Premium Text Message Charges | Premium SMS Messaging | Prem SMS

If you have received charges on your cell phone bill for Premium Text Message charges, Premium SMS, or Premium Messaging, Prem SMS, Prem_SMS, or other Premium Mobile Content charges that you never authorized or ordered, tell us your story.

–Report Unauthorized Premium Text Message Cell Phone Bill Charges–

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This entry was posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011 at 4:10 pm and is filed under Unauthorized Cell Phone Bill Charges? Charged For Mobile Or Wireless Content That You Never Ordered Or Authorized?. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. By using this blog, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Under the Terms and Conditions, you agree and understand that your use of this blog does not create an attorney-client relationship, and that the contents of the blog does not constitute legal advice. This blog should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed attorney in your state. Note: We DO NOT send SMS text messages or charge you for third-party mobile content services. We have simply created a forum for consumers like you to share your cell phone billing issues with others. If you were charged on your cellular phone bill for mobile content services (i.e., ringtones, text alerts, games, etc.) you never order or authorized, you may also contact an attorney at

51 Responses to “Premium Text Message Charges | Premium SMS Messaging | Prem SMS”

  1. Michelle Olenick says:

    I recently received a premium text messaging fee on my Verizon Wireless bill. When I called I was advised that I had signed up for “My Pure Love” and had sent two text messages confirming that I opted into the service. I did not opt in and in fact have never even heard of “My Prue Love” When I questioned Verizon about the fee being taken off they said no because I texted the company first. This occurred on May 24, 2011. When I inquired as to whether this fell under the current class action suit the operator claimed she had no information to provide regarding the current lawsuit. This is the second or third time this has happened to me in the last five or so years.
    Michelle L. Olenick, Esq.

  2. audry may says:

    quiz time takes my money from my phone once a mo. I don’t know how to unsubscribe any ideas would be appreaciated.

  3. Cheri Lee says:

    I just noticed a charge on my Verizon bill of $9.99 for premium text messaging on one of my daughter’s cell phones. I went to the Verizon store and got an “oh well” attitude from their rep. He said there was nothing I could do because my daughter must have texted to “Aladdin” I called Verizon instead who was aware of these unauthorized third party premium messaging that is nothing more than a scam. They gave me a number to text with the words “STOP” and I got a confirmation back that I was unsubscribed. Verizon also told me how to file a claim to get a refund. I’m not sure yet if that will work. I also emailed Verizon about their very rude and dismissive store employee who was very unhelpful.

  4. Tyson says:

    I had an Alladin premium message charge on my current bill. I contacted verizon and want able to get anything refunded, but was able to put a block so that we can no longer be charged or received premium messages like this. Customer service was very helpful and polite.

  5. Corinne Bracken says:

    I received a premium message charge of 9.99 on my last tow bills on my son’s cell phone. Those are the only 2 I caught. If I look back there could be more. Neither were valid. The Verizon customer service took care of the charges and put a block on further charges. These scammers need to be stopped. Everyone should pay close attention to their bills. Our inattention is making millions and maybe billions for crooks out there with no conscience!

  6. STEVE says:


  7. ???????????? says:

    I questioned Verizon about the fee being taken off they said no because I texted the company first.

  8. Kim says:

    Same as other posts here… except we received a double hit… two separate $9.99 charges on two separate phones. Had to pretty much be a jerk to the people on the phone at VWZ, and they finally did take one charge off, but will not take the other. And the good news? You can block premium messaging, but you have to re-block it every 90 days… Yeah, like in 90 days I might feel like getting screwed again…

  9. Terry says:

    I was attempting to look up something on line and unknowingly was deceived by Aladdin for a premium messaging service and was charged 9.99 on my Verizon cell phone bill. I am very unhappy about Aladdin’s deceptive practices.

  10. Gail Neil says:

    I was checking out why my phone bill was so high. I received a new phone in June and added an additional text plan and wasn’t paying attention to the charges. I went over my bill this month and found there was a premium charge of $9.99 from Aladdin. I called my carrier,verizon, and they weren’t even sure what it was only that it was a premium service. I never signed up for it and it had been on my bill since I got the new phone and plan in June. They told me they would give me credit for this month but couldn’t do anything about the past months. I then went to bing and typed in my question of who is aladdin and I found your site. Thank you for all the info from others. I now realize it wasn’t just me doing something stupid. I know I never signed up and I have no idea who they are or even what service they are supposedly providing. I am very upset that this can be done to my phone wihout my permission and I just have to eat the charges. I followed your advise and text stop.

