Oan Services | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Phone Charges?

If you were charged on your local phone bill from Oan Services for third party services and subscriptions (i.e., voicemail, Internet access, web hosting, email service, and caller-id services, etc.) that you never authorized Oan Services to bill you for, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized Oan Services Phone Charges–

Oan Services Website:


Who Is Oan Services and Why Are They Billing Me For Charges On My Local Phone Bill?

According to Oan Services website “OAN is a billing clearinghouse that processes information on behalf of various long distance and service providers. We are not a long distance or common carrier.”

How To Cancel or Stop Billing From Oan Services:

Customer Service Inquiry Form: www.billview.com/oan/inquiryform.php

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If you were charged on your local telephone bill from Oan Services for third party services and subscriptions that you never authorized, tell us your story!

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459 Responses to “Oan Services | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Phone Charges?”

  1. Bobby Hickman says:

    There is a $14.95 charge on my AT&T bill from OAN for “Vanguard Defender Email Monthly Fee.” I have no idea what this means. I called the 800 number for Defender and get just recorded music — not even a message. I called the other number for OAN; the operator said Defender prefers to answer their own billing inquiries, and transferred me to that same number with nothing but music. Obviously, this is cramming and slamming…

  2. Amanda Polaski says:

    Starting receiving charges from OAN and ESBI on my Verizon phone bill two months ago. Did not order any services from either company and immediately tried to contact them. Was transferred to an automated answering service that gave me the website address. I filled out a complaint form for each charge. The ESBI was taken off the following the month, but the OAN was still there along with an added charge for another month of so called service — again, that I never ordered. Calls to Verizon were useless. More emails to the company have gone unanswered. Reported the scam to BBB, but have not heard anything back. So, I guess I just have to put up with fraudulent charges to my phone bill???? Interestingly, both companies forward you to the same website address, but claim to be separate companies. It’s a scam.

  3. Don says:

    I never asked for, wanted, or used their mythical services. I was able to contact them in the past and promptly asked them to stop having anything to do with me, yet they keep charging me. Now when I try to contact them, I only receive a recorded message asking me to leave personal information so they can contact me. I feel they already have too much personal information, and refuse to give them anything more. The recording claimed they have a web site for canceling the account, the web address they provided does not exist. So I visited their Main Website of OAN Services, the site is very ambiguous with only a couple of links one of which is customer service. The customer service link takes me to a web form they expect me to fill out asking for, yet again, more personal information so that they can contact me (aint gonna happen). I know my charges on less than $100.00 total, but in my investigation of OAN Services and the complaints against them I have found NUMEROUS amounts of people making complaints about them doing the same exact things to them as were done to me. The way I see it, for every complaint I see online, there are probably 100 or more I don’t see and that adds up to a lot of fraudulent, scammed, or some other way more accurately classified unethically obtained funds that have been received from people like myself. They must be stopped and made to pay some hefty fines. Also some safeguards need to be put in place to make business entities have to qualify as a tangible business that is not only legal, but able to be effectively communicated with, before they can be allowed to charge through the phone company or any other utility provider.

  4. Russell Kelley says:

    Today I discovered UNAUTHORIZED billings from both ENHANCED BILLING SERVICES for MyIProducts IMail Voice mail and OAN for E-Secure Email services (whatever that is!??). I managed to contact the ESBI (Enhanced Billing) and was confronted with a rather RUDE lady who kept trying to push at me that they had some record of the voice mail services being ordered with an email address, and at one point she just HUNG UP on me! I called back, and got the same lady, and asked her if she was going to hang up on me again, and she gave me some story about having told me she had to answer another call (NEVER HAPPENED!), but finally she agreed to issue a credit for the month showing of December and included the month of January that had not yet shown up on my bill, and told me it will take up to 2 to 3 billing cycles BEFORE I see my credit! I will be calling my ATT customer service on the next business day (this is Saturday) to complain about the cramming. I tried to contact the OAN number, but only got a recording giving me their Weekday only business hours. The recording gave me another number to call so I did and left them a message on how I was reading from the FTC.gov website on how they are tied into cramming scams, and how I was trying to contact them to get my bill credited and billing stopped. I told them I will be contacting my state Attorney General’s office and the FTC. We shall see what happens. I can not believe that the phone companies even allow this kind of thing to happen, as I have found what appears to be a good decade worth of complaints~! I saw the OAN customer service website, BUT I too feel like this is an attempt to collect more personal information for another scam~!

  5. Karen Ellis says:

    On my November phone bill OAN Services, Inc. charged $9.97 for a third party company-Residential Services, LLC. OAN said they have no idea what these charges were for and connected me to the company. The Residential Services representative I spoke to could not tell me how my husband signed up for their service but she would cancel the account and credit AT&T. My husband who is computer illiterate said he never signed up for the website service. A new phone bill arrived today with a credit for $9.25 but they forgot to credit the tax of $.72. The rep told me a supervisor would call me back within an hour as of yet no call. However, that was not the only thing wrong a new charge from OAN of $12.95 plus tax $.29 for Voicemailboxes.com. Again, they said Steve signed up for Voicemailboxes.com. When I explained to the Voicemailboxes.com rep he did not sign up for this service, she offered a credit for the charges on my AT&T bill for the full amount plus tax. Now wait and see how long it will take a credit to appear on the AT&T bill. I contacted AT&T customer service, the rep was very apologetic said this is happening more often. The trickery used by these companies to get people to sign up for services needs to be stopped, when requested not to allow billing from any third parties to your account they must comply. These companies hope you do not check your phone bill, that way they collect for providing nothing. In my opinion, this is fraud and should be prosecuted as such.

  6. Karl Kroening says:

    On my December ATT bill I have a charge from OAN for “telecharge resource email 1x setup fee” for 9.20 plus .55 tax. I contacted Telecharge Resource LLC and they said they would credit my account. I did not receive a credit on my January bill plus I have another identical charge.
    Last month I did a Google on OAN and found a number of complaints. I did another Google today and the number of complaints seems to be escalating.
    Why are companies like ATT and Verizon allowed to pass on changes like this without explicitly authorization by the customer?

  7. Lee says:

    As usual I recieved my Embarq bill and dreaded opening it because it seemed like every month I was paying more and more, it just got higher! So today I and my fiance” Rod looked at it and he said”something is not right! What is this (OAN Services) for 13.22 and what’s this (ESBI) for $60.80? So I told him I will check into it right away, as I looked on my bill I also noticed (VMAIL MOFEE), They are all scam’s! Go to Ya-hoo website and type these name’s in, you will be shocked. My bill for one month is $382.55. Believe me when I called customer service on my phone bill and told them what I just found out and I was contacting my lawyer today if this is not taken off and I was told it would be removed!
    P-D off lee!

  8. Susan OConnell says:

    I was reviewing my Verizon bill – after I made a payment (stupid), There are two “miscellaneous service” charges, a “web hosting gold” charge, and an additional charge for “optimum voice mail”. I called the 800 # at the top of the page and after several minutes of holding, got a live body. The woman i spoke with was extremely arrogant, there was a measured beeping on the line, and she would not give me any information about the charges before I gave her detailed account information. When I expressed my concerns about being scammed and brought up a potential class action suit, she hung up on me. Because this happened after business hours, i was unable to speak with a Verizon representative about refunding my money – a total of $54.97 – I will repost here if they refuse to comply.

  9. Sherrie Holmes says:

    When i went over my ATT bill i noticed a charge of $12.95. Looking at it farther i found that it said something about voicemailboxes.com. I didn’t notice it on the month before but as soon as o caught it I called ATT and had them cancel it. This is stupid!!! The phone companies should not have any right to add charges for anything with out asking… I only wish that they would leave our phone bills alone and if there is going to be a change they need to make a complamentery call to inform us, being that I run a buissness and this is outrageous!!

  10. Frank Felix says:

    Was told that my wife signed up for this service,was not true. These companies should be sued for harassment!

  11. Rick Hall says:

    4/07/2009 ~ Just went to pay my EMBARQ bill and noticed I have an unauthorized charge from a 3rd party provider that I don’t know a thing about nor have I authorized in any way shape or fashion. It is one of the same ones that I see listed here. ESBI/MYIPRODUCTS IMAIL for $14.95 and it is certainly unauthorized. More than likely it will be found to be some dummy company that is a front for some scammer(s) who are preying on unsuspecting people and it would seem that the phone companies go along with it. If there is a class action suit brought against anyone it should include the phone companies who it would seem are colaborating with these unscrupulous scammers. I wonder what they are getting out of it. As the saying goes, just follow the money trail and you will get to the bottom of it. I bet the phone companies are profiting from this as well and that is why they refuse to do anything about it.
    Why can’t the FCC do something about it?? Anyone know any other avenues to get at these people and bring about a little justice??

  12. R Goodwin says:

    4/11/09 Just received my phone bill with a charge from OAN services for 14.05 plus tax.
    Also states “billed on behlf of VOICEMAILBOXES.COM LLC. Never heard of them, did NOT order any service from them, and why a company as well known as ATT would have anything to do with them is beyond me. This is fraud, and I agree with others that a lawsuit should be brought against them. Hopefully ATT will resolve this issue and fast.

  13. gris says:

    I got billed $9 from OAN on my verizon and I only pay the verizon amount.

  14. anthony capozzolo says:

    i was charged $9.00 on 4/20th 2009

  15. Eve Schrank says:

    I found fraudulent charges from OAN/aDigitalVillage.com, LLC. I never ordered “web hosting”. I called and talked to a “Cynthia” who at first didn’t even want to give the company nor her name to me! She claimed I ordered their service on 3-11-09, yet the charges were for 3-1-09 to 3-11-09. They not only lied about my having an account, they even charged me for 10 days before I had the supposed account! These guys have a BBB rating of “F”! There are so many complaints about this company why aren’t they shut down? They just keep ripping people off! Cynthia said she’d only send my complaint to the supervisors, what good will that do? I’m not paying an extra $14 per month on my phone bill for nothing to crooks. Somebody has to do something about this!

  16. Carrie Scott says:

    I too noticed 2 seperate 3rd party charges on my phone bill. One for Enhanced Telecommunications and one for Info. Source USA, Inc. They had been going on for a few months and since I pay my phone bill online I actually never open the “view your phone bill link” and I just pay it. Stupid on my part. I will look very close at my bills from now on as I didn’t even know AT&T was allowed to bill me for a third party who I never even heard of much less authorized. It is now after 5pm so I can not talk to anyone at AT&T. I will be calling first thing in the morning to place a third party block on my number and request credits.

  17. Gary Larsen says:

    I just received an unauthorized billing on my at&t account from USBI ($14.82) and OAN Services, Inc (12.95). From the looks of other complaints, it’s obvious that calling these “fraudulent” services will get me no where. Consequently, I will look into the possibility of solving the problem by switching phone carriers. How about Comcast? What if I ask Michael Finney from ABC 7 on your side for help?

  18. Christine says:

    I checked my AT&T online bill details today and discovered an OAN charge for TELECHARGE RESOURCE EMAIL MONTHLY FEE of $9.20 for April and May, for a total of $18.40. I’ve never heard of this service. How would I even know how to use this service if I’ve never heard of it? How did they do this?

  19. Ludwig says:

    This is a second instance of Verizon’s billing an OAN charge, even though is was “blocked”!

  20. Caylon says:

    I just received another unauthorized charge for travelers voicemail from OAN serivces. After dealing with this last month, I was told by a lady named Nancy that the charge would be removed and no further charges would be incurred. She even gave me a confirmation number and her extension, which were both bogus apparently. I am currently on hold with them, haven been waiting for 1hr 10min to sort this out again. This is a terrible scam. I refuse to send any money toward this scam to AT&T and you should all do the same.

  21. Ludwig says:

    Verizon took care of it. Did not have to call the “culprit”

  22. JoAnne Rich says:

    I received fraudent charges from OAN Services for April and May on my AT&t phone bill. After calling Oan Services at 1-800-926-6435 and complaining that I had not signed up for this service and they sent me a copy of the page I supposedly signed on. Would you believe my name was not spelled properly on the form, and I of course did not fill out that form. The lady I talked to there gave me a cancellation # and said it would be cancelled. AT&t said they would credit our next bill. We will see if this is the end of the fiasco. I turned them in to the Arkansas Atty General’s Office. Not sure if anything will be done there either. This scam should be stopped!

  23. Ludwig says:

    The telcos get paid for processing third-party bills.

  24. Ray says:

    OAN was charging me for “Email stock service”. I called Verizon and they are deleting the charges from my bill. They said next month there may be another charge, but just to ignore it and pay the Verizon charges only. I also put a “BLOCK” on my phone through Verizon that prevents UNAUTHORIZED SCAMMERS like OAN from charging something on my bill without my permission. All charges to my bill must now be authorized by me by phone before they can be applied to my bill.
    I also put my phones on the National “Do not call list” and my state “Do not call list”. I suggest everyone do these things I have done to prevent this kind of crap from happening to them again!!!

  25. Ray says:

    If your phone company doesn’t solve the problem, tell them right then and there you are CANCELLING their phone service and going with another service! Believe me, they will listen to you then and delete these bogus services from your bill!

  26. Jason Sprague says:

    MASSIVE SCAM by OAN SERVICES!!! Received harrassing calls for weeks, several times a day from OAN Services so one day I decided to play with the rep. I remember it clearly because I was rude uncooperative and had my office in hysterics at all my comments that went on during out 30 minute call. Received my Verizon bill yesterday with charges for OAN and some other garbage that I didnt order. I called Verizon who gave me a cancellation number for the service (that was never ordered) and was given the opportunity to listen to my memorable conversation “authorization recording”. OAN edited the recording to what they could sell to the phone company and deleted all my comments and repeated question “I am not going to get charged for this, right?” with the standard answer of “No”. Can we say fraudulent! Phone bills should be for phone service only.

  27. Susan OConnell says:

    I just realized I should have updated this quite a while ago. My apologies.
    I spoke with a very helpful customer service representative at Verizon, she credited my account the amount I had overpayed, and put a block on my bill to keep out any third-party services. So far, so good.

  28. Jean Dulany says:

    OAN put a charge on my CenturyTel phone bill for “Residential Service”, which I had never ordered, that I had never authorized any such service. I made 3 calls to OAN Customer Service and finally got a cancellation of Service. I then called CenturyTel customer service and asked them to call me for autorization and block any third party charges that came in for my phone bill. The phone company is crediting my account for the amount charged for OAN. This is the first time I have ever had anything like this.

  29. L.E.T. says:

    I to received a $8.89 unauthorized charge on my CenturyTel phone bill. I called their 800# only to be told the number was changed to a 900#.

    I called CentruyTel and they knew nothing about it, only that they were a 3rd party billing. CentruyTell then called the 800# and got through.

    I called the 800# again and got through. After giving my name and Phone number I asked “Who Are You?!?!” The Asian woman said they were a voice mail service and I signed up through my E-mail and proceeded to read my E-mail address to me.

    I was not happy and let her know it and told her I did not like these unauthorized charges showing up on my bill.

    Sounding very offended she said my subscription was canceled.

    A refund of my money was not offered.

  30. Lori Long says:

    Just noticed that my Embarq phone bill was a few dollars higher this month than normal. I receive my bill online so alot of times I just set up the payment without looking at the bill. Thought I should check to see why it was higher this month especially since I knew we hadn’t made any long distance calls. Guess what…third party charges from OAN Services Inc.. As I looked at past bills and this unauthorized charge began in March. I was only able to contact Embarq via instant messaging customer service and a representative told me they are giving me a credit for the current month. I was told I will have to contact OAN Services Inc. to request a refund on the former months. I was certain I had a third party billing block on our account. I think phone companies like Embarq, Verizon, etc. enable these scam artists to rip-off their loyal customers. I will be contacting an Embarq representative to speak with them personally about this matter…let alone trying to contact OAN Services. My husband had the same thing happen on our business account and just last week my employer noticed unauthorized third party billing charges added to his phone bill. Different third party billing companies, but all unauthorized charges.

  31. georgiana b. says:

    I too opened my ATT phone bill to find a OAN charge of $12.95 for voicemail and 1-800 number. I talked to a Lorraine about it, she told me my son ordered on line, I told her that he didn’t have authority to do this without my permission since the bill was in my name. she gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation and an extension number. But after reading everyone’s message it sounds like this is all a fraud. I guess I will try calling ATT for help. I don’t know if I was charged last month, I didn’t really look, has alot of long distance calls so I just fiqured to high amount was because of that and just paid the bill. well good luck to all of us. How can charges like this happen without sometime type of approval and copies sent to our homes!!

  32. Ying says:

    We found out this additional charge from AT&T from OAN. We called AT&T and the rep told us to call those companies for credit since AT&T doesn’t charge those cost.

    I asked them why AT&T allowed third party to charge their own clients. The rep told me because the tried to help. I asked them if they were related to those company, they sure said no. The I asked them if they had made sure those company were legitimated. If not, they were just like helping theft to rip off others. They should not even bill for third party at all.

    I hope sb. could help me to allow this happen again in the future. I hate to waste time to call around. Thanks.

  33. Ying says:

    Sorry, I was just so angry. I had too many typo from my last complaint.

    I really hope sb. could help us to avoid this event happening again not ALLOW.

  34. Christina says:

    I encountered a similar situation, the amount billed was $22.95. I called the number given to me by my service provider which was (800)944-9646. The call was answered right away and I was initially told no refund by the person who answered but upon asking for a supervisor the same person agreed to refund me the two months “service” I was charged for. Still a scam but at least at that number you get an answer and by elevating the complaint you get a refund. Hopefully this may help some of you….

  35. CAT says:

    My Verizon bill included a 12.95 charge from OAN for “Gold Web Hosting”. After contacting Verizon and blocking all 3rd party billing I now feel it necessary to take my case to BBB charging VERIZON with fraudulent billing. My contract is with Verizon and I believe they have a responsibility to ME as their customer. It is obvious by the complaints here that this is a known problem and Verizon has made the choice to continue a relationship with this bogus company. I feel Verizon should be held accountable.

    For those willing to take the time to file a complaint might I suggest that in addition to one against OAN that you file one against your contracted provider.

  36. Katherine says:

    I just viewed my At&T bill and was charged $27 from OAN. I have no idea what OAN is or what kind of services it provides. I am mortified to find so many complaints against this company. I feel as if I have been scammed for half a year now. I usually just pay my bill without looking at everything, I have learned a very valuable lesson. I also feel AT&T should be held accountable too for tacking on this company to my bill. The OAN operator told me he will see how far back they have billed me without any authorization and credit my account. I hope they do follow through. He gave me a story about somebody ordering it online, but must have had the a similar number has me and her name is Michelle Davis. I feel the story is bogus. I feel angry for being duped into paying at least $25 each month for at least half a year now.

    If anybody has any information on who to turn to in order to get some results, please let me know. Can someone please tell me where else can I go and file a formal complaint. How is OAN able to keep continuing their fraudulent activity. Any help or advice from anybody is truly appreciative. I feel lost.

  37. Christine says:

    OAN had added charges for 2 months on my AT&T bill before I noticed it. I first called AT&T who told me I would have to complain to the OAN company. When I called them, they informed me that AT&T had already removed the charges and had put a block on my account to prevent this from happining again. What I’d like to know is why wasn’t there already a block on my account to prevent others from billing me? At any rate, I did receive a refund on my bill about 2 months later.

  38. michael moschella says:

    i started seeing OAN charges on my Embarq bill a few months ago. Trying to contact these people is a pain in the neck. I never authorized any such charges, nor do I know what they are for.

  39. Jeri says:

    Thanks to websites like this one, I found I have been slammed for charges billed by OAN on behalf of allvoicemail.com, LLC-vmail monthly fee of $12.95. I have no idea what this is nor why it showed up on my bill. I will contact OAN, AT&T, and allvoicemail.com but I am doubtful I will get a refund.

  40. CAT says:

    Follow Up:

    In speaking with a supervisor with Verizon it was explained to me that basically back when the FCC deregulated telecommunications all large companies where required to provide third party billing for smaller companies; the intention was to level the playing field and prevent monopolies. From what this supervisor told me this is as much of a problem for them as it is for each of us.

    Although I have not been able to find the actual law that pertains to this I have found this information from the FCC informative and helpful: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/cramming.html

    I will do some more research in my spare time and if I find anything relevant I will post it here.

  41. CAT says:

    Here is the FTC website regarding “Cramming”: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/products/pro18.shtm

  42. Bruce says:

    I noticed at charge for $13.60 for INFO DIAL LDMNTHLYFEE on my Verizon bill. I called the number listed (800-944-9646) and spoke with someone who said her name is Melissa. She said the service was requested by someone with birthday 7/14/92 and email address ahellard48@sbcglobal.net. Neither of those pieces of information match anyone at our number. She said she would cancel the service and refund the charges for Feb and Mar. I said I had taken over paying the bills recently so only had copies of bills for June and July. She took down my info and said she would send it up to Customer Service for review and they would get back to me. I’ll call Verizon tomorrow to ask them if they can block any third party billing.

  43. Chris Pechilis says:

    We were charged $41.95 for something that we never authorized! We are awaiting a credit for this, we’ll see what happens.

  44. Chris Pechilis says:

    We never authorized the charges.

  45. Michelle (missouri) says:

    This is ridiculous that ATT allows unauthorized charges on your account. When I called Oan to ask what the hell this charge was they said I had signed up for this e-mail stuff online – B.S. is what they are. I’m pissed to be out money. We all have families to support and won’t be able to if this crap keeps happening. Hope this company and others like are taken DOWN!!!

  46. Ray says:

    I originally posted to this board in May about this service adding their charges to my phone bill. It took two bills since I had OAN charge me for their “services.” They are finally off it as of July’s bill.

    You must contact your phone provider, not OAN Services, to get this charge off your bill. DON’T PAY IT. Verizon reimbursed me for the charges on my bill, but they told me after I originally complained about these charges not to pay them.


    I did this and am not having any more problems, nor are the phone scammers calling me anymore!

  47. Alisha says:

    I just recieved a charge of 12.95 on my centurytel phone bill and OAN SERVICES INC stated that I had signed up for this service online and that it was for TRAVELERSVMAIL.COM I got rather irate with the woman I spoke to and told her I dont ever sign up for anything online and she said she would be glad to credit it back to my phone bill in one to two billing cycles. I said thats just crazy for something I never signed up for! Then I called Centurytel and told them I was not going to pay the 12.95 from that company and they said that I didnt have to and they were going to put it in dispute!

  48. MLytle says:

    I have just received my bill for July and there is a charge from OAN for $ 14.95 for Instant 411, Inc directory assistant monthly fee. I don’t know who any of these people are but this was not authorized. We just had an AT & T rep on the phone updating our new services w/internet, phone & cable. OAN nor Instant 411 were mentioned in any part of that conversation.

  49. Lostie says:

    Got a shocking Verizon OneBill yesterday. There was an extra $25.02 tacked on by “Other Providers.”
    The first charge was $9.02 to THe Billing Resource for “My billing service setup fee” (Integretel). When I called the provided number, the guy (Lester) said it was a 1-800 number for voicemails or whatever. I told him to cancel it. He also told me about some website, cmvm.com, but I wouldn’t go.
    The second charge was worse. The dreaded OAN Services, Inc. said I gave permission to sign up for Email stock services and charged me $16. Again, I called and cancelled, and they said they’d block my number.
    Everybody, stick to your guns. Don’t let the dragon win!

  50. Marshall says:

    I had a 14.95 charge today from OAN. I called and cancelled, which was done right away, but even with the ‘confirmation number’ they said it would be 2-3 billing cycles before my money was refunded. ATT said to pay it for now and with the confirmation number they would be sure I got the amount refunded within 3 cycles. Sounds fishy, and I’m still going to file an FTC complaint.

    I’m a police officer and I’ll tell you from experience that if people don’t complain, enforcement agencies often don’t know where the problems are.

  51. Bern says:

    I pay my phone bill online & noticed an OAN charge of $5.49 on my Verizon bill. I didn’t know what it was & went into a chat session with a Verizon rep. She told me I would be liable for a late fee if I didn’t pay it, claimed it was a service to me & she volunteered to call OAN for me. I spoke with the OAN rep, who said I could get a refund & told him the amount & gave him my address to send it to. I hadn’t paid the bill yet so I tried to go back in the Verizon window open to view my bill. It wouldn’t let me go back to the “view bill” window so I had to re-login & view the bill again. When I did so, the OAN amount had changed to $7.78! I sent an email to Verizon which I did not get a reply to until several days later. All they did was confirm that OAN’s charge was $7.78 & avoided the questions I asked. The extra $ was taxes & fees which apparently was listed somewhere else on the bill, under Verizon’s charges, the first time I viewed it. I will wait and see what happens, but I have actually thought I should not cash any check, should one arrive, because then this rip-off co. will have my bank info.

  52. Bluerider says:

    I had almost $400 added to my AT&T bill for “900″ calls I did not make. Oan/Accucharge and ESBI/Best Telco are the theives. I did noit make these calls and will not pay them. AT&T said my service would be cut off if I did not pay. Good luck on getting me to pay.

  53. Ray says:

    I just got my most recent Verizon bill today. The OAN charges are off my bill now and I didn’t pay a dime to them. My phone is blocked from any future unauthorized charges without my PERSONAL CONSENT through Verizon Customer Services.


