PaymentOne | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Phone Charges?

If you were charged on your local phone bill by PaymentOne for third party services and subscriptions (i.e., voicemail, Internet access, web hosting, email, caller-id and other premium services, etc.) that you never authorized PaymentOne to bill you for, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized PaymentOne Phone Bill Charges–

PaymentOne Website:

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If you were charged on your local telephone bill by PaymentOne for third party services and subscriptions that you never authorized, tell us your story!

–Contact A Class Action Attorney–

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303 Responses to “PaymentOne | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Phone Charges?”

  1. Paige McGarity says:

    I was contacted by a representative claiming that we had been selected to receive 30 days free business posting on Verizon’s yellow pages. I agreed to the ‘free 30 days’ and asked the representative on the phone, if this was one of those offers where it’s free for 30 days, but then you have to call back to cancel or else you are billed for the services. The representative assured me that at the end of the 30 days I would receive a call from someone to give my feedback on the service and at that time I would be asked to give my authorization to be billed for the service. I was also told that I would be receiving information in the mail, which should contain contact numbers for the company as well as a description of the free services I was receiving. I never received a phone call or anything in the mail, but suddenly there is an extra $106 that was auto-debited from my checking account….courtesy of Verizon. I called the company and after 20 minutes of arguing with a representative, I received a credit, which will not be refunded for 1-2 billing cycles.

  2. Robert M Dunscomb says:

    My May business phone bill included a third party charge of $99.95 from “paymentone” — what for I have no idea. A call to Verizon resulted in them removing the charge and blocking any future 3rd party charges. Let’s hope that’s the end of it.



  4. Peter Jones says:

    I got a charge for $19.95 from paymentone on behalf of Direct Connect LD. No idea what this charge is for. I sent verizon an email and told them to remove the charge and any future charges or I will disconnect my phone service. These jerks need to be stopped and I would be happy to join a lawsuit to stop them but affraid this website is a scam also.

  5. Billy says:

    I have received a charge on my verizon bill for the past 3 months from CeleEmail MthlyFee for $19.95 plus .10 state tax.

    This charge is being placed on my verizon bill via a company called PaymentOne. When I call PaymentOne\’s 888 number it identifies my phone number as the number being billed and automatically forwards me to CeleEmail. Then I have to explain to CeleEmail that I did not request this service. They credit my phone bill for the service but a new charge shows up the next month on my verizon bill and I have to go through the whole process again. Verizon has put a cramming block on my number but it doesn\’t seem to work with PaymentOne. If this happens again next month (would be 4th month in a row) I need to take more serious action but I am still uncertain what that action would be.

  6. nelmasteele says:

    i dont want it

  7. raymond shuler says:

    i do not want this charge on my phone bill.please remove it asap.thank you.

  8. Ric B says:

    They charged me for a phone pay as a thrid party, but did not pay the other company, causing issues and being sent to collection for 3 payments over the course of a year.

  9. Matthew Olviier says:

    I payed over a year ago for several months of wow play time.. a year ago. now they (blizzard) had temp banned a freakish ton of accounts in one day due to payment one saying fraud and wanting money back. Now we (legit costumers) are stuck with out our accounts and have to send in money orders just to get our accounts back cuz of payment one’s ability to claim fraud on a scale of monsterous porportions and now all of us are left holding nothing due to the fact world of warcraft/ wants their money from us we already payed months to a year ago from us cuz they had to pay payment one. this is just .. zomg im a gamer and im ticked. sorry its the only outlet i have to socialize in my life with my friends in wow. i feel like i was sexually assaulted or something yet im not to blame here nor is the thousands affected by this.. dont believe me go to check out thier forums on customer service.. help us in our time of need

  10. Teresa Swindle says:

    On my phone bill today there was an added billing for $14.99 for Debt Tool Box from PaymentOne, but I don’t ever remember subcribing to this and don’t intend to pay for it. I never received anything any ways. I did call them and they said they would end my subscription. But I don’t even know what its for. I’m contacting my phone company and making sure that there are no future charges for this or any other business without my okay.

  11. RoC1909 says:

    @Matthew Olviier

    If WoW is the ONLY outlet you have in order to have friends, you seriously need to get out of your parents basement A LOT more!! And, to compare this to being “sexually assaulted” is absolutely stupid!!! You know, I was charged extra for something a long time ago and I always wondered how poor rape victims felt….now I know thanks to you! Stupid ass Moron!

  12. Michelle Hebert says:

    I used the bill pay option back in August 2008 to December 2008. In December of 2008, I canceled my phone service and changed my subscription options in the account manager to other means of payment due to moving and no longer having that phone service I was using at the time.

    On July 28th, I found that my account was locked due to this charge back dispute.

    I called AT&T to check if I had an outstanding balance… nothing.

    I called PaymentOne and spoke with a representative (had to circumvent the automated voice system to reach someone in their customer support center.)

    Speaking to the rep, she refused to escalate my call to a supervisor.. took a good half an hour to finally speak with one. Speaking to the Supervisor, she had told me that there was no record of any charge back dispute from them according to my account records on hand. She said she would send my account information to their corporate offices and that she would CC me via e-mail for confirmation. That never happened. Hours later I called back and the supervisor then retracted her agreement stating she never said she would be sending me anything. I was then dismissed by the rep and refused further service.

    Called back a few hours later and spoke with another supervisor on the floor.. the next shift. She apologized to me and finally gave me the number to their corporate office. However calling them the next morning when they open, I realized that the only way to reach anyone at their corporate office is to know their extension or have a name.

    Meanwhile I’ve sent the MoneyOrder into Blizzard Entertainment to regain my good standing with them and to unlock my account.

    I am still seeking answers. I want to know where the figure amount came from (26.85) when that does not match any subscription option.

    From my understanding any “fraud claim” such as a chargeback dispute should only happen if I the owner of the account requested it. So why was this done without my knowledge and who requested it.

  13. Matthew Olviier says:


    wow nice of you to stay on topic? Little side note.. my wife is a nurse, we have 5 kids. I’m sorry if im not a single like you I take it? and that i have to take care of my kids and that when i do get free time to myself, its either late at night or my real friends are out doing their “thing”

    knowing alot of my friends play wow i too tried it out and as a casual gamer it suits me.

    thought attacking my by your hateful comment on that note its why i never post replies.. but in this case i didn’t include enough info to keep people like you who thrive on trying to upset someone from posting what you did.

  14. karen adams says:

    i recieved my july bil, and metline is charging me for something i never ask or applied for. for a total of 13.73. and i need this off immediatly

  15. karen adams says:

    my july phone bill from verizon are charges from this company that i never ask for or applied for or authorized

  16. Joe Glandorf says:

    I just went to my account at Verizon and found a “PaymentOne” charge of $15.69. I submitted an email to their billing department for an immediate explanation as I’ve never heard of, nor spoken to, such an organization.
    Besides, what possible “service” can they provide someone who pays their account, online, directly each month?

  17. Wolf says:

    I received my Verizon Monthly Bill today. There was “Other Providers Charges $15.92″
    It saysa “Billing on befalf of Bill Via Phone” charged on July 5th, Bill Via Phone VM Monthly Fee $14.95 plus utility user’s tax of 97 cents. I sent email to Verizon to dispute the bill this morning because, like everyone else here, I have no idea what it is.
    I haven’t heard anything from Verizon yet.

  18. Katie Daugherty says:

    I work full time and go to school full time. I usually pay my bills online and in a rush since I have very little free time.
    I first noticed a charge from “online entrepreneur” for 19.95 on my bill several months ago and called AT&T to have it removed. I also requested nothing but phone charges to be put on my phone bill. Here I am again, sitting down at my computer to pay bills and here is $42.29 added to my bill. I called the number for PaymentOne and they tried to tell me I agreed for these charges when I did two separate surveys. I may have done some stupid surveys, but I never agreed to pay $19.95+tax to do them.
    I called AT&T and told them I would be paying my phone bill minus the $42.29. This company is a scam. I will no longer fill out any surveys. If I ever see “Online entrepreneur-isp/webhost” or “PaymentOne” associated with any company I will let that company know I want nothing to do with them.
    There should be a law against charges being added to a phone bill. If companies like AT&T and Verizon respected their customers, they would not allow it. It makes them a big of scam artists as Online entrepreneur and PaymentOne. It is against the law for me steal $20.00 from someone and it should the same for them.
    P.S. I hope you don’t try to charge me for my comment.

  19. Richard Sadowski says:

    I looked at my AT & T bill this month and was shocked that I received a $20 charge from a long distance company I never heard of: Connect Direct LD. First of all, I only have a basic local plan with ATT and I get my long distance from my Magic Jack (voice over IP) for only $1.20 a month, so I would never even have signed up for another long distance service. When I tried to call ATT about it, they said that I may be the victim of slamming, but there is nothing they can do about it!! The charge appeared on their bill and they want me to pay them, for God’s sake! I then called this Connect Direct company, and they couldn’t send me any e-mail or provide any proof that I authorized their service (of course I didn’t) and I asked for a credit, but they refused, saying they got a request…well, why won’t they provide me proof? Neither my wife or I signed up for service. Why should we have to pay for something that we never requested? I should get reimbursed for my time in trying to resolve this issue. The most I got was an e-mail from Connect Direct saying they will cancel my service, but that is completely inadequate. If every customer they slammed just decided to ignore the $20 charge, the company would (and is) making millions. I want my refund!!

  20. Ebony Miller says:

    A few days ago, I checked my phone bill and noticed a bill for Connect Direct LD through the third partly online billing company PaymentOne. I called Verizon and was told that I needed to talk to PaymentOne and/or Connect Direct LD, because they knew nothing about either company. I called PaymentOne, but needed to wait until Monday, because their offices were closed over the weekend.

    I called first thing Monday morning and without even speaking to anyone was connected to Connect Direct LD. I spoke to a representative who informed me that I’d signed up for their services online. They managed to do this without telling me about the services I’d supposedly received. Yeah, right I’d sign up for something without knowing what I was signing up to receive. Sure, I’d do that and put it on my phone bill. Sure. Anyway, I told them to cancel the service. They told me that they can cancel the services, but that I wouldn’t get a refund on the money already billed to my account. I also would not get back any charges that went on my phone bill, because I was canceling halfway through their current billing cycle. I wrote down the cancellation confirmation number and called Verizon. I explained the situation and the representative reversed the charges and blocked any third party charges from being placed on my account. The representative informed me that I might have to call back and have the last charge from Connect Direct LD and PaymentOne reversed if it was already being processed for my next bill. Hopefully, this is the last time I see any charges from either of these companies on my account.

  21. raymond says:

    I received my Verizon bill which had a charge of $13.86 for other services. I called the billing dept. and told them I never authorized any other charge and did not know what it was for. They could not tell me what it was for but said to contact to have them credit my account. I have no idea what escalate is but since the charges keep appearing on my bill even after writing to Verizon to inform them I did not authorize another provider, I am writing this note. What else needs to be done to credit my account for this unauthorized charge?

  22. raymond says:

    I received my Verizon bill with a $13.86 charge for other providers. I called the billing dept. to tell them I did not know what it was for and never authorized another provider. The charge continues to appear on my bill even after writting a note to Verizon telling them about this unauthorized charge that I was not going to pay. The girl on the phone said to contact to have them issue a credit to my account. I have no idea what escalate is but I am submitting this request to have my account credited for the $13.86 unauthorized charge. What else is necessary?

  23. Verneil Roper says:

    On August 1, 2009 at midnight I was charged $39.95 on my CenturyTel bill for something called “NationalSear”. I never authorized any or received any national searches for anything. I requested CenturyTel to not authorize any third party billing and to drop the charge. From the sound of the associate it appears that this has occurred quite a bit.

  24. Ernie says:

    Found this on a separate site. It may provide a bit of information as to how much they have been ripping off people. Also provides an e-mail and 800 number.

    About PaymentOne

    PaymentOne Corporation is one of the world’s fastest growing online Payment Services Providers (PSPs) and leading provider of PhoneBill(TM) to digital media providers. Founded in July 2000, PaymentOne has pioneered payment and marketing services that connect digital merchants and network operators and accelerate the adoption of online content and services by over 25%.

    Based in Silicon Valley, PaymentOne has generated over $2.5 billion in new digital revenue over the last 36 months for its clients and partners. The company manages a network of over 1000 telecommunication/broadband providers, mobile operators and content partners including leading ISPs, BSPs, Telcos, broadband operators and media companies such as America Online, United Online, NetZero and Time Inc.

    To learn more about PaymentOne, visit, email or call 800-747-4028.

  25. Heather says:

    PaymentOne Corp crammed my phone bill with a $42.95 charge on behalf of Directory Services Group ( Per PaymentOne, the charge was for a five page website created by Directory Services Group. They would not cancel the billing for me, but instead referred me to Directory Services Group. The number they gave (877-303-8904) went straight to voicemail, but I found another number on their website that got through to a human being (877-888-0371). The company claimed that they called my business, asked our employee to confirm details for a “directory listing”, and that by doing so he had initiated a free trial website. They then claimed that because we did not cancel the “free trial”, they went ahead and billed us $42.95 for the website.

    The “website” they created for us, which I didn’t even know existed until I called them, was a total joke. It was a five page template with our name, address and phone number (the details he got from our employee) and just a bunch of random text that wouldn’t describe any business, let alone mine.

    The website (which I made a copy of) is downright embarrassing. I think in addition to phone cramming, these people should be held liable for damaging a business’ brand, image and reputation. I have no control or access to that website, so cannot remove it.

    By billing on behalf of this scam operation (Directory Services Group), PaymentOne Corp is enabling phone cramming. Because they are clearly profiting from the scam, they refused to correct the problem. Both of these businesses need to be taken down.

  26. Cham says:

    Just received my bill and there is a charge of 19.95 from paymentone for a service named “online entrepreneur”. Looks like they are slamming again….

  27. Donna E Giard says:

    I just received my AT&T phone bill and had 2 charges of 19.95 that i did not authorize from Paymentone Corp. I called customer service and demanded they credit my bill and they said they would pay it back in 3 payments. They also said this was something from the website that created this charge. I never did this. I have cell phones to make my long distance calls why would i need this service. Just thought I would let everyone know if you go onto and do any transactions make sure nothing is marked before u confirm anything especally the purchase windows. I am also reporting this to the BBB. Good luck on getting your refund. I’m waiting to see if i get mine…….I will believe it when i see it.

  28. Hong says:

    ? just noticed that our AT&T phone bill was charged $15 each month since March f????PaymentOne??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Identification Protection company). The guy told me that someone else had signed up for their service with our phone number, so they just started charging us no? bothering to check if the phone number has the same name and address of the ???????????????????. It is ironic that a ID protection company does not even get the identification of their subscriber correct. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????No rule, no law against their sneaking in charges into our phone bill?

  29. Sharon says:

    I received my Verizon Monthly Bill today. There was “Other Providers Charges $14.95 + taxes?
    It says a “Billing on befalf of Bill Via Phone” charged on Sept.12, Bill . I called the company on the verizon bill znd they said it was cancelled on Aug. 27th and we should have gotten a credit to Verizon to the bill. I want to know how someone can access this charge and I get billed for something I never authorized or knew anything about until my bill came in this should never happen, I am also calling Verizon and if this continues we will drop there services!!

  30. Lori says:

    I just opened my AT&T phone bill and noticed a $19.99 charge for the company paymentone corp. Then under current charges it says the $19.99 was for “VOICE PRO PLUS, INC-VOICEMAIL MTH FEE .

    I am severely disabled, living on a fixed income, cannot afford the stress nor the robbery AT&T is allowing to happen to it’s customers.

    I have no clue what this charge is for. I do not have long distance on this account. I do have voicemail, but AT&T charges for that service and I pay AT&T for that service through the “Basic Options” package. WTF?

  31. Joseph R. Carta says:

    On April 16, 2009 my phone bill was charged by Employee Notification Msging Servi9ce. The billing was done by ILD billing in the amount of $14.95. These billings were withoug my authorization. Verizon said that they would block my phone number for any third party. Om Aug 17 My atelephone bill was charged by My billing Servicves $8.43. My account was supposed to be blocked by Verizon. The chare was performed by (800)-270-5405. I know nothing of these companies. I can’t understand why Verizon can’t stop it.Will file complain t to F.C.C.

