ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. | BSG Billing Services Group | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Residential Phone Charges?

If you were charged on your local phone bill by ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group for third party services and subscriptions (i.e., voicemail, Internet access, web hosting, email, caller-id or other premium services, etc.) that you never authorized ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group to bill you for, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group Phone Charges–

ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group Websites:

Who Is Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a ESBI a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group and Why Are They Billing Me For Charges On My Telephone Bill?

According to Enhanced Services Billing, Inc.’s a/k/a ESBI’s website “ESBI is a billing clearinghouse which processes charges on behalf of service providers that provide services such as voice mail, internet services, telephone equipment, etc.”

According to BSG Billing Services Group website “ESBI processes non-regulated and enhanced telecommunications services through local telephone companies. It provides innovative bill processing solutions for the Internet access and web hosting providers, premium pay-per-call services such as weather, sports, and information services, hospital telephone providers, email service, voicemail and caller-id services.”

According to BSG’s website BSG is “the largest third-party provider of LEC billing clearinghouse and settlement solutions to the telecommunications industry.”

How To Cancel or Stop Billing From Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a ESBI a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group:

ESBI Customer Service Online Inquiry Form:

ESBI Telephone Number: 1-888-288-3724

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If you were charged on your local telephone bill from ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. a/k/a Billing Concepts | BSG Billing Services Group for third party services and subscriptions that you never authorized, tell us your story!

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284 Responses to “ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. | BSG Billing Services Group | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Residential Phone Charges?”

  1. Donna says:

    I just got my verizon bill and I noticed a jump of almost 9 dollars. Now I hardly use the landline so I called verizon and they gave me some BS that it is not their billing but they cannot stop another company from charging our phone.

    Now I did not authorize any ‘VOICEMAIL” services from anyone. Infact, I hate the phone. So I called the 866 number and was put through to a foreign speaking woman who I could hardly understand. I told her no one authorized this crap. So I am supposed to have a “block” and the charges removed.

    I look on line and I see others with the same compliant about this scam company.

    The name of the company is Enhanced Services Billing Inc.

  2. Ron says:

    I received my Qwest bill with charges from ESBI. They claimed my wife signed up on the internet for something. Our computer was not even turned on that day! Hopefully the charges will be removed. They must be randomly adding charges to peoples phone bills. How come this is not illegal?

  3. michael colman says:

    21.10 dollars on my phone bill.for nothing i did.these suckers are trying to beat anyone who will pay up 4 nothing.we should get enough folks and sue and bill them untill they stop jivin` us.

  4. David Roodman says:

    A charge of $12.95+tax/month started appearing on my bills in July. The charges were marked with “ESBI” and “United Comm Link” and included a phone number, which I called. They said my son (age 8) had “signed up” for the service on, and they would retroactively cancel all charges. (Won’t know for sure till it happens.) Probably all my son did was type in our phone number.

  5. Ben Sha says:

    I got AT&T bill that included EBSI charge for $42.99 for unauthorized internet directory listing. We have not authorized any such service and they could not “play” recorded authorization.

  6. Ashlynn Evans says:

    We just received our bill today and our phone bill is to run about $75 and it was almost $95. We call Embarq (our phone and internet carrier) they said call them and of course you get so far into the menu and click. So I called Embarq back and wow they got a hold of them they had all of my information correct except for my e-mail address, I told them I wanted the charges dropped and their service cancelled because I had never signed up for it and that I had found 13 other people with their bogus charges. I then called Embarq back and let them know, I am no longer stuck with the charge and my number has been blocked from their service. Thank you for your comments I am glad to hear that I am not the only one. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE

  7. Christine Toy says:

    I just received my Fairpoint phone bill and I have over a $25.00 charge for this Nations Vplus Vmail. I’ve never heard of it; certainly did not sign up for it. I don’t have a business, I don’t have a voicemail. This is ridiculous and they need to be banned from doing any business. I’m simply not paying this charge.

  8. Dyan Bogorodsky says:

    I was just charged $15.40 by MyiProducts iMail. The charge just appeared on my most recent phone bill.
    I’ve filed complaints with the FTC, the BBB and the internet crime division of the FBI.
    These thieves need to be STOPPED!

  9. Colleen Coombe says:

    I was charged $14.95 plus tax by ESBI for easy yellow pages??? So I called and they said some woman Natalie something or other authorized it online…blah blah and I said stop right there, only I have authorization for this phone number. They said whatever it is is cancelled and that I will get a refund in 2-3 months. So we shall see.

    Always check you bill every month. I understand that it is legal for Verizon to allow third party billing, but shouldn’t only the person on the bill be able to authorize something???shouldn’t the third party have to have some kind of proof of authorization?? So basically anyone can sign anyone up for anything and Verizon will not protect me???

  10. Linda says:

    ESBI charged $19.95 plus taxes and fees on my Verizon bill this month. I called the toll free number listed, the rep, Arvi ID#88904 told me that her company only bills for the charges and that I need to contact Advanced Beneifts at 866-866-2382 to contest the charge. She transfered me to that number, where that rep had no record of any charges to my phone number and told me I need to call the company listed on my Verizon bill. I called Verizon and was transfered 3 times, and was told that Verizon couldn’t do anything about the charges. I firmly replied that in fact according to internet complaints, Verizon has helped other customers and that that was what they needed to do for me. After being transfered again, I finally received a credit for the charge and a block on future changes. Ugh, an hour of my life that I’ll never get back!

  11. Faye says:

    I recieved a statement on my Verizon Bill from ESBI. It was for a bogus “Electronic Fax Mofee”, whatever that is. I called to complain and they said that someone named “Mary Smith” charged it. Oh, now THAT’s an unusual name…SCAM!!!!

  12. R Stewart says:

    Our Nov bill from Fairpoint (formerly Verizon)carried a unauthorized ESBI fee for 39.95 for My Local Reach Inc. It took me a bit of sleuthing with the help of this website to determine it’s a scam. I spent loooong periods on hold when I tried to call ESBI never getting through. I got an automated response to my email saying I would get a reply within 3-5 busniess days. It’s been 10! When I called Fairpoint, they first told me I had to deal with ESBI. The second time I called, the agent said she would send ‘refusal to pay’ notification to ESBI and she adjusted my bill. This is a pervasive SPAM despite the fact that in 2001 there was an indictment and settlement involving ESBI, et al to cease and desist. What can this website do to help?

  13. P Johnson says:

    In October I apparently signed up for something over the phone (they played a recording), but the voice authorizing the $39.95 fee was either not me or was a duplication of an affirmative answer to another question. I am a small business of 1 and have no need for the ‘services’ My Local Reach provides an certainly would not approve a charge for twice what my phone line costs me. I called Fairpoint and ESBI and they said the charges would be reversed and the service dropped from future bills. I will be much more wary of anyone claiming to be from the phone company touting free services on my line. These guys ought to be in jail….

  14. R. Graff says:

    I was charged 19.95 for some vicemail product. I only have basic phone service and have no idea what this is nor is their any information on what I am actually recieving for this 19.95. The customer service number is a joke unless you like leaving voice mail on mailbox 4017. At&t will not take responsibility for what shows up on their bill. There is something definatly wrong in Denmark.

  15. lewis ferrara says:

    received a $20.52 increased on my bill will not pay and will contest it as it was not auth.

  16. bonny says:

    I received my monthly verizon bill today. To my surprise the balance was different than my usual monthly amount. I was charged 16. dollars from Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. and i was also billed 14.95 bill on behalf of on December 4. .www.hellomailmnthlyfee ? What in the hell is this charge and inconvenience. I work 7 days a week and don’t have the luxury of time to inquire about unauthorized charges on my bill. I will call Verizon and demand the charges be removed and a block placed immediately, to prevent further 3rd party billing on my phone service. good luck to all.

  17. Viviana Valeriano says:

    My boyfriend and I were charged 27.90 through ESBI, but his and my regular telephone company is AT & T. He and I do not want to be charged by ESBI.

  18. Nina Rhoda says:

    Got my bill from AT&T where I have combined phone, internet, and Dish. Had a $14.95 charge from Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. Boy, was I mad!! I called tkhe 1-800 # and was told it would be removed. Who allows this junk to happen?? I have written a letter of compalint to AT&T.

  19. Antioch_Shpr says:

    Hello,, I got our AT&T bill with an additional 16.25 on it from EBSI. I contacted the company and they told me it was for voicemail services, hell I’m already paying AT&T for the same service so why would I give them payment for the same service. I have requested that AT&T remove the charges from my bill. They can turn my services off before I pay EBSI, hell I don’t need a phone bad enough to pay the bill twice. It would save me $90 a month if they turned my services off anyway. If more people adjust their services with AT&T then they may be willing to work with their consumers.

  20. Brenda says:

    I tried to cancel a Fairpoint Residential line for THREE MONTHS! I kept getting the run-around until I finally told ESBI that I was calling the BBB and that they were scamming me! Oh, how nice they were after that… gonna rebate my charge and cancel the line. We’ll see…

  21. Karen Gifford says:

    I am yet another victim. Someone apparently filled out my information on a bogus sweepstakes website, (there are several of these), and next thing I know I was charged for services I did not order. I happen to have the time so I’ve been making phone calls and investigating on the internet and have found a lot of information regarding their fraudulent practices. There are no authorization processes so anyone can put anyone’s name and address and phone number in there and that person will get charge on their phone bill. I cannot see how this can be allowed to happen.
    When I called ESBI they were happy to have the charges removed, it would take 2 billing cycles they say. I got the run around from them, the Techmaxsolutions call center and Voicemail services. These are just a few of the names they go by which are all owned by DADATA INC. from Palm harbor, florida and are all part of the same ‘ring’. Registrant information for all the internet domains are Scott A. Lucas, and Charles R. Darst. Elizabeth Boyle is also an employee.
    No one will give me any information I had to investigate it all myself, not even the physical address of the company or any managers names.
    It’s an entangled ring of scam websites, to charge you for services, and includes the billing company ESBI, who claim their innocence.

    I even remained on the phone and insisted to be transferred to somone in another department (other than customer service) so I can discuss this situation, and they refused. At one point I have the rep quoted as saying “they don’t have phones”, and another rep I asked her to look at the website so she would know what I’m talking about saying “we don’t have computers”!!! I want something done, legally, and I won’t stop until something gets done.

  22. Carman Hawkins says:

    I noticed this charge about 3 months ago. I thought it was another horrendous collect call charge. I called the company in December and the said my son had ordered it. He has no authorization to charge anything to my AT&T bill.
    I just received my new bill and they are still on it. I called the again and was told that they did not put another charge on my bill. I called AT&T and was told that I need to demand that they send me a refund, yea right. I can not even speak to anyone that does not have a foreign accent. I will now be canceling my AT&T account for my house phone and will go strictly to cell. Thanks AT&T for having your customer’s back. See ya!

  23. Kevin Stith says:

    We just noticed a charge on our Verizon bill for $39.95, which we did not authorize. This is ridiculous that 3rd party businesses are able to get away with this and Verizon is allowing them because the item shows up on THEIR bill. Our business agreement is with Verizon, not anyone else therefore Verizon should be involved in getting these charges resolved.

    Another victim to this scam…

  24. Kris B says:

    I just opened my January 2009 Fairpoint bill and found a miscellaneous WWWhellomailmnthlyfee of $14.95 from billed through ESBI. I called the 888-296-3724 ESBI number on my Fairpoint bill and they direct me electronically to unitedtel. I left a voicemail message rwquesting that they remove the charge immediately or I will contact the BBB. We’ll see what happens. This is ridiculous and needs to be stopped.

  25. Catherine Cox says:

    After receiving our Verizon bill (statement date 1/25/09) we noticed a bogus charge from ESBI in the amount of $14.72 (charges plus tax). I called ESBI (888-295-3724) to contest these charges for services which were NEVER requested by anyone in my home. ESBI “cancelled” the bogus charge and will issue a credit in the amount of $14.72 within 60 days. I spoke to Verizon today regarding this to question how such a fraudulent charge was added to my bill. I was told that it is possible that a solicitation call was picked up by my answering machine thus triggering the charge. Verizon also told me that I must pay the $14.72 on the current bill because they have already paid ESBI. Once they receive the credit from ESBI, Verizon will credit my account in the amount of $14.72.

    I will pay this amount because it appears I have no choice but to do so. However, I do not believe it is fair that I should pay a fraudulent charge for services I never requested. ESBI has a very bad reputation for scamming individuals across the country. Simply Google ESBI and you will find a great deal information regarding this third party “clearinghouse”. I should not be made to cover payments that Verizon made in error, supposedly on my behalf. We do not have internet access at home nor do we EVER purchase anything over the phone since we do not consider these to safe from identity theft. We are also on the National Do Not Call list and do not permit solicitation calls at our residence. The fact that Verizon is doing business with this bogus enterprise would indicate that they are part of the scam. They receive payments for fraudulent services. Yes they do refund those payments but they get to accrue 60 days worth of interest on the payments while the “process” the refund/credit to the customer account. Multiply that interest by the thousands of people effected and you can see how this is very profitable. Not only ESBI should be investigated for this SCAM.

  26. christine says:

    I received an email from imail and they said they’re going to start charging me 14.99 a month for this stupid enhanced voicemail thing and its connected with this ESBI crap. I’ve never even heard of imail nor have i been on there site. I’ma be so fucking pissed if i get charges on my bill for no reason.

  27. Billy Ray says:

    What happens if you dont contact esbi and dont pay the charge?

  28. Lynn says:

    I have been battling the ESB, Inc…since June, 2008. Each time I call…it is canceled…each time I contact AT & T…they remove it and say it will not appear again…but each month it does. My biggest complaint is I have no idea why they are charging…or what it is even for???!!! But I have NEVER paid it and will continue to call each month to AT & T until they remove it. Trying to reach ESB is a joke. They charge $15.96 each month…for what??? I have already printed out complaints abot this compnay and have attached them to my pile of bills for AT & T. March willbe the last straw…AT&T goes if I do not see it gone…totally gone, from my bill!!

  29. Rich L says:

    I called Verizon about a $16 charge that i received on my home phone bill for the last 2 months. Verizon suggested that i call ESBI since it was billed by them. ESBI said that the charge was as a result of my son downloading music, movies and games over the internet, using as the website. After discussing with my son and researching ESBI and, it’s obvious that this was a fraudulent scheme to rip off Verizon customers. I called back 1.877.1160 and spoke to Tracy (8002) and let her know what i thought about their little scam and demanded a refund back. A refund was granted, but i’m not holding my breath. I would love to see this brought before the Attorney General and pasted on the front pages of the press. I’m surprised that Verizon continues to do service with these ripoff artists.

  30. ivebeenhad says:

    Where’s the justice?

  31. Phil Orr says:

    For the past few months, we have been receiving unauthorized charges on our AT&T phone bill ($14.95 per month since ~ October) from a company that goes by the name of Enhanced Billing Services, Inc.. a company out of Boca Rotan, Fl. I have done some research on the internet, and they have been cited by the FTC for “phone cramming”, whch is what happened in this case. When I FINALLY got someone to answer at this company (Kevin, operator 1048) and disputed all charges with their company. He was only willing to refund the past month”s charges. I told that this was unacceptable, and that I would be filling a complaint with the BBB, the FTC, and the State Attorney General’s office in thier State.I have also filed a complaint with the FCC on AT&T, and just to be a real @#$, I sent copies of the complaint to the local newspaper in thier area, plus filed a complaint with the chamber of commerece. Based upon my research, other people across the country have experienced this same problem company due to thier “phone cramming” scam. As I mentioned above, the FTC had a complaint and case filed against them for the same issue.
    The contcat information for the company in question is … Enhanced Billing Services, Inc. 102 NE 2nd Street #406 Boca Rotan, FL 33432 888-293-3724.

    I hope that there is a special place in hell waiting for them….

  32. Jennifer says:

    Same as everyone else. Noticed my phonebill had jumped from $60 a month to $80/month. Found a charge from Enhanced Services Billing and didn’t know what it was for. They claim we signed up for voicemail services through Bullshit. I looked up that website, which has tons of fradulent enrollments. ESBI says they will remove the charges, but I thinks it’s messed up that folks can charge you for services that you did not consent to. Will also complain to AT &T for working with them.

  33. Jean says:

    I just recieved my last phone bill, a $31.99 charge from ESBI. I called their customer service. I have never been so poorly treated before. They charged me without my authorization, but they made me feel as if I have done them wrong. This is a ridiculous nuence. I hate to waste my time on things like this, and what is more it does not seem like they will give my credit back… I have made myself very clear to VZ before, how could they knowingly allow this to happen.. I will never use VZ after my contract expires…

  34. Michael Shoulson says:

    We recieved a charge on our February phonand a new charge of 42.35. This is not something that we had subscribed to or joined. We promptly called the phone company (verizon) and they told us that they had no choice but to accept third party charges on our bill. he next call was to ESBI, they said that we had agreed to the service and replayed a message that had my boss agreeing to let them review the account, not to sign up for anything. This is a bill that is payed automatically and is not always reviewed. They agreed to take the charge off for this month, but will not remove january’s charge. This is a scam on all levels.