  54. Gwen says:

    Reviewing my mothers phone bill. Notice this OAN charge for the current month so I pull all the past phone bills and I find that this charge started on Jan 09. I called the company today. The rep I spoke with said the charge was for online storage, for files etc. That this service was added not by my mother but me! I told her I wanted to be credited for every month the charge was added to the bill. She said I had to speak to a supervisor. I got a voice mail. Left a detailed message stating I expected a call by no later than this time tomorrow. I know I never requested this service. I have never even heard of this company. I am flaming mad!

  55. Ray says:


    Call your phone provider and tell them you never subscribed to OAN Services and you want it taken off your bill. Then, tell them you want a “block” put on your phone to prevent anyone beside YOURSELF from changing any extra phone services, like your long distance, etc.

    It took me three months to have OAN removed, but I never paid for THAT PART (OAN Services) of my phone bill and Verizon ultimately got it taken care of by calling Verizon to have them remove OAN Services off my monthly bill.

  56. Eric says:

    Is there a guide around here to fully cancel the OAN i need help myself.. my 1st time getting charged from this wierd company

  57. Matthew B says:

    OAN charged $14.95 in May, June, and will again in July, to my phone bill, alleging I filled out an online form. As I know that is false I called in and told the woman answering the phone, “Nanette or Annete” that They needed to cancel this, and credit for all 3 months, or I will be contacting the State AG and my own personal attorney. That got me transferred to her “supervisor” who tried to confirm my email address, but had some totally false address I’ve never used nor heard of. Suddenly she declared she would indeed issue a “courtesy credit” for the 3 months of billing for a service I never ordered.

    I’m also going to be contacting AT&T to complain about this, and I’ll go on and contact the State AG anyway to add to the complaints file there for what I hope will be a future criminal case for all the customers so scammed.

  58. Mary P. says:

    I looked at my phone bill online and just now noticed that I had a $14.95 charge on my phone from Orbit telecom and when I called and told them that I didn’t want the service and didn’t order it they cancelled my subscription but didn’t refund my money back to me. I don’t believe that it is right for them to still make me pay for something I didn’t do or knew nothing about. I will be calling my phone company and see if they will take it off my balance owed.

  59. Laura says:

    The same thing happened to me. I called AT&T to inquire since it was on their billing statement. They couldn’t answer and wouldn’t even venture a guess. I’m upset with OAN, but equally upset with AT&T, who is my vendor, for adding an unauthorized “service” to my account and then billing me for it. Is anyone complaining about that to the phone companies? I filed a complaint with my state’s attorney general, who is taking it seriously and begun an investigation.

  60. Jana Colvard says:

    I received my AT&T phone bill and found an $8.25 charge from OAN for Telecharge Resources LLC. I did not authorize this nor do I really understand why and how I am getting billed for something I didn’t ask for or authorized. I am also upset with AT&T for not verifying this with me before sending out a bill. I am going to file a complaint with AT%T and also the state attorney general.

    elecharge re

  61. Brian S says:

    I work for ATnT I found chages for OAN called 800-215-1961 this is customer service talked pleasantly got a cancellation noted was given confirmation number asked to speak to super asked same questions was given same information took two minutes to get to super ext 6659 also named Brian. 2 minute to maybe correlate stories will see. AT&t and other carriers like Verizon MCI Embark Centurytel Com Cast T Warner to name a few have no recouse on the charges We can’t refund for this or any other as we call Masked service. I was told by clicking a harmless site on the web Green Tree Data.com u sign up they send e mail confirmation that goes into your spam folder under the heading of Sweetmemories9293.com which may sound lude so we delete it. Not very professional. But that is the intention of companies like these. E mail your congressman/person/woman spread the word

  62. fred takahashi says:

    I too had an unauthorized charge of $14.95 on my Embarq statement from OAN Services. I called and was told my wife had used there 411 service on June 21st but will discontinue the service at my request. My wife called within ten minutes and was told by another service rep that she requested the service on June 23 and would email her the form she filled out (never received the email from OAN). Our Embarq statement had July 7 as the date of the charges. After a third call to OAN they finally agreed to credit our phone bill. I also called Embarq to dispute the charges and to block further third party billing. We’ll see what happens next month when our monthly statement arrives…..

  63. Bert says:

    Yet another, AT&T is trying to assist, best way to get there attention is for everyone with this problem is to cancel your phone service as soon as you see this. I still am amazed that the governemt ios allowing this to operate, and yes it is an FCC law that they must allow it, but there should be customer verification. Imagine if the AT&T reps went to the store and there was a 100 dollar addition but nothing in there cart, then were told they had to pay for it, and call the manufacturer for credit. I can’t believe this is going on, remarkable.

  64. melinda says:

    this happened to me too. $14.95. same story as everyone elses. im wtg for AtT to put on a supervisor for me to talk to. They are trying to discourage me from talking to a supervisor

  65. Andy says:

    I have a fast food restaurant. To my surprise, OAN on behalf of Accucharge, LLC charged my AT&T account $266.37 for calls to 900-328-7877. One of the charges was for a call of 27 minutes during rush dinner time. We do not allow employees to use the phone (only managers are allowed and that day a female manager was in charge). It is almost impossible for employees to be on the line for almost half an hour. I called Accucharge and tried to dispute the charges but they told me that the calls were traced to my phone line. AT&T will not do anything (AT&T gets a commision on this?). Did something like this ever happen to anybody?
    The same problem happened to that telephone line a couple years ago when the business was closed (around 2 AM). It is frustrating since it looks like I have to eat that charges.

  66. Mary F says:

    Got our Verizon phone bill today with a $14.95 charge from OAN Services, Inc. 1-800-892-8424
    I called that number, spoke with ‘Alex’ (obviously not his real name, he spoke with a India or similar accent). ‘Alex’ stated that I signed up for this on a website called http://www.InnovationAbs.com or something like that – perhaps someone else with similar experience can specify the website. I can’t find the website on my computers history for July 31, 2009. ‘Alex’ gave me a confirmation # and stated charges would be stopped. I told him I wanted them stopped immediately. I don’t recall him saying anything about 3 billing cycles, but we’ll be sure to call Verizon and put a stop to any further monthly charges from this company. I also told ‘Alex’ that I would be contacting the PA state Attorney General about OAN Services, Inc. HUGE silence on the line – no comment from ‘Alex’. Now, I’m doing a search online for others compaining about this company, and hoping for a Class Action Lawsuit. Any other suggestions for productive action taken?

  67. Alison says:

    Just looked at my automatic billing from Embarq and noticed it was a little high. Imagine my surprise when I went online and there was a third party billing from OAN Services, Inc. I immediately called Embarq and put a third party block on my account. Embarq gave me the 1-800-713-9078 number for OAN billing. I was angry and snotty to the OAN operator and informed her that I NEVER ordered any 411 service from anyone. I then began to get loud and was told by the operator “don’t raise your voice to me”. I cancelled services-that I NEVER ordered- and asked for a refund for billing since 2/09 of $14.95/month. I also asked for the order form that the operator said I filled out to be emailed to me. I was placed on hold and when the operator came back was told I would be getting a full refund and that an email had be sent to the hotmail.com account on file. I started laughing at her and stated that since I haven’t had a hotmail email for at least 10-15 years that would be difficult. I stated that her company obviously automatically searched and billed me without my knowledge due to the fact that OAN did not have my current email address that I have been using for the past 10 years. I will be writing my AG and BBB.

  68. Susan H says:

    On 8/13/2009 we received a bill from AT&T with a $15.85 charge from OAN We called the toll-free number on the bill and were immediately connected to Ideal Voice Mail. A representative named Toya told us we placed an order over the internet on 7/19/09 or voicemail service, which obviously, we didn’t. She said we would be issued a refund and gave us a refund number. I can’t understand why AT&T lets “companies” like this use them for 3rd party billing. OAN and Ideal Voice Mail seem to be totally fraudulent organizations who prey on people who don’t read their bills, or who can’t be bothered to complain. We will be contacting the Richard Blumenthal’s office (CT State Attorney General) and a family member who works at a local TV station.

  69. JoAnne Rich says:

    I wrote earlier about fraudulent charges on our AT&T bill. After 3 months of fighting with them we changed to a local telephone service. I feel AT&T and others are getting a cut from this, otherwise they would put a stop to it. We were reimbursed for almost everything, but staying on with them wasn’t worth the hassel. Good luck to all. I did contact the Attorney General’s office and there was an investigation, but of course they denied any wrongdoing.

  70. Ann R says:

    I also had the $14.95 plus tax charge from OAN on my ATT bill. Called the OAN number and was told that they had sent 2 confirmation emails to an email address in an entirely different person’s name. She was very nice and said she was blocking further attempts to put the service on my bill. Got the same story it would take a couple of billing cycles to reverse the charge. We shall see. Amazing that this company is still operating. Pay attention to your normal billing amounts, people – my bill is consistent enough that the extra $15 was noticeable but I can see where this could slip by for those whose bill amounts vary.

  71. steve c says:

    I just viewed my verizon bill, and it had a charge of $12.95 plus tax for gold web hosting from OAN Services. I immediately contacted verizon customer service and they knew right away that this was a ‘cramming’ thing, and promptly credited it back to my account. In checking past months, the service rep also found the same charge on my last month’s bill (which I didn’t check at the time. This was also credited back. The rep put a block on these types of billings on my account, but you can be sure that I will be checking my bill very closely each month. I can’t believe something like this can still happen, but it does. I recently found out that OAN left a voicemail on my home phone number that required a call-back to cancel the supposed subscription. I know times are hard right now, but the person who found this company should be able to find a legitimate way to make a living….

  72. Candace says:

    I just got my AT&T statement and had a charge of $12.95 plus tax for gold web hosting from Digital Village billed by OAN Services. A call to AT&T was less than helpful. The customer service rep said they’d investigate and take it off my bill but there was no way to block 3rd party services from being charged to my bill and I had to resolve the matter with OAN. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she insisted I’d get the same answer and the only other option was to call the PUC. I called OAN and after waiting a couple of minutes got a recording that said there was no line to the number then it hung up. A second attempt got me through to a rep who looked up the account, asked if I knew a “Mike Jones” and when I stated I didn’t, apologized, said he must have transposed some numbers on his order, said my account would be refunded, and that they’d block future charges to my number. We’ll see. I really don’t understand how a company like AT&T can’t block 3rd parties.

  73. Christine says:

    Reply to Candace: AT&T definitely CAN block 3rd party billing. They’ve blocked it for me after I had been subjected to the same scam.

  74. Tracy says:

    I was billed by OAN on my ATT bill for an email service that had not been approved. After being on hold for quite some time they diconnected the service and ATT took it off my bill. ATT did not on my account that all third party bills has to be approved with me first. I was told they are getting access through differnt websites you may open and then they track your highspeed number.

  75. Scott says:

    Billed by OAN on last 2 statements. Called Bellsouth, and after saying only 3 letters (“OAN”), was quickly informed they will adjust the bill. Also put a 3rd Party block on without any problem. Stinks to be over charged (READ YOUR BILLS!), but great responsed by BellSouth.

  76. Bob says:

    verizon bill had 2 unknown charges. Called and got the integretel charge taken care of. The Oan co. is not cooperating. Talked to a person with India accent and he keeps trying to make some sort of deal. Like sending me a gift card in 5 days. Well I called back after 11 days to say I have not received anything. He says he will resend it. I can’t even get a confirmation # from them. Its a big scam and the phone companies should not deal with them. I may have to speak tp my attorney.

  77. Bill says:

    Has anyone used a website that finds people based on phone number? My wife did this and paid 99 cents for the service. Then our credit card was charged for 2 fake services, which we were able to get our money back for…now we have Oan services on our Verizon bill. My wife said the site asked for our phone number. I think this is all related, but curious if anyone on here did something similar.

  78. Steve says:

    I had received my verizon bill and found out that I was been charged 2 months of Simple.net ISP SVC from OAN which I don’t know what the hell is that. Each month is 16.95 plus tax. a total of 37.74 dollars for two months. I am going to call verizon tomorrow to have them remove it.

  79. Stephen says:

    OAN Services charged me $14.05 in Jan and Feb. I saw it on my phone bill and called them asking for a reimbursement. They refused but said they would no longer bill me. They started up again in June and did it in July. My phone provider reimbursed me for August, but I have to call OAN again to complain. I don’t understand who they are or how they are getting away with this. Why is the FCC just sitting back and doing nothing about OAN? No doubt there are hundreds of other phone scams going on that the FCC is ignoring, but this is their job! What’s to keep ANYONE from doing this? If you don’t look at your bill in detail, you will never know it’s there because you didn’t ask for their service–it just showed up and will remain on your bill until you do something about it. Like me, you may have to do it more than once.

  80. Karin says:

    I reported both, OAN and Digital Villages to the FCC.org. As usual, ATT claimes they can’t do nothing about it until I threatened them with leaving. The promissed they would bill the charges back to OAN…..yeah, right!

  81. Karin says:

    And yes, ATT also gave me the run around about blocking a 3rd party. Wonder if they are all in the same bed?

  82. Michelle says:

    I just had it happen to me…called the 800 # listed on bill to remove this unauthorized charge…We’ll see if it happens. I did speak with a live person. They explained to me that a relative in my home signed up for the service online. It doesn’t seem to matter that the relative has NOTHING to do with my phone bill. ANYONE can put their name to it and supposedly add this service to your bill. Amazing when you call to do anything on your own home phone bill…Verizon will ask you for your address, and even the last four digits of your social security # to process anything…but any stranger can add this service to your bill??? Amazing. I am pretty upset with all this. I’ll be even more upset if these charges are not removed.

  83. Catherine says:

    scam charges from OAN and USBI
    Please file complaint with FCC at 1 888 225-5322

  84. Melissa says:

    for the 2nd month in a row we were charged by OAN for instant411. I called them back & they said that their bill had gone out to the AT&T prior to us calling to cancel. They said that they would credit the amount. Then I spoke to AT&T and told them that this had happened before and that I wanted to block all 3rd party billing. They said no problem, you will just not be able to get collect calls with a block on it. Fine with me! Hopefully this is taken care of now.

  85. Caleb says:

    Recently, my family has been recieving charges of $100+_ for some sort of backup protection on my very own computer. I’ve never even heard of this before. It came up under my name and I became very angry. I called my local telephone company and completely stopped the charges. Everything is good now but I don’t know why the telephone company would allow third-party charges on our phone bill. That’s just ridiculous.

  86. mike says:

    Guys, I work for ATT billing. Yes, this is a total scam, but, because of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, we and other providers are powerless to stop it unless you call or write (e-mail) requesting a block of 3rd party billing (because of this law, when I pull up you bill, I cannot even see the name of the company, much less what they claim they’re billing you for). OAN, ILD Teleservices, PYM billing are, in my opinion, all the same people. It’s a company based in Antigua (RED FLAG!!!) that has found either your e-mail address or phone number through some type of illicit means. Here’s what you do: First, please call 1-800.ATT.(288).2020,(or your current provider) and place a block on 3rd party billing (we can’t do it unless you ask, as per Telecommunications Act of 1996). If you have been scammed, call us or whoever is providing you phone service, dispute the charges for 90 days (these bastards have, by law, 65 days from the time of your dispute, to credit you!), and ask for a dispute and “do not treat” request for the 90 days (treatment is late charges, disconnect, collections, etc.). Also, file complaints with your state commerce commisssion (utility regulatory commission, etc.)as well as the FCC Consumer Complaint Divison (888.225.5322). That way, you have bullets for you gun when they tell you “you ordered this on the internet, through a telphone solicitation, etc.) Finally, when you call them, RAISE HELL! The last thing they want is another complain which will eventually shut them down!

  87. Will Uland says:

    Found a charge on my AT&T bill form OAN on behalf of instant411. Called them and they claimed they had an electronic signature that showed the order for their services. I told them it was fraudulent and they were hiding the order and what they were doing was illegal. Spoke to a man named Alan but i doubt that is his real name. I will be contacting AT&T and atty gen for KY.

  88. Fred says:

    On Sept. 14, I noticed a charge of $12.95 for Travelersvmail.com LLC. I have never heard of them but they are associated with OAN. I called, found out the service is something I don’t want and learned that a “Suzy Martinez” had authorized it using my number — by transposing numbers, the rep suggested. She promised they’d refund the four months I’ve been charged. Today, I called AT&T (per #86 above). When I got through, the service rep quickly canceled the OAN service and blocked third party billing. She said she gets calls about OAN “every day” but OAN does credit AT&T accounts, as it says it will. Which means it feeds on folks who do not pay attention.

  89. Cassandra says:

    I found out a third party(OAN Network) was billing me via through my phone company and around the same time the billing company was put through a virus came on my computer. Verizon reverse the charges in time enough for my next billing cyle, but this is fraudlent practices and there should be something done about this company and the telephone companies which allow the practice.

  90. KETKI says:


  91. Paul says:

    I’ve had charges for 2 months that I couldn’t figure out until I just saw the OAN charges for $25. I calle AT&T and she actually put me through to what was called Kool Technologies and she had a fake email for us and a fake birthday. So the charges were removed.

  92. Jim Dowers says:

    I never signed up for OAN but was charged $9.65 on my AT&T Bill. I called OAN to cancel after the first bill, OAN’s customer service rep said OAN would cancel the service and credit me but my next months’s AT&T bill had another charge from OAN for $9.65. I called AT&T directly and they said that AT&T would send the charges back to OAN. OAN is a internet scam so why does AT&T allow this scam to continue by adding OAN charges to the AT&T bills of so many of AT&T’s customers ?

  93. Mary says:

    Charges for 3 mos now for me on AT&T bill. Was told after 1st call to ” Billing esources” that service would be cancelled and charges removed in 2-3 billing cycles. One charge was credited to my account, but service continues under a different name. Called AT&T to cancel phone service & was told to pay my AT&T bill only and ESBI would be blocked. We will see. I don’e intend to pay for anything i didn’t authorize or use.

  94. Sharon says:

    Just got my centurytel bill and OAN is on it, first thing in the morninh I will be calling FCC, my atty general, and the BBB lastly I will call OAN amd raise hell.

  95. Christy Schraub says:

    AT&T bill showing $12.95 monthly charge for ALLVOICEMAIL.COM. I also can’t believe that AT&T would allow this to happen, thinking about canceling them now.

  96. Bob Jack says:

    I just got the OAN services $14.95 on my AT&T Bill. I am so disgusted by these rip-off attempts, so sleazy. And then you have to deal with it.

    Anyway, I ran their Webste on Whois and this is what came back:

    Billing Concepts, Inc.
    Billing Concepts, Inc.
    7411 John Smith Dr #200
    San Antonio, TX 78229

    Registrar Name….: REGISTER.COM, INC.
    Registrar Whois…: whois.register.com
    Registrar Homepage: http://www.register.com

    Domain Name: billview.com

    Created on…………..: Tue, Apr 06, 1999
    Expires on…………..: Fri, Apr 06, 2012
    Record last updated on..: Wed, Jul 05, 2006

    Administrative Contact:
    Billing Concepts, Inc.
    Hostmaster Concepts, Inc.
    7411 John Smith Dr #200
    San Antonio, TX 78229
    Phone: 210-949-7288

    Technical Contact:
    Billing Concepts, Inc.
    Hostmaster Concepts, Inc.
    7411 John Smith Dr #200
    San Antonio, TX 78229
    Phone: 210-949-7288

  97. Candace says:

    It happened for a 2nd month in a row. OAN gave me the song & dance that I had cancelled just as the billing cycle took place, yada, yada, and said it would be taken off the bill. I contacted AT&T and thanks to Mike (post #86) got them to block 3rd party billers. The customer service rep today had no hesitation about putting the block in place. (Thank you Mike!!)

  98. Christy Schraub says:

    I called AT & T and they told me that they can’t block 3rd party billers. Maybe its a state thing? I live in Nevada.

  99. Karin says:

    They told me the same thing, but I live in Texas….all bs

  100. Christine says:

    I live in Texas too, but AT&T told me they could and would place a block on 3rd party billing.

  101. sandra. says:

    There is a $14.95 charge on my AT&T bill from OAN IT’S

  102. Frank says:

    Hello Well the OANS bastards try to pull a fast one. charging me 14.95 + 1.21 = 16.16 for the month of august and september. att said that i didnt have any notes on my account doesnt reps notate account when customer call in. i requested to speak to a supervisor and at&t told me that i had contact the company and they told me that have sent the request back to at&t and that they reject OAN credit blah. how the hell can that be u know.


    but am still going to send in. the finally payment of .81 so they can say i paid in full not report me to collections.

  103. Rusmir says:

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Just wanted to say that i got charged on my home phone thru Verizon $14.89 based on monthly charges from OAN SERVICES which i never heard in my life.It also says DigitalVillage.com.IT IS A BIG SCAM. CALL YOUR PHONE PROVIDER AND YELL AT THEM WHY THEY ALLOW SUCH A THING ..AND YOU MUST CALL 800 NUMBER FOR AN TO CANCEL IT AND REFUND YOUR MONEY . BUT TRICK IS YOU MUST HIT OPTION 1 AS LIKE TO ORDER SERVICES IN ORDER FROM THEM TO ANSWER.GOOD LUCK

  104. Paul says:

    This OAN put a monthly charge for 9.36 for email service on my AT&T account this month, which I did not order at all.
    AT&T had confirmed that they already charged 3 months. THis company have to be stopped.

  105. Tiffany Martinez says:

    I was charged 9.10 to .55 tax to my AT&T bill. I have never and can’t imagine why I would need this service. I don’t use my homephone at all. I am rarely there. I have sent them notification letting them no it is not a service I want nor have subsribed to. Please stop this company in its tracks.

  106. Paula says:

    I have had this same problem twice, through 2 “separate” companies. I had erroneous charges on my ATT bill from OAN in 04/09 & 05/09. I got both months credited through OAN, no problem, but now I’m getting more of this voice mail charge through another company “Billing Resource” aka “MyBillingServices,Inc”. Those have been credited by the folks at mybillingservices and they say they put a block on the billing, but all of this smacks of a scam. I am contacting my state utility commission and/or the attorney general regarding these companies. Since ATT is a nationwide company, I may have to go to the FCC. Continuing complaining to your provider, ATT/Verizon, is important, but this needs to go to a higher level. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit on these Add-On Voicemail service companies, I would like to be a part of that. I will continue to watch my monthly bill like a hawk. These companies prey upon customers who don’t know what they are being charged for.

  107. Alisa says:

    I got nailed by these scam artists as well. They said some name of some person who signed up for this. I asked for them to repeat the name and they refused to. They are crooks, liars and people need to be checking their phone bills monthly. ATT can’t do anything about it, but someone needs to stop them. It is horrible that they can just start charging you without any consent. They need to go to jail!!!

  108. ABP says:

    We received a charged of 14.95 on our bill and of course we didnt not order this upon investigating the charge found out they have mined info from various databases and framed a family friend of the business stating they ordered this service which in fact they would have NEVER ordered it! Scam, Cram, Bam they got us!

  109. Andrew Hoang says:

    I happen to see OAN charge $15.86, added to AT&T bill. I called OAN but unable to talk to any rep. I called AT&T and ask representative help me cancel and credit back to me my money.

    AT&T rep called and talk to OAN rep. I just hold the phone and hear their conversasion. OAN rep, name Cindy, claimed that it was a typo and she will cancel tha service and credit my money. But it may take 2 to 3 bill cycle (?). What she mean is that they may charge me for couple more month before the fix take effect????

    Personaly, I think AT&T did the wrong thing to us, their loyal customers. They added OAN charge in my bill without my concern. AT&T rep explained that AT&T law allow any third party charge what-ever they want to us, customer! What a policy!

    I wish I can do something to stop them from rip off money to their cumsomer, poor victims.

  110. Andrew Hoang says:

    I called the AT&T and requested a 3rd party billing block. they told me that they can NOT do that. is that true that AT&T can not block 3rd party billing?

    They said they can bill back OAN to get my rip-off money but they can not stop others 3rd party billing!!!

    Anyone has suscessful to block 3rd party billing in California?

  111. sandra thompson says:

    OAN Services, Inc on AT & T
    bill for $14.95+tax without knowledge or authorization.

  112. JohnR says:

    Unauthorized charge to AT&T home phone bill from OAN:

    For billing questions call 1-800-395-6282

    Called phone number, hold music, no answer. Spoke with AT&T, AT&T was helpful. AT&T customer rep called OAN, OAN told her that credit will appear on next bill.

  113. Fritz Beckworth says:

    I was being charged 14.95 a month for 4 months. This was a charge not authorized by myself or my wife. The e-mail account used was not used by anyone at my household.

