Motime | 32000

If you were charged on your wireless or cell phone bill for Motime mobile content subscriptions or services (i.e., ringtones, sound effects, wallpapers, screensavers, games, text alerts, etc.), that you claim you never authorized or ordered, report your story.

–Report Motime Charges On Your Cell Phone Bill–

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Motime | Customer Service Telephone Number:


Motime | Email:


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–Report Unauthorized Cell Phone Bill Charges–

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216 Responses to “Motime | 32000”

  1. Miguel Solorzano says:

    I have a charge or 9.99 i haven’t autorize anything.

  2. Dyrle Joiner says:

    I have been charged 9.99 for 3 months and I dont remember authorizing this. When I call to speak with a representative, I get disconnected.

  3. Huong Luu says:

    Same here on Motime charges. was charged 9.99 for 2 months.

  4. Stacey Schwarz says:

    I had the same charge. If you send a text message with “STOP” in the body to 32000 (short code), you should receive a confirmation text of your cancellation.

  5. christine caviness says:

    same here just got my bill and there was a 9.99 charge from motime

  6. mike schwennesen says:

    I also was charged a $9.99 monthly fee that I never authorized.

  7. Susan says:

    We received a charge for this too & never authorized anything. Has anyone gotten reimbursed for this, lol?

  8. Robyn says:

    Same here. One of our phones has had charges on for 3 months.

  9. Jen says:

    We had 4 charges. Called my carrier and they placed a purchase blocker on our phones. We now have pin codes to punch in if we ever do REALLY want to download something!! This should be illegal, I am writing my congressman!!!

  10. Carlyle says:

    I was charged $9.99 for a subscription I did not order. AT&T cancelled the subscription and refunded the charge.

  11. Todd says:

    Daughters phone was charged 9.99 through Tmobile

  12. Courtney says:

    Was charged the 9.99 through t-mobile

  13. micahs mom says:

    was anyone charged through TMobile and had the charges removed? i dont want to be responsible to pay for something we didnt authorize or accept.

  14. belinda says:

    You guys are nothing but crooks ripping off the american people. This company is not even in the united states and I can’t understand the idiot on the other line due to their accent!!! This is what is wrong with todays world – you are nothing but a bunch of crooks and I am beginning to think that you have something going on with t-mobile because they removed the 9.99 charge but then turned around and charged me 4.99 to block you f*****G people. Now you idiots have my email address and I will probably be spammed to death, price I will pay to warn people about you!!!!

  15. belinda says:

    I also wanted to give a different phone number that is listed on this website for this company. I was given this number (800) 982-1358 I called this number at 02:00 cst and she said to call back during normal business hours, which are, Monday – Friday from such and such time. I told her that I was and she told me that it was 22:00 there.

  16. belinda says:

    I’m sorry I meant I call at 14:00 not 02:00.

  17. livid says:

    Sick and tired of having these charges on my bill. The phone company says they have no way of preventing them. I think its rediculous and I have reported the number as harrasment to the authorities.

  18. wtfhow says:

    Charged $9.99 never heard of before. Disputing charge with T-Mobile.

  19. dwsiebe says:

    I have been charge 9.99 the last two months for motime and Verizon wouldn’t creditme.

  20. Lobohunter says:

    A charge of $9.99 appeared on my cell phone usage claiming a download. My phone does not even show usage at the time this charge indicates.

  21. susan says:

    Daughter downloaded 1 “FREE” song & they sent her wrong song. charged us for 2 months. Had verizon Wireless put BLOCK on all Premium Data charges & they credited 1 month.

  22. KT says:

    searched for specific song, came upon the name of the song and in CAPS; FREE DOWNLOAD, not so, after entering the pin to download, I receive a text that the song is not available, but that I have now subcribed to for $9.99. I immediately dial the number provided, talk with a man who spoke very broken english and was told that it was too late to credit the amount… we are talking 30 seconds after the “you are subcribed” text. Unbelievable. I did receive a text after the conversation unsubcribing, but was told that I still will be billed $9.99. It looks as though I might need to prepare myself for additional charges by the comments above.

  23. HereITGo says:

    i was charged 9.99 for no reason for a month now n i juz figured out that this website is fucking stupid website, i dont even knwo this until i was charge so pplzz stay alway from this fucken bitch ppl who idiotly charge us, bitch fuck who ever charge me go fuck ur fucken mother assy

  24. Becs says:

    I was charged 9.99. I didn’t authorize this charge.

  25. BigE says:

    I was ripped off exactly like KT stated “searched for specific song, came upon the name of the song and in CAPS; FREE DOWNLOAD, not so, after entering the pin to download, I receive a text that the song is not available, but that I have now subcribed to for $9.99. I immediately dial the number provided, talk with a man who spoke very broken english and was told that it was too late to credit the amount… we are talking 30 seconds after the “you are subcribed” text. Unbelievable. I did receive a text after the conversation unsubcribing, but was told that I still will be billed $9.99. It looks as though I might need to prepare myself for additional charges by the comments above.” Some one should put this company out of business.

  26. Kim Arizzi says:

    Saw an add for a FREE ringtone download for a song I was googling. I clicked on it, they asked for provider, sounded reasonable,and number. Next I get a text and I’m told to enter a 4 digit code to get the ringtone. I do. Then I received 3 more texts telling me that I just signed up for $9.99/mos service????
    I immedietly texted stopped and got a text that said subscription WILL be canceled. So I assumed they would charge $9.99 for nothing so I called AT&T and blocked and demanded refund for them promoting a scam!!!!