  35. Tina Beer says:

    I got my phone bill and both have charged my phone in over 45. a month just notice it now. I asked them for the IP address and they would not give it to me. one said they would refund one said no. that I signed up and they had what they need to verify I did. this is a scam

  36. Will Miller says:

    Received an increased bill from Verizon that included a charge for Network Assurance EFax Monthly Svc Fee of $14.95. Of course since the bill was from Verizon I hold them accountable first and spent the time to waste their resources fielding complaints regarding this type of scam. Of course I realize that a Corporation of Verizon’s size is not true when they say their hands a clean, they’re getting something out of this someway. Be that as it may, the charge was made on a date when I was out of town, five days before and after. So we’ve got a scam that eats up people’s time and many will pay without question thinking it is legit. Time to write Legislators and Regulators, if ever there is a time for BIG government, this is it.

  37. Will Miller says:

    Update: I suspect that the increased activity in these areas are related to Verizon’s efforts to enroll folks in their Automatic Bill Payment Program. In such an instance where the customer has elected to go “paperless” and have automatic deduction from the customer’s financial institution a tremendous amount of revenue can be generated by charging these fees to the bill. If the individual is “trusting” and not ever vigilant.

    In addition the information garnered from ESBI suggested that the billing was related to an On-Line contest. This gives rise to the possibility of nuisance bills created by unknown parties who have access to a telephone book and use your published information, it could also be generated by a virus, and last is the probability that the “Rules” of the contest includes a subscription to some third-party service enjoying a business relationship with your service provider. Ouch, life is bad enough with Bernie Madoff clones out there now we have alliances between otherwise “reputable” firms and scam artists.

  38. Roberto Ortega says:

    Last bill showed an additional charge of $31.40 for enhanced billing services due to charges in Jan & Feb for 24×7 Mp3 services, which were supposedly ordered by us. I had subscription cancelled and credit was to be applied in the future. I’ll see how ling it takes for this to happen. In the mean time I’m just deducting the charges from my Verizon bill.

  39. katie hudson says:

    at&t letting enhanced services bill their people for this mess of enhanced services it is a scam some one needs to take care of thanks

  40. Kevin says:

    We set up the voicemail on our home phone in December ’08, not realizing it was going to cost $14.95/month, billed by a third party. I called AT&T on January 5th to cancel the service, and of course they could do nothing about it themselves (so they said). They put me through to Enhanced Services Billing, where I gave them my acct # and told them that I wanted to cancel. The lady told me that she would cancel it for me, but guess what…. I’m still being charged! This is ridiculous.

  41. Nick says:

    Just received my AT&T bill. It’s always the same every month (we only have the landline for internet anyway) and noted a $32.59 jump in the Amount Due.

    Listed in the breakdown (which is mercifully brief in my case) is “Enhanced Services Billing Inc.” with the charge and a contact phone number beneath it. I’ve attempted to call but it is the weekend and they are not open for business at this time. I will try again on Monday. I’ve found and endless array of complaints on the internet about this and like companies. It would be exceedingly useful if someone could post a breakdown of our rights as consumers about such situations, as it is we who have to go through the trouble of resolving the issues.

  42. Kathryn Smith says:

    Here’s another one. I got an unauthorized charge from ESBI for something called wwwhellomailmnthlyfee. So I called on 1/26 to complain. They said it was an MP3 service someone had ordered and given my number. It had my name attached. The cancelled the service and promised me a credit within 1-2 billing cycles. Today I got my March phone bill, and guess what, no credit. So I called them again. They’ve assure me they’re issuing the credit now. If it doesn’t show up in the next two cycles, I’m going to be contacting my state Atty General’s office to see if they can do something.

  43. Lynn Ward says:

    I just got my phone bill and $15 more, what….I’ll cancel the phone completely and use my cell.

  44. Ernest Vance says:

    I received a Verizon bill dated 3/26 with an unauthorized charge dated 3/21 of $14.95 for some service I have never heard of. I googled http://www.hellomail to find out what it was. I immediately filed an online contest of the charges as well as called the ESBI number which said the charge would be credited in about two billing cycles. So I will watch my bills carefully as I always do. I told the rep I do not want to see this charge on my bill in the future. Obvious fraudulent activity.

  45. robert long says:

    I noticed a esbi/solo communication voice mail to my home phone for 9.95 month, when i called they said my daughter orderd the service using her e-mail and a different address they said we will credit your account95.00 dollars,then i checked all back records and found this voicemail has been on my account for a year 9.95 a day times 10 days a month having promblems with varizon and esbi cooperation.

  46. kenneth says:

    ESBI and OAN Services hit us the last three months for $24.84 per month despite numerous phone calls to both and EMBARQ.It would seem that it doesnt matter who your carrier is,your succeptible.Another example of our governments regulatory skills.

  47. Pam Baker says:

    For the past 3 months I have been receiving a charge of 15.70 on my Verizon bill from Enhanced Billing Services, for “Orbit Vmail Mthsvcfee”. I called Verizon and they said they have nothing to do with it, it is from a separate company and that Verizon is required by law to allow them to put it on my Verizon bill. Hard to believe!!! They told me I needed to call ESBI to find out what the charge is for. I called the 1-800 number. ESBI claimed that someone in my house filled out an on-line application from an advertisement, gave our phone and address and said that he/she had consent to add this charge to my Verizon bill. The name they gave me was my foster daughter’s. The phone account is in my name. I asked how they could allow this and questioned why no password or any type of verification was required. They said all they needed was for her to click on the spot that said she has consent to do this. ESBI quickly back-tracked and agreed to reimburse me for these charges and to put my phone number on their “block” list. We’ll see what happens on my next bill.
    I told my foster daughter about it and she is terribly upset. She says she never gives our phone and address on-line and has no idea what happened. I thought she did it accidently and just didn’t understand because of her limited English. Now that I read these other entries I believe her. Someone please tell me how this can possibly be legal!!! This is a total scam. ESBI is to blame as well as Verizon. Verizon has to have some responsibility for allowing this to be placed on their bill. Please include my name is any class-action law suit.

  48. A New Yorker says:

    On my business Verizon phone/internet account, I was being charged an additional $47.76 per month to a “Mofee” company since December. I just contacted Verizon today regarding this unauthorized charge and they told me they would not only remove this service from my account, but they would also refund me for every time it occurred on my account. I will closely monitor this situation to insure that these measures are taken. However, to everyone on this forum. Call Verizon and request that they do the same for these fraudulent transactions. And if they say they can’t do anything, let me know that a Verizon rep did for my business.

  49. John says:

    Well, they moved my wife to tears as she tried to figure out how they got authorization to charge us an additional $40.00 a month for the past two months. They played this shotty recording, however she never recalled giving them the information they are supposedly claiming as coming from her. Their final statement was there was nothing they could do. If anyone has success with them, let me know!!

  50. Mike says:

    I just received my bill from AT&T and ESBI continues their dirty tricks. There must be some way to take them down. I am starting with disconnecting my service with AT&T. If enough people do this, they will be forced to provide help with this situation.

  51. Peter says:

    ESBI charged me 2 separate charges of $38.95 on my Verizon Business account. Funny that I never received the Verizon bill that contained the charges in the mail. And I’ve never missed a Verizon bill. I don’t even know what ESBI is and the bill shows it was charged on behalf of IBA services. What the heck is this? I am going to the DA’s office.

  52. Michael Hartman says:

    I’m being charged $12.95 a month for God knows what. I had no idea since I went paperless and hadn’t seen the bill. I have yet to speak with anyone at Enhanced Services Inc but plan to real soon.

  53. Fred Boness says:

    Three unauthorized charges showed up on my AT&T bill from Enhanced Services Billing, ILD Teleservices Inc, and HBS Billing Services.

    I got a total “We don’t care because we don’t have to” response from AT&T.

    I called all three and got a promise to block my number and credit my phone bill. From reading the previous comments I don’t have much hope of that really happening.

  54. Kattrina C. says:

    I noticed a charge of $16.07 on my bill. I called and cancelled the service – that I had never authorized. I’ll be sure to check my bill more carefully next month.

    I – like many others have commented – don’t even have voicemail, or caller id, or any other special service. It’s just a plain old telephone landline that I rarely use.
    This company is a true SCAMMER. Read your bill and BEWARE.

  55. John says:

    As a follow-up, my wife spoke with representatives from Fairpoint for almost 2 hours but finally got them to take the $80 off our phone bill. My advice – don’t take “there’s nothing we can do” for an answer. There is always something that can be done, and most of the time it’s a credit to your account. I’m amazed they can continue to scam people like this.

  56. Edward says:

    I received a cold call from someone telling me that they were giving me a 30 day free advertisement on the internet. I told them they could do whatever they wanted but I wasn’t paying for anything. I made it very clear that I did not expect to be charged for anything. The next month I found charges from ESBI on my phone bill. I called and told them I didn’t want the service and they said they removed the charges. The next month when I got my phone bill, I found that they had removed a $99 charge from the previous month, but had left a $39.95 charge on there and had also added another $39.95 to it. I called and once again told them I had never wanted this service. They told me that I had authorized it and I told them to prove it. They then played a recording to me that was partly my voice and partly someone else’s voice. It was the voice of someone else that was agreeing to a $39.95 fee being added to my phone number. They made a fraudulent recording as proof of authorization. I refuse to pay this bill and am now trying to decide how to proceed.

  57. David says:

    Ive been receiving additional charges for $14.95 under the description WWWHELLOMAILMNTHLYFEE Verizon does not know who this is and they applied a charge back for me. Verizon however was charging me for Internet backup services I did not request and International Phone coverage I had to call to cancel. Beware alot of hidden charges with Verizon and their service is very poor called three time received three different answers for billing charges.

  58. Janet B says:

    My roommate received additional charges on his phone with at&t for $14.95. When he called they said that I had put this service on his phone. My name is not on his phone and the only way someone could or should beable to put additional services is with his personal information which I do not have. Upon calling this number 888-293-3724, they informed me that I ordered it off the internet and they had my email address. The only ones who had that email address was job searches. The date they said I ordered it was a day I applied for a job on, with Pilot Travel and McDonalds. So some where in the application or on they got my email address and ordered this service. The charges where suppose to be dropped by AT&T and the next billing cycle it was on the bill again. My room mate called them and they said that they couldn’t drop the charges that we would have to go to the company to have it removed. I talked to the representative and understanding they can’t do a lot I asked to speak with a manager, with a hold which I new would be long I hung up. I then called this company which is 800 V-Mail, they said I had to request the service to be dropped in writing with in 30 days and because when I called the first time it was 3 days after. BULL, I never ordered the service. My room mate said I had to pay because it would make his credit look bad, so I gave him the money and this company just got me and this is something that is sad. It is becoming hard to apply on line because of scams. Our companys won’t take applications with in the stores. How did they get my roommates information he doesn’t use a computer. They could only have gotten it from his phone number and address which I put on the application because he had an answering machine which I can’t use any more. How can you prove you didn’t order the service????????????? This company should have to pay for the stress they caused. should remove their services, if that is where it came from. I looked up lots of job descriptions that day. I can show all this to my roommate and maybe he will understand.

  59. Kimberly Stone says:

    Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. scammed me too. There was a charge on my April AT&T monthly statement for a total of $16.22. Foolishly, I paid it thinking it had something to do with my new DSL service. Again I was charged on my May statement. I called 1-888-293-3724 and I’m sure the call went to India because there was a delay when we were speaking. I asked the woman who this could have happened. She said “Didn’t you sign up through e-mail for $1,000 in groceries?” I was like “WHAT???, NO!” All ESBI is doing is scamming people and need to be STOPPED!! I’ve already sent a complaint to the FCC. I’m in the process of contacting the FTC and BBB. I’m sending a letter to CEO Randall L. Stephenson – AT&T Headquarters – 208 S. Akard Street – Dallas, TX 75202-2233 (if that is the correct address!) I’ve already e-mailed them. 1-800-422-0499. I definitely think we need a “class action lawsuit against this company. I’ve tried to warn friends and contacts on my “Friend’s Lists” and I suggest everyone does that!

  60. Jay Draiman says:

    Unauthorized Charges on Your Local Phone – Utility Bill?
    How to Find Them, Eliminate Them & Get Your Money Back!
    If your business still gets its phone service through the old “AT&T and Verizon, etc” local phone company (as opposed to one of the newer competitive phone providers) then you need to double check your phone bill each and every month for charges you did not authorize. You may not know it but the local phone company allows other companies to bill you through your local phone bill. And while the local phone company allows other businesses to bill you through your local phone bill, the local phone company does not verify that the charges being billed to you by the other company are valid. When these unauthorized charges fraudulently appear on your phone bill it’s called “cramming”. Unfortunately you as the business owner or manager are the only one that can spot the unauthorized charges and if you don’t comb over your bill every month to spot these unauthorized charges – you’ll pay for them.
    Why does the local phone company allow other companies to pass charges onto your phone bill? “Third-party billing” is supposedly a great convenience in that you only have to pay one bill instead of separate bills for obvious authorized phone related charges like yellow-page advertising in the “real yellow pages”, 411 information calls and long-distance calls from your chosen long distance carrier. Over the years though, some less-than-scrupulous companies have realized that most businesses rarely scrutinize their local-phone bills. To take advantage of this, these companies have come up with elaborate schemes to place
    unauthorized charges on your phone bill that you’ll end up paying for without even thinking. Unauthorized
    charges you can end up paying for include charges for unwanted (and unused) email accounts, web sites,
    directory information calls, directory advertising in obscure publications, voice mail accounts and other
    In theory, before these charges can be placed on your phone bill, the company that is originating the third-party billed charges is supposed to have a verification of the order like a voice recording. In reality though,
    all the company needs to do to initiate the charge is submit your name and phone number to the billing
    entity. The verifications are only required to be produced if a complaint is filed.
    To prevent these charges from appearing on you business phone bill it’s helpful to understand the four
    parties that make unauthorized third party phone charges a costly reality. Party number one is any
    employee who can answer your business phones. The unauthorized charge is rarely random and it usually
    happens after one of your company employees gets a telemarketing call. Employees should be instructed to
    document and report any overly aggressive telemarketing calls they receive. Party number two is the
    telemarketing company that originates the unauthorized charges by trying to get your employee to accept
    some service for which you’ll be billed through your local phone bill. Party number three is the third-party
    billing company that has billing agreements with your local phone company. The name of the third-party
    billing is the one that is prominently displayed on your phone bill. After the third-party billing company’s
    name is the name of the company that is originating the unwanted charges. Party number four is your “former Ma Bell” local phone company that collects the unwanted charges (keeps a share for “Ma”) and then passes the rest to the third-party billing company (who keeps a big share) and then passes the balance on to the company that initiated the unwanted charge.
    Following are some of the top third-party billing names and unauthorized charge originators you’ll find on
    your phone bill. If you see these names on your phone bill you’ll want to call the toll free number listed next to the charge to confirm it’s a charge that’s been properly authorized to be placed on your bill. Following are actual examples that we’ve recently found while auditing business phone bills.
    We recommend customers should review any utility bills issued by deregulated utility companies. (In most instances today, consumers are paying higher charges to the deregulated gas and electric supply companies).
    All Utility – Energy, gas, electric and water bills should be reviewed for proper reading and tariff.
    If you suspect that you have been overcharged ask for detailed explanation and or file a complaint with your State Utility Commission.
    Compiled by: Jay Draiman, Utility & Telecom Auditor

  61. Ginnette Powell says:

    I was charged by Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. on my phone bill I signed up for bill block with Verizon but they say it doesn’t always work, so what is Verizon doing to protect the consumer against cramming then??? Also another charge from OAN Services these scam artists when you call them up they say they are a totally different name I am so mad at being charged extra money because of going to a website!

  62. kenny m says:

    so my verizon bill shows up and there are misc charges on it alot extra than it has been for past months another rip off on phone for over 1 hour to try to clear this up

  63. Eric M says:

    Got scammed too. Called ESBI and spoke with some Asian lady who said I signed up for a coupon service. I told her flat out that it was a scam and she better get me my money back at once. She told me within 7 business days it would be credited and that I should see the credit within the next two billing cycles. Bull crap! I will not pay this money. It shows as Enhanced Services Billing Inc. – $14.95 and OAN Services, Inc. – $8.43. I hold AT&T responsible as well. I’m sure they’ll try to get the money, but they’re not getting a penny of it. I’m just glad my wife was sharp enough to spot it the first time on the phone bill and that we haven’t authorized ACH deductions for direct billing. If there’s a class action law suit brought forward, please count me in. I’d love to see these crooks behind bars.

  64. Donna F says:

    Doing a random audit of the company phone bills and discovered charges from ESBI. When I went back, I found these have been on the main phone number billing since at least Nov. 2006. We have approx. 50 phone numbers associated with our business and a small variance in the $6,500 plus bill doesn’t draw attention. So, these guys have been getting about $75/mo for almost three years from us. I guess I go start the fight now.

  65. Gloria C. says:

    I had an extra $15.99 show up on my May verizon bill from ESBI. I called the toll free number for them and told them I never ordered or signed up for this so they gave me a conformation number and said it would be cancelled. I received Junes verizon bill and there was another charge for $15.99 and the other was never removed. Next I went online to and filled out their form. I made copies of it so they couldn’t say I didn’t send them anything. I also told them that if this matter was not takin care of I WILL TAKE FURTHER STEPS!!!! I’ll have to wait and see what happens, but I am NOT going to pay those amounts. 6-19-09

  66. Dennis F. says:

    I noticed an additional $14.95 on my June QWest bill from this ESBI. Never heard of them. I logged on the QWest web site, but no additional information there, so I sent them an e-mail disputing the charge. I then called the ESBI number and stayed polite through the whole conversation. I was told my son signed me up, although he hasn’t lived here for 5 years! Surely a scam. I was told the account was closed. Based on comments here, I’ll have to be vigilant for a few months to make sure it doesn’t creep back into the bill.