  11. Sharon Moorehead says:

    I noticed a 9.99 charge on cell phone bill so I called t-Mobile to inquire. They said it was a customer service and that they would cancel it for me if I wanted. I told them I had not signed up for any kind of service and I wanted to know what the service provided. They told me “alerts”. I was very unhappy and they offered to refund 3 mo. of charges. After I got ugly they gave me the number of the “premium Service” outfit so I called. The first “option” when the phone was answered – How to cancel their services!! They told me that their service included “trivia questions” and the only other information I could get was an address-
    PREMIUM CUSTOMER CARE, 3317 E. BELL RD., UNIT 101 – 136,
    PHOENIX, AZ 85032
    So I called T-mobile back and told them I was holding them responsible since their name is on the bill. They were not cordial – their response was less than caring. They could not tell me why their customers had not been notified or warned. They just offered me my money and told me they would put a 3rd party block on my phone. I am now trying to e-mail the corporate CEO.
    Philipp Humm

  12. Brad Stevens says:

    Verizon and/or Android sent a text message to phone but the source was obscured. We do not read text messages from unknown senders.
    Text message caused automatic billing of 9.99 per month unless a response was sent to request that we NOT be charged. We were charged this fee for two months before we discovered it.
    Had to call Verizon to determine what it was and why we were being charged.
    They would not refund the amount we had already paid. This is an unconscionably shady, underhanded, deceitful business practice and should not be allowed.

  13. Mary Senatori says:

    My husband and I just noticed we’ve been charged $9.99 for at least the past 12 months for “premium messaging” which we NEVER signed up for and never used. When we went to our local VW store to dispute the charges, they were VERY dismissive and rude. The initial rep we spoke with said that other customers had complained about the same charge, which occurs when you inadvertently opt-in to a 3rd-party svc on a website. He admitted it was “misleading” and rendered in “fine print”, and when I said VW has an obligation to engage in fair practices, the manager (Matt Austin, Lloyd Center, Portland, OR) said VW had nothing to do with it and it was legal so too bad for me. I said how could a 3rd-party fraudulently charge something to my bill and Verizon Wireless completely absolve themselves of any obligation or liability, at which point he threatened to have me thrown out of the store for arguing with him! The latter point is so ironic because the tagline on their business cards say “We want to know what you think!” That is, unless it’s to complain about our predatory and excessive charges. I found a refund site at, but the claims deadline was November 2011. On the sites like this that I’ve read, the rude and arrogant customer service in the stores seems to be ubiquitous.

  14. Monty Squier says:

    Charged $9.99 for Ring Tone Service that I did not access. Verizon Blocked future charges, but would not refund my money.

  15. Dan Pamenter says:

    For 10 years I have had US Cellular for cell phone service. I have bave been satisfied with and trusted them as a reputable company allowing them to be placed on a autopay program. I have been out of the contry for several months and recently noticed a $40/mo higher bills on my credit card statements and in checking further, found it had been going on for 5 months. I contacted US Cellular and they promptly cancelled the “Premium Care Center” subscription. I explained I never subsribed to any foolish products such as 1. Mobil Quiz Club 2. Chalkboard 3. Ringtones & Wallpaper accents 4. Horroscopes. Each was billed at a rate of $9.95/month. I told them I wanted to be re-imbursed for these charges. I was given 3 different phone numbers… 2 of the “products” were with one phone number and the other 2 each had a number. I called the first and was offered a 50% refund for two of the charges. I declined and advised I wanted the entire charge refunded. The other two refused to offer any refund as well. In calling each of the 4 different phone numbers, I quickly relized they all answered “Premium Customer Care” with an additional slogan statement “customer satisfaction is always guaranteed”. I do intend to get satisfaction, but it will not be through “Premium Customer Care”. My guess is that they feed on people who will not hold them accountable for the small issue of $10 or $20. They will cancel the subscrition and be quiet like a good bunch of little sheep. You are either a sheep or a sheep dog. Thank you to the person who started this website… and listng organizations that formal complaints can be filed. I’m not a sheep, and I will get my teeth into Premium Customer Care.