  32. charles milne says:

    making payments forcascade web hosting and don’t know what it is. please cancel confirm please

  33. brenda j. says:

    Recently found bogus charges on my AT&T bills, for business and personal accts. After alot of time and effort I was able to have AT&T reverse the charges. They said that PaymentOne Corp. may still bill me direct, we’ll see. AT&T employee said that they are federally mandated to bill for these crooks! The two companies that they were billing for are CITYYELLOWPAGES, AND ID BARON THEFT PROTECTION. While relaying this to my sister, she said that the same thing happened to her on here business acct. same game different co. When she called AT&T they removed the charge, and you got it, the next month same thing different company! She found charges a little as $.06 from this type of billing. I called every agency I could think of to complain, Cal. PUC, Better Business Bureau, State Consumer Protection Agency, Fed. Trade Comm., and all they do is take a report, and if they get enough calls? Well who knows. Unbelievable, I just got a call regarding my “Grant Money”, I am starting to get extremely mad. I think my Congressman is up next!!! I have already called my local tv station, might get something started there. Everyone, if this is happening to you make some noise!!!

  34. gail says:

    I got the ‘cascadeweb’ added to my Verizon bill, 12.95 a month since April. I called and they are supposed to refund me. Why is this legal?

  35. Mary S says:

    i just got my verizon bill and i got an unauthorized change of $19.95 by PaymentOne on behalf of IdlockPro, which i have never heard of. i just called them, and it’s an identity theft program, which i find hilarious. apparently they said my husband signed up for it. she had all his info – name, email, address, and phone number. he “signed up” for it on 9/28. He said he didn’t do it, but she said they received the request so they charged us. I dont know if someone did it with his name and information or if IdLockPro just went by our phone number and said, “your husband did it.” I have no proof that he didnt do it. and they cant send me proof that he did. I’m calling verizon tomorrow.

  36. Daniel H. says:

    I was charged on my Embarq bill for a third party providers service of $19.95 by Paymentone Corporation for Xoom Telecom monthly fee. I called and was told that I authorized this on the internet. This was in response to a e-mail that you could win a laptop. This is a scam company. They said they would cancel service but that I had given them my DOB and address which authorized the charge. After some dispute they said they would credit me back I will believe it when I see it. I think they wanted to get me off the phone. I called Embarq and blocked all third party charges.I am on a fixed income and have learned my lesson nothing is free so don’t take the bait.

  37. m.jones says:

    charged for 1 year by metline without known trying to resolve by contact # on at&t bill.

  38. m.jones says:

    I was charged by metline for service i had never heard of,until today,for 1 resolving by contact # on at&t bill(hopefully)

  39. PAYMENTONE says:

    i noticed our business phone bill was around 60.00 higher i finally took a good look at it and on a third party thing i owed paymentone . well i call them since their number was on it and the lady wanted my ss number my birthday and my address . i never authourized this so i did not give any info out . i called embarq and they called them they hung up . for the second time i talked to the lady and she refused to take it off my bill but i had a block put on it and got my money back from embarq .

  40. Sven Go says:

    Payment One, aka Billing Resource is a front for any number of companies that want to send unauthorized charges to your phone bill.

    It’s a legalized loophole that con artists have been exploiting since telecommunications act of 1996.

    The phone companies are required by Fed. Law to allow other companies access to 3rd party billing onto your monthly accounts.

    HERE’s the SCAM: THERE IS NO verification or authorization process. It is left up to the consumer to contest the charge and ask for a refund. So anybody who sets these charges up, sends the account number to your phone company and starts receiving that amount until the customer complains. How many people or businesses actually catch this on their bill?

    If you contest it with Payment One, they will give you the run-around and eventually remix the recordings of your voice. They will then present the remixed audio as evidence that you authorized the charges.

  41. paymentone sucks says:

    new charge of $16.15 for PaymentOne on the behalf of WE-R-GAME,INC. Which the website has bad certificate so knew i was gettin screwed by somone.

  42. paymentone is a criminal enterprise says:

    I was charged two months in a row by paymentone but didn’t realize until the second month. I called at&t to have it removed and was told to call paymentone to have the charges emoved from my account. When speaking to paymentone, I was told that they billed on behalf of a third party and that I would be transferred to this party. I was then told by the third party that I would receive a refund (I’m a bit skeptical about that) but could only be refunded for one month instead of both months.

  43. Saunders says:

    unauthorized billing to my home phone

  44. Sandy says:

    This is the second month in a row that my family have been hit by a variety of unauthorized 3rd party payment junk on my ATT phone bill. Paymentone for Equity News for 19.95, KeyClubSave for 14.95, Email Discounts for 14.95. All told over $100 worth of junk. The representative at PaymentOne was particularly hateful and insisting that my husband authorized these payments from an IP address connected with our address. I do not believe it, although we are starting to suspect a tracking trojan of some sort may be being used. These come from a computer where someone puts in his name and phone number and no one asks questions. I can’t believe that it is legal. We have placed every kind of block that has been offered, and are being told that it will be resolved. Continuing to watch closely!

  45. jon lohne says:

    These guys have been charging my bill for the last three cycles at a rate of 39.99 for a service I never agreed to. When I asked who authorized this service they gave me the name of someone who I have never heard of.They are crooks.

  46. Donna E Giard says:

    I posted a complaint earlier concerning Payment one and there charges. I just would like to tell everyone you must be demanding to get your full refund from these people. They only wanted to pay me 1 of the 2 charges on my bill however I would not except that. I finally checked my bill and they actually refunded me both charges. If you have automatic fill in with Name, Address, Phone Number.SSN# on your computer that fills in info on any site that is how they get you and say you authorized these charges. Just be very carefull when you are web searching and fill out any info. A lesson learned for me but dont think i wont keep checking my Phone Bill. Good Luck all.

  47. Matt's Buddy says:

    To Matthew Olviier

    You need to grow up. Call me a “h8r” if you want to, but you aren’t going to get anywhere in lif by wasting your time playing games.

  48. Scammed & Slammed & Mad as Hades in SC says:

    I discovered a charge of 14.94 on my AT&T bill this month from PaymentOne on behalf of Extreme Biz, Inc. After more than an hour of exasperating phone calls to AT&T, PaymentOne, & Extreme Biz, I was told this was for a “portal” in connection with my internet service. Never asked for it, no idea what it is, and made it clear I wasn’t paying for it!!! AT&T pretended total innocence through it all, but this is not the first time I’ve been slammed since BellSouth became the “NEW AT&T”. I think AT&T is colluding with scam artists like this just to increase their revenue, thinking most people won’t do anything about it. They picked the wrong Southern Boy to scam and slam this time! I intend to take this as far as I can to put an end to this sort of nonsense. AT&T used to be one of the most respectable corporations in the USA. Now they’re a willing partner to a bunch of scam artists ripping off their own customers!
    Sign me,
    Scammed & Slammed & Mad as Hades in
    South Carolina

  49. Krish says:

    Saw a charge for $ 16.06 on my bill from Payment One. Contacted ATT they immediately removed the charge and also the previous charge and put a stop from paying anything to payment one. They said this has been a new trend and are seeing more and more like this. The asked me keep an eye on the bill each and every month for scemes like this.


  50. A. Malchiodi Albedi says:

    Payment One Corp. first appeared on our A.T. & T. home line bill in August of 2009. We hadn’t thought to question our A.T. & T. bills until the November bill. Naturally, we know nothing about Payment One Corp., like so many other complainants. The never provided any service we authorized nor have we any knowledge of them offering services to us. With our November A.T. & T. bill, we’ve paid less the amount from Payment One Corp. and included a written statement about why and the fraudulent charge. I’ve filed an online complaint with the CPUC. Since this morass had just begun for us, we don’t know what the consequences with be with A.T. & T. In the past four months, total charges from Payment One Corp. with A. T. & T. have amounted to $162.25. I pray that our legistators will soon recognize this scam made possibile by their own dim-witted legislation and put a halt to the victimization of the little people who can’t pay for a lawyers to defend them — the same lawyers who make up these laws, get them pushed through legislation so that they can later profit from class action lawsuits in the inevitible crimminal complaints.

  51. Rachael Stevens says:

    I,like many others I’ve read above, received my monthy AT&T bill dates Dec. 1, to find a charge from ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR-ISP/WEBHOST MTHLY”. I have NO CLUE what this is and have NO intention of paying for a service I did not choose, authorize or otherwise show any interest in to begin with. Please remove this from my bill ASAP. I have already conacted AT&T via e-mail to investigate this.

  52. LaVon Fox says:

    Charges from PaymentOne for a Free 30 day trail of 877inmyzip monthly fee of 110.05. Verizion phone service stated they would remove it from my bill. Waiting till i see my bill next month for correction. when I call the PaymentOne center @ 1877-466-9947 and 888-934-7750. they were Rude and would not address my complaint.

  53. Jim Lemke says:

    I’ve been a victim of the Payment One scam for more months than I’d like to admit. They list it as Tericom Networks, LLC. I nor any of my employees know to authorize any extra payment for services that would be billed on the phone bill.

    I contacted AT&T and much to my surprise they will credit me for the amount I already paid toward future bills. I applaud AT&T for this. AT&T also put a block on so no furture charges can be made.

  54. Kha Cao says:

    Dear Verizon,
    I’ve a victim of the Paymentone charged eBusiness Mthly Fee $19.95 on my phone bill. Verizon phone service stated they would remove it from my bill. I hope see my bill next month for correction and don’t like authorize any extra payment for services that would be billed on the phone bill.

  55. David Franklin says:

    just discovered these thieves have been stealing money from my account via AT&T on behalf of some other company since March at $37.75 per month. AT&T can only dispute back 3 months!

  56. Here2Help says:

    Payment one can credit you back as far as whenever the account took place. wether its 2 months ago or 2 years ago. I work for a phone company who handles these companies on a daily basis. The best way to resolve an issue when you see this company on your bill for the first time is to call payment one and cancel your service and demand a credit and if that doesnot work…call your phone company that the charge showed up on and tell them you would like to put a block on all 3rd party charges and you want to put their charges into dispute…by putting the charges into dispute they will cancel that company and you will get a credit back in a month. Your welcome..

  57. Laura Rivera says:

    Payment one charged me 14.99 on my AT&T phone bill for an extreme biz site I have never even heard of. PLEASE stop these people they are hurting us financially and its not fair.

  58. Ben Donaruma says:

    I never agreed to sevice this account on line they said they would send me a confirmation number as such still waiting, someone needs to stop them in their tracks and sen somebody to jail asap thanks benny

  59. Mary SwiftSwan says:

    Payment One put 2 months of website optimization charges on my minimum service ATT acct before I noticed it in the January acct review. This charge is more than doubling my phone bill and I remember saying no to the services. They are sending a voice recording and if they recorded the refusal of service they will reverse the charges but if the refusal is not on the voice recording they will simply cancel all future charges but I’m stuck with a $240 charge.

  60. Ann says:

    These people are thieves. The only way AT&T can stop them billing me is if I close my account or switch over to their U-Verse service. I also have to contact the theives directly to get removbed from their billing cycle. I’ve been cut off 3 times an amd currently on a long hold. Apparently it’s completely legal for Payment One to rip people off like this – looks like I might have to say goodbye to my land line.

  61. Veronica Raines says:

    I wish to cancled my new account w/ U. I don’t wish to use r services at all.

  62. Ripped off says:

    When I received my phone bill this past October, I was outraged at the total.
    Several months back I had been put on a “better” long distance plan that
    was supposed to save me money and that wasn’t happening. I didn’t notice a fraudulent charge at the time.

    The next month it was high again, so I started looking at every call. What
    I discovered was a separate charge area named Payment One Long Distance
    Calls with a game download monthly fee of $14.95.

    Now I first grilled my kids to see if it was something they could have
    charged, even inadvertently. They assured me the charge was not theirs. I
    called my phone company (TDS) customer service and asked them what the charge was. I was told they could not tell me, but said it was probably something my kids downloaded over the internet… and of course I wanted more information.
    While I was put on hold and waiting, I looked through some previous bills
    and there it was on October’s bill too. When the customer rep came back on
    the line I informed him of it. He told me he would credit my account for
    the $16.22 charge for those two months for a total of $32.44. I was also assured that the charges would be blocked in the future.

    When I received my telephone bill for December, there was the credit and there was the Payment One Long Distance Calls section with a
    game download monthly fee of $14.95 + tax again. When I called customer service at the phone company this time, I was informed that I would need to contact Payment One myself to have the charges removed!

    I did so and naturally, I spent a great deal of time on hold waiting for
    customer service in the billing department. What I found out about this
    company (Payment One) is that they handle billing/payments for lots of
    companies, it looks like mostly digital gaming. ( company offers options for people who don’t want to or can’t use a credit
    card to charge services to and billing to a phone number is one of their payment options. Wouldn’t you think they would validate the phone number???

    I explained the charges being made to my phone number were not put there
    by myself or anyone in my family. The customer service rep asked me if I
    was familiar with the name on the account. I replied I was not. She then
    asked me if I was familiar with the email address on the account.I told her I was not and asked her to spell
    these out, which she was happy to do for me.

    The rep told me she would have the new charge removed but there was
    another charge that had just gone through and I may see it on my January
    phone bill and I would need to call again… She told me she would block
    my number from future charges.

    It was pretty easy to run down the person on the account by entering the email address into Google and then Facebook. There the person (who was local!) was with photos and all. What we couldn’t find was a phone number. I
    wanted to know if these charges were a simple mistake or not. The person’s telephone number is unlisted and I found out – now disconnected.

    I called the phone company back and expressed my utter disgust and disbelief that they
    would allow anyone to just charge services to my phone and then tell me I have to fix it. It is so ridiculous!! I can’t even talk to the phone company (TDS) customer
    service without having my PIN number or answer security questions, butthey’ll let people charge who knows what to my bill??

    I would like to give the person charging these downloads the benefit of the doubt, but I
    can’t even find out if her phone number is/was close to mine! That is priviledged information and I would be invading her privacy!

    I know I can’t be the only one who is experiencing this. I think about how
    I just about need a magnifying glass to read the detail on the TDS phone
    bill and I think of an elderly person trying to navigate this mess and it
    really makes me angry. People are being/and can be easily robbed and TDS telephone is not taking any responsibility for it.

    The “Senior Advisor” I spoke with at TDS informed me I should contact
    local law enforcement if I felt I needed to pursue this. So now I have the county sheriffs department investigating it.

    You can bet I am carefully checking my bills every month and I will continue to pursue this until I’m satisfied. My next call will be to my state representative, senator, and so on.

    Make a lot of noise and put Payment one out of business.

  63. MAD.AS.HELL says:

    TODAY 1/22/10, I received an automated call from Verizon to call them about my bill. I did call them and found to my horror that PAYMENTONE had been charging me $99.95/mo since June of last year.

    I own a small business and barely make ends meet. I have my bills autopaid thru my bank, so typically do not look at my phone bill since I have a plan that charges same amount each month.

    I found out that there were 7 months of charges for $99.95/month from PAYMENTONE. The Verizon folks were very helpful, and explained to me how slamming works, and that this was a typical slam. They did say that they are legally obligated to pay 3rd party vendors if there is no 3rd party block on your phone line. So I immediately did put a 3rd party block on my phone. They then put the full amount $700+ in dispute and told me to call PAYMENTONE to ask for reimbursement. They explained that they would most likely give me a schpeel about a voice recording that is spliced with snippets of my voice to make it seem as if I accepted the service/payments, and that Verizon is well aware of their scams. They told me to call them back and let them know what PAYMENTONE said.

    I called PAYMENTONE, spoke to “George”. He informed me that I had agreed to internet advertising services??!! I told him I remembered the call, but told them absolutely NO as my business was not that kind of business and did not utilize internet advertising since I am local. He was a bit pissy that I was challenging the company; indeed said he would order a voice recording of my approval; I demanded reimbursement; he said NO, but would cancel the account. I told him I put this amount in dispute with my phone company and that the phone company would now be going after them if they did not reverse the charges. He again said he could only cancel the account and I would NOT be reimbursed for ANY charges.

    I called Verizon back, and informed them that the company would not reimburse any charges. Verizon absolutely reversed all charges from this company, put the charges in dispute and said they would actively go after that company as my representative. They also said they would heavily fine them for slamming and being forced to seek reimbursement.

    I applaud Verizon and emphatically THANK YOU!!