  114. Jeff Funwiz says:

    VERIZON has billed me again for OAN charges, each time a different website, but still using DIGITAL VILLAGE. I have a flat monthly rate, and anything added to that charge is quickly noticed. I contacted last month and had everything removed, credited back, and was suppose to block any future events. THEY CHARGED AGAIN! The first time I gave give VERIZON and OAN a courtesy call, and a stern WARNING not to do it again. Then I warned them that next time, I will bill them for my time/trouble to resolve the issues, and if needed: lawyer fees, court costs and filing fees. I charge $100/first 30 min, $50/30 min after that, lawyer fees are $250/hour. If we all start billing VERIZON and OAN, they will take the hint that they can’t stick it to the people anymore! LETS PREVENT BILLING FRAUD LIKE THIS! STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!!! NOW EVERYONE HAVE A GOOD WEEK! :0)

  115. manny givot says:

    i never oan services. It just appeared on my bill. I have had no satisfaction from ATT or OAN

  116. Tom From Cleveland Ohio says:

    I did a google search on OAN complaints and found over 600,00 results. I did that search when I received my monthly AT&T bill for Oct. 2009 and like many others here received a bill from a company like many others here have never heard of; OAN Services. The bill said I was getting their $14.95 voicemail services, which is absurd since I get voicemail services from AT&T which I have been happy with and is inexpensive. Since I’m always careful about how I spend money since I’m currently unemployed, I ask myself how did this happen? I thought I haven’t given out my phone number or personal info to anyone. But then I remembered last month, Publishers Clearinghouse has a website that in order to enter their contests, third party vendors ask for phones numbers even if you don’t want to purchase anything. So I probably messed myself up there although I never ordered anything. It’s strange that in my research, as early as 2006, people have been complaining about OAN and yet three years later they are still scamming people. I hope we can finally shut them down.

  117. Peter says:

    I just opened my Verizon Bill and found that OAN Services Inc. has charged my account with $9.10 on behalf of E-Secure Services. Never heard or even authorized anybody to tag on a charge to my Phone bill.
    Anyway, I tried calling the OAN billing question number and the automated system passed me on to the “Service” department of E-Secure. Here it’s 6:15pm PST and the recording says the office hours are from 8am-7pm CST, left a message that I expect a full credit and that I will call back on Monday.
    Then I called OAN again and tricked the system into giving me a live person, The poos soul (name was Lee) said that OAN does billing services for third parties and cannot credit me.
    So I called Verizon and talked to a very nice Lady named Alex. She immediatly told me I dod not have to pay that part of the bill and that Verizon will contact the thrid party biller.
    To get to alive person at OAN I did the following:
    They repeat the number you are calleing from and asked if this is the number you are calling about. I pressed the button (can’t remember which one) for no and then they asked you to enter the number you a inquiring about. Here I just typed in their toll-free number from the bill (1-800-892-8424) and this brought me to a live person.

  118. LG says:

    I received my AT&T bill today – noticed it was higher than usual and looked for why, seeing the charge for OAN Services. I called and asked and was told I signed up for it on-line. I stated that is incorrect and to take it off. ‘Bill’ said it would be credited in one to two billing cycles, to which I responded, NO, credit it now and do not add it again. He gave me a confirmation # and I called AT&T – they didn’t need that #, removed the charge and put a block on my account for any further/other unauthorized charges. The person I talked to with AT&T said they have this problem a lot, and wish they could stop it. Why can they not???

  119. Rachelle says:

    I just received my verizon phone bill and noticed an additional $9.00 charge from OAN services, inc. It says it’s for “Implied Services LLC Monthly Service Fee”. I called OAN using the 800 number for OAN which was on my bill. I left a message and they called me back. They said the charge was for my internet so I could upload more pictures and authorized by some guy named Tom who used my telephone number. I told them I did not authorize this charge and they said they would credit it back to my bill in 1-2 billing cycles. Given what other people have said on these types of forums, I am not hopeful. I will also be calling Verizon on Monday to complain and let them know this is yet another reason why I will be cancelling my home phone and never using Verizon again given the multitude of issues I had with Verizon with both a pre-paid cell phone and internet service.

  120. James says:

    I was charged $9.00 plus tax and have never heard of them nor ordered anything from them.Have been given the run around with the number provided on my bill.Calling AT&T in the morning and reporting this OAN to the BBB.

  121. Helena says:

    Called OAN with the first erroneous billing. Called again when received no credit and a second billing. Could barely understand the person. Seems they talk very fast in an effort to make you give up and move on. Then called AT&T. Happy to say the rep put a block on my phone so as not to allow OAN services; put through a credit; and assisted me with filing of a fraud complaint. If enough fraud complaints are made, a block will be an automatic thing rather than making people jump through hoops.

  122. Ashley says:

    Just noticed a increase in my phone and Internet bill by OAN Services…..called the number and was able to cancel the services i did not ask for in the first place! How are they allowed to do that with all these people on this site claiming Unauthorized services by this company! Can they be sued for this? Is that what all these stories are for? Thanks for the info that i am not alone!

  123. Bernie says:

    Got a phone bill with a $9.80 fee on my bill. Did not authorize this on my phone. Called At&t they said I would have to call Oan and this Telecharge resouce LLc and get them to do a credit to my account. Call them and told them I would not pay this bill. If I did not pay it would add up charges. I would like to know why I have to pay for this when I did not want it nor orded it. At&t is just as bad as Oan is.

  124. Tina says:

    Charges appeared on my Oct 16, 2009 mthly AT&T home phone bill. Called AT&T and was told to call OAN Services, if OAN was unwilling to credit charges back to call them back. OAN said I signed up for the service from my work PC. I said I did not request the service and asked them to cancel it and credit the the charges back. They me told the service was canceled, but could not credit the charge back, because I had requested service. I asked them to fax me a copy of the form I alledgedly filled out and signed. I was told it was requested via an online form and there was no physical signature. They said they could email me a copy of the request form they had received from me. Called AT&T, informed them as to the events and they sent the charges back to OAN Services and credited my account. When I received the form from OAN I knew I had never seen this form before in my life. I found many other complaints on the internet when I Googled the company about them doing this to others. I then filed a complaint with the FCC as AT&T reccomended.

  125. Jeff says:

    Every couple of months these scumbags slam my ATT account. I call to get it fixed, then it just reappears a couple months later. Thieving crooks.

  126. JoAnne Rich says:

    Jeff, that is the reason we dropped ATT after 25 yrs. I don’t know when they are going to wake up

  127. Christine says:

    I requested AT&T put a block on my account for this kind of activity which they did. No more problems since.

  128. CAT says:

    In speaking with a supervisor with Verizon it was explained to me that basically back when the FCC deregulated telecommunications all large companies where required to provide third party billing for smaller companies; the intention was to level the playing field and prevent monopolies. From what this supervisor told me this is as much of a problem for them as it is for each of us.

    Although I have not been able to find the actual law that pertains to this I have found this information from the FCC informative and helpful: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/cramming.html

    Here is the FTC website regarding “Cramming”: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/products/pro18.shtm

  129. Willy says:

    Got a charge from OAN Services for a monthly fee for a subscription to National Online Directory, Inc, for $39.95. Needless to say, I never signed up for that. I called AT&T and they took the charge off my bill but said I would likely get a bill directly from OAN. I will call OAN to try to prevent that from happening.

  130. Willy says:

    Called OAN, and they played back a recording of the phone call that caused the charge to appear. From the recording, it appears that a member of my household actually signed up for this service. However, the call was in very rapid badly accented English, and was very similar to many free “directory services” and “company listing verifications” that we get. When the caller was discussing the fee it was somewhat inaudible. But in fact, apparently, we did sign up. To their credit, OAN offered, and I accepted, to close that account and refund the charges. They gave me a cancelation confirmation number, and said that it could take 30 to 60 days for the refund to appear in my account.

  131. Charlotte says:

    OAN intervened with my overseas call and charged me for assistance without telling me i would be charged. they gave me an address in texas to write to dispute charges.

  132. educated serviceperson says:

    oan ild isb all off these services are ways to disguise charges from porn sites to your phonebill. when you people go to these sites and you think it’s free- its not. and before you get on your sopbox and claim youve never had a sexual thought – understand someone in your house did. doesnt matter if theyre 5 or 500, the people in your home are not who you think they are. these charges say voicemail or something clever to that effect but its really porn charges. and before you say you live alone and no one could have picked up the phone and called what they thought was a free sex line or went on the computer and looked at an explicit site- you need to call the police because from what youre saying- someone broke into your home with the only intention of charging porn to you phonebill. get over it- if youre a freak – or someone in your family is a freak, dont take it out on people that make 9 bucks an hour and hate their lives. go get a priest and exorcize the porn demon out of your pc or phone. carry on

  133. Karin says:

    the last commentary is totally arrogant and irrelevant to the problems of OAN.

  134. Karin says:

    I resent the last comments

  135. Christine says:

    “educated serviceperson” is obviously very uneducated and inexperienced.

  136. Jeff says:

    I received this mysterious OAN billing of $9.95 on my ATT Bill. I called the number for OAN on my bill. A recording gave me a number to the service that OAN was representing. The girl was very accomodating. She did try to talk very fast like in the previous threads, but i cut her off to make sure she repeated herself with the information she giving me. I explained i did not request this service, even though she gave me a date that she said i signed up for it. I had her cancel, block and credit the $9.95 back to my account. She did say it would take 1 to 2 billing cycles, even gave me a conf. #. We will see. There has to be a way to block this from happening. It seems there are a lot of people that this is happening too. As for Educated service person, get a life. If you know so much about porn calls and websites, that does not say much about you.

  137. POed says:

    Do not call the scammers at OAN. They are trying to hustle you. They just put a fraudulent charge on your bill, do you think you can suddenly trust them now? Of course not. If you pay and wait three billing cycles, you cannot challenge the charges with your service provider – it’s just another part of the scam. Instead, call your service provider. Tell them you want the charges dropped. If the customer rep says you should call OAN or gives you any grief at all, ask to speak to a supervisor. Get the supervisors name. Tell the supervisor that this is a well known crammer (use that word, it’s telephone lingo for illegally adding bogus charges to phone bills) and you expect the charges dropped immediately. Tell the supervisor you want all third party charges blocked, that if OAN charges ever appear again you will cancel your account with the company. Further, you will explain what happened when you cancel and you will give the supervisors name.

  138. Mary Moran says:

    I have been charged twice by this company and the customer service reps are rude, and liars. they keep transferring you to other rude reps and act as if they know nothing about the charges, but their number is on the phone bill beside the charges.

  139. Ken says:

    I just got done doing the same as post#136 did so I hope that this happens OK. I had called OAN services before hand and cancelled through them and also recieved a confirmation # to verify. It’s amazing that this can happen and you know not everyone catches on to this and will pay this each month.They said I signed up on Oct 27 and it was with my girlfriends e-mail account I did verify with her 1st and she said absolutely not plus it was during the daytime.People just make sure you do something don’t sit on your hands with this. Good luck to all who have had this on your bill.

  140. Jacky says:

    Charge of $14.95 + tax showed up on our September Embarq/Centurylink bill and my wife called the customer service number provided. Their rep claimed to have a digital signature that we had approved the service, which, of course, we hadn’t. We informed them that we wanted the service removed immediately, as well as the charge for September and the coming October bill. They patronized my wife, which only angered her more, and promised to remove the service, but not the initial charge because they claimed to have a digital signature. We demanded proof, but 3 days later, we have not received it. I ended up calling Centurylink. Their customer service rep was VERY helpful. She blocked all 3rd party services, removed OAN, and the charges to our phone bill.

  141. Kristine H says:

    When we first opened our store we had a scammer call the store and say he was “verifying” our long distance carrier info. I hadn’t ORDERED long distance because we don’t need it – so I was confused. The guy made it sound like they were WITH AT&T – he spoke very fast, the connection was bad, AND I had a store full of customers so I was trying to get through it as fast as I could.
    Well — sure enough – a bit later I noticed I was suddenly being billed for long distance. I called AT&T and cancelled it and they told me they’d put a 3rd party block on my account – changes would require my written authorization.

    Forward almost a year later and I opened one of my phone bills (which I need to make a point of doing more often – they just debit my acct every month and I don’t think much about it) and see a 3rd party charge for $14.95 from OAN for “InfoCall LLC – Directory Asst”.
    So I call the number they gave and after about 5 minutes on hold they answered.
    The gal was very polite – she asked for my acct number & name. Asked if it was a business phone (yes) and asked if I knew someone named Pamela Alboni (sp?). I said no. She said that “obviously” the person had erroneously signed us up, saying that she was authorized to make changes on this account. She said she would cancel the service and refund the $44.85 (I’d been “signed up” since JULY!!).
    It all went pretty easy, but we’ll see what happens next. If I see more charges from this next month… ugh. I then called AT&T to verify that I’d cancelled this fraudulent service, was expecting a refund & asked about the block I’d put on for 3rd party services.
    She said they coudln’t stop them. They could stop long distance TRANSFERS but gov’t restrictions prohibited them from preventing this sort of charges. I’m not quite clear why but she said it happened all the time and I need to keep closer watch on my bill.
    What I found REALLY odd about my call to OAN, though, was that the call seemed to KNOW I was calling to cancel! It was surreal!

    Oh — and OAN is only the billig company, they are not the company directly scamming you. At least as near as I can tell. I’m sure “InfoCall” or whatever is the one in THIS case responsible for the fraudulent information/scam. HOWEVER, it seems that OAN does billing for QUITE A LOT of fraudulent companies so something is apparently very lax in their affiliate requirements.
    SHAME ON ALL OF THEM. If they applied half as much effort to earn an HONEST wage, they’d do great in life!

  142. DuWayne says:

    Quit belliachen, just don’t pay them.

  143. LG says:

    DuWayne… No one is “belliachen”, just passing along info that will help others be aware that there is something that can be done about this scam. Watch your phone bill, and all bills carefully – you might be in the next million to be billed/scammed.

  144. Karin says:

    Here is a very important contact information for consumer complaints (had success):
    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Response Center
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20580
    877 382 4357

  145. Norcal says:

    I didn’t ask for this service. I don’t want this service. Why is AT&T part of this scam?

  146. Gil says:

    Just called OAN’s customer service number: (800)944-9646. They are removing & refunding the web hosting charges on my at&t business account. Turns out a telemarketer spoke to a Mr. Lambert who had authorized the service. I have no one by that name who works for me. Regardless, the rep did say it’ll be removed. Make sure to get a an employee number from the customer service rep when you eventually will have to follow-up.

  147. Dave says:

    This is the 3rd time I have requested this $10.85 charge on my AT&T bill be reversed. The 1st two times I contacted AT&T directly and they reversed it. This time I called OAN Services and requested the credit and a block of any future charges on my number. Let’s see if this works. This is a very big scam. I wonder if AT&T is in on it?

  148. Dave says:

    This is the 3rd time I have requested this $10.85 charge on my AT&T bill be reversed. The 1st two times I contacted AT&T directly and they reversed it. This time I called OAN Services and requested the credit and a block of any future charges on my number. Let’s see if this works. This is a very big scam. I wonder if AT&T is in on it?

  149. Carole Graves says:

    I was charged $9.05 for two months by Triple Three, Inc. (OAN). They said I ordered it online, did no such thing. Called them for a full credit and they agreed to reimburse me.

  150. Hannah R says:

    I discovered charges from OAN on my AT&T bill & immediately called to have it cancelled & refunded. I spoke to a Tiffany who assured me it wasn’t a problem. Now a month later, I see another charge and NO REFUND on my bill! 15.85 each month is crazy for a service I never requested nor wanted. What ever happened to good customer service? I guess running a scam is more important than that.

  151. Hannah R says:

    the contact number Tiffany gave me is 866-600-3466 for those who couldn’t get thru to OAN to cancel services

  152. Peggy Byrd says:

    I received a charge of $9.95 on my AT&T bill and I did not authorized this charge. I tried the phone #’s shown on the bill for this company and I get through their voice choices and then it hangs up on me and I don’t get to talk to a person. This needs to stop. I called AT&T and they are filing a carrier claim against this charge.

  153. cory conklin says:

    My dad got a bill for $12.95 from OAN and I got in trouble for it… rofl… Apparently I bought something when I don’t give my phone number out over the internet? He got scammed… simple as that.

  154. larry mmore says:

    just got my nov. bill with a unauthorized charege from oan for 9.00.
    been with att for 30 yrs but will not hesitate to drop them if this is not corrected

  155. crystal says:

    I noticed a charge for 14.95 on my Embarq phone bill from OAN. I have never signed up with them for anything, after contacting Embarq was told I signed up and will have to try and get the money back from OAN. Called them and asked for proof that I signed up for this bogus service only to be told they couldn’t do that but would email me with a copy of the service itself only to never receive any email. Will continue to call and demand my money back.

  156. Consumer Complaints Against 1 And 1 Web Hosting Company « Web Hosting Blog says:

    [...] user may find restrictions regarding mailboxes while dealing with several hosts who have created special forums for frequently [...]

  157. Dan says:

    I noted a $14.95 charge on my AT&T bill from OAN services in Oct. 2009. I called the OAN # that was on the bill and talked to a CSR. The CSR person was very rude to me when I asked about the services they provided. When I kept complaining about how this service could have been added to my phone bill the CSR interrupted me, saying that they would cancel my account and refund my money. The next two phone bills still had the $14.95 charges on them. I called them again this morning and was told that my account was inactive. I was also asked at this time if I was sure this was a billing and not a refund. I said, no, it’s a billing for the month of Dec. 2009. The CSR then gave me her name, Sharon, and said she would reprocess the cancellation and that I would be getting a notice of such in 5-10 working days. I explained to her that they didn’t even have my correct e-mail address. She noted that and said it would be corrected.
    She also stated that I would be given a full refund of all charges.
    What type of company can do this to a person’s phone account?

  158. Kurt says:

    I saw my monthly phone charge was a few dollars more than usual. Detailed was a new GREENTREEDAT service for $8.43. I looked it up on line and found it is a long distance and voice mail service. My local telephone company already provides me with long distance service, and I have an answering machine. I called the 800 number, spoke with a woman I assume is in a call center overseas, and cancelled the service. I then emailed a complaint to my local telephone company. I am also not going to pay for that fee that I was not asked about. If my telephone company wants to make trouble over that, I will bring it to the attention of my local Congressman and to the FCC.

  159. Rich says:

    OAN has now put a bogus charge on my Verizon bill for the second time in six months. This summer it was $7.00 for “directory assistance”; now it is $14.95 for “Voicemail service”. We never asked for or used either service. In both cases I contacted Verizon and told them I would not pay this charge, and I also filed on-line complaints about OAN with the FCC and Federal Trade Commission. I have also instituted a “third party bill block” with Verizon so that OAN will never again be able to put an unauthorized charge like this on my bill. In my opinion, OAN is the absolute sleaziest business I have ever come across in my life…they are the true scum of the earth.

  160. MARK TURNER says:

    i was fraudly billed on my ATT bill. by these crooks-called their# last month and was told it would be corrected/ got billed again -this time called ATT and told them. garbage stuff being done here-

  161. MARK TURNER says:

    i was frudly charged for a service I have never ordered or heard of on my att bill. Called OAN last month reported the situation and was told they would correct the mistake. well i received my att bill today-again erroneous charge-called ATT and hopefully it will not happen again.

  162. beverly haire says:

    Another complaint, who are these people and why or them being allowed to do this. I called embraq and they where completely useless in assisting me with these charges, I am going to cancel embraq and go thru dis network for phone services. This is crazy and pisses me off.

  163. Sean says:

    The saga continues. I too was billed for unrequested services from OAN Services, Inc. in the amount of $9.00. The ATT bill shows OAN billed me on behave of “Implied Services, LLC.” So, now there is another layer created by these frauds. Where are the FCC cops when you need them? I always seem to get voice mail when I call. Hum?! How many times does the phone companies have to deal with these sharks? How many customers don’t call because they are not aware of the charges, like if someone else is managing their finances?

  164. Clara Reeves says:

    I discovered on 12-07-09 thatatt has been billing for oan services that I never I never ordered, I hjave lost my phone service due to this charge. I live on social security and cannot afford this charge.

  165. Butch Isom says:

    Today, I noticed that my AT&T was approximatly $20 higher than normal. Called AT&T, they pointed out the OAN Charge on my bill of $19.95 and stated that I would have to call OAN. I expressed my displeasure with AT&T for billing a suspicious and unauthorized 3rd party service. I then called OAN Services and was rudely informed by OAN rep Kimberly that recently, I had subscribed to an enhanced phone answering service by completing an online form by entering my phone number and email address. I asked if she had the name for the person submitting that form and she responded with a name that I have never heard of. The longer the conversation went, the more aggitated I became and the more beligerent her responses. She finally responded “alright, I will cancel that service immediately and initiate a refund credit which you can expect to show up on your AT&T bill in about three months. Still upset, I called AT&*T again, shared my conversation with the OAN rep and asked for any paperwork they had in which I had authorized 3rd party billings to my AT&T bill. That request was met with an immediate offer to send me a form which would “de-authorize” any future billings. I said do it! Hopefully, that form will stop future billings and hopefully, I will see a reversal of that charge on my AT&T March billing. From the offerings in the complaints shared here, it is obvious that OAN is a scam company that should be put out of business.

  166. Doug says:

    OAN charge of 14.95 showed up on my AT&T bill. I called the 800 number listed next to the charge to cancel the service and the rep gave me a 866 number. I called 1-866-600-3466 and cancelled the service, but time will tell if it is really canceled.

  167. Frank Milobar says:

    I started getting Oan Services Inc monthly charges on my AT&T bill. I never authorized E-Secure SVCS to be charged to my account. AT&T shouldn’t allow it, OAN should be out of business…

  168. Janet Hays says:

    Our son is disabled and has AT&T. When I got his bill there was a an additional charge on the behalf of OAN for $14.95. Supposedly some kind of voice mail service was requested according to the OAN lady. I called AT&T & they said not to pay the amount for OAN and a block would be put on our sons account to stop this. He also suggested I call OAN which I did. A lady told me that someone signed up online for this service using our sons phone number. She gave me a name, address, and email address of the person who requested the service. She also gave me conformation numbers for Nov&Dec saying $14.95 was billed for both months. She said this was definitely a fraud committed by the person she gave me the name of. I see that the fraud is more likely on the behalf of OAN. Are there other suggestions on who to report this scam to other than AT&T?

  169. James A Murphy says:

    Ok people,here we go again!2 months ago I was (as many) fraudently charged a service from OAN,all of that has been taken care of as of 12/16/2009.Now,today I received my new phone bill and have another fraudulent charge from a company called”United Tell,LLC findyourdiet.com monthly”! This charge is 14.95 and when I called the phone number provided on my phone bill the lady would NOT tell me her company name but she would give me credit for this month & told me that I was being charged for Jan 2010 also.I was able to get these charges reversed and put another 3rd party block through AT&T.The lady (Ami) from AT&T was very friendly and even made jokes about the charge which made me feel so much better after talking to this other lady from the HBS Billing Services(The were billing for this fraudulent;findyourdiet.com).I’m providing what I found about this unauthorized service for all:Registration Service Provided By: Enom, Inc
    Visit: http://www.enom.com

    Domain name: findyourdiet.com

    Registrant Contact:
    Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    Whois Agent ()

    PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1
    C/O findyourdiet.com
    Bellevue, WA 98007

    Administrative Contact:
    Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    Whois Agent ()
    Fax: +1.4259744730
    PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1
    C/O findyourdiet.com
    Bellevue, WA 98007

    Technical Contact:
    Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    Whois Agent ()
    Fax: +1.4259744730
    PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1
    C/O findyourdiet.com
    Bellevue, WA 98007

    Status: Locked

    Name Servers:

    Creation date: 14 Jun 2006 18:33:13
    Expiration date: 14 Jun 2010 18:33:00

    These people must be stopped!! Please check your monthly phone bills for these scams.I want to thank AT&T rep(Ami) for making my day and helping me out.Hope this helps out others who are scammed.We as consumers need to do more to have these people quit scamming what little money most of us have.Thanks for the time and the ability to post this problem/rant.Have A Great Christmas & a Better New Year James

  170. Brandon Reynolds says:

    Spoke with at&t customer service. They are sending an “anti-slamming” form in the mail to ensure that only at&t can bill us for services. They were also putting the charge of $8.76 from OAN services (on behalf of LAURENTEL). Directed to call the third party to cancel the service.

    Called LAURENTEL at 1-800-627-1310. Explained the charges were fraudulent. They said they would cancel the service and that we would recieve a credit for the fee plus tax within 1 to 2 billing cycles.

    For billing questions call 1-800-627-1310

    Sales at 6.5% .53

    Total OAN Services, Inc. 8.76

  171. Gail Eckert-Reeves says:

    OAN Services billed me for a “Gold Web Hosting” service. I had no idea of the service so I contacted them. They gave me my 14-yr old son’s name…as if he would even have the authorization to make a debt against my phone bill in the first place! The people at OAN said they would refund me…but now I am wondering how many times this has happened without me catching it, and if I will actually see a credit on my bill??

    I’m just concerned with how they got my son’s name and partial birth date to begin with???

  172. Simon Carson says:

    I was just viewing my bill and say 8.76 for some company call OAN services. I don’t know what it is or who asked for it. I am on a fixed income. What can be done to stop this foolishness.

  173. Unauthorize charges says:

    My friend was detained by ICE .So I was accepting calls from him where he was detained, I have at&t long distance, so when I accepted my friends calls thinking that because I had unlimited us an canada calling I would be paying nothing when I received my phone bill today to my surprise this company was charging me $15 per call I called them and they said that theses charges were valid. This company is trash

  174. Vincent says:

    I was charged for $49.99 for “DSG HOSTING 1X SETUP FEE” for my CenturyLink land line. A quick phone call to 1-800-713-9078 to cancel and reverse these charges, which was done without any backtalk. I got a confirmation number and the message that it could take up to two billing cycles for these charges to be reversed.

  175. Sheila says:

    I have an unauthorized charge by “OAN services” of $14.95 for Voice Mail monthly fee on my Verizon bill. My voice mail is a part of my Verizon package. I notified Verizon and they removed 2 of the charges and said they would block any unauthorized charges, but I am still being charged.