  16. Travis U says:

    long story short, received a $9.99 charge for “my pure love” premium messaging according to the Verizon CSR. She give me a number to text the word stop to and refunded the charge no problem as a one time courtesy.

  17. Janette says:

    I just noticed after checking our Verizon bill for the last year, that we were charged for TWO ‘premium messaging’ charges at $9.99 each! My husband pays the bill and never looks, so I decided to see why we were paying so much. He and I do NOT use premium texting services, or any other services for that matter, and I immediately called Verizon to see where the charges came from. I was told one was ‘Tap Playlist Alerts’ and the other was ‘Glamorati Alerts’. HUH?!?! WTF! Never even heard of these, so now we are out over $250.00+ dollars from this scam. Verizon won’t refund, but did block any future charges. We will now be looking into other phone providers, since we both feel Verizon allows this practice, and refuses to accept responsibility. We will be researching legal recourse against these companies as well.

  18. Donna says:

    I was charged $159.84 for 16 premium messages on my government cell phone. I did not authorize but I have now been issued a letter of reprimand by my supervisor who says I misused government equipment.
    , I have secured a lawyer.

  19. Jon says:

    Clicked on some survey thing and ended up getting a text for shopathome toolbar and a 9.99 charge to my ATT bill. Sent stop text in reply and called the number 877-707-6188 to cancel and complain about the charge. They said they don’t ever refund money since I entered the pin in the text and thus agreed to the service. I did cancel them or it would be 9.99 per month.
    Called ATT and they are reversing the 9.99 charge and I put a purchase blocker on my phone number.
    ATT was great. These marketing companies are using deceptive offers and should be stopped.

  20. Nicole says:

    While doing my tax prep, I had to closely go through my cell bills. Found a mysterious $9.99/mo. charge. Called Verizon Wirelss who told me it for a premium message service, and they gave me a phone number that I could call to talk to the company. They told me that I “opted in” on 6/12/10 and “opted out” on 2/6/12. The charges began in Aug. of 2010 and ceased in Nov. 2011, which doesn’t even coincide with the dates. I would certainly remember ig I was getting “Mind Quiz” text msgs, and would also remember “opting out” of such a scam. I called the company that Verizon Wireless gave me and they tld me that this was no longer under their care, and they transferred me to another number. The company is called Premium Customer Care (ironic) and I told them that I expected a full refund. They said they can only see the past three months of service, thus they can only refund me $29.97. I would like to know how to collect the additional $141.86 that I was charged for a service that I NEVER signed up for or used.

  21. John says:

    Recieved text: Lovegenietips Flirting Tips: 3msg/week for $9.99/m T&Cs: Msg&Data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. Pin 3202

    I immediately recieved another text within 10 seconds:
    Lovegenietips: You joined $9.99/m for 3msg/wk bill to cell. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. Msg&Data rates may apply. T&Cs:

    Now, I did not respond or do anything before recieving the second text. It worried me so I called AT&T customer service. Miracle of miracles I got to a person within about 2 minutes. So total time elapsed 5 minutes maybe. They had charged my account already for 9.99 without me doing anything. This phone is my ‘personal’ phone but it is on the DOD US Army account because I’m an officer. So it is technically a ‘government’ phone. I hope some attorney picks up on that and calls me I would love to end this unfair, unethical and probably illegal conduct. Or at least punish them since they are unjustly enrinching themselves.

    Now, back to the story. The lady at AT&T was very helpful (my first experience of this). Evidently AT&T, Cingular, Sprint, etc are in bed with these guys. They have contracts allowing them to charge accounts, so AT&T gives them the money, and then they charge you with AT&T keeping a kick back for doing this without recieving your authorization. On top of that AT&T or your company has more than likely sold them your number. BTW, I am also on the federal DO NOT CALL registry, and have been for years. I actually go and update it occasionally to make sure I’m still on it.