  27. Lydia Rios says:

    charged on my phone have never heard of them before. Who are they and how can this happen

  28. Kim Rocker says:

    $9.99 showed up on January bill. We have never heard of this comapny or website. Calling AT&T.

  29. Kim Rocker says:

    AT&T refunded and took a statement of what happened and how the cramming happened.

  30. ryan estiva says:

    i got charged as well and can anyone know how i can get a reimbursement? should i call rogers?

  31. Gordon says:

    Motime has charged me three months in a row, Tmobile credited my account, and said they will blog from charging but it didn’t happen.

  32. Denise Cole says:

    I got charged 12/2011 and now 1/2012 for this service that I did not authorize. I want me money back.

  33. Denise Cole says:

    This appeared on my bill for 9.99 and I do not know who or what it is. I did not order this service.

  34. sandy johnston says:

    Just found a 9.99 dollar charge on my bill. This was on my daughter’s phone. What a a scam!! I just messaged them with STOP and got a reply that my membership was cancelled !

  35. Teresa marks says:

    Just found a 9.99 charge on my cell phone bill for motime that I did not Uthoize. How do I get a credit?

  36. Bryan Stinocher says:

    I opened my cell bill today with a charge of $9.99. When I investigated I found that Motime charged me for free downloads! What a ripoff. I immediately sent a ‘stop’ order, and they replied that my membership was cancelled. I am disputing with my cell carrier Sprint. I NEVER AUTHORIZED ANYTHING!

  37. Pam Smith says:

    I want to discontinue my service with Motime. I thought I was getting free ringtones downloaded on my phone. I didn’t realize I was being charged until I received my telephone bill.

  38. tonya mcconnell says:

    I was recently charged 9.99 and never authorized this. Tmobile told me that I have to discuss it with

  39. LoBo says:

    what BS! i got a 10 dollar charge too for some motime bs i dont even no wtf is it. let along dl anything. Umm how are they doin this? r phone carriers givin em r numbers? pissed

  40. Lorraine says:

    I received 3 charges on my cell phone for this bogus site before noticing. I never authorized any of them. Thank you Stacey for advising how to stop this insanity.

  41. Pat says:

    I was charged for this service and am NOT a subscriber!! Pissed fighting with AT&T over it

  42. eddie says:

    i have had this charge for three months, and when i texted “cancel” to 32000; they said i was not a subscriber…wonder why i got charged then. what a racket.

  43. Ann says:

    I found this on my t-mobile bill – and t-mobile hasn’t issued a refund. I don’t download ANYthing!

  44. Ron says:

    I am being charged $9.99 by without my authorization. I don’t even know what motime is.

  45. Mike says:

    I got the 9.99 also….called Verizon immediately and they credited the charge back and blocked all future charges.

  46. Darwin says:

    $10 charged to my account for 7 months and I never authorized ANYTHING!! G$d damn crooks!!!

  47. Kathy says:

    I had over $100 in charges and verizon will not remove them-I never heard of motime and never subscribed to it. help

  48. Donna says:

    Same here. I gave no auth. but a charge at 5 am in the morning! No way I am up then. TMobile took off bill and blocked future texts from that ID. DO NOT OPEN ANY TEXT YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE THE SENDER. That is how this charge happened I guess, and I DO NOT open these types. Sometimes I touch the wrong line though…and voila! I got suckered.

  49. Richard says:

    I am charge (2) $9.99 in the last two months, never heard of motime before.

  50. Byron Armstrong says:

    Same in Canada. I’m getting dinged $13 a month for a service we didn’t subscribe to.

    Been trying for 3 months to get off their list.

  51. Janet says:

    I was charged two months for 9.99 from I never authorized anything or bought anything from this site!

  52. GR says:

    $9.99/month for a year.

    I have an iPhone… their ringtone & wallpaper “service” isn’t even compatible with the iPhone.

    Didn’t notice it on my AT&T bill because it was lumped under the “Other Charges” section with miscellaneous regulatory fees. Plus they don’t itemize the charges on a paperless bill so I never saw “” until I pulled up a paper bill for other reasons.

  53. Brent says:

    Just spoke with someone, and someone’s supervisor. They offered a refund but would send it through the mail in the form of a check. I didn’t authorize anything, why in the world would i want to cash a check from someone already ripping me off. When a check is run through the bank my information is on it. I was then told that it is the only way they do things, and I can call back when I am comfortable with a check. They told me that my account was cancelled 5 seconds after being activated, but will still be charged $9.99.

  54. Penny says:

    I am being charged $9.99 by without my authorization. I don’t even know what motime is.

  55. Jim says:

    I have been chrated $9.99 by motime for several months, listed under “premium services.” I have no idea what a motime is.

  56. Heather says:

    I have been change for 2 months and i never authorized this. I calle my cell phone provider and they were like too bad. Never offered a refund or anything. Not sure how i subscribed to this service!

  57. don says:

    I am being charged $9.99 by without my authorization. I don’t even know what motime is.

  58. Donna says:

    Hve been chargeed 9.99 for 13 months and I tried calling T-mobile and they were able to cancel the subscription

  59. Truman Horn says:

    I downloaded a ringtone that said FREE. Got a pin to download but noticed a $9.99 charge on my bill from motime. I got on the web site and found how to cancel but I’m still out the money for a free download.

  60. W King says:

    Had very similar experiences with this site. But my carrier was nice enough to cancel the charges and block all future D/L from them.

  61. P walters says:

    I was charged 9.99 for motime.come and 9.99 for thumb play that I never authorized. Tmobile rep helped to put a block on the unauthorized downloads and reimbursed my account.