  176. Youdontneed Myname says:

    Billed $14.95 on my AT&T bill by OAN services for two months of Supreme Savings Now LLC Voicemail (another scam company). They said it would take two or three months to get a credit. I called AT&T and told them I’m not paying for it. I’m subtracting the amount from my bill.

  177. Carol says:

    I suggest all of the above file a complaint with the FCC. It can be done on the internet, and is free. These kinds of companies have to be stopped. Also, have your local phone company put a block on your phone for third party billings.

  178. Ctang says:

    this 3rd party service said i tried to start a website and charged me 12.95! i never even heard of them and they used the email i barely even touch! i dont understand how they got my information but if you call and complain they told me i will be credited via my next phone bill. no idea what that means but if i dont get my money i will complain again.

  179. astonished says:

    Today opened AT&T phone bill and had bogus charges from both OAN and ICD. I called both those “services” and demanded cancellation and a refund. They said that I was responsible for the service that they said I had ordered, so they couldn’t refund the amount. I said what prove do they have that I ordered the service, They said an “electronic signature” and gave me an email that allegedly ordered the service. Well, it was one of my “dispoable” email addresses; but one that I deleted months ago. I told them that that was not my email (which was the truth) and they said they would refund my money but may take up to two or three billing cycles. While on hold, I googled OAN and found this site and several more about these BS fraudulent charges, Since I don’t prefer to wait 2-3 billing cycles to get the charge reversed (which I don’t trust them to do anyway,) I am now calling AT&T… but I have been ON HOLD for thirty minutes! I imagine AT&T is getting a shite load of calls about these spamming/cramming companies. I am going to follow the advice of others and request a block of 3rd party cahrges, immediate refund, and threaten to cancel my service if these type of charges appear again. In fact, I am going to hang up and try the “Request New Service” operator, because the “Billing Question” department has had me on hold for 36 minutes.

  180. John S. says:

    My December 2009 phone bill from Embarq (now Century Link) included a $14.95 charge for OAN Services, Inc. I don’t know who they are and I never authorized this addition to my phone bill. I called their number and was told that it would be removed, even though they claim they have some sort of “work order”. I paid my phone bill minus the $14.95. Now I get my January phone bill and they’ve not taken the charge off or credited me for it. Instead they claim I have a “past due” amount of $14.95 and in addition, a $5.00 late charge for not paying my entire bill.

  181. Steve says:

    Another complaint along the identical lines. A fictitious charge of $14.95 for voice mail services through “Ideal Savings Now, LLC”. Given that I’m paying for voice mail on the vary bill they added this charge to, it is pretty ridiculous. I was completely pissed they said it will take 1-3 billing cycles for the charges to be removed. I called AT&T and they said they would remove it right away and prevent THIS company from charging me again but can not prevent ALL third parties from trying to charge me again. Basically said you have to complain every time. This company is OBVIOUSLY a scam and banking on people not paying attention. Does anyone know of a physical address or location? Has anyone looked into a law suit?

  182. Clyde McKinley says:

    My recent att bill showed $14.95 for OAN Services.com. which I had never ordered. They lied to my wife about theauthorization.
    How does scammers get away with such robbery? January 2010

  183. Clyde McKinley says:

    Is there any way to put this group in jail for thievery?

  184. Adam Sapp says:

    I recently had a $8.94 charge added to my local landline bill for the month of January 2010. I don’t know who OAN is, and never have purchased or ordered any of their services. I called the phone number listed for questions, but kept getting cut off after a few seconds of being on hold. One thing that might make sense is last month (Dec 09) we received numerous phone calls from inmates in the county jail that were like a “collect call”. They might have charged us for that, but we rejected those calls every time. What a scam…totally bogus company

  185. Amber Jerdon says:

    We just received our phone bill today. I noticed it was $50 dollars more than usual! Turns out OAN decided that we were a business and felt like charging us some BS fee for a website fee. They say they’ll take back the fee…we’ll see. Our phone company just says to call the FCC to complain…FCC here comes some ANGRY customers.

  186. Rochelle Lloyd says:

    OAN is a billing clearing house. They keep charging me $14.95 every 3 or 4 months for voicemail services from a company called Supreme Savings that I have not ordered.
    This is what happened to me, see if you recognize the story:
    My mother signed up for FREE coupons on the Internet and entered my home telephone number in the form. (When this started over a year and a half ago, I had signed up to take FREE online surveys.) Two months later, I’m being charged $14.95 for services I didn’t order. This is because the online form my mother completed (in the super fine gray print that she could not see) stipulated that to get free coupons she was also agreeing to join a 60 day free trial offer and that after 60 days, she agreed to pay for these services via the telephone number entered, blah, blah, blah.
    This is how these companies are able to bill your telephone number and get your information (name, address, etc.) Be very careful when you or a family member provides any information online. Read the fine print. AND COMPLAIN. I wrote to the Better Business Bureau. This is a deceptive selling practice and must be stopped!

  187. shannon says:

    OAN Services, Inc charged $52.99 to my AT&T phone bill. I called and didn’t even have to tell the woman the reason before she was offering to refund charges (in 2 to 3 billing cycles). It’s sad my phone company is helping scammers get into my pockets.

  188. Junior says:

    I just received my phone bill and notice that I am being charged $21.25 extra. I tried calling Airwave Call Manager at 888-296-8079 however I get forward to 800-448-1173. I tried to speak to an agent but I received a message indicating all of their agents are either on the phone with someone else please leave a message. However when trying to leave a message their mailbox is FULL. This is a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!! The sad part is that AT&T is not doing anything about…This company needs to be STOPPED NOW!!!!

  189. Linda says:

    I just found the charges on my phone bill and I called and did get a person with this co. and ESBI. She said I will be credited and I told her if I was not I will take it to the television networks. So, we will see.

  190. Bruce says:

    I received a bill from ATT, and there was a fee from the above company. Called OAN services and they claimed I signed up 3 months ago etc etc.

    Called ATT and they put a 3rd party block on billing and credited me with 3 months of OAN bills. ATT couldnt have been more help.
    I am not an ATT employee.

  191. Tim says:

    Had a charge on each bill for each of our 2 cafes for 49.99 + taxes for “web hosting services”. These were unauthorized fraudulant charges (we have had our web hosting through a FindFast for years). When asked to remove the charges they said they would and the credit should appear in next month’s bills. However, when asked who authorized the charged and when they were authorized they told me “they don’t retain that information”. This is absolute bullsh** and this company needs to be sued and closed down.

  192. Michelle says:

    Called OAN today because I noticed a charge of $9.05 on my mothers Verizon bill. My mothers house is vacant & her bills are being forwarded to me. The bill stated this was for pay phone services (for a residential home !??@). When I called them the rep & gave her the number I was calling about she claimed the OAN acct was in my name & this is for telephone storage. Ask why the charge appears on this bill (my mothers). She stated billing began in Oct, ironically when my mothers service was downgraded & a phone payment was made. I think this is how they are accessing these accts. Does anyone know if they take payments for Verizon? Did this happen after you changed service or made a pymt by phone? I think they got my name because both our names are on the checking acct & used this information to bill my mothers acct. They probably tried to bill me too but I don’t have Verizon, so they placed the OAN acct in my name and billed it to my mothers phone number. Also I noticed that unauthorized auto payments are being taken out since then by Verizon for the phone even though this was never authorized. The OAN rep claim she will credit the acct back to Oct. I still need to speak with Verizon, on hold too long with Verizon so will try again tmrw.

  193. Mark Wright says:

    Upon receiving my Verizon bill on January 20, 2010 I discovered charges associated with the creation of an unauthorized and unwanted service provided by Operator Assistance Network. At approximately 6:00pm eastern, the number appearing for Operator Assistance Network as it appeared on my Verizon bill.

    A representative gave her name as Ashley handled the call. During the conversation Ashley was unable to provide evidence of authorization for this service, beyond a peculiarly formatted email address, of which the name contained within the address was not mine.

    As the holder and responsible party of the Verizon account for the phone number listed above, I requested and was told by the representative this service and all associated charges would be removed and credited to my account.

    On January 21, 2010 I sent a follow up letter to the address for Operator Assistance Network provided by that representative, both by USPS standard and certified/return receipt mail. In the letter I requested a written confirmation of action by Operator Assistance Network, to be received at my above address no later than February 4, 2010. Further, I stated a full credit is expected to my Verizon account within 30 days of the letter and that all my personal contact information be removed from their marketing records. Copies were forwarded to the FCC and FTC. An online complaint was filed with the FTC January 21, 2010.

    I then called Verizon to request a 3rd Party Billing Block be placed on the account. Unfortunately the Verizon representative indicated that implementing the block would also block operator Assistance Network from the ability to credit my bill. Once the credit is applied, I will immediately call Verizon to place that block.. Of course, it remains to be seen if OAS takes the promised actions.

  194. Patti says:

    I have been getting dinged by OAN some crap ‘internet guard service on my phone bill. I called in Dec. to the OAN number to get it taken off. It wasn’t. Called again today and they tried to say it would take up to 3 billing cycles to stop it. Suggested I PAY my current phone bill–including their charges–then I could get refunded. I laughed and told them no–take it off NOW and I am going to call MY phone company and tell them about this and to remove it. I just kept very calmly saying no then I told her I wanted it in writing. Supposedly I will get an email within 24 hours as a confirmation. I told her I was looking at this website. We’ll see..

  195. Sharan Grewal says:

    OAN Services Inc. billed me charges $52.49 on ATT phone bill. I never ordered any service from this company.

  196. Lillian says:

    OAN has charged me $14.95 for some voicemail service I never requested. The rep claims my husband signed up for it which he did not. They adjusted it so fast I think this is a shady deal. Now lets see if I get the credit. They said it could take 2 months

  197. Rob T. says:

    OAN has billed my business account for months. I’d never heard of this company or of this service. After about 10 calls to OAN to “cancel” and receive a refund, I finally received a credit for three months PLUS a new monthly charge for the cancelled service. I called OAN back and they said that it wasn’t really a charge it was “just the way that accounting looks”. What a bunch of BS!!! CALL THE FCC

  198. janice says:

    oan services ins charged me $ 52.74 on Att phone bill. I never ordered any service from this company.

  199. Patsy says:

    i have been charged on my ATT bill for instant411 by OAN who say’s i signed up for which i never did and I am going to again refuse to pay for something i did not sign up for all they have to do is get your name and telephone number and they can charge anything to u saying u electronically signed for BS is what they are full of .We should all file a Fraud complaint and get them for all the money they are stealing from people like us !!

  200. George says:

    I just received my January bill with $31.69 of OAN charges never authorized. Called, cancelled, and to receive credit in 1-2 billing cycles. this is a scam.

  201. Paul Eggleton says:

    OAN charged me for voicmail on my home ophone – said I signed up for it – said I could look up on my computer to see what I did on July 30th. I said he was crazy – asked him to email me my request form – said they did not have it – they are crooks no idea why the cannot be stopped nor why the phone cos. accept the charges

  202. Susan Joachimstaler says:

    I know that all of the above complaints are from individuals, but I am complaining in behalf of a school district. We have over 100 lines in our district and every month I am calling on one of the lines, stating that OAN has unauthorized charges billed to one or more of our lines. This is inexcusable. Extremely time consuming to go thru all the invoices and pick out the lines that have additional charges added and then to wait for OAN to deduct the charges from the next invoice. Company should be closed or FINED for this practice. I am sure that BIG business just overlooks these charges, but as a school district, paying with taxpayer funds, I feel a responsibility to have these charges removed. There should be no excuse for this business practice.

  203. H. Reid Jr. says:

    On November & December of 2009 I was billed by OAN Services for $9.10 each month for unexplained charges. Only the November bill from AT&t did I call OAN Services whom I spoke with an agent who gave me some explanation about someone ordered something on the internet and gave my AT&T phone number. The OAN agent gave me a confirmation number indicating that the charge will be taken off and that my number will have a block put on. December AT&T bill showed OAN Services billing me again for $9.10 through AT&T. I called OAN Services again but got nothing; only a lot of music. I agree with all that have complained about these fraudulent charges. The first time I really noticed these charges with no tax was in October 2009 when Enhanced Billing billed my AT&T account for $14.95 indicating that this is a monthly charge. My question was for what? Since AT&T know about this; why can’t they block these charges using them to collect for these companies?

  204. ALLEN says:


  205. Tina says:

    My 1-17-10 AT&T internet bill was hit with a $52.49 charge from OAN. I spoke to several AT&T reps who ALL refused to remove the charge and said I was to contact OAN directly. When I did, I found out they were trying to charge the company who had my phone number previously. I have had this number for 3 yrs, and for one year it has been internet only. I contacted AT&T’s fraud department and was told to call OAN direct and file a complaint with the FCC.

  206. mary says:

    I discovered charges from OAN Services,Inc on my ATT bill I did not authorize this and not understand why there is a charge. My husband and I are very upset wiuth this and have isisted this be removed. I also feel this scam is a false billing and I am affraid that writting this will be changed into something else. Stop this unauthorized billing. Is it being done by a ATT employee or who? THE FCC need to get involved

  207. larry mmore says:

    This is the 3rd month of being charged 9.00 for a service from oan I did not authorize. I called them in nov and they told me that would cancel the unauthorize service and reimburse me for all the charges.
    This has not happen yet as of jan 2010

  208. BH says:

    OAN Services Inc. is just one of many DBAs used by BSG Clearing Solutions. They use different names simply to confuse consumers and to reduce the number of complaints lodged against the primary business name. This scam operation has been in existence since 1988!

  209. Brigitte Miller says:

    I saw the $14.95 supreme voicemail charge show up on my verizon bill in Oct 2009. I contacted the 800 # provided and they couldn’t tell me how we got signed up. They said the service would be cancelled and I would be credited for the charge. In January I noticed we are still being charged monthly and nothing has been credited. when I contact the 800# again I go an automated system. Interestingly when I tried to cancel, it asked me to confirm my email address and it was an email address that we have used in years. I finally spoke with a representative and she said she would cancel and credit me for 2 months. Only after arguing with her that I had already tried to cancel once for the service I did not elect did she finally agree that she would credit me for all 4 months. Apparently it will take 1-3 billing cycles to receive the credit, which I find ridiculous. We’ll see if the credit comes through. In my opinion, Verizon should be doing something to prevent such charges. My next call will be to Verizon.

  210. Andy says:

    I have been paying these scammers for 1 year $40.00 per month, to be included in search engines. total BS. att is going to give 3 month credit and block 3rd party billing.We will see

  211. Clyde McKinley says:

    ATT’s comment is that they, by law, must post these bills on your account. However, you meed to call the AON number and tell them to remove you from their billing to ATT. Don’t pay this bill with ATT and give the reason. Let ATT deal with AON.They are aware of this scam and unable to legally stop the billing on their records. They, then, can refuse to honor the request payment to AON.

  212. Lynn says:

    I’ve recently had the same trouble. I’ve received charges on my home phone for the past since November. When I called Embarq/Century Link, they deleted the charges for me added a third party blocker and told me to get in touch with the Instant 411. Embarq did this every month until it was corrected–please note, that Instant 411 is not part of most companies “Third Party Blocker”. 3 months later, when I finally got in touch with the company, they were very courteous (except for the 20 wait time to talk to someone) and retracted the charges right away. The account had been opened 10/8/2009, the phone number they had listed was up to date; however, the email address used was one that had been closed for at least 1 month prior and the billing address was a previous address from over a year ago. I asked the representative to send me the info they had on the account. Once she emailed me the info, I noticed that the IP Address was not mine. I Googled it and it was for somewhere in Dublin, CA. All of you are absolutely correct; this is wrong and should not be allowed to continue. There should at least be somewhere that we as consumers can go or speak to in order to get this egregious error corrected. It is an obtuse form of Identity Theft.

  213. Becky says:

    How can this happen to so many people and nothing can be done? I just don’t understand. I had charges of $9.10 billed on behalf of E-Secure Services on my AT&T bill for five months before I caught it. When I called AT&T they said I had to call E-Secure. They very politely cancelled the service, but when I asked for a refund for charges I was transferred to a supervisor. He first offered a partial refund, but when I asked for a full refund, he was rude and arrogant and would not agree to refund all my money — even saying I should read my bill closer. No mention that they are charging for things that people never authorized or ordered. I called ATT back and had third party billing blocked, but they said that was all they can do.

  214. Ginger says:

    My father passed away recently, and I am paying the utility bills for his residence while I clear it out and get it ready to sell. I opened his latest AT&T bill today, and found that in included a $13.79 charge from OAN for “adigitalvillage.com gold webhosting,” and a $20.05 charge from The Billing Resource for “premium long dist-LD serv setupfee.” I called the toll-free numbers listed beside each charge and told them that these services were never ordered. The person I spoke with at The Billing Resource told me that someone had filled out a two page questionnaire using my father’s name, address, and phone number, but with an incorrect birthdate and an unfamiliar e-mail address. The questionnaire was supposedly used to send out grocery coupons and enter the person in a drawing for a $1000 prize. Both of the women I spoke with were courteous and told me that the charges would be reversed (within two billing cycles) and any further charges would be blocked.

    I’m going to follow up by calling AT&T tomorrow to notify them that I will NOT be paying the unauthorized third-party charges, and will only pay the AT&T portion of the bill. If they give me any trouble, I’m going to tell them to cancel the service. We’ll see what happens.

  215. ps says:

    Trying to cancel Voicemail charges from OAN for 2 months. They tell me they are cancelled as of Jan 17 but was billed on Jan25.??? We’ll see

  216. Leo says:

    In December three additional charges suddenly showed up on my Verizon bill to the tune of $50.00 a month. OAN, HBS and ESBI.

    Supposedly I signed up for these services via an old yahoo e-mail address that I rarely used. Never happened. One of the services was some idiot “celebrity chat” line where I would be kept abreast of Jessie McCarthy’s latest doings. You’ve got to be kidding.

    Called immediately and cancelled them all, but still got billed this month.

    Thanks to Mike #86 I know what to do know.

    Glad I found this site.

  217. Angela says:

    I got a whopping 29.90 + 1.79 state tax on my current CenturyLink bill as 3rd party charge for Instant411MO SVC fee. outrageous! These people need to be stopped!

  218. Oliver says:

    Like many of previous folks, I opening my ATT bill to find a $14.95 charge from OAN services. I called the 800 number, and the lady who answered the phone claimed my wife signed up for directory assistance on 1/1/10. The funny thing is that we don’t even have a phone hooked into our home phone system since we never use it. I told the lady on the phone that, and she said that a charge can be made from any phone. She said she canceled the service, but how do I get my $14.95 back? I guess the next call is to ATT.

  219. Samantha Gomez says:

    I was charged for this service on my AT&T bill, and canceled it as soon as I saw it. I did not authorize anything, and AT&T could not inform me of the length of time I was paying the fees for this service.

  220. lee says:

    like many others, i got the same scam from OAN. I got charged 14.95 + 7% tax = $16.00. What the heck!!!! I did not authorize, or do i ever affiliate with them. Close them DOWN. They don’t even pick up the phone…18888043519. Not even music.

  221. Kathy says:

    I too got charted 14.95 for months. I want action done. not just complain. This is Totally unacceptab.

  222. Patrice says:

    Yep it happened to me too. I did not notice the charge though, so it went on for five months. I called the number and they said a neighbor did this to me by using my phone number. So for five month I paid for a service that I never even heard of. I think we should sue them

  223. Elizabeth says:

    I had an additional $16.00 on my AT&T bill from OAN! I am furious, how can AT&T let this happen! I never ordered this and refuse to pay this bill, now I am wondering it AT&T is going to give me a problem regarding this charge I am not going to pay! I am shocked that reputable phone companies are allowing this to happen!

  224. Andrea says:

    I opened my dad’s AT&T bill last month and saw a charge from OAN Services. I called them and asked about the charges. I told them that I nor my dad ordered anything. They gave me a name that which my dad and I do not know. They cancelled the service and give us a credit on our bill. Well, this month, no credit, but no other charges. I talked to an ATT rep and I told him that I’m willing to pay the att bill but not the oan part. He told me to call them and get a credt from them. I did that last month! Well I called oan again, and asked about the credit. They needed the billing date. I told them that I no longer have that part of the bill, just the first page. Now how many times do I have to repeat this to them. All I got was you can go to their website and get the date. What bs! I told them that I was suppose to get the credit and didn’t. “Well, I still need the date the service was ordered.” I told them everyone who gets fraudulent charges from them needs to sue them and shut down their company, and hung up. If I don’t get a credit from them on my next bill I will drop att and let them know I do not agree to pay that part of the bill and never will!

  225. John R says:

    My last Verizon Bill had $14.95 Charge from OAN for voice mail on behalf of “Access Savings” Caleld OAN to cancel, recived confirmaton code from operator 25089. Also called Verizon and had 3rd party block put on the account. Verizon agreed to reverse the charges. Major Scam!

  226. helen says:

    I discovered OAN where chaging since sept!!!! 2009!! the only thing verizon told me was to check my bill better!!!….i told them they need to treat their customers better!! i called the number verizon gave me…which is 800-944-0171…& actually got someone…they said i signed up for email service…yeah like we need it when we got aol & yahoo for free!!!……Verizon should be more carefull and inform their customers about 3rd party billers!!! the stole $60.00 dollars from me!!! that i cant get back!!..smh!!

  227. Tracey says:

    I have seen the OAN billing on my Verizon statement for many months and thought that if Verizon allowed it on my bill it must be lagitamate. Thank goodness for this site and #86 I knew what I needed to do. The Verizon rep (Carrie) was very apologetic and stated just what #86 said and put a 3rd party block on my ph and credited me back 3 months charges ($58.56) up to billing cycle 2/11/10. This all took only 10 minutes time from dialing in the number hangup! She said if anything was changed after 2/11 that may appear on my statement and I need to call Verizon back and they will remove that as well at which time ALL eronious billings should stop! I’m crossing my fingers!

  228. Bernard says:

    I stopped paying my phone bill when i noticed a charge of $49.99 and $19.99 for Webhosting by DIGITAL SERVICES GROUP. I never signed up for this service and when I called AT&T (phone service provider) they told me that I may have signed up for the service while surfing the web. I would like to see what OAN has on me as proof that I did so. AT&T credited me the charges on my account a few minutes ago. I too am crossing my fingers that no more charges show up.

  229. Candy says:

    I was charged for OAN services back in Novemeber. I called them and was told I ordered it on line? I let them know I never heard of there company and would never order anything I don’t need. I was told I would get credited back. Was never told it could take up to 3 months until I called the following month and then the very rude lady told me it could take up to 3 months and then hung up on me. I still have not received a credit and it has been more then 3 months. I called them again today and the rep told me I was guarenteed to have a refund on my next bill? We shill see.

  230. Christine Stanley says:

    I just looked at my phone bill and found that I was charged by OAN for 411 service on my AT&T account that I never ordered. I called OAN and they claim that I ordered it from an email address that I rarely use. They insisted that I ordered the service on 1/5/2010 and sent me a copy of the form that they said I submitted. It is a junk mail form that has my name, address and phone number on it, but the name listed for my mother’s maiden name is wrong. I didn’t even log onto that email account the day they said I ordered the service. After I received their “proof” that I ordered the service, I called back and was told their computer system is down. I plan to talk to ATT and try to get the charges removed tomorrow (Monday).

  231. Robert P. says:

    On January 10, 2010 I opened my Verizon bill and discovered a charge of $14.95 plus $.46 tax that I didn’t recognize. It was charged by a voicemail company named: OAN Services: “Ideal Savings Now, LLC”, which I never heard of. I immediately called Verizon and spoke to a representative, Theresa. When I told her about the bogus charge she asked for the name of the voicemail company. She then called them while I was still on the line and inquired as to who opened the account. She was told by the Ideal Savings representative, Ashley, that someone with the email address —, opened it on Dec. 16th 2009. I haven’t used that email address for several years so I don’t know how they got that account’s information. I was promised by Ashley, the Ideal Savings representative, that my voicemail account would be closed and would receive a credit on my Verizon bill. When I received my next Verizon bill on February 10, instead of the credit I was promised I discovered another charge of $14.95 plus $.46 tax by that same company.
    I called Verizon again and another call was made to OAN Services: “Ideal Savings Now, LLC”, Again I was promised my account would be closed and a credit would be given to me. I am notifying the FCC about this.

  232. Inna Freytses says:

    I have been charged $14.95 for OAN service on behalf of “Access Saving” since January 2010. I tried to reach OAN but got only music, nobody answered the phone. Then I called my local provider Verizon but they were powerless to help. So I did not pay those fees on January. When I got bill in Feb. I see everything the same on my account + $14.95 I did not pay previous month. I do not know how to stop them. Just will try to use advise from #86 to put 3rd party block on my account. Bad thing that I cannot switch to another provider.

  233. Ed Vu says:

    I spoke to William #3248 at 800-295-3933 (also try 866-904-4019) and complained that even with a cancellation confirmation number (from last month), the $14.95 ACCESS SAVINGS, LLC monthly charge continues. He promised I won’t see the charge in Mar 2010…we’ll see. ATT says they are powerless to do anything (I threatened to cancel ATT too, if they are powerless to stop the charges from a third party…said they’d look into it)…again, we’ll see.

