USBI | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Phone Charges?

If you were charged on your local phone bill by USBI for third party services and subscriptions (i.e., voicemail, Internet access, web hosting, email service, and caller-id services, etc.) that you never authorized USBI to bill you for, tell us your story!

–Report Unauthorized USBI Phone Charges–

USBI Website:

Who Is USBI and Why Are They Billing Me For Charges On My Local Phone Bill?

According to USBI’s website “USBI is a billing clearinghouse that processes information on behalf of various long distance service providers. We are not a long distance or common carrier..”

How To Cancel or Stop Billing From USBI:

USBI Customer Service Inquiry Form:

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If you were charged on your local telephone bill by USBI for third party services and subscriptions that you never authorized, tell us your story!

–Contact A Class Action Lawyer–

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371 Responses to “USBI | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Phone Charges?”

  1. carlos walls says:

    I don’t have any service connection w/sure connection LD.I don’t know why it’s on my bill.Please remove it.I’m going to have my service from verizon discontinued.I’m fed up to here w/ this nonsense.

  2. Theresa Coarr says:

    i was billed for calls that are covered from my verizon service, i never sighned up for usbi, my bill is $34 dollars more than it should be, please remove these charges

  3. Norman Syler says:

    I was charged through USBI $19.95
    for an unauthorized fee from Call forLess.
    We have three months of billing
    through AT&T. We have contacted AT&T
    but they say their
    hands are tied. We
    need help to stop
    this cramming.

  4. Raquel Colon says:

    Received charges from USBI when I never subscribed to this service.

  5. Cheryl says:

    USBI charged my Business account 27.06 for 3 months and ATT did the credit for me. need to go voer your bills carefully

  6. Cristian Sipa says:

    I recieved a call from someone claiming to be an AT&T employee offering me to save me money on my plan. I went from having a plan for unlimited nationwide calls for about $50/mth to being changed $50/month plus $90+ for long distance and a $37.90 fee from USBI. They are claiming to be AT&T employees and raising our charges which is so wrong. Please sue them so they can’t do this to people anymore. I can’t stress how wrong this is.

  7. willam says:

    i recieved a bill from verizon.and i notice usbi on the bill.i told my wife to call them and they will not take it off bill and that i order it on internet. no i didnt!!so i’m going to report to the public service comm.

  8. Shelley says:

    We were charged 19.95 by Sure Connection. This is a total rip off. I won’t be paying it.

  9. James says:

    I received qwest bill for $409. I thought it was a mistake from qwest so I called qwest – long story short; my normal bill from qwest was around $230 a month. usbi slammed hacking charges on $170. So I called them they played authorization conformation recoeder from one of my office lady – I asked my lady what it was? She said that while ago a person identified as a qwest rep told her to lower our phone bill so she okayed it. My lady confirmed that the rep was a qwest employee he said yes. The recorder played the last part where my lady confirmed a qwest employee part was missing. This is a fraudulant robbery.

  10. C. L. Crossley says:

    Last year in Oct. I received a call telling me this company was working with Verizon and would be doing their long distance billing. I was very confused as to why Verizon would need someone else to do their billing for them, but they made it sound as if it was necessary for me to make this change. I told them I was nervous about this, but thought I had to do it to keep my service. When I received my next Verizon bill I had unwanted charges over and above my Verizon fees. I called Verizon to see what was happening. They told me it sounded like I had been “slammed”. I called USBI immediately to stop these unwanted charges. I again was billed for December and January. I called today for the third time and demanded removal or that I would call the State Attorney Generals Office and file a complaint. I was given the name of the USBI rep as “Nick” and he said charges would be credited as of today for 1/1/09 and 1/31/09. We will see.
    This is third call I have made to cancel this unwanted service.
    I am very upset by the deceptive way this was done and the phrases they use to make you think you have to make the changes to their company.

  11. Michael Cicchinelli says:

    I have a charge of 19.95 that i never authoized ,i am not happy that this kind of thing is going on.

