PredictoMobile, LLC d/b/a PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto: 654654

If you have received charges on your wireless cellular phone bill from PredictoMobile, LLC d/b/a PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto: 654654 for mobile content services and subscriptions (i.e., surveys, votes, news alerts, ringtones, premium text messaging services, joke a day programs, wallpaper, screensavers, text alerts, etc.) that you never ordered or authorized PredictoMobile or Predicto to bill you for, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized PredictoMobile and/or Predicto Cell Phone Charges–

PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto Short Codes:


PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto Websites:

Who Is PredictoMobile, LLC d/b/a PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto?

According to Predicto’s website “Predicto Mobile gives you access to unlimited surveys, votes, and news alerts. You will be charged $9.99 monthly on your mobile phone bill.”

PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto Related Mobile Content Subscriptions and Services and Supporting Carriers:

According to PredictoMobile’s website it provides a “subscription service that is billed at Nine Dollars and Ninety Nine-Cents ($9.99) per month to Your mobile phone bill.”

According to PredictoMobile’s website, “Text your vote on the latest questions from Predicto, $9.99/mo. on cell.* Fun new surveys daily. Every vote gets you a chance to win.”

PredictoMobile’s website says that it posts survey questions related to current events and other topics to your Cell Phone via SMS for premium members; and via their website for basic members and premium members and then premium members may vote on any survey that they receive by following the instructions contained within the SMS message. In addition, “Premium Members will receive selected news updates associated with topics that such Premium Members have previously voted on or otherwise expressed an interest in.” 

Predicto Mobile’s website indicates that Predicto is available to cell phone customers and suscribers of the following wireless phone carriers and telephone service providers: Alltel, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Cellularsouth, nTelos, Suncom Wireless and Virgin Mobile.

How To Cancel or Unsubscribe From PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto Mobile Content Subscriptions and Services

According to Predicto’s website “You may unsubscribe from the service at any time by texting “STOP” to 654654. You may obtain customer service at or by texting “HELP” to 654654.”

According to PredictoMobile’s website “Just text “STOP” to 654654. We’ll cancel your subscription. Right away, we will stop sending you prediction questions, news updates, and other administrative messages. If you cancel after your subscription has renewed but before you have received your cell phone bill, you will see one last monthly charge. But, we will not charge any new amounts on your phone bill after you cancel.”

Predicto Mobile Online Customer Support Inquiry Form:

PredictoMobile Telephone Number:

Predicto Mobile Email:

Predicto Mailing Address:
PredictoMobile, LLC
One Bridge Plaza
Suite 275
Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024

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–Report Unauthorized PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto Cell Phone Charges–

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288 Responses to “PredictoMobile, LLC d/b/a PredictoMobile™ and/or Predicto: 654654”

  1. Ben Budick says:

    PREDICTOMOBILE…These assholes are slamming….and what burns me is I’m with Virgin Mobile which is PREPAID….I dodn’t find out I was being slammed until I checked my cell which I RARELY use for my balance….It’s Bad enough PREDICTO MOBILE is doing this slamming but I’m surprised at VIRGIN MOBILE….By prepaying they have a fiduciary responsibility to guard my account from predators…They should either do due diligence and check the companies they allow to do third party billing on their system OR they should not allow third party billing at all!

  2. jamey says:

    i have a tracphone and i keep getting jokes sent to me that i didnt ask for. even tho there is no charge. i want it stopped, but dont know how ..please help jamey

  3. Maria says:

    Predictomobile charged me 9.99 for a service I never requested. When I called to cancel and get a refund I was told I can not have a refund because I requested the service. Then woman pretty much called me a liar. I verified my Verizon Wireless bill that I never responded but they still will not refund the money. I am going to report them to the BBB.

  4. Michelle Carter says:

    I have been charged for two months for premium text messaging that I have never ordered.

  5. Kubat says:

    i just received notification that i have been charged for a $9.99 download. i did not download anything and have been trying to get my # removed from their list since i received this #. has anyone been sucessful in getting this charge removed?

  6. Teresa says:

    Same story. Never recalled signing up. Sprint was no help.Tried to cancel for 3 months got the run around from them. Finally got somone to help me on the third month. By then was charged for three months. I think these jokers should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  7. Jackie says:

    We just cancelled Predicto after being charged for 2 months. I realized that they get your phone number if you take a quiz online (from a popup window) and it asks for your phone number before giving you the results of the quiz. They can be quizzes like “How smart are you?” etc. You take the whole quiz and then they ask you a few questions including your cell phone number before giving you the results of the quiz. Then I started getting text messages from Predicto every Friday. I do not have a text messaging plan, so to avoid text message charges I delete the text messages. I didn’t know how to get back in touch with them (no website, etc.) until we happened to look at the bill and saw the monthly charge.

  8. Connie Morrison says:

    Keep getting bills from these people

  9. sherwin says:

    they charged me for the subscription that I’ve never subscribed into..

  10. Michele says:

    I have been charged for 4 months from this PREDICTO scam. I immediately called AT&T and they have refunded me all the charges immediately. They said they are well aware of this problem and that today the class action lawsuit is being released in the newspapers. This makes me so mad that AT&T would allow this. Call your carrier immediately, the charges are hidden in the downloads section so it’s not easy to find. Go back as far as you can. Looks like we have to itemize all our bills now to the penny. What a pain!!

  11. CyR says:

    Please also file a complaint against Predictomobile with the Better Business Bureau in Trenton New Jersey. They followed thro for me and I actually got a response back from Predicto via the BBB…..Good Luck.
    Predictomobile is a company listed with them Using a Fort Lee NJ address.

  12. Mike says:

    I just got T Mobile to stop the charges as my sons phone was set up to have 9.99 a month taken out for ever. My son had done a survey online and they just signed him up. He never talked to anyone or new what the service was till I found it on Rip off report and here. T Mobile will help if you have them. I am filing a complaint with the attorney gen. Of my state and the federal trade commission and the BBB. I also feel the money is going to be used to fund terriorest so am letting the FBI know also.

  13. Bruce W. Richer says:

    been charged several times by sprint for 9.99 predictomobile and I never joined it. also many text messages which are advertisements have been billed to my account…..stop 3rd party billing and call me at 401-297-1702 for a class action lawsuit against predictomobile and the phone companies allowing this nonsense

  14. Dave Adams says:

    Predicto charged $9.99 a month on my last 3 AT&T bills. I never joined and don’t even know who they are ! I have no idea how they can do this ! It has GOT to be illegal as hell. I am going to file a complaint with both the FCC and the FTC on this !

  15. Joe M says:

    I also noticed the 9.99 charge and called Sprint. They agreed right away to credit my money back. My wife cannot remember doing a survey and I certainly NEVER fall for that crap! So its either a scam or my wife did it again…

  16. Natalie Chamblesss says:

    I, too, noticed the charges after two months and googled to find this site. What a rip-off!

  17. Sharon Morris says:

    I tried to win a free t-shirt of Macain/Palin, answered a bunch of questions, and they never stoppe asking questions and I could not get out. I finally did, and have been receiving text messages ever since, as well as charges on my cellphone bill. How can I get this to stop?

  18. Predicto Customer Service says:

    We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please note that we at PredictoMobile take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like address any concerns. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-360-0518 so that we can resolve your inquiry. Keep in mind, our toll-free customer service number is also posted on our website as well as included in SMS messages sent to your phone.

    Please note that a customer enrolls in our service by submitting their cell phone number on the PredictoMobile sign-up page which clearly explains the terms and conditions including price of service and billing to the cell phone. We then send the user a text message to their personal cell phone which again details this information. In order to activate the account, the user must then enter the PIN on our website or reply with a confirmation from their cell phone. The clear disclosures and double opt-in process ensures high levels of consumer protection and satisfaction. Again, we look forward to speaking with you and resolving any concerns which you may have.


    Customer Service

  19. Andy G says:

    I too saw Predicto on my ATT wireless bill for Sept 08, service, and we did send text voting 6/10/08 for something from TV but were never told about billing. It was the only time we ever did vote and last time I will ever vote for a TV game show. I called Predicto’s 1-800-360-0518 because my cell phone would not let me send text message per Predicto’s web page to stop and lady @ first tried to get me to join contest and stay on, I got politely hot and said stop today and all charges also. She said they could not stop charges today do to extensive research, I politely blew and asked for supervisor. First lady was nice and transferred me to supervisor, I explained to her that first lady was nice and did what she could but I wanted charges to stop immediately. Supervisor again tried to get me to stay on and I said no and wanted immediate proration or credit or I would report to FCC, FEC and Florida Consumer Affairs. Supervisor said I would get immediate future charges to stop immediately and I also asked for past three months of credit due to slam and they agreed but would be mailed in 7-10 days. The fact that supervisor agreed to 90 day credit of $29.97 leads me to believe they are slamming and if people do not catch it shame on them. If they do not mail I will file complaint with FCC, FEC and Florida Consumer Affairs. My suggestion is call to cancel and check past bills to see how long ago it happened. I would rather see federal law passed that stopped slamming than another class action suit.

  20. Jay Crume says:

    The following is an absolute lie, I received the charges on my cell bill from AT&T for the past two months, I didn’t know where the tet messages were originating from until today. I never, repeat NEVER verified any information or verified a pin number on their website before being charged. They are slamming cell customers and should be stopped. AT&T has creditied my account and acknowledged the problems Predicto is causing. They are supporting the class action against Predicto.

    Predicto Customer Service says:
    We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please note that we at PredictoMobile take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like address any concerns. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-360-0518 so that we can resolve your inquiry. Keep in mind, our toll-free customer service number is also posted on our website as well as included in SMS messages sent to your phone.

    Please note that a customer enrolls in our service by submitting their cell phone number on the PredictoMobile sign-up page which clearly explains the terms and conditions including price of service and billing to the cell phone. We then send the user a text message to their personal cell phone which again details this information. In order to activate the account, the user must then enter the PIN on our website or reply with a confirmation from their cell phone. The clear disclosures and double opt-in process ensures high levels of consumer protection and satisfaction. Again, we look forward to speaking with you and resolving any concerns which you may have.


    Customer Service

    October 15th, 2008 at 11:11 am

  21. Miguel says:

    I just checked my phone bill and I got a 9.99 charge too…tell all your friends, write blogs and contact your state’s Attorney General! This company sucks and is a scam!

  22. Carol G says:

    I finally noticed I was being charged $9.99/mo. after receiving unknown texts on my phone, I immediately went to the web site and cancelled..But, the charge appeared this month again.. This is the biggest scam !

  23. Daniel says:

    I too also received a $9.99 charge from predicto mobile. I called Sprint and they blocked them from billing me and sending texts to my numbers. They also requested a refund but im not sure how it will work. But at least I caught it the first bill.

  24. Jeff says:

    This company claims to have a double opt in process. Their process is deceptive and should be illegal.

    I took an IQ quiz on line and had to go through a series of pages of advertisements in order to get the results of my quiz. At one point they asked for my cell phone number and said they would send me a PIN number that I could use to get the final results. I certainly don’t recall ever seeing something that stated that I was agreeing to sign up for any charge. Just because I had to take two steps to get my quiz results does not mean the I have really gone through a “double opt in process.”

    Even though I scored 150 on the IQ test I feel like a real dumb ass for falling for their scam. Completing the IQ test and going through pages of advertisements takes so long that by the time they ask for the PIN number to get the results you have invested so much time that it is hard to turn back.

    Predicto Mobile works with a company called Smiley Media. Smiley Media told me that Predicto is one of their advertisers. Smiley said that Smiley gets a percentage of the ongoing revenue from the fees that Predicto charges to the phone companies.

    Smiley Media can be reached at 512-767-7580. Hit “0″ when the voice mail message comes on to be connected to the operator. Smiley doesn’t provide an address on their website but says they are in Austin, TX. They said that Virginia Brown handles the Predicto account. She has not returned my voicemail yet.

    Predicto Mobile (800-360-0518) has a call center in the Phillipines and one in Henderson, NV. Marge, Jannis and Lucy are the three supevisors in NV. They would not proivide the names of any more senior people, the phone number for their coporate office or their call center address. They did provide me the address of their corporate office:
    One Bridge Plaza
    Suite 275
    Fort Lee, NJ 07024

    Both of these companies know that they are using a bait and switch approach to sign up people for their service. I think it is at least unethical and should be illegal.

    They told me they would send me a refund of the $9.99 but I won’t stop there.

    I think we can all contact the Better Business Bureau and Attorney Generals office in NV, NJ and TX. We can also make more postings on line and contact the cell phone companies to tell them to stop paying the charges. We can also continue to contact the offices of Predicto Mobile and Smiley Media to tell them to stop. At least we can collectively waste their time dealing with our calls.

    Any other ideas of how we can stop this unethical company?

  25. Liz Dunn says:

    They have charged me $9.99 on two occasions and 5.99 one time. Also, charges .15 for each message. Not authorized by me. E-mailed them to no avail.

  26. Dan Ponti says:

    My son started receiving a weekly text message from PredictoMobile every few days beginning after he returned home in August from doing volunteer work in the Dominican Republic. Not knowing what these messages were, he just deleted them. Our cell bill varies some from month to month so I didn’t notice the $9.99 charge until now. We’ve been billed twice and have been hit with another charge that will come on our next bill.

    My son couldn’t have signed up for the service – he was out of the country without his cell phone or computer access for two months – the charges first came in before he got home.

    I had him send the STOP message to 654654 and called Sprint to have the service blocked.

    Customer service rep Beth not only blocked the service, she also refunded me the two existing charges and reversed the charge on my upcoming bill.

    Props to Beth and to Sprint for making things right for us, but this PredictoMobile scam has hit the depth of sleaze.

  27. Laura Nilson says:

    They are charging me, I don’t even know who they are or how long they have been on my bill, but I have been getting screwy text messages from them.

  28. mike says:

    I am with T-Mobil and they did remove 4 months charges from Predictomobil, that I never ordered. You Rock T-Mobil. Screw Predicto. I hate unsolicited text messages.

  29. Jenn says:

    I received a yes or no question from this company and answerred no. They then sent another message immediately. I do not know how they got my number or why they sent these messages. I sent STOP to them and the messages stopped. The last message they sent me said something along the lines of “Your services have been cancelled. You will not be charged.” Next thing I know, there’s a $9.99 fee from Predictomobile on my bill.

  30. Tulsi says:

    I am with US Celular and they did NOT remove $9.99 unauthorizee charges from Predictomobil. I hate this.