  67. Magdalena says:

    I realized my Verizon phone bill was higher than usual and viewed the detail and noticed a charge from 5/22 for $14.95 from ESBI. I NEVER authorized this charge. I call the # and they told me I have to pay that charge and ONLY the upcoming charge for June 09 is the one that can be cancelled. I looked them up in the internet and I realized I’m not the only victim here. I’ll keep watching my phone bill.

  68. Gloria C. says:

    I received an email from ESBI on 6-22-09 and they said they forwarded my complaint to Network Assurance. I was then emailed from them on 6-25-09 saying they cancelled my account effective 6-4-09 and issued 2 credits of $29.90 plus any taxes and it would take 1 to 2 billing cycles for the credits to appear. I’ve saved the email and WILL be watching my bill closly.

  69. Stephani says:

    I’ve been noticing these charges on my Verizon bill for quite some time–a few months–but figured they were in association with an actual service, although I didn’t like paying for something I couldn’t identify. I’m seriously considering canceling my Verizon landline completely because of this. If Verizon refuses to protect its customers from fraudulent charges being made to their accounts, then they don’t deserve to have customers. It is absolutely ridiculous that a third party can claim you’ve incurred charges for a service they’ve provided without having to prove that any such service actually exists or that you’ve authorized such charges. It’s bullshit, and if any Verizon operators or customer service reps out there were subjected to the same treatment by their phone company, I’m sure they’d be just as pissed as all the people on this thread. I will be taking the steps that Gloria C. recommended in her post and watching my account. But if this happens again, I am cancelling my landline service and will tell Verizon precisely why. I’ll still have my Verizon wireless account, but that’s actually easier to manage because of the nature of the technology.

  70. Terri says:

    I received my AT&T bill Saturday and immediately knew there was a problem. I’m disabled and have a limited income; my bill was $12.95 too much and that is a huge deal to me. I studied the bill and there it was – some bogus “Enhanced Services Solo Communications VMail monthly fee $12.95″ added to my regular phone bill without my knowledge or consent. I called the number and they were closed over the weekend. I then proceeded to research this online. It is shocking to see how the FCC continues to let this company do this to people. They have been robbing people for years and the FCC continues some loophole that allows them to do so. They even did this to me with my regular phone having a lifeline discount (for low income). I can’t imagine why anyone would pay for voicemail but certainly anyone who qualifies for a lifeline discount on their phone would not. Enhanced Services would not admit that I did not sign up for it. They claim that they will issue a credit in a couple of months. That isn’t acceptable to me. They are not getting my money for a couple of months and maybe permanently. I contacted AT&T and they said that I could deduct the amount from my bill while there is an ongoing dispute. The AT&T rep said that the part I am not going to pay will show as owed but should not accrue late charges because of the dispute. I added the block 3rd party billing but she said that it doesn’t always stop it. She also said HOPEFULLY Enhanced Billing will refund the 12.95. I think if they don’t, I’ll be held responsible… I am risking having problems with AT&T by refusing to pay it but so be it. The website for Texas’s attorney general stated that Texans did not have to pay for unauthorized charges on cramming/phone bills.

  71. Kevin O'Brien says:

    $14.95 charged this month for wwwhellomailmnthlyfee.Never heard of it.

  72. Dennis F. says:

    This is a follow-up to my 6/23 comment. I called Qwest and spoke to a rep there. She credited my account with the $14.95, since I wasn’t sure if ESBI was going to do so. She also, after my repeated complaints that this could even happen in the first place, agreed to place a 3rd party block on billing my account. I hope that’s the end of it!

  73. Do You Check Your Telephone Bill Each Month? - Timeshare Forums says:

    [...] said about this charge. ESBI Phony Charges. $14.95 plus tax charged on my AT & T bill. Why? ESBI a/k/a Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. | BSG Billing Services Group | Telephone Bill Complaints … Answerstop Voicemail Monthly Fee – voicemail you didnt sign up for! Pintmaster In my case United [...]

  74. Allen Abrahamson says:

    I received a $29.95 “miscellaneous charge” on my Fairpoint Communications phone bill from ESBI. I called Fairpoint and they told me it was probably a “cramming charge” for services that I had never ordered and suggested I call them directly at 888-458-3724. While Fairpoint couldn’t cancel the service, they did block it, meaning that ESBI would have to bill me directly. I called up ESBI at the above number and was told that I (or another party in my business) had authorized them in February 2009 to develop and publish a website! As I am the sole person in my business and I had not authorized this “service”, I wanted the service and the billing for it to cease immediately. “Anna” at ESBI told me she did cancel the service and gave me an authorization number. I was unable, however, to receive a refund of $29.95 for last months billing period (I didn’t catch the extra billing in my phone bill). ESBI, in my opinion and based on my experience, is nothing more than a scam!!! If there is a class action lawsuit, I’d like by $29.95 back!

  75. William Locke says:

    I didn’t notice but I have been getting charged by Verizon for charges from WSBI.I DON’T WANT THIS SERVICE AND NEVER WILL.I have been getting billed for this since Oct,2008,$12.95 then this month I’m getting billed $29.95.I would like to know what I can do to get this stopped and money refunded.Thank you

  76. Ginnette Powell says:

    I found charges on my bill from Voicemail today/OAN Services, Inc. I called and they said it would take 1-2 billing cycles to remove the charges and have the credits applied to my verizon bill. Verizon said that a bill block would be put on my account but may not work, may not work?? This cramming stuff is out of control, I think it is the little fine print when I enter contests (proobably Publishers clearing house) and it is checked off. Anyways, I plan to look into it with the department of public utilities etc. and I’m telling my friends to check their phone bills every month.

  77. Dane Howaldt says:

    Just discovered 6 months worth of fraudulent charges attached to AT&T bill, $14.95 a month for 6 months or so. When my wife who allegedly ordered the service called they only would reverse 3 of the 6 months of the charges, I’m calling tomorrow and will try and get the other three months reversed. What a SCAM!!!

  78. Johnner says:

    I just found out I was being charged 14.95 a month for downloading movies and music by ESBI on my verizon bill. I didn’t sign up for the service and called the company. The lady told me all you need is a person’s full name, address, and phone number to sign up. I asked the lady if her company had lost their everlasting minds and told her they would be paying me every last penny one way or other. This means JOE BLOW down the road could have signed up under my name and got the service just by randomly looking me up in the phone book. She claims I will be recieving my money back within 1 to 2 billing cycles. We’ll see what happens. BEWARE! Watch your phone bills!!!

  79. Hansen says:

    Hey Johnner, i got the same things, and i told them if anybody trying to register in the future, i would like them to deny any services using the number. and They said they will do that for me. Hope you can do the same things. This is the second times it happened to me. the first one was last year.

  80. Andy says:

    Granted, I’m a fool for not checking my phone bill more closely, but… Last week I discovered that Verizon had been billing me for a service (internet business listing) that I did not agree to. $44.43 a month since October 2008! The charge appears in the “Enhanced Billing Services” section of the Verizon bill.

    Enhanced Billing Services legally bills for a variety of companies via people’s phone bills. Their number: 888 296 3724. Called them. The company that was billing me via Enhanced Billing Services was My Local Reach. Never heard of them. Gave me their number: 888 447 5885.

    Called. Spoke to Operator 162, which was a woman, who was neither helpful nor rude. (My impression, due to the noisy office and her blasé attitude was that she was in a pen with dozens of others and this was indeed a shady operation.) I explained that I’d never heard of My Local Reach and never–would never have–signed up for their service, which is some sort of small business internet directory. I have a small business, but don’t use or need any kind of listing services. Furthermore, business in October was slow, so there’s no way I’d ever tack on an additional expense, especially one that nearly doubled my phone bill. (Why I didn’t notice sooner? My own fault, really. Busy, and just assumed fees for some of the extra serviced on my line increased.)

    She then offered to play a recording of me agreeing to be billed. It may have been my voice, but I know very clearly I never agreed to be billed. Just not something I need. What I do recall is getting a call for a free listing and giving my info, and confirming it. I vaguely recall answering questions by a robot, but never recall agreeing to be billed 39.99/month (apparently 44.43 with fees). I initially thought the questions I was asked were not the questions on the playback recording, until I recalled that there were several questions that were either cut off or garbled. Bingo! These were obviously the questions I answered “yes” to. I told the operator that that may be my voice, but I’d swear in court that I never, ever agreed to accept any charges. She agreed to credit me, but it would not appear for 2 more Verizon billing cycles. Got the confirmation number. Confirma

    I asked her about disputing/recovering the fees back to October of 2008. She said there was no on there to speak to and that I needed to contact the corporate office. When I asked for a contact name, she said I should just address it to the main office. Clearly, they’re not anxious to dispute any charges. Same address as online. 162 Camino Real, etc.

    I then called Verizon to make them aware of the situation. They put a block on any outside (non-Verizon) charges being billed to my phone bill. They also bounced the last charge from Enhanced Billing Services back to Enhanced Billing Services and issue a credit on my next bill.

    Now, to get back the money I overpaid all the way back to October. I’m not even going to bother writing My Local Reach, but instead am going straight to the Better Business Bureau. I’ve gone through the BBB twice before and have always got my complaint resolved and lost monies refunded quickly. BBB is very effective.

  81. Bill says:

    ESBI Charge.
    Cancelled my account with Verizon, I suggest all to do this. Opened a complaint with the PUC in PA.

  82. James Kachmarsky says:

    I have Verizon phone service. I monthly bill increased by 14.95 for this “monthly mail service”. I didn’t ask for it and checking with by two sons; they didn’t either. I called ESBI’s number and they couldn’t (wouldn’t) give me any details concerning how the charge was authorized or by whom. They just new to charge it to my landline phone.

  83. Nick says:

    We just found a new charge for 14.95 every month since January has been on our bill, billed through our landlind using my sons name and an email address that is a mystery to us.

    I can not express how pissed off I am that this sort of thing is allowed to happen so blindly.

    I’ll be on the phone tomorrow with everyone until I get the money back.

  84. MFF says:

    I’m in the same situation and filed a complaint with state AG. I learned that a federal law requires phone companies to add charges from a third party. If so, it is the federal senators and representatives we need to be contacting if we want to get this stopped. While this forum allows us to “get it off our chest”, it will not get rid of this practice.

  85. Keith says:

    Am in the middle of the same issue. One way to help prevent it happening again is to call your local phone company and request they place a “3rd Party Block” on your phone number.

    ESBI aka United Tel also could not tell me how they started charging me, but agreed to reverse the charge… waiting to see if they do. Either way, plan to file a complaint with the PUC.

  86. Dane Howaldt says:

    Thought I’d give a follow up. I’m one of those folks who mindlessly pay AT&T bills and don’t watch closely, I stumbled upon 6 months of “Enhanced Services” billing for $14.95 a month. As folks are saying story is that the FCC or something is FORCING the phone companies to allow third party billing. I askedd AT&T to stop they said “sorry, no can do, you have to call the third party” which is pretty darned infuriating to begin with. I mean hey AT&T it’s YOUR freakin’ BILL someone is messing with, but you can’t even then tell them to BLOCK further third party billing!

    So, my wife called Enhanced services and they only reversed 3 of the 6 months worth because “you should have noticed earlier”, I called the next day and said WTF and the reversed the other three months so total reimbursement for the fraud.

    THEN I watched to see if they REALLY DID reverse the charges and I’ll be darned, the credit showed up on the next bill! So if you complain enough they’ll reverse the charges.

    I’m still trying to come up with a defense but I see here that the cell phones are getting hit too (mine was a landline).

  87. Greg Bonkowski says:

    Okay, here’s how this happens. You click on a pop-up ad, which some how the setup link gets sent to your email address. They told me that I had 24 hours to negate it. It turns out someone had my billing address but my wrong birthday. So, be careful. Also call the BBB

  88. Mel Strait says:

    Saw the #14.95 charge on latest Verizon bill, told by Verizon this was a 3rd party charge, and to contact ESBI number on phone bill to discuss. First contact with ESBI, Tishi hung up when pushed for awnswer how they could show I signed up for this service, second call was to Kim who did confirm service would be cancelled and a credit would be sent to Verizon, but this would take up to 30 days. Waiting to see if true.

  89. Paul says:

    I always look over my phone bill. Last month, July 2009, I noticed an extra $14.95 charge on it. It was ESBI.

    I immediately went into action, and on the offensive with them, as well as Verizon. I told both that I had absolutely no intention of paying the 14.95 and that I DEMANDED from both that this be erased. When I was told that it would take from 1 to 3 billing cycles, I said that if they could place the charge immediately, then could remove it immediately.

    I then told them I wanted the charge erased by the end of the business day.

    I got my bill for August the other day. It is not there.

    You have to be absolutely rude to these people and always aty on the offensive with them.

    You will get the desired action.

  90. Keith says:

    Update from my 8/5 post.

    ESBI credited my Verizon bill for all charges.

    The Verizon folks were very helpful in providing info on the steps I needed to take. The ESBI folks followed through as promised (although I never received a good explanation of how they started to charge me in the first place).

  91. Charles says:

    ESBI claims i sign up for their service
    Mofee Online Business and they have amini website.
    They are charing 39.95 monthly,
    This is all BS
    My business already
    had a complete website, and i did not sign up for their

  92. Roger says:

    You are all lucky so far .I have been getting an extra charge on my phone bill of 14.95 + tax for the last 6 months. I have called the ATT and ESBI like 5 times and they asure me they are taknig it off my bill and stopping the charge , well guess what I only have local service and internet and they say I owe 91.02 for the ESBI charges I havn’t paid on this months bill . Well tomorrow is the day . I have had the same phone for 39 years and I fixing to have it cut off and call the BBB

  93. Ralland Fortier says:

    I was billed $15.85 by ESBI via AT&T. When called ESBI said my wife subscribed 08/03/09 for voice mail using a Localnet email address. LocalNet had been canceled in 02/09 and the computer used for LocalNet was taken offline as of 02/09. How did ESBI get an expired LocalNet email address? Colusion between LocalNet and ESBI?

  94. Wayne Prather says:

    ESBI started billing me in June and then increased a large amount in Aug which I noticed. Im deducting the amounrt from my ATT bill and writing both ATT and the State

  95. Ting Lee says:

    From CA, AT&T billed from ESBI @12.95. Call AT&T to waive

  96. Robert Houllahan says:

    ESBI has been charging 42.95 to our company phone bill this was not authorized.

  97. Paige Pellitteri says:

    You are all lucky so far .I have been getting an extra charge on my phone bill of 14.95 + tax for the last 6 months. I have called the ATT and ESBI like 5 times and they asure me they are taknig it off my bill and stopping the charge , well guess what I only have local service and internet

  98. Tim Estes says:

    We were charged by Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. (ESBI) on our September Verizon Bill on behalf of for an August 3rd transaction described as WWWHELLOMAILMNTHLYFEE. This web domain does not exists but is currently to owned by anyone. When I called United Tel they told me all future charges would be stopped but a charge may still appear on my October Verizon Bill. I could disregard the October charge. They further told me I was obligated to pay the August charge as the “service” has already been provided. No member of our household or visitor has started any type of new services. When I asked what this service was I was that I was billed for I was told it was a 24/7 MP3 download site. This is a scam and we are not paying.

  99. Shirley Waits says:

    I had noticed that my phone bill was getting a little higher every month. after taking a harder look, I found I was being charged for voice mail that I never ordered or wanted. The name of the companies are Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. ; Total Protection Plus, LLC, American Evoice, LTD and Voicemail Direct USA, LLC. So far as I can tell they have been billing me at least since December 2008 for over $300. Why isn’t our government doing more to protect us against crooks like these?

  100. ben jr says:

    I opened up my att account to pay my regular bill of 50-something odd dollars and so-so cents. I subscribe to basic local distance landline svcs and dsl, so my charges are pretty conssitent. What do I see? Enhanced services billing inc charging me 16$ for fucking voicemail services that I don’t need. I have voicemail on my cell and work, I have text msg and email on my cell, so I certainly don’t need, want, ordered, or even authorized this “service.” A phone call later im speaking to “chris” who sounds like she could be anyones nice sweet grandma. I grumble at her and tell her that I didn’t order these services and she tells me that my wife ordered them online several weeks ago, and was willing to email me the form she filled out. I tell her to email her “proof” to me and proceed to tell her that her company is bullshit, that I know im being scammed and demand a refund and cancellation of the services. She grudgingly gives me some sort of confirmation number and states that she has blocked their services from my number. In the meantime, im going to file a complaint with the bbb, ftc, fcc, and contact a local news organization for consumer advocacy, as well as bitch out att… esbi, whoever you are, you are lower and scummier than the slime that covers a mangey dogs ball sack…

  101. mary says:

    I was charged $39.95 on my business account. Luckily I caught in the first month. The employee that took the called vows that he was not told about a $39.95 charge. He was only told that he verifying information. I truly believe that the recordings are manipulated b/c when I refused to give a yes or no answer the “online yellow pages” rep became irritated with me and hung up. they have since called back 3 more times in a week!!!! Now I have to wait and see if the charges are credited back to my account. I do not have time for this mess!!!!

  102. mary says:

    I just got off of the phone with Embarq. I am having a Third PArty Block placed on all 5 of my phone lines including that of my elderly mother. This will prevent anyone other than Embarq from charging to my phone bill. EVERYONE should do this.