  62. S Mitcham says:

    Back in Oct or Nov 2011, started data service on phone & started looking for ringtones etc to spice it up. Tried to download a free ringtone and got stung with the $9.99 charge. As soon as I noticed it I reported to my carrier T-Mobile and they supposedly stopped it. Fast forward to April 2012 bill and discover motime charges have not stopped even though I told T-Mobile they were not authorized. Supposedly it will be blocked now, but I am going to call back for credits on all the charges that slipped through in the interim. is a huge scam! NOT nice people!

  63. Sunny Kay says:

    I never downloaded any ringtone or songs and I have been billed for the last one year. ATT was kind enough to adjust my refund for 6 months.

  64. Marcus Stevenson says:

    I haven’t prescribed anything from Motime! Don’t know why I’m charged on my phone bill! Have ne’er heard or seen this site on my computer! So why am I charged with this cause all my music comes from iTunes!

  65. Warren Allen says:

    Just received my bill today and it is good I read it. Seems I was charged for this music/ring tone service and was told by the local AT&T office that it is third party billing and they have no control over it. They can block it but I need customer service to even do that. So much for ‘personal’ service. Not sure how I should take that. This is the second phone I have had this problem. Will have to ‘block’ this phone also to keep it safe. OK, FCC, lets got to work protecting the consumer. Good it wasn’t my 13 year old daughter that received a subscription to a third party porn site.

  66. Adrian Pape says:

    On 3/29/2012, I was charged $9.99 for a subscription to Gamifive (content provider). I phoned to inquire, and was told that apparently someone tried to download “Battle Pirates” from my phone. I asked how they would be able to do this and was told it would be a two-step process: 1) click on a banner or ad and be taken to a website, and 2) agree to the terms and conditions. That would be deemed enough to bill the charge to my phone – no username, signup, or password required.

    I told them I’m 26 years old, don’t have games on my phone, and don’t lend my phone to my friends to play games, so clearly this doesn’t make sense, but apparently there’s nothing they can do about it. I took down the operator’s name, “Tasleem”, and the confirmation number of the conversation.

    I phoned on Apr 29 after receiving my bill from Rogers 3 days before. I specifically said – I do NOT want to see another charge run through today (1 month later), and he said I should call back if there is an issue.

    Furthermore, I asked for my number to be blocked from Motime, Gamifive, and Buongiorno (the manufacturer), which he said he did.

    How many people has this happened to?? $9.99 * 100,000 adds up to a quick $1M of unauthorized charges…

  67. David Pontrelli says:

    I’ve been charged $9.99 for the last two months. I paid the last bill, but notified T-Mobile that I didn’t authorize this. This month, it came again, and I called again. T-Mobile notified me that they will put a block on this service, and black list them. I only paid the basic bill, and left the $9.99 unpaid. The bill was supposed to be adjusted today, but so far, it remains as a balance. But I am not paying it. T-Mobile wanted to sell me a small policy (I think for $4.99/month) to ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future, but I refused, as no one should have to pay for a service that should be at no cost to the customer. Amazing how little protection we, the consumers, receive.
    It is as ludicrous as having to get on a “do not call” list.

  68. Mark Wexler says:

    I have a iPhone that my job pays for. They questioned a $10.00 charge for something called Motime that I never heard of on the 4/2/12 bill. I do not use 3rd party ringtones or wallpaper or anything other than what comes with the phone I am a 57 year old adult not a teenager. This is my work phone I do not let anyone not even my wife use it. We use AT&T and we are disputing this charge. I do not know where they got my phone number or an authorization to charge us from and I would like to see the authorization. I think motime is an unscurupulous bunch of crooks that need to be investigated.

  69. Randy says:

    It looks like this scam started somewhere around Oct. last year, why the HELL is this still happening? I feel lucky they only got me once after reading this. Sprint tells me they can’t refund, I call bull*hit on them. These crooks are bleeding us probably to feed a terrorist organization, awesome where the F is the FCC? was this caused by Obama care?

  70. Brad says:

    I was browsing ringtones about an hour ago, and upon clicking on my provider and entering my phone number, I had been informed that I will be paying $9.99 a month for this service. This was all entirely before ever getting remotely close to getting the ringtone I was looking at.

    I called the provided 800 number to cancel any service that I was being charged for and the guy in which I was dealing with was less than pleasant. After minutes of arguing with him about how vague the website was, I finally got him to agree to send me a refund check because he could not cancel the charge to my account with cell phone provider. Won’t be happy until I see both the check, and that I won’t be charged again after this month’s cycle.

    It dumbfounds me that upon one click and the entry of your phone number that an account is created and you’re charged $9.99 within seconds. No verification or anything. I’d avoid this service at all costs.

  71. Brad says:

    In addition, I never got the ringtone, nor do I care to through this service.

  72. James says:

    Just found the $9.99 charge on my bill. Called AT&T & they removed it right away, then gave me a refund. I went 2 Motime contact website & it’s been shut down since 11/11……WTF! I have Motime blocked now but these scammers are still ripping people off. @ $9.99 a pop, they are making serious money. Enough that the FCC should be looking in2 this…..SMH

  73. Stan Clark says:

    $9.99 on my may bill

  74. Patricia Bain says:

    I also was directed to a site for free ringtones, I put in my cell number and before I knew it, without downloading a thing, I was being charged $13.00 Canadian, after arguing with someone online and explaining how this was not good practice they gave me a case number and told me I would have my charges reversed, after a month or so I contacted them again, they emailed me from customer service telling me my cheque was in the mail….again after one month I contacted them again and was told the cheque had been mailed on the 22nd of May….and I should be receiving it soon, I am still waiting, its not the money its the damn principle!!!