  234. Ed Vu says:

    see comment #86 – more info on who to contact for ATT California customers -Call us first at 1 800 288-2020, or write: Residence
    Service, POB 9039, South San Francisco, CA 94083; or Business Service,
    POB 78230, San Francisco, CA 94107, or visit att.com. We will
    investigate and notify you. If you have a complaint you cannot resolve
    with us, write the California Public Utilities Commission at Consumer
    Affairs Branch, 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102 or at
    http://www.cpuc.ca.gov, or call 1-800-649-7570 or TDD 1-800-229-6846. If your
    complaint concerns interstate or international calling, write the FCC at
    Consumer Complaints, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20554, or at
    fccinfo@fcc.gov or call 1-888-225-5322, or TTY 1-888-835-5322. Note :
    The CPUC handles complaints of both interstate and intrastate
    unauthorized carrier changes (“slamming”). The California consumer
    protection rules are available online at http://www.calphoneinfo.com

  235. Kathleen Webb says:

    I got charged on my SBC phone bill for OAN services for $16.07 ($14.95 plus taxes). I did not authorize this. I called SBC who put a block on my phone for this billing and it showed up again. I was told that Instant 411 Incorporated 877 768 3661 put this charge on my phone bill. I did not approve this. If this does not stop I will have an attorney contact them.

  236. Janet says:

    I have been charged by OAN for services (enhanced voicemail on my FAX line, just what I would want) for the past 1 and 1/2 years. I know I should have noticed them, but they were buried deep in the bill will little fan fare. I have contacted them, but I get the feeling they are not too responsive and Verizon, that allowed the charges billed to my account is not better. They of course are very sorry and know that I am upset, but it is perfectly legal to have any Joe Blow put unauthorized charges on my bill and the only way to stop it is to tell them in advance that you don’t want them to. Who would know that? Do I need to call all of my credit cards to tell them not to make unauthorized charges on my cards? Currently I have a complaint pending with this company for $299. I am not hopeful I will ever see any of it. What an outrage, that the government condones this practice.

  237. Kathy Webb says:

    If you try to contact instant 411 Inc. you will not get an answer. What a joke this is.

  238. Joltin' Joe says:

    I am a college student and my dad called me up and told me that my name had a ~$14 charge on our phone bill from “adigitalvillage.com” which, after about 5 minutes of research, was determined to be a malicious site. Now my poor father has to waste his lunch break calling up the phone provider, and even though tracing the IP of this site reveals the relative location, some info, etc., they are probably going to keep getting away with this. I would like nothing more to take this upon myself and have them investigated, although of course, as a student, I don’t have much power, time, money or say in these matters…

  239. Jay Jay says:

    Just noticed a charge from OAN on my most recent Verizon bill. It wasn’t much, but it was for some voicemail service. I called Verizon, who removed the charges and placed a 3rd-party block on my bill.

    I then called OAN and was directed to the company they were charging for. The lady there was nice and said she’d credit the previous month’s charge, plus the next month’s charge, and cancel the service.

    Immediately after, I got an email with a cancellation for the service. I guess someone got my email address / number from a survey or something and signed up for it.

    I’ll be watching to make sure that I don’t get charged again.

  240. Marisela says:

    Got my bill last night and had a $49.99 charge from OAN Services, Inc. for webhosting. I have never heard of this company nor do I have any website that requires webhosting.

    Thanks to info here I felt very armed with how to address this with ATT. ATT took it off my account immediately, though said OAN may try to bill me directly. If they do, I’m reporting them ASAP. In fact I may just contact the state commerce commission right now.

    Also, since I have a land line ATT can’t block 3rd party billing. Though they’re looking into it, so I may have to jump through this hoop again. Hopefully not.

  241. Tom Kearney says:

    I also have been scammed by OAN Services, in that I have been billed twice from OAN and I have not authorized any additional services added to my account. I was reimbursed for the first charge, but have not recieved any corrispondence on this matter.

  242. Denise says:

    Charged $14.95 for voice mail that I never authorized. Tried calling only to be disconneced several times. I reported it to SAG office.

  243. Marci says:

    We have been charged $12.95 for 2 months from OAN. They gave me the name of the person who signed us up and said he did this all online. The only verification he had to give them was our phone number and billing address. Not too hard to find out when you are a business! OAN rep gave me this guys email address. AT&T told me they cannot put a 3rd party billing block due to FCC rules.

  244. Bradford Bamberger says:

    I too was scammed by OAN through verizon, I have repeatly tried to find out about this OAN charge on my verizion bill. After finally contacting OAM I was hung-up on. Going on the internet I find that there are at least 100 comments like mine about this service. It is bad enough getting through to someone but I wish they would speak english. It is beyond my comprehesion that I not only am being charged for something I never ordered but I cannot find someone to allow me to cancel something I never ordered. Needless to say that I along many others will be contacting the FCC and my local attorney generals office to stop this scam. Verizon it the cause ofthis problem. Verizon should lose its ability to provide phone service in this country, no matter how terrible it might effect our cell ohone service.

  245. Gina says:

    I recently recieved my bill from AT&T and I had several extra charges on the bill. We have tried to get it off but it keeps coming back. Does anyone know what to do about this charge. We are only paying our normal phone bill but we are still getting the charges and it is getting high now. I am calling AT&T tomorrow once again and if they don’t do something soon, we are going to wind up taking all of this to a court system because someone keeps putting stuff like this on our phone.

  246. Wantsfly says:

    I also noticed an unauthorized charge to my Verizon land line charge of $15.41 this month. I am on the phone with an OAN customer service rep. right now. His name is George and his ID is 3686. I am asking him to send me proof that I signed up for this bogus service. He is nice but I don’t think he has anything at all. I am on the phone with him for over 20 minutes and he kept saying the email takes few minutes to be processed. Nothing is in my email at this time. This needs to be stop immediately. Their website as told by George is https://supremevoicemail.globasrv.com/ On my Verizon phone bill there is also another company called ESBI – Per George, they charge through ESBI. Same amount of $15.37. I asked George to cancel this service and credit me for this unauthorized service. He gave me a confirmation number and I should see the credits (both OAN and ESBI) in 2 billing cysles. Wish me luck and good luck with everyone.

  247. Tina says:

    I posted previously about the fraudulent charges placed on my AT&T bill. AT&T was NO help UNTIL I searched, found, AND contacted the CEO. All of a sudden there was no problem removing the charges from my bill. I suggest all AT&T customers do as I, skip the pions and go straight to the top. Maybe if the CEO gets enough emails, phone calls he will do something about this. I also suggest EVERYONE report this to ALL federal agencies under “cramming”.

  248. Karin says:

    what’s his name and email?

  249. Tim Taylor says:

    I have 3 long distance on my bill that I did not make as I am in the bed @ this time?REGARDS

  250. Tim Taylor says:

    3 calls billed on behalf of Cheap2dial Telephone that I did nor make as I am in bed @ the time they were made!!

  251. Tim Taylor says:

    How do I fix this?

  252. Clyde McKinley says:

    Call your phone company. Explain your problem. They are aware of most of all of our problems with OAN. They will resolve your problems in just a phone call away. Do not send money for services you did not personally request.

  253. Dawn Doyon says:

    I got billed $12.95 to my AT&T phone bill. I called them and they removed the charge. I was also told by them that there are 3 other charges from THERECIPESQUAE.INC for $14.95 each.
    They called the above company and removed the charges. I then was told that in the state of CT, there is no way to stop this unless you place a 3rd party block on your number.

  254. Nicole Williams says:

    OAN has billed me illegally for services I did not request nor use. The long distance charges are trumped up also…They need to be stopped!
    This a a crime!
    At&t was very polite but they should have notified me.

  255. adam in california says:

    Here is my story – OAN attached a “web hosting setup fee” to a business line of a business I own. Called AT&T and learned that AT&T has a policy of allowing any affiliated vendor whatsoever to attach billings to phone numbers. AT&T gets a cut. They know about AON and choose to say they can’t do anything about it. Filed a dispute with AT&T. Called AON and they claimed they only are a billing service and that I’d have to contact “Digital Service Group” which has an 800 number that picks up, announces operators are busy, plays music for 3 minutes and hangs up. Called AON back and demanded the contact info for the US entity (the people who take the calls are overseas to avoid violating laws here) and then, suddenly, they were able to pull up the billing record for “Digital Service Group”. They said the name of the employee who had “signed up for service” from a telemarketing call – the employee has been dead for 3 years but used to be on public records associated with the business. Mentioned that and, after 5 minutes on hold, the “supervisor was generous” and authorized a credit with confirmation number.

    If you want this to end contact the FCC. AT&T are whores and know this goes on but pretends it doesn’t.

  256. CHAT says:


  257. Qiana Jean-Pierre says:

    I don’t know how this charge got on my phone. The OAN company claimed I signed up for their service and I don’t even know what their ‘service’ is. This is some type of scam, but what bothers me the most is that they were successful at putting a charge on my phone bill for something I did not sign up for.

  258. Tony says:

    Received my Verizon bill for my business and had a 49.99 for webhosting 1x setup. The biller is OAN services inc on behalf of digital service group. My phone is set up to receive in coming calls only. When I called the number I encounter a very rude women who eventually hung up on me. I wanted to know who authorized the charge and she would not answer.
    I then called OAN and they stated they were only a billing company and Digital Service Group actually generated the bill. I will call Verizon tomorrow and raise H…….

  259. Thurman Lowder says:

    Was slammed by OAN, they need sued for sure.

  260. Jennifer Hill says:

    We found OAN Services $16.07 monthly for “Instant 411″ on our bill, and tracked it back 8 months, $128.56 total. We called our phone company, AT&T, which blocked Miscellaneous 3rd Party Charges from our bill and put the $128.56 as disputed. Then we contacted OAN, which asked for a phone number and address. I was asked did I know a Blair Simpson, because the record said it was set up by that person, with a different address, but for our phone number. The representative cancelled the service due to “wrong info”, then transferred me to a specialist when I asked for a refund. I was told I’d be refunded $119.60 by them, and the rest was taxes that the phone company would have to adjust. Everyone was very nice, but it took a lot of my time, and shouldn’t there be some kind of authorization process before we get charged for some mysterious service that some stranger set up?

  261. Gary says:

    Have dealt with OAN for 3 months and promised a e-mail of conformation of an order for service we never ordered, and haven’t received the e-mail confirmation from OAN either. Very disappointed by AT&T for allowing this company to ride along on their billing to me without having a confirmation from me, their customer with this same phone # for the last 26 YEARS? AT&T said would put this in dispute and take this off my bill, but until I see it I won’t believe it!

  262. Patrice says:

    I still did not get my money back and I think with all this publicity against them this should be a nationwide story. this is wrong and all of us have been scammed by this OAN. I’m sick of this kinda stuff happening. They told me I was supposed to tell AT&T that I did not want third party billing on my bill, well who in the heck would want something like that. We need to all get together and file charges for them stealing our phone numbers.

  263. Vince says:

    I have had several problems on my Verizon bill under the “other providers” part of the bill. I’ve been billed a few different times by OAN and have called everytime and cancelled. I too did get the answering service with no person actually ever coming to the line but while the machine is talking keep hitting the 0 button and they will transfer you to a person. Once I got the person on the line it was cancelled and refunded. I told them I want to know how I keep getting signed up and they say I’m doing it online which I am not. The problem stopped for a few months and now it’s started up again so I called them once again and told them they were going to refund me which they say they are for next month, however I called Verizon and told them I wanted all third party billing blocked from my account and they even are going to adjust my bill so I don’t have to make any of those payments.

  264. Jay Faulkner says:

    On my March 2010 Verizon bill there was a charge from OAN Services Inc on behalf of Ideal Savings Now for a monthly voice mail fee of $14.95. When I called the number for OAN Services I got an automated message that forwarded my cal to Ideal Savings Now. I got another automated message that only had two options. Either change the password on my voice mail account or cancel the service. I canceled the service. It said it would send an email confirmation to an email address that is not mine not is it related to my Verizon account. This is a totally fraudulent billing.

  265. Emmanouil Pantelidis says:

    I just got a charge on my Verizon bill for OAN Providers for Voicemail Monthly fee for $14.95. This might have not been as weird as the fact that I do not use my house phone for anything but a placeholder for my internet line. Shame on Verizon for not paying more attention to their customers.

  266. Ruth Schnipke says:

    Yes I got a bill for $18.96 from OAN and have no clue what this is and never autorized this place, It came with my bill from Verizon and Im not paying for this…I havent a clue once again what it is and it doesnt say what for just tax and amount.. This is bull crap and I don’t appraciate it. And Im really going to talk to verizon over this .. or disconnect my phone from them!

  267. Laura B says:

    Looks like it’s my turn. My husband just called me asking what I signed up for which was nothing. I called OAN and they said they’d credit my account and funny thing was they told me a confirmation was sent to a very old hotmail account that I haven’t used in years!

  268. Denny Schwartz says:

    March 25th 2009 Just got my phone bill and it has a $13.73 charge for “web hosting gold” that I never authorized. Hell, I don’t even have a website to get hosted. I called OAN at 1-800-892-8424 and the lady was very nice and told me I would be refunded and not billed again. She blocked my phone number from being charged again. She assured me that I would be refunded on my next phone bill. My name is Dennis and she told me the person who signed me up for their services used all my info but changed the name from Dennis to Denise. Someone signed me up for this crap. Looks like I’m not the only one who’s had this problem, as I am complaint number 268 on this webpage.

  269. Rodney Eden says:

    My wife told me about a charge on the phone bill that she could not explain and wanted me to look at it. Turns out it was this fraudulent company OAN. OAN charged me $14.95 plus tax.90 for some BS INFOCALL service. I called the 800 number on the bill and spoke to two sperate people who told me that my wife signed up for the service online.My wife did not sign up for the service and I told them to stop billing me. The customer service person stated that she would no longer bill me and gave me a conf. Number which I’m sure is fake along with everything else on OAN’s website. I got off the phone with OAN and called my local news to complain and they asked me if I would be willing to give them an interview about OAN. I hope this will help get the word out about this OAN fraud!

  270. Stephen L. Glover Sr says:

    After contacting ATT today 3/30/10 I found that there were charges made to my bill from OAN. The customer service rep checked and told me that there was two $15 charges from them and claimed to canceled them. I will know if his attempt was successful upon receiving my next bill and if not may consider leaving AT&T.

  271. richard bailey says:

    what gives? is there any way to stop these scams? over past 3 months, i’ve been charged with 4 different charges from 3 different sites. they are ‘family contact.com’,'odyssey streaming radio’,[they said i purchased a gift card, which i didn't], and’residential email’. the latter charged me for 2 months on one bill. they said they would reimburse me for one month, but have failed to do so. guess i’ll contact an attorney on this, it’s gettin old!

  272. Laura says:

    I just relized that for the last two months I have had an OAN charge for $15.32 on my phone bill. My phone company gave me a toll free number to have the unautorized service stopped. I understand that this is called cramming. Just want to know haow this happens and why the government is not soing anything about it.

  273. Amy says:

    Add me to the list! Total scam! A lesson in reviewing my phone bill more thoroughly, for sure.

  274. Karin says:

    After noticing a charge of $14.95 by ILD Telecommunications, I called both, ILD and ATT, and resolved the matter in no time flat. In fact, I am still flabbergasted of the speed and courtesy of both companies to credit my account. Miracles do happen!

  275. Creative Stone and Brick says:

    Our website provider is Start Logic and we never had ATT as our provider, however OAN is charging us $16.96 per month for nothing. It is on our monthly bill and we can’t seem to get it cancelled or get 11 months worth of charges eliminated.

  276. Ed Vu says:

    EVERYONE, READ THIS POST – you need to have your communications provider (whether it’s land phone line, internet provider, or cellular service provider) IMMEDIATELY stop all THIRD-PARTY BILLING. You have to request this…by law they have to allow third-party billing. Upon terminating THIRD-PARTY BILLING, have them seek a refund on all bogus charges
    from OAN (and all their other phony baloney services) and then OAN will have to try to bill you directly (they won’t do that because they know you didn’t order the services, they don’t know how to bill you directly, and most importantly – they can’t prove that you ordered the services.) I initially wanted to blame AT&T, but laws required them to allow this type of charge. Get your provider to STOP all THIRD-PARTY billings, have your provider get a refund for all previously billed bogus charges…and if you want to take it further, you need to let your congresspersons(state and federal) know about this and demand they help stop it!

  277. Jian says:

    When we was surfing jobfinder.com and trying to click one of the posts, there was a pop up showed asking for email address and phone number. We entered, then we got a textmessage on the phone right away with a 4 digit number. Then the popup asked for input of the 4 digit number we received, we entered, then there was another text message with 4 digit number showed again, popup asking for input the 4 digit number again. We thought something must not right. We shutdown the webbrower and reboot the computer. Everything seemed back to normal, not pop up or things like that.
    Our next cell phone bill ( with Verizonwireless ) showed $9.99 primier message charge on that date. I called Verizonwireless and they told me the charge is from a third party called Sendmemobile.com for suscription of their service. We never suscript any service from such a company, never heard such a company. After some investigation we found a lot people have been scammed just like us. I called Verizonwireless again, the guy helped me cancelled the suscription that I never ordered and refunded me money. It is good to get my money back, but we should stop this kind of scam. As what I have seen from those posts, there are handreds people vitemized already and there may handreds or thousands to come if it goes on and on. If someone knows how to stop it, please take it to the propriate agency or department of goverment wherever they have the means to stop this kind of scam. Please!

  278. Carolyn says:

    On my March Verizon bill, I discovered 3 fraudulent charges from third party “outside providers”: “ILD Teleservices Inc.”, “OAN,” and “ESBI Enhanced Services Billing” — all
    for the identical amount of $14.95. Each claims to be a “billing clearinghouse” for other
    providers with whom I or my husband supposedly registered for various phone services,
    i.e. OAN bills for “Access Voicemail,” and ILD Teleservices bills for “cybertube.tv.”
    No-one in our household ever requested these services. I called each of the three
    providers and got almost the identical speech: “Gee, M’ame, all we can say is that your husband
    must have signed up for this service online, but we’re happy to cancel and issue a
    refund. You may see another charge on your April statement, but don’t worry, we’ll refund
    that, too, within 1-3 billing cycles.” None of the three (and I spoke to supervisors)
    seemed to be the least bit concerned that when I Googled their companies, I discovered that literally hundreds of other Verizon customers were posting the very same complaint
    online. I then called Verizon who offered to block all outside providers from my account
    but said they were required by the FCC to allow these outside third party providers to bill their services
    through Verizon. Typically I pay the phone bill without looking at the
    details unless it is way out of line with my usual monthly bill — this bill was only
    about $45 more than usual, and I would have just paid it except the words “outisde provider” happened to catch my eye and I got curious.

    I’m on a mission and have filed complaints with the FCC, BBB, and our state Attorney General. I even left a “tip” for Arnold Diaz’s “Shame Shame Shame” show on FOX. I advise other fraud victims to do the same. LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

  279. Dennis Ward says:

    Similar to all the others, OAN Inc charged me $14.95 plus $0.30 LA sales tax for a bogus online service from MyIProducts, which was supposedly ordered through somebody not even associated with my AT&T account. When I called they had also charged me again the day prior. Supposedly they credited the bill, but could offer no documentation. First I called MyIProducts and “took care” of it, then called the OAN number, which automatically forwarded me to MyIProducts again. This time I asked for to speak to a supervisor. “Ryan” talked with me, “looked up my record” and said everything was already taken care of and gave me a different confirmation number. When I pressed about documentation that charges were dropped, and why 2 different confirmation numbers, he went into double-talk which I interrupted with questions, upon which he hung up on me. This site has numerous complaints about MyIProducts as well, and “Ryan” is mentioned in several of them.
    I have already filed a complaint with BBB, and FCC, FTC and the state Attorney General are next. I will also contact fraud departments with Consumer’s Union and AARP.

  280. EILEEN says:

    I no longer have AT&T landline due to fraudulent charges in my phone bill. I have no doubt in my mind that my local phone company is in on the scam. It was so coincidental that they stopped sending me my statements in the mail and the charges of $14.95 from a company named “voicemail Services’ started showing up in my bill. Since I was no longer getting my statements I never questioned it and just started paying my bill over the phone. And it didn’t occur to me that my bill has gone up from paying $35.00 to $55.00 until one day in October 2009 I decided to request a statement and found the charges of $14.95 and later learned that I have been charged the fee since January 2009. I know I never subscribed to it since I already have AT&T DSL and phoneline and these services which I as they say “subscribed to” provides enhanced voicemail service where I can be online and on the phone at the same time….duh!!!! I have DSL why in the hell would I need an enhanced voicemail service????? I fought and fought with AT&T to help me get a refund but just like everyone else got the same answer of it’s a third party charge and there’s nothing we (AT&T) can do. So I told them why would I stay with you if I will not be protected, I was a loyal customer for 10 years and I told them I would not hesitate to cut-off my service if this is not resolved to my liking… so as of February 2010 I am no longer with AT&T. I heard Comcast has great service more pricey than AT&T but so far have not heard any complaints such as this. In case anyone has problems getting hold of this third party phone co. their # is
    (888) 298-3724. You won’t get a live operator just a voicemail to leave messages…Good Luck! You are better off closing the account.

  281. EILEEN says:

    I really hope something should be done about this and not only go after these scammers but take it up with the local phone companies for accessory to commit fraud. Since they allowed it with out our knowledge and approval.

  282. Karin says:

    All this paperless stuff isn’t doing the consumer any good. Granted, you can check your bills online, but I stopped all that and requested paper bills again. Much better to check it on a regular basis.

  283. Christine says:

    Same as #279. “Conincidentally” I did not receive an ebilling last month when the OAN charge of $19 began on my ATT account.

  284. Chris says:

    I sound like one of the lucky ones. I had a charge of $14.95 on my verizon bill mysteriously. I called 1-800-944-9646, and got an agent right away. They verified my ph # and address and the address they had on file didn’t match mine and they immediately refunded the amount and canceled the service. Now to wait till next months bill.

  285. Joan M. Thomas says:

    My experience on April 22 at 9:30 PM exactly matches what Chris posted on April 22 at 1:19PM

  286. jeff clough says:

    we got the same sneaky, underhanded, malicious, scamming, low-life, and illegal charges on our verizon bill. if there’s a class action against ‘laurental’ and/or verizon i hope to be a part. this is pure fraud!

  287. Giggles & Wiggles Academy says:

    Had a $16 charge added to my business account. Never asked for it, Verizon told me that it was for 3rd party voice mail services. They credited my account but could not tell me how the billing was authorized. I asked them to put a third-party billing freeze on my account.

  288. Roger and Barbara Richardson says:

    April 26, 2010
    We got our Verizon bill for the month and I noticed an extra charge on it from OAN Services, Inc.
    Total $8.73. After talking to Verizon, I was told they would take this charge off my bill and they would
    put a block on OAN Services, but they also told me that I would have to call OAN to have this service
    removed. So I called OAN and told them, I did not ask for this service, and I wanted this removed.
    OAN told me I would have to call Laurentel. When I call them, I was told that my husband Roger ok this
    by phone, I told her he did not, then she change her story and said he ok it on the internet, I told her,
    he did not; he does not go on the computer or internet. I told her to remove this and that I did not order
    this service, then she told me there was a new bill for April, 2010. I told her I would not pay this or the other
    bill, I also told her that Verizon has taken this bill off and that Verizon was putting a block on this service.
    So now as it stands today April 26, 2010, I am told by Laurente services that theses two bills amounting
    To $17.46 would be credited to our Verizon and their company Laurente would block their service to
    my Verizon.
    WE WILL SEE???

  289. Corona Real Estate Agent says:

    How is it that there is this many complaints about this company and the State Attorney General hasn’t shut them down.

  290. Maria says:

    My parents have been complaining of the high monthly payment for our phone bill. I finally got the chance to review it and noticed a $27.90 charges from OAN. $14.95 from USA VOICEMAIL, INC and $12.95 form INFOCALL,LLC. I checked with AT&T why I was billed for this amount and they said, it’s a third party billing and I should contact them instead. I appears that I was being charge these amounts since July 2008. Like I said, I have automatic payment, so I don’t even see the details for this bill, which I will start to do. They need to credit me back $419.45 + tax but they said it will take 2 billing cycle and can’t issue me a check because they have to give the credit back to AT&T. I called At&T and they said if I want a check for the credit, I’ll have to talk to somebody else from another department but it will take 4 months to get my money back. I’m very upset because they’re so quick on charging these amount,but so slow on giving the money back to their customers.

  291. Rama says:

    We noticed OAN charges on our Bill 6monts after they started charging us 49$ per cycle. AT&T said they were 3rd party charges and that we need to call the 3rd party. I was able to get a rep to speak to – basically said he could not refund the entire amout only the last 2 months. When I asked why they were charging me to start with he played a digitally maupulated voice recording of mine confirming the charges. I clearly remember discontinuing the call as soon as they mentioned charges but OAN has gone ahead to manupulate the recording and charging me for “services” they rendered. I ended up cancelling my phone service and am still awaiting my refunds. WHAT A SCAM!