  103. Bill says:

    I also was charged $39.95 on my business account. I called the number listed on my Embarq bill. The lady said an employee had authorized the charge and had the title of “administrative assistant” I have no such job in the entire business and the name given was not even an employee. What an absolute scam! Thanks for Mary’s comment I’m placing a third party block on all my Embarq lines.

  104. brent says:

    Just got off the phone with esbi to get a voicemail charge of 14.95 taken off of my parents phone bill. they tried to claim i agreed to the charge and since I am over 18 and supposedly authorized this with an electronic signature it is legally binding.

  105. Linda says:

    Second time in less than 6 months of having to have fraudulant charges for enhanced services removed from my AT&T bill. This should not be legal! I’m frustrated and have filed a complaint again with AT&T and with the FTC complaint division.

  106. Bryan Swift says:

    Anyone noticing a pattern here. Lots of government agencies supposed to be watching this shit. They are no better than the scumbags doing this crap to start with. Everyone has a story but nobody will do anything about it. ATT, FCC, FTC, BBB, (Fill in government agency here). This isn’t a scam…it’s fraudulant theft. I guess we need mooooorrre government. Piss on all of them. there’s a place in hell for all scum.

  107. Sean says:

    Yep. $15.88 to ESBI for voicemail services on my AT&T bill. I called them & got three months back but the charges go back 29 months. I never studied my bills before. I know it’s hopeless but I’ve requested a full refund for these services over the 29 months. The conversion I had with them made it clear they knew exactly what they were doing. She did everything she could to get me to give up. As with everything else, I’m sure our elected officials have a sliver of this pie.

  108. Joan says:

    same complaint as others, charged $27.90 for “enhanced Services” plus .65 VA Communications Sales Tax (Virginia is making money off this. I don’t intend to pay.

  109. Dan Arnold says:

    I was billed by ATT for third party services with ESBI on 8/1/20090 for $12.95. I have necer signed up for any third party services. I asked ESBI what information was given, and the email address they had was an address I used 10 years ago.

    I can’t beleive ATT cant at least refuse to do business with ESBI. I will be canceling my account with ATT ASAP. No U-Verse for me.

  110. Dan Arnold says:

    I was billed by ATT for third party services with ESBI on 8/1/2009 for $12.95. I have never signed up for any third party services. I asked ESBI what information was given during the signup process, and the email address they had for me was an address I quit using over 10 years ago.

    I can’t believe ATT cant at least refuse to do business with ESBI. I will be canceling my account with ATT ASAP. No U-Verse for me.

  111. Betty Jean says:

    Went online to pay AT&T bill; Enhanced Billing has charged $12.95 for voice mail. I’ve just spent thirty minutes on the phone with various people at AT&T – they kept telling me I’d authorized either online or with a telemarketer despite my assurances that I never talk to telemarketers nor did I authorize the charge. I asked repeatedly why–since my service agreement is with AT&T only–they would allow third parties to just add charges to my bill. “The federal government allows open billing.” I also asked–since they’re allowing the charge–why they also don’t allow me to dispute it with AT&T. Answer? “We’re not receiving the money.” My response: Yes, you are – I’m paying AT&T so I should be able to dispute the charge with AT&T.

    I think I’m switching to Comcast; the fact that AT&T allows this sleazy company access to us through their billing is absolutely ludicrous.

  112. Tiffany says:

    i have been charged with this bogus esbi on my phone bill as well i called up my phone company and they said they will block this from my statement but i need to call ESBI ..and turns out that this has been going on sense july of 09 ….people need to become aware of this

  113. Gregory says:

    I just noticed I’m being charged $16.30 with the tax once again..Back around March I noticed was hit for 3 months with the same crap from AT+T , about them not being able to stop the charges. At that time the scam was from ” ILC “. Same scam for digital Vmail.. I was eventually able to get credit back with the reassurance that future charges will be blocked by AT+T.. Well it wasn’t so.. The new charges are from ESBI for the same Vmail services and looking back I’ve been screwed again for August and September… Incidently the refund for the ILC charges were paid by ESBI.???? It was just a name change but the same scam.. The company had emailed me about the charges and the correction and had stated my wife was the one who had started the service online…That was interesting as she hardly even knows how to turn my pc on let alone search out a voicemail company..After all we have two phones both with there own answer machine as well as 2 cell phones with there own voice mail boxes… It seems to me that AT+T can’t deny that this is a scam and they are allowing it to happen… I believe that the phone companies are behind this scam as a way to milk the public for all it can…Just look how everything is crashing for the same greedy reasons…They have to be making millions from this and they have to be aware of it. After all wouldn’t you eventually know if your neighbor was coming into your home to use your toilet.. They know and are going along with it.. I’m sure they were behind lobbing for deregulation of the rules just like the banks were about the loaning of money…Wake up and let everyone you know to check there phone bills…….

  114. Betty Jean says:

    I went to the Better Business Bureau’s website to file a formal complaint against ESBI for the fraudulent charge and against AT&T for allowing the charge to be posted on my bill. Don’t know if it will do any good, but I feel better having done something.

  115. Wilhelmenia says:

    These charges were added to my bill, without my knowledge. I had to speak with some foreign person, who acted like she could not understand what I was saying. Yes I becamje angry. Network Assurance had no right adding anything to “MY” telephone bill. I have never heard of these people. I did not sign up for these services. I just know it had better not appear on my bill ever again. By the way, communication companies should hire people who know what you are saying and you can understand them. I am sick of foreigners trying to help me with computer problems,etc. We have people right here in the US who need jobs. Why not hire some of them. At least they can speak our language.
    I think some of the foreigners are just pretending to not understand, so you get angry and keep whatever they are selling. I know how to use words to make them understand. They seem to understand those words and then we get the problem solved. Network
    Assurance, stay away from my telephone bill. What the “HELL” do I need with EFAX? How and why did you get to my telephone bill, anyway?

  116. Wilhelmenia says:

    These charges were added to my bill, without my knowledge. I had to speak with some foreign person, who acted like she could not understand what I was saying. Yes I became angry. Network Assurance had no right adding anything to “MY” telephone bill. I have never heard of these people. I did not sign up for these services. I just know it had better not appear on my bill ever again. By the way, communication companies should hire people who know what you are saying and you can understand them. I am sick of foreigners trying to help me with computer problems,etc. We have people right here in the US who need jobs. Why not hire some of them. At least they can speak our language.
    I think some of the foreigners are just pretending to not understand, so you get angry and keep whatever they are selling. I know how to use words to make them understand. They seem to understand those words and then we get the problem solved. Network
    Assurance, stay away from my telephone bill. What the “HELL” do I need with EFAX? How and why did you get to my telephone bill, anyway?

  117. Betty Jean says:

    I spoke with ESBI today–their rep started to, believe it or not, try to sell me their wonderful products. I told her I didn’t want their products; wanted them to reverse the charge and cancel future charges. She gave me a cancellation confirmation number & said it would take 30-60 days to reverse the charges.

    Also heard back from AT&T today. They said, “You may want to consider adding a ‘billing restriction/block’ to your account. This block prevents certain types of unauthorized third party miscellaneous charges such as paging, voice mail, and Internet charges from appearing on your AT&T bill. While this block would prevent billing of most unauthorized third party charges, you should still review your bill carefully each month since some types of charges may not be blocked.

    This service is available to you from AT&T at no additional charge.”

    So if it’s available at no additional charge, (A) why don’t they offer it on their website when you’re trying to dispute these third-party charges, or (B) stop allowing scam companies to charge through them at all?

  118. Gregory says:

    I have idea that at+t are with these scams and if they aren’t as they say, then I see this as a serious issue that should be sent to Homeland Security . After all at+t has no idea who is doing the billing, so that would leave one to believe ( I’m not paranoid ) that the funds could be going to an off-shore account that could be funding all sorts of criminal activities, such as enemy states for weapons against us!!!!!!! We have deregulated ourselves to feed the greedy amongst us and as a byproduct of this activity we are cutting our own throats.. We have to wake up fast and put an end to this one way or other…..Write the FCC, FBI, Congress Members, Governors, the President, news papers, radio’s…We have to put the heat on for our own peace of minds and for all who do not catch what is going on , or who cannot read english or the elderly who haven’t a clue about what goes on with your ID…. DO IT, DO IT , DO IT !!!!

  119. Sfergie says:

    I have Verizon and I noticed charges from ESBI on behalf of Solo communications last month for voicemail services I never ordered. I called ESBI and was redirected to SoLo communication where I told them I did not order their services. At first the lady tried to argue with me saying I surely must have signed up online. I told her there is no way I signed up for voicemail and that I wanted the service canceled and a refund. She said the refund would take a couple billing cycles but that it was taken care of. Now this month I am being billed again. As soon as office hours open there are several people who are going to be receiving unpleasant calls from me. Thankfully Verizon though has refunded me for these fraudulent charges thus far.

  120. Gregory says:

    After calling ESBI again to confirm that the service has been discontinued, I then asked for the number to ” Digital Vmail Services ” that are doing the charging and she leafs through some pages ( I could hear over the phone ) she then recites the number I had just called.. I then told her it’s the same number as ” ESBI ” and she confirmed it’s the same number…???? go figure!!!! something strange is going on..good luck all !!!

  121. Marge Blattner says:

    This month it is a charge from Residential e-mail LLC; last month it was VOICEVOX voicemail service; two months prior to that it was SOLO Communications Voicemail. I’m getting tired of calling to get these charges removed . . . I’m thinking about cancelling my land line.

  122. Maggie says:

    OK, I’ve had it with ATT, I don’t want their services anymore, and as far as technology, I want to move away from it all, yes ESBI, charging me too, I told the lady on the phone today to find a way to do decent business instead of scamming people, I will disconnect my internet wish is the only service I’ve got left from ATT, Comcast here I come, take your business elsewhere people, these big monster companies we’ve created, they take your money and have no regards for you in the end, only way to show them is to take your dollars elsewhere!

  123. Walter H. Euler, Sr. says:

    I’m another recent victim. Been charged $15.71 by Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. via my AT&T phone bill for October 2009. I never requested any services of any kind, ever.What a rip-off Company this is.I did contact AT&T, but I need to see my next bill if they took care of my complaint.I also called Enhanced Services Billing ,Inc and was told that they will remove me off their list.Have to see what will happen.

  124. Anthony Volino says:

    copied from previous message

    I’m another recent victim. Been charged $13.73 by Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. via my AT&T phone bill for October 2009. I never requested any services of any kind, ever.What a rip-off Company this is.I did contact AT&T, but I need to see my next bill if they took care of my complaint.I also called Enhanced Services Billing ,Inc and was told that they will remove me off their list.Have to see what will happen.

  125. Amanda says:

    Our business was contacted in September about free internet yellow pages. As manager of the store I was told I just had to confirm the information told to me and that there would be NO CHARGE. As an automated service was speaking, the male operator would speak over it and tell me what to confirm. Specifically, name, address, phone, position, etc. The call was then terminated. One month later we receive our local phone bill with a $39.95 charge from Enhanced Services Billing. Called them on advice from our local phone company. We explained we did not authorize such a service please cancle and refund. Were given a confirmation number to our cancelation. Next month, same charge on our account. Called ESBI again, and they played a recording of myself confirming all of the information and saying OK to the charge. I never said OK to any charge. If at any time, they had said there was a charge we would have never agreed. Once again, we were told that a credit would be issued and they were cancelling service, after we told them we would be filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. I am officially filing a complaint this week about the unfair, downright illegal practices of this compay. I urge everyone else to do the same.

  126. Gregory says:

    I have called AT+T to confirm that a block has been put on my line to stop any outside billing. It will act as a ” no call ” type block to prevent further billings from another source. This is such a big scam I can’t believe it is getting past consumer protections…

  127. Gregory says:

    For All- the company ESBI- (billing co ) is the voice mail company as well. —They act like it’s a separate service but in fact it is the same company..!!

  128. Stuart says:

    All I can say is this is some real scum of the earth shady stuff.
    I’ve called at&t 3 times and complained to have it removed. I’ve never paid but it still shows up every month on my bill. I’m ashamed that I even work for at&t albeit in a completely unrelated position.

  129. sheryl says:

    I just recv’d my AT&t bill today and noticed a 39.95 charge on it under enhanced charges called them and said I had not authorized this but they said I did and played a recording of which as I remember a month before I had rec’vd a call to update phone info. At the
    I agreed BIG MISTAKE and at the end I told them I did’nt want any thing when they informed me I was receiving a trail web host. Of course the first and last part of phone call was not taped. Only the middle where they could turn it into what they needed to be able to say I Okayed. I have started filing complaints with whom ever I can think of.

  130. sheryl says:

    I just recv’d my AT&t bill today and noticed a 39.95 charge on it under enhanced charges called them and said I had not authorized this but they said I did and played a recording of which as I remember a month before I had rec’vd a call to update phone info. At the
    I agreed BIG MISTAKE and at the end I told them I did’nt want any thing when they informed me I was receiving a email web host. Of course the first and last part of phone call was not taped. Only the middle where they could turn it into what they needed to be able to say I Okayed. I have started filing complaints with whom ever I can think of.

  131. Derrick says:

    I looked at my AT&T phone bill and seen a charge from Enhance Services Billing INC. For Myemail Defender Inc. I called 866-751-8354. A lady picked up, told her I wanted a refund for the 2 months they charge me. She told me they needed to send an email of the information of who signed up. I told them I did not need the email I can tell you who did it and how. They refused to refund for the 1st month charges. I told her wanted to talk to someone higher. Talked to a gentleman. He then said the same thing. I again asked for a manager. Was on hold for 35mins. I know a long time I had nothing else to do. She told me the same thing as the first 2. I told her that if she can’t do it as a supervisor then I want someone higher. She told me that she was the highest person there. I said then you are the owner of the company. She replied no of course. If you want your money back call your Phone Company and tell them it is against FCC regulations that if the person that did it is not on the bill to Authorize it. They will send a bill to that company and you will get the credit for it the next month. I will post more if I get the credit on my next month’s bill. NOV 09

  132. Bob says:

    10/29/2009: I found a $42.95 charge on my AT&T office phone bill today from Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. (ESBI). When I called the number by the charge I was ushered through a gateway at AT&T billing to a rep of ESBI. She was rather mealy-mouthed and non-specific about the charge and what it was for but did say that it was authorized by my office manager and provided the name of my wife. My wife is tack sharp and deals with these morons all the time. I told the rep that there was no way she authorized that charge. At that point the rep told me they had a recorded verification and asked if I would like to hear it. I told her I would and before she could begin the recording, I informed her “Thank you. I have my wife standing her listening to this and I am also recording this call.” She told me that “I do NOT give you permission to record this call and if you are going to record it, I cannot play the verification for you.” I thanked her and informed her that I would take the matter up with the Illinois Attorney General.

    I then called the AT&T number on my bill and spoke with a very helpful CSR. After hearing my story and laughing at the way I’d gotten the upper hand with ESBI, she confided that they’ve had a lot of problems with those folks and that this was a great way to stop them in their tracks. In her opinion all the verification would likely have been would have been a question like “Is this the XYZ Corp?” and when the answer is “Yes” they capture that and insert it into their sales pitch as “verification.”

    Contrary to what some have reported in trying to clear this crap up, the AT&T rep I spoke with could not have been more knowledgeable or helpful if she wanted to. She immediately cleared the charge and inserted what she called a “Miscellaneous Block ” (at no charge) on my account to prevent this from happening again. She warned me, however, to pay close attention to my bill for the next two billing periods to guard against any charges which might have slipped through for processing before the block takes effect.

    Let’s hope that there’s a special place in hell for these scammers and their minions.

  133. Susan says:

    Just recevied my AT&T landline bill. I have been hit for the 2nd time for third party billings.
    $19.99 from ILD Telecommunications, Inc.
    $14.95 Ehanced Services, Inc. for the month of Oct/2009. This is B.S. I am also contacting the BBB and the my State Utility Commission. This has to be stopped.

  134. Josie says:

    I have automatic payment on my bill so I didn’t pay much attention to my monthly bill, plus AT&T pays most of the portion of my bill as a retiree benefit. Today, I just happened to look at my bill to see if I needed a plan change, and found this “Enhanced Services Billing Charges” since March. I called AT&T and was told it was for voicemail. I already have AT&T voice messaging! Needless to say, I was on the phone for quite a long time first with AT&T (rep was very nice and helpful), and with ESBI. The rep could not prove to me how the charges began on my phone bill. The ESBI rep first didn’t want to refund the whole amount, said she could only credit a two months. After much discussion, the rep finally said that the charges will be credited and I will get a refund for 6 months. I was given a confirmation number for the cancellation of the charges, was advised that I will receive the credit amount by 12/3/09, and in fact I received an email from “MyServiceSupport” within a few minutes with the same confirmation info. I documented all the conversation, name of the rep, phone numbers and printed the email. Can’t wait to see status on 12/3/09, after seeing all these other complaints.

  135. AJ Schmidt says:

    Received a bill from American eVoice on my Vorizon phone bill for the past 2 months for $14.95 and I never signed up for this. So I called the 866# ad got some Mexicain could hardly speek english and said it would be removed from my phone bill,so I asked him how this can be charged to my phone when I never signed up for this, he could not answer gave me a confermation # and hung up. how can a compant like this get the information about me ,name phone # mailing address just as if I did it myself. does anybody know how this is being done???