  31. Tulsi says:

    I am with US Celuer and they did NOT remove $9.99 unauthorize charges from Predictomobil. Pl. stop stealing by PredictoMoble.

  32. Tulsi says:

    I am with US Celuler and they did NOT remove $9.99 unauthorize charges from Predictomobil. Please stop stealing by PredictoMoble. Idon,t know anything about it.

  33. Louise says:

    Predicto lies. They do not stop charging you even though they get your cell number fraudulently. They verified that I canceled, but keep charging me and Verizon keeps accepting the charges, which makes them colluders in this fraud. Don’t believe Predicto. They don’t want you to cancel and the phone reps get $$$ to keep you subscribed.

  34. Kevin says:

    My wife was charged and she didnt sign up on the website as stated in Customer Service above.

    According the site’s FAQ you can get ding’d by texting that 65xxxx number. They need to be stopped. it’s a SCAM.

  35. Melody says:

    I get my monthly online bill from AT&T. I have the iphone, so my bill isn’t exactly cheap. I pay 92.01 and whenever I download something, I do it straight from itunes that bills my credit card so my monthly bill is always the same. When i saw my bill was $102, i just thought “what the fuck would I download that was 9.99? i wouldn’t pay 9.99 for any kind of application”. So then I noticed this thing called Predicto that I supposedly signed up for. Mother fucker I was pissed because i know i can do nothing about it except “unsubscribe” and bitch about it. I don’t even remember getting a text, but knowing me, i probably saw it and thought it was just texting-marketers and deleted it.

  36. Phil says:

    I just got a text from this predicto mobil. It was describing a $9.99 charge. I called the toll free number provided in the text. After about a Ten Minute run around and finally getting to talk to a supervisor, I was told that a refund check would be mailed to me in 7 to 10 days We will see. The good thing though is not more than Five minutes after I hung up I recieved a text again from predicto explaining that the subscription had been cancelled and I would incur no more charges. So now I’ll just hold my breath for a refund check. I was very adament about the fact I wanted the charges reversed. I would not take no for an answer. I also got te employee name and employee number of the person who said I would be getting a refund.

  37. Mark says:

    Unbelievable! I just noticed this charge for $9.99 that appears on my T-Mobile bill. I never signed up for this service and have never received a text message from them. I called T-Mobile and had to get pretty nasty because the rep kept giving me the 800 number to Predictomobile and saying there was nothing T-Mobile could do. I asked for a supervisor so I could close my account (been with them 8 years) because I WAS NOT going to pay the $9.99. They sent me to a supervisor who immediately reversed the charge and BLOCKED Predictomobile from all of my phones.

  38. Francesco says:

    I too noticed a charge on my T-Mobile bill. I never agrre to or signed up for the service. They gladly reversed the charges and asked them to block Predictomobile.

  39. ROSEMARY says:

    I am in the same situation as many of you—-I have been so angry about this scam. I have filed a complaint with BBB.
    I just cannot believe that this guys can get away with this. I cancelled it the day I saw it but still was charged the 9.99. If it appears again what recourse do I have? I am seriously thinking of getting a new phone number.

  40. Mike says:

    I am in the same situation as many of you—-I have been so angry about this scam. I have filed a complaint with BBB.
    I just cannot believe that this guys can get away with this. I cancelled it the day I saw it but still was charged the 9.99. If it appears again what recourse do I have? I am seriously thinking of getting a new phone number.

  41. Jennifer Spence says:

    These people are a piece of work. they did the same thing to me. Charging me 9.99 for something I dont know about and tell me I signed up when I took some survey. CAN SOMEONE STOP THESE PEOPLE.

  42. Matt says:

    The only thing I can remember participating in is a phone survey with MSNBC about the election. If that is how Predictomobile is SLAMMING that should make MSNBC a willing participant. I am mad as hell and plan on calling MSNBC and complaining. I do not doubt that MSNBC is getting kickbacks from this. The only disclaimer was “usual text messaging rates apply.” I plan on complaining to T-Mobile and trying to get a refund.

  43. Le says:

    PredictoMobile is a scamming website, that’s all they are. Always trying to scam good hardworking people by doing these types of things. Somebody should sue them.

  44. Cell Law Man says:

    To stop the service all you have to do is reply to one of their text messages and text “STOP” to them and it will immediately cancel you service. I hope you all get this blog. it is the only way to cancel their service.

  45. Anna Lewis says:

    I just called Verizon today, to find out why my bill was so high. I saw a high incidence of texting on my cell phone, which reflected the high cost of my bill. I do not text ANYONE, nor does anyone I know text me. These were unsolicited calls. Verizon gave me the phone number and name of Predicto Mobile, who claims that I signed up on some survey site. I do not fill out surveys, as I know they are total scams and wastes of time. I also don’t buy into astrology services or “jokes”. They are totally lying about me signing up for their services, and they should be severely punished. I am seriously thinking of calling the local news to expose these frauds. Also, just to let you know, when you sign up with a wireless company, you need to make sure that you block ALL TEXT MESSAGING, in order to block these thieves from billing onto your cellular account. If you love texting, it’s at your own cost. I’d rather IM on the computer, talk on my cell, or talk to people in person. It’s not worth the texting charges, especially when you’re being billed for things you NEVER signed up for.

  46. Jonathan Klopman says:

    I fell into the same trap- I was scammed by predicto and never signed up. Please let me know if there is recourse.

  47. Mike says:

    I have been charged 5 times ($9.99) over the past 2 months. Verizon would not reverse the charges however. I too filled out some stupid survey and le voila, i was getting random text messages about things I do not care about. Going to their website of course does not provide a phone number to call. Anyonwe got that number by chance? Also, will be reporting these jokers to the Better Business Bureau today. It won’t be long before these scammers ruin all that is good about the internet.

  48. Donna says:

    I received charges from Predictomobile on my cell phone bill of $9.99. What a rip!! I never signed up for this. I wondered what these crazy text messages were about. I called them and they cancelled, however, they claim I used the pin number and went to a website and eentered it. Just not true!!! I have never seen their website before.

  49. julia says:

    I am being billed for something i never signed up for and if it is the company I think its is then I cancelled right away, but I am still being billed at least 3 months now which is like 30.00. i just want to be refunded.

  50. Keith says:

    My son signed up and is only 14. I informed them he is not of legal age to sign onto a monthly contract. I was very persistant and they gave in eventually. They are sending me a check.

  51. Richard says:

    Yea – super scam – I wonder why they dont’ charge $1000 or $10,000 per month. They claimed refund request to office then I get a repsonse – nada – I responded to them with $1000 / $10,000 thought. They’re recycling my request (supposedly) – I did mention class action law suite – I suppose they’re waiting for my name to show up at the BBB before they cut a check – jerks.

    Shame on the cell phone companies too for sure and the web site that push their ad at me at the end of a registration process giving me the impression that I had to do it!

  52. Ruth says:

    I just noticed that my bill had two charges for $9.99. It was on my sons phone. When I asked him about it he said they had just started sending him text’s.

    When I went online to their website it said that children between 13-17 can’t subscribe without a parent doing it for them. I had not done this and wonder how to get my money back. Verizon won’t help.

  53. Carrie Mathews says:

    Well I found out how my mom got charged. She called 1800Free411 and thought she was entering a contest. She never was told she would get charged. Verizon did not give us any trouble in taking it off the bill.

  54. kate says:

    I was signed up for this without my consent when I entered a contest thru Tastykake company to win Eagles tickets! I have now been charged on 3 phone bills for premium text messaging! WTF!

  55. chris says:

    noticed it on last months bill, had no idea what it was. i called t-mobile to have it settled.

    they immediately reversed the charge and black-listed the number from being able to have contact with my account. and, have also reported the scam to a lawyer.

  56. Austin M says:

    never requested their stupid service..noticed the 9.99 charge and knew immediately something was wrong w my bill..i cant believe they are still able to do this to innocent people

  57. Steve says:

    I’ve been getting a couple of annoying text msgs a month from Predicto on my business cell phone. They say I just got so many points and would I predict important things like, say, whether Brad and Angelina will divorce. I ignored and deleted them.

    I don’t see bills for my work phone, but it’s a slow day and finally looked at every tab in T-Mobile’s latest bill.
    Though I never signed up for anything, my company has been charged $9.99 a month since July 08.
    I canceled, but I’m doubtful my employer can get back the money.

  58. John Burton says:

    How to submit?

  59. G.ToMaS V says:

    I work for Verizon. I constantly get calls about these premium text messages. We are advised by above that we cannot credit customers accounts. You have to opt out of the subscription by texting stop to the 5 digit text message. We already know corporations rule the economy, the country and sometimes the world. The people that make back alley deals with these premium text messaging “third party vendors” are your parents, your grandparents, your brothers and your sisters that work as executives on a board of other executives that work for these huge corporations, sprint, verizon, tmobile. If we’re not raped with charges from a cell phone company then we are going to be finacially raped by another corporation in america. This is what america believes in, this is what every one of you has made this country what it is today, this is what America is all about these days and has been escalating since the beginning and I’m sad to say Its just going to get worse so stop being ignorant. I wish i lived on an island far away with my family. May God Help Us

  60. O.C. Garcia says:

    I am writing on behalf of my parents who are NOT AllTell subscribers but who continue to receive annoying automated calls from ALLTELL to the land line they have had for 42 years. These daily calls are looking for folks who are delinquent in paying their bills. Interestingly, the calls they receive are for several different AllTell customers … not the same person. I have contacted AllTell customer service on behalf of my aging parents to try to resolve this matter. I made the seventh call today and must say that AllTell has now reached an impressive level of incompetence. Not only have they been unable to stop these calls, every customer service representative reads from the same script and gives me the “your paremts will not receive another call” line. And then, the calls continue. I am not an AllTell customer and will never be an AllTell customer. I am so frustrated in trying to get this resolved that if AllTell were the only cell phone provider on the planet I would opt for using pigeons. Can anybody at AllTell resolve this matter? Is it that hard? Have seven or more different people really falsely submitted my parent’s land line when they signed up for their service? I can assure AllTell that my parents are not harboring the fugitives they are looking for. My goodness, they would not be able to feed them all. So, come on AllTell. Get it All Together and resolve this problem.

  61. Dean Davis says:

    I found that there was an extra charge of $9.99 on my sprint cell phone bill. I spoke to a woman (Diane) with the Sprint billing department who told me that I had subscribed to some kind of voting “service” called Predictomobile Vote. I had never subscribed to any such nonsense. Diane gave me this number: 1-800-360-0518 to cancel this subscription. She assured me that this would not be charged to me in the future, but could not remove the charge of $9.99. I called the toll free number and got someone speaking in a foreign accent who was difficult to understand. I told her that I wanted to be removed from their subscription list. She asked for my phone number. To avoid additional passive terrorism, I declined to give her my phone number and asked if she was located within the United States. She said “No, sir.” and I ended the phone call. This has got to be illegal. Homeland security should be taking steps to protect us from such heinous acts. A class action suit should be initiated against this company and any other entity that is associated with it. I will gladly participate or help to initiate such a class action suit if it is possible to make these criminals pay for what they have done.

  62. Paul says:

    Noticed a higher bill the last two months and finally took the time to review my last US Cellular statement.
    Like the rest of you, I did not subscribe but was still getting questions on my phone.
    Logged onto PredictoMobile website to cancel which was easy to do. Knowing these types of companies, I also called the 800 number to make sure it was cancelled.
    The representative started the “benefits” of continuing my membership but I cut her short saying I’m not interested.
    Got her name and extension in case charges show up on my next bill.
    Will be contacting US Cellular also to make sure charges are not added.

  63. LordCisco says:

    Same sheit
    I called the 1800 number told them i didnt sign up for this st00f demanded a refund was trandfered (first tier cupport cannot do it) told spelling of name and full address refuysed to give them my email address they initially said they would only refund me one month i said ive been getting billed the dame time day and time every month they couldnt verify that to me but when i said its apperent on my cell phone bill and i dont care about their systems and if im not refunded everything i was billed i would contact the bbb in trenton and become part of the class action lawsuit tee hee mwahahahaha I got them to agree to refund me for 3 months(they only billed me for 2 months)
    come on these scamm sites cant con a con-artist well thats how you stick it to them and any other 9.99 bill you see on your cell phone bill this is the 3rd place ive taken care of
    good luck people and just get past the first tier of testical support and youll get your check in the mail

  64. Karissa says:

    This is the 3rd month that my husband has received a BOGUS charge of 9.99 on our cell bill. Today I called PredictoMobile and currently a lady is surgically having my foot removed from her ass! At first I talked to some lady and she tried to feed me a line of shit, saying my husband received a pin # via text and entered it on a website that he agreed for these charges. I proceeded to tell her where to stick it b/c I know he didn’t do that. I asked to talk to someone that could help me get my money back. She got me a supervisor and the supervisor tried to feed me the same line of shit, so I told her where to stick it as well! She said that it was against their policy to give refunds and she could only closed my account, not credit past charges. I then proceeded to rip this lady a new asshole and before the conversation was finished, she agreed to send me a check in the mail of $29.97 for the past 3 months. Every damn one of these bastards ought to be prosecuted.

  65. Jackie Sibley says:

    I’ve been billed for a service I didn’t sign up for. I have attempted to “STOP” this but unsure if I will have any luck; at least right away.

  66. jjj says:


  67. Ned says:

    I received my T-Mobile bill yesterday, which was higher than expected — the Premium Services section had a $9.99 charge for “654654 PredictoMobile.” I Googled “predictomobile” and the second entry was this site. Many of the stories about how this happened are identical to mine. I called T-Mobile customer service and reached a very pleasant representative who removed the subscription and applied a $9.99 credit to next month’s bill. Any reputable phone company should be able and willing to do the same.

  68. davin says:

    this is a major scam!i was ripped off by these guys too.charged $9.99 for a month on something i never signed up for.stop this company!

  69. jo martens says:

    I also took a survey and as soon as I seen there was going to be a charge I sent them the STOP and they confirmed that there would be no more charges. I bet I only had this service for 2 minutes before I cancelled. But they didn’t have any problem charging my Alltel Co. for this and all they would do is block them from charging my account again but wouldn’t credit my account. What a scam!!!

  70. Jeff says:

    Charges from PredictoMobile showed up on my son’s line for 3 months. Verizon would not reverse the charges, but helped me stop the service. They initially refused to refund my money, but after finding this website and talking to my local Attorney General’s office, I called back and insisted to speak with a supervisor. They offered to refund one month, but when I insisted on all 3, they said they would refund the full $29.97. We’ll see if I get the check in 7 – 10 business days as promised.

