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If you were charged on your local phone bill by ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group for third party services and subscriptions (i.e., voicemail, Internet access, web hosting, email, caller-id or other premium services, etc.) that you never authorized ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group to bill you for, tell us your story!

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Who Is Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a ESBI a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group and Why Are They Billing Me For Charges On My Telephone Bill?

According to Enhanced Services Billing, Inc.’s a/k/a ESBI’s website “ESBI is a billing clearinghouse which processes charges on behalf of service providers that provide services such as voice mail, internet services, telephone equipment, etc.”

According to BSG Billing Services Group website “ESBI processes non-regulated and enhanced telecommunications services through local telephone companies. It provides innovative bill processing solutions for the Internet access and web hosting providers, premium pay-per-call services such as weather, sports, and information services, hospital telephone providers, email service, voicemail and caller-id services.”

According to BSG’s website BSG is “the largest third-party provider of LEC billing clearinghouse and settlement solutions to the telecommunications industry.”

How To Cancel or Stop Billing From Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a ESBI a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group:

ESBI Customer Service Online Inquiry Form:

ESBI Telephone Number: 1-888-288-3724

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If you were charged on your local telephone bill from ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group for third party services and subscriptions that you never authorized, tell us your story!

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284 Responses to “ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. | BSG Billing Services Group | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Residential Phone Charges?”

  1. Mary McWilliams says:

    I found a charge on my verizon bill for ESBI/Moffee Fax charge. They claimed I signed up online for this service and that I received email confirmation. I sign up for next to nothing online. I will be getting the 14.95 charge removed. Apparently it has something to do with sending faxes from email.

  2. J G says:

    Same here got a added charge on the bill. AT&T

  3. Cheryl Orefice says:

    I also was scammed as they told my mother that I had approved ESBI and I had never heard of them. They even used my name, but no other information, but charged her account for almost $40.00. I also will be reporting this to the BBB and the Public Utilities Company. THIS IS FRAUD AND A SCAM. I hope all of us will report them and I will look into reporting it to the Attorney General’s office to look into this SCAM.

  4. Kathy H says:

    In my most recent telephone bill I have charges totalling at least $68.00 for one month. I am wondering how long this scam has been going on? My advice to all: watch your phone bills carefully and do not pay them if you did not authorize charges.

  5. Mike Ramsey says:

    I happened to check my new Verizon bill today and had a charge for 14.95 for “esbi.” This was supposedly assigned to “Wwwhelomailmnthlyfee”. Reviewing my statement, these charges have been appearing for at least a year. I am angry that I have been scammed and that I did not check my bill more closely in the past. Of course, I would find it on a Sunday and am not able to reach esbi today, but I plan to pursue this. I NEVER authorized this service.

  6. Robert says:

    I am a Verizon representative and Verizon is very diligent in treating these issues. If a customer sees any third party charges they claim are not theirs, just ask the representative to “recourse” all charges going back however many months it takes. That “credits” the account at once, and ask for a permanent “third party billing block”. Also please be diligent as many of these charges are proactively caused by consumers clicking on the internet to obtain “free” coupons, fill out surveys to obtain a gift card. the fine print usually states they agree to sign up for a monthly service. We are required to recourse if you ask.

  7. Steven says:

    I just called them and this may be their latest scam, she said “it was cancelled on May 24” (yesterday), i asked her what time, then she hesitated and told me 2:11 pm by my wife who enrolled in it 1 1/2 yrs ago. I called my wife, she wasn’t even online yesterday – it’s all a scam.