  136. Gerald says:

    Received 2(Oct. and Nov.) unauthorized charges from ATT from an address I don’t live at and a phone I personally don’t use. Computer and e-mail address are from another location. How can this happen and where are our legislators? I called ESBI, they promised to refund charges in one to two billings. Also called ATT. First woman refused to transfer me to correct region(I called customer service number on bill)Called again, second representative did so and eventual representative said it would be removed and refunded. We’ll see!

  137. scott says:

    ESBI scammed me for $160, I got one 39.95 charge removed, however they insist I have to pay the rest a a responsible business owner. I am being responsible by reporting them to the FCC and FTC. They recorded my voice saying yes when I was verifying my listing in the phone book, so I thought. And dubbed my voice in saying yes to the monthly charges. This is total criminal activity and I can’t understand how they can still operate stealing money from good people daily. They wouldn’t let me talk to anyone higher up at the company. No resulution yet. A class action needs to be brought against them and they all need to go to jail and return the money they have stolen from all these people.

    Need help? Call Federal Trade Commision and report- 877-382-4357, do it now. Call ESBI directly at 800-460-0078 and tell them they are criminals and justice will prevail.

  138. Suley Sanli says:

    these people are scum of the earth. I paid my previous bill without checking the details since i signed up for online statements it does take more time(which i reversed today). These crooks billed me thru ATT for Trivoice Int Vmail and UnitedTel for 15.92 the last couple months. i called both ATT and this SCAM company both closed of course. i will fight these charges but what a waste of time for something that i had nothing to do. this is illegal i will file a complaint with my state too. this must stop,so pissed of now!!!

  139. Eric God says:

    I just found a $15.95 per month charge since Oct. 08. listed as ESB,inc I called the 888# and they could only credit back 3 months and cancel the service. $150 bucks I will never see again and I have no recolection of ever talking to anyone about this, supposed fax service.

  140. Jerry says:

    Add “Select Services” to the list of entities perpetuating this scam under the umbrella of ESBI. I’ve suffered the same outrage as the 138 commenters before me. ESBI charges submitted to Verizon. No one authorized to add services to my phone knowingly arranged for the “voicemail” I’ve been charged for.

    Although Verizon reversed the chages (now aware through the many complaints that the service is a scam – yet continue to accept and pass on the charges until an individual complaint is lodged) BUT they can’t stop the charges from recurring – YOU have to do that directly with ESBI. After much perservance, I got through and now have a confirmation number for discontinuing the service….We’ll see what aggravation is next…in the meanwhile..I have to reinforce surfing rules with my nine-year-old. PC parental controls apparently can’t protect you from all the phishing scams out there.

  141. Heidi Andereson says:

    Got verizon bill and $14.95 charged for something I never heard of or ordered! How can this be legal??? I did get right through to a person who cancelled and gave me a confirmation # but verizon should not let this happen w/out verifying it w/ there customers.

  142. Roger says:

    Well I posted back in August and I called esbi and ATT and they took of charges and blocked all 3rd party charges on my att phone bill after a lot of talk .Well this is November and charges showed up again for some voicemail shit I never ordered or approved . I called att and raised hell .This time I didn’t call esbi at all ,told att I was only calling them cause they did it , I think they are all in this scam together ,they told me esbi found a way around the block and this time the block would work and they would take off the charges , they all a bunch of crooks ,this is stealing

  143. jesus says:

    i was also charged 16$ without my authorization…….. these people need to get shutdown!!!!!!!!!

  144. Juan R says:

    porque me estan cobrando por un servicio que yo no pedi, agradecere me lo quiten de la cuenta

  145. Maureen Fuller says:

    ESBI charged me for voicemail that I never requested/ordered. It was tacked onto my AT&T bill. I got no admittance of who was responsible, after talking to both companies. We’ll see if the charges come off as planned. I intend to file complaints against both companies with FCC and BBB. Very underhanded business practices.

  146. Joy for mother Agnes says:

    ESBI has tried to scam my “sharp” mother how at 86 still knows when someone is trying to shortchange her. She was billed an Unauthorized Extra charge on her At&T phone bill is $ #31.70 with no good explanation when she call the ESBI to protest. This Is against the law and BBB will be getting a letter from us in regards to billing something illegally on another vendors monthly service bill. My mother doesn’t even have Voicemail and they say someone authorized email service on her home service line- what BS this is. Everyone should report thes to the Better Business bureau- they will be fined for every illegal “pushed” service they thry to scam people for.
    Not Happy in Bridgeport, MI or with AT&T for letting this continue!

  147. Virginia Jones says:

    I just realized last Sunday that I have been billed since September 2009 $15.85 a month for a voice messaging service through Intellicom Messaging LLC that is billed by ESBI. I called 800-681-6010 on Monday and they supposedly cancelled the service and would give me a one month credit. I was told that I was notified by email. If I was, I must have moved it to my spam folder. I called ATT my local service provider to complain again today. That employee told me to call back and demand a full refund. I just fi nished speaking with Regi Lopez located at 701 N Green Valley Parkway, Ste 200, Henderson, NV who wooks for Intelicom Messaging. She said that my service was already cancelled this week, but did offer to rebate three months of bills back to ATT. It will take one or two billing cycles for this to happen. ATT advised me that I can not cancel my phone service or change my phone number until after the credit has been applied to my bill. Once I see the credit applied on my bill I am required to call them again so that they can block ESBI from ever billing me again. I have a telephone answering machine at home and also subscribe to ATT messaging services. ATT can block up to five different companies from billing their customers. The problem is that they need a code to block the billing which only shows up after you have been billed for these services. The lesson I learned is not to give out my home telephone number ever again. I will now claim that I do not have one and must be notified via regular mail. These phishing scams have been going on for many years and this is the first time that I have been hit.

  148. edna says:

    been billed by ESBI and ILD for 3 months…now they want me to pay $64.75,talked to them already about my bill and dispute the amount and call AT&T about hte charges and gave them the confirmation # of hte dispute but this Dec. bill ai appeared again….i’m so pissed off! help me somebody!

  149. Betty Upshaw says:

    Notice right away the bogus charge of $15.25 plus tax of $1.07 on my AT&T phone bill from ESBI for something called an SBO-Online.Org Survival Kit Monthly fee. Have no idea what this is nor could I understand the ESBI customer service rep who tried to explain what it was. Was told that my son ordered it. My son had no knowledge of ordering anything online, and if he did, the phone is in my name. He had no authorization to charge anything to my phone. After calling the number listed on the phone bill to inquiry about this charge, I was transferred by some foreign sounding lady and given the number of 1-877-726-4222 in case I got disconneted. After disputing the charge, I was told that my account would be credited but it might take another billing cycle for the credit to show up and was given a confirmation number. I then called AT&T to make sure this would not affect my standing with them if I don’t pay this charge. I was told if I paid the charge, I would be admitting to owing it. So I’m not going to pay this and wait to see if I get the credit. If not, I will be calling AT&T again to see how to file a complaint.

  150. Hazel says:

    My AT&T phone bill had a charge of $14.95 for a 800MailBox under the name of Enhanced Services Billing Inc. I called them, was on hold 15 minutes, spoke to a Christy who said my daughter authorized it. My daughter doesn’t live with me & doesn’t know anything about it. I canceled it but was put on hold to talk with her supervisor to have the charge of 14.95 taken off – after holding & holding & hung up, called AT&T very upset that they would allow this. Spoke with a supervisor at AT&T who was very nice, she sent the 14.95 charge back to ESB. I think this is outrageous that AT&T can allow a 3rd party to bill AT&T customers. What a scam!

  151. Dick Slattery says:

    My Decembeer 2009 ATT bill had a charge for $15.85 from Enhanced Services Billing. I called the # to ask how I got a Voice Mail account with Digital VMAIL when I already had one with ATT. I spent 16 mins listening to music and when I asked pointed questions, I was told that “I can’t talk to you any more, I’m putting you on hold. You’ll just have to talk to someone else.” another 5-7 mins before operator #2 picked up anad told me that I ordered it on the internet. I said I had not and that I wanted the charge removed ASAP. She said that it would take 2 or 3 billing cycles. I said Make it happen Now. She told me that she could send me an e-mail and she had my e-mail address – it was an e-mail address that I hadn’t used in about 5 years! They must troll for e-mail addresses and just assign a charge and hope that no one notices and just pays. Why can’t the FCC and the PSCs do something about this?

  152. BRUCE FERRIS says:


  153. Dawn S. says:

    I just looked at my Verizon phone bill and noticed it was $50 more than it usually is. So I looked at the detailed bill and found 3 charges from ESBI (a company I have never heard of) for a total of over $50. 1 was for a intel something, 1 for hellomail, and 1 for so other stupid thing I have never heard of. This is crazy! Of course it is New Years day and nothing is open to call and complain. 1st thing Monday I am going to start making calls to get this taken care of.

  154. laura ramos says:

    when i viewed my bill from att i saw a charge of 14.95 on my bill from enchanced servives billing, this the third time enhyanced billing did to me, last time they credit my account. i wish something can be done to stops these so called company.

  155. Tom Hackett says:

    I recieved charge on my 12/19/2009 Verizon bill for $14.95 for WWWHELLOMAIL MNTHLY FEE. This came from via ESBI. I called them and had this removed. This is not the first time I have needed to do this.

  156. Carol K says:

    I just noticed a charge of $12.95 and called AT&T to find out what the charge ifs for. Customer service said it was Enhanced Services Inc.
    I have never heard of this company, never ordered it..don’t even know what it is. Anyway she said I have been billed each month since 8/2008 for a total of $220.15.
    I will stop this!!!

  157. DON says:

    If you EVER get a charge from UnitedTEL, LLC remember to ask when it was started and DEMAND don’t ask DEMAND all of that to be credited back to you also tell them to put you on the DO NOT BILL LIST. You may want to call back and check to see if it all went through. DENY THE FREE CRUISE THEY OFFER YOU.

  158. Andy says:

    Carol K

    Enhanced Services is the clearing house for a lot of companies who bill via your phone bill. Usually, it’s with your permission. If you’re like me, you got duped. I was up to a total of over $400 before I caught it. Your phone company can block any charges coming from Enhanced Services. In my case, I was credited for 2 months of the errant billing. Contact Enhanced Services (phone co will give you the number) and ask what the name of the company is that is billing through them. Then call them and tell them to stop. In my case, it was for some bogus internet directory listing. I filed with the BBB, but they never responded to the BBB’s complaint. Good luck.

  159. mike B. says:

    I just spent two hours of my life getting the run around from esbi-ets and the crooks that they bill for it seems that the only way to get rid of them is to block 3rd party billing and call the city attorney Quest credits the charge but it takes half an hour each time time i don’t need to use for this
    bill for

  160. Gregory French says:

    We have a new player ripping us off through AT+T. They are now called ” Transaction Clearing, LLC ” They bill through ” MYBILLINGSERVICES ” which is also the same company…This time they got me for a setup fee which is $ 9.19 … It’s the same scam as ” ESBI ” As usual at+t say they can’t stop the charges going through them but would stop the billing and send a report to the ” FCC “as a ” CRAM REPORT ” . This is odd , as I sent the FCC an email about ESBI and they mailed back saying that it was the ” FTC’s ” issue and that I should notify them… Bureaucratic BS I guess as everyone just keeps passing the buck….I’m going to email everybody now , even Larry KIng….Anyways the answers are the same from these people, that my wife set up the account by internet… Thats a big LIE and and I can prove it… they ,however, did have my email address which was correct but I then asked for the ” IP Address ” of the computer that sent the request and found it to be completely different from ours… So , if and when you call these scammers ask them for who authorized the service and what is the IP ADDRESS… GOOD LUCK TO ALL and let your Congressman/ woman know whats going on.. they may have voted for the deregulation to let this happen and if so lets boot these people out of office and get people in that are for the consumer and not for BIG BUSINESS…….We work too hard for our wages to let these scammers rip us off…..

  161. Ed A. says:

    We got ripped off through third party billing off AT&T. I had three additional charges in my billing summary this month; 1) Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. for $13.21 2) USBI for $16.42 and 3)HOLD Billing Services for $20.00. I really have no idea how these got on my bill. As mentioned in some of the other complaints, each charge has an 800 number by them. I’ve contacted and canceled two of these charges and the 3rd one is only Monday thru Friday, so hopefully I can cancel this next week. They gave me a simular statement as others have gotten that my wife signed up on line for these services. My wife said I did what? She hadn’t talked to or signed up for any thing online. This appears to be a big scam, everyone needs to be watching their phone bills for unauthorized charges.

  162. Tom Parker says:

    Our AT&T bill, nee BellSouth, for JAN 2010 showed $13.97 more than normal. After reading the bill and internet research, I found this and many other sites complaining about ESBI. Called their 1-800 number, got an ESBI rep who verified my AT&T phone account info, SCAREY!!, and agreed to credit the charge, close the account, and issued a tracking number. When I asked how the account was open they gave our son’s name. Surprise!! He’s 24-years old, does not live at home, has his own cell phone, no land line, and was 200-miles out of town for the entire week when the account was opened. I will be closely watching for the credit. It’s a waste of time complaining to the carrier, you must go directly to the offensive party and yell at them to set it straight. I see the problem is the law is too loose and open which allows these things to occur with little or no penalty. Remember we do have elected congressional representatives in the big DC which we need to complain to many, many times to get their attention. Also, remember they all have local offices, and are at back at their home districts several times a year.

  163. Ken Lipsmeyer says:

    I just got through to someone at this company. They say they are in Minnesota. Their address is 24078 Greenway Rd. #3, Forrest Lake, MN 55025. She said they were going to credit me the money they have been taking from me through ATT. Z$179.40. We will see.
    (800VMAILBOX,INC-VOICEMAIL MONTHLY FEE Billing question? Call 1-877-376-6502)

  164. Ken Lipsmeyer says:

    By the way, AT&Ts Retention dept spokewoman says that ATT is not responsible for anyone charging stuff to us through our phone number. She said that if I couldn’t get hold of someone at that company to stop it, they could continue to charge me forever. If I refused to pay it, My ATT phone bill would go into delinquency.
    Go figure. What a country to live in! She said that she new it was a scam because of all the complaints, but it wasn’t their problem. It was mine.

  165. Bertha Havens says:

    I too have charges on my Verizon bill for an “800 number” I never subscribed to. Now I am having trouble getting through to the Enhanced Services Billing to see why I have not been credited for last month’s “service” and why I was charged again last month. This is garbage!!!

  166. Kevin Voldness says:

    Theyr’e trying to get me too; there is a $14.95 monthly charge from ESBI ETS on behalf of Traveller Info Svcs for “Tech Support Services” on my Qwest bill. I’ve questioned this charge with Qwest Customer support several times, and instructed them not to pay it. Today, I finally got a phone number aand web site: 1-888-302-3724 . I called the number and got a recording thay no one was in today; leave a message and they will call back. The website is a front for a number of different “service companies”; it provides a brief blurb about each company that tells nothing, and a different phone number, 1-877-896-7678, same message when I called. i am making a screenshot of the site, and sending it, along with my bill and a screenshot of this site, to the Arizona State’s Attorney, Qwest, and the FCC. I suggest everyone who has unauthorized dealings with any of the companies on that website to do the same. Also, notify your carrier that this is an unauthorized charge and give them explicit instructions not to pay it; they cannot shut you off for external charges attached to your bill. Request a refund of any payments already made on the grounds that this is an unauthorized charge which they (the phone company) were never given your permission to pay it. Be nice; the person you speak with has nothing whatsoever to do with it. They just work for TPC (The Phone Company), and get yelled at enough. If you have to talk to a supervisor, be firm, do not back down, and mentioning your attorney’s name won’t hurt. Telephone service providers cannot legally make you pay for services from “other companies”; our bills would be saturated with this type of charge if they could. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just contact TPC and tell them to add an extra charge to everyone’s bill, and get it? Because that is exactly what has happened here; TPC might even be in on it. Join the class Action suit at the top of this page, too; not only will you add to the credibility of the suit, you could possibly make some money if we win.

  167. J oe Spicer says:

    For months ESBI has charged me $15.96 on my AT&T internet/phone bill. When *I* called ESBI, they asked for loads of info I don’t have to find the date they charged me…apparently the DATE ON THE BILL was not sufficient! You know, I’m on a fixed income (Social Security), I can barely afford internet as it is (literally, I’m lucky to have $40 to live on after bills for the entire month) and these bastards continue to scam a disabled person. So yeah, if there’s a class action against these immoral scammers, I’m down. As far as *I* see it, I have NOTHING if not time…and its ALL about to be spent on going to WAR with ESBI!!

  168. edna says:

    i’ve been dealing this nightmare for 5 mos. now calling enhanced and ild and AT&T every month i got my bill, they did credit the last bill but i have a new one again…just wondering if AT&T are their sister company? why calling the AT&T cust. specialist but then they cannot even help us out of this nightmare…AT&T need to protect their customer from the scammers not unless they have a percentage share…..just asking?????????

  169. Gayatri says:

    Please file a complaint against ESBI here:

    ESBI is cramming your phone numbers and billing you for services that you did not purchase or authorize. My phone bill today from AT & T reflected at $15.60 charge and I immediately called ESBI to have it taken off. The rep – ‘Bobby’ mentioned the name of a person that does not even live here and offered a refund in one to two billing cycles. Be that as it may, I still filed a complaint with the FCC. ESBI was previously hauled over the coals by the FCC in 2001 but they are still in business. Time for FCC to shut this venture down. Your complaints count. Please file yours at the link given above.


    An outraged AT & T customer.