  71. Brianna says:

    I, like many others here all of a sudden started receiving texts that at the bottom described a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. I never took any surveys, answered any texts with pins, or touched anything. I called them and they said Ill receive an email to start the cancelling process.

  72. Louis says:

    Me too. Another scam victim. Just found out the weird bill after two months. Just called to cancel. Waiting for the email about the cancelling too. What a scam!!!!

  73. Rose G. says:

    I noticed I had 4 charges on my cell phone bill this month. One was for Predictomobile, reverse auction bid, & music_alerts all @ $9.99 each. All which are unauthorized. I conntacted AllTEL, spoke with a gentleman by the name of “Tiny”. He was very helpful and when I said I had unauthorized charges to my bill, he looked at the bill and told me exactly what I was looking at and he took all the charges off with no hassle. He was very helpful and took all these charges off and even one I did’t catch. Thank you “Tiny”! I wish all customer service people were this friendly. Thanks again ‘Tiny” and May GOD always bless you.

  74. Amory says:

    I took a survey on line for a website i cant remember. At the end of the survey my email and phone number was resquested to continue so i was stupid enough to put it down i receive a text put ignore it the next day I cheched my account and it stated a charge for $9.99. I was shocked because i never requested or agreed with any company to charged my phone for a premium services. i call but could not get a refund. This really sucks people. watch out

  75. Rene G. says:

    After two months of being charged 9.99, I didn’t catch on until the second month and I called my company, US Cellular and they blocked my account and said they would put in a request for a refund. I called 800-360-0518 and talked to Joan at Predicto and told her if I didn’t get a refund I would file with the BBB. She said I would be refunded a paper check within 7019 business days. I got signed up when I asked for results to an IQ quiz. Call and push for a supervisor for a refund. I will report back if I get one otherwise I will update on my next move. Thank you.

  76. Rene G. says:

    Sorry, my post should say 7-10 business days.

  77. Bill N says:

    Gf just called me to tell me that her friend got her sucked in with these clowns and she tyried to opt out before signing up. She started getting the text msgs today and told me about it just now. I called T-Mobile immediately to inform them that I’m NOT paying for this. The rep blacklisted them and said I wouldn’t be charged. I’m skeptical because my son signed up for “free ringers” a few years ago and I could never get the money back from T-Mobile. I think the cell phone co’s should be held liable for allowing these third party thieves to thrive. The gf called Predicto and got some towel head sounding person on there, wouldn’t give her the corp office number when demanded. Where do I signup to lodge a complaint? I live in Cali..

  78. Kris says:

    I have been getting charged from Predictomobile, I have called them, emailed them. and sent them a text message to STOP, I have blocked all text messages, downloads, and still somehow they still are able to get through the blocks, im tired of 9.99 on my phone bill. what else can I do,,

  79. LordCisco says:

    LordCisco says:
    Same sheit
    I called the 1800 number told them i didnt sign up for this st00f demanded a refund was trandfered (first tier cupport cannot do it) told spelling of name and full address refuysed to give them my email address they initially said they would only refund me one month i said ive been getting billed the dame time day and time every month they couldnt verify that to me but when i said its apperent on my cell phone bill and i dont care about their systems and if im not refunded everything i was billed i would contact the bbb in trenton and become part of the class action lawsuit tee hee mwahahahaha I got them to agree to refund me for 3 months(they only billed me for 2 months)
    come on these scamm sites cant con a con-artist well thats how you stick it to them and any other 9.99 bill you see on your cell phone bill this is the 3rd place ive taken care of
    good luck people and just get past the first tier of testical support and youll get your check in the mail

    just do this ive done it i got 4 months worth of credit on my next bill and ive gotten 2 checks for 19.98 and another for 9.99 there are alot of these companies that do this and as far as im conserned im taking money from these sory ass freaks and so is my phone company its simple people pick up your phone and turn on your social engineering skills dont let them get away with this crap

  80. bgoodner says:

    I think that they need to delete all there old surveys.

  81. Doug Smith says:

    I had the same problems as others above. I saw the Predictomobile charges on my T-Mobile bill and got Predictomobile to stop the service and T-Mobile to refund 3 months charges but I am still out @ $40.
    Predictomobile gave me the same story about double opt-out sign up format and said that they sent a text message to the phone on July 8th with a PIN. The problem with this scenario is that T-Mobile has no record of a text message of any kind being sent to the phone on or around that date, much less one from Predictomobile. No text means no PIN which means Predictomobile or T-Mobile is wrong.
    What a scam.

  82. Candace Curtis says:

    I am letting you know that i really really really want you to cancel my subscribtion and i do not want to see it on my cell phone bill anymore ok i would really really appreciate it thank you very much.

  83. Daniel Moore says:

    I went into the joke of the day on Myspace and was never told that it was going to cost me 9.99 a month. This is a scam! I have Sprint and they couldn’t even tell me what this was. I was told at first that they thought it was a prediction for the presidential election, but I didn’t vote on my phone. Sprint did credit my account $30 for the inconvenience.

  84. Deanna says:

    I just happened to discover this $9.99 charge on my sprint bill, a statement that I never check. I’m not sure how long it has been posted to my acount, as I never subscribed to this. Sprint says there is nothing they can do. How do we file a Class Action Suit against this Predicto thing???

  85. Sarah says:

    This $9.99 charge showed up on my bill. I called my cell phone company, Sprint, they said they could not credit the charge, but I would have to contact a different phone # for this Predictomobile company. When I called they said they would send me a refund check for the 2 months I was billed, and that it would be received within 7 to 10 business days. We’ll see if I receive the check in the mail. What a scam!!

  86. Mary Sullvan says:

    Please stop sending me those text messages!!!!!!!!

  87. Mark says:

    I started to receive text messages 11/2009 from this company. After several text messages I replied to be taken off the list. After several requests on 12/12/2009 I received a text reply stating that I had been unsubscribed and would no longer be charged. I never subscribed for anything. The charge of $9.99 per month has continued to show up on my bill. AT & T credited me for the 3 months that have been charged. I called the 1-800 # for Predicto on the text message and the lady wanted my # before she would give me any info on the company. I told her there was no way I was giving my cell # to that company and I was hung up on when I asked for a contact # for their legal department.

  88. Rene says:

    UPDATE: I called predicto on 1/29/09 and complained and they promised to refund my 2 months of charges. I received a refund check from them today, 2/12/09. Call them and threaten to contact a lawyer and the BBB and they should refund your charges. Good luck.

  89. kathy caballero says:

    Just when I think I got rid of the other one that snuck up on my sprint bill, this one pops up. WHO ARE THESE CO’S AND HOW DID THEY GET MY PHONE #??

  90. TKD says:

    I just found this on my phone bill. they stated i signed up three times in a row in three days, and charged me 9.99 each day. they refused to refund my money. i asked for the lawsuit information so i could be in on the lawsuit. they then stated they would refund my money by check in 7-10 business days. I got a name and a confirmation number verifying this. I will wait my 7-10 days and see if i get a check.

  91. CH says:

    Predictomobile just showed up on our US Cellular bill. I called Predicto right away to have service cancelled which they did right away. However they still tried to sell me sevices. I was polite as I could be, but they would not shut up about their services so I eventually got mad and told them not to slam my cell phone or I would find them. US Cellular would not drop the charges but they did put a block on all products like this after I threatened to pull all five of my cell phone accounts. I called Predicto back to get the charges refunded. They said that we ordered the service so they could not refund the charge. I went off on “Amy” and threatened them with the FCC and BBB before the agedd to a refund. They asked for my email to confirm the refund and I told them they did not need my email to send me more crap. Do not give them any more info then they need. They also asked for another phone number for cofirmation. Be smart and don’t take this crap. I should get my refund in 7-10 days hopefully.

  92. Len says:

    Predicto is a scam operation. I threatened to sue them – and I still will – and they said they will refund the fraudulent charges on my Verizon wireless bill. The best way to stop this company is a class action law suit. Also this probably would be of interest to FBI white collar crimes folks

  93. Kelly M. Huper says:

    I was charged $9.99 for 4 months and counting. Altel refunded me 3 of them. Since then I still get charged. Even after texting stop and talking to predicto 3 times. They say I am unsubsribed, but they still keep charging me and refuse to refund me any money even after I was officially unsubscribed. How in the world do I get rid of them and their stupuid scam. I can not afford this!

  94. Angry Tom says:

    I think the major cell phone carriers (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc)who are printing these charges on the bills they are sending to their customers are equally culpable. By placing these charges on their customers bills, they are classic co-conspirators. I guarantee these companies are getting kickbacks from The major cell cariiers should be PROTECTING their customers from this fraud–instead they are endorsing it—shame on them—they are just as much scumbags as Predicto. The owners of Predicto are pure criminals, period!

  95. Danielle says:

    Same story, never signed up, continue to get charged. Angry!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Brandon Huff says:

    Please stop charging for this service I don’t want it.

  97. Becky says:

    I honestly believe they target obvious teen cell phone numbers. They send them random text messages and if the recipient replies, the charge is applied. Alltel claims that there are too many of these types of companys to be able to protect their customers. I have only been charged once and have cancelled the unwanted subscription so we’ll see. These people are getting rich $9.99 at a time. Very sneaky!

  98. Cathie says:

    What is up with these people they text me 4 to 5 times a day, I call the number that was suggested by them and the person on the other end wanted me to keep saying yes to her questions? Also she did not speak english very well at all.I told her to get my name and numbers out of her system at once and was told my info is not in the systems.Then she proceeds to let me know about the $50,000 they are giving away.Now I get another tex message from them tell me I wil not be billed or texted any longer. I did not know about these charges of $9.99 each text. Some of them where very sexual as well. Just to let you all know the number is 800-360-0518

  99. Cathie says:

    I did follow up with Verizon and they have put a block on the number from this Company for me. Also gave me a credit as well , but not for the full amount.What I was told that they are hooked up with American Idol ,Deal or No DEal and any show you may have texed a vote into. I have done no voting on my cell phone and I think this company needs to be stopped ASAP. We get ripped off enought by these companies who do not enven have to have you permission.I was told also the no response to this company is a yes and is allowed to counted as a sign up.Is this BS or what !!! So you do not reply to them and they can take it as a yes that you want to belong to their service, what crap is that.I also raise the question with Verizon abot them allowing these companies to just start charging anyone via a cell, I do put the blame on them as well because most of the text companies you may use in your business are 7 digits or longer proving they are business related and not scamers.So yes I believe that the phone companies are part to blame as well they know what this company is doing to people.



  101. BB says:

    Please everyone reading this site turn Predicto in to Better Business Bureau and help get these scam artist shut down!


    $9.99 showed up on my cell phone bill from centenial

  103. Pam Doyle says:

    I’ve been getting slammed since 6/18/09 from these jerks. Yes, I also took the IQ Test and that’s how they got my cell number. When I called the woman said I had answered a survey on my cell phone! How did I answer I asked? She said by texting! I DON’T EVEN KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT TEXTING! She kept insisting that I did, even talking over me! When I said I wanted a refund after cancelation she said that was not possible. Then I replyed I’m not paying for these charges and I’m calling the BBB because you people slammed me! She then said she would send me a check for one of the 9.99 charges. When I requested a total reimbursement she said she would need to put me on hold so I could speak to one of her supervisors and then she hung up on me. I immediately called AT&T and they were able to credit me back as far as Sept. ’08. They knew all about Predicto!

  104. Pam Doyle says:

    Correction slammed since 6/18/08! OOPS!

  105. Wil says:

    Idiots!! I never texted them to sign up. I called them and they claim Idid. What a Life.

  106. Customer Care says:

    We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please be aware that we at PredictoMobile take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like to address any concerns you may have. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-360-0518 so that we can resolve your inquiry; you can also contact our customer service at or by sending an SMS message with the word ”HELP” to 654654. Keep in mind, we post our toll-free customer service number on our website and include it in SMS messages we send to your cell phone.

    Please note we use an industry best practice double opt-in to prevent inadvertent or fraudulent sign-ups. To enroll in our service, a prospective member must first submit their cell phone number on the PredictoMobile sign-up page which clearly explains our terms and conditions including the monthly price of the service and billing to the cell phone. We then send a text message to their cell phone which again discloses the essential membership terms. They then must correctly enter the PIN on our website or reply with a confirmation SMS message from their cell phone to activate the account. The double opt-in process and clear disclosures ensures a high level of consumer protection and satisfaction. If a member wants to cancel the service, they can simply text “stop” to 654654 or call Customer Service or go to

    We hope this addresses any concerns you may have; if not please contact us and we’ll take care of your issues.


    Customer Service

  107. Cyndi says:

    That is NOT how it works Predicto Mobile customer service rep. If you take the IQ test and put in the phone number, they start charging even if you press the STOP button immediately. Also, the stop text does not work. Get real. There would not be so many complaints, and you would not have settled on a class action law suit if what you’re saying is true.

  108. C hudkins says:

    Alltel helped me with these bogus charges hope they have now stopped. According to alltel rep, if you browse the net on your cell phone they can get your number that way also. What a crock of crap, can’t even enjoy the mobile web anymore either????

  109. timothee genet says:

    and i usually don’t check my bill…imagine the 1000′s of people that never check their bill and get charged by these guys….i hope these guys end up in jail…

  110. Monte Stouffer says:

    I too have had these charges happening and have not requested anything that I am aware of. I did get a confirmation of stop service when I told them to stop, but have yet to see if it did any good on the billing side. A too am an AllTel customer and have a problem with someone adding charges that I cannot afford without my consent.

  111. chris brady says:

    I have not subscribed to this web-site. I am being charged everytime that I am text from Predicto. I want it stopped asap!!!

  112. predictomofo says:


  113. Will Anthony says:

    I texted STOP to them but they still sent me messages even after the next billing period was up (the one I got after i texted them, which I know they can legally still charge me for) and they charged me for it the next billing period after that one even though i texted STOP. The government should STOP them so they STOP stealing my money, I need it, especially now when the economy is down like this

  114. Lois Jenks says:

    I am being charged for this also. I just happen to be looking for downloads for my phone and typed in my phone # they sent me a code of which I entered for “free” ringtones. $9.99

  115. John W. says:

    Alltel billed me $9.99 (not sure how many times) and said I have to send Predicto an email saying STOP to get it to discontinue. I don’t even know HOW to send a text message, to give you an idea of how absurd it is that I would have EVER signed up for such a thing. Their web site wants my email, I don’t trust THEM with that. They are worthless on the phone. I will complain to IC3 (FBI on line).

