahold of Logistic Ringers, they took me off there billing cycle and refunded me. However, when the refunded me the check was no good. I ended up getting a charge back at my bank. As for Opera Ringers, I can not find a phone number for them. Sprint thinks I am craZy becuase I call them every month. in all I have paid approximately 70.00 to Opera and 50.00 to Logistic.

  21. charlotte says:

    i dont want these ringtones. total mistake. wanted to be off the call list. unsubscribe me please thanks. i do not want to be billed for this.

  22. Susan says:

    We have been charged between 20-30 dollars for the last 8 months. Sprint says they are unable to do anything because it is a third party yet I cannot find a number to contact–and the unsubscribe isn’t working.

  23. Sandra Bain says:

    Stop this charge for a service that I never ordered from you.

  24. Sandra Bain says:

    stop the charges that are being made to my account to a service that I never asked for or want.

  25. Decota Mangrich says:

    My son started subscribing to jokes alert because it said it was free when he got to the part that said it would be $9.99 he back out and has not received anything on his phone but yet I was charged. What do I do to get my $9.99 back. Thank you.

  26. Laurir2 says:

    I received my bill today and found this added Opera Telecom: Ringer charge. I didn’t order it either. I contacted Sprint and got on their chat with an agent. I spoke with Rose. She said to google it. Of course I couldn’t find it but she found http://www.operatelecom.com/ and said it was there I need to go to clear this off my bill. I DON’T know where to unsubscribe it but I tried. We’ll see if I get a response.

  27. Ruth Syvlester says:

    I read the intro and it was just what i went through today. 3 hits, 29.97.

  28. jvharris says:

    I had the same $9.99 charge from Opera Telecom on my Verizon bill. Never heard of them. Verizon credited the charge & suggested I add block premium text messaging to my features. That’s free. Done! But we shouldn’t have to do that.

  29. ALeinweber says:

    I’m being charged for unauthorized services. STOP AND REFUND MY MONEY!!

  30. Kayla says:

    In august thees charges appered i didnt even do anything but im being charged $9.99 a month for a subscription to a nonegsistant account this is bull shit sprint beta do sumthin cuz im pissed how can they just take our muny an not get cought?!?! its stealing! jus cuz its not out in the open so u can see it happening its still there an its wrong an wat can u do? how can u prove sumthin wen u cant see it? u cant prove u didnt subscribe. all u can do is bitch an hope sumone finds the proof to stop thees fuckers. its wrong an immoral sumthin needs to b dun an ima try my damndest to get to the bottom of this!

  31. sharon harrington says:

    they charged us $20! for something!

  32. Willam Umphrey says:

    I am being charged on a monthly basis for a ringer i did not dowload. Please have this removed from my device 913-314-0091

  33. Lori H says:

    Inadvertently signed up for Opera Telecom Ringers; cancelled by texting STOP to their number within 5-30 minutes of receiving activation notice. Was billed $9.99 on my company’s August cell phone bill anyway. 8/17/09 – Googled the company and found three telephone numbers. On the first, the voice mail box was full; on the second, it was only voice mail; on the third, it was disconnected. Found that the company changed their name to Oxygen8. Tried their telephone number and it was voice mail only. Left message requesting a call back; awaiting response. Also emailed the company demanding a refund; awaiting a response. We’ll see what happens.

  34. Saddie Gillespie says:

    I had a charge of $9.99 charged to my T-Mobile phone bill by Opera Telecom for services I did not order.

  35. khem says:

    My T-mobile bill has been charged from Opera Telecom. I called to T-mobile, but they said they can not waive & 9.99. I did not sigh up for this service, why should I pay ? How can I get rid of this, any suggestion ? Thanks

  36. Lori H says:

    Still have not heard back from Opera Telecom regarding a refund on the charges to my work cell phone. Just left another voice mail and sent another email to their Customer Care department.

  37. debbie spee says:

    how do i stop a ctones sug charges from an unknown source

  38. debbie spee says:

    how do i stop a ctones subscription charge from an unknown source

  39. Sheldon says:

    Got a 9.99 subscription charge for “Skycell:Ringtone – 58560 MM Ring Sub -11/08” on my bill.
    I know for a fact that I never subscribed to any such thing.

    After talking to customer service they said they will block me from any of these so called “premium services” and waive the charge.

  40. Steve Stribley says:

    Skycell:Ringtone – 58560 MM Ring Sub
    Never ordered and do not use ringtones. How do they get away with this?

  41. Denise says:

    I got this similar subscription from I don’t know where: kycell:Ringtone – 58560 MM Ring Sub. Its terrible that yo u have no control or safety over what you are billed. I am very disappointed as I think it is linked to trying to get what I believed was a free ring tone online. I said no in the end but they got my number. Now I can only hope I can sever this thread easily

  42. Jacob Monene says:

    I am subscribe to Opera Telecoms without my knowledge. May you please unsubcribe me. My number is 0738108755 please may you please unsubcribe me I beg you. I am not interested in it and I was never interetsed before.

    May you please do as I request please.

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