  170. Deborah Stephenson says:

    I began recieving a #14.95 charge billed on AT&T from Ehanced Serv Billing that was not authorized. My phone bill has double due to 3 other companies doing the same. How can this be legal and why should I have to spend so much time eliminating theses charges?

  171. William D. Cox says:

    My 1/10 phone bill had a $14.95 charge from Enchanced Billing Svs. They claimed they not only sent an early Jan 10 email but that I signed up for their services on line. They issued a credit effective 2 billing months ahead but AT&T canceled the charge with one call.

  172. Peter Smith says:


    I just had the same issue. Charge of $$14.95 from Enhanced Services Billing. I wanted to pass on an IMMEDIATE CURE TO THE PROBLEM I FOUND OUT BY ACCIDENT. Simply DISCONNECT the phone line and they cannot longer charge because the service is tied to it. I know it may not be convenient to do so but it will stop the charges immediately. The same month I disconnected the charge appeared so AT&T told me I had to do nothing for that reason. They removed the charge and that was the end of the story. I hope this helps someone oout there.

  173. John Bitowt says:

    I was charged for email discounts LLC.

  174. P.Chen says:

    I also noticed a charge of $14.95 on my account. I immediately logged onto the web and typed in the company name and found this site after reading I realised it was obviously a scam, and I called At&T and they agreed to remove this charge when I called the company.. not EBSI but and talked to Chris ( a woman) she very * nicely* agreed to remove the charge and to put ablock on the phone number, then she mentioned she would have to charge me for this month’s fee.. January I flipped out a bit and said I will cancel my phone and so good luck getting money from a dead phone line. She got a bit snippy with me and told me she was offering to cancel the January fee but I wouldnt let her finish talking. So we will see, but I will just cancel my landline if it appears again.. without a minutes hesitation.

  175. Bob says:

    I started my real estate company in Aug of 2008 and didn’t notice the Enhanced Services Billing charge of $29.90 added into the billing summary that month… Well, 17 months later I finally called AT&T to find what Enhanced services they were billing me for and was informed that this was not a bill from them but from Email Discounts LLC and Network Assurance eFax. The nice lady at At&T informed me that this is a Cramming Fee that she could only reverse for 3 months and that I had to call Enhanced Services Billing Inc. to have them reverse the remainder of the charges. What a scam!!!
    As soon as I get the $508.30 check from At&T I am switching service providers!

  176. Kerry says:

    On my Verizon bill, I just get charged $14.95 from Network Assurance for “Fax Monthly Svc Fee”. I did not order this, since I have no idea what this is for.

  177. BH says:

    The company behind most of these phone scams is called BSG Clearing Solutions in San Antonio, TX. They have a long list of DBAs, which includes the following names:

    Billing Concepts Inc
    ZeroPlus Dialing, Inc.
    Enhanced Billing Services
    ACI Billing
    HBS Billing Services
    Enhanced Services Billing Inc
    Zero Plus Dialing

    The BBB link is here:

    Phone companies will blame this bs on deregulation, but they will block third party billing if you escalate the issue high enough. Verizon will do it if asked, but AT&T will resist unless pressed repeatedly on the issue. They will try to tell you that deregulation prevents them from blocking third party billing, but that is a lie. Just don’t give up and insist that they block the billing for you.

    Phone cramming is illegal, but the FCC is pretty much worthless in pursuing the matter. The tax charged on our phone bills is a waste of money because the government does more to protect these criminals than it does to help consumers. Also, you may notice that most of these illegal operations reside in New Jersey, so obviously that state has some issues and the governor needs to hear from you.

    These losers have never made a dollar off of me because I watch my bill, but they have managed to waste a lot of my time.

  178. Dale Stackler says:

    I was a victim of 3rd party billing through AT&T. After spending 4-5 hours on the phone with each individual company, trying to get my money back. I have only received a refund from 2 of the 4 companies so far. I have names, telephone numbers and contact names of all parties involved. This is robbery by the FCC.

  179. Theresa says:

    I to had a charge on my AT&T bill from ESBI for I noticed it in December I called the phone company and they said someone googled it and sined up. I told them it was’nt me and to cancel it. I just got my bill and guess what they charged me again. This time I called unitedtel They gave me some BS about how All anyone had to do was have my personel information to sign up. Now I see they only really have to have access to your phone#. If I get charged again I will Cancel all my services with AT&T.

  180. Michele Parga Crawford says:

    I have been billed by ESBI for 15.62 over a 28 month period of time. I never signed up for the service and could not find out what the service that appeared on my bill was when I inquired last April, 2009. Now finally there was a description on my bill and when I called I learned that I have paid over $400.00 for a service I never signed up for and do not have any documentation on.

  181. Llewop Haisoj says:

    My parents recieved a bill and had a ridiculous charge on it for $14.95. He called and they had the charge put on my name for downloading music. I of course got yelled at n stuff about 3rd party companies, but thn went online to investigate and found other people struck with the same problem. It look like so far if ur married itll b charged on ur wife and if you have a son thn itll b charged on him.

  182. Rick says:

    I was first billed in March of 2008 for an email account. I found they had billed me on the previous month as well. I had to contact the 3rd party company to cancel and request a refund that would take several billing cycles to resolve. They told me that I was charged because I responded to a marketing add in my email. The add had nothing to do with the phone company and did not say anything about signing up for anything. It was automatic just by opening the add. I contacted my phone company and requested a block to prevent anyone from submitting a 3rd party bill. I just received a second set of charges 2 years later in February of 2010. I had to do everything all over again. This time I googled the 3rd party company and found a class action lawsuit.

  183. Rick Andy says:

    My wife normally pays the bills but I recently looked at my AT&T bill and noticed ESBI charges, called AT&T and ESBI and was told they could only credit my account the previous three months. I then contacted my state-attorney’s office and office of consumer protection via email who advised me they were persuing these criminals. My most recent bill shows a credit from ESBI of $190.00

  184. Cai says:

    Last month, I got credit for unauthorized charges from OAN Services thru AT&T. I told AT&T that OAN is a scam and AT&T suggested, and I agreed, to have future third party billing directly to me. Today, got my AT&T statement and lo and behold, another unauthorized charges but from diiferent name, this time it’s Enhanced Services Billing Inc. I called ESBI right away to cancel and will be credited $16.15. I can’t wait for next month to see what other third company name will show up on my bill.

  185. bob says:

    I just wanted to make everyone aware of this company if they have AT&T landline service. This company charged my phone bill $21.45 a month to apparently receive faxes on my phone line. Did I mention it wasn’t even set-up in my wife or my name. It was set-up in a name of a roommate of mine from 6 years ago and three addresses ago. Of course AT&T claims it is not there problem and you have to deal with Enhanced Billing Services. I have now been charged for two months but they claim it has been stopped and I will get a credit in the next 1 or 2 billing cycles. Obviously, I am hesitant to believe them. When I asked them why they would allow someone who wasn’t even on the phone bill to sign up the service they gave an evasive answer. So I have learned two things, always check your phone bill closely and if you don’t like someone sign them up for Enhanced Billing Services.

  186. Stephen Toles says:

    I too was scammed by these jerks!! I’ve had my at&t bill set up as an automatic monthly with-draw from my checking account and never paid attention to my bill until now. WOW, was I surprised to see charges from $16.07 to $34.14 per month for the last 10 months. I had both my phone & internet through at&t. I never used my land line so I wanted to cancel the land line but keep my internet, that’s when I noticed these charges. They told me the same song & dance that everyone else is stating “some woman name XXXXX signed up through a email coupon and provided my phone number for billing. They assured me this is a problem that rarely happens & they would credit me for the 10 months of billing which would take up to 3 months. They did offer to transfer me to one of their in-house fraud consultants so this will not happen to me in the future..I declined & advised they a V!%*(%& nuts, will you also charge me for that too! That’s no different than giving a known car thief, my car keys. How is it that a third party is allow to charge for their services on my at&t phone bill. Why don’t they have their billing which is sent from them directly? Whats next, the electric company might start charging me for lawn services. Enhanced services billing ,inc is a Scam.

  187. Marilyn J. Berdych says:

    I was billed for 8 months by Enhanced Billing Services for a 3rd party company called Keyvoice that claimed I contracted by email to establish a voicemail account. Keyvoice rep gave me an email account that I did not set up, which they claimed was how their charges ended up on my phone bill. This is a scam. They must pay people to use public records to set up dummy email accounts and use an email sent from the bogus email account to justify the billing through Enhanced Services Billing Inc. which in turn adds the charges to the local phone company bill.

  188. Ronnie says:

    I just discovered this same $14.95 charge added to a company phone bill here at work. I’m quite surprised to learn how many people have had this same scam pulled on them over the years and yet AT&T continues to allow this! WTF?? I’ve filed complaints with the BBB and FCC, but don’t really expect anyone to actually get off their duff and do anything. I called “Key Club Save LLC” and spoke with “Phillip,” who told me he would credit our bill for SIX months worth of this fee – which tipped me off because this particular telephone bill is only FOUR months old. Then I called “Enhanced Services Billing Inc” and spoke with “Sam,” who tried to explain their billing processes to me – but since he didn’t make any sense whatsoever, I asked to speak to his supervisor. Sam hung up on me! No surprise there. Unfortunately, where we are located, AT&T is pretty much our only land-line provider, so we’re stuck. But my AT&T representatives have not heard the last of this. Grrr.

  189. Tom says:

    $14.95 800VMAILBOX,INC-VOICEMAIL and ESBI Scam. Second month after calling and being told this charge would be dropped. Call the FCC and put these people out of business.

  190. Grandma says:

    We’ve been crammed by ESBI for 3 mos now. Talking to AT&T does nothing; last month they said they would block third party billing, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    So–today I submitted a complaint to the NC Atty General’s Consumer Division about these thieves. I also informed them that ESBI was “collecting” NC tax for this non-existent service.

    Anyone who gets this kind of billing, go to your state’s site and contact your AG and if ESBI is trying to collect state taxes as well, inform them of that.

    My son’s reaction to this cramming was–”everybody is getting paid” and I believe it.

    He calls it the “fleecing of America.”

  191. Property Accountant says:

    I noticed that everyone is complaining about AT&T, well Verizon has it two. Two of our business Verizon accounts have been billed for this service by three different company names. ESBI, Precision Webhost,& BIZ Values online. I called up ESBI, they told me that a Mia authorized the service, no one by that name, called up another vendor said it was my co-worker who signed up, co-worker says that an automated system came on asking questions, when the rep came on and explained the service she immidiately told them no, yet they signed up our account. They were quick to cancel barely made a fuss, I realized they did that because if you think about it, for the 1 person who catches this scam there are 10 who won’t and that’s where the money is.

  192. Deb Sours says:

    My elderly Mom has these ESBI charges on her phone. Last fall I finally got through to someone at Verizon who put a “block” on any other charges. Mom still gets a charge on her bill which she deducts each month and refuses to pay. Again today, I called Verizon, was referred to ESBI, who told me they refunded the charges and haven’t put any others on since last fall “it must be some other company..others bill through ESBI”. Well, on the bill, it says ESBI! So Monday, I will be contacting the attorney general’s office on my Mom’s behalf…she and I are sick and tired of all the run arounds. I think it is ridiculous that this even got, we do not know. It is not for a service Mom requested, like ESBI told us way back then. I have threatened, pleaded, been nice, to no avail. This company NEEDS to be put under…there is no excuse for this. I have better things to do with my time than fight their charges…like, my job!

  193. Ben says:

    Well, I just got my verizon bill today and was charged over $15 for ESBI for voicemail. The first post here was Sept 2008 so it seems not much has changed in 18 months. Verizon tells me to be carteful using 800 and 900 numbers and promises a block that they aren’t sure will work. Never did they admit that they may have a hand in this fiasco.

  194. Richard says:

    I just received my bill from AT&T. Which show that I have a charge for 12.95 from ESBI for VOICEMAIL SLTNS, LLC-VMAIL MNTHLY FEE for 12.95. I called the toll free number 1-866-576-1877 to have the charge reversed. They were able to reverse the charges and cancel the service. However, they said I will see the refund in my phone account in two to three billing cycles. This I have yet to see. This is the second time I had to go through the hassle to call and have the charges reversed and cancelled. I asked them to have the service blocked from happing again. They said it was not possible. I contact ESBI to see if they can block the service and they said they could not. So basically it means anybody can use my phone number as a credit card to make purchases and have it bill to my phone service. From my prospective it is a rip off. There needs to be some kind of safeguard to keep unauthorized charge from happening. I do have one service I do subscribe under EBSI which is fine. But it should only be I (Subscriber) that does the authorizing. Not some stranger picking a number out of a phone book just to get something. Oh and a warning to all. If you tell them you know the person that used your phone number; the problem becomes yours to collect your money from them. In other words you won’t get your refund. It becomes your problem. Laws need to be in place. This does not stimulate the economy, it destroys it for hard working people.

  195. Dave Lugo says:

    Crooks, plain and simple. Added crap to my phone bill without my or my wife’s consent.

  196. Monica says:

    Yep.. this is fraud on all kinds of levels.. Phone company tells me its government regulated…WHAT? Are they getting a cut of this? Enhanced Billing got the company I work for 1 ½ yrs of $39.95 a month… Looks like I will have to go over every bill with a fine tooth comb.. I get a phone call telling me it’s the yellow pages online wanting to verify the company’s location and number.. ( ok Yellow Pages is a creditable names right? ) so I verified it to them.. Now they have me on a recording giving my name and saying “yes” and “no” . half of the recording was my voice the other half was not me.. it was so clear. It was not me… so I let them have it….. I got the money back b/c I researched the company and found out about how DIRTY they are and then called them and told them I would file the charges a fraud. They were happy to give me the money back then… of course only time will tell if we get credited….to be continued…

  197. Doris Shaw says:

    I have been a victim of Total Protection Plus for 12.95 per month for 46 months. The only way we caught it was AT&T rep told me that I could save $12.95 a month by removing the Enhanced Services from my bill. I asked what it was and she said to look at the number and call it. Since you have so many “Enhanced Services” on you telephone bill you would never catch it by yourself. Another way to rip off the public.

  198. STOP BSG says:

    Having recently been a victim of BSG/ESBI’s unauthorized billing I will refrain from repeating all that has been said here. I found it interesting that the company incorrectly lists corporate “Bye-Laws” (rather than the correct term “Corporate Bylaws”) on its website; they have clearly waved goodbye to our laws and have no interest in corporate governance or due diligence. What you may find even more shocking is Wall Street’s “buy” on this deceptive company as noted here

    This document contains a wealth of information essential to understanding how this monopoly is planning to grow and gain market share this year. Speaking to shareholders about the legal risks and constant violation of FCC settlement conditions is important. Once the capital dries up it’s over

  199. enough is enough says:

    800 vmailbox is also a scam…billed me on Verizon. I called Verizon who said I would have to pay the $16, or get a late fee! Then called ESBI, the rep ARGUED with me that I had indeed ordered their service (had my name, address, phone number, and email). I demanded to speak to a “specialist” who tried to brush me off that they sent 3 emails (it is my “junk” account) but it is not a “reply to” email that verifies you actually USE the email address.

    Anyway, the account was cancelled – got the cancellation number and the woman specialist also hung up on me when I mentioned FBI.

    Recalled Verizon, got the block against unauthorized bills, also was told NOT to pay charges, there would be no claim on the account for 90 days if it takes that long for ESBI to stop charging me.


    I have no idea what this charge is for on my verizon bill. I called 1-888-296-3724,got an automated service without a name. How can this be allowed. Verizon should have the customer verify sevice first. They are just as much to blame for this fraudulent act.

  201. Telecom manager says:

    One of our offices receieved a charge on our Verizon bill for BIZ VALUES ONLINE, billing provided by ESBI. After calling ESBI, they said that they couldn’t help me but gave me the number for the company BIZ VALUES ONLINE of 866-510-7776. Interestingly when I call that number, I receive a phone company message that all circuits are busy.
    Meanwhile I looked up the company website ( Looking up that domain name registration I found the following registration information (below).
    Verizon rand others really should do something about who they work with – in this case ESBI and the unscrupulous companies they accept charges from.

    Domain ID: D26688842-BIZ
    Sponsoring Registrar: REGISTER.COM
    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 9
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registrant ID: 726081736FB1A992
    Registrant Name: Domain Discreet
    Registrant Organization: ATTN:
    Registrant Address1: Rua Dr. Brito Camara, n 20, 1
    Registrant City: Funchal
    Registrant State/Province: Madeira
    Registrant Postal Code: 9000-039
    Registrant Country: Portugal
    Registrant Country Code: PT
    Registrant Phone Number: +361.19027495331
    Registrant Email:

  202. tony da howk says:

    someone named jorge gomez is usin somethin and now we got charged sommoney now ima complian to w.e ppl let little kids do this…

  203. jon s says:

    these scammers snuck $14.95 per month into my Fairpoint bill (as “voicevox voicemail services”), which I finally noticed after quite a few months. Fairpoint initially refused to credit me for these un-authorized charges and referred me to ESBI. When ESBI asked me to write, fax or e-mail them ( with the potential to give them personal info I did not wish to share) I contacted the NH public utility commissioners office. Within 2 hours I received a call from Fairpoint indicating that my account had been credited for the entire amount fraudulently billed by this company.

  204. Graham Hoskins says:

    I have noticed these ESBI unauthorized charges on my business phone bill. Have no idea how long this has been going on. Will contact attorney general’s office or state corporation commissioner to see about a refund.