  116. Jenny C says:

    Yes, I got charged with $9.99 for something we never even heard of it, what a shame of these PerdictoMobile people, no better than a theft!

  117. Kim W. says:

    I keep getting messages every 10 minutes today. It says to text “stop2cxl” and when I do, they send me a response that says, “Unable to understand the text you sent”. They are using up my text allotment!!! Someone needs to stop these idiots!!!!!

  118. K Davis says:

    Juts got a $9.99 charge on my bill from PredictoMobile. Called my carrier (Sprint) right away and they put a block on to preven PredictoMobile from ever charging me again and filed for a refund which should appear in 2-3 billing cycles.

  119. Cheryl K says:

    I never look at the detail on my bill and when I decided to look at what the premium service of 9.99 was it was PredictoMobile on my son’s cell phone. I called TMOBILE and they put a block on there number and gave me a refund for the past 2 months. So I am out 9.99. If PredictoMobile is soliciting via the web, ie: youtube, facebook popups , we as parents need to tell our kids not to respond with their cell phone or land line number.

  120. Bon says:

    I am an international student, and I tried to buy some stuff on IKEA website. And then I accidently joined their PredictoMobile. I’m studying English now and it was great experience to know about the word “SCAM”.

  121. G. Shep says:

    My 12 year daughter’s cell phone number was charged by PredictoMobile for $9.99 on my Sprint bill. I called them and let them know that is not legally allowed to get into a transaction with them and also she never did request the service in the first place. Predicto promised to refund the amount in a check in 7 – 10 days. I am waiting to see if they keep their promise.

  122. lori says:

    I just realized that I was charged 9.99 from predicto on my cell phone this month. I looked predicto up online and found this site. I called the 1 -800 number and told them to end my service. They tried to sell me something, but I was rude and told her that I wasn’t interested in any of their CRAP, to just do as I asked and discontinue my services. I then called my carrier Alltel and asked them to MAKE sure that I am not charged again. She said she would and then also offered to refund the 9.99. Interesting…..I go then to my account and look up the past several months. I have been charged by predicto since january. Why did my phone carrier allow this if they KNOW that predicto is a scam? I am now planning on calling Alltel back and requesting that the past two months be refunded as well. Phone carriers need to take better care of their customers. I feel Alltel is just as much responsible as predicto for the bogus charges. How do I become a part of the lawsuit?

  123. Catherine Wendlandt says:

    I have called this company repeatedly to stop texting me in the middle of the night (12:30 – 1:00 am) I have been charged for their texts & have had to have a 14.99 charge from them removed from my AT&T bill. This has got to stop.

  124. Tracy says:

    I noticed a charged for 9.99 on my cell phone bill, I brought it to the attention of my cell co & they said to text “STOP” to the code in the brackets, so I did, but got a responed back (Page) which usually means that person don’t have text messaging. So I google, thank heavens for google. I got the site. I called the 1-800 # & spoke to a lady that was feeding me a line of BS, She also told me that I recieved a text message on 3/11 & texted bk “STOP’ on that very same day, so I ask her then why was I charged 9.99 if it stoped on the same day that it started. She also told me they don’t give credit bk, but I then tell her (as I’m printing out these comments on this site) that I found this site & I read her some of the comments, I then tell her that I’m printing it page & I will take this up w/ the BBB, she then tells me to hold on. When she comes bk to the phone she ask me so you want a refund, I told her I sure the hell do, so she takes my info & says someone will get bk w/ me within 48 hrs & that I will be refunded. I told her I better & if someone don’t get bk w/ me in 72 hrs I will contact the BBB..

  125. Jeremiah says:

    I’m still in combat with Predicto. I took a survey, as soon as I received the message with the pin I replied stop. I did not put it in the website. I was sent a message back saying there was no record of my account. So I looked them up online and sent an email to make certain I was not charged. Turns out, they were charging me 9.99. They were able to cancel it but will not credit the 9.99. Complete BS….

  126. Christi says:

    I noticed the PredictoMobile charge on my account for the first time this month. So I called Verizon and asked them about the charge. The customer service rep took care of everything. Not only did he unsubcribe me from PredictoMobile but he made sure that all other text solicitations were blocked from my phone. All I had to do was call Verizon and they took care of everything. If I want a refund, I will have to call PredictoMobile, but I really don’t think $10 is worth the hassle. So long as I don’t receive any more texts or charges from solicitors I am happy.

  127. S says:

    Well for all of you AT&T customers, I work at AT&T, if you go into one of our stores and ask them to help you get the charges refunded, they can do it as a one time courtesy.
    and then to correct the problem, we offer a free service that blocks all 3rd party downloads, and we email you a pin so if you would like to download something from a 3rd party you can, and it will be your choice. One of the many advantages of AT&T.

  128. Sam says:

    I don’t know how I got duped into it but both me and my wife have been recieving messages from this company. Because I have been over on my minutes the past couple months, I figured the higher phone bill was simply due to the extra usage. I just recently discovered the 9.99 bill for predicto mobile when I knew I hadn’t gone over on my minutes this month and my phone bill was still high. I immediately looked up the website and canceled the account.

  129. Mac Wildstar says:

    Just got my sprint bill. On 15 April, I did a ford motor credit application on line and all of a sudden I am getting tons of spam from places I did not give my information to, and getting tons of text messages on my cellphone costing me 10 cents per call.
    Now I get a charge from predictomobile for 9.99 and when I called their 800 number they said I signed up for it, which I had not. They said they would send a refund if I would give them my mailing address. BULL. If I signed up for it, they should already have it. I am contacting sprint and REFUSING to pay for the charge. If sprint paid predicto, then sprint can obtain the refund from them as I did not authorize the charge. I will take this to court if necessary. And from what I am seeing on the interent, this is an ongoing problem with sprint users.

  130. Chris says:

    I was also charged for 9.99 that I did not subscribe to.Supposedly my phone was blocked to them, but I was still billed

  131. laura says:

    ive had the same charge and called and finally got a person and unsubscribed and thenthey sent a message to my phone and if i have any questions please call8003600518 i hope this helps some of u

  132. wendy says:

    i was charged $9.99 too, and all i remember was adding my cell number and a pin number to get free ringtones. but instead i get these stupid text and i check my sprint bill and i see freakin $9.99! i called sprint immediately and they told me that they’d refund that $9.99 back to me and that i should see the refund on my next billing cycle! thank yo sprint, you’re the bomb!

  133. Robert Foster says:

    Up to this point I have been billed $29.97 for Premium Services that I never agreed to. The companies billing through T-Mobile were:

    Predicto refuses to refund my money trying to tell me either I must have agreed to their service or someone else used my cell phone. Bull Crap!!! I never agreed to a fee service. They scammed me. I remember taking their stupid IQ test over the internet and having to agree to enter my cell phone number to get the results but I never willingly agreed to any fee service. A couple of other things I been informed of but I haven’t been able to verify yet:

    Their acceptance scam works by sending you text messages where, at the very top of the message, they ask you to press 1 to vote yes 2 to vote no. Most will fall prey and vote but if you were to continue to scroll down, I mean way down, (who does that), you’ll see the terms of the agreement stating that by replying to this text message you are agreeing to their service. It’s extremely deceptive and blindsides almost everyone, if not everyone.

    Also, I was told that the cell phone companies that allow these scammers to bill through them, get monetary proceeds from it. I wrote to T-Mobile asking them point blank if that is true. I haven’t received a response yet.

    Predicto and others like them know exactly what they are doing. Only charging $9.99 a month they know that most people don’t have the time and energy to fight it. Predicto is DECEPTIVE, UNETHICAL AND SHOULD BE LEGALLY STOPPED FROM RIPPING PEOPLE OFF! You’ll never see it but the bastards behind this scam should get prison time. I’m amused by their posts they put on this site and all other complaint sites, “we take customer relations seriously.” More deceit meant to put up a defense to and continue scamming.

  134. jo martens says:

    I got Alltel to block the bast#*@* but wouldn’t credited my account for the $9.99. I just spoke with predictomobile(talk about some unwilling assh#*%$)and had to really get nasty with them. They first try to say someone from Corp. Office would be in contact with me to issue my credit. I told them that if they didn’t issue my credit right now that I was going to call the BBB and join in a class action law suit against them. I also told them I had already did my research on them and I wanted my refund NOW!! Oh my I will be recieving a refund check in 7-10 days. Will see.You can’t be nice when you call cause it won’t get you anywhere. Threats,lawsuits and BBB are all they understand. And they say that they take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like address any concerns you have! BullShittin Scam artist anyway

  135. Pissed off Parent says:

    We have 4 cell phones. 2 of them are my kids’. We are not the type to go over our bills every month with a fine tooth comb. When we noticed it we were already charged for 8 months on 2 of our cell phones by PredictoMobile. They tried to tell us that my 10 year old child signed a legal binding contract with them. BULL SHIT. We have our 2 children’s phones set up so they are not allowed to receive texts nor text out. They said they would refund us back in full for both phones. We received a refund in full for one phone. The second phone they sent me a $9.99 check. I called them on it and they tried telling me that I only asked for 1 month. BULL SHIT!!!!! So they told me not to worry they will issue me a full refund. I then received a check for $19.98. Called them again they told me not to worry that I would get a full refund. How many checks does it take to get a full refund?

  136. Chuck in Atlanta says:


    First of all I hardly ever post, however on this issue, I feel compelled!

    First, I blame and hold AT&T EQUALLY responsible as Predicto, where is their fraud and corporate responsibility departments and committees? AT&T should be ashamed of themselves for willingly participating in a know & ongoing obvious fraud.

    My company for a few years paid and audited my cell bill.

    Since I recently left and am now paying my own bill, I thought it prudent to throughly scrutinize my first few bills. To say I was in shock is putting it mildly, I have 4 phones / lines with AT&T and found $604.47 of fraudulent charges, 90% of which was from Predicto and I could only go back 1 year on their website!

    AT&T claims that they can only find $179.00 of charges and will credit that amount, and has asked me to send them my research! Incredible! I have been paying them approximately $500.00 a month for years and have openly been told that I am one of their best non-commercial customers and that is why I get “special” favors and treatment!!!!

  137. Laura in Illinois says:

    I to am compelled to write, which I usually never do! However; i just noticed on my bill that I have been charged a $9.99 fee for PREDICTOMOBILE. (Don’t know what the hell this is–but I don’t want it) After reading all these complaints these people need to be shut down. They are racking in the money. I too was scammed in money for answering a pop up on the web about how smart are you? AND BOOM the rest is history. They trick you and scam you into something you don’t have any clue you are getting into. I didn’t know I was getting charged for any of this—I was receiveing strange stupid text messages about vote for this—vote for that ~~~I would just delete them everytime(thinking to myself HOW AND THE HELL DID THESE PEOPLE GET MY NUMBER). I am turning them into the BBB and hope someone can do something. Oh, I don’t except any money to be returned to me BUT I’ll be damn if I will be charged any more. I texted the “STOP” to 654654 and sent it and they sent back saying I have been cancelled and NO more texts will be sent and no more Charges will take place. They texted back saying we are sorry to see you go—the creeps are just going to miss my money! So Lets everybody get a hold of the BBB and flood them with calls about these people and maybe they can shut them down. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE :)

  138. jo martens says:

    Hey believe it or not I got a check from Predictomofo today. I was shocked. Hope it doesn’t bounce. LOL What was I thinking these ass@#*^* got lots of OUR $$$$$!!Call and get nasty, get your money back!!:)

  139. Leslie says:

    This was a mistake. I’m not sure how I got involved, but I now receive text messages about useless trivia and am being charged 9.99 a month. I want out!!!!

  140. Cyndi says:

    As of right now, I have not been charged for there service. Last night, I received 2 text messages from Curious as to who it was, so I had gone online to see who they were and also did a google search to find the numerous complaints people have on
    When I called there toll free number to question how they received my cell phone number, there answer was I had filled out a survey online, which I have not done and do not have the time to do. They also stated that I had gone onto there website and registered my number, which I explained to them again, I had never heard from there website until after receiving the text messages.
    They refuse to give you an answer as to how they received your number. I am particular on who I give my cell phone number to and I certainly do not hand it out to just anyone.
    Predicto should be required to provide such information when a person questions how they got a hold of there number.
    Also, to the customer service rep’s posts. Why don’t you list a name?

  141. Derrick says:

    I just got off the phone with them and it was easy to cancel (if the indeed cacnle). I have no idea how I got this service and told her that I think they are very mis-leading and not this many people would complain if the site was forthcoming. No change for a refund — it won’t happen

  142. Toby says:

    If you want a refund, after they refuse, just ask them for their business address so you can file a small claims suit. I did this, the tone changed, i was transferred to the manager who promply issued me two checks for refunds of my charges. I got the checks 7 days later and they cleared my account, no problem! I reccommend giving it a try. Just be nice when asking for their address for the lawsuit.

  143. brook says:

    I started receiving messages from Predictomobile. I also told them to stop which resulted in 10 text messages in one hour. Called the company and I am sure that persons ear is still wringing 10 days after the call (scared my brother in law). I finally had to get sprint to do a 3rd party block on all my phones. They also reversed the charges from this scammer and I also filed a complaint with my attorney general. I am now waiting on a refund from these scammers.

  144. Bob Hartmiaer says:

    I noticed a $29.95 charge on my bill for a service I never orderd from Flycell called only “Flycell Downloads”. Don’t know if ATT will take the charge off my bill. I havn’t tried to contact Flycell yet.

  145. brook says:

    I received my reimbursement check on Saturday. I would highly recommend filing a complaint with your attorney general’s office. Show this company we are serious about not wanting charges.

  146. Kathy says:

    Have had issues with Predicto also. they kept sending me txt, I am on the do not call registry, yes my cell, and i have fialed a complaint with the FTC. Suggest we all do this to get it documented. The FTC also stated that I should file with the state consumer protection also. So anyone having issue with them needs to file the complaint with the FTC and then it becomes a federal issue and they will be fined big time.

  147. Robert Foster says:

    Predicto told me that they contract with the various cell phone providers allowing them to bill you and the cell phone company gets a certain percentage. In other words, they’re in bed together. T-mobile wouldn’t fess up to this. Once my contract is done with T-mobile, I’m going to find a cell phone company that doesn’t allow third party billings.

  148. Vikki says:

    I also am being scammed by Predicto. I may have signed up, I don’t know – but as soon as I saw the charge on my bill I cancelled – I texted “stop” to 654654 as instructed on February 24 2009, and here we are in May and I’m still being charged.

    Their reply when I questioned it?