  75. Kevin says:

    I was charged two months for 9.99 from I never authorized anything or bought anything from this site. Sprint only refunded 1 month. They are part of the fraud.

  76. Jason Duncan says:

    I never authorized or even knew Motime had charged me $9.99 until after the fact they sent me a text message, customer service said they would send me a refund check in 10 days, that was two months ago, and I’ve received no refund.

  77. Jake says:

    I have been charged $9.99 every month since Feb 29th. I pay my Sprint bill through my chase bank abbount online so I rarely open my Sprint bills to see the charges.

    I’ve NEVER even heard of this “” let alone done any business with them. This is a scam and total bullshit.

    Sprint is telling me they will not refund my account so I’m about to call and raise hell until they remove these bullshit charges. Everytime I called I received the run-a-round and it didn’t get me anywhere.

  78. Bella says:

    I just went to another website that said everything was “free” and that there were “no hidden charges or fees” and then, presto, I was redirected to motime without my noticing so I downloaded a “free” ringtone and now I guess I will be charged monthly?!? Wow, isn’t that illegal or something? By the way, can anyone tell me how to make the charges stop??

  79. Glenn says:

    I noticed I have been charged for $9.99 for 8 month because I have auto payment set for AT&T. My son says he does not remember anything about subscript something to be charged. Contact motime and they said they will send check to me for refund in two weeks for my son subscript with my concent.

  80. Jon says:

    Motime just showed up on my ATT bill.
    Never authorized anything from anybody on my phone.

  81. David says:

    I never visited the site, let alone attempted to purchase/download anything, but the telltale $9.99 charge appeared on the latest phone bill. I just sent the “unsubscribe” text and I got a response that said I was never a subscriber. Hopefully that means I won’t get any more charges; if not, I’ll post an update.

  82. Hawk says:

    I got dinged 4months, called Motime, they have me listed as cancelled after 1 month, spoke to Rogers, got credited 2 months only. I found out how I got into this scam, trying to get a free ringtone from zedge, once you provide any info, you get re-directed to….you’re trapped. Time to lodge complaints to CRTC to stop 3rd party billing your cell phone number unless they ask you to directly.

  83. John says:

    Just call your provider. If you did not knowingly subscribe to these scams they will credit you and you CAN block this happening for free on AT&T. It’s called purchase block.

  84. Eric says:

    What a scam!!! AT&T Refunded about 5 months worth for me.

  85. Carlie says:

    Motime has been charging 9.99 to my AT&T bill for one full year. I have auto-pay, so I had no idea, until I added another phone to my plan and perused the charges. Pissed. Off. Have NO clue what the heck this is from!! I have never heard of Motime until now. Absolutely ridiculous. I want my money back.

  86. Edinstead says:

    Got a random txt telling me i was getting billed for $9.99, after checking i found I had already been billed for $9.99. I never subscribed, never received anything. Their phone tree is insane! How did this happen? I will be complainung to ATT

  87. Rachel says:

    Received my Verizon bill, which contained a $9.99 charge for data. Contacted Verizon who told me it was a charge for a subscription to Motime. I never subscibed to this or authorized a subscription to this.

  88. Rachel says:

    I received my bill from Verizon, which contained a $9.99 charge for data usage. I contacted Verizon, who told me that it was due to a subscription to Motime. I never subscribed to this, or authorized this.

  89. Cathy says:

    Got charged $13.00 from motime 2 months in a row, Rogers won’t do anything, so I called motime twice and they are saying they will mail me a cheque – what a scam!!!

  90. Terry L. Saner says:

    I did put on but canceld imediantly. Still got charged.

  91. Maggie says:

    Just found a $19.98 charge from MOTIME that I did NOT in ANY way authorize- luckily TMobile was able to provide an email address for me and they will refund the money. THEY ARE A SCAM!!

  92. nancy says:

    Getting notifications can’t get them off my phone

  93. wendy says:

    I was charged 13 $ on my bill that i did NOT authorise!!!!! This s not over!!!!

  94. Jimmygoku says:

    T–mobile sucks!! They charge innocent people 9.99 for this dumb site that you never even go on and when you text the stop back to them, they cancel your fake subscription and still charge you and then T-mobile charges you to block them 5 bucks. Wake up america and go prepaid and end all this useless charges BS!!

  95. jorge says:

    they are charging me for a stupid ring tone that I never authorizing. called verizon
    they are very nice but did not know anything about the motime. It is ridiculous how verizon let this company use they bill to charge us. I am not convinced that they are not make money also.

  96. James Manzella says:

    Just was looking for song on the web with kids did not want ring tones please do not bill

  97. misti says:

    I was just charged 10 dollars too crazy

  98. steve says:

    got the same charge for several months. it says “usage charge”. its got to be a scam

  99. muriel osborne says:


  100. muriel osborne says:

    please stop and opt me out

  101. Bill Young says:

    Fucking charged me for three months ($9.99) for the wrong fucking ringtone. I will NEVER again be tempted to click on free shit that winds up being charged against my cell phone bill. They did refund this, thank you. Crooks.

  102. Joe says:

    They got me for a long time. AT&T would only agree to credit me for 2 months. Although AT&T obviously is aware of this issue, they tried to blame me for not reviewing my bill closely enough. I promptly cancelled my AT&T account. I will not miss them. Verizon is no better. Any other options that will take better care of a customer?

  103. Jodie says:

    i was charged $9.99 on my tmobile bill, they wont refund it and i dont know what its for

  104. Marion L. says:

    A $9.99 charge has been appearing on my bill for some time. I’m calling Colorado’s State Attn General and make a formal complaint. I will also submit a complaint to the BBB. Atleast it noted.