  8. Rebecca M. says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be, but I was shocked to see 253 complaints going back over 2 years against this company! How can these scammers keep getting away with stealing people’s hard earned money? I look at my bill almost every month. Last month I was sick and didn’t even pay the bill most less look at. Last week I paid last month’s bill, still not looking at it. Tonight I opened this months bill and noticed the charge. I went online to AT&T and looked at last months bill and it was there as well. When I looked at the ones before it, this charge for SOLO Communications EFAX Monthly Fee was not there. So it just got added on April’s bill. I have no idea what it’s for or where it came from. We did not sign up for or request any fax services and if I did, I would have requested to pay by credit card so I could easily dispute charges through the credit card company (knowing how much trouble I’ve had with AT&T Billing in the past). So after we discovered the charges we started trying to figure out where these charges came from. I tried to call the number and got “our offices are closed” so I called AT&T and they have become so unhelpful, they are only open from 8am to 5pm, what a coincidence, those are the hours I work! My husband is off tomorrow, so hopefully he can make some progress with AT&T (because he says it’s pointless to call SOLO Communications or ESBI or whatever name they are going by today). He also plans to call the FTC and has already filed a complaint with the BBB against AT&T for allowing the charges to be put on our bill without verification in the first place. He is also looking into some class action lawsuits that may be already in the works. He did a google search to find them. I feel for anyone having this problem. I wish I had the owner of this company’s phone number. I’d publish it so we can all bill his phone bill for the amount we have each been billed by his scam! An eye for an eye kind of thing….

  9. Ka says:

    Just noticed ESBI has been charging my Verizon account for the past 5 months. I contacted Verizon today, and they put a third-party block on the account. They will be calling ESBI on Monday to have $14.95/month removed immediately. Sounds like many people have had problems with this company.

  10. merlene says:

    I got hit with 2 3rd party charges, EBSI and another company called Paymnetone Corp. called my phone company they credited me right away and put a block on my phone, I called ESBI and the gave me another credit for the month of May. I never payed attention to my bill but found ESBI had been charging me for 7 months, they lady I talked to was very nice and she gave me an email address for support to get the full 7 months refunded to me.

  11. RachelleH says:

    I was changing my bill with Verizon and noticed an odd charge. I asked about it and they told me to call the number listed next to the charge. It was for ESBI. When I spoke with the person they said it was for an 800# to access my voicemail from any where in the world by anyone we gave the info to. Interesting since I don’t even know what the 800# is or how to access it that way – and why would I have that when I have the stupid verizon voicemail that I don’t use. We only keep a landline for our alarm. They said they would cancel the subscription. Now I go back and look at my account and notice that it started randomly in December. SHAME on me for not looking at the bill sooner!

  12. Doug B says:

    My wife and I were looking closely at our residential phone bill recently to see why we were paying so much. We noticed a charge for $14.95 for the last 3 months. We called our phone company and they said it was a voicemail service through EBSI and “Solo Communications”. Our provider said they could block the charges but we would have to contact EBSI ourselves to get the charges refunded. We called Solo Communications and I talked to “Jenny” (who could hardly speak english). “Jenny” said my wife ordered the voicemail service online back in April. (Is this all sounding familiar??) I assured “Jenny” that my wife did not order it and by their track record with the Better Business Bureau, FCC, Florida Attorney General’s Office, etc… their so called “business” was a fraud and a scam. I will be e-mailing everyone I know and hope everyone I know forwards this on to everyone THEY know. I hope something can be done about Solo Communications, Paymnetone Corp., IBA Services, ILD Teleservices, OAN Services, and any other name ESBI wants to go by will go the way of the dodo bird.

  13. Rich M says:

    Same Problem as the rest of you, though mine was pointed out by a Verizon Customer Service person. Called the 888 # and kept getting disconnected by the automatic system. I found a direct # online, called and demanded a full refund of all charges since I had never authorized the “service” (some alleged music service). The person on the other end was more than happy to issue the refund. Since I read all the above, I got a direct phone # to call back. I had called verizon to put a third party block on the bill, but had to cancel because the credit would not go through if the block was in effect. Verizon was then called,the CSR told me they could have only gone back 12 months (shame on me for paying online and just “paying the bill”), but supposedly I will be recieving a credit for the full 2 YEARS I was being billed (READ YOUR BILL. Hopefully I will see the full credit, but at least I can get half back if it fails. Please , don’t let these people off the hook, this is shameful that this happens AND has been going on for years!

  14. stanley garland says:

    we did not authorize
    this service to be billed to our phone wedidnot authorize this service to be started.

  15. Lee M says:

    What these people are doing is criminal. If they cannot produce a valid recording with your voice and correct information authorizing the service then they are stealing. The minute I mentioned filing a police report for the situation my phone carrier promptly credited my account for the full amount of the charges. I will still be filing a police report against IBA-Services anyway.