  64. Katie Fairchild says:

    My story is a lot like the one before this of owning a small business. I got a bill of $99.00 on my ATT bill. ATT put it in dispute and told me to call them and let them know, but they will not answer the phone, therefore I emailed them. WHAT SCAM artist. This is just sick.

  65. Ripped Off In Austin says:

    I happened to be looking for another phone provider and happened to look at my bill and noticed a charge from for $14.95.

    I called ATT, the guy was great and filed a complaint on my behalf then added a “3rd Party Charge Blocking” thingy thing to my account so this wouldn’t happen again.

    The ATT rep recommended that I call, so I did….reluctantly. The woman who answered the phone was nice and pleasant and for some reason I was in a pleasant mood as well. I told her I did not authorize the charge for $14.95. She wanted me to verify my “account info”, reluctantly I did….here comes the punch-line….she said since what I told her matched online that I was responsible for the charges.

    Again, I said that the purpose of the call was to REMOVE THE UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES from my bill. She said the information was submitted using my gMail account (which now worries me).

    After some polite arm twisting she “removed the charges” (we’ll see) and said that I would be sent a check for $14.95 which will not be cashed fearing it’s one of those scam things where cashing the check is “agreeing” to something.

    After she “credited my account” she said that I was eligible for a Caribbean Cruise and wanted to know if I wanted to talk to an “agent” to discuss this further. You know what my response was…….

  66. Vida Bonacci says:

    On our AT&T bill today was a $15.84 bill from PaymentOne Corp. # (sic)
    On the next line it listed a phone number 1-888-238-5295. We called AT&T 1st, then called the toll free number. They told us we signed up for their service of buying and selling but we did not. They said they would cancel and will send a check for the amount minus the taxes AT&T charged.

  67. barbara says:

    was billed from RealSmartMail,LLC (PaymentOne).Who are these people. First of all I never made an contract, nor did anyone call me tom discuss this . I only received my bill and seen the charge,added to my previous telephone bill. And this is a bill I truly would like off my bill. Given an number to call (1-888-934-7750)only transfer to another number with a recorded message about ,an reposentive will be with you shortly, all lines are in service, etc. What ism this company coming to before placing a charge on a bill it would be wise to contact the person to assure this is what is wanted. to assume this is what is expexted or wanted can lead to ma great many dis-satisfied customers. I just want the charges removed from my bill asp!!!!!

  68. Sharon says:

    I have been charged since October for $14.95, monthly, that I never authorized. Today I called “Store Front Services”@ 1-888-822-1530 and asked what type of business they are. The man on the line said they helped people set up on-line businesses…of all kinds apparently. He told me that the account had been canceled and gave me the cancellation number. I asked to be refunded the money that had already been charged to my phone bill as I never authorized any such thing. He said that he could not because it was authorized legitimately.

  69. Sandras Garrelts says:

    I have 2 charges one from 14.95 and one LTD 12.95 for some kind of 911 service-neither will refund-looked up says att is getting these fraudulent payments – has over 50.000 complaints for this month alone~!

  70. Pat says:

    Happily, I noticed this extra $14.97 charge on my Verizon bill the first time it showed up, on my January bill. At first I just thought Verizon had lost its mind and wanted me to start paying separately for the email that came with my DSL service. But some web searching brought me to this page before I called anyone, so I knew I was dealing with a fraudulent charge. Then I called PaymentOne, which transferred me to EmailBundle LLC (1-888-900-3012). The rep was actually quite pleasant and apparently helpful. Once verifying that my name did not match the one on the order, she set up to have the charges removed (a 2nd month was already charged but not yet on my bill) and put me on their “do not bill” list. Obviously only time will tell if she’s as good as her word, but it’s certainly the response I would’ve hoped for.

  71. Theresa says:

    I work from home and work for the Gov. STATE Employee. My employer pays for my land line but my name is also on bill because in case we have problems we can call in to telephone company to get help. well paymentone fraudulently billed my employer for a charge saying I authorized for some diet website. I never did. The charges have been credited but it was like a scam. Since land line is in both names my employer and mine. they tried billing them for bogus charges. this is so wrong.. FRAUDULENT CHARGES. That company is messing with my job now PAYMENTONE is wrong for this.

  72. Calvin Whitaker says:

    this was a disconnected number on 12-15-10

  73. Calvin Whitaker says:

    10-11-10 607-637-5612 is a disconnect number on 12-25-09-has a web hosing chg of 14.94 on12-28-09 pleas discontinue this billing-thanks

  74. Calvin Whitaker says:

    607-637-5612 is a disconnected number on 12-15-10 It has a recurring chg for 19.99 on 1-11-10 for ID protect -please discontinue this billing-Thnks

  75. Barry J. Greenberg says:

    Definately some sort of scam here. Someone, not me signed me up for Real Smart Email using my email address, my real ad dress, my phone number, and my birth date( which they messed up). According to the person I talked to at Real Smart Email, I was signed up through a website: Quicker Auto Loan . com. The fee was $14.95 billed to my phone carrier by Paymentone. This charge appeared on my telephone bill. I called Paymentone, and they quickly issued me a credit, after which I got an email from Real Smart Email that my account was terminated.

  76. wanda says:

    i being charge just like alot of you so my phone company going to block it so don’t bother

  77. wanda says:

    to keep scamin me i dont know what is this esbi….that is doing this scam

  78. lorraine pierce says:

    got charged on my lifeline bill att landline and this has caused me overdraft charges at wells fargo
    and ruined my life, i can;t even pay my rent being on a fixed income. is this the kind of service i signed up for? stealing money out of disabled peoples account and getting nowhere with phone numbers they give you to call? Att and extreme biz should be prosecuted and made to pay for all this hardship and extreme suffering! Att fixes their website so that you can’t even access your bill to view so that you can’t even see how much they ripped you off! These corporations engage in criminal thievery and should be held accountable for their scandalous actions.this has devastated my life and I will be homeless and I can’t even get a refund, much less a live person on the phone of these scumbag entities A T @ T ExtremeBiz = extreme abuse scam rip-off. Isn’t it wonderful to live in the us where your own gov’t is complicit in doing us in??

  79. lorraine inspain says:

    welcome to the corporate cash flow shortage which you are paying for by signing up for the internet with Att! Isn’t this great service where it takes 2-5 hours of trying to see your damn bill to see what they are charging you for now? Do you really believe you are ever going to get your daily overdraft charges back from WElls Fargo Bankster? Well, dream on…
    while you die in the streets …now that you are homeless because of these corporate thieves, Cancel me out and sue these scammers

  80. Sainfora Dreux says:

    i’ve receive bill on my local phone. I do not want this portion of paymentone on my bill. so please remove it immediately. I am not paying additional amount of bill.

  81. John F says:

    I have received charges from PaymentOne on behalf of RealSmartMail, LLC in the past and recently. I never authorized the charges on my phone bill, and they even had the wrong name on the account. On previous occasions, I have called PaymentOne to remove the charges and cancel the fraudulent account. The account would be canceled for a short time, but the charges never refunded. I had already made the payment to my phone company. I have received charges from the same scam service again. Again, PaymentOne promised to cancel the fraudulent service and credit my account. Since that time, I received no credit and another charge. I then found a contact for RealSmartEmail ( They told me the account was canceled, but I never asked PaymentOne for a refund of charges, which I most certainly did. They promised to refund the latest charges.

  82. d cobb says:

    I received my final Verizon bill today; there is a $14.95 charge on behalf of RealSmartMailLLC. I called Payment One and they have no record of my account – it was recently disconnected and transferred to cable – so they can’t help me either unless I fax the bill to them. This is absurd! No wonder I disconnected my phone from Verizon!

  83. Zac says:

    Third party billing. Yeah I got hit to. $19.95 for some service I did not sign up for or desire, just out of the blue this just showed up on my Cincinati Bell bill. I contacted my local provider and protested the bill. I asked if my long distance services would be dissconected if I did not pay the extra chage. They said no. I will have to see what next months bill will look like. I have already been on the Payment One web sight and protested. I suspect that I will have to keep protesting loudly and long to get this scam company off my phone bill. Keep up the good fight, all!

  84. Kathy Massey says:

    Me, too, with Cincinnati Bell. I have requested a refund, filed a BBB complaint and really want an FCC investigation and/or class action lawsuit against both the Cascade Web Hosting company and Payment One. These are scams, no kidding.

  85. Linda Wientjes says:

    Paymentone Direct got to me too.I have been reading about many others receiving unauthorized billing from this scamming company. I now think mine is from a person who told me I could be added to a web site that would list our electrical business for free. I probably gave them the answer they needed. Now I am being charged. I am so mad at Verizon for letting them do this to us. I could not even be told what my bill would cost this month because I did not have a pin number, but companies as this can charge $44.95 a month to my telephone bill. Title 13 is only used by the honest not to give out confidental information. Why does Verison let these companies have our personal information? Our representatives in congress need to hear about this. My Title 13 rights have been violated. Wake up Verizon or I will not use your company for my business phone. If I am rude to your employees when they call to update the yellow pages, it is because of companies as this because we are afraid that we will be saying “yes” to something we do not want.

  86. Michelle says:

    I noticed a seperate charge on our phone bill for $14.94. I called AT&T and reported it. They are doing an Investigation for a Cramming Claim.
    I called EXTREME BIZ PORTAL and told them I never authorized them to bill me for anything. I have never heard of their company. “Ying” the person I talked to told me she is sending me two checks for $14.94, since my next phone bill has already printed, the charge is already on my next bill
    at first “Ying” told me I am responsible for the first $14.94. “I said, No I am not! It is then that she said okay I’ll send you 2 checks for $14.94. Why would I even want to cash their checks if they are SCAMMERS The so-called REFUND checks would probably bounce! AT&T is going to charge them the fee of $14.94. I told “YING” that. I also told her that AT&T is filing a Cramming Claim towards their company. “Ying” quickly ended the call, click. I am thinking that this might be an over-seas scam of some sort. Not sure, but this is interesting. I hope the law does something about this, most likely illegal activity!
    Thanks everyone for letting me explain and vent. :)

  87. Hafeez says:

    I was getting charged a sum of $21.31 on my Verizon FIOS bundle bill in the name of as other provider charges and the service name is “debittoolbox”.haa haa..I never heard any of these services. I knew this is a scam and called the number which they gave in the bill (1-888-934-7750). When I told them that I am going to start a dispute they cancelled my account (Account?? I never registered one) and said they are going to credit only one month’s charge. Then I called Verizon and asked them to go for a dispute. Verizon credited my three months money back and told me that they are going to send a bill back to this scam company. Verizon said they will start an investigation and gave me an order number to ensure that there won’t any charge from this company in my future bills. Screw these scammers!

  88. Brewster says:

    I received a telephone call from realsmartemail in December. I was told that I would not be billed until May 2010 if I accepted and wanted to continue service of realsmartemail. I was told I did not have to pay any fee from December to May. I was also told that for trying realsmartemail I would receive “free” a 500 minute telephone card. I did not or have not received the telephone card as of this date (3-22-10). I have been charged $14.95 for January, February and March 2010 on my brother’s verizon telephone bill. This is not an authorized payment by my brother or myself. Apparrently this is a scam and should be reported to the Attorney General’s office in all states that this sham has been purportedly conveyed. I will be taking a cue from Hafeez (3-16-10)(12:10 p.m). and will be calling Verizon.

  89. eris rain says:

    On my A T & T online
    bill for my home phone/DSL I noticed extra charges which were definitely not authorized from Extreme Biz Payment One Corp! When finally getting thru to Payment One I was told that Extreme Biz was for my online store…I informed them that at no time have I ever set up an online store so since Att required me to set up automatic payment if I wanted dsl service so my bank Wells Fargo charged me overdraft fees, and I have been fighting this ever since for 2 months now. These ‘entities’ are still charging me although I have a negative balance now thanks to these mega rip-off corporations – ATT and Wells Fargo and Payment Corp. Isn’t it illegal to put fraudulent charges on a person who is on Social Security and then heap it on even more with daily overdraft bank fees? Who can I turn to because the phone calls that I have made do no good and I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay my rent in April if I don’t get this resolved!! charges? billbill I noticed extra charges on my DSL and home phone bill

  90. Rosa says:

    Beware of these charges, It’s a scam, call paymentone as soon as possible so that you can get your money refunded as soon as possible.

  91. Ripped off in Austin (update) says:

    I received a check for the $14.99 charged by paymentone. Also I had ATT put a block on stuff like this so it doesn’t happen again.

  92. larry o blum says:

    i did not order this
    nor did i want tried
    to stop feb 23 got run around then said it was canceled
    billed again mar 23
    still bill went to att hope this scam is over or i will disconect att and find another i thought this was illegel where is the fbi i am calling
    att again to put a block on this got theidea from ripped off in austin

  93. larry o blum says:

    i was billed feb 23 for 14.94 for this product which did want or order tried to cancel same day butr got run around billed again on march 23 for same thing went to att for help they removed the charges but i am checking my back recordeds to seeif i miss something isnt this illegal why cant they stop why does att go along with such a scam

  94. PD says:

    Our March/April Verizon bill included a $14.95 (plus tax) charge through PaymentOne for some company call RealSmartMail, LLC. They claimed we signed up for their service online. I asked what it was they provided and the rep said they provide email filtering software. We do not have email through Verizon FIOS so I don’t know how they expected to “filter” our email. I called Verizon and they have put a block on the account (for a fee, of course) against third parties tacking on charges to our bill. I called RealSmartMail and they have allegedly refunded two months of charges and canceled the service we absolutely did not *knowingly* sign up for. You cannot even browse the internet anymore without risking clicking a button that’ll sign you up for some bogus service.

  95. Angela says:

    Local Access is a company that provides website services – supposedly free for 30 days. I called them 1 week before the 30 days expired to cancel the service and was told that they had already billed my phone bill $99.95 + $6.00 local tax. They were only going to refund me the $99.95 (not the taxes because in CA, and give me an additional free 30 days of website coverage (NOT). They wanted to send a reimbursement check for the $99.95 but I had them credit my phone bill back so that the taxes would be removed as well. Otherwise you would still be paying the taxes for something you should not even have been billed for to begin with. 1. I consider this false advertisement for charging before the time period was up; 2. Rude service to reimburse without wanting to pay you for local taxes that you would have to pay as well.

  96. Angela says:

    I need to correct my earlier statement: It should have been “ACCESS LOCAL, LLC”, NOT “Local Access”. If it makes any difference.

  97. Mike in NB says:

    We noted a charge from Extreme Biz Inc. on our AT&T home phone (land line) monthly statement of $14.94. Taxes for state (5%) .75, and Stadium at .1% for .01 The payment total of $15.70 goes to PaymentOne Corp.

    I called Extreme Biz Inc to question this charge. They stated with the phone number they could pull up who signed up for the services from them over the Internet. So they looked it up and said it was my wife. My wife does not recall ever signing up for anything. So I saidthis and the operator said that it was isnged up for on Nov 30, 2009. So she proceeded without question to say they would discontinue service immediately and reimburse us the $15.70 each month for 4 months (it was the March bill we discovered this). However, the credits amount would go to AT&T which seems odd as it was me that was payin the amount. Thus, I will give AT&T a credit on my phone bill to pay my next two months phone bills. Strange, but ok.

    I think this is phishing scam and would like to know how many other folks are being billed this amount without knowing as these businesses know people on auto pay or otherwise may not watch their bills that closely. I think this business should be severly fined for this scam. How can someone clicking on ok and giving their email address serve the same as an ink signature allowing someone to bill me in a contract scenerio, that is ridiculous! Please post as to what is being done about this scam and this company.

  98. Cartman says:

    got a charge on my phonebill for for “web hosting” i never approved. I called AT&T & they said i would need to call the co direct & ask they remove the charge. The company claims I “subscribed to thier service” from that phone#. That phone# is only used for our fire alarm to dial out & there is no way we can answer or call out manually.

  99. Michelle, Muskegon, MI says:

    My mother just got her phone bill today and this same scam, amount $14.95 ($15.87 total with the other little fees). She called Payment One and got someone foreign she couldn’t understand and got nowhere so she then called verizon and they immediately took it off and put a block on. The name of the scamming company using PaymentOne was email bundles. Please whatch yourselves and your bills carefully and call as soon as you see any discretion. These companies try and say you authorized the charges and as we’ve all seen from all the stories. Let’s hope more people become aware and this gets put to an end.