  292. Lisa says:

    good luck on the refunds. I noticed a charge on my verizon charge and immediately called them. They said DO NOT PAY THE DISPUTED AMOUNT and gave me the OAN contact info.
    I called there, the machine said it was a voicemail. when i finally got to a person she asked my name and info i said no YOU tell ME who i am since you billed me…she was EXTREMELY rude and finally said she would credit me the 2 months charges (they were both on the one bill) and slipped my sons name in there. Seeing as he has an apartment at college and she gave me a DORM NAME from his first year i got REALLY suspicious. We dont use voicemail, and he has on on his cellphone so no way would he have ordered one. Call to him says no..he takes care of all his bills himself, and they go to his student mailbox not here.
    So I called the college, seems this company somehow got hold of their database and just started billing all home addresses of students.
    Fast forward to April..charges still on my bill and i have a LATE FEE for them. call verizon again, they take late fee off. suggest i again call this place. I double make sure that verizon knows i have not and will not authorize ANY charges on my bill other than theirs.
    Call OAN again. VERY nice woman. very helpful. assures me that there was a mistake and somehow the credit didnt go throug. Resubmits the credit.
    Fast forward one more time to today. bill comes. only HALF the amount is credited. Called OAN yet again. spoke to supervisor. she says..well its 2 different months credit. it takes UP TO THREE billing cycles to get the credits on. I point out that both credits supposedly issued on same day. she blames verizon for not taking them both off at once. only has ONE confirmation # for the credits not 2. gives me total song and dance about how they only issue one confirmation number as its only one account.
    I cant believe this company is still in business…

  293. Greg says:

    My phone bill jumped in March and I thought that it was late charges for my Dish Network from my wife or son being that I have not ordered any movies that cost extra. Then in April noticed that it was up higher than March’s. When I checked my phone bill noticed that there was a 3rd party charge. Checked this out and found that it was for “GOLD WEB HOSTING”. I have no idea who or what this was for so called Phone company and they have now put a block on this. But they said that I have to call the 3rd party and have them refund me March’s charges. Called them and this lady answers and tells me that her internet is down and will have to call me back. I’m at this time waiting on her call. When I told her that I did not sign up for their services she got a little rude with me. So now I’m at their mercy and waiting.

  294. lisa says:

    Greg—I didn’t put up with them being rude to me. THEY did this not you–stand your ground!!!

  295. Put_ThirdPartyBlockOnYourPhoneLine says:


    PREVENTION of this scam is : “put a THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK on your local phone lines, by calling your phone company, Verizon, ATT, etc”

    If you’ve already been duped by this scam, like me, this is what I did and now I’ve been able to get hold of the “IDEAL SAVINGS NOW” ( ISN )

    company via the OAN (Operator Assistance Network” to cancel this scam service from my phone service and waiting for refund in 4-5 months now.

    This is what I did.

    I opened my bill today and saw that it had $14.95 being charged for this scam and that caused the spike in my bill from the last time that I

    had reviewed the bill in Feb’2010. I got curious to see what Verizon must have raised, only to find this scam service being belled on my


    I swung into action right a way and after 3 calls to OAN-ISN and failed. So finally called VERIZON to put a THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK on my account, so

    that no online scam orders will EVER be added to my phone line account.

    This “THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK” should be every phone line customer’s right and should be set when a new phone service is started ( a common sense).

    But it seems, all phone companies also get a margin from these scams, hence they do not put this “THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK” by default so that these

    kind of scams can thrive and these all companies mint money by milking the customers, who mostly have online bill payments setup and rarely see

    the bills details. like me until today.

    I’ve cancelled my online bill payment system for hone bills now.

    I had to call 3 times the OAN network @ 1-800-944-9646, and they kept on transfering me to the “Ideal Savings Now” number @ 1-888-335-0544 and

    then it was getting disconnected.

    I finally called Verizon to put a Third-Party-Block on my phone number, so that NO one can add additional services to my land line numnber that

    was being scammed $14.99 for last 4 months by OAN’s “Ideal Savings Now” company.

    verizon offered to connect me to OAN and I asked verizon representative to wait till a live humna rep answers the OAN call.

    Then I asked OAN the details of the persn/company who had placed these un-autorized service to my phone account, so that I can report to


    The OAN rep then gave me the number 1-888-335-0544 of the “Ideal Savings Now” (ISN) , who were billing me $14.99 for last 4 months. I asked OAN

    to connect me to them and the rep waited till a humna answered from the ISN company.

    I asked the details from the ISN rep about who, when, and how placed this fraudulent order on my phone line, so that I can report to cops. I

    also asked the ISN operator to FIRST CANCEL my service for this voice-mail service from ISN and the rep canceeled it first. Then I asked for

    refund, and she said it takes 4 months for the local phone company to refund my money that they (ISN) will return to them.

    The operator on hearing that I am to lodgew a police complaint about this scam, gave me the following details about who/when/how placed this

    order on my phone number account with verizon.

    They said someone placed an:

    a. Online order in Jan 2010 with a fake email to add this service to my landline number.

    b. That person had used an online coupon with code #4071-158-0927 to order it @ 3:44PM on Jan 12th 2010.

    c. IP Address used to place the order was:

    e. The email used to place this order on my phone bill was: xxxxxx@disposable.com.

    f. the website used to place this order was: enjoyaccess.com

    P.S.: contact “Ideal Savings Now” number @ 1-888-335-0544 to CANCEL your service.

    I am going to lodge a police complaint about this rip off scam on my phone bill, and also Let everyone know to put a THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK on your

    land line phone company so no future third party billing can happen to your bill EVER.

    NOTE: please spread the word that all should contact their phone companies and put a THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK on their phone lines.

    HOPE: my experience and “THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK” tip help you and you spread this word, to make it a law in US to make ALL PHONE COMPANIES out by

    default the “THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK” on all phone lines, until requested by customer in-person for this “THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK” to be removed from their

    phone line account.


  296. Jenny Morton says:

    I have had charges from OAN for the past three months on my home phone bill in the amount of $17.76. I have never authorized any charges from them. It says it is a monthly fee to KTCO: KOOL Telecom. I am about to get really really angry. I am sick and tired of jerks trying to screw over innocent people. Has anybody heard of this KTCO: KOOL Telecom?

  297. Ed Vu says:

    Everyone…your communications company, by law, must allow for 3rd party billing (services outside their own service) to level the communications playing field. They have to allow it if the 3rd party has identifying information on you. To STOP unauthorized charges, you must tell them to STOP all 3rd party billings. Then have them refund you for services that you did not authorize (your company can do the footwork, you shouldn’t have to…just tell them that YOU did NOT authorize any of the charges and they you want THEM to refund it back to your account…they should then put the onus on the scamming company to prove that you authorized it…again, you are telling them you did NOT, so the 3rd party has to prove otherwise). Tell your congresspeople to stop this 3rd party billing requirement if you want it to stop.

  298. Jenny Morton says:

    I called OAN and was transferred to the idiots who are scamming for KOOL Telecom. I spoke to a man I could barely understand and he told me that they made a phone call to our number (which happens to be our home number) and that they spoke to a human voice who authorized it. he then said they sent an email to one of our old email addressed that has not been checked this year (and the charges began in March of 2010). After arguing with the man I told him that the only solution was a refund and a complete dissolution of any contract real or scammed. The man said that I will have a refund credited to my phone bill by next month and gave me an authorization number of GP050103447. Do I buy this? Heck no. He then told me that they would contact my phone company and that I had no need to do so. I told him that I fully inteneded on following up with them in the morning and he again insisted that I did not. What kind of idiot do they take me for? I filed a complaint with the BBB on BSG who is the company that runs this OAN bullcrap… Why in the heck would I want to pay for something I have no need for? I have unlimited on my long distance, have internet, and 1400 minutes a month on my cell phone with nearly 10,000 rollover minutes???? They got the wrong person this time. It has taken me a bit to really pay attention to my bill as I am used to just paying it online and not really looking at it, but game on now OAN!!!

  299. Delmi says:

    OAN has charged me with a bill from verizon that i “USED” their “services” on Feb. 28,2010 being charged for $8.43 which is false because i have NEVER used their services, I don’t even know what OAN is. I though that i had done something by accident but when i checked oanweb.com i didn’t see anything familiar so i contacted verizon. Verizon didn’t help at all but i called one other time and a man said that he could cancel it with a confirmation but it didn’t help. Bills just keep on coming in charging the same amount each time. Of course i am NOT going to pay it. I know that OAN is just another service that gets your information (don’t know how) (stalkers)They get your information through your phone bills, internet, applications, and whatever other way they can!!! OAN services are just trying to cheat you out of your money by telling you something that might be true. (Maybe) But if they charge us ONE more time i will do anything and everything i can to find out what they want and why. OAN if you want to make money fast and easy why don’t you just get a REAL job! That doesn’t cheat off other innocent people!Don’t you Turd-faces believe in God and what he says? He says: “Love your neighbor like you would love yourself.”

  300. CJ McKinley says:

    I contacted the Attorney General of Calif. They did respond and helped with the situation. Please do so. The local police is not the answer.Do not pay that bill!

  301. Roger and Barbara Richardson says:

    Hi Peace,
    I did call my Verizon and had them put a THIRD-PARTY-BLOCK on my phone. Thanks for the information.

  302. Melissa Tucker says:

    Being billed $14.95 for a Voicemail service. Supposedly signed up 2/11/10 with an email that hasn’t been accessed in years, with an address that was 3 years old and with my name on my husbands email.

  303. Kim says:

    My husband noticed a charge of $13.76 on our bill from OAN Services. He contacted AT&T and was told to contact OAN. When he called OAN told him that I had filled out a form online to allow it. He notified them that I had never done anything like this. They argued with him stating that I had, which I never have done. He informed them that I had a degree in Criminal Justice and and taken classes with U.S. Defense Dept. in Cybercrime. They changed their story and said that they would stop billing us for it. My husband then contacted AT&T again to register a complaint against them for allowing ANYBODY without proper authority to bill us. As he is doing this, my phone rings. It is the man from OAN stating that he had spoke with his manager about the situation. He stated he was going to refund every dime of our money. I then let him know that I didn’t appreciate him accusing me of such a task as filling out the form for the service. He stated he never did that. Funny… then why was my husband yelling at you saying that my wife would never do anything like fill out a form and giving you permission? I have lost all trust in AT&T. They have allowed this to occur without a proper ID or signature. What else are they going to do? They stated that I would recieve a check within 7 days. Not sure about cashing it though.

  304. Jill says:

    For the last several months we had been receiving charges on our Verizon account, the latest being a charge of 14.95 from OAN Services Inc. The first time we called Verizon and they advised they could not refund us that we needed to call OAN directly which I did. Due to the fact this had occurred 3 months in a row I decided to check out OAN’s website because we didn’t know anything about the company. That’s where I found this website and noticed hundreds of people have had the same problem. This is an outrage! I finally had to call Verizon and they very nicely put a Third-Party block on the line. Additionally, Verizon said if any new charges appear after the date I called that Verizon would automatically not accept these charges and they would not appear on our bill. I am very happy with Verizon’s help. They are not the problem.

  305. David says:

    I started getting billed by many 3rd parties years ago. I called AT&T and explained my situation. They came up with this wonderful/complimentary solution…3rd party block. We’ll…I had 3rd party block on my business at&t line and OAN still got through. ATT said they still will not refund the charges from OAN. Even the rep on the phone said, “I don’t know how it got through the 3rd party block. We’ll investigate and make a request(won’t guarantee) to call you back.” Just when I was starting to like AT&T again.

  306. Robin says:

    I was charged $14.95 for the month of Febuary, March, and April. I was told by Verizon to call OAN directly. I was told that I would be credited the $45.00. Then we recieved out May bill and we were charged another $14.95 by a different provider (800-321-Contract). I called this provider and they said they will credit us for the future charge of May but couldn’t for the month of April. I called Verizon and had them put a block on receiving any more of these charges. For the life of me I know I didn’t sign up for any of these services. Verizon shouldn’t automatically charge us for 3rd party services without calling us and checking with us first. Let’s hope that I won’t be charged in June for someother 3rd party provider that I have never heard of from before.

  307. Ronald says:

    I have been charged twice about OAN services(April & May)which i don’t know what the hell is that about?i want that to stop to whom ever this may concern!

  308. Roger and Barbara Richardson says:

    Call your telephone company and tell them that these are not your charges and put a third party block on your phone, also get in touch with Bureau of Consumer Protection, office of Attorney General, in your state and make a complaint against OAN Services, thats what I did and I got a letter back that they with try to resolve my complaint for me.

  309. Stephanie Anderson says:

    Opened my AT&T bill for May and saw a charge for $8.43 from an OAN services. Called the OAN 800 number listed on the bill and they said I had signed up for some kind of voicemail services online. I said I didn’t ign up for it sand told them to close this account and stop charging my phone bill. Rep didn’t even argue and said something about it might take two billing cycles. Called AT&T and the rep was trying her best to get me off the phone. Without telling her that I had already talked to OAN, I asked what the charge was for and she said I would have to call OAN. I said that I was calling AT&T for answers because they are the company that allowed these charges from OAN to be placed on my account. AT & T rep then opened my account and said the same thing about calling OAN services. I sent my bill off this month minus the charges for OAN. If AT&T wants to give me grief, I will have no problem cancelling my phone. How AT&T accept a third party bill from a company without requiring proof from them that I ordered the service? They spend plenty of time telemarketing to me about some Uverse service so why can’t they have someone call and ask about a third party billing? After reading the comments about Verizon, I should probably go back and check those bills for the past few months as well.

  310. sandra ortiz says:

    My father in law called us today today because this company Instant 411 Inc says my husband authorized this service. Not true. We don’t even live at that address. My in laws do! We live 400 miles away! Then they asked my father in law for my husbands address. Which he told them he doesnt know where he lives! So my husband called pretending to be my father in law and demanded the charges be taken off. They said they can’t because they were authorized. My husband promptly told them he was calling the police and they said all 4 months would be credited on the next bill. Im reporting this to the FTC and BBB today!

  311. Mike Stanley says:

    OAN has billed me for unauthorized third party billing. I have had Centurylink to place a block on third party billings,but OAN will not return money that was taken by unauthorized billing. With all the complaints,Why hasn’t the proper goverment department stepped in and shut this company down?

  312. Robin Noriega says:

    Wow–just found out OAN has been billing us $14.95 on our ATT bill. Our bill is automatically paid from our bank account, so we hadn’t paid too much attention until I called ATT and asked why their charges went up so much. Then to my dismay, the agent told me we were being billed by an outside service. YIKES–I immediately called OAN and they said they would credit me for 10 months of billing but that it would take 1-2 billing cycles before it would show up as a credit on my ATT bill. Also, the agent with OAN did put a block on my number, so it would not be charged again—thank goodness! I did ask how we ended up getting signed up for this service and the lady told my from an business e-mail account we have. I know neither my husband or myself signed up for this directory assistance service, so this is very disturbing! I hope a class action lawsuit is carried out against this company which is stealing money from people.

  313. sandra ortiz says:

    TO RObin Noriega: If I were you I would file with the BBB and FTC. You won’t see a refund unless you complain to the BBB. And even then I am not too sure it will happen. Per the BBB complaints some ppl got refunds and some never did. The company seems to ignore a lot of the complaints. Make the FTC and BBB aware it’s still an ongoing issue!

  314. Lisa says:

    good luck. they promised me i would get a full refund. i got ONE month. they say well they sent it to verizon and verizon just hasnt credited it yet. i called verizon. they said they got ONE month refund and thats IT.
    I am sick to death of calling OAN over and over. its been since Feb when they did these charges and i still dont have my refund. they hope you will forget and not pursue it. I’ve called the BBB and the attorney generals office. They have so many complaints about this scam company you would think they would shut them down and arrest them.
    Dont let it go..i will fight until i get my money back.
    And for all of you that blame the phone companies? Its not them. Several years ago the government allowed this third party garbage. Its not at&t or verizon. The man i talked to gave me the date..i believe it was around 2005 this started to be allowed but could be wrong. I’m writing my senators about it…

  315. Partners4Good says:

    Two months in a row I’ve seen charges on my AT&T phone bill for $8.23, when I call the number on the bill next to the charges, I get routed to an answering system. No one at AT&T can help.
    If they prevent switching long distance carriers without first getting consumer approval, it seems that should be required before anything can be billed through/to our phone bill.
    In fact, the Phone company’s should be allowed to bill ANYTHING through our phone bill without our specific authorization.

  316. Mike says:

    For the 2nd month now, my business phone has been charged $29.95 fraudently. Caught it on the 1st bill and called AT&T, who said the charge would be removed and the account would be blocked so this couldn’t happen again. They did neither. The next month, another $29.95 charge appeared. OAN calls businesses to “verify company information” and then edits the recorded conversation for manipulation so they can later play back the “verbal authorization.” Don’t allow it… Fight back! Guarantee you I won’t pay these fraudulent charges. I’ll switch carriers before that happens. It’s bullshit the phone companies have known about this OAN scam for 2 years and still allow it. It’s because they receive fees for collecting the money.

  317. mel says:

    I wonder if AT&T is involved in this too. I had several OAN charges until I caught them, I got the charges for 2 month of 4 months reversed out, but the following month – this month there is a charge for the same amount but from a different 3rd party company. How convenient that one gets cancelled out and another bills me
    AT&T is that you????? I am gettingready to cancel AT&T very soon.

  318. Randi says:

    I just recently asked for a refund from OAN. They gave me the story about it taking a couple of billing cycles until I see the refund. Verizon said they can’t help me. I’ll be complaining to the FTC and BBB and gov’t reps.

  319. stephenie says:

    I also just found OAN and another one called The Billing Resource. Both charging us 16.07 each a month!! I am calling first thing in the AM. They will not stop hearing from me until this is fixed. Good grief, I seriously hate conniving scam artists. jerks! I am sorry for the rest of you and hope your issues are resolved soon!

  320. Dennis Ward says:

    Scroll up to complaint #279. That was my original complaint. OAN did delete the charges, and in fact, deleted one too many charges, thus screwing AT&T out of $14.95. CONSUMER REPORTS, the magazine and website for Consumer’s Union printed an article about cramming scams and how to beat them. OAN was the main subject of the article. It listed things to do, such as tell your phone company to block all third-party charges, scrutinize your bill every month, demand a refund, report the incident to the FTC, FCC, and your state attorney general. I also recommend reporting to the Better Business Bureau, Consumers Union, AARP, and any other organization that has a consumer protection/fraud assist capability.

  321. Kim says:

    Ok I never did get my check that I was supposed to have within 7 days and it has been 6 weeks. I knew it, they are all liars including AT&T. I wonder how many of us that have these complaints are also on Facebook. This is the only place I can figure out that they are getting info from. I do have my privacy settings set but still something just isn’t right.

  322. Roger and Barbara Richardson says:

    On June 18, 2010, I did make a complaint to Attorney General Office, I got a letter back from him and copies of letters that were sent to him by OAN and Lauren Tel, in the letter Oan and Lauren Tel says that we order their services, also in their letter that stated that my husbands birth day was different day, month year then what his is, one lie, also their was an email address, not ours, another lie. Like others, I got the charges off and block, thats what these companies told the Attorney General’s Office. I am sending out another letter to the Attorney General office, explaining about all of this, with a copy of all the complaints from this site. Everything they said was a lie and it is a scam. I have asked the Attorney General why isn’t something being done about this? I think this has been going on to long, where is someone to stop these companies, their are people that are not even paying attention to their bills. But I have put this on facebook, I don’t know if this will help. But you are right about one thing, we have to keep watching ours telephone bills and I have told that to the Attorney General.
    I want the Attorney General to know that this company is scamming everyone and lieing through their teeth.

  323. Randi says:

    Re: #322 Mr. & Mrs. Richardson…Would you tell us what State you are in. I’m reporting to the Attorney General in California. Multiple complaints will show the AG that this is a real problem. The AG probably already knows, but we have to keep on filing complaints until they fix the problem.

  324. Roger and Barbara Richardson says:

    I live in Northeast PA and I have Verizon!
    I have just sent another letter and copies of the CONSUMER REPORT and other research that I had found to my Attorney General Office. I will keep you posted. If you get any papers back from the Attorney General Office, check them and see if OAN has put your right email address and your right birth day, they didnot with us. All wrong, Good Luck

  325. sandra ortiz says:

    The charges my father in law received were in Orange County, ca. Please feel free to contact me. I would be interested in contacting the atty Ga. Of California. I have already filed with the BBB and the FTC

  326. Roger and Barbara Richardson says:

    Nation’s Largest Telephone Bill Aggregators Will Pay $1.9 Million …… The FTC charged BSG Clearing Solutions North America, LLC, ACI Billing Services,
    Inc. d/b/a OAN, and Billing Concepts, Inc. (collectively …
    http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2008/03/phone.shtm – 17k – Cached
    This was in 2008.
    Here is the FTC articule on OAN.
    For Release: March 13, 2008
    Nation’s Largest Telephone Bill Aggregators Will Pay $1.9 Million and Stop ‘Cramming’ to Settle FTC Charges
    Three companies that placed more than $30 million in bogus collect call charges on consumers’ telephone bills have agreed to pay $1.9 million for consumer redress in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that bars them from billing for unauthorized charges and misrepresenting that consumers are obligated to pay for them.

    The FTC charged BSG Clearing Solutions North America, LLC, ACI Billing Services, Inc. d/b/a OAN, and Billing Concepts, Inc. (collectively, “BSG”) with placing charges on behalf of co-defendant Nationwide Connections, Inc. (see press releases dated March 15, 2006 and September 26, 2006). The three related companies control more than 85 percent of the billing aggregation market, in which aggregators contract with local telephone companies to bill on behalf of third parties. According to the FTC, BSG began receiving complaints from consumers soon after the Nationwide billing began, including complaints about charges for calls made to telephone lines dedicated to computers and fax machines, and to phones where no one was present.

    The settlement would prohibit BSG from misrepresenting that consumers are obligated to pay for telecommunications charges that have not been expressly authorized. It also would be barred from billing or submitting any telecommunications charges for billing on a consumer’s telephone bill unless such charge has been expressly authorized. BSG would be in compliance with the proposed court order’s prohibitions against unauthorized billing if it takes all necessary steps before billing on behalf of new clients and while billing for existing clients to ensure it does not engage in the unauthorized billing of telecommunications charges. The settlement bars BSG from selling or renting consumers’ personal information obtained from Nationwide and requires BSG to create and maintain billing and consumer complaint records for eight years and submit various compliance reports to the FTC for five years.

    In December 2007, the court entered a $34,426,696.85 judgment – the total amount that consumers paid for the phony charges – against Nationwide Connections, which a court-appointed receiver is winding down. The FTC has settled with Nationwide’s ringleader, defendant Willoughby Farr, with a $35 million judgment and a ban on all telephone billing (see press release dated March 5, 2008). The Commission’s case against The Billing Resource d/b/a Integretel, another billing aggregator in this massive cramming scheme, and its cases against three remaining individual defendants, are still pending.

    The Commission vote to authorize staff to file the stipulated final order was 5-0. The order for permanent injunction will be filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

    NOTE: This stipulated final order is for settlement purposes only and does not constitute an admission by the defendant of a law violation. A stipulated final order requires approval by the court and has the force of law when signed by the judge.

    The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, click http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/complaint.shtm or call 1-877-382-4357. The FTC enters Internet, telemarketing, identity theft, and other fraud-related complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 1,600 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. For free information on a variety of consumer topics, click http://ftc.gov/bcp/consumer.shtm.

    Frank Dorman
    Office of Public Affairs
    Laura Kim
    Bureau of Consumer Protection
    This was then and they need to be stopped now.

  327. Stephen Harrington says:

    OUt of the blue, a charge of $39.95 appeared on my Verizon bill, listed by OAN as from Business Direct List Mofee. Verizon said they would issue an immediate credit, but it would take two billing cycles for it to appear, and if it appears in the third cycle, I’ll have to call again. How can this kind of robbery happen?

  328. Debi Frey says:

    A charge for 13.92 appeared from OAN from ADigitalVillage.com. It is amazing how these charges can just appear.

  329. samantha richardson says:

    i dont think you have the right to bill me when i did NOT OKAY THIS and im not payen it

  330. barbara twele says:

    I had not been paying a whole lot of attention to the bill for my land line (through verizon) until I saw that it jumped by $15 month after month since the first of the yr. (2010) I filed a claim against the co. (ESBI) but how do I get them to stop immediately charging me for something I didn’t order?

  331. Roger and Barbara Richardson says:

    barbara twele,
    Call Verizon and tell them you want this removed from your bill, tell them this is a scam, they will tell you that you will still have to call OAN and have it remove there too. Tell Verizon, you want a three party block and tell OAN you want them block. Good Luck

  332. Rose Talkington says:

    Scams scams and more scams. Its about time people got nailed for this. Who can one trust anymore?? I am out raged.

  333. Stephanie says:

    Horrible…Horrible companies. OAN and ILD have been hitting my business AT&T bills for several months. Shame on me for not paying more attention to my bills but like all single proprietorships, I am busy. When I caught on to the scam, I called AT&T and was told that they just do the billing and that I would have to call these firms direct. I called both firms and tried to cancel my service with both of them. When I mentioned to both companies that I did not authorize these charges to my account they played a message where a foreigner with an impossible to understand accent explained to me that I was going to get a free listing on http://www.search local.com. I sounded distracted on the call and agreed to this “free” listing. This free listing has been costing me $49.95 a month from ILD and $29.95 from OAN. Even though I called both companies last month to cancel my services, they didn’t. In fact, ILD double billed me this month ($99.99) and when I called they told me it was going to take 2 or 3 billing cycles to get my money back. OAN acted like they had never heard from me before. Why would AT&T allow anyone other then themselves hit my bill. I have this trust that my service providers are only billing me for my services. Horrible …awful companies!!! Oh, I forgot to mention that AT&T had been charging me to be my web host as well. They argued with me that they were not my web host. From this point forward, I will watch my phone bill like a hawk.