    “Thank you for contacting our Customer Service Department. As per your request, your account was cancelled and no further billings will occur, as a former member you are still eligible to participate in the year-end $50, 000 sweepstakes drawing.

    The terms and conditions for billing are clearly stated to customer both at the time of sign-up and after validation (please feel free to visit for more information).

    The $9.99 fee is non-refundable, we are very sorry to see you go and hope that you decide to join our service in the future.”

    UH … No, Predicto. Wrong answer. You owe me a refund! I canceled it in FEBRUARY!

  149. Melissa Orr says:

    I am with T mobil and they did not remove the charges and I asked for a block of this svc which i never ordered

  150. Hari says:

    Same problem just like all the rest of us here. I’m with Tmobile and they have allowed this predicto to charge my account 9.99 for the past few months.

    I would like to know if someone was able to cancel this service and get back a refund of this unnecessary text messages that was sent to my cell phone.


  151. Lori says:

    This is ridiculous!! Predicto says I have entered a pin and my phone number I don’t know where and I never did. I don’t enter these kinds of websites! I think that the reason why T-mobile or any other company will not do anything about it is because they work hand-in-hand with this stupid company. I really think that the F.B.I. should be involved in this, so that these companies learn their lesson and pay back everybody!!!

  152. Tami says:

    This almost cost me my marriage I accused my husband of having the intention of cheating on me when I saw a text on his phone stating Anne has a crush on you etc. He swore up and down he knew nothing of this and he was online retrieving information for our home when a message appeared on the screen prompting him for our phone number. I had to look this up on line to see if this was real or just a dumb scam for money and now I owe him the biggest apology and a good home cooked dinner….

  153. Leslie says:

    I must have inadvertently signed up for this in Nov., and when the charge came through at Verizon I immediately blocked Premium messaging (no refund). I continued to get a txt every day from Verizon saying a premium msg had been blocked EVERY DAY since. Since it was once a day, I ignored it… till today, when I got the msg EVERY HOUR all day long. Thank god this website had and 800# I could call. I also emailed my state’s attorney general, and suggest you all do the same.

  154. Michael says:

    The class action against these scum is: Gantchev et al v. Predicto Mobile, LLC et al – 1:2009cv02349.

    It is in Federal Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.

    Plaintiffs Counsel is:

    350 N. LaSalle St., Ste. 1300
    Chicago, IL 60654
    Ph: (312) 589-6370

    I won’t post email addresses, and am not sure if these folks are ready for building the members of the class… looks like the litigation is not past class certification yet… but rest assured these assholes are already being sued.

    – M

  155. Eugene says:

    I have too just noticed that I have been charged for this idiotic service for the last 12 months… I am not the type to go over my phone bill with a fine-tooth comb, but actually lost one of my phones and had to go back to my bill to get a phone number back. This was the only reason I noticed this bullshit charge. I was fuming with anger when I went back and looked at all of my bills for the past year and noticed this charge on every single one of them. I have been paying at&t in the range of 500-700 dollars every month because I do business mostly on the phone, and I cannot believe that at&t is allowing this type of scam on their network! I will definitely be filing with the BBB and will be asking for a full refund on these charges, and fully expect to get the refund because if I don’t, I will switch to another provider.

    I hope this class action suit goes through ASAP, this is absolutely redicilous!

  156. Teri Bates says:

    I have been charged $9.99 on my alltel phone bill for a download. I never downloaded anything. These people are making money just by simply ripping people off. Can anything be done about this. Is there anything that we can actually do that will have any affect on these idiots? Teri

  157. Vikki B says:

    I finally have some closure. I texted “stop” to the stated number. The charges didn’t stop, only the texts.

    I emailed Predicto, who said they would cancel the subscription from that date (March) – they still kept charging me.

    I called my carrier (AT&T) who stopped the whole Predicto mess, AND refunded the last 3 months of payments, by way of a credit to my account.

    THANK you AT&T!

  158. Diane Freih says:

    I had a 9.99 charge on my phone bill. I had no idea what it was for and called Predicot promo or whatever they are and still have no idea how this happended.

  159. Minnie says:

    Same thing, but I didn’t stop by just calling my telephone company. I filed a complaint with the FTC. (Federal Trade Comission) If we all do the same thing, this company will stop their fraud.
    Please do! It’ll take you just 10 or 15 min of your time and It’ll save money and time to others.

  160. Tony says:

    All i wanted was to buy a ringtone. They asked me for my cellphone # so they can send the ringtone to my phone. They didn’t send the ringtone, they just kept sending me stupid voting questions like: predict who will win American Idol this season. Who cares! Now i just looked at my Sprint Bill and seen the $9.99 monthly charge for PredictoMobile. Well i predict, this is a ripoff!

  161. Sonny says:

    I’ve only recently noticed and check bill history… been charging me for almost a year. I don’t remeber ever approving such a subscription. what can I do?

  162. Shannon says:

    Same story! I was charged $19.99 for 2 months! I never ordered this service. They “claim” you have to sign up for this service online and then ALSO text back a code to be charged. I called the 800# and got some lady in the Philipines. They were no help! They refused to refund my money. I even spoke with a so called Supervisor. I ended up calling AT & T and they refunded the $20. Why isn’t there some sort of law against this???

  163. David Figueroa says:

    Today I received my T-Mobile bill which includes a line with my entire family of 5. I noticed that my daughter’s bill was over her usual limit, and I check to see what the charge is from, then there it goes, a 9.99 charge from Predicto Mobile. I proceed to go and question about the charge, but she says she didn’t text/call them at all, and has no idea who they even are. I proceed to research this ‘Predicto’ company up and call them up until I saw this site. Tomorrow morning I will call T-Mobile up and demand for a refund and to talk to a supervisor and get this Predicto company blocked. I will also be contacting the FTC and BBB. Thanks for the alert.

  164. Bobbiet says:

    Just opened my company’s T-Mobile bill. 3 lines, 2 of them had Predicto on it. The employees that use the phones have no clue what it is-they don’t know how to do anything but make calls on the phone. I contacted T-Mobile, they filled me in on Predicto and credited the charges, submitted the “stop” text for me and blacklisted Predicto and its affiliates from our lines. Thank you for the information!!!

  165. Steven says:

    I as well have been a victim of this ridiculous scam. Called Predicto and had the service cancelled immediately. I guess I’m just gonna have to eat the $9.99 as I had to already pay my monthly Sprint bill. Screw you Predicto. My wife had no Idea how her number got subscribed to this crap.

  166. Ann says:

    Like everyone else, I was being charged $9.99 per month. Noticed it on the first bill. I called AT&T, they were wonderful, they are crediting my account and asked if I wanted this sort of thing blocked to my phone for surveys, games and similar. I said yes please, AT&T said it will block 80%.
    It’s surprising to learn that all the phone companies are familiar with Predicto.
    I will contact the BBB my hope is that they are shut down.

  167. Jennifer says:

    I received an Alltel bill with the $9.99 on my daughter’s line. She is away at summer camp, but she obviously fell for the scam and accepted the service. I told her that my minor daughter must have been duped into subscribing, and I would need to cancel the service and receive a credit for the initial $9.99 charge. She read to me a long disclaimer of legalese that my daughter must have received/accepted on the tiny window of her cell phone that she had parental permission to accept the service (which she did not have.) Then the CS rep wanted personal information about my MINOR daughter for her file. I told her that I would not provide my minor daughter’s DOB, etc. for her database, and firmly assured her that she did not want this situation to escalate. She changed her tone and put her disclaimer away and told me that they would refund the $9.99 to me via check mailed to my home address. Since I have not yet paid the charge with Alltel, I asked her to simply credit the account through them. She said that they do not provide credits through the service providers, but refund the charges directly to the subscriber. This is ironic since they seem to have no trouble with the 3rd party billing setup on the initial charges. Long story short, I finally agreed to give her my home mailing address. I did not provide an email address, for fear of “subscribing” to more “services” from PredictoMobile. I will notify Alltel (now Verizon) of this incident and will wait to see if the direct check from PredictoMobile arrives and clears the bank before I pay the bill. As a note, I always comb through the cell phone bill for surprise charges. They appear every few months on one line or another, even my husband’s line, and he rarely does anything other than basic calling. It is sad that I have to do this and cannot simply trust my service provider to bill me according to our contract. It gives the entire industry a smarmy reputation.

  168. Jennifer says:

    I received an Alltel bill with the $9.99 on my daughter’s line. She is away at summer camp, but she obviously fell for the scam and accepted the service. I called PredictoMobile using the number on this website (thank you for that, no information was provided on the Alltel bill.) I told her that my minor daughter must have been duped into subscribing, and we needed to cancel the service and receive a credit for the initial $9.99 charge. She read to me a long disclaimer of legalese that my daughter must have received/accepted on the tiny window of her cell phone that she had parental permission to accept the service (which she did not have.) Then the CS rep wanted personal information about my MINOR daughter for her file. I told her that I would not provide information about my child for her database, and firmly assured her that she did not want this situation to escalate. She changed her tone and told me that they would refund the $9.99 to me via check mailed to my home address. Since I have not yet paid the charge with Alltel, I asked her to simply credit the account through them. She said that they do not provide credits through the service providers, but refund the charges directly to the subscriber. This is ironic since they seem to have no trouble with the 3rd party billing setup on the initial charges. Long story short, I finally agreed to give her my home mailing address. I did not provide an email address, for fear of “subscribing” to more “services” from PredictoMobile. I will notify Alltel (now Verizon) of this incident and will wait to see if the direct check from PredictoMobile arrives and clears the bank before I pay the bill. As a note, I always comb through the cell phone bill for surprise charges. They appear every few months on one line or another, even my husband’s line, and he rarely does anything other than basic calling. It is sad that I have to do this and cannot simply trust my service provider to bill me according to our contract. It gives the entire industry a smarmy reputation.

  169. Jill Motcheck says:

    I noticed on my last Verizon bill that I was being charged on my sons line for a Premium service. Checking his text messages and searching on the internet I found it to be Predicto. I called Verizon and spoke with a billing representative and as I explained things to her I could hear her head nodding in agreement. They were quite familiar with Predicto as well as many other places (phoneplay, thumbplay,ringnrock, and so many others). We blocked not just premium services on his line, but SMS as well. Verizon has requested refunds. I was able to get a refund request through to thumblplay, but not predicto…..yet. I have a feeling this won’t be the end of all of them. Sad, my son went on cartoon network to play a game and instead of putting his home phone in put his cell number in….you got it, spammed, billed and signed up for games and ringtones. On cartoon network – apparently it was a nicely disquised ad and not a cartoon network game. Is any site safe?!

  170. Patti says:

    These scumbags had the nerve to charge me 6 times on one cell phone bill. Alltel took 2 months to credit me the $70. This was after they shut down my cell phone service because I was doing what they told me to do and not paying that portion of my bill. I called them up and got very angry and they reinstated my service and credited me the $70. I did some research and found that Predictomobile has been hitting my cell phone to the tune of 9.99 per month since February. I am going to get my money back one way or another!

  171. Brianna says:

    Like a dummy I gave them my cell number but there was no mention of billing me for the service. I just sent the stop code so I hope it does…I’m ticked!

  172. Erin says:

    Just discovered the charge of 9.99 on my cell phone bill. Called the company fuming and demanded cancellation as well as a refund. Needed to take my “personal” information in order to send me a check for the refund. Am curious to see if it will appear. Will follow-up on this and let you know. These underhanded methods just infuriate me.

  173. Debbie Mayer says:

    A Text message was sent to my son’s phone upon him just receiving a Text Messaging Plan. He had no idea that the text message he was sent by Predicto was not part of his new service with Verizon. Upon receiving my second bill, I inquired with my phone carrier, Verizon, to find out why I was being charged another 10 dollars a month. They explained to me that it was a charge through Predictomobile, which I had never been informed of. My son had no idea what this company was, and swore he did not access them to sign up. He is a minor, and this type of practice should be illegal and this company held accountable to their fraudulent practices. I contacted Predictomobile to contest these charges, and to display my “unhappy thoughts” about their company and its practices. Would love to see this company be held accountable to this dishonest business practice.Debbie Mayer

  174. Shawn says:

    This is a freaking scam!!! My husband applied for a job online and predictomobile sent him a text telling him to put a pin # into their website. Then his phone was charged 9.99 for nothing!! We called to get a refund…they stopped the service (the service we never got or signed up for) and then asked for our address to send us a check. We will see if we receive it!! In the meantime, this will be reported to the BBB!!

  175. Deb says:

    Just noticed the charge on my online T-mobile account details. Apparently, I was scammed while I was playing the Hatchlings application on Facebook. I was applying for a “free bonus” and they sent me a text to put in a pin #. I received several text messages today (one day later) so when I pulled up my account online to find out how to block text messages I saw the $9.99 charge. I called T-mobile and they kindly reversed the charge but told me DO NOT TEXT PREDICTO BACK. I would recommend you call your phone provider and NOT PREDICTO!

  176. Jane says:

    I was on facebook, and went to an application page which had profile pictures of several of my Fb friends and their IQ scores on an IQ test and asking me to test my IQ. I took the test and then to get the results, I had to give my cell phone number to get a PIN. When I went to my cell phone, I got a pin but couldn’t enter it. After that I kept getting text messages from Predicto occasionally and I automatically deleted them. I do not have text messaging on my phone plan. I have been getting 2 -$9.99 charges – 1 for my subscription and 1 for the mind quiz subscription. My husband saw it on the last 2 phone bills and finally asked me about it. I was shocked. I have called rhe number and got the song and dance that you all described bu a woman who could barely speak English. They said they would send a confirmation e-mail that the service was cancelled but could not return my charges. This is disgusting that no one has done anything about this scam.

  177. Kem Myers says:

    I want the mail to my cell STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  178. Joseph says:

    During last month I got a series of unwanted text messages on my company cell phone from a company named PREDICTO. I probably received more than 20 of these text messages (from 654654) telling me that I won some prices. I deleted all of them immediately without any other action. Today, when I looked at my AT&T Phone bill it shows a charge of $9.99 from PREDICTO “News Prediction Game”. I went to GOOGLE and checked what this PREDICTO means and found that this is a company that is making illegal money on any kind of scam. You can read several stories on the links bellow. On the second article I found the phone number to call, which is (1-800-360-0518) to unsubscribe from a site I never subscribed to. They say that on June 28th they send a text message to my cell phone for approval with a PIN number and they got my approval, action that I’m 100% sure I never did. I asked them to immediately remove my phone number from their list and to return the $9.99 charge to the company ASAP. They said that it is impossible for them to return a charge to AT&T. Then I had them to send a check to the Company address for the above amount, telling them that this is a company address and that they may not use it for any other purpose in the future if they don’t want to get in a very serius trouble.