  105. Marion L. says:

    What a scam!!

  106. Andrewo25 says:

    I was charged 19.99 from motime i didn’t even know about it until it poped up on my bill

  107. daniel says:

    i open my tmobile bill and saw 9.99 charge i didnt authorize who the hell is motime

  108. colleen goddard says:

    they charged me 9.99 and i never authorized it. is a scam

  109. colleen goddard says: is a scam

  110. Tom Mussa says:

    Was on sons phone nice to know he didn’t do it uscell credited 1 month it’s blocked now.

  111. Cindy says:

    They are still on the move….charged 9.99 for services never requested..Thank god verizon removed and blocked any future charges on phone

  112. Tyler says:

    I got charged 9.99 on my phone bill that I dident even no I did I texted stop and it chacled thank god I don’t even no what this is

  113. Kim says:

    I often recieve a text from call mobile with someone’s name attached to it. But when I try to text back, it always say message can’t be sent. So how is that happening? Why is someone else name attached to the email?

  114. Karen says:

    Wow. I just did the STOP and got a caneled text in seconds:-)

  115. csphilpott says:

    9.99 on my att bill. I never heard of this company. Att removed and credited me.

  116. Dee says:

    Same in Canada. I’m getting dinged $13 a month for a service we didn’t subscribe to.

    Been trying for 3 months to get off their list…had Rogers Cable from web hub blocked them..I hope

  117. Rachel says:

    Just got off the phone with Verizon and I’ve been charged $9.99 for the 7 months without my consent! Unacceptable!!!!!

  118. Paul says:

    got dinged twicew, company sent a check to reinburse… check bounced …never authorized transaction to begin with.. roger said nothing they can do…

  119. Jones says:

    Same BS here. Have absolutly no idea how this happened. Charge was billed at 4:30 while I’m at work. I’m not evening using my phone then!

  120. Lindsay says:

    I have been charged 9.99 for 6 months for Motime, which I never downloaded. They are crediting my account $20.

  121. lin says:

    Yes i agree with Belinda!!! you are fucking idiots!!!! how dare you try to charge me when it said specifically that it was free. personally i think that idiots like you should be put in jail for stupid stunts like that. to people that are looking into laoding motime i would highly disagree on doing it!!! You get charged and your computer gets hacked into!!! Do not put yourself at a risk to some creepo that you have no idea who he or she is from some diffrent country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Geumok Lee says:

    I never subscribe for Motive but was charged 9.99 per month for several months. AT&T has to do something about it!

  123. Pamela Cunningham says:

    I am being charged for this service without authorization. Now I cannot figure out how to unsubscribe.

  124. Sarah Francis says:

    When my husband went to purchase a ring tone, he immediately cancelled when he saw he would be charged, but we were still charged $9.99. Very irritated. He had not notification that the charge went through.

  125. Julie says:

    charged on ATT bill $9.99 x 3 months for which I never authorized in the first place still going on March 2013

  126. Angela Clark says:

    I just got my first bill from AT&T and there was a $9.99 charge from MoTime. I explained that I didn’t know what this was and I didn’t download anything that required payment. The AT&T Rep. reversed the charge and put a “Purchase Blocker” on my phone. So no one (including 3rd parties) can purchase anything on my phone without my pin number.

  127. Theresa says:

    my husband looked up free robot chicken ringtone and clicked on motime, not only did he NOT get the free ringtone, he got charged 9.99 from this company and NEVER accepted anything

  128. Josh Monds says:

    I have been charged 3 months in a row $9.99 for motime when I have a basic flip phone with no need for rigtones or wall papers. Never subscribed to this want my money back, this is a scam and who knows how long this would continue if I had not caught it!!!!!

  129. Venkat says:

    Got charged from from last 3 months, not sure how it got into my account. I called att and asked for refund. They said, they are going to refund in my next bill. This looks like a scam. I also asked att to block mobile purchases on all my att lines for safeside.

  130. Tom Paonessa says:

    I was charged $9.99 on 2-16-13 at 5:24 AM on my Tmobile bill for something that I did not authorize.

  131. Harold Kost says:

    $9.99 charge appeared on my Verizon bill for service that was not ordered. Cancelled by Verizon and block applied.

  132. James Barker says:

    Charged 9.99 for Jan, Feb, March 2013. AT7T would only refund March. Total scam; never ordered.

  133. Tom Mccard says:

    Had this show up on my sprint bill two consecutive months. Never authorized this service.

  134. mark facer says:

    just got a $9.99 charge that we never signed up for

  135. PB says:

    Motime charged me $9.99 in March/13 when I didn’t authorize this. I called them and complained. I also told them that I know about hundreds of people who have been scammed and are also being charged again by them after cancelling…there are so many sites about this. I asked them if they knew there is a class action lawsuit against them and they said yes! The only way I can get the money back is to give them my address to get a check…as if I would give these cons my home address! I left it by telling them that if I got charged again that I am a pit-bull when I am wronged and would get a lawyer and drag it through the courts even if it took years. He (George) actually laughed at one point followed quickly by me telling him this was not funny and don’t he dare laugh…he didn’t laugh again. He asked me what else he could do for me at which point I told him that his company can stop ripping off innocent people.
    I don’t know how these people can look at themselves in a mirror.
    You can cancel by sending “STOP” in uppercase letters to 63232, but there is still a chance you will be charged again.