    So the ‘helpful’ lady at AT&T reversed the charges, but it will still appear on my account. Something I would like to avoid due to my security clearance I live (and want to) a clean life, and want to keep that appearance in everything including not submitting myself to possibly X rated or R rated material on my phone. She also mentioned I needed to watch my credit report now because they like to turn this stuff over to a debt collector or recharge on the ATT bill.

    Now, the info the lady gave me. The corporation sponsoring (responsible for charging and having the deal with ATT) is MOTRICITY. This corporation has been involved in several class action lawsuits for this specific action (I have not seen one over this specific text) but for this exact business practice. Yet they continue despite the courts continually finding that their actions are reprehensible, illegal, etc. Where is the SEC, this is a private company? They are worth almost 500M dollars by their IPO. And are continually getting money from venture firms. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. HOW CAN A CORP WHO CONTINUALLY DOES ILLEGAL ACTION IS FOUND GUILTY OF SUCH, CONTINUE TO GET TO DO IT! CORPORATIONS ARE SUPPOSEDLY PEOPLE BY THE LAW, IF THEY WERE A PERSON THEY WOULD BE IN JAIL!

    Now, further info. The ‘website’ again was The corporation that Motricity was doing this for was GOLD POCKET WIRELESS WISE MEDIA.

    CODE 836-60.

    I am interested in going after these people. I am currently at Fort Sill, OK. I can think of a handful of federal and some state laws they violated. Please contact me!

  22. John Watson says:

    My situation is very similar . . . found the $9.99 charge–asked my U.S. Cellular service what the deal was and they told me I must have responded to a text, gone online and agreed to their terms. NO such thing occurred. They put a STOP on the charges and told me to call an 800 number to request a refund. The company “Premium Customer Care” could not even tell me what I was supposedly getting for the $9.99 and offered to refund one of three months charges. I wanted all three months refunded but they wouldn’t budge. I returned to U.S. Cell to ask them to make good on the difference if they wanted to keep my business. They said there was nothing they could do since I had AUTHORIZED they charges. I told them that they hadn’t even been listening to me and that we were done. I changed to Verizon that very same day and am pretty upset to see that they have allowed their customers to be charged the same. Causes one to lose faith in modern tech if you ask me. What a SCAM!

  23. John Watson says:

    BTW–got my 1/3 refund check today. The Company’s address is:
    Premium Customer Care
    36 Eglinton Ave. West
    Suite 307
    Toronto, ON CANADA

  24. Carol Hanson says:

    I had the same problem with Premium Customer Care (great name). They refused to refund anthying. After reading the comments on here I called T-Mobile and told them ATT had reversed the charge for someone who commented on here and asked if T-Mobile would do the same. She reversed the charge and put a block on my phone. I just hope Premium Customer Care doesnt turn me in to collections.

  25. Jasmin Jones says:

    Over the last month, I have received text massages from “Brain Cool”, “Shaboom Media” and various other companies stating a $9.99 monthly subscription fee has been added to my account and I have 10 days to opt-out by replying “STOP”. Although I always reply “STOP”, I didn’t take these messages too seriously because I thought it was merely a hoax based on the fact that it was unsolicited and it forces one to opt-out rather than opt-in. Upon opening my phone bill, I was shocked to have $30 in new fees for these messaging services. I contacted my cell phone provider (Sprint) and they gladly took the services off and credited my account. I continued to ask more questions about why I am getting these messages and how they got my number, and according to an Michael A, an online account representative for Sprint, “These are third party text messaging premium service that provides Sprint customers the ability to register and purchase third party text messaging content such as Chat and Dating services, Voting Applications, downloadable ring tones and wallpapers using Short Codes through text messages or content provider’s web site.” Based on the fact that cell phone companies allow third parties to charge monthly fees based on unsolicited opt-out messaging, I would like to encourage people to review their monthly statements to look for these charges. I was successfully able to request my personal phone number and all other numbers on my account be blocked from future third party attempts but it is criminal that Sprint gets compensation based on deceptive marketing.