  179. Andrea says:

    I also received these text messages and I had never heard of predicto. They started 2 months ago and my bill showed a charge today. How can they get away with this????

  180. Wiliam Gudorf says:

    My son recieved a text message asking if he thought Paula Abdul would return to American Idol. He responded to the message and suddenly we are charged $9.99 a month by Predicto.
    Ther was no mention in the one and only message he received about subscribing to anything and most certainly no mention of a monthly charge. This is fraud pure and simple. The perpetrators of these criminal acts should be prosecuted, stripped of all of their ill gotten gains and imprisoned on each count of fraud. That would surely put them behinds bars well into the next millenium.

  181. Martin says:

    I received a text from 654-654 on July the 11th opend it to read it and deleted it now I get my phone bill from Sprint and there is a charge for 9.99 on it I found this site and called the 800 number and started ripping the lady on the other end about the charge. She must get it alot because she stayed calm about it, but by the end of the conversation she supposedly deleted me from their listing and is sending me a refund but I not not holding my breath.

  182. Erin says:

    Just a follow-up to my July 18th post. I did receive a check from Predicto in the amount of $9.99. My advice is to demand a refund as well as cancellation.

  183. Mariusz says:

    Seems I am another victim of this Predicto-scam, charged 9.99 for unauthorized download to my At&T Mobile.

  184. Andy Morley says:

    just like most other people i was receiving the texts asking me to answer yes or no to the most rediculous questions (like i give a shit if beyonce is going to appear on stage with mariah carey at the VH1 Divas concert. who gives a flyin fuck!) i’ve never done an online survey and never answered back to their texts. i would just ignore them not realizing that i if i read through the entire email i could cancel my suppossed predicto account. i have been burned for three months until i looked through my phone bill and saw this premium service bill for $9.99 a month. i called the number on the text to inquire about the charges. i had to fight with the lady for over 40 minutes, yelling and screaming to her that i had not used any pin, on any website to play this stupid-assed game. i don’t have time for that, i don’t give a shit, i don’t understand why anyone would want to play their game. she wouldn’t budge, she said i signed up, or someone used my phone (which after reading some of the complaints i have seen on here, is the same thing others have heard). i told her no one uses my phone and i don’t go onto websites to play kids games or answer surveys on the website or when i get their texts. i was told to give my email address and i would get an answer back from corporate in about 24 to 48 hours. she said under my curcumstances, this was concidered a special case and she could not give me any other answers. i didn’t accept that although she would not budge and i had to keep telling her that was unacceptable. after about 10 minutes of that answer, she said someone can call me from corporate in 24 to 48 hours. i told her that was unacceptable because i knew the answer i was going to get would just be how i signed up on the website and i was obligated to pay. i asked if there was anyone else she knew of who were getting these charges without their knowledge and she said “a few here and there, but for the most part, no.” continuing to go round and round with her she finally broke down. she asked for my address and said i will get the three months refund. i asked her if she knew in the beginning that i could get a refund, then why didn’t we just begin with that if i had the complaint i had? she could not give me a straight answer, which i already figured anyway. i am suppossed to get that check in 7 to 10 days. seems like others have received their checks. i did send the cancellation text to them, but i will follow up with sprint, who is my carrier and make sure that this asshole company is blocked from doing this to me again. i was so irritated that she would insist that i wanted and signed up for this, so it just kept me fighting her more. my advise is for anyone who calls predicto to stand your gound and don’t accept anything less than a refund. she changed her tune and agreed to the refund so quick (well 45 minutes later) it almost felt like if i continued to complain about it for a certain amount of time, then they would issue a refund. that is just my feeling. good luck!

  185. Michael says:

    Ummm… I do not understandanyone who cals Predicto Direct.

    Call your carrier and raise hell with them. I had no contractual relationship with Predicto Mobile. I DO have a contractual relationship with AT&T. When this happened to me, I called AT&T and told them they had failed in thier fudiciary responsability to protect my account. AT&T is reasonsible for ALLOWING scum like Predicto Mobile to slam my account. As long as AT&T (and the other carriers) allow Predicto to do this, Predicto will continue.

    I told AT&T I considered thier allowing Predicto to slam my account a violation of our contract, and that I held AT&T wholely liable for the theft from my account!

    Second point. File a complaint with the FTC. The FTC investigates companies when they receive a LARGE number of complaints about a buisness practice. I have not researched if the FTC is investigating this company, but they will if everyone files a complaint. Make sure to complain both aboutPredicto and your carrier… the carriers are aiding Predicto in the thefts, hold them accountable.

    Third, call/complain with your state consumer protection agency. Especially if you are in an activist state such as CA, NY, or virginia (where there are great cybver laws because of the presence of AOL and other internet companies). State agencies will go after companies when the Fed’s won’t.

    Don’t waste your time on Predicto… AT&T spent 30 seconds arguing, then gave me all my money back and blocked Predicto for me. If your carrier argues tell them they have violated thier contract with you and you take that brach of contract seriously, and threaten to sue them in small claims court!

  186. Debra says:

    Thank you for this website! I did text the code and just got a text that Predicto canceled the subscription.

    It is crazy that a phone carrier would blindly allow any outside charges on their bill.

    I have Sprint and was able to check my bill online.

    I was dooped into Predicto thru Facebook – FarmVille. Those stupid quizs and polls…in the middle there are pop ups which if you don’t read the fine print you are agreeing to something. I thought I had canceled out of the whole poll in time but I guess not because it showed up on my bill. This happened July 26, 2009…hopefully I’m out $9.99 only.

    Be careful of fine print online!

  187. Dawn says:

    Just contacted the 1-800-360-0518 number and canceled the service which I too was unaware I had subscibed to and the woman sat and asked well are you sure you want to cancel….I said I didn’t even sign up so YEA go ahaead and cancel…

  188. Billy Goodwin says:

    I contacted Sprint customer service who promptly cancelled the service and refunded the $9.99. About an hour later I checked my bill and verified that I had indeed received the credit.

  189. Beatrice Jo says:

    I’m a new ATT customer, with an iPhone (3 months). I do auto-pay, w/ wireless billing. I rec’d the Predicto $9.99 premium charge on my bill this month. After doing some research on Predicto/ learning about the whole text msg. thing, I noted there were 6 incoming msges. from them within 1 hr. last month on my bill. I NEVER rec’d anything on my phone! I NEVER responded on my phone or online to ANYTHING!!
    I called ATT and a very nice CSR promptly, without ANY argument/ problems, credited my next billing cycle and initiated the premium block. Notification to Predicto was optional per ATT, as they would do so. I did send 1 text msg. to STOP and rec’d a confirmation notice text msg. from them that it had been previously cancelled (assume it was by ATT).

    Third-party provider services via your carrier enable services you may not have access to with just your carrier. I appreciate that service, but there definitely needs to be better oversight. I notified the FCC/ FTC and the Attorney General in my state. Apparently a class-action suit in Georgia against ATT for third-party unauthorized services/ billing has settled for incidents from 1/1/04- 5/30/08. I’m not sure how it affects those of us with ATT who have been slammed by Predicto since that date, but I hope someone is pursuing some kind of legal/ criminal case against Predicto, as well as the carriers! The fact that ATT was very pro-active in my case and others is, no doubt, due to the previous lawsuit. Notify your state AG and the FTC/FCC about your incidents!! Predicto needs to go down..certainly the carriers bear some responsibility, but Predicto is really the bad guy here! Good luck…

  190. jenn says:

    I was unaware of these charges until this month. I had cancelled all extra charges with Verizon Wireless but this one snuck through. Verizon is taking no blame for this. They claim there is nothing they can do.

  191. Michael says:

    Jenn… You should call Verizon back up, and DEMAND that they reverse the charge, DEMAND that they block these scum in the future. Tell them they have violated thier fiduciary responsibility to protect your account by aiding Predicto in thier theft. If the service rep will not help you, demand to speak with thier supervisor. Tell them you are writing letters to the FTC, FCC, and your states consumer protection agency. Do NOT let Verizon off the hook! the phone companies are getting a cut of revenue from the scum at Predicto… Hold them accountable. This kinda of illegal charges are a cviolation of thier responsability for your account. Make them fix thier problem!

  192. Name says:

    Its basicly a scam. Sombodey has to sue these scammers.

  193. Dawn says:

    My boyfriend went to to look for work in the USVI, and was required to fill out a form for access to the site. The form wouldn’t take his prepaid AT&T cell #, so he entered my T-Mobile # instead. Once he hit the submit button, a message appeared on the screen “A message is being sent to your phone”, and nothing else opened up for him. 2 minutes later I received a text on my phone from “”. Honestly, I’m pretty damn appalled that this company is preying on unemployed persons. There was nothing on this website that indicated that he would be signing up for a chargeable service. I’m calling T-Mobile on my lunch break to request a 3rd party billing block, and have already sent off a complaint to the BBB & the FTC.

  194. John says:

    I recently typed in my number to pass the survey on a website to watch at UFC video… then i recieve 4 different text from 4 different companies *(which are all probably from the same scam artest in their private house) saying that I registered with all of them for 9.99$??? now i probably owe 40 dollars now. And they said they were going to refund me my money in the mail, which i highly HIGHLY doubt they will do. I AM PISSSED! these people are SCAMMMERSS. THEY DESERVE TO BE PUT IN JAIL OR DEAD for all i know. I requested to speak to their manager, who sounds like the same lady from all three companies and I can hear dogs in the back ground. it sounds like they are doing this shit from their home. WE NEED TO PRESS CHARGES. they cant get away with this. Atleast im going to bitch at them about how bad their life must suck to scam innocent people for Hundreds of thousands of dollars all together. DONT be mistaken for their nice customer service attitude. they are CRIMINALS. And they get away with this because no one wants to pursue going to court over 9.99$. WHERE are the lawyers on the internet when i need them to read this… *COMPANIES include – Solow, FunMobile,,** PLEASE HELP. WE NEED TO BRING THESE PEOPLE DOWN!!!

  195. Natalie says:

    I too am having a problem with predicto mobile. I have not yet been charged but I know what to expect now. I go on FooPets an application on facebook and you can do offers to get the currency on there. Most are safe but this one asks for your mobile number in answer of a question like ‘what is your faveourite lady gaga song’ or something ridiculous. But stupidly I put my number in. However there was no explanation that I would be signing up to anything and I am sure that is illegal because that is falsley leading someone into subscribing. I then received around 5 texts from them. When I finally text STOP they sent me TWO more texts! I have just read the free text and it reads ”Freemsg: Reply OK now for the chance to win 50,000 play predictoo 4BIG prizes and giveaways Helpline 08009173468” then sneekly without spaces it reads ”3gbp/wk + 1gbp signup”

    they are so desperate and sneeky it is unbeleivable. So yeah they are also scamming people here in the uk as well as in the USA its about time they got stopped they are ridiculous! I hope someone gets to the bottom of this!

  196. Kynda says:

    Found a $9.99 charge on my Verizon bill. My 14 year old daughter simply signed up on a “free” ringtone site – nothing downloaded thank God – and we got this charge. After calling Verizon, they walked me through how to cancel the service and blocked her access to the Premium Text messaging. It’s a shame that parents have to pay for these charges when their underage children don’t read the terms of service on these types of sites.

  197. rdclaw2000 says:

    here is their phone number,report them to the national do not call registry as a unauthorized call:800-360-0518

  198. melissa says:

    I was charged twice for mindquiz I didnt subscribe to. It is not right that people can just steal our hard earned money. I tried to get my min back but they refused. What can I do about it ?

  199. Karen says:

    I also was charged 9.99 for a download that i never authorized. I text STOP to the 654655 number and it sent me a message stating “You have been unsubscribed from Predicto. There is no charge for this message. You will receive no further charges or texts. Questions: 800-360-0518.” Maybe this will help some one out.

  200. Karen says:

    I meant 654654

  201. Conrad says:

    Same story – was billed through Verizon for Premium Text Messaging from – I never signed up or participated in a survey. I called Verizon, they were totally familiar with the problem, promptly stopped the messages, and credited my account.

  202. john says:

    A class action complaint is opened against Predicto Mobile, LLC in Easter District of Michigan on 09/18/2009 (see
    I get caught in Predicto Mobile scam using Verizon Cell like 1000s others. Since September 18, 2009 Predicto Mobile is sued in a class action for charging cell fees of customer stop their cell phone subscription to new cell phone customers.
    In just two words, when you get a cell phone number, it’s usually a cell phone number used by a previous customer (also called ‘recycled’ cell-phone number). The previous customer may have subscribed to some Predicto Mobile services in dream or in reality or he changed Cell phone number to get rid of Predicto.
    If you are lucky, when you buy new cell phone, you will get charged for Predicto Mobile premium text without subscription because the previous who owned the cell phone number got scammed.
    The double opt-in process presented by Predicto Customer Service is a kind of joke: there is no opt-in process. You may have been opted-in by somebody who wanted to get rid of Predicto Mobile premium message by asking for a new cell phone number and you get this person old phone number(with the Predicto Mobile scam bonus).
    For your information the case file is opened in Easter District of Michigan as a class action complaint against Alltel Communications, LLC and Predicto Mobile, LLC (case 2:09-cv-13691-DPH-MAR filed 09/17/2009).
    Alltel is sued because this Cell phone company authorized Predicto Mobile to steal the money and didn’t protect his customers from dubious transations.
    While Alltell sent to Predicto the list of ‘recycled’ cell numbers, Predicto just ignored it: see more at
    The official file can be read at
    We need now to start probably a second class action for unauthorized charges as the previous class action only deal with former customer contract passed to new customers.
    Actually, Predicto uses a deceiptive technique that is based on Internet phishing: at the end of the process they just get your cell-phone number.
    Please document as much as possible each situation described: take pictures of your cell phone messages, keep a copy of your bills.
    Another class action is in preparation for simply abusive billing by Predicto Mobile: similar class actions already ended with settlement related to unauthorized charges for Mobile Content see Media Breakway, LLC Mobile Content Class Action at
    Spread the information on the internet and everywhere in our communities: we need to protect our kids from these predators.

  203. RON says:

    Hi all,Just read through the 200+ complaints about Predicto Mobile.Well here is another one.This from the U.K.It seems this company has now gone international!! I have been charged £11.06p from my mobile phone company 02.When I queried this charge I was given Predictos details but no offer of a refund on something that I had not ordered or subscribed to.I contacted them (Predicto) spoke to a lady with very little English and got a promise that the service would be cancelled but she could not authorise a refund.I now plan to contact O2 again and if I do not get any satisfaction I will change my supplier.BEWARE people in this scam has now reached our shores.