  205. James Alton says:

    My wife noticed two charges on our phone bill tonight, one for $15.25 by ESBI, the other for $14.95 by ILD Teleservices, Inc. While doing searches for both names I discovered they are in fact the same company. Being the weekend I can’t contact the phone company until Monday, but I already have a feeling it will be difficult to get these removed from the bill. If Fairpoint gives me a hard time, I’ll have the service disconnected and we’ll get a cell phone. Its bad enough we’ve spent over 6 months trying to get them to remove monthly charges for a long distance service we never signed up for, and each month we are assured “its taken care of”. Well it WILL be taken care of, when I get rid of their company!

  206. Maria Elena Rodriguez says:

    well,well, I am not alone in this matter, I never have the time to check my phone bill ,but one week ago I check each charge and I found a MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES AND CREDITS $14.95 I called telling I never give the authorization to charge me for a service I do not need it , they told me they will be giving back the money of 5 months to my phone account THEY DIDN’T this month again charge me 14.95 IS THAT A NEW WAY TO STILL MONEY ? in this case who can help to us ??????????????

  207. Rick says:

    I too have been ripped off by ESBI. This happened to me a few years ago and I responded by placing a block on my phone line. It worked for a while but they ignored it and started up another erroneous account for email through my phone. That was January of 2009 and it is still on my bill. Both ESBI and Frontier telephone promised to correct the problem and credit the account. Each month I call them for a telephone charge total and pay only that amount. I will NOT pay any charge or interest on this scam. This is a trusted utility that should have their license to operate revoked!

  208. Pat Ferrero says:

    This happened last year and now it has happened again – I found a $12.95 charge from ESBI on my phone bill. How can they possibly get away with putting these charges on my phone bill for an absolutely
    unauthorized charge/or service?
    I like the idea of calling and only paying for legitimate calls but AT&T is getting the money so who is benefiting from this total scam?Why can’t I trust my bills?
    It looks to me that AT&T has some responsibility in this situation and should STOP their shameful collusion.

  209. Charles Jones says:

    I have been trying to get Verizon to block these guys for a couple months now. I think that we will have to start a national consumer complaint to get this stopped rather than one person at a time taking these guys on. They have no incentive to stop if all they have to do is give back the money they stole from the complainers. It is like picking pockets and only giving back when caught, with no jail time. How many of these guys can we get thrown into jail?? Let’s start with the Verizon Chairman of the Board!!!

  210. Margaret says:

    Follow this link to an article in AARP Magazine that tells you about this practice called “cramming” and how you can contact AT&T, Verizon, etc. to block third party charges.

  211. Pat says:

    Well, I see I’m certainly not alone. Three months ago, I noticed an additional$16 charge on my phone bill for “voicemail” services. There was a prominent notice of where I could call to cancel but it was a weekend and the recorded message was a bit confusing so I waited until Monday and called Verizon. They said they would remove the bill and I should call ESB to cancel the service. The following month I had a credit for the charge – but there was a NEW charge – so I called again. This time, Verizon again removed the charge. The number I called at ESB or VoiceMail Services said they would cancel the service but I was mad and wanted to know just exactly HOW I had signed up. I was informed that I had done it over the internet. Well, that’s a lie! I don’t do stuff like that on the internet … period.

    So this is month three and the credit is there for last month and the new charge is there again. Only this time the contact information is not particularly prominent, I had to really look for it.

    I will be calling Verizon and ESB tomorrow but I will also be contacting the 3rd party block number and the attorney general for my state. Margaret – thanks for the information!!

  212. Rick says:

    Time is now to stop this. I have just reported Frontier Communication and ESBI to the Federal Trade Commission, The FCC and the New York Attorney General. I have requested criminal charges to be filed and an injuction against service in my area. I told the NY attorney general’s office about this blog. They told me to suggest you all contact them!!! FTC=1-877-382-4357 NY att. 1-800-771-7755

  213. Pat says:

    I called Verizon today to get the charge reversed and the 3rd party block installed. I also filed a complaint with FTC.

  214. Ty says:

    I agree,time to stop this,this is the 2nd time this has happened to me.When i called ESBI the guy didnt even ask what i wanted,just went to my account said that an Allen Quails subbmitted this via E-Mail,ya right,once again the block was put on my number,Verizon needs to deal with this.

  215. Alfred says:

    Today I viewed my Verizon Bill online and noticed a charge of 29.90 for Efax from ESBI. I dont use a fax nor have a business. I called Verizon and they told me to call ESBI, I dont know what ESBI is?, tomorrow I will call Verizon to complaing again and for them to remove this charge, also I will call ESBI to see what can I do, I told Verzizon that I have no account with ESBI, I feel stupid calling a company that I never did business with them, but I have no choice. This is a big scam that needs to stop, I will also try to call the Attorney General for California and will call the FCC too. I wonder who is profiting from all these ESBI scam, I’m sure somewhere somehow a law was passed that allowed this scam to be legal.

  216. Virginia says:

    My original post was December 2009. I have received all but 1 month’s fee from ESBI. My phone number is now changed. I filed a complaint with the FCC about a month ago regarding ESBI. The following is an article that just appeared in the May/June 2010 AARP magazine. Link to article: Well I’ll be Crammed The Company: AT&T
    The Complaint: This $16 charge is bogus
    The Result: One down, thousands to go

    Raffaella Martinelli of Arlington Heights, Illinois, was surprised to see a charge of $16.07 on her AT&T telephone bill for music downloading and answering services. When she told AT&T she had never ordered those, AT&T told her to contact Enhanced Services Billing Inc. (ESBI), the company that posted the charge. ESBI, however, refused to cancel it. The next month another $16.07 appeared on her bill. That’s when she wrote to me.

    Mandated in the 1984 breakup of Ma Bell, third-party billing was intended to minimize the number of phone bills—local, long distance, 900 number—landing in your mailbox. Decades later, everything from ring tones to charitable contributions to online-gambling debts may show up on your bill, funneled through clearinghouses such as ESBI. Your telephone number has become a charge account—but absent the security of a password, PIN, or signature, as you have with a credit or debit card.

    The term for bogus charges stuffed into a phone bill is cramming. ESBI’s parent, BSG, has twice been sued for the practice, paying $1.9 million in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission in 2008. Lois Greisman, who helps direct cramming investigations for the FTC, still isn’t confident about ESBI’s good intentions. “We’ve seen a lot of dirty vendors, and questionable practices by billing aggregators, including ESBI,” she says. “That’s why they are under order [to cease cramming].”

    To Stop Cramming
    There’s only one way to prevent unauthorized third-party charges on your phone bill: ask your carrier to block them all. These numbers should help.

    AT&T 800-288-2747
    Comcast 800-266-2278
    Qwest 800-491-0118
    Verizon 800-837-4966

    If you encounter any problems, drop me an e-mail at
    After I intervened, AT&T erased the $32.14 on Raffaella Martinelli’s account. Yet it bothers me that the average cramming victim can’t count on AT&T’s help. The company recently decided to require independent audits of billing practices used by outfits such as ESBI, but it has no plans to verify third-party transactions that appear on its bills, and probably won’t unless compelled.

    That could happen. Last fall the FTC recommended five policy changes that it said could eliminate cramming—among them, a requirement that phone companies address cramming complaints by consumers.

    Until such regulations are approved, your best protection against cramming is to request a “third-party block” (see box at right). If you’re a victim of cramming, file a complaint with the FTC. Call 877-382-4357 or go to

    Ron Burley is the author of Unscrewed: The Consumer’s Guide to Getting What You Paid For (Ten Speed Press, 2006). You can read his journal on, where there’s also a new On Your Side column every two weeks.

  217. Carl E. says:

    I discovered that this fiasco had been going on for a year. I called Verizon and the customer service rep. I talked to was very aware of this scam. She put a third-party bill block on my line immediately, and then said to call her back with the amount these crooks were going to refund to me, which they did in email verification two hours after I talked to them. Verizon is now applying for a “quick claim” to be able to immediately credit my bill for the full amount.

  218. Mary says:

    I noticed a charge of 14.95+tax on my Verizon account and called ESBI immediately. They agreed to cancel the service and credit my account (I’ll let you know if that happens). The guy I spoke to sound as if he didn’t want me to contact Verizon so I did (aha). Low and behold, thank God I did because they would still have access to my account. Mr. Christmas from Verizon “froze” that charge but I was left thinking “this company can do this again.” So I called later in the day and spoke to ‘Nicole’ who helped me tremendously!!! She not only added a third-party block to my phone, but she also went as far back as February: these jerks have been charging me since then. She immediately credited my account on the spot for a total of $66.40 and will credit to me any future charge that may appear (beings though the bill is prorated”. Thanks Nicole. Good luck to you all.

  219. Susie says:

    Same situations as most. Recently notice charges for $14.95 a month for TriVoice. Called AT&T, they gave the typical speech. 3rd Party yady yady… Put the 3rd party block. Called the TriVoice number to demand my money back, they told me that I must write to them and gave me a P.O. to send to. I asked for the “physical address” and was told I would have to submit that request in ariting also. HA It amazes me that these companies are able to thrive. They need to be taken DOWN!! We need a class action suit!

  220. Lynne says:

    They are trying to charge me $14.95 for voicemail. I have my own. I don’t need theirs. What a neve charging people. They are banking on people that will just pay it without question. Hell will freeze over before I pay them.

  221. David Ecklein says:

    On my FairPoint 12AUG10 bill, I was charged two months at $39.95 each (total $79.90) by ESBI on behalf of IBA-Services, Inc. I contacted ESBI and Fairpoint immediately, and will not be paying that portion of the bill. ESBI’s explanation was that my wife (who is a retired MD) signed up for a website service, which is not true. I wish local carriers (like Fairpoint) would be more vigilant about this problem, since they apparently do not investigate add-on billers sufficiently, opening the door to this sort of scam.

  222. Gordon from Balto. says:

    ESBI charged me 39.95 for a bogus website, Lol’s already have 2 actually, thanks to above poster Virgina for informing me on what to do, Verizon has blocked 3rd party charges.

  223. Pat says:

    After a couple of rounds with having ESBI charges removed and then showing up the following month, I got hold of a Verizon person and they put a 3rd party block on my account. That was in May. Today, I got a bill with not one but TWO 3rd party charges. One is some Members Edge thing and the billing was provided by ILD Teleservices. I called them and they said they would credit my account. The other one is some kind of 800 contact service and all I got was a voicemail telling me to leave my name and number. This is disgusting!! There is absolutely no reason why they should be allowed to do this.

  224. Athena Jacobs says:

    Bill from Verizon 8-19-2010. $39.95 charge from ESBI.

  225. Vince says:

    ESBI charges my parents for over 2years. each month $12.95. They did not know anything about this until recently I switch their service to Fios and I check on the billing statement see the stupid ESBI on the bill, call verizon ask and they said exactly what others had mention. Third party can’t do anything, have to call ESBI and cancel and ask them for reimburse. Verizon also tell me that if I switch regular phone line to digital line that will change the account# and add a service that block all this craps and no collect call. It’s a free service came with digital voice. so I switch them… now I will call ESBI.

  226. Greg says:

    If you have had the misfortune of talking with a representative in the philipines, they will give you an address in either Henderson, NV or Boca Raton, FL. These are only billing mail drops. The correct corporate address and phone number for the company is:

    Enhanced Services Billing, Inc.
    7411 John Smith Drive
    Suite 1500
    San Antonio, TX 78229-0442
    Phone number: 201-949-7000

    I know a lot of folks have trouble with the company ‘cramming’ phone bills, so it would be good if they can actually contact their offices.

  227. Steve says:

    We had a charge for $39.95 added to our Verizon bill for “Mofee Online Business” that we did not authorize. Our manager had been called asking to verify our address for the Yellow Pages. ESBI said he authorized the charge and played a recording back to us. Our manager contends that he had answered a different set of questions than the ones that were on the recording. We’ve asked Verizon to credit the account and block third party billing.

  228. Magnus Thor says:

    Got charged $14.95 twice- unautorised – talked to them – they requried my e-mail address and date of birth to be able to help me. My phone co – Frontier- knew right away who these people are and whar they are doing- by still let the charge go thru – they are just as much at fault – we need to stop this theft from innocent people all over this country

  229. Clara Warnke says:

    Just found a $12.95 billing on landline phone through Century Link posted as Vmail and Faxing fee. I cannot do either on this phone. Am calling tomorrow to get this removed.

  230. Mark Hanau says:

    I have been billed for ten months on my PacBell bill for ESBI services I never ordered or used.

  231. V. L. Peterson says:

    Just noticed on this months AT&T phone bill, I was charged $14.95 + tax for ESBI services. Never heard of them, don’t really understand WHY I was charged. I want the charges removed and this company permanently blocked from my household.

  232. Paul says:

    ESBI randomly started billing me $29.90 per month for FAX SERVICES. Yes, that’s right, fax services that I don’t even use. Forget calling ESBI and instead call your phone provider directly. Put a block on them and they will no longer be able to get anything added to your bill automatically.

  233. Norman Prothe says:

    i was in the hospital from 10-1-10 till afternoon of 10-15-10.Today I received Verizon phone bill that had an charge by ESBI for electronic fax mofee service billed on 10-12-10.After 40 minutes getting Annette by phone
    at ESBI I was told that I computer ordered this service on 10-12. This was impossible as I was recovering from surgery on that date.She finally agreed to refund my charges for the billing. Since this has been going on for about 10 years, how can Verizon keep doing this?

  234. Eleanor Kelly says:

    Was charged (second time) $14.95 on our Century Link phone bill for ESBI fax services. I don’t know who these people are and I have no idea what this service entails. Century Link said that ESBi claims I allowed this charge and would drop it in 3 billing cycles. This is ridiculous! I wonder if the phone companies are working in partnership with ESBI? I want these charges dropped ASAP, ESBI blocked, and this company to be exposed for scamming me and countless others.

  235. Matthew says:

    Yet another victim of these scammers. I was serving overseas with the US Army and returned to find that I’ve been getting charged $14.95 for a service I didn’t know about by a company I’ve never heard of…for a year! I’m starting with Customer Service followed by the Pennsylvania State Attorney General Office and the FTC.

  236. Janet Krouse says:

    Billed $14.95 on my AT&T bill for Enhances Services Billing, Inc. and was told by ESBI that they cannot cancel this charge, I have to go to the crooks that originated this unauthorised charge, Total Protection Plus Efax Svc Mo Fee…..who are not in their office

  237. Bonnie says:

    I received a call sometime in October from obviously this ESBI company. First thing they said “it’s free”!! ya right! Had no idea what it was or what they were talking about but was told to just answer yes to all these questions. During the “recorded questions” another recording was interferring in the background making it almost impossible to understand what was being asked. I finally just hung up only to find and additional $42.15 on my Centurylink bill! I was outragged to say the least. Centurylink put a block on it and I did call this company which they stated I would be credited and services discontinued. I can’t believe with all the complaints that I am reading on this site that this company is getting away with this!

  238. PAT WATSON says:

    I’ve been charged $15 a month by this company. I never signed up for this and they say that anyone can go on and authorize this service as long as they fill out some online registration form.

  239. Mark says:

    Billed $14.95 on my Verizon phone bill this month for the second time. The bill just says Fax Mofee Voice Express and esbi. Verizon is taking the charge off and has blocked my account from this happening in the future. Spoke with an esbi person after that and they indicated that I had signed up for a fax service. What a crock!! Then I asked for their supervisor and was put on hold for thirty minutes so I just hung up. Since Verizon has taken care of the charge and the blocking issue I am not going to waste my time calling esbi back. They are not worth it. What a bunch of criminals! Maybe Verizon should make it a practice of sending our an email to their customers when changes are made to an account that aren’t related to a Verizon charge. Hmmm . . . Check your account regularly.

  240. C.J. says:

    We found an additional 14.95 fee on the phone bill today. Our phone bill is always the same every month, so we noticed right away. It was supposedly for some fax backup service that we would have absolutely no reason to want. Luckily, after explaining the problem to ESB, they agreed to give us a credit for it next month. We’ll see…

  241. Victor M Ponte says:

    I received my Verizon bill today with a charge of $14.95 for Electronic FAX MOFEE. I do not know what this is. I did not authorize it. It is another scam that the consumer has to put up with because corporate America is in cahoots with each other. Now I have to waste my time and get frustrated trying to get rid or reimbursed for something that I did not do.

  242. Diane Smith-DICKINSON says:

    i just received my verizon bill and noticed a 14.95 charge for some bullshit service called ESBI..NEVER HEARD Of this..never ordered it…called the number 1-888-296-3724 and talked to merrie. she said i signed up on line..never heard of them, never sidned up, but they had all my personal and private info. she said it would be cancelled and would take 2-3 billing cycles, so now im gonna call verizon and ask them why they allow this BS. I WILL ALSO CALL BBB. WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WITH THIS SCAM…LOOKS TO ME LIKE VERIZON IS IN ON IT. WHAT THE HELL….BS

  243. M Green says:

    I was charged on my Verizon Bill under misc charges and credits. Mofee Online Business, ESBI does billing @ 42.75 As others have mentioned, Telephone copanies must allow 3rd party billing under the law. In our situation, we received numerous phone calls requesting us to sign up. My husband who is a retired police officer refused and did not give the caller information. When he called ESBI to find out what was going on, they played back a pieced together voice recording of my husband but with an incorrect SS# and Birth date. this practice is called Cramming. Although the company agreed to refund our money and Verizon made arrangements for us to delete this amount for our bill. I AM NOT SATISFIED.. THIS IS FRAUD !!! I am going to file a complaint with the Public Utilities Company on their web site. I hope others will do the same!!