  26. Cheryl M. says:

    I received two charges on my cell phone bill of 9.99
    each. I contacted Cincinnati Bell and was told more or less that there was nothing they could do, they would not take it off my bill, they told me to contact the 1-800 number , I did and the Company Premium Customer Care said I went on a web site and authorized this, it could have been to try and win something or just as simple as trying to get manufacturing coupons. We I told them I did not authorize any of this or a 4 digit code, they told me someone else must have used my phone, I even explained that I have 3 phones and none of them have ever been used for texting. But she would not help me at all, just stated that there was no refund, her name is Renee and she was very rude. This is fraud, they should be stopped from doing this to people and these phone companies are allowing this to happen, I have been with Cincinnati Bell for my whole life and about 15 or more years with cell phones , I have never been late with paying my bills, they did put a block on my account, but refused to reverse the two charges, I guess loyal customers do not me a thing to big Companies like that
    I did not pay for these charges , I did pay the rest of my bill, but I’m sure it will carry over next month, if they were a honerable company they would take these off my bill.

  27. Debi Brewer says:

    Notices two $9.99 charges on my AT&T cell bill for “Premiums SMS $9.99 subscription:Words/Definition ale” and “Premiums SMS $9.99 subscription:SCORE BOARD SMS ALTS”, neither of which we ordered. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! Cavat emptor!!!

  28. Mary Sommer says:

    I have also been scamed by “Premium Messaging” and my cell phone carrier is US Cellular. Upon calling to question the charge, I was told the same info that I agreed to the charges by entering my phone number on a computer. Tried to explain that I had not done this and would like a refund. Received the same information about the third party. Have been trying for two days to call “Premium Messaging” and cannot make connection. I remember listing my telephone number on a listing that would protect my number from solicitations but I quess in does not work for scams.

  29. Sherri B. says:

    Pretty much the same story here as everyone else here. After reading all the comments on this site I got really nervous and called US Cellular and while I explained my whole sorry story about my “Premium Customer Care” $9.99 charge and that I wanted to block my account for anymore unauthorized charges, Colton said he had already blocked the company from making anymore charges and requested a full refund from the company. End of story! On top of that my hometown US Cellular gave me a credit earlier in the day. My local store had actually recommended that I still write the “Premium Customer Care” a letter but Colton said don’t waste your time because he took care of it for me! Thanks Colton and US Cellular. You are the best cell phone company with the best customer service ever!

  30. ramesh joshi says:

    i got a charge of 9.99 on my bill for the service not used or even subscrbied to. When i called the person confidently said that i went through three step process and it was verified so they can’t give me refund. Not only that for complaints they did not give any phone number or email but only the mailing address to write – so now i have to spend more money to even complain. May be we should bring this to the attention of the attorney general of Arizon to take action. Any suggestions?

  31. Carly C. says:

    Same story as everyone above. I called “Premium Customer Care” after TMobile blacklisted the company & blocked 3rd party companies from charging my phone. I was given the same address which I google mapped while on the phone. The address pointed to the street which I knew was not right & I asked the representative to explain to me why the address did not produce results from google? She declined to answer. I told her that I do not want my letter to go unanswered and that I needed a phone number or email address as to track my correspondence. She declined. I became very difficult and she eventually (after 40 minutes) put a supervisor on the line. I explained my frustration. He called my explaination “long-winded” and was very rude. During my explaination I told him that throughout the conversation I had been researching the company online and NO RESULTS. I asked him to explain how a technologically advanced company that deals with website pop-ups and text message services does not have a website. He could not. I asked why I should be charged for a service I had not used. I paid for a service I never recieved!!!!
    There must be a way to take action against this company. ?????

  32. Dave E. says:

    I forgot to mention the charges they said I had to pay for was for texts to me. I do not have text. I did not want it and had it blocked when I bought my phone. So they were trying to charge me for something that would not even go through. When I told the gal that she only said that they send then anyway so You have to pay.

  33. Sharon says:

    I just noticed on my AT&T bill this month that I have been charged $9.99 every month since May for “Premiums SMS subscription:Government Grant Ale”. I have no idea what this is, but I am hopeful that at the very least I will stopped being charged for this.