  204. John_SF says:

    Some studies described Predicto as a market leader in paid text messaging service(
    The question is who will be the real industry leader after we remove from all the people who get subscribed to Predicto through the nationwide Predicto scam using your cell phone number.
    This telephone is now involved in a class action for unauthorized billing using old contracts running on cell phone numbers to bill new customers purchasing these ‘recycled’ cell phone numbers(see
    Another similar class action should follow based on unauthorized billing. A similar class action hit Ringaza which is Media Breakway business name: they similarly charged $9.99 every month on your cell bill without any authorization see
    Mobile Breakway agreed to refund subscribers for unauthorized content charges.
    In this scam, Predicto fooled on one side cell phone subscribers and on the other side the investors who may believe in the returns offered by paid phone text services provided by Predicto.
    Among the 1.8 Million Predicto subscriber figures: who really know that they subscribed, who want to get rid of the contract, and how many only unused cell phone numbers are waiting for a new subscriber.

  205. Amy says:

    My husband and I have both gotten these $9.99 charges on our sprint account since 8/16…. no matter how many texts I send they wont stop, I am going to spint tomorrow to straighten this out..hopefully they will credit this money back to my account because this is crap! what a scam…I NEVER did any surverys, ordered wallapaers ring tones or anything, I know about scams and not stupid enough to give my phone number out online…I dont know how this happened! All I know is Sprint better not be in on this! Its really upsetting me that they didnt even notifi me of the charge being applied! A heads up would have been nice! I was happy to find this site though…Thanks!
    I will let you all know what happens…

  206. John_SF says:

    The same scam, the same guys, diffrent companies.

    After I recouped with some other lawsuits, Eyal Yezchekelly, Predicto Mobile CEO already helped to found another company called Email Discount Network (EDN) and guess what?

    EDN was sued in Florida, Washington State, and Georgia for the same type of scam Predicto is spreading today.

    See Washington State Office settlement agreement (EDN)

    See Georgia Settlements (EDN)

    See Georgia Subscriber Refunds,2086,5426814_5684686_80061913,00.html

    See state State of Florida complaint:$file/EDNComplaint.pdf

    See Predicto Mobile CEO on YouTube (the guy will appear in the middle of this interview):

    My guess is that Predicto, Predicto Mobile, PredictoMobile, or whatever is using kind of pyramid scheme to pay back previous subscribers with new subscribers just like Madoff in the financial arena.

    My question now is: do Cell phone companies ever check customers complains? I just sent a letter with a photocopy of the above documents to Verizon and ask them how they can authorize Predicto Mobile as a 3rd party.

    Dear readers, if you have some time, please send these documents to your cell-phone companies (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltell, etc…).

    The cell-phone companies are in part responsible for this mess as they share revenue with Predicto or other 3rd parties.

    I am sure cell-phone companies know about the scam but the financial incentive is too high for them to change.

  207. John_SF says:

    After I recouped with some other lawsuits, Eyal Yezchekelly, Predicto Mobile CEO already helped to found another company called Email Discount Network (EDN) and guess what?

    EDN was sued in Florida, Washington State, and Georgia for the same type of scam Predicto is spreading today.

    See Washington State Office settlement agreement (EDN)

    See Georgia Settlements (EDN)

    See Georgia Subscriber Refunds,2086,5426814_5684686_80061913,00.html

    See state State of Florida complaint:$file/EDNComplaint.pdf

    See Predicto Mobile CEO on YouTube (the guy will appear in the middle of this interview):

    My guess is that Predicto, Predicto Mobile, PredictoMobile, or whatever is using kind of pyramid scheme to pay back previous subscribers with new subscribers just like Madoff in the financial arena.

    My question is now: do Cell phone companies ever check customers complains, I just send a letter with a photocopy of the above documents to Verizon and ask them how they can authorize Predicto Mobile as a 3rd party.

    Dear readers, if you have some time, please send these documents to your cell-phone companies (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltell, etc…). Hope this document will help get some refund from cell phone providers.

    The cell-phone companies are in part responsible for this mess as they share revenue with Predicto or other 3rd parties. I am sure cell-phone companies know about the scam but the financial incentive is too high for them to change.

  208. Graham says:

    Noticed $9.99 bill yesterday and looking at the history of my account see that they’ve been charging me since February 2009. As with many here, I never signed up. I’ve received numerous unsolicited text messages, but NEVER reply…just delete them immediately. And my phone has never been out of my own hands. My service provider, AT&T, was willing to refund the current and last months charges, so that’s $20 restored. But Predicto still has $60 of my money, $60 of stolen money.

    I suspect they are technically legal, but, my gosh, they are wobbling on that thin line between legal and illegal, on the edge of the criminal abyss. They need to be put out of business. There is no good reason for this company to exist.

  209. Sarah says:

    I noticed the $9.99 charge for 654654-Predictomobile three months ago. We never signed up for this service! I contacted my cell carrier, Alltel, and they credited my account for the charge (Thank you Alltel).They also provided me with instructions on how to make it stop. We followed the instructions (reply to text with “STOP”) and it hasn’t worked. This is my third month (nearly $30 later) for this unsolictied service! Alltel has put a block on my phone for this service, so hopefully this will solve the problem. Shame on Predictomobile, they should be shut down.

  210. joseph kolb says:

    Please take me off predicto and refund my money 9.99

  211. Al says:

    I received 2 unauthorized charges of 9.99 this month for the same phone number. Let’s inform the public by listing warnings about this company on sites such as Craig’slist. Spread the word via the internet warning people to check their phone bills for charges from Predicto.

  212. Ali says:

    My fiance went to the website and they did not tell him there would be any charges. He contacted them and told them to stop immidiately when he found out. I was outraged to find out that I was still charged on my phone bill. I called perdicto and tried to find out what was going on. When I contacted them they told me that there should have been no charges and that they would send me a check to reimberse the fee. They even asked me for my other cell phone # and my email. They already messed with my fiance, I’m not about to let them mess with me to. Along withcontacting them, I contacted my cellphone company to deal with it immidiately. I was lucky to catch it before my bill was due.

  213. A says:

    Texting stop does not do anything. They just replied that membership has previously been cancelled but was still sending text messages.

  214. geode says:

    Same story, only it happened to my 12-year-old and appeared on my AT&T family plan. Isn’t it illegal to enter into a contract with a minor? These jerks should be shut down!

  215. Carla says:

    My 16 year old son’s phone was charged $9.99 and when I called CBW they told me Predicto Mobile is the one that sent the charge to them. She told me to text STOP to them but of course I’m still out the $9.99. My son says he never went to a site or entered a PIN.

  216. Morley says:

    Sprint is no help at all, almost wonder if they are part of the problem. Same story, mysterious 9.99 charges on my bill, maybe related to dialing 411?

  217. kurt says:

    i don’t remember ever getting this on my phone. but i guess it’s just something that happens. but texting them at 654654 to STOP does work.

  218. Concerned Parent says:

    This appeared on our bill linked to my child’s phone. My child has never visited the site, nor ever heard of the company. After further investigation, the only site my child registered with around that time frame was phonezoo to get free ringtones. It sounds like this Predicto LLC is paying for or harvesting mobile numbers for charging people for a service they did not request. They leach $10 a pop and don’t have to pay it back. We just realized we were hit for 2 months.

  219. Thomas says:

    All this complaining has gotten us nowhere. They are still at it. My story is the same as everyone else’s — unauthorized charges, no way to get them stopped except through my carrier, which never should have done business with this criminal outfit.

  220. LaKeisha says:

    I just noticed this on my bill also, and we’ve been billed several months. I’m actually on the phone with Sprint now and they’ve blocked the service and will be giving us a refund.

  221. Angi says:

    I opened my cell phone bill today and was glad that I am the kind of person that looks over ALL of the charges on my bill each month. I noticed that the amount of the bill had gone up and when I looked at the itemized info I found the 9.99 charge. I immediately called Sprint and they took the charges off and told me that they had placed the account on a block list so that Predicto cannot bill us again. The kicker is that they say my husband signed up for the service from his phone…he does not even text so how the hell would he sign up for it. How did they even get his number in the first place? Anyway, I got the charge taken off and if I find anything else there next month I will not only report Predicto to the BBB, AG, FTC and FCC I will report Sprint as well for allowing it to happen.

  222. jimmie says:

    Trying to unsebscribe??????

  223. Tatiana says:

    We have samething. Just got our USCellular statement with $9.99 extra charge. We have never subscribe for anything. We called USCellular, but they say that we have to pay it and they couldn’t do anything. My husband said that he is not going to pay this charge. Does anybody know how and where to report this fraud?

  224. David Tesar says:

    Same as everyone else. Hit to my bill for $9.99 listed as “Premium Services”. I have T-Mobile and everyone should file complaints with the BBB, FTC, and your state Attorney General against Predictomobile AND you phone carrier for them being in on the scam.

  225. Jeff N says:

    They sent me 3 text messages and 3 more after I replied STOP and QUIT. I don’t know how to block text messages from 654654 or other 6 digit numbers – Verizon is my carrier.

  226. mADdOG says:

    I also got charged for 4 months before I noticed. The reason the phone company’s continue to honor these bastards and charge us, is they also get a kick-back. Remember… this is the way most of these companies get rich off of our negligence to inform OURSELVES and study our bills more closely… especially bank, credit cards and cell phones. Keep using and posting to these types of websites and it will help keep you and others informed. I will be trying to get my monies back AND will join any class action suit available. Good luck people

  227. Tatiana says:

    Hi everybody. My phone company took off extra charges for this month!!!

  228. christina says:

    I just noticed my bill had $95.00 dollars more than usual. My phone company will not assume any responsability. Who is going to pay for this , me of course. This sucks!!

  229. Steven says:

    I pocket subscribed to flycell, and with att the only club pack they have is 19.99, I downloaded some stuff and then sent stop, I didnt get any messages from them anymore, I thought it was done, now six months later the charge is still there, thats 120 bucks, sent stop again today and well just have to see if it works.

  230. Austin J says:

    I called the 800 number to get a refund and if you threaten to call the BBB (better business bureau) they will listen. You have to continue to push because they will say they do not have information on that, so just ask them if they’re manager does and if you can speak to them about it.
    I asked if they were credited with the BBB and told them I was going to file a complaint.
    They will tell you they cannot refund and will try to hang up on you but if you keep them on the line and push for their BBB info, they will listen and you should get a refund. That’s how I got mine.
    Here’s the number: 800-360-0518

  231. Dave Moody says:

    WHAT A Dirty dealing bunch. I threatened the poor lady in the call centwer and told her I knew where the call center was. I was too angry for words to describe. The phone company (SPRINT) wouldnt help.

  232. Pam says:

    same thing….got charged and never signed up for this. US Cellular told me there was nothing they could do. Funny though, as soon as you call the company, they have no problem refunding you the money. Normally, if it would have been a valid charge, you wouldn’t think they would be so quick to cave and give you your money back.

  233. Sonia says:

    I was also scammed by this company and have been billed for this service that I never requested since Jan. 09. I contacted Predicto Scammo mobile and they agreed to refund two months worth of charges to me via check. I actually received the check, but what about my other $120. This was just unacceptable to me. I then contacted the BBB and filed a complaint stating that I wanted all monies paid by me to this so called company refunded. Well, some good news to all who have been scammed by this company. Predicto mobile supposedly issued another refund check to me for $130. Maybe the rest of you can give this a shot. You can easily file with the BBB NJ division online. Good luck to all. Hope this information helps some of you. Best of luck…

  234. Rico says:

    Predicto charge me $9.99 for two months. Two years past, nobody can stop this scam

  235. Carol says:

    I just got a bill for $9.99 from Predicto on my US Cellular bill. US Cellular told me how to stop the subscription & blocked my phone from future “premium services” but would not refund my money. I had to call Predicto. Armed with info from your site I was very curt & threatened to go to the Attorney General so they are “making an exception” and supposedly sending a refund. I complained to US Cellular that they are a party to fraud . The rep told me to go to their website & use the Contact Us feature to express my displeasure. This is is criminal!

  236. Joann says:

    Just talked to Predicto after finding the charge on my cell bill. Their policy is not to refund since it was customer initiated (me). Don’t do these kinds of things on my cell so knew I didn’t initiate anything. Had to get really mad and threaten Better Business Bureau and calling my lawyer. Then talked to her supervisor and supposedly a refund check will be sent. I am so tired of these scams. Tired of spending time on them.

  237. Pamela says:

    I am 50 years old WTH do I want with this and how did i get a charge for it on my phone? I have no idea why I am being charged this. I have better things to spend my HARD earnid $$ on. Can they be stopped ? I am glad I check my bill on line every few days or I would have had no idea.

  238. Keith says:

    I had been getting these annoying texts from 654654 for a long time. Didn’t realize I was getting charged for these, especially after not subscribing. Called and threatened them and they are reimbursing for 3 months.

  239. Sara says:

    I cancelled the texts from this PredictoMobile over a month ago and they continued to charge me even after I cancelled my membership. I finally was able to talk to a representative. I never signed up. I threatened the rep with her manager and she finally said they would reimburse me.
    Big scam! I never responded to anything and she first told me I responded to an email, then she changed her story to a text message.

  240. christian says:

    i just checked my bill too an saw that shit. i never signed up for it either, this is fuck’n stupid

  241. Rankin says:

    I was billed for this PredictoMobile and by Gold Pocket Wireless for another thing called AskMozoot! Each charge was $9.99! I was lucky this was the first month for both charges. If anyone needs contact information contact your wireless provider and ask for the company name. Then go to the BBB website and you will get all the information you need. Good luck to everyone and let’s try to get these companys closed down.

  242. Karen says:

    I was charged for $9.99 on my bill and I never have heard of these people.

  243. Lisa says:

    Bullsh*t! I was charged 9 months at $9.99/month and Sprint was able to refund 3 months’ but couldn’t go back any further. So I called PredictoMobile and they said their policy is to not refund, that I actively signed up and needed to actively cancel. That’s bullshit because I’ve never in my life voted for anything through my phone! I never vote for contestants on TV or enter any contests! Something needs to be done here and Predictomobile needs to pay all their victims back immediately. Their malpractice needs to be stopped immediately!

  244. Heather says:

    I was charged $9.99 for several months for a service I never heard of or intended to have.

  245. Tess says:

    This company is such a scam- we all need to do something. I have a similare story as everyone here. This should not be allowed!!!!