  100. Gail says:

    I got one of these paymentOne Corp request for payment on my ATT bill today. It is for $14.95 for MyIDWatch,Inc ID theft Protection Plan. It is ironic that they stole my identity to bill me for something I never purchased. I will be calling ATT tomorrow to ask for a credit, block third party charges, and stop automatic payments to credit card. I am not paying this $14.95 charge. I hope it does not continue more than one month as it has happened to several others on this site. Thanks for the shared stories, since this was a real shock to me when I opened my bill today and saw more than my normal phone charges. I hope they do not give me any problems about it.

  101. Marcia Johnson says:

    i have NO clue who these ppl are…WEBTVEXTREME,LLC-INTERNET TV SVC FEE 16.99. our home phone bill was charged 3rd party by paymentone with this lovely company in tow. as soon as i called both at&t & paymentone…i have NOW learned…my daughter’s in-laws r gettin calls from our home phone & it’s a telemarketer. neither me nor my husband r telemarketers…never have been…never will be. i’m amazed as to how someone is allowed to bill u…just because. as for at&t…they will be hearing from this dissatisfied customer…AGAIN.

  102. lisa says:

    Starting having an unauthorized bill for 14.99 per month from Extreme Biz in addition to regular charges. I called and was told it was for a work from home business that someone has signed up for from my email. THey agreed to cancel and mail me a refund within 7 days- gave me a confirmation number. Will see if I get the check. AT&T was not supposed to allow any add ons to my bill without confirming with me- thought I had a block in place.

  103. wfa says:

    $39.95 third party charge from “Transaction Clearing” on behalf of “Secure Direct, Inc” on my Verizon land line account.

    I’ve never communicated with these SOB’s They must have picked my number out of a hat. Verizon removed the charge, no questions, and offered to put a third party billing block on my account I then called AT&T and had the same block put on my cell account.

    Congress and FCC needs to put these frauds & scammers out of business, but until they do, I would recommend that everyone make a preemptive strike by having your provider block all third party charges. In this state they do it for free. Your mileage may differ.

    OH, BTW, I called Secure Direct and they would not give me any info unless I gave them my phone number. I nearly peed myself laughing. I did tell the drone that she is working for scum and should find herself a respectable job. She said she was very happy with what she was doing. I opined that even a street walker is more respectable, well, in more colorful terms

  104. Victor Sweeney says:

    My AT@T bill showed up with a PaymentOne charge of $15.99 for something called Extreme Biz, Inc Extreme Biz Portal Fee, that we never signed up for. The Payment One operator said it was for some kind of internet marketing business, which we have interest in and did not sign up for. It’s some kind of internet scam, but not sure where it got our information to place the charge. Extreme Biz should be out of Biz!

  105. michael a smith says:

    i got billed the last 2 months of 16.01 each month by paymont one,the clearinghouse agent for email bundle .dont know them and they told me it would be taken care of,but hasnt as of yet. i emailed verizon twice,but no response yet.

  106. Al says:

    I work with senior citizens and got a call the other day from an older gentleman asking for my help on his bills. I arrived and began to go through his bills (Qwest included) and found charges from Payment One on his bill for web marketing and other items he would and never could use. I called Qwest and they helped us locate more than 551.00 in bogus charges to this senior citizens basic phone service. Qwest was extremely helpful and credited back the full amount. There needs to be laws inacted to keep these scammers from preying on those with limited income. I called payment one to ask what type of verification they require to place additional charges from third parties on a bill. The overseas operator who could barely speak English would not answer byt kept up with the “I so sorry for de inconvience. I now am working to check all the bills for my Senior Citizens. What scum these people are.

  107. harold schmierer says:

    I got a bill on my Qwest phone bill for $99.95 extra than the bill.
    this charge was for a 30 day free trial of advertizement on the internet, which I couldnot find tha ads, and it was to be cancelled per phone call 4 times but when cancell was said they hung up.
    Qwest took the bill off ower phone, thank God.
    Th bill was for nationally local, billed by payment one on a Qwest phone line.
    I called the B.B.B. and th P.U.C. office and reported this and the P.U.C. office had a block put on my phone because Qwest said it was ok for a third party billing.
    I got it stoped for me now others might do the same thing.

  108. NO WAY! says:

    O.M.G I have one thing I want to make very clear to especially our LARGER phone & ISP companies – how could you let this happen? You are way too big if you can’t manage to VERIFY ANY 3RD PARTY BILLING TO YOUR VALUED CUSTOMERS – Do you understand the words typed here in front of you? (can ya tell I am LIVID?)
    We use our billpay online to manage this and other bills & opt to go paperless on some bills (big mistake) – only yesterday did I realize that we have not only a fraudulent charge from /, LLC @ a rate of 14.95 per mth, but 3 others that are highly questionable, all totaling about 47.00 per mth. I can only see back to Dec 09 – all charges there – I am sick to my stomach over this. I didn’t think I had to worry about my phone co, esp a big one, not clearing any of that with us first – on top of that, they KNOW many scams are coming through – it’s very obvious with all the posts on this and other sites. Everyone, tell your family & friends – and check on your elderly/not knowing neighbors.
    (Thanks for all the good info everyone – please excuse my large rant. My spouse has had to deal with cancer & surgery over the last 7 months, and I this fraud thing just took the cake.)
    God Bless

  109. Brandy says:

    Received $99.95 charge on June 2010 Qwest invoice from No charges were authorized for this service.
    I imagine they called our place of business to solicit their services, we told them we were not interested, and they signed us up anyway.

  110. David says:

    have been billed 7 months from Payment One through Verizon for $35.99 a months. Payment One will only credit me 6 months. Owners of Payment One should go to jail and Verizon should be held responsible for the full amount plus penalties. No charges were ever authorized for this service.

  111. Robert Strouse says:

    I received a bill of $15.87 on my verizon phone bill, from My Office Solutions through cybercom central. I have no idea what this is and do not want it. I have not ordered anything through these people or want anything through these people. So cancel anything you may have in my name or number. I want nothing further to do with this. Robert Strouse

  112. Deborah Hard says:

    I believe it was back in Jan. of 2010 when PaymentOne started charging my home phone $14.95, from WERGAMES. I have never heard of this company and did not authorize this charge. They had said it was a Shawn Hard that ordered it ,which is my son,he does not play these games if he plays games, it is his XBox Games which he pays upfront out of his checking account.I had called PaymentOne in Feb. and tell them I had not ordered this, said they would cancel it and it would take three billing cycles to show up. Well, hear it is July and they are still charging me, I called again and they transfered me to WERGAMES,and again they said they will cancel it,then gave me a cancellation number and said they would check to my phone company for$44.85, which for only 3 months. I just want this off of my phone.

  113. Deborah Hard says:

    I believe it was back in Jan. of 2010 when PaymentOne started charging my home phone $14.95, from WERGAMES. I have never heard of this company and did not authorize this charge. They had said it was a Shawn that ordered it ,which is my son,he does not play these games if he plays games, it is his XBox Games which he pays upfront out of his checking account.I had called PaymentOne in Feb. and told them I had not ordered this, they said they would cancel it and it would take three billing cycles to show up. Well, here it is July and they are still charging me, I called again and they transfered me to WERGAMES,and again they said they will cancel it,this time they gave me a cancellation number and said they would send check to my phone company for $44.85, which is only for 3 months. I just want this off of my phone.

  114. Thomas R. Bogert says:

    I was charged on my Verizon account for ‘IDLockPro’ that I never authorized. I will be disputing this charge immediately.

  115. charles says:

    I pay my mothers phone bill and have noticed for several months a charge from escalate solutions-webhost silverpack in the amount of 12.95 . I have called several people to have this removed but to no avail. I would like to know who and what this is and what I can do to have it removed. I just learned of this site and do not get a answer when I call the 888 number listed on the bill. I just get a recording.

  116. Wm. E Kruse says:

    A paynentOne Bill for $18.35 I never made

  117. Wm. E Kruse says:

    Got billed for $18.35 from PaymentOne, Call I never made

  118. Thomas R. Bogert says:

    I called my carrier (Verizon), got credit and had such services blocked. I advise you to do the same.

  119. Scott says:

    Bad on me for not reviewing my AT&T bill each month, but my AT@T bill showed up with a PaymentOne charge of $14.94 each month for something called Extreme Biz, Inc Extreme Biz Portal Fee, that we never signed up for. The Payment One operator said it was for some kind of internet marketing business, which we have interest in and did not sign up for. She said I will get credited back all the money I was charged.

  120. Robert says:

    Kazaa Music has billed me for 7 months at 21.75 per month from Kazaa for music downloads that I never authorized. The sad part is my computer speakers don’t even work. Vrizon did do the right thing and credit my account for the full 152.25 and blocked any future charges. Just be careful what other people are downloading onto your computer.

  121. Beverly Robinson says:

    I received a charge on my July AT&T bill for $14.94 from someone called AUTOPILOTPROFIT-ONLINE ED 4 ECOMMERCE billed on behalf of Auto Pilot Profit Sites, Inc. Neither I nor my husband have authorized this charge and will not pay it. Remove yourself from my bill immediately.
    Beverly A.

  122. Dave Coleman says:

    The scam continues. 14.94/month billed by PaymentOne on behalf of, on my Verizon bill.

    For those seeking redress: Verizon couldn’t help, claiming legal restrictions. could cancel the service, but refused to pay back the $90 I was out for past months. PaymentOne agreed to credit back the lost money, after going through a charade of calling in a supervisor. It was extremely obvious that PaymentOne (the middleman here) realizes that their business is based on scams, and is willing to reverse the charges when pressed to avoid further incident.

  123. Jay Hall says:

    I found charges on my phone bill dating back to March from Extreme Biz Portal that I never signed on for totalling 14.95 per month.We were reimbursed one months charges and want the whole amount refunded from this scam. Were attempting to contact the BBB.

  124. Gordie Brockway says:

    recieved bill from paymentone for $15.77 for some thing we never ordered and they wont give money back

  125. Lorrie says:

    I noticed a charge of $34.95 from paymentone on our verizon business phone bill. I have no idea who PaymentOne is and I did NOT authorize this charge. PaymentOne told me it was a charge was for webhosting from Bestweb USA. Never heard of them either! They are supposed to take the charge off, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  126. milburn davis says:

    I similarly was billed $16.99 from Payment for a service that I never ordered. Strangely, several days later someone phoned asking me if I were interested in an internet offer and I said “no.” I assumed that this was the end of their proposition, and the saleslady said, “Thank you, Sir. We won’t be bothering you again.”

  127. milburn davis says:

    This obviously is a scam, and I definitely am not paying this bill. As soon as possible I’m phoning AT&T and informing that them I received a phone call from someone claiming to be an AT&T representative.

  128. milburn davis says:

    To make matters worse, I even received a notice from AT&T informing me that my request for service was declined, whatever that means. They couldn’t have been referring to my regular phone land line phone service since I’d been paying them faithfully for four uninterrupted years!

  129. Chad says:

    Just got off the phone. Called paymentone who transfered me to realsmartemail. The person that I spoke with was pleasant which made it difficult to express my true feelings about the charges to my phone bill. I asked who had authorized the charge and she told me it was through my wifes work email on a site called She also was able to give me the ip address. She said a confirmation email was sent out at the time of signup. I then asked if anyone had replied and she said that it is no a requirement. She was only going to refund 1 of the 2 months but I was able to convince her to refund both months. I will hold my breath waiting to see the actual refund. I do have a confirmation number that I guess is supposed to make me feel more confident in their company.

  130. Susan says:

    I noticed a charge on my AT&T bill of $16.99 to WEBTVEXTREME,LLC-INTERNET TN SVC FEE and $1.44 in taxes. I called paymentone and was told that my husband ordered this on a 14 day free trial and we did not cancel after 14 days. I asked that the service be cancelled immediately and the “very helpful” lady informed me that I had already been billed a 2nd time, but she would credit my phone bill by that amount. I called my husband and he had not authorized the charge either. I called paymentone back and demanded the first charge be removed. The funny thing was that both representatives that I spoke to asked me if I had contacted AT & T and when I said no, they said “good, we’re the only ones who can help you with this”. I am contacting the fraud department of AT & T today.

  131. Lawrence Morrissey says:

    August 02, 2010

    AT&T Billing & Accounts Department.
    Unauthorized Billing & Charges for Billing Date (July 25, 2010) to our phone number

    A billing from company (s) shown as
    Network Assurances, Inc. / ESBI in the amount of $14.95 plus tax of $0.90 for a total of $15.85 was included in our monthly phone service charges bringing our bill to $124.20. Our usual bill is in the range of ninety five to one hundred dollars ($95.00 – $100.00).
    This additional $15.85 WAS NOT AUTHORIZED for any reason or service of any kind.

    A call was placed to (AT&T) @1-800-288-2020. A representative at this number after objecting to this charge said he was unable to resolve this charge and referred me to calling this company who these charges are originating from as shown above.

    On August 02, 2010 @ around 12:30pm a call was placed to Network Assurance Inc. @ Ph.#1-888-568-6361. A woman named “K” received our call and our objection was made known to this charge. She was very polite and assured us this charge would be removed from our bill through AT&T accounting and provided us a Confirmation Number #******* It didn’t occur to me why at that moment because she (“K”) was further explaining what was going to be done.

    She (K) also assured us that the account they had showing on their end would be cancelled immediately which we never authorized or were aware of at all. A “one way in trap website” the wife was interested in reviewing locked her unwittingly that she or I could not delete or shut down from that sight until we had to totally shut down our computer thinking we were caught in a virus or hack scheme.
    She (“K”)further explained that we should see the reflected reimbursement or a credit on the next billing.

    Following the call to Network Assurance Inc., a news broadcast appeared on TV the very same day minutes after my call, regarding this very same issue of having UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES placed on customer bills. Why aren’t AT&T CUSTOMERS ALREADY PROTECTED FROM THIS KIND OF FRAUDULENT CHARGES?

    It is apparent from the news reports along with the nightmare, inconvenience, and unnecessary monetary hardship that follows, that Hundreds if not Thousands of customers have already been victumized by this practice with no responsibility accepted or corrective measures for this kind of thing are not already in place by AT&T!

    I find this outrageously remiss by AT&T! I am further outraged by the fact that in my effort to having these charges expunged that it was further explained to me that it would take between one (1) and three (3) billing cycles to remove upon a followup call to AT&T the following morning. WHY?
    It only took you a few days or maybe even hours to allow this outfit to add those unauthorized charges without any regard or specific authorization by us, or for that matter other customers.

    How is it that AT&T are very security conscious about who their talking with on the phone with customers and question my name, phone number, four digit code number that follows that number, all to verify their dealing with me, but have no such security in place for allowing extra charges to be inserted by outsiders to a customers bill? It would seem to me that AT&T should be held accountable for criminal negligence
    and possible conspiracy

    Many of AT&T representatives are barely able to speak clear pronunciation of English in trying to speak with and understand their communication efforts to either explain or provide instructions to assist customers.
    I find it insulting that AT&T employ’s people with poor English pronunciation skills that further add to the frustration of trying to resolve or conduct business of any kind that is clear and concise.

    Last of all, their representatives dared to solicit additional products or services. I have to tell you, I’m afraid too and resent the idea of adding more services from them considering they try to distance themselves with customers with their hi tech Robot / synthesized voice communication system let alone keep my account with AT&T protected from being victimized again and again. Wake up AT&T! I’m not alone with these issues!
    BEWARE!!!!! I also found out by shear accident in that followup (2nd & 3rd) calls to AT&T that the company I called who issued me a conformation number assured us that they would close the account that they had just set up and should see the reflected cancellation or credit in the next billing. They DID NOT NOTIFY AT&T OF THIS CONFORMATION NUMBER FOR CANCELLATION. AT&T HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF CANCELLATION OR A CONFORMATION NUMBER. WE HAD TO PROVIDE THEM WITH THAT NUMBER. We still don’t know for certain that the confirm number is bogus or authentic. We had wondered why we were given that number without explanation but had assumed it to be a reference number for any later followup with the company who added the charges to begin with.

    With Disgust;

    L. J. Morrissey

  132. S. Baker says:

    This is the third time this has happened to me. I think it is terrible they let a second party authorize a charge to my account. I guess they feel anyone can charge anything they want to anyone’s account. You would think a red flag pops when the names do not match on the account and should require authorization. No one really knows how this happens and I just get tired of the charge. As I said it happened three different times with different companies. If AT&T allows third party to charge an account. AT&T should confirm the authorization before charging.