  334. Chip Zambrowicz says:

    Getting charges from OAN that I never authorized and can’t get it off my bill, why not? How do I get it stopped – no one answers from OAN and ATT says they can’t do anything about it as I have to call them. Now, I’ve incured $8.25 for a year, and I bet if I stop paying ATT 8.25 every month, they will eventually stop my service, but I guess I may have to resort to that and go with another company if they can’t help me get thsee charges off….

  335. Roger and Barbara Richardson says:

    Try Verizon, they did take my OAN bill off and I had them put a three party block. If ATT don’t want to help you then they should be responsible for their bill.

  336. Kim says:

    I finally got my check from them. It seemed to take forever. Thank godness no more of OAN. I am watching my bills more carefully now!

  337. mary says:

    I had a charge i didnt order, turns out one of my kids in college used my home phone to bill some random dating site. They gave me a refund, now how do i ground a kid in college?

  338. Jaime Stevens says:

    Oan has hit me on my verizon bill several times starting a few months ago. I looked back through my bills in an effort to find out why they were so high and found charges from OAN services for Voicemail monthly fee and 1 email a day a fee. I called Verizon in March and they supposedly put a block on my phone and the charges were reversed through OAN services. The a chrge for May 30th surfaced on June’s bill. Another 14.95 this time for Instant411 monthly fee. My husband called and talked to both verizon and this OAN and supposedly everything was taken care of. Wrong! I just got off of the phone with both Verizon and these OAN services again who insist I filled out this form online and said they could send it to me so I said yes send it. I get the email and call back. I have never seen this form let alone filled it out and they insist because my info was on it and it was verified with a security (last 4 digits of social) they would not remove the charge and kept asking if the info was correct. I told the csr and a supervisor (both of whom tried to verify info) that I didn’t know them and I was not telling them what info was or was not correct. They insisted it was correct and I got nowhere so I hung upo with the supervisor telling me if I believed I was a victim of ID theft then I needed to file a complaint. That is what I am in the process of doing now with the FTC and local law enforcment. I can not believe they are allowed to get away with this. I am still recovering from a layoff and we are struggling to keep our home let alone people stealing money that we DO NOT have and wihtout permission Verizon allows it which is why I am cancelling services with them as well. I am tired of being taken advantage of and all of this fighting is a waste of my time and energy. Please help.

  339. Randi says:

    I had OAN charges on my Verizon bill for two months. I was able to request a refund of those charges through Bsgclearing.com (Bill View Help Center). The OAN phone numbers on my Verizon bill did not have people answering them. My August Verizon bill shows a credit online. I’m waiting for the paper copy of my bill to confirm it. I called Verizon and asked them to put a Block on my phone so that no more unauthorized charges could be made on my phone. I don’t know yet if that will work. I contacted the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) here in California. They have a Complaint Form online. I complained about OAN and Verizon. In some states it’s the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Hope this information helps someone.

  340. Shane says:

    I don’t want to get into the whole story….I was told OAN is the BILLING company for many of these 3 party scams. ATT put a 3rd party block on our ATT bill but you will still have to cancel the service through OAN and get a cancellation number to stop sending you bills. OAN – 800-926-6435 where I got an answer the first time I called but it was early in the morning.

  341. John Wesley Shannon says:

    On Tuesday July 13 OAN services and Accucharge billed my Verizon bill $48.15 for a 9-minute 900 call at 10:43 AM. Usually at this time on Tweekdays I am not home as I have a class from 8 to 9 at the YMCA and have a cupp of the Y’s coffee afterwoods, and then I usually buy a paper and go somewhere for an early lunch. My Internet-8 calender indicates this appointment for the date of the call. My practice is to delete ongoing appointments from the calender if I skip or m1ss an appointment.

  342. Richard says:

    Today, I saw that there is a $29.95 OAN fee. What is this all about. I own a business and their CS reps said that they would save me money. In fact, I am being charged more. How does one go about canceling with these bunch of RIP OFFS?

  343. Ron says:

    I own a small business. I do not remember giving anyone permission to provide a service I’m not even sure what it is. AT&T include a $98 charge on my bill and will disconnect me if I don’t pay it. I called and I just get VM from OAN. AT&T are holding me hostage.

  344. John Wesley Shannon says:

    Well, the saga continues. I filed a comp lent with the Better Business Bureau in Florida about OAN, I recommend all of us do this, They then will have to answer each and every complaint, Maybe then BB will drop them from its list of A+ companies to deal with, I also notified the Attorney Generals of Pa and FA, Maybe one of the attoney Generals will put this kind of bologna to rest.

  345. John Wesley Shannon says:

    Try and have your provider block 900 calls and billing. I don’t believe anyone needs the sleazy services of any of these 900 operators. Next they will bill Osama Bin Laden’s organization’s calls to you home number.

  346. Andrea says:

    I just realized I have been charged for a whole year $13.53 a month. I called OAN and they couldn’t even explain what services they provide. I asked for a refund and they said they could only do a month. I refused and asked for the whole year. They said they would have to send it to the “Investigations Department”… Ironic huh?!
    I tried fighting it with AT&T (where I was being charged) and asked how they would allow such charges. They said I had to take my issues to OAN because there was nothing they could do about. Sad that AT&T, with all the money they’ve got, cannot reverse 12 $13.53 that totals up to about $150 for someone that lives paycheck by paycheck. I’ve given them years of business and am extremely disappointed.

  347. Eric says:

    Someone called my office and talked to an employee stating they are from our local telephone company and we are going to get our 30% discount that our local company gave us since we signed up for 3 years. Come to find out she was talking to a guy from OAN and now I have the audio recording. They caused an entire week of pain since I spent countless hours on the phone with local company trying to reverse early cancel fees, etc. The OAN lady only said she cant do anything since the employee said yes to everything even though it was misrepresented. Also how can an employee make changes when I am the owner of the company?!?!?!?

  348. Lisa says:

    ok folks i figured out how to get your money back. I have called OAN no fewer than 6 times. I have down every single reps name and their id #. i got HALF my money back, and although ASSURED the other half would be forthcoming its been SIX MONTHS. the other day, i guess i needed to let off steam. sooo..i called OAN. I spoke with Jennifer, who claims to be a supervisor. And for once in my life i got firm. I told her if these false charges werent refunded, i would call the attorney general, the BBB, the state police, and the president of the US. no kidding..lol. i asked her HOW she could work for such a dishonest company.
    she gave me the same song and dance about it taking 3 billing periods. i said nope..it had best be on my september bill. she says but..i said NO BUTS. you people have had since FEBRUARY to resolve this and you havent. it had BEST be on my Septermber bill!!
    Lo and behold,,,i just got my August bill, and dont you know i’ve been credited!!! YAHOO!!

    I see lots of people asking how the phone companies can allow these fraudulent charges. Please do NOT blame them. Blame the last administration, who allowed third party billing to be legal. All you have to do is call your phone company and tell them you do NOT authorize third party billing on your account, and they can’t do it. thats all there is to it. unfortunately, i had no clue of this. now i do.
    oh and as for how do they get names? in my case, they got hold of student accounts at a family members college. yeah. infiltrated the database. charged ME for a voice mailbox..when my family member has an i-phone which has voice mail on it. its not under my name…and this person has NO access to my phone account, but as i was listed as next of kin? i got the fraudulent charges. the college has apologized profusely and warned everyone to check bills.
    This OAN should be put out of business and their officers tossed in jail.
    i am SO glad to be done with them…

  349. Kim says:

    I have read a lot of all your complaints. Boy there are many!! I was so furious when my husband said what they had charged us. When he contacted them they said I had filled out the form to authorize the charges!! Boy when he told me that I hit the roof. They had no idea who they had just messed with. I am certified with the U.S. Department of Defense in Cybercrime. I also have degrees in Criminal Justice. I called these people back and they fed me the story of what they told my husband. When I explained to them what I do and my education they changed their story and stated they never said I filled out the form. I have it on tape so don’t lie to me. We have our money back but even 4 months later I am still furious!! Good luck to all of you, stand your ground with them. Contact your state’s Attorney General, the BBB and tell all your friends about this.

  350. diana kiff says:

    i was charged 14.95 on my verizon bill for this month. i called verizon, told them i did not sign up for anything and they took the charges off. i also put a block on my verizon account so no one can do this again. they are crooks and should be given a hefty punishment

  351. nita says:

    I just started to notice that embarq bill was higher and i thought it was for movies ordered but after looking found third party charges from oan and i did not sign up for and now i’m getting the run around about the charges and they have been chargeing me starting in 11/09
    the charges are over $300.00

  352. peggy says:

    OAN started billing me in Jan.2010. As I was away and didn’t see my bill for a few cycles,though I didn’t pay those OAN charges I paid verizon phone bill. However OAN refuses to remove the charges from my account and verizon continues to list it as an outstanding bill. Verizon has been NO HELP. They say OAN has to remove the charges and OAN says that first I have to pay the bill before they refund me the money thus removing it from bill. I do not trust OAN so I will not pay they any money.Why would I pay for something I never ordered.If verizon does not remove the charges from My bill I will just switch to Vontage or another phone service. Why is it AT&T and verizon who allow this. I believe they are getting something in the deal from these white collar theives.

  353. Susan says:

    I found charges from OAN Sevices LLC on my Verizon bill. They are a billing company. I never subscibed to whatever this is. I called 800-395-6282 which is Telecharge Resource. I found this on my bill online. They cancelled this. Only took one call. I will be calling Verizon to block future charges not authorized directly through them.

  354. Paul says:

    check my 6/26/10 bill and seen new charges $168.00 the avg amount than an additional $325.01 wtf was this for well since OAN put a third party charge from American Network on my bill of $40.01 I also lost my 3 year agreement with verizon and was charged $285.00 early cancellation fee. I called verizon and asked what happen they stated i had switched long distant co and thats what the charges were for. I stated didn’t I set up this account with a 3rd party block they stated yes so wtf are these 3rd party charges for. I was told it would be all credited. 7/26/10 bill comes in with no credit and again a OAN 3rd party charge I call Verizon and ask for a superviser went through the whole ordeal and am told credit has been applied and that I’ll see it on the next month bill. Now the 8/26/10 bill comes with a credit for $325.01 plus $40.01 but wait again OAN has a 3rd party charge and now look there is a new 3rd party charge from ILD of $53.45 for Search Local LLC. won’t this $#%^$# ever end for god sakes i have a 3rd party bolk on the phone faxed signed documents into verizon and still am getting charged. i called today 9/14/10 and was told all these charges will be refunded i also called OAN and ILD explained the situation and they stated that credit has already been applied and no new charges will be bill — yea right can’t wait to see my 9/26/10 bill.

  355. Naim says:

    oan accepted authorization from someone who is not authorized to make changes on phone bill. called on 09/01/10, spoke with jasmine and said will cancel but still see charges on next bill. need to be reported to state.

  356. Ellen T. Higginbotham says:

    Opened an AT&T online bill today and realized I had been paying OAN 13.86 per month for voicemail services. I never applied for this service, and never knew I had it. They have my e-mail address. I called OAN today and they promised to reverse charges for two months. I called them a second time and have asked them to reverse all charges. I am ashamed that I did not know they have been charging me since 2007 for something I did not ask for and didn’t know I had. AT&T has put a block on my account so this can’t happen again.

  357. Yvette McKnight says:

    The practice is called “CRAMMING.” Verizon ALLOWS 3-party companies to ADD charges to your monthly phone bill. They have been doing this to me since November, 2009. Each month an additional service was added to my phone bill. This month’s bill had (5) unauthorized services (ESBI, OAN, ILD, PAYMENTONE, HBS). They intentionally added these charges gradually–so you won’t notice. I NEVER AUTHORIZED ANY OF THESE SERVICES. Since November, they have taken over $900 from me. Because I was enrolled in Verizon’s “paperless billing” and “automatic pay” (deducting from my check account each month), I never checked my bills. NOW IT’S GOING TO TAKE ME MONTHS TO FIND THESE CROOKS TO GET MY MONEY BACK! …. Always read your bills. (I am livid … they are very lucky that I am not “licensed to carry a gun.” PISSED!!!

  358. Lisa says:

    Yvette..Verizon didn’t “allow” this..they are BOUND to unless you ask for no 3rd party billing. blame the government for passing that one. not verizon, at&t, or any other company.
    and if enough of us complain maybe OAN will be shut down. they got into my sons college’s database and billed everyones home addresses with no auth for anyone. i check every single one of my bills from anyplace, online or paper. i caught it the first billing..but they billed me for 2 months on that first bill!! be persistant with these people. they are crooks and should be jailed in my opinion.

  359. Don says:

    Opened my Verizon bill today to find a charge for $ 39.95 from OAN for calling services I never autherized. Called the OAN number and got the, you can leave a message with personal info and someone will get back to you. Ahrrg, after billing me for services I did not order now they want some personal information, I don’t think so. I will handle this through Verizon and the MA (AG).

  360. Linda S. says:

    Who and what is OAN, and why have they added a $14.95 charge to my AT&T phone bill. This is a unathorized charge and they will not be paid for services I did not authorized nor want. I’ve never even spoken to anyone for this service to be charged to my phone bill, as a matter of fact I’ve not even made any long distance calls to anyone over the last few months. I will not stop until I find the right company to complain to, FCC,, BBC. This is not right and will they should be held accountable for the illegal charges.

  361. diana kiff says:

    linda i hope you can find them. i had the charges on my bill last month and i called them and told them i am not paying. i also put a block on my phone so no one can jump in and charge me with anything. go get em

  362. Brenda S. says:

    Don– Just opened my Verizon bill and found a bogus and unauthorized charge from OAN. Tried to call 1-800 number about the charge but being a Saturday, their call center is conveniently closed. Called Verizon to complain about the charge and was told they couldn’t remove it. I informed them that I wasn’t going to pay the OAN charge and was told that I my bill would then be delinquent. I’m with you. I’m going to file a complaint with Martha Coakley. She is one tough lady when it comes to consumer fraud so she shouldn’t have trouble handling this. Will also file a complaint with the FCC and FTC. These bogus companies need to be SHUT DOWN!!!!

  363. Deborah says:

    My mother visits me from out of state. While she is here I pay her Verizon, now Frontier bill online. In doing so she was somehow charged $14.95 for 2 months by OAN Services Inc. on her bill. Not sure how this happened, just know is shouldn’t have. I know it is somehow tied to me paying her bill online because they have my email on file and her phone #. I called the 800# to complain and have the charges removed and no longer be billed for their service.. whatever it is. They gave me a conformation # for the charges to be removed. The # I called was
    This company needs shut down. File any complaint you can against them! One more thing. I read on another site about things like this and it stated you don’t have to pay the charges to your bill.

  364. Lauri K. says:

    I have been receiving charges from OAN through AT & T that were not authorized. I called OAN and they played a recording of a person named Rick Wooden with my business address. Since they did not call me back I called AT&T and they HELPED by crediting me for the fraudulent billing and will charge back OAN. Very interesting that Verizon would not help.

  365. diana kiff says:

    i am just waiting for my next verizon bill. they said they would put a block on nan and any other third party .i refuse to pay that bill and i did call onan and told them they had a hell of a nerve charging me for something i did not ask for

  366. Simo says:

    Well,I see a lot of complains about this company.They charged me too for my long distance calls,and when I call them,they said that they won’t give me any refund for the $13,82 that I was charged.They first called me with a lie saying that I am going to get a free calling card for being a long time customer with AT&T .Too bad for me…I accepted the card.I’ll try calling AT&T ,maybe they will give me credit for these charges.

  367. Gaetano P. Monteleone says:

    My Verizon bill had an OAN charge of $14.95 for a so called MY411connect service. I called OAN to question the charge and was told my wife authorized the service. I requested the Representative to email me the so called authorization. I was sent a webpage which did not verify authorization. I called them back had the service cancelled and requested a credit for the charge on the verizon bill. The representative complied. We then called Verizon to inform them of the invalid charges which they deducted. We also had Verizon place a 3rd party billing block on our account.

  368. Susan says:

    I received a $9.81 charge on my AT&T bill. This would be the second time in a five year period this OAN has tried this on me. AT&T removed the charges and I spoke with Glenda with OAN to cancel.

    Last time, about four years ago, I had to get our state attorney general involved in rectifying the situation. I would suggest that everyone who has had this happen send copies of their paperwork to their attorney general’s office. It may be the only way to nab these scam artists.

  369. Fritz says:

    I had a problem with OAN charging my AT&T account. I eventually cancelled my home phone service. The hassle of getting the charges removed every couple of months was just tooo frustrating.

  370. JoAnne Rich says:

    I agree with you Fritz. Not worth the hassel. We cancelled out AT&T also.And Susan Atty General did nothing in my case.

  371. Catherine Muema says:

    OAN billed me in May 2010 for $14.95 for Voicemail MOnthly fee which I never ordered. A refund No. R1732476 dated 5/31/10 was supposedly issued but I never received the check/money. Several attempts to call them on phone were fruitless – kept on hold and then disconnected.

  372. diana kiff says:

    why are they allowed to keep doing this.?

  373. brendan gamble says:

    I just received mt Verizon statement with your charge of $4.95+.25 tax for a total of $5.20.
    This was supposed to be cancelled last month. Cancellation no. 3468761. Since this was cancelled in plenty of time for the last bill, I was told not to pay the portion due September 25. I did not order this service, and am getting a package deal thru Verizon. Please make sure this is terminated. Thank you. Brendan Gamble

  374. Robin Hoelting says:

    Just found a $14.99 monthly charge on my Centurylink bill. When chatting with Centurylink rep, it was confirmed that this has been charged to my bill for at least the past 3 billing cycles. It may go back further than that, but I have paperless billing, so unable to check. I never authorized these charges or subscribed to their services. Centurylink is giving me a 3 month credit and putting a third party billing block on my account, but how much money have the stolen from me? I read on the internet literally hundreds of consumers that this company has done this to. Why have they not been stopped yet?

  375. Yvette McKnight says:

    OAN, ILD and others have stolen almost $500 from me. My guess is that both Verizon & AT&T are getting a “cut” of the proceeds of these ‘unauthorized’ charges — otherwise, they would ban them.

  376. Chris R says:

    I had two charges of $14.95 from OAN Services. I called the 800-926-6435 on my bill per ATT cust service to cancel. They canceled the services, gave me a confirmed canceled number and said the credits will show up on by billing within two to three cycles.

    Tried calling ATT back after that to give them that info for account records but office was closed at the time of calling back. Will finish up on Monday.

    PS. after canceling the service, they transfered me to the department that handles the credits. i had her verify the info the person used to sign me up and she said based of what was given to them. the number was mine but address (apt #) was off by 2. Meaning the new people that just moved in near me could be the offenders. I’ll get this straightened out Monday of course.

  377. rachael says:

    Well when I noticed the charge (because of a 17 dollar increase)i did call verizon and they said I had to call OAN so I did and they to made it seem like I sighned up for long distance had sent me a email of the paper it had the last 4 digits of my soc. sec and everthing very scary! I know I would not atthorize this as I have a cell phone that I use for long distance. I have never not once needed long distance on my home phone. Anyways I did cancel there services paid my phonebill and thought it would be all over WRONG I just got my bill this month and YEAH theres a charge for OAN Iam so mad and if they try to make me pay it this time I will just turn my phone off im not giving them nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  378. sam says:

    These crooks claim my mother with Alzheimers signed up on their website for their service and then charged the phone. Lying crooks who can’t even back up their false lies. File with your State agency to bring these crooks down.

  379. Marc says:

    Like many others I have been charged without authorization on my phon bill by OAN. When I called OAN (phone # 800-625-8364 or 800-926-7514) to have these charges reversed and any service cancelled, I also asked what web site I went to that “activated” my service, they gave me the following:


    Hopefully this info is helpful to people having issues with this company.

  380. Margaret Brown says:

    false charges of $14.95 in October

  381. Margaret Fish says:

    Charged $14.95 Oct. 2010

  382. Muranda Dahl says:

    I was also charged $14.95 on my Frontier phone bill. I called and spoke to Pat(short for Patricia – Agent # 5321) and at first she gave me the website: http://www.emergencymessagesystem.com/ and informed me that I signed up for their services through that website. I pulled up the web site and informed her that I had never even seen that website before or even heard of their company until they tried to rip me off. I requested an immediate refund and she stated that they don’t do that. I asked to speek to her supervisor and she told me that they can’t help me either. I then threated to call my state attorney general and the BBB and IMEDIATELY she gave me a refund and a conf # for the refund and cancelation of services. I did start to laugh because that was sad that I had to threaten to do something in order for her to give me the refund. She informed me that it is a 1 time courtesy refund on my account. I then did tell her that I will still be calling the Att General and the BBB because of that statement. I can’t stand companies such as this one!! Just make sure you take not of your cancellation conf # for your records!!! Thank you all for your posts as they were very helpful in what I needed to say/do to get my money back.

  383. Melanise Frederick says:

    On October 28th I received my internet bill with this OAN 13.21 charge. I DON’T THINK SO.As if we aren’t getting caught up on things now and for a company to charge me for something I never even authorized is completely outrageous. I’m not paying this and if it becomes an issue I will contact my attorney on Monday morning.

  384. jeff smith says:

    I got my phone bill from century link yesterday and there was a charged for 14.95 on my bill for some service that I did not authorize. Heck we only use the phone service for incoming calls for my wifes work. So I called phone company and was blown off,called the 800 number and was given another phone number called that one and was on hold for 37 minutes before I hung up. This is unacceptable from the phone companies to allow this to happen to their customers!!!Help!!!

  385. Paul says:

    Update: I got my 9/26/2010 phone bill and OAN has been removed but again ILD charge of $53.50 and after many phone calls and much wasted time i got this charge removed and ALL of the charges refunded now my 10/26/2010 verizon bill comes in clean of all third party charges, finally, so to all of you out there be stern with the phone rep talk to supervisers and make sure you sign a 3rd party block letter and fax or send it in to your phone company. This will help stop these crooks

  386. Doug says: says:

    There was a $14.95 charged on my AT&T phone bill from OAN Service,Inc. for “Instant 411,Inc-Directory Asst. MO Fee” I have no idea what this means. I repoted this to my AT&T phone company. I was told they would take it off but I need to call 1-800-926-6435 and talk to OAN they are only open Monday-Friday from 7AM to 9PM I will call first thing Monday morning. I will also put a BLOCK on my phone through AT&T that prevents any third party unauthorized scammers like OAN from charging on my bill without my permission.

  387. Randi says:

    Some good news today that the FCC is forcing Verizon Wireless to refund $50 million to customers for “Mystery Fees” on their phone bills, and Verizon Wireless has to start providing explanations for charges on bills. I hope they do the same regarding landline phones.

    In CA we have to file our complaints about Verizon to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). When I filed my complaint, the CPUC said that since OAN & YBS had my personal information (address, birth date, etc.), then I must have ordered something from OAN. They called it “OAN’s supporting evidence.” I guess the CPUC never heard of a consumer’s identity being stolen, or personal files being hacked into. I told the CPUC that OAN told me they would credit my Verizon account for the charges, but it would not show up for two more billing cycles. So there would be more charges on my bill before the credit showed up. The CPUC interpreted that to mean that I “acknowledged that after the first month of service a monthly charge would be billed to my local phone bill.” Therefore, the CPUC was supporting OAN’s position and closing out my complaint. In order to have the CPUC reconsider a review of my complaint, I have to formally present new “evidence” and I have to do it within 15 days of receiving their letter.

    Can people at the CPUC really be that ludicrous?

    I eventually got my refund from Verizon, but I don’t trust them anymore. It helped to request a refund of the OAN charges through Bsgclearing.com (Bill View Help Center).

  388. charleen Lincoln says:

    I want this off my bill I cancelled it before

  389. Walt says:

    Noticed on my AT&T phone bill a charge for $14.95 from OAN for Odyssey Streaming Radio. I called the number given and told the lady I did not subscribe to that service. She read back to me my name and address and said that someone form this address had subscribed. I told her in no uncertain terms that that subscription was fraudulent and that I did not subscribe and want it taken off. These types of frauds need to be stopped. I am retired and on a fixed income and do not like people or companies that prey on old people. Send them to jail!!!!

  390. H. L. M. says:

    I just received my monthly AT & T bill. I was charged $8.25 by OAN for “Telecharge resource email montly fee.” AT & T refused to help. Told me to call the company back Monday as, “Most of these are East Coast Businesses and can be reached then.” Ok… it’s Saturday… we’ll see. Hope this does’nt get too messy… but I know it will.

  391. Dennis says:

    Wife just walked up to me with that look and said “What is this” and handed me the phone bill with a 14.95 charge from a company called aon saying billed on behalf of usa voicemail. I know she though it was something I bought on the internet, she worries about scammers, and waited for an answer. Looked it up on the internet and found this website. Wanted to thank you because of your site I was able to say, “It wasn’t me” Working now on getting it removed, wish me luck and thanks again for being here.