  12. Thanh Thai says:

    I received charges from USBI what I never Subscribed to this service.My bill is37.80 dollards more than it should be.I need help to stop this unwanted charges.I am 88 years old, and received SSI benefit.
    Feb.12, 2009

  13. Julie Braden says:

    I am being charged for a music downloads subscription by throu USBI and I did not request it.It’s craming. I am disabled, my verizon phone service is a lifeline account. I cannot afford these bogus charges.

  14. Diane Garvey says:

    I was charged $14.95 from this company for a service I did Not sign up for. I have also been charged $14.95 from e mail network which i also did not sign up for.
    This makes my blood boil. How can AT&T say it has nothing to do with them? they are putting it on there bills.
    These companies have no right.This has to be Stopped. I am trying to file a complaint with the States Attorny’s Office.

  15. alan justice says:

    I have been billed for 4 months for $19.95 for USBI which I do not remember authorizing as I do not make any long distance calls except on calling cards, so I do not need a long distance service. They ( USBI ) say they cannot credit me for these charges as they were authorized by me in November, 2008. I do not know why I need to pay this when I never used it.

  16. Jen says:

    My business account was billed since August of 08 for USBI at a rate of 19.16. I too belive I received a call telling me that I had to do something to keep my current billing rate with AT&T – I’m no newbie to telemarketers but this guy got me, he was very convincing. AT&T has removed the charge and will credit my next bill for the full amount.

  17. maria machado says:

    I was billed first on January’s bill for 19.95 and since then monthly. I did not authorize any such order since I don’t need it. I have free wireless for that purpose. I have also contacted Verizon and they are more than willing to help me with the charges as I also expect you to do.

  18. Chris Scwartz says:

    I am being charged for services that I never ordered or authorized.

  19. Edtha Aponte says:

    This past week my mom received her phone bill and I look at it yesterday because she notice an extra charged from USBI which claims that my mom order unlimited Ld service since february 27,09 what a lie! I check to tested if the phone had the unlimited LD service that they claim she have, to see if it was truth, and I dial my friends at the Headquaters of Jehovah’s Witnesses and there’s no such Unlimited Ld service working because of course because she never order this USBI third party service that I never heard about it into now. My mom have 62 yrs and she have SSI because she’s ill. My mom have no need to ask for this service do that she also have Optiman triple play and she doesn’t need another unlimited Ld Service since she already have one. Now if verizon don’t help her with this bill she will be closing her account with them. We can see that the bible is accurante when it says that man has dominated man into his injury.

  20. fed up in iowa says:

    I called to find out what this usbi charge on my bill was. I was told that a certain person in my household authorized the subscription. I about fell over. It was a 10 year old, not even with the same last name as what is on the accout. I called them to complain and received a credit only to find it charged again the very next month. I called again and the customer service rep had the nerve to tell me that the person whom stated they were old enough and could add on to the bill could be legally charged for fraud.OMG! She cant be that stupid.

  21. minh chau says:

    i call find out them last month,usbi what is that,itell them i never sign up for, but they still charge me 20.95 last month to this month .i don’t need it ,why i need to pay this when i never to used it

  22. Sherry says:

    USBI has been charging me 19.95 a month said my son authorized it on line. When I requested a copy of this request they said they could e-mail me I have no e-mail address. I could also get by mail. When I asked for there address the address the rep. gave me was not a valid address.Verizon is trying to help credit my bill but said I may still be responsable for bill.

  23. Ruth says:

    USBI has been charging us 12.34 per month for charges that they say are not long distance charges but handling fees. We have AT&T as a carrier and our long distance is with them as well. In essense we are paying for nothing. We have never authorized USBI for any type of service, but according to our carrier, we will still have to pay this amount. We cancelled this by phone today, but I feel like this is a rip off that the phone companies are getting part of. They also said we had a calling card with them (USBI) which we never had and just found out about today. I believe we have been victims of “cramming” and unfortunately until today, my husband has just paid the bills without asking about the charges. Please folks, read your bills carefully, because the phone company will not help you.