  133. Laura says:

    A mysterious charge showed up on my Verizon bill by “new service provider” PaymentOne. The charge was 19.95 for “eBusiness MnthlyFee”. I called Verizon and they said that I’d have to call PaymentOne. I called PaymentOne and they said I’d have to call these eBusiness people. They transferred me, and the lady who I spoke with said the charges were authorized under my husband’s email address. He did not authorize any charges. The woman on the phone said she’d refund one month only, because this month had been charged also, and he would be responsible for the first charge. I said no, he did not authorize anything, and we needed a refund for the full amount. Without any arguement, she said “okay, you’ll receive a refund for 39.90.” It is being sent via check to our house. I’ll believe it when I see it. I can’t believe Verizon allows this kind of crap. I did ask the Verizon CS to put a block on my account, but we’ll see if that works. This is absolutely stealing, and these companies should be charged with theft.

  134. Beverly says:

    Well, here we go again. Last month I was charged $14.94 by and billed on behalf of Auto Pilot Profit Sites, inc. It is some Yahoo thing. They told me that it was too late that month to rescind the charges and that they would send me a check. After talking to them, I called AT&T about it and asked them to block all third party charges which I was assured would be done. I did receive the check from But at the same time, AT&T removed the charge from my bill. OK, fast forward to this month. Same story from Charge of $14.94. I called them and demanded they remove the charge which finally they said they would. I then called AT&T to find out why they had allowed the charge when they had told me that third party charges would be blocked. The agent then told me that they could not do that! HUH? Then she wanted me to change my long-distance service from AT&T Corp. to AT&T and that, supposedly, that would fix the problem. I told her I would think it over. After thinking about it, just what does my long distance service have to do with these charges? I’m puzzled as well as unhappy. OH, the AT&T agent did say she would remove the $14.94 charge at least. Is this going to happen every month from now on? I sure hope not.

  135. Curtis says:

    A charge is on my AT&T home phone bill by Payment One for webtvextreme for 1$16.99. I did not authorize it. I have written AT$T directing that this charge be removed and that my account be blocked from charges by Payment One. Waiting to see the response. If AT&T is going to do business with these people they should be responsible for reversing the charges as would a credit card company.

  136. Felicia says:

    I have had a $14.95 charge on my Verizon residential bill for a billed by a Third Party Biller-ILD Teleservices #1-899-433-4518 and a $14.97 charge by a My Home Office Solutions billed by Third Party Payment One 1-888-934-7750. I have contacted all parties to get these charges removed. On my latest bill, i have a $32.75 credit for last month’s charges, but then have $32.32 in NEW charges AGAIN from these companies! UGH! Can’t something be done?

  137. Joann says:

    I just discovered that PaymentOne was charging me $14.95 for an unknown service. I attempted to contact them through their phone number three times to inquire about the charge but was disconnected each time just before I was to speak with a customer service person.

    I finally called Verizon They immediately removed the charge and blocked my number from future crammers.

    I’d like to know why Verizon or any other phone company would agree to contract with such an unethical company.

  138. kathryn says:

    I just opened my verizon bill and there was a charge of $19.95. I discovered that this charge was also on last month’s bill. After calling verizon i found out that a bogus company called “payment one” had billed me for services provided by another bogus company called “ecommerce”. Verizon is removing the charges but i think we need to sue all of these phony companies, BUT ALSO VERIZON,ATT and any other phone companies that are allowing us to be so easily robbed. What about the elderly who cannot read their bills properly? We need to do more than just blog.

  139. Curtis says:

    Joann and others: I had a block on my AT&T line and still got a charge by PaymentOne. The for AT&T said that some charges still get through with the block and to monitor your bill. AT&T only places the charge on hold until they get a response from PaymentOne. PaymentOne was previously eBillit and was fined by the FTC in 2002. Shows how ineffective the FTC is, they changed their name and are continuing their cramming.

  140. John W. Smithart says:

    I opened my bill and discovered a charge of $16.99 for something I never authorized, nor gave anyone else authorization. I called the number on the bill, and got a ring, then a high pitch noise, but no answer. I also sent an email to the website but, I haven’t heard back from anyone. I did not place this order, and asked for the charge to be removed asap. The phone I pay for is for my ex-wife Her name is Juanita Tietjen and we reside on the same property.

  141. Sue says:

    charged $14.94 by PaymentOne on my at&t bill. called their number 1-888-238-4453 spoke with EMELDA MAGICAL and was told my son signed up, he did not. She said they would credit back 1 0f 2 monthly charges. I stated I would not pay either chg and would call AT&T and make sure they would not send it. Emelda stated she would send me a check for $29.88. AT&T put a third party billing block on my line and said apparently they were not legit and scamming people.

  142. Curtis says:

    NEVER, NEVER call PaymentOne or one of the scammers they bill for, instead call your carrier such as AT&T or Verizon. The reason is that this is the only way AT&T or Verizon have of knowing of the bogus charges. If PaymentOne or the scammer they are billing for issues a full or partial credit AT&T or Verizon do not know that there is a problem. AT&T & Verizon track the number of complaints they receive from customers and charge PaymentOne a fee to cover the service center work created when the complaints exceed a certain number in a month. We will accomplish more to reduce this abuse by contacting the customer service center for AT&T or Verizon when we get these false charges.

  143. Richard K says:

    getting billed by paymentone 14.95 for Healthy Heart Live and Bill Via Phone monthly for several months. Verizon says it is not their repsonsiblity to check the validity of these charges. this is real fraud assisted by Verizon

  144. Curtis says:

    Richard K. Demand that Verizon remove the charges from your bill and to charge it back to PaymentOne. Ask for a supervisor is there is resistance. This is the only way Verizon will have a track of the number of complaints about PaymentOne and the data is available for the FCC & FTC as they investigate.

  145. Roz says:

    Heads up everyone! I was slammed not only by payment one, but by several other companies for at least two years. I had gone paperless, had unlimited longdistance, and a 900 block, so saw no need to study my bill…once I took a good look, I got on the phone with AT&T, ordered two years of back paper bills, and got over $350. in a refund from AT&T, and also went with their fiber optics services…I was told that unless you are on fiber optic, 3rd party slammers can get to you. Also, you need to report each company that has slammed you to the FCC & the Attorney General, and also mention these two entities to your phone company when demanding that they refund you…keep your calm as well..that will give you the best chance of getting it taken care of, and getting your biggest refund. I was told by AT&T that I was getting the biggest refund that he had ever seen. I also noticed after looking at all the people’s posts that have been slammed, that some of them did not get refunds…you can’t even get most of these companies (like Payment One)to answer the phone! Lastly, I would highly recomend that you go fiber optic as I was told there is not such thing as a blanket block on these 3rd party companies. Good luck to you…spread the word…check on elderly family & friends, because this is apparently quite the large scale scam!!!
    Take good care,
    Roz in Tx

  146. Anne says:

    My at&t home bill has a charge of 14.95….PayementOn.
    I do not know who these people are. The offices are all closed at paymentone and AT&T. I’m so mad because I know there are are people out there who don’t even look at the bill before paying. They must be making money that way. I will not pay this bill!!

  147. Jesse says:

    $19.99 bill from and a $16.95 bill from USBI on a measured line that we don’t use execpt for the alarm system. AT&T removed the charges (supposedly) and offered to put a 3rd-party block on the account that should hopefully keep this from happening again. If you have problems with this happening repeatedly, ask for a “3rd-party services block” on your account.

  148. Mimie says:

    I just found out that I have been billed $19.99 since November of last year, but because I have not checked my phone bill every month I had no idea there was a charge by PaymentOne Corp via an entity called ID Baron. Without going into details about my frustrating phone calls with ATT as well as this so called entity “ID Baron”, it is clear that this is a large scale scam. ATT is crediting me with the charges but told me to watch and make sure I don’t get re-billed. The ability of these so called “third party servicers” to slam an entry at the end of a customer’s telephone bill is just an invitation to scam artists to catch unsuspecting customers. Payment One corp should be prosecuted immediately so the fraud will not continue. The person who answers the phone at ID Baron is an absolute jerk and it is obvious that it is not a company but just a one man show.

  149. Curtis says:

    The FTC still has information on their web site about charges against eBillit in 2002. The same outfit is back to the same old scams under a new name, PaymentOne. See:
    They probably collected huge amounts more than the fine or refund as many of those charged do not notice or call their telephone company for a refund.
    Information confirming change of name:,+the+Leader+In+Next-Generation+Payment…-a094113486

  150. Jake says:

    The real solution is to 1) File a compliant with FTC and 2) File a class action suit

  151. David Hoang says:

    I had billing from payment one for statement phone bill from Verizon on July and August . I called them and they provided cancelation confirmation number .But they still keep billing me.I had a hard time to talk with Verizon rep to solve issue . I don’t know why and how they posted a charge into my phone bill ?
    I believed this is ILLEGAL . How can we stop this company ? I really got mad for charging for what I never have .

  152. David Hoang says:

    They charged me $ 36.70

  153. Tony Marino says:

    I recently demanded that Verizon block any and all attempts by anyone for any reason to process payment for goods or services to my Verizon monthly phone bill. Each of Payment One billing victims listed above should be aware of this option and implement your rights immediately!

  154. Patrick says:

    ATT: First noted $ 14.94 July 2010 bill, then Aug 2010. Called Paymentone and they stopped, but no credit back. Finally called ATT today, demanded and they agreed to refund the two fraudulent charges.

  155. Mike says:

    I was never contacted for this PaymentOne scam. I only have my home phone for backup and it’s not even plugged in. I never answer my cell if it’s not a number I recognize. I do not sign up from crud on my emails. In other words, I was NEVER contacted. I’m almost as mad at AT&T for allowing this. Paying all of bills at once each month I hadn’t even noticed this for almost 9 months. I’m only getting credited for 1 month from these scammers. Hello BBB

  156. Tracy says:

    I called my phone company on 9/24 to disconnect the house phone. The guy I talked to told me to call my independant ISP because they would continue to charge me after the phone was disconnected. I have never heard of this company and I never signed up for anything. After calling PaymentOne, they transferred me to Escalate ISP. They told me I signed up for a webhosting site from my home computer. I do not sign up for things at the mall, over the phone or through email. I have been charged for over two years for this, and on my phone bill it shows as ‘other charges and taxes.’ How am I supposed to know it is a fraudulent charge when it is listed like that? This company will not credit me for the several months they have been charging me illeagally. All I got was “Sorry you feel that way ma’am. We will remove all future charges.” This company then asked me for a new email address and my cell phone number to send me a confirmation. No way! I do not need this charged to my cell.

  157. MARIA WITBROD says:

    We were charged for 3 months before I noticed $107.45 each month!

  158. Mike says:

    I was billed on my verizon home phone bill by PaymentOne in June, August, September for $14.95 plus tax. I called PaymentOne and the girl said they are located in Barbados Ph#888-900-3011. She said they are just a bill paying service billing on behalf of RealSmartMail, LLC out of Fort Lee NJ Ph 888-900-3011. I called there and the girl Leah said she would remove the charges from my bill.This is a SCAM! I called Verizon to block any past, present, future payments to this so called business. Someone needs to go pay a visit to RealSmartMoney, LLC in Fort Lee and find out who is running this sham operation. Dispute the charges and let your phone carrier know.

  159. TALIEA BROWN says:

    I got charged too RealSmartMail, LLC but got payment refunded

  160. Barry Dalton says:

    got charged 14.95
    plus tax two months
    will call verizon tommorrow to dispute

  161. Rhoda Hall says:

    I noticed a charge of $14.94 from Extreme Biz Portal for webhosting monthly charges dated September 9, 2010 on my October bill. I called Verizons/PsymentOne at 1-888-934-7750 and was switched to Extreme Biz Portal phone number 1-888-297-5245 at 2:46pm on 10/11/10. I told them that I had charges on my phone bill from them that I did not authorize. I told them about the Sept. 9th charge and they informed me that I will also receive a charge on my next phone bill of $14.94 on October 9th as well. They said that they will cancel the service and send me a check for $14.94 for the October charge. They also gave me a cancellation confirmation number. I will be looking for this check to come in the mail in the next few weeks.

  162. Stephanie Weier says:

    Got charged 49.99 for 1 month, was credited and that it wouldn’t happen again. Just saw that they have charged for anthoer 4 months!

  163. Curtis says:

    Stephanie, call your telephone company rather than PaymentOne. You may have to insist or ask for a supervisor to get them to handle removing the charge and disputing it with PaymentOne. Also have them place a block but you will still have to monitor your bill.

  164. Roz in Tx says:

    Hey everyone…it’s Roz in Tx again…I know now that everyone that posts here does not read through each person’s complaint post…you must call your phone company…Payment One scams under different names, & there are several other company’s doing this as well. You need to mention to your phone company that you are reporting to the FCC, the Attorney General of your state, and to the FTC, and also, please know I was told that if one is not on fiber optic service, that these third party billers can scam anyone…there is no such thing as a blanket block on third party billing…it is a scamming loophole that many are taking advantage of…I’m sure they are buying lists of names just like telemarketers do…all they have to do is look in the phonebook for many of us, or look us up online. I am about to call all the news networks in my city and ask that this be looked into and reported on national news…if you have any elderly family or neighbors, please check on them, and share this info with your friends…I am also asking AT&T (my ISP & Phone & TV company) to find a way to stop this fraud going on…it is huge and growing…way too many people are losing money they dont have to lose…there is a lady above that posted she couldn’t pay her rent for Christ’s sake. Call your news station in your city or town…lets put a stop to this!!!!!!
    Blessings to all.
    Roz in Tx

  165. Curtis says:

    Excellent points Roz. The FCC form for complaint:


  166. irene nievarez says:

    i do not this account on my at&t telephone bill,please remove this a.s.a.p thank you

  167. irene nievarez says:

    i dont want this charge on my telephone bill. please remove very soon and i dont to see this charge for my next bill. thank you

  168. mike adams says:

    A $14.94 charge via PaymentOne for Extreme Biz Portal’s “Webhost Mnthlysvc”

    Scam artists.

  169. Janae says:

    I just got my phone bill and there was a charge for $14.95. Called the number and told them I did not sign up for their service. She told me I did. Well I asked to her to send me the email that I “confirmed” the service. Well its 3 days later and no email. I will be calling again. How can they do this?//

  170. mike adams says:

    Please note:

    You need to call your phone company to dispute the charge. They will remove it.

  171. Anna says:

    My company was charged on behalf of America Business Solutions 39.95 twice a month, for website hosting , lol ,

  172. Keith says:

    Just got AT&T bill with charges for WebTVExtreme Internet TV for $16.99. AT&T cannot even deliver a reliable 28.8k dial up connect where I live, why would I sign up for internet tv? I connect via modem and anyone knows that there is no way to use internet tv on a dial up connection. I will be calling AT&T tomorrow and the Attorney Generals Office of the State of Arkansas.

  173. Thom says:

    I don’t recall agreeing to anything that this might stem from. I have no clue. The statements reads RealSmartEmail Mntly Fee and then has a number to call PaymentOne at 1-888-238-4857, or
    visit their website at

  174. Warren says:

    I discovered $19.95 web-hosting charges from PaymentOne Inc on behalf of Online Business Network on my phone bill. I admittedly had not been looking throughly at my phone bills as these charges began in Jan 2010. I did contact my phone company, PaymentOne, and OBN. Some charges where reversed, the service cancelled, and a formal complaint made to the BBB. The bottom line is these charges were not authorized nor wanted. They claim they have my email address, home address, and telephone number because I provided it to them when authorizing these charges. This is very disturbing if thats what they consider payment authorization.

  175. sucker says:

    verizon trys to let people scam me with my phone bill about once a year – where’s the class action lawsuit? PAYMENT ONE MUST GIVE THEM KICKBACKS

  176. Paula Huss says:

    I just received my phone bill from Centurylink with a charge from paymentone corp for 19.95 + 1.26 tax for a total of 21.51. States it is for procredittrack monthly fee. I did not authorize this nor even know what it is, please take it off my bill.

  177. Cat says:

    I just received my phone bill from AT&T with a charge from Payment One for 19.95. States it is for Pro Credit Track monthly fee. I did not authorize this, I don’t even have a clue as to what it is.