  246. Pam says:

    We have AT&T wireless, and since our bill is always about the same every month, I noticed the extra $10 right away. It took a few minutes to find the item on the bill (Predicto subscription, PredictoMobile LLC) and called AT&T immediately. AT&T took the charge off the bill, cancelled the subscription, and blocked the possibility of future purchases of the kind (unless we expressly allow it with a PIN number).
    AT&T’s customer service has improved 1000% in the last couple years – at least in my experience.

  247. Roxann Hendrickson says:

    Neither my husband nor I ever subscribed to anything. The charge just showed up on our bill one month. Why is this even able to happen?!

  248. Lorri Maas says:

    I have the same problem as everyone else here. Seems they have billed me $40.00 to my ntelos account I think I am about ready to sue.

  249. Paul Williams says:

    I think those pop-up ads are really annoying, so I never click on them. I was reviewing my AT&T bill and found that they just started charging me this billing cycle. I called AT&T, and they told me it was a horoscope or something like that, which I don’t read or believe anyway. AT&T took off the charge and refunded it, but it is kind of annoying to have this stuff appear on my bill. Aaargh!

  250. janet b says:

    I just got a 9.99 charge from Predicto. AT&T was very nice about it and removed the charged. They also told me I was still subscribed even after I texted stop (or whatever) and received a confirmation from Predicto that I was canceled. Beware!

  251. Anne M says:

    Hi – I just got charged 9.99 on my bill from predicto. What the hell?! 9.99 for nothing?

  252. Edward says:

    I was billed by Predicto through Verizon. I called Verizon and they removed the charge and blocked Predicto from doing it again.

  253. Alouisis says:

    This has been going on for 2 years or more and no one has stopped them. WTF.

  254. Laura says:

    I just saw that I’ve been charged 9.99 a month for a service I did not sign up for. This has been going on for the last 7 months. I called Verizon and they told me to send a text to 654654 and text “Stop” in the body.

  255. Janet Adams says:

    They have been charging me 6 Months!! This is a Scam!! How do I get a refund and press charges??

  256. Janet Adams says:

    This is a Scam!!
    I want a refund and to press charges!

  257. Brad Rushin says:

    Noticed the charges for txt messages I did not request or want at all. What do I care who hosts some lame tv show. What can I do about this. Already read and replied stop to predicto. I live on a very limited budget and this bogus charge is ridiculous.

  258. Brad Rushin says:

    I have been charged by this predicto group for something I have never requested. I live on a limited budget and could not care less what some jersey shore idiot does. What can I do about this?

  259. jhoanna says:

    pls stop send me a massage from predicto.i never request this stuff they charge me 9.99 ever month. i dont want it.pls stopppppppppp i dont wanna pay every month i never use it this massage

  260. Susan Carter says:

    call this number to cancel your account 1-800-360-0518
    they trick, first they ask people enter cell number then they send them activate code and if people enter activate code they immediately set up account for them. then every month they charge $ 9.99. I just call this number 1-800-360-0518 and cancel it, so they charge me any more.

  261. EPL says:

    First reply to 654654 and simply text them STOP. That will stop the service. But to get them to refund your charges you need to call 1-800-360-0518 and ask for the supervisor as soon as you can, and then tell them you will report them to the Better Business Bureau. They said that I should see a full refund within 2 billing cycles, and gave me a confirmation number. If they still refuse to refund your money, then contact the BBB in Trenton NJ (PredictoMobile is based in FT. Lee NJ), and tell them your case, and they will help you.

  262. Jay says:

    I did not sign up for any service from Predicto Mobil.. And contrary to what Predicto Customer Service says, I.E. Please note that a customer enrolls in our service by submitting their cell phone number on the PredictoMobile sign-up page which clearly explains the terms and conditions including price of service and billing to the cell phone.

    Yes I did a quiz and put my cell phone number in BUT THERE WAS NO INFORMATION ON THAT PAGE! All the page had was “Please give your cell phone number” and a “CONTINUE” button!

    If any one knows if there is a lawsuit going against them please tell me.

  263. Chris Beaulieu says:

    I was just hit with the bill for Predicto. They say I signed up for the service in March on their website and put in my cell number. There’s no way I did that! I took a quiz on a different site in order to watch a tv show and there was no mention of subscribing to a service at all. I was then harassed by multiple texts from Predicto. I thought it was spam, not putting it together that the quiz and these texts were related. This is outrageous. I don’t see how they can bill me without me signing up for anything, without reading any notice! I’ve read now everywhere that this is a huge scam. If there is any class action against them, please let me know. This is completely underhanded.

  264. Daniel Reyes says:

    Arghhh i never voted either what a scam

  265. Lisa says:

    Just found out about this on my bill and it was just outright ridiculous to find out that you can be charged for something you didn’t authorize. ATT offered “Purchase Blocker” for free. I’m fuming!

  266. Amy says:

    My son doesn’t know how he got signed up for this but I just called 1-800-360-0518 and spoke to someone who spoke surprisingly good English and she said she would cancel the account. I told her she needed to get a different job because this is a scam. She finished the call very quickly after that.

  267. Anita says:

    I’ve never order this company service, when I go to AT&T and want to get them help, they just answers me I can reply STOP for that text. I did it immediately, but a month later, I still get the charged, then I call to customers serive, the client’s answer make me feel this company have a very
    serious deception, she said “I reply text is by my cell phone number, but the billing name is my husband’s name, so their system still need to charged again due to bill name was not me??? but they sent me the text not my husband???
    I really mad what kind of company like that can lie people and get money so eazy.
    and the other serious problem is
    AT&T and other telecomm Co., ignore this problem, nobody can help us, and the only way is pay the bill that I’ve never ordered!

  268. Della says:

    I have been charged for 6 months from this PREDICTO scam. I called predicto and they provided me with the number which identified the computer that the purchase was made through. Bottom line, I don’t care where it came from, I was never aaware that I was making this purchase. I then followed the steps that a previous blogger #12 Michele and had the same excellent care from AT&T.
    I immediately called AT&T and they have refunded me all the charges immediately. The total charges I had been charged was $60.00. It’s wouldn’t have broke me but it is the principle of the matter. I hope this helps. Thanks Michele for the advise.

  269. Rajinder Sandhu says:

    I am getting charged $9.99 to my t-mobile bill since June 2010 that i never authorized. I called predicto and I am told that they are getting in touch with corporate and someone will respond within 2 business days. I have the complaint confirmation number. Lets hope they respond, otherwise I will contact the FCC and FTC.

  270. Heather says:

    I noticed the charge on my bill. I do not ever and would not ever sign up for something like this, so I called AT&T and spoke with the representative. He said that you dont have to be using the device which the number is associated with, someone can just enter your cell number on a website. He said that someone may have signed up for something using my number–no other authentication is needed. He told me that he could refund up to 90-days of charges, and luckily I caught this three days before the 90-days would have begun.

    Moral of the story: call your provider, demand money back (get a supervisor if needed), and have them put a parental block on your account. This makes sure that you have to enter a 4 digit pin in order to authorize any of these types of scams. It will prevent a lot of headache in the long run. And for those of you with iPhones, etc., this parental block will not interfere with iTunes as that is not part of your wireless bill. Good luck to all of you. I hope someone gets to the bottom of this one way or another.

  271. sophie says:

    I noticed the charges on my bill, it’s being going on for months. I never authorised this scam, but received a message asking to respond “stop”. I called Predicto and spoke with an agent, they are using false information to reply to complaints..she said that the txt messages were containing a call back number to stop these messages. this is not true. I will not let this go and will take all legal actions!

  272. dembo says:

    i ask preddictomobil to stop text me and they are charging me u should stop it and am going to file a lawsuit for all the money u charging me

  273. Annette Fashelle says:


    For months, T-Mobile was charging me outrageous amounts. I didn’t know about it because they kept sending my statements to the wrong address. (You’d think the people at the wrong address would have sent it back to T-Mobile, but they didn’t). And, when my bank statements came in, I didn’t look at them because there was a family emergency which lasted for months – the largest amount of time from January 2010 until October 2010.

    Today, after finally gaining access to one of the T-Mobile phone numbers (the phone just usually rings, and rings, and rings, with nobody ever answering it) I got to an automated entity that said I now owe T-Mobile $115.00. WHAT!

    I finally ran to their store – without benefit of shower, make up, nor dentures. When I got there, they gave me a chair to sit on because I was shaking so much from rage. I had to be sure not to take my rage out on the very people who were trying to help me – the staff.

    I found out that every month I’ve been charged about $100.00 too much due to the fraud! And this is the fraud:

    Openmarket 654654 Predicto $ 9.99
    Openmarket 59187 Standard Message $ 9.99
    Motricity 90881LobbyAirts 8883879993 $ 9.99
    Mobile Messenge 72449mindquiz 8004166129 $ 9.99
    Mobile Messenge 88922txtairts 8004166129 $ 9.99
    Mobile Messenge 77899 Call (877) 3-SENDME $ 9.99
    Mobile Messenge 82561 82561 Download 877- $ 9.99
    Mobile Messenge 25692 MindQuiz 8777071775 $ 9.99

    TOTAL CHARGES $79.92

    That’s almost $80.00 every month. Had these charges not been applied to my T-Mobile bill, I wouldn’t have had hundreds of dollars of overdrafts, each of which cost $20.00 PLUS the amount of the bill itself. I would not have run into so many financial difficulties! ALL my banking problems would have been non-existent!

    These charges have done so much damage that it is now imperative that I cancel my present bank account and start a new one. It is also imperative that I contact Consumer Cellular, the cellular company that I changed to because of T-Mobile’s charges, and request an immediate cancellation of my present phone number, and an immediate designation of a new number.

    These charges were applied to my account WITHOUT MY EVER RECEIVING them. These scum-of-the-earth companies who sent me all these text messages (which I never opened), should be made to pay back every dollar they swindled out of me.

    I have never texted anyone because 1) I don’t see the purpose of this thing, 2) I don’t know how, 3) I’ll be 70 years old this year and I don’t plan on learning all this high tech stuff. Mostly, it’s useless to me. I’m still living in the 1950’s, and it’s easy for these undercurrent companies to pull the wool over my eyes. And, speaking of eyes, I’m blind in one of them. So, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m not going to take up texting!

    The lovely young lady who served me at T-Mobile today (Tracey) tried her utmost best to try to get all these charges deleted from my T-Mobile account, but since I cancelled T-Mobile, her supervisor could not help me. Had I still been a customer, she could have erased the latest month – NOT any other month. But, that would be useless because this month (the month of March) shows that I owe them $115.00. That would be saving very little.

    This report is being given to:

    Better Business Bureau

    Consumers’ Protection Advocacy

    Consumer Cellular

    T-Mobile’s head office.

    My bank

    And anyone else that I haven’t thought of at time of writing this report.
    21 S. Kuakini St.
    Honolulu, HI 96813

  274. Refund Jockey says:

    go here for your refunds

  275. Refund Jockey says:

  276. James says:

    Verizon Wireless is instituting a process whereby its customers may claim a refund for any charges associated with PSMS content

    Verizon Wireless will refund those charges if a customer did not authorize or did not understand that they would be charged for the PSMS content.

  277. James Carrillo says:

    We have been charged 9.99 for at least the past 8 months (probably longer) for a Predicto Subscription that we didn’t ask for. ATT wouldn’t help in cancelling or refunding the money. I called Predicto where the rep assured me it wasn’t part of a scam. The rep wouldn’t give me a phone number to talk to an operations director or for their legal counsel. The rep did say Predicto does send out a monthly reminder of their service being subscribed to, but we have never received such notice. This scam was such a waste of hard-earned money.

  278. Chris M says:

    We have been ripped off by this company for over a year. If there is a class action suit let me know! My son is under 18. They cannot legally due this and we cannot get them to refund our money.

  279. Caroline Lennox says:

    I am getting scammed here in Canada too, and Rogers is threatening to put me into collections if I refuse to pay the $5/text charges. It is a different company, but same issue.

  280. suzette wood says:

    I have been charged for several months on my cell bill for some service I did not, and would never, order! I want a refund.

  281. Hassan says:

    I was on auto bill pay, did not check my bill for a period one year, noticed $9.99 from Predicto and $9.99 from Celebrity Squares. I called ATT and finally they gave me credit for past 12 month.
    They are SOB

  282. Bill says:

    9.99 charge since Dec 2010

  283. Bill says:

    Never signed up for this, we pay our sprint bill online. I looked at the bill this month and called sprint who credited one month. Since the “3rd party” has been paid, they wont refund us. I plan to report to BBB an MO Attorney general. What a freakin scam, this has gone on since 2004, based on the minimal research I have done. Predicto mobile is a scam and needs to be held accountable for stealing money from innocent people!

  284. Heidi says:

    I am in the same boat, except it was my minors phone. Here is the kicker I called carrier and they said they couldnt refund the money. Um how can they enter a contract with a minor. I spoke with the rep from predicto tonight and the first question was is this a minor’s phone? When I replied she told me they do not condone minors doing this without permission from their parents.. hmmm. I am going back for the last year and its 10.00 a month extra. I dont get paper bills anymore so I didnt line item the bill.I am marching into to my carrier tomorrow and I want a print out of my bill from her phone for the last 2 years and I will report both companies if I dont get satisfaction. I am suppose to get a refund from the other company, but why are they allowed to bill through our company!! Im pissed.. period. If it goes back to the first month she had her phone I know it will be a reused number that she got and I have been paying for someone else.. UGH!

  285. chris says:

    Predicto started sending me text questions almost immediately after i signed up with cellcom. went to their website to unsubscribe to something i never subscribed to in the first place! the messages stopped for a period of time but now i am receiving them again.I have never checked my phone bill to see if i am being charged. how do i get them to stop for good?

  286. Charles says:

    Well, it appears this scam is still going – my wife and I discovered that Predicto has been charged to her line on our Verizon account for many months – possibly years. (Digging out older bills now.) It is the usual $9.99/mo for “premium messaging”. Our real surprise was that a 3rd party could just attach charges to our Verizon bill. Given that our bills are many, many pages along with the deceptively generic name, this just got missed. I’m guessing that’s the overall Predicto business model. Anyhow, add our vote to any legal action against Predicto!

  287. chris entrekin says:

    please get predicto of my phone!

  288. Brian McShane says:

    I found this charge on my bill and contacted my carrier, Verizon. I was told that this was something that I must have subscribed to. After explaining that I have never done such a thing, the charges were removed and the account was blocked so that future contact and charges will not appear.

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