  136. LLJ says:

    My husband received a text from Motime and because he did not reply to it with a “stop”, they began charging his account $9.99 a month. Verizon refunded the first month but when I called this morning to find out why he was still being charged, they said they could not help me. I called the 800 number for Motime and got some guy in India who finally agreed to refund me the $9.99 but could only do so by sending me a check. He said that Verizon won’t allow them to send a “refund” to my account. They’ll allow a shady outfit like this to bill me but they won’t allow them to refund me? WTF! This must be illegal. My son is an attorney and he will be looking into the class action suit!

  137. LLJ says:

    When I do receive my reimbursement check, I’m going to sign it over to Verizon because I don’t want Motime to have anything to do with my checking accout! I paid my Verizon bill less the $9.99. If the check bounces, Verizon can deal with them!

  138. Sharon says:

    2 Months of charges popped up on my bill. Called AT&T immediately and they refund both months and stopped the monthly subscription. I do not generally read unsolicited texts but will going forward.

  139. Marcio says:

    I was being charged from since november 2011 without my knowledge, at&t did an amazing job almost hiding these charges, I called at&t they’re refunding all the charges I had in my account plus a subscription blocker on all my lines. this deserves to be sued.

  140. Rob says:

    My phone was just charged $9.99 and this was an unauthorized charge. Seems like I’m not the only person with this problem! Hate this crap

  141. Rob says:

    Verizon has deleted the charge and blocked the number that’s why I LOVE VERIZON!

  142. Jen says:

    I saw my bill was higher so I went into the details seems how we have three lines. The charges of $12.99 were on one of the lines. I went to my carrier to find out who. I can’t believe this company can legally just appear on one’s bill. Happened to me one other time….spam through an app that was downloaded. Now to get it stopped

  143. Rick says:

    My daughter’s phone was charged $9.99 when no purchase was made from this company.

  144. Linda Domecus says:

    I have no idea how they started charging me $9.99 per month. apparently has downloads for wallpaper, ringtones, etc. I never intended to make any such purchase . I’m going to research my AT&T bill to see how long they have been doing this. I vaguely recall looking at the ringtones in “settings” on my iPhone awhile back, but NEVER made a purchase!

  145. Linda D says:

    I just reviewed my features on the AT&T website and it does not include the extra 9.99/month they have been billing me for “MoTime,” so I can’t see it nor remove it. I will be calling to request a FULL refund!

  146. Chuck says:

    I just noticed that they have been milking my bill for 9 months. With a bill of 100+ pages, how are we supposed to find those charges? AT&T was able to refund the charges. Love AT&T today.

  147. Arjayeh says:

    Same story. Unauthorized charges. Tried to cancel via short text (STOP). Cancellation was acknowledged but charge reappears each month. Attempts via phone get hang up or transfer to the netherworld. Notify your carrier, block charges and Do NOT Pay! You will not get a refund if you pay the charges.

  148. Terry says:

    Found I have been billed 3 months. AT&T will refund my account. Also asked for purchase block be put on account, so PIN is required.

  149. Dan says:

    I was charged for $9.99 for April 2013, and this was an unauthorized charge. Please take action against

  150. Lou says:

    My son’s line was charged $9.99 per month, he has no idea why, did not intentionally sign up for anything. Spoke to Verizon they are very familiar with this scam.

  151. MK says:

    We just received our bill, texted the STOP to the number to “unsubscribe” and got a message that we were not subscribed. Yet the bill arrived for $9.99….no answer on the phone, so now we will contact our service provider and fight it.

  152. James Little says:

    Found a cramming charge from I was very upset – having been charged 5 months without authorization. Verizon took care of it. What a great company!

  153. nicole says:

    I’ve been charged for several months!

  154. Jessica M says:

    Same as everyone above. I went to their website thinking i was getting some free ringtone, entered my number, replied when it texted me and now have $9.99 on my US Cellular bill! NOT PLEASED AT ALL!! This is fraud!!!

  155. David says:

    Unauthorized charge to my account for 9.99. Called them and they wanted to give me a check. hahaha Called my provider and they reversed it. Problem solved but should have never happened in the first place

  156. Dave says:

    My phone was charged a 2nd time for $9.99 from Motime. 1st time thought my kids may have downloaded something. I hope Verizon blocks it for me… P.S. number at top of page is no longer active. Greedy greedy

  157. Michael M says:

    These SOBs charged 2 of 3 phones in my family $9.99 for “premium messaging”. Verizon reversed charges and blocked future charges from these trolls. Blood suckers like Motime should rot in hell.

  158. Janet Carter says:

    I searched for a free ringtone, found one on a site and when I went to it, I clicked on the link and it took me (unsuspectingly) to, when then charged me $9.99. There was an option to “opt out” and cancel my “subscription” that I never wanted in the first place, but I clicked on, etc. But I noticed that I was charged on my Verizon Wireless bill. I’m calling Verizon this morning to deal with it thanks to reading the other complaints.

  159. Terrie says:

    I just found out I have been charged $13 since 07/12…they have agreed to reimburse the last month but nothing more…where do i go from here..this HAS to stop

  160. David says:

    I have ATT and have been charged 9.99 from I have never heard of this site

  161. steve phelps says:

    I just got charged 9.99$ for this motime thing. I don’t know what it is?

  162. Anthony says:

    I got charged $9.99 by this crappy service. I had to call the carrier and was told that someone may have gone to play a game on Facebook or something and entered the cell number, which allowed them to add the service. The charge was hidden was on the bill and took a detective and accountant to find it it seems. I was issued a refund finally and a block was placed on the account to ensure that these crappy services aren’t allowed.

  163. Travis says:

    What a total scam, I get a andom text and ignore it because I don’t recognize the number and get billed $9.99.