  24. Fiona says:

    I too just noticed the USBI charge on our AT&T phone bill. I was also contacted by someone claiming to work for AT&T, which they obviously didn’t. I specifically asked him since slamming has happened to me in the past on another line. I’ve been charged $13.53 for I don’t know how long. Guess I’m going to have to do some homework. It really sucks that companies like this prey on busy people who trust that business operate legitimately. If we treated our customers like this, we’d be bankrupt with a horrible reputation. How can USBI & others get away with this crap?

  25. marciamiller says:

    please cancel usbi from myphone bill

  26. marciamiller says:

    please cancel usbi from myphone bill idid not order this service

  27. Mike says:

    I never authorized this, want it canceled.

  28. Tina says:

    I too have been a victim of USBI. I received my Qwest bill for $324.00 and I had signed up for $250 a month for my new small business. They have been charging me an extra $74.00 a month for 3 months so a total of $222.00. When I called Qwest they said it was a 3rd party charge and they were not responsible. They gave me an 800# for USBI and the representative who I’m sure was in another COUNTRY played back a recording of someone in the office that answered “questions” from a representative who identified themselves as a Qwest rep. It’s a total scam and sounds like I am not going to be able to recoup these funds. There should definitely be a class action suit filed against these people for fraudulent activity!

  29. manuel says:

    i do not want this

  30. Virginia Powell says:

    I was charged for “cheap2dial max plan” at a cost of ($15.96)on April 24th.’09. I do not know what this is for, and I will not pay it.

  31. Sean says:

    I recently moved to a new residence, and had my long-distance carrier transferred–or, so I thought. When I got my at&t bill the charges for long-distance/local-toll were outrageous–20 times the usual bill! Supposedly, at&t made a ‘mistake’ and my service WASN’T transferred and I was being charged some type of “toll” rate w/o my knowledge. I’ve been getting the run-around from all parties involved ever since. USBI refers me to MCI, and MCI refers me right back to USBI, and at&t says they don’t know anything about it. This is criminal.

  32. Kathe Connelly says:

    I have been trying to get this company – USBI – to answer their phone. No luck. Their service was NEVER ordered. They are slamming and not responding to any attempts to contact them. ATT reversed the charges but cannot block against slamming due to new rules to protect – guess who? USBI! I did find them at
    and completed their “inquiry form” telling them to stop!

  33. Mary says:

    This is the second month of charges from USBI of $151 plus. The first month we received a bill from USBI for National Access who are supposely the ones charging. Cancelled all that and received a refund. And also with ATT put block on the phone so it not happen again. For some strange reason USBI wormed through but this time it was with SILV. I have contact both ATT who is working on and USBI, which claims they are only a clearing house for other companies. But what they are doing is cancelling that company and moving you to another company to get the bill through. I donot know how to stop them.

  34. Ron says:

    I am going to get an attorney who wants to make a name for himself and file a class action lawsuit agisnt their sorry asses and fail a complaint with the FCC and with my congressman and get these sorry bastards shut down permanenently.

  35. Fiona says:

    I sent the following email to: on May 8th and received a credit on my next billing cycle for June 1st.

    “Date Range of calls/charges in question: 1/1/2008-5/1/09
    Inquiries: I never authorized USBI to bill my business for any charges or
    services. You WILL credit our account for the full amount. I will be looking
    back at 2007 bills to see if there are more charges. So far you will be
    refunding me $216.48. I will contact you ASAP with the rest of the credit

    The credit was actually for more than the amount I sent them in the email, so they went back and credited me the full amount. There is hope, don’t give up! Hopefully someone will shut these clowns down!!!

  36. Jesse says:

    This isn’t my first rodeo with AT&T.In the last couple of years I’ve noticed some strange charges from Independent companies on the bills(sorry can’t remember there names).I need to reduce my bill desperately.They too offered useless services.I’d pay that bill (the service too)and think that my next bill will be a little less.My next bill came it was exactly the same amount as the prior month so I look at it again suddenly I see a different company name but same amount of charge.I call again only to find out this “allegedly” new company offers the same service. I cancel.apparently they got the hint because they didn’t try it again until about 6 months later.Same type of
    service.I canceled it again!!must of been the few CHOICE words I used to to credit for that one.Now in January I get the bill with USBI on it (I am livid now)I authorized nothing nor could they produce anything saying had cause I live alone.After settling that ordeal I called AT&T had a few more choice words with them and canceled my service and went to Verizon.Moral to the story.Check your monthly bill and I mean closely.I still do with Verizon.No problems with them SO FAR.