  178. Jennifer M. Warner says:

    I recieved an additional charge of $105.45 on my AT&T business phone bill. I did not authorize any service from Payment Corporation and have no idea what this fee is about. Upon searching further discovering it was for EZIP Search, LLC describing it as a search engine option. This is something I would never authorize because I already have SE option installed though another provider. I am so angry about AT&T allowing something like this to occur. I will need to put a block on all 3rd party billing as this is something that is allowed. This is absurd to me.

  179. Kris says:

    I just received my phone bill from AT&T with a charge from Pro Credit Track Monthly for 19.95. I did not authorize this and am waiting on hold with AT&T to try to find out what the hell it is.

  180. Peggy Morgan says:

    I have a charge for 16.99 that was taken from my checking account on my phone bill for WEBTVEXTREME,LLC I don’t know what it is and I want my money back. I am on a fixed income and would love to enter into a law suite. I have now blocked 3rd party charges.

  181. Richard Jordan says:

    4 straight months worth of $15.02 charge on my Verizon bill on behalf of City Celebrity. CS Rep at Verizon gave me the 1-888-934-7750 number that was billing me for this fraudulent $hit and lo and behold, it’s answered “PaymentOne”. Methinks the FCC needs to be made aware of this and Verizon better do a better job of adding any random charge to people’s bills.

  182. James Gilliam says:

    I received a charge of $16.99 from payment one on my phone bill for WEBTVEXTREME,LLC-INTERNET TV SVC FEE we dont’ even have web tv so I have no clue why we have this charge!

  183. Latosha says:

    4 various un-authorized charges on my Verizon bill. Call and complaimed they are suppost to revert the charges back to payment one and the other companies. Will submit complaint to FTC this is ridiculous.

  184. Jeff Noe says:

    A charge for $14.95 appeared on this months AT&T bill just lasted as AT&T said it’s a third party charge and they will mark it as in dispute, nothing else they can do. Was advised to contact company directly, but they are not available till their normal working hours. Will contact and see what’s going on.

  185. TinaE says:

    Received an email from Musicetc saying I was to be charged on my home phone number for the service. (At least I got an email, which is more than a lot of others did).
    Never requested service, they used a work email, which I never use for subscribing to services for payments – I called and Sabrina told me I had been charged but they would refund the amount – she had my name and address (which you can get from phone number lookup) but work email – so I knew they were scamming. Told I would receive check reimbursement – but called ATT and they have not received anything from MusicEtc yet – if I notice I have to call ATT again to have removed – great scam – especially on seniors who may not realize.

  186. liz says:

    We received our telephone bill today and was told by my husband that there was an unauthorized charge for Payment One Email Bundle on the account. When I called the number provided the machine answering told me to call between 8am and 10pm eastern time, I was calling at 7:30 pm central time. Frontier our phone provider said they put a block on further charges from them. But we are still out the charges that were already paid.

  187. karambeer singh kalsi says:

    this is regarding the internet bill whenever
    we go to deposit the bill your office is closed which is located in Nadala distt kapurthala.But this time we recieved the bill including the last month bill which is not bearable so please change your staff in nadala this is my humble request to you thanks

  188. Davis says:

    “$14.95 appeared on this months AT&T bill just lasted as”

    Ditto…It was for “STORE FRONT RICHES, INC.”

    I called today and they said “they will reimburse” me but I feel violated. This is an unacceptable practice and I’m planning to call the Clark Howard show to see if we can build voice to correct this. I’m certain that there are 100s if not 1000s of people paying for this sort of stuff blindly with no clue because they don’t read their bills.

  189. Joe H. says:

    I received a charge from Payment One Corp for type of Safe ID theft jive. It took one call and spoke with rep “Hugo” and he took charge off. It was added to my bill because of some pop up add on internet that I or wife clicked on “supposedly.” I told him to produce my signature which is required for a legal contract. Yep, not much of response there. Then I call AT&T to put 3rd party billing block which is free now but I can see this being an added charge later like when you check in luggage at the airport. Scams, scams, scams folks.

  190. Rachael F says:

    Received an unauthorized charge on my phone bill for payment one services I never signed up for. Phone company would not remove charges, made me call payment one myself to try and get them removed. I am shocked that they were able to add this to my phone bill with no authorization from me and that this is allowed by law!

  191. Bob Rambow says:

    Was charged a monthly fee of 14.95 + taxes on my phone bill for REALSMARTEMAIL via Paymentone. No idea what it was for. Never heard of it. Thanks to this site, I see it’s a scam. Called my phone company, went round & round with a customer service rep. Finally got to a supervisor who refunded my “monthly” charge, then put a third party charge block on my phone #. There should be an investigation on this company.

  192. Ha says:

    Got charged $14.94 + tax ($15.84) for two months from Extreme Biz, Inc. on my AT&T home phone. Don’t know what it was for. I called 1-888-297-5245 to see who they are and who order services. They didn’t tell me what kind of services they provided. They have some strange email address on file. Told them I don’t know who there are and we never order services from them. They said they will send check for 2 invoices ($14.94)but what about the tax ($.90).

  193. Stephanie says:

    85 yr old Mom has CID & other stuff removed from her phone, finally Qwest says contact for $172 bill from 2006! They say talk to qwest- Im talking to the FTC. Thanks!

  194. James Early says:

    MY father just received a $19.99 add on to his phone and what ever taxes. I have ordered nothing and never do on the com puter . His name is Kenneth Early 1-302-628-3351 I live with him but it is his phone !! Please Email me and explain and credit his accnt .ASAP Thank you James Early and my fathers # again is 1-302-628-3351 . In the mean time I am going to make plenty of phone calls today to handle this . You are only 1 of many that try to sneak charges on my dads bill. THANK YOU . I will expect an email back and a confirmation credit # .

  195. Dave DuVal says:

    I got charged 14.95/mth from 3/2/10 till 1/4/11. They claimed my wife signed up for it, so I said I would verify with her. She had no knowledge of it, so I called back, and the rep noted my call earlier the same day. He said the account had already been canceled on the first call and January’s payment refunded. I asked about getting the other payments refunded, and the rep said they don’t usually do that after the account is cancelled, but he went ahead and issued a refund for all charges with no problem. Make sure you have the first date the charges appeared. I looked at their user agreement online and the the fact that my wife never logged in may have helped get the refund, since each login is taken as evidence of an authorization.

  196. Colleen says:

    Just discovered this scam on my phone bill. Told AT&T to put a 3rd party BLOCK on my phone. Scam firm’s initial offer was 1 month refund. Told them unacceptable. Then they offered a 4 month credit. Advised them give me your info so I can complain to state agencies. Tech went to supervisor and I am receiving full refund – 9 months of charges. Sending me a check for $134.46

  197. Shannon says:

    I received my CenturyLink phone bill this month to find this charge. The person with CenturyLink told me that the 14.95 charge was from a third party biller and they must’ve gotten it while we were on the Internet. Then, he proceeded to try and upsell me to a monthly virus protection plan. I live in Central Virginia and it changed the whole billing system to charge me North Carolina taxes and surcharges rather than Virginia. I can’t get in touch with anyone at PaymentOne, Inc. and I’ve been on hold for 10 minutes. So now I’ll have an extra charge on my cell phone bill. How do people get away with this?

  198. Brenda says:

    I got charged $19.95 + .10 on my Verizon bill for January by a company called Extreme Biz I called PayOne billing @888-934-7750 to ask questions. The lady named “Jazzy” was real hard to understand and wouldn’t repeat anything. What I did learn was someone named Stephanie Torres was the person who did this charge to my phone number. “Jazzy asked me multiple times if I knew that name, I do not, she then read off an email address real fast (but wouldn’t repeat it)for me to verify. PayOne will send me a confirmation within 48 hours to my current email address, we’ll see. I did call Verizon to report it and they will put a freeze on my account, in hopes that Verizon will get refunded, but I don’t have to pay it. I also called back PayOne to make sure this was removed and talked to “Manny”. He did confirm the charges were removed, but wouldn’t give me any other information.

  199. Terry Bacon says:

    I just discover the charges on my verizon phone bill and I want more than just being reinburst. I will call my attorney and own the d—- company or put them out of buisness.

  200. charles lockney says:

    same deal..a charge of 19.99 shows up on my Verizon bill from Pathway Profits saying its for my home based website that i dont have and didnt sign up for…How can they get away with this?

  201. Michele B. says:

    Hadn’t really examined my phone bill for a long time. Decided (for some reason) to check it out tonight, pulled it up and realized we were being charged $14.95 plus tax per month by PaymentOne for a group called RealSmartMail, LLC. Had no idea what this was for, as I hadn’t ordered anything and neither had my husband. Started going back through our bills (online) and found we’d been billed for this since 3/11/10! Called Verizon, and the customer specialist was very nice. Found a number for them, and told me to try them first, then call back to let Verizon know what was going on. Called PaymentOne, got a bad recording, but it did transfer me to RSM. Spoke to Tara. She said the service we’d “ordered” was an email organizing service that would allow you to handle up to 7 emails at once. Said my husband (and they had his name!) had ordered it, and then gave me his email address that it was ordered through! My husband is computer illiterate, and is lucky to use the 1 email he has through our service! He knew nothing about it. She said he’d been sent an email confirmation, and that we’d received a phone call confirmation. NOT! We went around a lil, with me demanding a full refund! Eventually, after being put on hold for 5 minutes, she came back and said that since the service had never been used (Duh! Didn’t order it, didn’t use it!) they would give me a refund. Said they didn’t usually refund that much, but her supervisor okay-ed it. Also canceled the service. Got a confirmation # too. Now tomorrow I’ll call Verizon back, and give them the details. Lord! What crap!

  202. Dennis says:

    Charge just showed up on my Verizon Home Phone Bill. We did NOT charge it. 1) Verizon will NOT remove the charge 2) Told me it was MY problem 3) how can someone with simple public information BILL something to me

  203. DEBRA MORLEY says:


  204. dan klauser says:

    was charged 99.00 on my business line by ezipsearch, (paymentone) they played a recording of my employee agreeing to their service, they stated we are just updating your company info , the service is free, after 10 minutes the sales person mentioned the 99 dollar a month fee, by this time my worker was not listening and just kept saying yes, A total scam, luckily ATT gave me credit after 3 hours on the phone. Put third party blocking on your phones

  205. Hugh Danny Abner says:

    I received my phone bill for Jan 2011 from SEIDATA ( a co-op phone company ) and noticed that my bill was a lot higher than what I always pay per month, it was $29.90 higher. I am disabled and live on a fixed income and have lifeline because I can’t afford a regular phone service the way it is but to now find out that there are Thief’s out there like PaymentOneCorp that can take advantage of anyone they choose to steal from and get away with it is total BULLSH!# !! Well I’ve got news for them, I’m gonna stir up a whole bunch of SH!# for them !! They call themselves PAYMENT ONE CORP and billed my number for a company named MYIDSAFEGAURD.COM as the people they were collecting for, and I have no idea who they are and have never been to a website with that name until checking it out now, but when typing their website address in the address bar and clicking to go to their website you get a page that only has the option of signing up for their service ( all the other supposed links DO NOT WORK ) Looks like Payment One Corp is doing this under more than one name and the US Federal Government NEEDS to step in and Stop this thievery and prosecute these people ( Company’s that are Making Probably Millions of $’s doing this )!!!!
    My Phone Provider ( SEI Communications , SEIDATA.COM in Dillsboro, IN ) which is a Rural Co-Op Phone Company when I contacted their billing department says that I have to contact PAYMENT ONE CORP and get them to stop billing me & to refund my money ! This isn’t right at all !! It actually shows on my bill as a Long Distance Provider charge which confuses me even more since you would think that my phone company would need some kind of authorization to add or change a long distance service!! I’m even going to go to my local Television New’s channel about this ( WHAS 11 Louisville, Kentucy ) & hopefully get some national covarage on these People.
    Febuary 5th 2011

  206. Ken Ferguson says:

    On Jan 8th Icontacted paymentone for unautherized charges om my verizon bill. I too, demanded full reimbursement from this company I have sought legal counsel in this matter and will use the fullest extent of the law to shut this con and scam game DOWN!!!!

  207. Kyle Knight says:

    I was contacted by a representative claiming that we had been selected to receive 30 days free business posting on Web pages. I agreed to the ‘free 30 days’ and asked the representative on the phone, if this was one of those offers where it’s free for 30 days, but then you have to call back to cancel or else you are billed for the services. The representative assured me that at the end of the 30 days I would receive a call from someone to give my feedback on the service and at that time I would be asked to give my authorization to be billed for the service. I was also told that I would be receiving information in the mail, which should contain contact numbers for the company as well as a description of the free services I was receiving. I never received a phone call or anything in the mail, but suddenly there is an extra $1305.90 over two years that was auto-debited from my At&t Bill.
    I only noticed hen they double billed me for Jan 2011 on my dec 2010 phone bill.

  208. Julie Hancock says:

    My new frontier bill has 14.95 fro MyIDWatch INC. via PaymentOne plus 16.00 for “PaymentOne non-basic service charges. Went to PaymentOne website, called Frontier, but still don’t understant what this is for.

  209. Jane Clark says:

    just looking at my bill more through because frontier will be raising rates and there are charges from Pro Credit. i did not authorize these charges. I do not need my credit check every month. Who knows how long these charges have been added to phone bill…goes to show me need to pay more attention to my bills…hopefully someone puts a stop to this company.

  210. Scott says:

    A monthly service fee of $19.95 was charged to my phone bill on 11/17/10 by Payment One (888-737-4232), who was listed as a “clearinghouse agent for Online Bus. Network”. I called Payment One, and they told me my wife authorized the charge, which she did not. They said I must pay for the month, but they would cancel the service so there would be no more charges. On 1/23/11, Payment One charged $19.99 to my phone bill as a monthly service charge for Extreme Biz I called them again and cancelled, but this time I said I was not paying this month’s charge and would not pay any more monthly service charges for any “companies” handled by Payment One.

  211. Ed Brassil says:

    Just realized I have been paying $14.95 per month for several months of Fraudwatch I did not authorize. What a rip off for senior citizen.

  212. mike says:

    RealSmartMail, LLC is telling me the above website provided me with an opportunity to sign up for some silly service allowing multiple email addresses and security features for $14.95/month. They claim that the charges will be reversed as a ‘one time courtesy’. They’re FOS.

  213. renee s says:

    had called verizon about something entirely not related bill issues. while speaking to a very helpful rep, she noticed a charge from “other party provider” and asked me if i was aware of it. i definitely WAS NOT! was given a credit and told a block was put on account, but told still needed to call 800 # to cancel. so, just called and told that the only way they could have charged was because i signed up. i asked what kind of service they provided & i can say 100% guaranteed I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR AND BS BIZ OPPORTUNITY!!!! and then going through my email’s spam folder (all 527 emails), i never found anything from this lame company, supposedly going to receive a check to cover the cost of the 2nd billing. i’m not holding my breath! how can these scams stay in business????!!!

  214. Daniel Carano says:

    $21.29 charge appeared on my bill. Never been authorized. Please remove.

  215. Mark Peterson says:

    I also received some unathorized charges from Extreme Biz Inc. After doing some research I came to find out that, these so called “SERVICES” are marketed along with FREE GIVEAWAYS, SURVEYS AND OTHER THINGS OF THAT NATURE. SO BE REAL CAREFUL WHEN FILING OUT ANYTHING ONLINE FOR FREE STUFF OR SURVEYS.

  216. Lee Ann Dolph says:

    was charged $19.99 on Verizon bill from Extreme Biz Portal-whom I have never heard of. I contacted them directly, was told that some bogus person had authorized the charges, and said they were authorized to add charges to my account(????) They informed me that they “cancelled” the service and would mail me a check – yea, right. I contact Verizon to inform them I would not be paying the 19.99 and was told that I had to notify Verizon if I didn’t want third parties to bill things to my phone (???) What a scam!