  164. Rick says:

    Just noticed that I was being charged $9.99 for something we never ordered. Called Verizon thinking it was them, but they indicated that it was a 3rd party. When I checked my previous bills it’s been going on now for 4 months!!! ALL without my authorization. WHAT A RIPOFF this company is!! Called for a refund, but they’re hassling us that we ordered it. WE DON’T PURCHASE ANYTHING OVER THE PHONE OR THE INTERNET……So I’ll be joining the Class Action Lawsuit as soon as details are available.

  165. Patrick Reed says:

    My bill was charged $11.00 for Motime that I did not give authorization for.

  166. Mae says:

    I was charged for two months…I called At&t and told me i have to pay the same a month to block any unathourized charges -well I should have to pay for anything -i was pissed! they gave it for free -i think they collaborate with the motime scam-if they charge me with anything else I would just be pissed-you should charge customers for protection thT should be automatic-we pay so much money for the bill already!

  167. Mae says:

    * i meant they shouldnt charge customers for protection it should be free protection for all!!!’

  168. Jai says:

    Have been charged twice now, and we did not subscribe to anything! Calling Carrier now…

  169. kelly says:

    Charged 9.99 for something I dont even know about. My gosh, people are out to make money in any way they can.

  170. Jlay says:

    It’s incredible this company (MOTIME) wants to charge me $9.99 through my carrier for a service I have not even installed in my cell phone. If I don’t have internet in my plan, my cell phone has no internet access, how come are they charging me, for what?. NO INTERNET USAGE = NO ACCESS TO ANY OF THE CRAP THEY OFFER.

  171. kenny says:

    This sucks. Just got refunded by AT&T but still bothering me knowing that I never signed up for anything like this. PUNKS!

  172. Jeanette Forbes says:

    I was billed $9.99 for three months and never authorized this. I called verizon and they helped me get a block on third party add-ons. This is a complete scam and it is hard to catch on your bill if you have a business account with several phones on the account! I am notifying the BBB of this scam.

  173. lance says:

    I had a ringtone on sprint account never ordered, totaled over 50.00 sprint turned off the buy feature and still had another one a month later.

  174. May says:

    Phone bill for July 2013 with unauthorized charge of $9.99. Hard to believe this has been going on for two years and still continues!

  175. Pete says:

    Just found thid on my bill so will be contacting Verizon to have it removed and blocked.

  176. Jim says:

    Was charged the subscription fee but no such service was ever ordered. ATT removed the charges and the phone is now blocked from future fraudulent attempts to charge my account.

  177. Signe says:

    2 charges to this just showed up on my current bill. Hoping Verizon will take care of this.

  178. Jak-Jak says:

    WTF! Here i am at work and I recieved a call from House Hold 6 grilling me on why I have a $9.99 charge on my verizon phone bill. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I did to get this bill. My conclusion was that the kids was playing with the phone and accidently approved to something with out us knowing. For the people of MO-TIME, you guys suck for scamming me, my family and the rest of the fine people who posted! You owe me $15.00 because I had to appoligize to my kids by taking them out to get ice cream, plus give me my mony back!!

  179. Jen says:

    My phone was billed 13.00 numerous times over the span of 3 months. I figured I was just going over my minute plan. I told Rogers and theytold me they cant do anything about it and to call the company and ask for my money back. I called them and spoke to a rep that could barely speak english and he said he will refund “some” of the money and unsubscribe me. f’in hate scam shit like this. And it looks like I should be with AT&T :(

  180. Michael Rugh says:

    I was charged $9.00 several months in a row without authorization .

  181. Mike says:

    Same thing- just appeared on my bill without any action on my part. Im surprised they get away with the scheme for so long. This should be outlawed.

  182. jeff hardwick says:

    every time I try to download a ringtone iget this code 32000 which says premium mssg, has been blocked and I as the account holder can ask for the blocking to be unblocked so I can receive the 4 digit pin to confirm my order

  183. Steve says:

    I checked my bill and saw a charge of $9.99 so called ATT and they removed and refunded my money. I did not authorize nor wanted this service. Thank you ATT

  184. Dan says:

    they charge me $9.99 without my knowledge they’re crooks motime

  185. Donna says:

    they are still at it !!! The Phone companies need to stop this !! I caught it the first time which was this months bill. I didn’t pay it either. It was not authorized and so we are not paying it. With all these complaints the phone companies when they see activity like this they should contact the customer immediately to see if it was authorized. I to think a law suit needs to be filed against this scam.

  186. Kurt says: bilked me, too.

    I think there actually is a way we can fight back. I sent a complaint to my provider, USCellular, through “Contact us” on their website. I asked them to end their billing relationship with Here is the text of my note:

    “Please terminate US Cellular’s billing relationship with They use deceptive practices to trick people into unknowingly purchasing subscriptions to a ringtone download service. In my case, a charge of $9.99 appeared on my bill, buried deep.

    “My daughter, who uses the affected phone, told me she did indeed download a ringtone from this service, but it was presented as free if she followed specific instructions. She did follow those instructions and did not think there would be a bill. Now, whether she in fact missed some fine print and had technically agreed to be charged, or if simply billed ‘by mistake,’ either way this feels like a scam, and it makes US Cellular look bad to facilitate it.

    “A google search on anything like “ complaints” will show this outfit has a bad reputation. I suspect a substantial portion of their revenue comes from people who did not knowingly purchase their service.

    “I am happy to report that the US Cellular representative I spoke with regarding this was very helpful. She saw that another charge was due to appear. She requested a refund from the service and advised me that I should receive full credit in a few days.”

  187. Glenn says:

    Same deal, jut looked up a ringtone and was charged 9.99 for that. I did not even download it. Crooks! Sprint has blocked them for me. Smarmy f(%&S

  188. Kristie says:

    $9.99 unauthhorized charge on Verizon bill.