  244. D Britt says:

    same here, Tell Verizon to step up and stop this now

  245. .Vance Marvin says:

    I noticed a $14.95 charge on my Centurylink bill. It was for ESBI for voice mail monthly fee. I have never heard of this company. I contacted Centurylink and they advised me that they would take this off my bill and put a 3rd party block on my phone. I can not believe that ESBI has been allowed to do this for so long.

  246. R Long says:

    What a scam, I just got my phone bill and 14.95 monthly charge on it. Talked to some people in a foreign country and they refunded me the charges and I got it blocked from their services. Total scam. Just need someone’s email’s address, phone number, and name and they charge you this crap…what a joke.

  247. RMV says:

    ESBI has been billing my Fairpoint account for a monthly subscription to 247mp3. I contacted both ESBI and 247mp3, they insisted that I would have had to fill out a two page application online and suggested that either I forgot (unlikely!)or someone else in my home signed up (I live alone). The woman I spoke to at 247mp3 gave me the IP address the application I supposedly filled out originated from. I did a search on the IP address – whoever signed me up was in California. I live in NH. I called ESBI back and informed them of that. Fairpoint has credited me for the several months of extra charges and will be requesting reimbursement from ESBI. I informed ESBI if they tried to refuse to pay Fairpoint, or worse, turn around an bill me, then I had proof that it was not me who signed up for the mp3 service.

    I’m happy to know that I am not the only one who has had these problems.

  248. djacobs says:

    My wife normally pays the bills. I took a look at our AT&T bill this past month and noticed a chart for $12.95. I looked back through the bills for the year and noticed the charge there. I contacted ESBI and they removed the charges, but said that they went all the way back to 2008! They said they were added to my bill when sometime back in 2008 someone had signed up via That is essentially around $300 that they have been sucking out of me. I hate to see how many other people had this added to their bill that do not notice it either?

  249. Susi says:

    Omg…. really….. I just got a $14.95 bill for some poop I didn’t ask for. I going to call them first thing in the monring. And they better fix this poop or else.

  250. Gail Hendrix says:

    Billed $14.95 for Residential e-mail, for 3 months. DID NOT sign up for this since e-mail is part of my telephone package. Called phone company AND Enhanced billing last month. Enhanced billing said they would stop and issue a refund. Phone company said to deduct $29.90 (2) from my bill and they would put a stop so no more charages would be billed. Got a bill today with the $29.90 still showing and an additional $14.95, obviously the stop didn’t work. Same thing happened in January 2010!

  251. Mary McWilliams says:

    I found a charge on my verizon bill for ESBI/Moffee Fax charge. They claimed I signed up online for this service and that I received email confirmation. I sign up for next to nothing online. I will be getting the 14.95 charge removed. Apparently it has something to do with sending faxes from email.

  252. J G says:

    Same here got a added charge on the bill. AT&T

  253. Cheryl Orefice says:

    I also was scammed as they told my mother that I had approved ESBI and I had never heard of them. They even used my name, but no other information, but charged her account for almost $40.00. I also will be reporting this to the BBB and the Public Utilities Company. THIS IS FRAUD AND A SCAM. I hope all of us will report them and I will look into reporting it to the Attorney General’s office to look into this SCAM.

  254. Kathy H says:

    In my most recent telephone bill I have charges totalling at least $68.00 for one month. I am wondering how long this scam has been going on? My advice to all: watch your phone bills carefully and do not pay them if you did not authorize charges.

  255. Mike Ramsey says:

    I happened to check my new Verizon bill today and had a charge for 14.95 for “esbi.” This was supposedly assigned to “Wwwhelomailmnthlyfee”. Reviewing my statement, these charges have been appearing for at least a year. I am angry that I have been scammed and that I did not check my bill more closely in the past. Of course, I would find it on a Sunday and am not able to reach esbi today, but I plan to pursue this. I NEVER authorized this service.

  256. Robert says:

    I am a Verizon representative and Verizon is very diligent in treating these issues. If a customer sees any third party charges they claim are not theirs, just ask the representative to “recourse” all charges going back however many months it takes. That “credits” the account at once, and ask for a permanent “third party billing block”. Also please be diligent as many of these charges are proactively caused by consumers clicking on the internet to obtain “free” coupons, fill out surveys to obtain a gift card. the fine print usually states they agree to sign up for a monthly service. We are required to recourse if you ask.

  257. Steven says:

    I just called them and this may be their latest scam, she said “it was cancelled on May 24″ (yesterday), i asked her what time, then she hesitated and told me 2:11 pm by my wife who enrolled in it 1 1/2 yrs ago. I called my wife, she wasn’t even online yesterday – it’s all a scam.

  258. Rebecca M. says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be, but I was shocked to see 253 complaints going back over 2 years against this company! How can these scammers keep getting away with stealing people’s hard earned money? I look at my bill almost every month. Last month I was sick and didn’t even pay the bill most less look at. Last week I paid last month’s bill, still not looking at it. Tonight I opened this months bill and noticed the charge. I went online to AT&T and looked at last months bill and it was there as well. When I looked at the ones before it, this charge for SOLO Communications EFAX Monthly Fee was not there. So it just got added on April’s bill. I have no idea what it’s for or where it came from. We did not sign up for or request any fax services and if I did, I would have requested to pay by credit card so I could easily dispute charges through the credit card company (knowing how much trouble I’ve had with AT&T Billing in the past). So after we discovered the charges we started trying to figure out where these charges came from. I tried to call the number and got “our offices are closed” so I called AT&T and they have become so unhelpful, they are only open from 8am to 5pm, what a coincidence, those are the hours I work! My husband is off tomorrow, so hopefully he can make some progress with AT&T (because he says it’s pointless to call SOLO Communications or ESBI or whatever name they are going by today). He also plans to call the FTC and has already filed a complaint with the BBB against AT&T for allowing the charges to be put on our bill without verification in the first place. He is also looking into some class action lawsuits that may be already in the works. He did a google search to find them. I feel for anyone having this problem. I wish I had the owner of this company’s phone number. I’d publish it so we can all bill his phone bill for the amount we have each been billed by his scam! An eye for an eye kind of thing….

  259. Ka says:

    Just noticed ESBI has been charging my Verizon account for the past 5 months. I contacted Verizon today, and they put a third-party block on the account. They will be calling ESBI on Monday to have $14.95/month removed immediately. Sounds like many people have had problems with this company.

  260. merlene says:

    I got hit with 2 3rd party charges, EBSI and another company called Paymnetone Corp. called my phone company they credited me right away and put a block on my phone, I called ESBI and the gave me another credit for the month of May. I never payed attention to my bill but found ESBI had been charging me for 7 months, they lady I talked to was very nice and she gave me an email address for support to get the full 7 months refunded to me.

  261. RachelleH says:

    I was changing my bill with Verizon and noticed an odd charge. I asked about it and they told me to call the number listed next to the charge. It was for ESBI. When I spoke with the person they said it was for an 800# to access my voicemail from any where in the world by anyone we gave the info to. Interesting since I don’t even know what the 800# is or how to access it that way – and why would I have that when I have the stupid verizon voicemail that I don’t use. We only keep a landline for our alarm. They said they would cancel the subscription. Now I go back and look at my account and notice that it started randomly in December. SHAME on me for not looking at the bill sooner!

  262. Doug B says:

    My wife and I were looking closely at our residential phone bill recently to see why we were paying so much. We noticed a charge for $14.95 for the last 3 months. We called our phone company and they said it was a voicemail service through EBSI and “Solo Communications”. Our provider said they could block the charges but we would have to contact EBSI ourselves to get the charges refunded. We called Solo Communications and I talked to “Jenny” (who could hardly speak english). “Jenny” said my wife ordered the voicemail service online back in April. (Is this all sounding familiar??) I assured “Jenny” that my wife did not order it and by their track record with the Better Business Bureau, FCC, Florida Attorney General’s Office, etc… their so called “business” was a fraud and a scam. I will be e-mailing everyone I know and hope everyone I know forwards this on to everyone THEY know. I hope something can be done about Solo Communications, Paymnetone Corp., IBA Services, ILD Teleservices, OAN Services, and any other name ESBI wants to go by will go the way of the dodo bird.

  263. Rich M says:

    Same Problem as the rest of you, though mine was pointed out by a Verizon Customer Service person. Called the 888 # and kept getting disconnected by the automatic system. I found a direct # online, called and demanded a full refund of all charges since I had never authorized the “service” (some alleged music service). The person on the other end was more than happy to issue the refund. Since I read all the above, I got a direct phone # to call back. I had called verizon to put a third party block on the bill, but had to cancel because the credit would not go through if the block was in effect. Verizon was then called,the CSR told me they could have only gone back 12 months (shame on me for paying online and just “paying the bill”), but supposedly I will be recieving a credit for the full 2 YEARS I was being billed (READ YOUR BILL. Hopefully I will see the full credit, but at least I can get half back if it fails. Please , don’t let these people off the hook, this is shameful that this happens AND has been going on for years!

  264. stanley garland says:

    we did not authorize
    this service to be billed to our phone wedidnot authorize this service to be started.

  265. Lee M says:

    What these people are doing is criminal. If they cannot produce a valid recording with your voice and correct information authorizing the service then they are stealing. The minute I mentioned filing a police report for the situation my phone carrier promptly credited my account for the full amount of the charges. I will still be filing a police report against IBA-Services anyway.

  266. Cathy says:

    I recieved a hard copy of my phone bill and noticed a charge for 14.95. I called Century Link and was informed it had been on my bill as early as March of this year but this charge may have been on my bill for years.
    I will try to call them on Monday to see if I can get the charges removed.

  267. kbaig says:

    I was billed from feb 2011, Shame on Verizon to let this happened

  268. Jim says:

    This is the third year in a row that these low-life bastard criminals have added these BS charges to my AT&T land-line phone bill. Each time I have to spend MY time screaming at AT&T and Enhanced Services. I have threatened them with death and/or lawsuits to no avail. Every year it comes back. AT&T says the government passed laws to allow billing via your phone bill because people wanted it. Really? Who? Everyone involved with this scam should do us all a favor and kill themselves. They cant find a “real” job so they resort to crime. They know most people are too trusting and wont notice, or take the time to have these charges stopped. It is a form of terrorism and Homeland Security must get involved.

  269. Forrest A. Travirca III says:

    Just found out that Enhances Services Billing is not a part of ATT! Imagine that and they have charged me and have been paid over $200 since Jan. for something… You call them and they have not a clue…

  270. Kari says:

    Called at&t for a long distance plan change and the service rep pointed out that I was being charged 15.85 a month for the past 6 months by Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. and gave me a number to call them to ask what it is they’re charging me for. I promptly called and they said my husband had signed up for an “e-mail management service” online. My husband does not recall signing up for anything. They are going to credit my phone bill $29.90, but I may call back after having read about all these incidents.

  271. Amy says:

    Just realized that we have been charged 39.95 since aug 2009 ($998.75) for services never authorized. we thought the charges were for our yellow pages advertising. I called today (sat.) and guess what they aren’t open. SCAM! I am so ticked off-there should be something that the phone company can do to alert you of new charges. We missed is because we are a small business and pay hundreds of invoices a month and assumed it was our advertising cost.

  272. Kim says:

    we were billed 32.35 for 10 months. Our accounts payable did not pick this up. It is being billed un US Yellowpages Inc. another scam artist. When you call you nasty people who say some name and tell you that you agreed to it on tape and they give you a bogus name. Shame on verizon. They should not allow this – I thought that they were suppose to help us not hurt us. I have searched for the owner of the corporation but cannot find anything on US Yellowpages INC. I would like to press charges for stealing. Anyone who can assist please write back.
    thanks so much!

  273. Andrew Williams says:

    My mother was complaining that her phone bill was $100.00 a month. I went over her bill and found charges of $15.62 over a five month period. I first contacted AT&T to ask what these charges were and they responded that I would have to contact the company. I told AT&T that no one authorized these charges and they should’nt allow 3rd party companies to do so. I then looked up Enhanced Billing Services and saw that it was scamming people by charging them over the internet and i see ISP such as AT&T were allowing them to do so and taking a passive way out. This is not taken lightly by me or my mother. I just got off the phone with a Lise at Enhanced and she told me that I had signed up for a computer/internet hosting service. Since I work on computers myself and dont need any assistance I knew she was lying and told her so. She told me to hold and returned saying that the charges totally $74.75 would be credited to my account. This is part of the paper trail I’m leaving for any further action. I also questioned her about another charge from ILD of $7.60 that was also on my mothers’ bill. She stated she didnt know that company. I only asked her because she didnt ask me what the name of the company but how much the charge was for. I’m guessing they distinguish the charges from the amounts. I’m also guessing that I wont see any credit to my account. So when is the class action going to take place?

  274. Shannon Murphy says:

    I have received my phone bill by e-mail for years. I sucribed to all services Phone, TV, and Internet so the bill was a little confusing. I decided to change my TV provider so I called the company ATT and while on the phone I found out that 15.86 has been billed to my phone sence September 13 2007. I called the 1-800 number and spoke to a customer service rep. I was told the service had been put on my phone by my daughter entering something on the internet in 2007. This service has never been used and was put on the bill by an unauthorised user. The phone company would not talk to me with out my husbands permission, how can an outside company just start billing your phone? I requested to talk to a supervisor and was told that someone from corporate office will call me back but I cannot call them because they do not receive incoming calls. One way phone service I want that so no one can call me. Now I am tring to get a refund for 760.80 they have charged me for 4 years.

  275. Rachael G says:

    I just recieved a bill from ESBI on my phone bill. I called the phone company and had a third party block put on my phone. I then looked this company up on the internet and learned that it is a scam company. The entire thing is a scam!!!

  276. Rachael G says:

    when i called ESBI ad asked why they are charging me the 14.95 a month they answered “I do not have any informatin for your phone number and we are not charging you.” huh interesting then why is there a effin charge on my phone bill????? the dude could not answer. Rep name Allan and ID number 1189675 when I said that it is true what the internet says about this company that it is a scam he had nothing to say at all!!! Also had a really hard to understand accent.

  277. Ilse Baker says:

    Our latest Verizon bill included a charge from ESBI on behalf of Rocket Communications for $12.95, entered on October 17th. After reading this blog I called 888-296-3724. Rather quickly I reached courteous Courtney, ID 355931, who assured me that she would cancel our subscription for Internet Faxvm to which we had never subscribed. It would take one or two billing cycles to come off our bill. I see from this blog that this cramming has been going on for at least three years, and they have not been stopped? Why is that?

  278. Derek Sandstrom says:

    We are being billed by ESBI, and do not recall signing up for anything. We are definitely not receiving any benefit from signing up for anything. They had all my info, such as birthdate, address, etc. My guess is that in signing up for something else, ESBI got my info, too. They are billing for a company called Residential Email, a combo email and shopping club. Never signed up for that. They claim I received and opened a confirmation email and have been getting a newsletter, neither of which are true. After fighting on the phone, they cancelled my acct, but I pressed for refund. More arguing got me one month refunded, and more arguing got me three months refunded. More arguing resulted in the offer to have someone call me in 24-48 business hours, whatever a business hour is. I got the name of the Supervisor I was arguing with, and a confirmation number. Good luck to all who are fighting to get back what these people have tricked you out of. This is deceptive, underhanded, and should be illegal.

  279. Christine Bertram says:

    I have been charged for several years, 14.95 per month

  280. Teresa Ramaglino says:

    I have been billed for over 2 years for $14.95 a month and they finally agreed to credit three months and cancel anymore charges. I have not seen either yet.

  281. Jeffery Nowling says:

    I was charged $29.90 on my AT&T account for some enhanced services through a 3rd part that I did not authorize. How are these companies able to do this without your permission? This is a scam ladies and gentlemen, pure and simple.

  282. Anny Boisclair says:

    in August 2012, five local collect calls made ??by my son at our home we were billed by ILD on our behalf Bell Canada for a total amount of 101.27 without authorization and without our knowledge. I called on October 19 and I spoke to a supervisor (I have his name) and he told me that within a month I would receive a check for a discount of 40.51. It is $ 101.27 I want to be reimbursed, not half. My son was in Quebec and he called me at home in Quebec a local call??. After more than a month I had not received my check then I recalled last December 3 and then I asked to talk to another supervisor impossible so he supposed to call me back, without success. Then on December 10th I called and the lady told me that she have my check but she wait the Telus autorizing? I asked her what Telus had to do with it since I was charged on my account Bell Canada. my call is put on hold and then told me that they will complete another form and then in 7-10 days they will remember! liar! I’m really discouraged. I contacted the Quebec consumer protection at first advised me to send them a formal but I’m afraid I would never see the color of my money. please help me!

  283. Yesenia Quezada says:

    I just contacted my phone company wich is Centrylink to cancell my service do to expensive billing for local calls and they come up with the charges when up becouse i hade to long distance calls that i never made or otherised to anybody this is (BS) and like many others they can’t do anything about it this stupid company (ESBI) (BS,…………… what can i do?

  284. Yesenia Quezada says:

    Esbi therd party company will bill you for anathing just call the number 888-296-3724 they will tell you who is charging you and patch u to them that’s what i did they diren’t even put up a fight the company that was charging me is called teledia they cancelled my account and remberst me so be carfull out there ok.

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