  217. Rob Lyszak says:

    I just happened to look at my AT&T bill and wondered what the PaymentOne Corp charge was. I called the phone number and found out that they said my wife had signed up for it back in July of 2010. While I was on the phone, I asked her and she said she had never signed up for any webTV service they were claiming. The joker at PaymentOne said that she would have received an e-mail stating that she could have cancelled the service. Yes, he said that they would stop future charges and would block my phone number in the future. This is the bullshit these companies are pulling. They automatically charge you and if you don’t tell them you don’t want what you never signed up for in the future you’re FUCKED!!!! When I told the ass that I wanted my monies from July of 2010 until now refunded, the fucker hung up on me!!!! I am calling AT&T in the morning and pushing for a reimbursement! It seems I am not the only one these people have stolen from, and yes, it is stealing!

  218. keith says:

    I don’t know these people when I spoke to there rep. on the phone I got nothing from them I ask what service are you provideing the Rep could not tell me I ask what would you do if i called and wanted to know what you were providing other than taking your moneey once a month what would you do?
    She said nothing At this point I ask for supervisor she told she was supervisor I replyied you got to be kidding me right
    you know nothing this is Scam lady Iask her what do I need to stop this billing she said when you hang up it will be stop the next thing she heard was a DAIL TONE for sure. I then called ATT after a hour I got a credit put on my ACCT. They reccommend to Flood public ultities 1-800-649-7570 I will call daily until something is done.

  219. john kellogg says:

    charged 19.99 I live in IL said my daughter singned up she lives in colorado, ends up on my verizon phone bill, my daughter knew of no such contact with these people

  220. Alix Curry says:

    Payment One Corp has been charging our telephone account via AT & T since July 2010, $99.95/month. No one in our office authorized this charge and the two people that Payment One have on file as authorizing the charge DO NOT EXIST. Unfortunately for them, there are only two people in our office and neither authorized them to charge our account.

  221. Milt says:

    For the past three months I’ve had a charge of 19.99 on my verizon account for Payment One. I called verizon and they told me it was from a service calle storefront richest. I asked verizon to put a 3rd party block on my account and I’m now in the process of finding a way to get reimbursed for the previous three months.

  222. Bruce Wilhelm says:

    Was charged $19.95 on my Fairpoint home telephone bill by Payment One on behalf of Extreme Biz Portal, presumably for web hosting service. Totally unauthorized charge. Never heard of either one before this.

  223. Julian Sheffield says:

    3 days after seasonally disconnecting my Fairpoint phone, PaymentOne posted a bill to my autopay Fairpoint account for “web site hosting” bringing my monthly charges just about back where they were regularly. Coincidence? I think not. Someone at Fairpoint is collluding with them, betcha at Verizon also

  224. Angela Schriver says:

    I dont even have local phone services or a website or business. I use a cellphone. Just noticed a charge of 57 dollars. Unfortunately neither my bank nor the business that charged me is open yet, so now I have to worry til later in the morning as to why they got my checking account number or debit card

  225. Janine Martin says:

    Had a 19.99 charge on my AT&T bill by paymentone. Called and they agreed to cancel and refund my money. Claimed my husband — who can barely surf the web — had ordered the service by filling out some online paperwork, but the email address they had for him — to which they sent their “confirmation” — was completely unfamiliar. What a scam.

  226. Lisa Nay says:

    The nerve of these people! I recieved three bill for 19.99 on my AT & T bill. These were from a company called AUTOPILOT-ONLINE ED 4 COMMERCE.

  227. Lisa Nay says:

    Look very carefully at your phone bill each month! This is a huge SCAMMMMMMMMMM!!!

  228. Tom G says:

    I received an unauthorized charge to my March 2011 Verizon phone bill for $19.99 from Pathways Profit. I did not recognize this charge as it was not something I ordered. I called Verizon to have the cramming charge removed. It was charged via Payment One as the other provider on my bill.

  229. Chris says:

    3 Charges + 1 Pending. $22.71 every month for some online business I signed up for. Said all they needed was my Name, Address, Phone, and DOB to sign me up. Called the company directly, number was on the bill. At first they would only cancel, then only refund the pending, then only refund $19.99 a month but not the taxes the phone company charged, then only would mail me a check (I’m sure that will take forever) then finally agreed to only part of the taxes at which point I gave up. Got $87.96 of my $90.84 coming back some day when they decide to send it. This is a total scam!

  230. Gary Ward says:

    I received an AT&T phone bill today with 2 months of billing from AUTOPILOT PROFIT – ONLINE ED 4 COMMERCE for 19.99 per month for a total of 39.98 plus fees. I called and got the most mildmannered guy I have everheard from No matter what my objections were, and some not so nice after a while, he finally agreed to cancel the future fees but I was still responsible for the February and march fees. I finally got him to send me a check for the total. We will see. He claims I signed up for their service but couldn’t verify when they said they sent me an email verifing I wanted the service. I couldn’t find any email in my deleted files or spam about this. I am getting a third party block added to my AT&T account today. Why is AT&T even allowing these charges to be added to my bill if this is a known scam? Good luck everybody.

  231. Rosy says:

    I was charged 99.00 by paymentone for a web service that I did not authorize.
    I believe it is wrong and illegal that a third party can go thru my phone company and bill me for services without my written consent.
    I don’t know how it is possible that they are allowed to do this. A total scam.

  232. Linda says:

    Just found out today I have been being charged 14.95 plus tax. I did not sign up. In fact, the date they stated I signed up I was out of the country! I think that my ex-husband did this. All you hae to know is their e-mail address and phone number and that is it! I did put a third party blocking on my phone but only after I found out. Centurylink was a big help!

  233. Anonymous says:

    I just got my Fios bill and noticed the same thing. They are charging me $20 plus tax on a 3rd party crap of Debt Tool Box. I never signed up for anything like that. It’s just a scam in which they are making a digit. I called to asked and Verizon wouldn’t even tell me what it was for or how I supposedly signed up for. Lady didn’t even want to remove the charge. She said she could only block 3rd party billing from now on. But that I had to call Debt Tool Box myself and cancel it. I told her there was no way I was calling a company that I didn’t even know about to give out my info. So she credited my account and blocked any further “3rd party” billing. To me it just sounds like a bunch of crap. They are throwing that in your bill and I’m pretty sure most people don’t even notice it and just pay it.

    Something recently also happened with my Verizon Wireless bill. They charged me $9.99 one month for a 3rd party texting company which I never signed up for. I called them immediately and had them credit my account. I also looked up the texting company to see how to sign up for it. In order to sign up you have to reply to one of their text messages saying something in specific. No way in hell I would have texted all that back as it read.

    So I think there’s something up with these big companies. Sounds as if they are doing these things on purpose in order to make a little extra digit on the side. We already are paying lots of money and they just want to ask for more.

  234. a networkadmin says:

    Payment One is a scammer that collects money for bogus companies.They are very active and if you are refunded do not include the taxes. File a clain in your small claims court. They won;t show up as they’re in Kansas.
    They will default so you might be able to claim damages up to 2500.00 in small claims court. That is what I am doing.

  235. Eileen says:

    Back in 2008, I called Verizon to reduce my bill. Recently, my husband was asking me about possibly getting rid of the home phone. Since we used the same number for faxing, I aksed for the invoice to see if I can call to get a price on only a fax line. I saw charges on it from Paymentone. I called Paymentone and they said they got a confirmation from the account holder, which they said was me. (my husband is the account holder) and they said they sent an email to confirm it and that they called to confirm and got a recorder. They cancelled it upon my request and said that I do not need to call verizon (I did anyways to inform them that this company that they are allowing to be on their billing statement is illegally using my account information and signing us up for something we did not authorize.) Paymentone is aka My Home Office Solutions and they would not tell me how long I was being charged extra for whatever service they provided and only credited this months charges. I also got part of a cancellation number and was hung up on. I called again to ge the correct number. Also called verizon. The person I spoke to at PaymentOne was “Clifford” and he confirmed that they were Offshore, but could not tell me where. I suspect India. FYI. I checked my emails and none were received from Verizon or PaymentOne or My Home Office Solutions in regards to me authorizing these charges.

  236. Cynthia matsumoto says:

    I was billed for my home office solution – am trying to get it taken off now

  237. MB says:

    In March my ATT bill came in with a charge from for $49.99. Called att and asked who and what this charge was for. They couldn’t tell me, just that they have to bill for 3rd parties. They said they were taking it off my bill and gave me a conf # and that I needed to speak with and get a cancellation confirmation also. Called and told them to cease and desist and got a confirmation number of cancellation. This month (April) I get my bill and have the same charge and no credit from last month. Call ATT, ask for the credit again and why last months credit was not showing. Give the confirmation # of cancellation, of which they don’t show either. Say they will take care of it and that they can’t put a block on my account. I called the FCC, FTC, PUC and filed claims. Finally reach a live person at which forwards my # to “online green pages”, hang up, call back and get someone at the office. Ask who authorized this charge. they give me a date and person. I ask if they have a recording of this. To my surprise they do. I listen to the tape and am shocked to hear it. I then ask it to be replayed to the person that supposedly authorized this service. That person is appalled! Yes, those are his words, but not how the conversation went at all. doctored the tape putting in his words where they are needed. This company needs to be stopped. It is total FRAUD AND CRAMMING. Supposedly they are going to credit our bill…..we will see next month!

  238. Don Dillard says:

    Found this charge on my ATT phone bill. They’ve been charging me since January 2010. $14.94. Said I approved them doing this on and e-mail exchange that I honestly don’t remember. Anyway…how are they allowed to tack the bill on to my ATT bill. Att says they are required to allow 3rd party billings because the Gov’t. has them set up as a “utility”. I called Extreme Biz and they were all to willing to refund some of my moeney. I think this is a huge scam and I will NEVER trust ATT again. Leason learned. Check EVERY BILL EVERY MONTH before you pay. Call on anything you don’t understand. Not too many honest companies left out there.

  239. Shengpang Fan says:

    Getting billed monthly since Dec 2009 for 15.62 monthly till now on my monthly bill from paymentOne Corp. I have no idea who they are. I am going to call them and get my money back.

  240. Nilesh says:

    I’m one more victim of this fraud as described by so many people. On my AT&T bill I have been charged $19.99 by paymentone for extreme biz services that I never used or autorized or even know what it is. I’m yet to take any action as far AT&T billing is concern, but wrote to Paymentone and cancelled my account. Let’s see what happens next month. This is a fraud and many innocent people are being rip-off by such thugs. Time to act guys!!

  241. Virginia Hill says:

    Have been charged $99.95 on my phone bill for EZIPSEARCH,LLC-SEARCH (paymentone Corp.)FOR 9 months, I did not except there calls and hung up on them as they were really pushy every time they called (weekly) said I was not interested and hung up, told them to take my business off there list ect. I was wondering if my persistence finally did good, but after them charging my phone bill for 9 months I know why the harassing calls quit, they had talked to someone that comes in to help out and did not understand what the call was about, the sales person told him they were up dating there records on my yellow page listing that they told him we already had. I never look at my phone bill and it is taken directly out of my checking account witch I also never look at I received a notice from the bank I was over drawn, thats when I looked to see what was going on, because the only thing I had coming out of that checking account was the phone bill! There should be a Law against the phone company to allow anyone from charging your account if there name is not on the bill! (IS THERE SOMETHING I CAN DO TO MAKE THEM PAY IT BACK?)

  242. Virginia Hill says:

    I think that this scam is too big for any 1 person to handle on there own, we ALL need to join forces for a CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE! and put paymentone out of business so helpless ppl stop getting scamed

  243. charlene critcher says:

    I am green and do not get paper bills. So I haven’t been able to keep up with all the statements. Investigating changing from Verizon, I found a PaymentOne charge for $15.02 on current bill. Went to look at history, and sure enough it’s in April, March, not February, but January. How did this happen? So I googled and googled and found this place and consumer alerts and class action suits. I’m worried who to contact – see many different responses. How about just not paying the bill anymore? Looking at the competition even more seriously now…

  244. Kim Wyatt says:

    it is now May 2011, I was reviewing my monthly phone bill (which I seldom do) when I noticed a charge of 14.94 for pathway profits. I called the phone company and they advised me to contact them using the number listed on the bill. The phone company said that these charges have been occuring on my bill since March 2010. I rarely look over my phone bill, obviously! I contacted paymenone the company billing my phone bill and they said it was for a “work at home” service I signed up for back in March 2010. I never signed up for this service nor did i authorize anyone to charge/bill me for this service. There has NEVER been any activity on that account and they are not willing to issue any refunds for past charges.

  245. linda bretholl says:

    We don’talwys look at our Frontier bill each month. I looks like PaymentOne got ud for March, April, and May. Guess I’ll be making some phone callls tomorrow morning.

  246. linda bretholl says:

    Well, PayOne (John) says they will reimburse us for three months worth of charges but i’ll have to call again next month because their partner in crime bills us a month in advance. By the way I couldn’t speak with anyone at Frontier due to their craker jack security policy since our phone is listed in my husband’s name and has been since we moved here in 1976. So only the crooks can communicate with my phone company about these charges.

  247. Alan Sonnenberg says:

    Just had to contact my phone provider (Frontier) because of a PaymentOne automatic charge for “My Home Office Solutions Monthly Fee” of $14.97. Caught it the first month since I DO check my bills. :)

    When you call PaymentOne, note that they just redirect you to the phone number of the particular scammers that are posting charges. When I called the scammers, they said it was related to Office Depot (heads up, douchebags!) and that it was something my 19-year old daughter signed up for, although they wouldn’t tell me when. There’s so many things wrong with this picture, I don’t know where to start! Apparently phone companies allow anyone who “says” they are over 18 to sign up, however accidentally, for any kind of service that automatically bills you thru your phone bill. Hmm, perhaps the FINAL reason to get me to DROP MY LANDLINE PHONE SERVICE!!!

  248. Craig Bauman says:

    I found a charge from 1 888 238 5295 on my bill. There are charges every moth for 25.95 every moth for the last few years. I just became aware of this now.

  249. Wael Zakout says:

    I usually checked my phone bill. I found a scam of US$31 on this month bill. I called Verizon and put a block on third party billing. The refused to take the charges out of the bill but i am going to fight back and will never pay these charges. It is their responsibility to check if these are legitimate or not (like Credit Cards).

  250. Pamela Rinehart says:

    I just found 4 monthly charges on my Verizon bill, all posted by PaymentOne on behalf of RealSmartMail LLC – I have e-mailed Verizon and PaymentOne and RealSmartMail to request they stop; and notified the FTC at – I urge EVERYONE to file complaints at that website.

  251. Mindy Lang says:

    The dorks from PaymentOne put a charge of $49.99 for “Green Certification”. We called Verizon who said they didn’t kow what it was but said they would remove it from our account. For WAEL ZAKOUT who didn’t get any help from Verizon, CALL BACK AND GET SUPERVISOR. These extra, phantom charges are bogus and our Verizon agent took it off our bill and blocked if for futhre. Also he recommended that you not sign ANYTHING like surveys in malls or anything else that could give someone axcess to your information. Word to the wise DOUBLE CHECK ALL YOUR BILLS BECAUSE THERE’S BOGUS STUFF GOING ON EVERYWHERE!!

  252. JP Leonard says:

    We got hit with 2 of these $49.99 “Green Certification” charges. They claim we ordered their “services” but that’s a complete fabrication. We had to call them and ask for a refund. I’m particularly shocked that Verizon is playing ball with these scamsters, when PaymentOne and its “clients” are obviously unethical and have been the subject of complaints for years. It’s all corrupt. Otherwise the FTC would have put a stop to it long ago.

  253. Dwight Truman Combs says:

    I have been charged $19.99 for months on my phone bill that I did not authorize by PaymentOne,Inc. This was said to be on behalf of Extreme Biz Portal, ever who that is. This is unethical and by the looks of all the complaints, I am not the only one to get scammed. The only satification I could get was to block them from billing on my phone bill. This is corrupt and something should be done about it.

  254. Gina says:

    I also had a charge of 19.99 from Payment One on behalf of Extreme Biz. I called Payment One who referred me to Extreme Biz. Called Extreme Biz “Dan” in AZ told me that he would cancel my subscription and that I absolutely signed up for it – NOT. He also said he would refund my money via check. We’ll see.
    I then called AT&T and asked them to block all third party charges. They are required by federal law to allow these charges unless the customer requests they be blocked. I did so. AT&T also immediately credited my account $60. I had only discovered $40 worth of charges, she noticed another and credited my account. Finally, I filed a complaint with the FTC. Anyone else wanting to complain about Extreme Biz or try to get a refund from them their number is 888-297-5245, address: 8760 A Research Blvd, STE 394, Austin, TX 78758.