  16. Cathy says:

    I recieved a hard copy of my phone bill and noticed a charge for 14.95. I called Century Link and was informed it had been on my bill as early as March of this year but this charge may have been on my bill for years.
    I will try to call them on Monday to see if I can get the charges removed.

  17. kbaig says:

    I was billed from feb 2011, Shame on Verizon to let this happened

  18. Jim says:

    This is the third year in a row that these low-life bastard criminals have added these BS charges to my AT&T land-line phone bill. Each time I have to spend MY time screaming at AT&T and Enhanced Services. I have threatened them with death and/or lawsuits to no avail. Every year it comes back. AT&T says the government passed laws to allow billing via your phone bill because people wanted it. Really? Who? Everyone involved with this scam should do us all a favor and kill themselves. They cant find a “real” job so they resort to crime. They know most people are too trusting and wont notice, or take the time to have these charges stopped. It is a form of terrorism and Homeland Security must get involved.

  19. Forrest A. Travirca III says:

    Just found out that Enhances Services Billing is not a part of ATT! Imagine that and they have charged me and have been paid over $200 since Jan. for something… You call them and they have not a clue…

  20. Kari says:

    Called at&t for a long distance plan change and the service rep pointed out that I was being charged 15.85 a month for the past 6 months by Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. and gave me a number to call them to ask what it is they’re charging me for. I promptly called and they said my husband had signed up for an “e-mail management service” online. My husband does not recall signing up for anything. They are going to credit my phone bill $29.90, but I may call back after having read about all these incidents.

  21. Amy says:

    Just realized that we have been charged 39.95 since aug 2009 ($998.75) for services never authorized. we thought the charges were for our yellow pages advertising. I called today (sat.) and guess what they aren’t open. SCAM! I am so ticked off-there should be something that the phone company can do to alert you of new charges. We missed is because we are a small business and pay hundreds of invoices a month and assumed it was our advertising cost.

  22. Kim says:

    we were billed 32.35 for 10 months. Our accounts payable did not pick this up. It is being billed un US Yellowpages Inc. another scam artist. When you call you nasty people who say some name and tell you that you agreed to it on tape and they give you a bogus name. Shame on verizon. They should not allow this – I thought that they were suppose to help us not hurt us. I have searched for the owner of the corporation but cannot find anything on US Yellowpages INC. I would like to press charges for stealing. Anyone who can assist please write back.
    thanks so much!

  23. Andrew Williams says:

    My mother was complaining that her phone bill was $100.00 a month. I went over her bill and found charges of $15.62 over a five month period. I first contacted AT&T to ask what these charges were and they responded that I would have to contact the company. I told AT&T that no one authorized these charges and they should’nt allow 3rd party companies to do so. I then looked up Enhanced Billing Services and saw that it was scamming people by charging them over the internet and i see ISP such as AT&T were allowing them to do so and taking a passive way out. This is not taken lightly by me or my mother. I just got off the phone with a Lise at Enhanced and she told me that I had signed up for a computer/internet hosting service. Since I work on computers myself and dont need any assistance I knew she was lying and told her so. She told me to hold and returned saying that the charges totally $74.75 would be credited to my account. This is part of the paper trail I’m leaving for any further action. I also questioned her about another charge from ILD of $7.60 that was also on my mothers’ bill. She stated she didnt know that company. I only asked her because she didnt ask me what the name of the company but how much the charge was for. I’m guessing they distinguish the charges from the amounts. I’m also guessing that I wont see any credit to my account. So when is the class action going to take place?

  24. Shannon Murphy says:

    I have received my phone bill by e-mail for years. I sucribed to all services Phone, TV, and Internet so the bill was a little confusing. I decided to change my TV provider so I called the company ATT and while on the phone I found out that 15.86 has been billed to my phone sence September 13 2007. I called the 1-800 number and spoke to a customer service rep. I was told the service had been put on my phone by my daughter entering something on the internet in 2007. This service has never been used and was put on the bill by an unauthorised user. The phone company would not talk to me with out my husbands permission, how can an outside company just start billing your phone? I requested to talk to a supervisor and was told that someone from corporate office will call me back but I cannot call them because they do not receive incoming calls. One way phone service I want that so no one can call me. Now I am tring to get a refund for 760.80 they have charged me for 4 years.