  189. Will says:

    I did not authorize the subscription to motime. I wanted to use AUDIKO for a ringtone. Was subscribed to Motime and got a ringtone that I did not want. AT&T canceled the the billing after I explained what had happened.

  190. Elizabeth says:

    I got charged 9.99 for motime I never authorized contacted sprint and refunded the charge and blocked anymore unauthorized downloading

  191. Christopher says:

    I was charged 9.99 for the past few months. I did not authorize nor did i ever want this crap.. I since

  192. Shel says:

    I just got off the phone with an AT&T representative and he was SO helpful! He not only deleted almost $140.00 in back charges but blocked How frustrating and aggravating. needs to be prosecuted!

  193. Tim says:

    THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A YEAR!!! A YEAR!!! Motime… Mo-fo’s better get ready to feel the rage of a million people already struggling to survive.

  194. William Gillen says:

    Day 2 of data service, got this charged to my son’s line. Sprint put on a block on it.

  195. claudia says:

    What a pain. I cancelled this service and was still billed. unable to get through to motime

  196. Dayakar says:

    Motime is charging 9.99 from last 1 year. I was thinking ATT is charging for something. ATT removed and refunded just 20.00. i lost around 120.00. this guys are making money is in easy way.

  197. mike says:

    What a scam, is this out of country? Was hit up for 3 months, didn’t even know I had this service or used the service. I hope everyone sues the hell out of this company. But I think it is in India, so good luck. Tell everyone you know to beware!!!!!

  198. Steve Skau says:

    I was charged 9.99 for this also and it’s not an authorized charge!!

  199. Christa Preston says:

    I have been charged for Motime since 3/25/2012. AT&T would only refund 2 months. I assumed this was an ATT charge since I did not authorize a monthly charge to receive 1 free ringtone.

  200. Cindy Wood says:

    Just checked my bill and was charged $9.99 plus tax for motime! Very ticked off

  201. Alexey says:

    Found $9.99 unauthorized charge in T-mobile bill.

  202. jason warburton says:

    I was charged $13.00 without my concent. Fido says “we cant do anything, its up to the user wether or not they use google” im baffled. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thanks alot MoTime..

  203. diamond says:

    I wanted a ringtone…it charge me and never gave me the damn ringtone

  204. Rosa says:

    Received my cell phone bill today, showing an UNAUTHORIZED charge of $9.99 for this month for ” Premium messaging” from When I researched it; Motime texted me from 32000 and if You DO NOT reply “STOP” to this random number text; it gives them the go ahead to bill you ( WHICH IS B.S.) But Motime will charge you, nevertheless!

  205. Rosa says:

    Today I got my cell phone bill and noticed a charge of $9.99 from Motime that I did NOT Authorize.

  206. Rosa says:

    Motime will send a text from 32000 and if You do not reply “STOP” to that 32000, then Motime will charge you, like the sneaky slime balls they are.

  207. Rosa says:

    The BEST ADVICE is to text the word “STOP” to 32000 and you will receive a text confirming your cancellation.

  208. Colleen says:

    I have been charged $9.99 for the last 9 months and I never authorized this purchase. I have my bill set on auto-pay so unless I see a big change on my charges then I will check my bill. I will be calling tomorrow and disputing it with them. I will recieve my money back one way or another. This is some bull$hit because I never purchase anything through my phone and I also have a block when something is trying to be purchased and it never asked for my code. Damn crooks!!!!!

  209. Lawrence says:

    Today,01/08/14, following a link from a mac forum, I found myself at the motime web site upon giving my cellphone number (BIG BIG mistake) I found myself caught in a loop that would not let me exet the web site or close chrome. I immediately received a text saying that I was being billed $9.99 a month with automatic renew in Feb. . I called the 800 number that came with the message and unsubscribed they sent a message saying that it had been canceled. I then called ATT and explained what had happened and they took the bill off and I had them put a blocker on our account to avoid repeats . Don’t let them get one cent of your money. And don’t give your phone number to a website you don’t know that you can trust. Lesson learned here.

  210. Damon says:

    Just received my bill and now have a charge from “Motime. Com” for $9.99. I will contact my carrier tomorrow morning and get back to you on the results. Wow! It seams that this has been an issue for a few year with no resolution.

  211. Sara says:

    I’ve been charged continuously for months, with a current cumulative bill of over $300.

  212. Wayne Stephens says:

    I’m the guy that never review bills before paying them. Trying to change my ways this new year and caught the charge. Verizon can only go back a year so God only knows how long this has been going on. Could be several hundred dollars ay the least. I have never used this Motime on my phone or anywhere else. Never signed up for it unless I was tricked or mislead. Dirty roughen MFA. My next complaint will be to the A.G. Office and then the Mafia.

  213. Ashley says:

    I recently have been getti charged for this stupid crap that’s a rip off and I don’t even use this! I didn’t authorize nor do I ever use this garbage! I want to be refunded every penny!

  214. Melissa says:

    I just discovered a $19.00 charge on my Rogers bill for Motime, my son says he did not download anything. Contacted Rogers, told to contact Motime direct, havent gotten any confirmation from them that “subscription” was cancelled. Rogers should do more to take care of their customers.

  215. Kat says:

    I got charged 9.99 and I didn’t even purchase this app! I don’t know what to do to get my money back?!?!?!

  216. Patricia Jensen says:

    From December 2012 until March 2014 I was charged $9.99 from on my son’s phone and never authorized this nor did my son. AT&T won’t do anything and it was not readily apparant on my billing statement.

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