  34. Theo Galzerano says:

    Same story, two 9.95 bills on 2 separate lines for ‘Bid and Win’ and ‘Choose your IQ’. Verizon refused to refund anything stating these were initiated by the phones, which they were not. Verified. I am also receiving spam messages on my phone for obscure services that could easily be initiated by accident. Verizon rep began speaking very fast from a well rehearsed script. Obviously these companies are too comfortable in their success. I never got an address or number to call. I did have the STOP texted to the 5 digit numbers and have the verizon rep block premium messaging. Total scam.

  35. Mario says:

    On April 4, 2012 a text message from 310-51 saying the following was sent to my cellphone: >>>PIN<<< enter on to win prizes 2 ur cell Txt HELP 4help 8002357105 $9.99/mth 3x/wk Msg&Data Rates may Apply. The above text was followed by another one which read: Impress ur friends! to win prizez 2 ur cell Txt Help 4help 8002357105 Unlimited coupons @9.99/mth Msg&data rates may apply Txt STOP 2end Pwd:1624.

    Since I did not reply nor agreed to their "sales text" I assumed nothing would come out of it. But, to my surprise I realized that I have been charged on my phone bill an amount of 9.99 each month for the past 8 months. I'm looking into writing a letter to Sprint to ask for a refund and If I'm able to track down the unscrupulous site doing this, i will file a small claims against them. If anyone has been a victim to this, please reach out to me.

    Thank you

  36. Emily Stapp says:

    On 12/5/12, I received a text message from 449-09 about “CalendarCzar Events Alts” for $9.99/mo. It said to reply “STOP” to cancel, which I did. I received a confirmation text saying that I was unsubscribed. However, I was billed $9.99 for that month’s service. I called 888-672-5617 (the number in the confirmation text) on 12/30/12 and asked that I be refunded the $9.99. They said they would have to request a check for that amount from a 3rd party, since they were not the ones who billed me. I have no idea how this 3rd party got my number since I never signed up for anything.

  37. Ricardo says:

    Just noticed the same thing, Verizon was charging 9.99 for the last two months for a service named chooseurquiz. WTF?

  38. ML Frontera says:

    Same as everyone else. VerizonWireless has charged me $9.99 every month since 2010. Nothing worked to eliminate it. Verizon credited me 6 months. I never signed up for this service or used it. Who are they. The banks must be able to trace the theft.

  39. michael ayotte says:

    i want my money back that they have been steeling from me (five phones) @ $9.99 for years

  40. David I says:

    Yes.. Spouse and I got new phones months ago. Wife kept complaining about a daily text taking up lots of her alotted # (we don’t have unlimited texts). Anyway, over a month ago, I noticed a text message on my phone stating something about daily messages for a 3.99mo. charge unless I replied with STOP. I initially disregarded it, then it finally sunk in that this was probably similar to what my wife had complained about. Went to my bill and sure enough there was a 10.99 charge to my wifes line for Premium Message Service. Called Verizon and got only 3 months reimbursed (said that’s all they could reimburse for). Then yesterday I received my latest bill to find 3.99 PM charged to wifes line & 3.99 charged to my line too. Just sent Verizon a nasty email saying I’m now complaining to the FCC and AG. Found this site first and had to tell my story. What a scam!!

  41. Paul H says:

    Just recieved verizon bill with a 9.99 premium chg. Wife called verizon and guy said his computer was broke down and that it was a charge that I got for not answering a scam text. FCC, State utilities, class action here we come!

  42. Kent Thompson says:

    VW charged us $9.99 for premium %$#*(& for twelve months before we caught it a year ago, and they’re still doing it as of Feb 25th 2013, according to what Paul H. says. Is there any company that’s honest in this country anymore? I doubt it.

  43. Joel Perlroth says:

    I just noticed after checking our Verizon bill for the last year, that we were charged for 2‘premium messaging’ charges at $9.99 each! My spouse pays the bill and never looks, so I decided to see why we were paying so much. She and I do NOT use premium texting services, or any other services for that matter, and I immediately called Verizon to see where the charges came from. 2-Quiz IQ club. This is definitely a scam.