  392. educated serviceperson says:

    Christine and Karin- you can both go kill yourselves. The world would be better off. These reps at the phone providers’ companies are not here to take your or anyone else’s abuse. If you call in screaming and acting an idiot- you will be disconnected. They are apologetic and add blocks if asked. I have had to have these charges removed before and it was a breeze. My son (admitted to) going to a ringtone site and I was being billed monthly. I called- was calm and grateful- as the person I was talking to hadn’t personally gone into my account and taken money out and was living in a mansion and driving a Maybach as I take the subway and live check to check. They aren’t the ones to scream at. It’s your congressperson and the ftc that require your venom. I guarantee you if you want to call and cancel your phone service over an fcc deregulation that they cannot control- they will cancel you within seconds of you hanging up the phone and not have a second thought about it. You will be the one looking like an idiot while their machine is too big to even care about the likes of an insolent and childish adult that acts on such whims when they could have just taken the time to read their bills and calmly go over them like a rational person.

  393. Steve says:

    Complete scam and waste of time. I spent the better part of a day on the phone with OAN telling them we didnt sign up for their mythical SEO services. When i asked if they had any proof that someone at our company had in fact signed up for it, they played me a recording of a confirmation phone call that they said i participated in. On the recording, my voice saying my full name was correct and then every other question that was answered was not my voice, including the answer to a “what are the last 4 digits of your ssn?” question in which the hoax voice responded “1111″. Absolutely fraudulent company with zero backbone as their floor manager who i spoke to refused to refund my money for about an hour. I was calm and rational for the entirety of the conversation until she told me i didnt know my own voice, i think thats a pretty good threshold for not getting angry at their completely unethical attitude. This company is completely bogus.

  394. Jerry says:

    I was charged over 15 dollars on my AT&T phone bill for OAN streaming music, called them when I got my phone bill. Wanted to talk to her superior, and she said she did not have one. Called AT&T and they said they would take if off my phone bill.

  395. Greg says:

    There was a $14.95 charged on my AT&T phone bill from OAN Service,Inc. for “Instant 411,Inc-Directory Asst. MO Fee” I have no idea what this means. I reported this to my AT&T phone company. I was told they would take it off but I need to call 1-800-926-6435 and talk to OAN they are only open Monday-Friday from 7AM to 9PM I will call first thing Monday morning. I will also put a BLOCK on my phone through AT&T that prevents any third party unauthorized scammers like OAN from charging on my bill without my permission.

  396. David says:

    Charged from OAN services on my AT&T bill $15.96. I called AT&T and they can not do anything about it. they let me call the OAN. called OAN and they said I ordered some Radio Service I never heard of. Either I ordered online or I ordered through buying Wal-mart card (may be very popular card for people to buy). But I never ordered that kind of service online. All online orders need credit card or paypal. I do not buy Wal-mart card either because I do not go there. I called AT&T back, they told me they can block OAN from billing me but not the others. If these kind of companies change their name and come back again, what can I do?

  397. Windell Ezell says:

    Ireceived a bill for $14.95 on my ATT Home I had never heard of OAN so I called ATT and they gave me a number for OAN which I did call. They had my email address and said I had orderedit and told me thewould cance it and block it but I would have to pjay the bill I had. I paid but if it is on the bill next month I am Not paying and I will cancel My ATT account

  398. Windell Ezell says:

    I received a bill for $14.95 on my ATT Home I had never heard of OAN so I called ATT and they gave me a number for OAN which I did call. They had my email address and said I had ordered it and told me they would cancel it and block it but I would have to pay the bill I had. I paid but if it is on the bill next month I am Not paying and I will cancel My ATT account

  399. Susan says:

    My Verizon bill had a $14.95 charge from OAN Services, INC. I called the 800-892-8424. The woman said I signed up for this service on the web. I said I remember entering my name and address for something, but I know it wasn’t for OAN services and hit the cancel button. She said she could not refund my money since I signed up. NO I DID NOT! So next time anyone does this do not hit the cancel button bc the company gets your info . Just hit the X up in right corner or “close button”. I am writing to my attorney general,which probably will do me no good. WHy would I sign up for an expensive service I would never use?

  400. Jolie says:

    I was instantly dismayed but not totally surprised to see so many complaints here about this service. Having just noticed this charge after receiving a higher bill than normal, it appears that this had beeen occuring for awhile. Of course, I have gotten nowhere with trying to rectify this situation. But I am thinking that this is probably a bigger issues then most of us realize & it is important to determine how much responsibilty does the phone company actually bear in this case. I hope to be able to do some research into this matter & will glady share the information with all who are concernced.

  401. Michael says:

    I was charged $14.95 on my Frontier bill by OAN Services, Inc., for “Phoneticom, LLC, Emergency Messaging System,” which I don’t even know what it’s for. Called Frontier to file a claim and place a third-party billing block.

  402. Shonda Clark says:

    My november 2010 century link bill was charged 14.95 by OAN. When I called them they stated that my email was used to sign up for this service they offered on Oct. 11 2010 at 12:00am. When I called they told me that I was responsible for these charges and that they will cancel my services with them. I don’t understand how my phone company can allow third party billing.

  403. MARK WILSON says:

    I was defrauded by OAN services.There phone # is 1-877-209-4504. They said I will never be billed again by them. Why doesn’t the attorney general,FCC or someone charge them with fraud. I no longer use AT&T since they are an accomplice to this crime. I now use magicjack.

  404. MARK WILSON says:

    Thank you OAN. You have given my life a new directive. I will be doing everything I can to bring you down.

  405. Teri says:

    They have been billing my phone bill from Aug 2009, I never thought much about it, not really paying attention. I contacted them and told them I didn’t want their service and didn’t need their service, And wanted all my money back, She nicely told me they billed me for 17 months and will pay me $200 and some dollars sent to my phone company, she said it will take 2 months to show up on my statement.
    She also gave me her phone number and ext.
    Now lets see if I get my money back.
    Not holding my breath.
    I have no idea how I signed up for this program, I don’t give my info out.
    My phone company told me I can block 3rd party billing.
    Everyone should do that.

  406. Kim Zohner says:

    I received my verizon bill and there was a charge on there from OAN for 14.95. I called the number 1-800-892-8424 and told the person that I never signed up for this and I wanted it taken off my bill right away and I asked her to send me the document that I filled out to get this. She did send me a document with all my information on, but I never filled this out. She said she would cancel it, but I would have to pay the 14.95. I told her I am not paying it. How does this happen???????

  407. Blue Olive says:

    I just got off the phone with them also..14.95 charge for something I did not sign up for..4 hours trying to straighten this out..OAN should be sued

  408. Blue Olive says:

    oh and does anyone know who is this 411 business thing??? this is what the charges are all over..the number is 1-877-768-3661..they put you on hold and never answer

  409. Curtis Gollihugh says:

    Just received my AT & T phone bill. This bill included a
    charge of $15.92 from OAN for services I did not request or authorize. This charge will not be paid. Is AT & T an

  410. Ann (Oklahoma) says:

    Another $14.95 AT&T phone charge for mobile 411. The phone number for 411 (1-877-376-6504) says they are closed due to weather. So I called OAN and had a “lovely chat” (or screaming match) with a “customer service” rep (Sonya)and her supervisor (Sam #1181183) who assured me I would get a credit (of course it will take 1 to 3 billing cycles) and “service” has been stopped. While waiting for the supervisor to get on the phone, I googled OAN and found this. I asked him if he had read this website and told him he was basically a pass through for fraudulent charges, hoping people would not look at their bill and just pay it. I then read him several of these posts, then asked him how he slept at night. Silence….. these people need to be taken down.

    I did inform AT&T to flag my account that no third party charges are allowed. Will see if it helps. I do wonder if they are accomplices or just don’t look at any third party charges that come through (I know you used to be able to charge teleflorist to your phone bill….)

  411. Bill says:

    I have 14.95 stuck on my phone bill from AON which I have no idea what that is and will try and find out but seems like a scam to me from all other complaints I have seen

  412. domer says:

    Rec 14.95 bill for
    oan.This is a scam
    by att.This is why
    we need to reg these
    M/N corps.they are
    just like the bnkers

  413. Mona says:

    Those F… Crooks are again on my phone bill, I have called them before and told them that I will sue them. I guess I will sue them, NO I will not pay any service I never requested.

  414. Robert Berger says:

    I called AT&T to change my service and found out I’ve been charged by OAN Services for Enhanced Voice Mail since 2005. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice this before. I had originally thought it was a service from AT&T. I don’t know how it ever got added to my account

  415. John Halter says:

    On my Frontier bill I received a $14.95 charge for “Phoneticom LLC Emergency Message System.” I’ve never signed up for anything like this, and so I called OAN directly to complain and have whatever this is cancelled. Frontier suggested that we put a cramming box on our line. This is obviously a scam/fraud.

  416. Steve Lorber says:

    Centurylink added $14.95 to my monthly phone bill. They referred me to OAN who referred me to a third party, that I refused to call. After much ado OAN and Centurylink refunded the charge. When I asked the phone company to block my account from all third party agencies they said it would cost me $1/month. Why should I pay so that my phone company stops enabling scams that are trying to defraud me? Switched to Cox Phone service, no charge for blocking.

  417. L. Owens says:

    This is unbelievalbe…I just spent 3 hours on the phone with these crazy people who inplied that I am making this up…I have over $224 in charges on my ATT bill for an OAN service I never requested. $14.95 a month. I just didn’t know what OAN meant, and thought it was some sort of AT&T charge…I’m so upset I can’t see straight…where can we go to report this!?? Or is there any recourse???

  418. Cindy says:

    I have received over $250. in charges from several different companies like OAN. Phone company isn’t helping, the 800 numbers are of no help. How do i stop the charges and get credit for what’s already billed? Please help, I’m a single mother of 4 and phone is now shut off due to not being able to pay for these extra charges

  419. Sandra M. says:

    I too was charged this $14.95 fee from OAN……what a joke. I phoned centurylink and they reversed the charge but I also phone OAN and got them to cancel my so called subscription which I never did. How they got my info is beyond me….but call your phone provider and put a third party block on your phone to stop these yahoo companies from adding services you never heard of or applied for. Let’s see what next months bill will look like.

  420. Andrew says:

    I discovered that my ATT bill (for home phone, DSL, and cell) had had an OAN charge for “ADIGITALVILLAGE” for $14.12. called OAN to cancel. next month the charge is still on there. I discover this great site and learn a lot. I look up old phone bills online – I have been getting this charge for 15 months!! (total $211.80) I am furious! I call AT&T (800-288-2020). I very calmly explain that I want to block 3rd party billing and get refunded for the $211.80. Michelle is the AT&T customer service rep. she very quickly puts the block in place and then gets authorization for the refund. She states that AT&T will persue their own collections against OAN for this debt. I am truly amazed – as much as I get frustrated with AT&T service etc., the ease of getting this outrageous situation resolved was really mind-blowing! I am so happy I am ready to get another iphone and sign up for more AT&T services! to think that I have been seriously considering leaving AT&T (even before I saw these charges) for coverage/iphone speed reasons, this customer service is just incredible, Thanks Michelle!

  421. Rocky Trucking llc/John Effah says:

    It was same time back when customer rep person called that this is AT&T calling to reduce our bill because it was found that some companies are giving lower rates due to that we are losing custmers so we at AT&T have desired to reduce all exsiting customer bill to keep them. just to find out that it was OAN bill us on top of AT&T bill this is gross stealing Pleaseeeeeeeee–eeee someone better investigate this company when you call them they become very aggressive and refuse to give you aswners to any question you ask. please help this is not the way American company should act. Thanks

  422. Shannon says:

    Centurylink has been allowing OAN services to tack on charges to our phone bill without our authorization. We just recently found out what these “services” were when a second one was added and we started investigating. The second service company (Business Online Pages, Inc) has stated they will refund the money but the first service company (Better Benefits Organization)has stated they will only refund 3 months worth of the fraudulent charges. They claim the charges were authorized by one of our employees (who does not have the authority to authorize such charges), but when documentation was requested, they stated they did not have any but instead had a verbal agreement done by recording. They offered to play the recording that they had which an employee listened to and stated that it was not him. The employee they claim authorized the charges has stated he never authorized any charges and that he instructs sales calls to contact the corporate office. OAN and Better Benefits Organization has collected over $500 in fraudulent charges. Though we are supposed to get 3 months refunded to us, they will still have collected over $400 in fraudulent charges. We attempted to have CenturyLink put a third party block on our phones but they stated it would cost us $2 per line and there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t allow something to go through again. Why should we have to pay the phone company for something they should not even be allowing to happen to us and enabling these companies to make bogus claims and collect money for nothing? Where is the FCC or somebody to help consumers not be abused in this manner? Why should the phone companies be allowed to add these charges to our bills with no written proof or confirmation from the consumer that these charges are legitimate and have been authorized? It is not right the phone companies and these scammers can cause the consumer so much pain and have to take up so much of our time to try to get things fixed let alone the theft that has occurred.

  423. Shelly says:

    OAN charges for $12.95 showing up on ATT bill. Called the # for Customer Service and was told that a supervisor would call me back…never did! ATT is trying to help me get a block on our line and get the charges refunded.

  424. John Doe says:

    You had more success than we did. AT&T did promise to put a block in our account for future billings from OAN but told us to deal with the 3rd party regarding any credit. We called OAN and they don’t even have an account for us, yet their charges are in our AT&T bil!! We have written AT&T’s legal department to see what they are going to do about this. What I don’t understand is how come if companies like OAN are known for their fraudulent billing practices, why companies like AT&T don’t have a procedure in place to protect their customers!

  425. John Doe says:

    Is this the correct link to file complaints against OAN?


  426. Bryan in Arizona says:

    This company, OAN, completely misrepresented themselves as Qwest, and changed all our long distance at our business to OAN. They are crooked, and I would hightly recommended NOT using there service. Thieves.

  427. Dan says:

    My wife for a charge on our most recent bill for $14.95 from EZOnlineDiet and had them refund it, Verizon put a block on crammers (Why it wasn’t already in place is beyond me) and then I started looking at our older bills. Not only did the first company start charging us back August, but then I found that this OAN company had been billing us since at least February of 2010 (because Verizon only allows you to view one year’s worth of billing online, then they charge $1.65 per month up to two more years beyond that)through June 2010 for the same amount. When I called these morons, I was asked the exact date of each bill because apparently they weren’t able to determine when THEY had billed ME!!! The idiot I talked to kept pressing me for the exact dates so I gave him the same day of each subsequent month to shut him up. Again, as most people have been told, it will take up to 3 billing cycles for the refund to be processed. I am debating if it would be worth it to have Verizon print out those other non-viewable bills for me to review.?.?…

    Bottom line these SCUMBURGERS portray themselves as innocent clearing houses who bear absolutely NO RESPONSIBILTY to contact the end user to determine if they REALLY ordered these services. Let me be very clear so there are NO mistakes…. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCUM and deserve to be dragged behind tractor-trailers by their privates!!!!!!! (up to and including the service providers, Verizon, AT&T, etc., who fail to protect their customers from these crammers)

  428. Steve says:

    I have been billed $39.95 over the past 2 years for something I did not want.

  429. Lexi says:

    I received my ATT bill for my small business today and saw it was nearly TWICE what is should be. Looked into the bill a little more and found an OAN Services charge for $39.95- for internet optimization services- a service I never signed up for and I don’t even have internet through ATT. So I called ATT and the customer service rep was very polite and she took the charge off right away, gave me my new balance and I asked her to put a block on third party services to my account. She said she did and if it happened again, to call back. She also informed me to try calling the company and canceling any services I had with them. I called the OAN number on my ATT bill and when someone finally picked up, they didn’t even say what company they were! I had to ask. When the gentleman asked for my phone number, I was hesitant, but he was able to look up “my account”. He said I signed up for services over the internet on Dec. 30th, which is funny because I didn’t even take ownership of the business until January! He right away said he would “credit” the account for last month and the next bill, but it could take 2 to 3 months to go through- so I asked if I was going to get a bill for this and he said I would, but there was a credit… I finally said I am not paying for this service (since he could not even tell me what I was getting). He gave me a “cancellation” number and I hung up. I hope this is the last I see of this, but everyone knows how that goes-I am upset that ATT would allow third party services to just bill any of their customers just as they please…Not cool Took a good chunk of my morning getting this sorted out.

  430. Jane says:

    i found 3rd party charges billed to my business account through OAN for a company named ANL america net.
    immediately called century link, which referred me to the OAN phone number. (we have mulitple lines)when i called OAN i got them to refund one phone number. they gacve me ANL;s phone number which rings and tells me the are busy and leave a number. i called them numerous times over the next day and a half. called OAn the second day, demanded that if the operator couldnt help me to find someone who could to remove the charges. She helped me took the rest of the charges off stating that it would take 1-3 billing cycles. called century link back told them, we checked and even though some of my number have a block it still tagged them with these charges. they said i could onlymake sure the blocks were there and keep checking my phone bill. as i was talking to century link ANL called me, they said they would cancel it all. i said dont you wanna know what my numbers are? she said o yeah,and took my numbers and said that it would be cancled. i said OAN said they were crediting my account. she said that if they didnt and i should see it in 1-2 billing cycles and if not call the number back and ask for anna.
    so i am hoping for the best and i think my blood pressure is back to normal for now!

  431. Sherrill says:

    Received charges (for what?) of $14.95 on several phone bills for Verizon. Is there some kind of kick-back for the phone companies that keep allowing these charges?!

  432. Dina Gardner says:

    I have been being billed since October for voicemail that I never authorized. They said they will credit 3 months and I have to write in for the remaining 2…what a racket!

  433. Dina Gardner says:

    I have been being billed since October for voicemail that I never authorized. They said they will credit 3 months and I have to write in for the remaining 2…what a racket!

  434. Neil F. says:

    I just got off the phone with the OAN representative after a $14.95 third party charge showed up on my Verizon bill. She tells me that at some time I had clicked “Accept” to accept their service on 1/13/2010 but they have no idea which website this was done at. I cannot recall accepting any of their services. Anyway, I asked to cancel, and she did so and refunding the charge I am about to get for next month’s bill. I told them to enjoy the $14.95 they already charged me. It seems to me that Verizon, AT&T and other providers need to do a better job protecting their customers from this BS. Shame on them.

  435. Bruce Yingling says:

    The OAN scam has has been going on for nearly four years now. Verizon refused to remove the charge from my bill, and suggested I contact OAN. I explained to Verizon that I had no business relationship with OAN, nor did I want one. Verizon obviously has a business relationship with OAN, since they billed me for them. Verizon eventually removed the charges, after telling me at least 20 times that they were unable to. The phone companies must receive some percentage of these charges- probably in the form of some kind of ‘processing fee’. They have no reason to assist us (the lowly consumer) in stopping these charges. They are coomplicit in and profiting from the scam.

  436. jdickey says:

    At&t was suppose to be blocking this also for us. It was blocked for 2 or so months and now it is showing uup again. We are refusing to make a payment only paying our at&t.

  437. jdickey says:

    The total charges that they are are trying to get us on is over $100.00. The last one of $20. slipped by us. We are watching our statement ever so carefully now.

  438. Julie says:

    OAN has been charging me $17.23 per month for “Enhanced Long Distance, Inc” services. These were supposedly ordered by my son who was only 12 at the time. I have cancelled the service and am asking for a full refund since I never ordered, authorized or received the services. Have set up 3rd party billing block with AT&T to prevent this in the future. But all of this is all after the fact. These charges should never have been allowed to be added in the first place as they are unauthorized and fraudulent.

  439. Wendy P says:

    I just opened my AT&T bill and there is a $14.95 fee for voicemail though OAN and I do not have voicemail. Its funny there are only open monday through friday so you can’t get this taken care of ASAP!

  440. Dan A. says:

    Interesting. I just got a call from a collection agency in regards to a Verizon residence account that I have not been at for over 7 years. Verizon informed me that this had to do with OAN charges from May of 2010. How they got my name and old number I will never know but the scary thing is that Verizon allows them to bill you even though they know the complaints against this company. I am going to contact them (OAN) and see just exactly how and why they did this. Wow I haven’t had the service for over 7 years, I do not even get a bill or statement from Verizon to check for fraudulent charges…….I am still shaking my head.

  441. Paul Dubuc says:

    I was billed 14.95 + tax form OAN on my April AT&T phone bill for “internet radio” services. I never authorized this. I called OAN right then and asked that they cancel the service and issue a refund which they agreed to do. My next bill has a $14.95 credit but also has another $14.95 charged for the service. I all AT&T customer service and disputed the new charge, but the service rep said I have to call OAN again to get the second charge refunded and the services canceled. After seeing all these complaints, I’m not very confident that OAN is a legitimate business. This is obviously a scam to trick people who don’t watch their bills closely enough.

  442. Tina Kent says:

    OAN has been charging my phone bill for the last 20 months. I never noticed it before. I called them 2 weeks ago and demanded a credit for all charges as I never authorized it. The total is $183.00. I have yet to receive any kind of credit but will not be giving up until the total is refunded to me.

  443. Tom Wong says:

    I was billed $48.29 from OAN service & $13.86 from ILD Teleservices through my local phone carrier Verizon on this month’s phone bill, then GOOGLE this OAN and found this web-page with all the complaint about the FRAUD AND SCAM on this OAN, Will call Verizon tomorrow morning see if they could help me solve the problem, It’s AMAZING that with all these complaint and reported about this OAN FRAUD and SCAM to FCC and BBB. And they still let them in bussiness & ripping off people.

  444. David says:

    Have been pay for this and did not know. They said I signed up by filling out a survey. They said it i cancelled now.

  445. Alan T. says:

    I received a charges for more than 40 dollars on a recent AT&T bill. I complained to AT&T who removed the charges. I contacted OAN and they supposedly canceled the charges as well. I asked them how often they charge people for services they do not request and the response was “it happens from time to time”

    They said the billing was on behalf of a company called AMERICA NET, LLC whose mailing address is

    3580 Wilshire Blvd
    17th Floor
    Los Angeles CA 90010

  446. O Corsey says:

    My phone bill seemed to be going up month after month with no real explanation. OAN had been charging for about 2 years according to my bill, even through the plan changes that I had made.
    Called the number on my bill and they said they cancelled it. I have yet to find out what service they actually provided. No reimbursement seems to be on the way.

  447. Rosalie Hutson says:

    I have been billed by a 3rd party and I want my phone carrier to not allow this on my bill.

  448. Tahia West says:

    Got charged OAN without authorization – in the last 6 months – $50

  449. Sarah Apsey says:

    was charged 99.39 for 2 lines. THIS IS CRAZY!!

  450. Sharon D. says:

    We were billed on a business number on 4 seperate lines. When we called to complain they were VERY rude and played a taped conversation where a man was talking very fast to our admin each time(this part was not on the tape) she asked him to slow down he stated, “Now we have to start over again” and was agitated, she answered the questions but some she was not sure what he said, that is what they say authorized them to charge us $184 per month. We requested a refund but they will not give one. I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office. this is not a legitimate business!

  451. Melvin Esh says:

    Got charged $39.95 from OAN services for many months, Verizon finally pointed it out after numerous calls.

  452. Lucretia VanBrocklin says:

    Have been charged $24.99 on one main business line since July, from QAN Services Inc., billing on behalf of Nexmix Corp. Can’t get anyone to answer and CenturyLink says they know nothing of it and all we can do is put in a claim to be investigated. Nothing so far. My husband and I are the only authorized owners of the lines yet neither of us have authorized such charges. It claims to be a reminder dial monthly fee.

  453. George says:

    I have had this same problem. I cancelled my service with AT&T and asked to cancel both services and AT&T continues to send me bills from this company. This is fraud and AT&T is equally guilty because they are participating in it by collecting money for it. They use some sort of excuse like “federal communications 1996″ blah, blah, blah. Nope. AT&T is an accessory to felony fraud. I hope that all of the people involved in this scam get life sentences in prison with no chance for parole or early release.

  454. Heather L says:

    Getting charged from OAN for the past 3 months. Our office bill has an extra $107 added to it!! Just noticed it because my boss was complaining about our office bill being so high.. never have we made changes to the bill…i did, however receive a call a few months ago re: my ATT bill and a discount…which i informed the caller we are NOT making any changes…that is the only thing i could attribute to this, yet still made it clear no changes are to be made…why is this company still in business?

  455. Eunice C says:

    Several times now I have a had charges from other companies on my phone bill that I’ve never heard of or authorized. Sure when I catch it Centurylink issues me a credit but I shouldn’t have to be making sure their billing is on the up and up. When I called they claim that there’s nothing they can do, that only by contacting the 3rd party can anything be done. Then they claim that the FCC is allowing this to take place. Yeah well, try getting anything done by calling the FCC 888-225-5322! Neither Centurylink or the 3rd party can give me a name as to WHO authorized the charges! Its all a huge scam & I fell sorry for all the people that blindly pay their bill. This is the kind of story that needs to be on Media. THE FLEECING OF AMERICA.

  456. sherry byrum says:

    I have had this same problem. Over and over. I have it cancelled and then it reappears. I have been charged $39.95 for two months. Century Link is our phone company and just like others have said, they claim to know nothing about it.

  457. david scruggs says:

    My 88 year old mother has had a $13.95 amount added to her phone bill for well over a year (can’t determine how much longer). My mohther has no idea what htis is, and certainly never agreed to a web based monthly program.

  458. Daniel C. Pearson says:

    I was charged by OAN in the amount of $198.78. I contacted Verizon and they were no help.

  459. NORMAN CRANTON says:


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