  255. Tammy says:

    We have been billed by Payment one $15.95 for who knows how long!!! I had a third party block so this should be interesting.

  256. Pam says:

    I just found a $53.99 charge from PaymentOne on my AT & T home phone bill. Of course it’s Sunday and I can’t do a thing until toorrow. I asked for 3rd party billing to be blocked several years ago. Guess it has to be periodically renewed. I’m not paying it. How corrupt !! How do they get by with this. Do you have to police every bill you pay !! I have nothing else to do, right ?!?!?

  257. Terry says:

    I noticed that my phone bill had an additional $19.95 on it. I contacted my phone company and they told me their was a third party with Verizon that had placed it on my bill. I still don’t have a clue who Payment One is but I told my phone company I did not make the charge and wanted it removed. They said I needed to contact Payment One and tell them. I done so and hopefully this is settled. If not, I will take it to the attorney general.

  258. Alex says:

    I’ve been fraudulenty billed for the past 4 months by Payment one for SEO service I didnt sign up for. They said someone named Aaron gave them authorization, never heard of an Aaron before. ewebzone is the company they said signed me up. the ftc needs to get on this. AT&T needs to stop this

  259. Regena Huffstetler says:

    I want a refund of 19.99 that was charged to my phone bill. I have enough bad credit I don’t need more. Also send me the application I supposedly filled out. Thank you,
    Regena Huffstetler

  260. Mark says:

    I discovered a charge for $49.99 from PaymentOne on behalf of Online Green Pages, LLC. I looked back at my previous phone bills, and found that I have been charged this fee for the last 3 months as well. I called both PaymentOne, as well as Online Green Pages, as was repeatedly disconnected. So, based on what I read in this forum, I called AT&T. I calmly requested that a 3rd party block be put on my account. I also requested that the 4 charges for $49.99 be credited. Amazingly, the AT&T rep was respectful and helpful. My requests were taken care of, and within an hour, I had an email confirmation of both the 3rd party block as well as the credit.

  261. nicole says:

    Payment had billed our account. For HOSTAWEBSITE! Never authorized this. Watch out for this. There should really be a class action suit.

  262. Jason says:

    I just noticed I was charged an additional charge to my DSL # for ID theft protection…thing is I dont have even a phone just internet? how can this be legal? From Payment One….hows that for identity theft protection..

  263. Joe says:

    Opened my billed which I received on Saturday and had 2 “Online Entrepreneur Monthly Fees” of $19.95 for June and for July on one bill. Plus, I was charged state tax for the fees of $2.79. All of this was processed without permission by PaymentOne. I will be calling them monday morning. I did call Frontier, which handles my phone line and they did put a block on all future 3rd party charges to my phone bill. Crazy this has to be asked for and is not automatic. Hope I can figure something out on monday. Wish me luck.

  264. larry kibbey says:

    i got a charge for 21.39 and i never authorzied this i want it removed

  265. Tani says:

    We had a charge on our phone bill of 14.95 from “Payment One Inc.” Someone had “real smart email” added to our bill. Our telephone company blocked this and we are disputing the charge. We contacted paymentone inc. and they said they were blocking it as well and no charge to us. I feel it is ILLEGAL to add charges on someones bill made by a 3rd party and the owner of the phone is not even notified. This company WILL be reported to the Better Business Bureau and if it happens again, this payment one inc. will be SUED!

  266. Stephanie says:

    Interesting to see that PaymentOne has been doing this for so many years.. Two months of being charged $19.95 from Online Business Network on my Verizon Frontier bill. Funny, bc I haven’t had an actual phone hooked up to my Landline for NINE Years, so there is NO WAY that I ever could have spoken to anyone & accepted this “service” charge. I have emailed Verizon / Frontier FOUR times and haven’t heard back from them. But, I did email PaymentOne and they replied within 3 hours. They put a block on the account, so we’ll see if it shows up next month.
    I haven’t paid the 2mos of charges, and if Verizon / Frontier comes after me, I’ll cancel my 20yr account with them.

  267. lyle says:

    I was charged $39.90 extra on my centurytel bill. The bill said it was for PaymentOne Inc. and there was no connection between the two companies. PaymentOne finally agreed to send me a check for the charges after they were unable to provide me with any proof I had authorized the charges. Then I contacted centurytel and they told me they were mandated to support the 3rd party companies by the govt. or somebody ,but they could exclude me from any 3rd party charges in the future for $2.50 per month. I told him he was out of his mind. Nice world we live in.

  268. Mindy says:

    We have Verizon and they keep adding the $49.99 fee AFTER we came at them with force. I told them that when they add illegal and bogus fees to bills, put a stamp on it and mail it, that is mail fraud. They took it off our bill FOR THE SECOND TIME without question. By the way, we reduced our phone service to Verizon for only basic, no long distance. Now it’s even easier to track. This is our landline. We’re now using our wireless for all outgoing calls. Those monthly charges are illegal. Don’t pay it. Good Luck!

  269. Greg says:

    In Feb 2011, Paymentone began billing us $19.95 to our phone bill. I have no idea who or what services Paymentone or Extreme biz provides, or where they even came from. In May my wife began to question these charges and called Paymentone. They began telling her that I have authorized these charges for some kid of services. She replied to them that I don’t have authority to authorize charge, being the phone is in her name only. They said they couldn’t help for previous months, but, they will re-imburse here her for this month. They sent me a check for $19.95. I cashed it. My wife had AT&T put a third party block on the phone. Paymentone then billed us another $19.95 to our bill. When she called them asking about the new charges. They replied the new girl neglected to inform her that there was going to be another charge. Some one needs to find out who these people are and stop them.

  270. They're Still At It says:

    Just found PaymentOne cramming my mother’s phone bill to the tune of 20 smackeroos a month. They say my brother authorized the charge on a specific date, but I don’t know how he could have managed that from the county lockup.

  271. They're Still At It says:

    This was on a Verizon landline bill, fyi.

  272. Trish says:

    Got charged for web hosting and never authorized.

  273. Mac-Gray Services says:

    I have received two bill charges totaling $74.26; I have complained twice to the company and was assured that the charges would be credited and have not been. I also explained that our phone numbers are on the do not call list which doesn’t seem to matter much.

  274. bjoyd says:

    AT&T has been billing me $49.99 a month for 4 months, (even after I closed the land line account,) for third party services through . When Payment One was called, they told me the bill was for Green Certification Management Tools from Green Initiative, LLC. Never heard of them. AT&T refused to put a block on the charges, as third party fees are legal in CA and NV., through a phone conversation, promised to send me a check for $199.96+tax to offset the charges and put a block on the company making the charges through them. Time will tell if it actually shows up.

  275. April says:

    Looked on my Verizon bill and found a charge from Extreme Biz, a company I’ve never heard of nor had I contacted. Calling them they told me I had signed up for Webhosting on one of their pages but couldn’t tell me which site or what page I supposedly subscribed on. They offered to cancel the account and give me a credit of $14.94 even though they had been charging me for over a year (teach me to look at the details of my bills from now on.) I threatened them with a complaint to the FCC and the rep then game me a credit of $194.22. We’ll have to see if they actually do. In the meantime, I’m filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the FCC anyway.

  276. fernando says:

    $99.95 WTF ????

  277. david clark says:

    I want my 14.94 back because I dont want this

  278. david clark says:

    I was charged for what I dont want

  279. david clark says:

    I want my money back nowwwwwwwww….

  280. Drago Todorov says:

    Verizon transferred my FIOS internet & land line account to Frontier. In the process a new $14.97/mo monthly service has been added to my phone bill “My Home Office Solutions Monthly Fee”. Since I had automatic payments it took me a whole year to notice the new charges. I’ve never transacted with the said company and the process by which these charges have been added to my account without my consent is inexplicable.

  281. Rhonda Mills says:

    Got my Century Link Bill with a third party charge of $20.95 for eBusiness Pro. by Payment One. Inc. Going to call Centry Link. What is EBusiness Pro????????????????? Stupid rip off people!

  282. David N. Gallup says:

    Just saw a charge of $104+ on my phone bill from paymentonecorp 1-866-671-4767. Did not authorize this charge, do noy want the services, never did want the services and feel scammed again. That the phone company is involved is awful. I believe this came about because of a one month free service for business advertising was offered via phone just after we signed up for internet services. Never wanted the services and did not ask for them and have not heard from them since.

  283. Patrick Hooper says:

    I was going through my OnebIll today at Verizon and noticed a $14.95 charge for “RealSmrtMailMntly Fee” from Payment One. After some investigating I discovered that I have been getting billed since the beginning of the Year! The nice Lady at Verizon however put me in for a credit for all the charges (around $157). I was pretty upset at myself as I am pretty good about looking through my bills. The charge was buried so deep I must have skipped over it before!

  284. The Carters says:

    We just noticed a $15 dollar charge since April on our phone bill for some service through PaymentOne which we have not authorized for RealSmart Email. We called Century link and could get no information nor it removed. We are so mad we are trying to disconnect are phone service and go mobile or move to IP based connectivity. We tried calling Payment One and they are closed.

  285. Mindy Lang says:

    Your guys are dumb. Get the charges removed by your phone company. It’s easy. We have Verizon and were charged 49.95 for bogus stuff. I caught it the first time out and got rid of it. If you can’t get it removed then you’re not very strong. Good luck, you can get it removed!

  286. Kim Swanson says:

    After finding the unauthorized charges for Payment One on my phone bill for one small business, I checked my phone bills for another small business I own, as well, and you guessed it – I had charges of $99.95/month for 10 months on my bill. I asked AT&T about it, and they said they couldn’t tell me anything about it, since they are just billing for it, so I called Payment One directly and got a man on the phone who said he could cease service, but that he had no authorization to give me a refund of any kind. He claimed it was authorized by someone other than me, and I informed him that NO ONE had authorization to make decisions on the phone except me, as I am a sole proprietor. I asked to speak to a manager, and he said “okay”. He put me on hold for quite some time (approx. 5 minutes) He came back and said the manager was working on the refund and it would be a couple more minutes. Then he came back on about 10 minutes later and said I would have to call back because there were no managers available, as they were ALL in a meeting. When I then asked to speak with the VP or the Pres, who oversees the managers, he said they were in the same meeting. When I said I didn’t believe that EVERY manager from an entire company was in the same meeting, and not one person could make themselves available to take care of a refund, he then told me that HE was a manager, but that he couldn’t give me a refund. I then went online and found a site to email them, but have heard nothing back. They have $999.50 of my money – for services I never approved OR used!!!

  287. Margaret says:

    So sorry you’re having so much trouble. Seems we should contact the Attorney General of your State, they will refer you to someone who can help if they can’t. They’ve always helped me in the past and I live in California, which is a State so far over the edge and in a burning, destructive abyss, it surprised me too.

  288. Lorraine Vachon says:

    Unauthorized charge on my phone bill of$106.30 two months in a row mcalled both company At&t and Payment One Corp called both company and getting the run around they were told to forget about the service they were offering they played the tape back about that conversation and they cut the part that my son told them to forget about it, I was near him and heard loud and clear that we did not want the service how At&t is allowed to charge from a third party without finding out first if it is ok and if we want this service is beyoung me it is too bad but I am lookind to go to a different comoany for tv phone and internet.

  289. Todd McClain says:

    I go over all my bills line item by line item every month. This month (May 2012) I discovered a charge for $14.95 for “MyGlobal411 Monthly Chrg” to be paid to PaymentOne. Needless to say I did not authorize this charge through my local carrier-Frontier. I do not even have long distance calling enabled on this phone line. I use my cell for that. I called the Frontier Communications customer help line in Everett, WA (877) 462-8188 and talked to ‘Debbie’ and asked her what the charge was for and who authorized it to be on my bill. She said she had no idea who Payment One is or what the service was that I was being charged for, and that I had to call their number (888) 296-8078. I asked why third-parties were allowed to bill on Frontier’s phone billing system. She had no idea. I inquired as to what kind of a load of crap was that and that I would not be paying the charge. Goodbye Frontier…Hello Vonage!

  290. Mara Burghard says:

    Our CenturyTel bill suddenly had charges from Payment ONe for Web Oxygen. Upon calling, they claimed that one of my employees had authorized that we be part of this service, which this employee NEVER would have done. I asked them to credit the charges they had made all year to our account, at $39.95 per month. They were only going to refund part of it, and I’m waiting on a call back! This is such a slimy business practice, I can’t believe it!

  291. Dave Hashimoto says:

    PaymentOne charged me $19.95 for the last? Who knows. I didnt even know they were charging me because it was listed as miscelleneous (hidden) in my phone bill. We need to sue this company for fraudulant charging. I want all of this money back!

  292. Tony says:

    My 85 year old father-in-law who is Spanish speaking, with no computer or computer literacy skills was charged by Online Entrepreneur Inc. through Payment One for $19.95 p/mo. on his landline phone bill. I contacted Payment One and they said that they canceled and credited the amount. I’ll follow up with Verizon for my FIL. I also emailed Online Entrepreneur to let them know that I’ll be complaining to the phone company unless someone contacts me to explain how my FIL came to be enrolled for these services.

  293. Willette Nash says:

    PaymentOne is charging me 19.95 per month for Extreme Biz Rate, an online business. I do not own an online business. They claim to have gotten authorization from an online survey. I would like my money refunded for the charges accrued on my account for the past five months.

  294. Virginia Holmes says:

    i have been billed for over the last year…i do not have an online buiseness and never gave authorization for anyone to charge me for this service..i have been fighting to get my money back when i cantacted a lawyer and then called them back they cancealed the account and refunded all my money back..this is fraud and people need to look at there bills carefully i wish i had..would have saved me a lot of aggrivation…

  295. Erin says:

    I have been charged 49.95 on my AT&T bill from and I have called them one time before to get it off my bill and cancel their “30 day free trial” that i was charged for later that i didnt even agree to. I had to call again when it showed up on my AT&T bill again and the lady said it’s my responsibility to pay it and I said no since i didnt agree to any 30 day free trial. So my solution is to not pay for something that I am not getting anything out of it and that I didnt agree to. AT&T said they have nothing to do with them and to just take the charge from my total and pay AT&T that amount.

  296. Nancy Williams says:

    I have an unauthorized charge on my att&t phone bill of 12.95 by

  297. Nancy Williams says:

    After the weekend, I was able to contact eBillit on the and found that I have been paying the 12.95 since March and it is now June. Totally unauthorized and supposedly blocked at this time. There was no refund, however. I just would like to know how they got the information from AT&T for my debit information. I haven’t been able to contact AT&T yet

  298. Lanny Watson says:

    my complaint is the same as many. the real problem is that the law must be fixed so that this kind of “legal” crime should be automatically prosecuted and have minimum compensation and severe jail time in federal maximum security prison. real deterence and real penalty for those who wish to parasite off of a society of law abiding citizens

  299. Janice Skinner says:

    I have been charged $19.99 a month for their 3 party service. Got tired of paying for something that I did not authorize. Call them today (7-31-12. And they said they would cancell the service and gave me confirmation number. I will see if I get charged net month.

  300. Janice Skinner says:

    I have been charged $19.99 a month for services that I did not authorize. They said they would block that number and cancell my service. They gave me a conformation number. I hope I don’t have to call again.

  301. Ryan says:

    Just discovered that I’ve been charged $19.99/mo for 9 months (plus tax) for OnlineExpoGroup. After 10 minutes kindly haggling, I was surprised at how easily they complied. $192.51 refund “on the way within 1-2 billing cycles.” We’ll see – but that seemed pretty easy. Still a scammy company – and they should be closed by authorities.

  302. rhonda hays says:

    Last month I had it stopped and I was refunded back the money I was charged. I received my phone bill today 8/31/12 and payment one corp is still on there charging me 39.90. I did not authorized any of these charges. If this is not stopped you will be talking to my lawyer. I have tried to call all day and no answer only busy signal.

  303. Debbie says:

    Payment one is still at it. Fortunately ATT gave us a 3 month credit. After 2 weeks of trying to get ahold of Payment One I finally got a live person. The rep said the charges were for advertising internet services. I never contracted for this service for my business. Fortuantely they agreed to give us a credit for the rest of the bill. A total of $599.57 plus taxes plus the $350.00 or so ATT credited. My husband is usually on top of checking for extra charges but this somehow got by him. ATT said legally they can’t block stuff like this. What a pain.

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