  44. Joel Perlroth says:

    I just noticed after checking our Verizon bill for the last year, that we were charged for 2‘premium messaging’ charges at $9.99 each! My spouse pays the bill and never looks, so I decided to see why we were paying so much. She and I do NOT use premium texting services, or any other services for that matter, and I immediately called Verizon to see where the charges came from. 2-Quiz IQ club. This is definitely a scam. Blocks and opt out have been added to all lines

  45. Jedd Jones says:

    Same as everyone else. These scam artists are making money off of thousands + people and no one will do anything about it. When will the cell carriers help us out. The BBB, FCC, somebody!!! These bastards should go to jail. I would visit them personally if I lived in Az.

  46. Karen Maas says:

    I did not authorize this charge on to my account. I want these charges reversed I see there is a class action suit against this company and I will contact who I need to to get this resolved

  47. Margaret Davis says:

    Recently discovered the 9.99 Premium Messaging charge. I see I have much company! How do I “block”/Opt-out?

  48. Liz Garcia says:

    Call Verizon today on Premium 26332 tx messaging charges for $9.99. I’m told they can’t determine the source. A block was added to prevent future charges.

  49. Vickie Kezele says:

    Same thing happened to me. Checked my statement and noticed a $9.99 charge. Got the companies phone number from the cell phone provider who said they couldn’t do anything about it. First number was to a recorded message that said if we wanted to discontinue service to put in cell phone number and it would stop. Called cell phone company and got a different number. Talked to a Premium Customer Care customer service person who said that we would have had to go to internet and request the service but she couldn’t give me a website or more information. She finally said that this could happen when a pop-up is clicked on, etc. I asked for the company’s address which she wouldn’t give me without insistence from me. I informed her that the company she works for is supports fradulent work activities. The address she gave me finally was 3317 East Bell Roard, Suite 101-136, Phoenix, Arizona 85037

  50. Zanib Zulfiqar says:

    Okay. My mom, who can barely use a computer, has been charged four times for this premium messaging thing. I caught it on her phone bill and called her provider. This is a 3rd party charge; providers can’t do anything about it. I called the number the “texts” came from (877-707-3188 in Phoenix Arizona) and talked to the “superintendent” named “Juliane 7019.” After half an hour of me talking, I let my father have a word with her, and she eventually agreed to repay us the full amount because my dad threatened to expose this scam on a radio station. this “company” is affiliated with a website called “” and all of these: Horoscopes, Quizzes, 2Quiz IQ, True Love Plus True Love Crush, Enviro-Tips, Dealflag, Today’s Lucky Winner, Your Health Tips Now, E-Celebrity Alerts, Aladin’s 1 Wish, Mobile Stress Tips, Success Tips 101, Live Pearl Baseball Scores, Celebrity News Today, Sports & Facts, Guessology Game, Hockey Scores Now, Word4Tots, and Joke Alerts Now (I only managed to squeeze these out of her). This “service” is supposed to be a bunch of coupons or something like that. If Juliane only offers to return $9.99, say that her company’s maximum return rate is $19.98, and just keep at it. Don’t get riled up, don’t yell, don’t scream, just ask questions like “who are you affiliated with”, “where do these charges originate from”, “where is this company located,” and write them down, so she knows you are serious about exposing her. It should get your money back. Call your service provider and ask if they can put up a block for any text messages that will charge you, and put it up on any mobile number you own. AVOID SIGNING UP FOR ANYTHING, AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUR INTERNET HISTORY AND PHONE HISTORY. That is how I got my money back. LOOK OVER PHONE BILLS CAREFULLY, AND TACKLE ANYTHING THAT SEEMS SUSPICIOUS IMMEDIATELY. I called our local FBI Office, and this is an INTERNATIONAL SCAM; texting STOP will not work. I was lucky to have caught it as early as I did.
    It will show up as a message from: Ontario Corp_877390:877.707.3188 on your phone bill. You can even call your service provider to track how many times this may have happened.

  51. John Li says:

    Just noticed that Tmobile charged me $9.99 for a long time for a premium message on my kid’s line. I call customer service and was told that as long as a person from that line agreed to certain IQ Exam provider (or just reply to certain ad message), Tmobile can charge us without any form of verification like social # etc. This is definitely a scam (like in post 42). I asked Tmobile to block this one. But a automatic, total block of such thing in the future will cost $4.99 a month for all my lines (this is ridiculous!).

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