  25. Rachael G says:

    I just recieved a bill from ESBI on my phone bill. I called the phone company and had a third party block put on my phone. I then looked this company up on the internet and learned that it is a scam company. The entire thing is a scam!!!

  26. Rachael G says:

    when i called ESBI ad asked why they are charging me the 14.95 a month they answered “I do not have any informatin for your phone number and we are not charging you.” huh interesting then why is there a effin charge on my phone bill????? the dude could not answer. Rep name Allan and ID number 1189675 when I said that it is true what the internet says about this company that it is a scam he had nothing to say at all!!! Also had a really hard to understand accent.

  27. Ilse Baker says:

    Our latest Verizon bill included a charge from ESBI on behalf of Rocket Communications for $12.95, entered on October 17th. After reading this blog I called 888-296-3724. Rather quickly I reached courteous Courtney, ID 355931, who assured me that she would cancel our subscription for Internet Faxvm to which we had never subscribed. It would take one or two billing cycles to come off our bill. I see from this blog that this cramming has been going on for at least three years, and they have not been stopped? Why is that?

  28. Derek Sandstrom says:

    We are being billed by ESBI, and do not recall signing up for anything. We are definitely not receiving any benefit from signing up for anything. They had all my info, such as birthdate, address, etc. My guess is that in signing up for something else, ESBI got my info, too. They are billing for a company called Residential Email, a combo email and shopping club. Never signed up for that. They claim I received and opened a confirmation email and have been getting a newsletter, neither of which are true. After fighting on the phone, they cancelled my acct, but I pressed for refund. More arguing got me one month refunded, and more arguing got me three months refunded. More arguing resulted in the offer to have someone call me in 24-48 business hours, whatever a business hour is. I got the name of the Supervisor I was arguing with, and a confirmation number. Good luck to all who are fighting to get back what these people have tricked you out of. This is deceptive, underhanded, and should be illegal.

  29. Christine Bertram says:

    I have been charged for several years, 14.95 per month

  30. Teresa Ramaglino says:

    I have been billed for over 2 years for $14.95 a month and they finally agreed to credit three months and cancel anymore charges. I have not seen either yet.

  31. Jeffery Nowling says:

    I was charged $29.90 on my AT&T account for some enhanced services through a 3rd part that I did not authorize. How are these companies able to do this without your permission? This is a scam ladies and gentlemen, pure and simple.

  32. Anny Boisclair says:

    in August 2012, five local collect calls made ??by my son at our home we were billed by ILD on our behalf Bell Canada for a total amount of 101.27 without authorization and without our knowledge. I called on October 19 and I spoke to a supervisor (I have his name) and he told me that within a month I would receive a check for a discount of 40.51. It is $ 101.27 I want to be reimbursed, not half. My son was in Quebec and he called me at home in Quebec a local call??. After more than a month I had not received my check then I recalled last December 3 and then I asked to talk to another supervisor impossible so he supposed to call me back, without success. Then on December 10th I called and the lady told me that she have my check but she wait the Telus autorizing? I asked her what Telus had to do with it since I was charged on my account Bell Canada. my call is put on hold and then told me that they will complete another form and then in 7-10 days they will remember! liar! I’m really discouraged. I contacted the Quebec consumer protection at first advised me to send them a formal but I’m afraid I would never see the color of my money. please help me!

  33. Yesenia Quezada says:

    I just contacted my phone company wich is Centrylink to cancell my service do to expensive billing for local calls and they come up with the charges when up becouse i hade to long distance calls that i never made or otherised to anybody this is (BS) and like many others they can’t do anything about it this stupid company (ESBI) (BS,…………… what can i do?

  34. Yesenia Quezada says:

    Esbi therd party company will bill you for anathing just call the number 888-296-3724 they will tell you who is charging you and patch u to them that’s what i did they diren’t even put up a fight the company that was charging me is called teledia they cancelled my account and remberst me so be carfull out there ok.

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