  37. Michael Graham says:

    I was billed $7.94 from USBI – I didn`t order this.I am disabled from a work injury & live on SSI plus I`m on lifeline, To top it off I`m recovering from throat cancer.I DO NOT need this headache. I hope somebody can shut these clowns down.I called USBI and all they say is”These are valid charges”. The Hell they are.

  38. Cliff Davis says:

    I was billed $15.96 by USBI for a company called Cheap2Dial Telephone LLC. They refuse to reverse the charge although they say they have cancelled it. We’ll see what comes us next month.

  39. Manuel Cruz says:

    I am getting billed from USBI on my Verizon bill every month. I have not subscribed to this USBI and would like for it to be removed from bill. Thank you.

  40. Cindy Jarvis says:

    Upon reviewing my local phone bill I found unauthorized addition long distance set up in the name of USBI. I contacted my phone company who stated I would have to contact the USBI company. I called them. At first they were nice, but then things changed quickly. They agreed to cancel furhter billing but refused to take charge off of my account. They refused to provide last name of contact and her suposed superior. They refused to provide company management information (president/owner name, etc); they refused to provide licensing information, they refused to provide bakc up of what they claimed was ordered via on line by mail unless I wrote and requested it. They offerred to email it, but I refused to give them any further personal information on myself. Bottom line, they erroneously added themselves to my bill, refused to supply information to take it off.

  41. Chris says:

    USBI/Nationwide changed our service without our authorization, no refund offered. Qwest has stepped in and agreed to reimburse *all* money paid. Qwest obviously has some security issues, but at least they are making it right, so props to them. USBI/Nationwide dirtbags should go to jail.

  42. Judy Stroup says:

    I can’t believe that this USBI has been doing this as long as it has and is still getting away with it. On my most recent AT&T bill, I too, have been charged for 15.96 for long distance that I don’t need since I already use AT&T for that. USBI will not be able to tell me that anyone here authorized this charge becasue we only answer calls from numbers we know.(That’s the whole reason we pay for caller ID. We rarely even ever use our home phone it primary use is for the computer. For everyday conversations we use cell phones(prepaid)

  43. Amanda says:

    I want to know names of the house and senate that voted for this crap and start warning them there re-election is null and void if this bills not over turned. It just passed both houses so 3rd party billing could go though your phone bill.

  44. Jonathan Yoder says:

    Recently got a bill from Verizon- They are using USBI for our long distance service- The bill is usually 44.91, for normal service charges. It was over $1700 of apparent calls made by me. We traced the calls down to our Dialup connection so we figured, okay, okay, our fault for the calls as per the TOS of PeoplePC. The problem came when we went to cancel the service, no one knew anything, no one would answer- No one offered any help for the situation.

  45. PLK says:

    Happened to me also. Looking for people who are interested in pursuing this legally. Pls reply.

  46. Steve says:

    I just had the same thing happen. I called the company and they said that we applied for the service online. They said it was done via email. The name and email account they gave was my son’s. I spoke to him and I know he did not do it. He has been hit by viruses before, so I am wondering if they have something / someone out there doing this for them. I suspect slammed via virus.

  47. Esther says:

    I just noticed a USBI bill for $17.05 for this mo. and another one for last mo. I called them and told them I did not order this and ask them to cancell they said they would. Why is my phone co. excepting this without comfirming this with me.

  48. Valerie says:

    Just noticed charges of $17.82/month dating back almost two years on my company’s AT&T phone bill from USBI/Nationwide LD SVC, Inc. I am filing a complaint with the Public Utility Commission. This is one of two third-party billing charges found on our bill. I am going to keep complaining because it is not appropriate to allow third party billing without direct verification from the account holder. AT&T also claims they don’t provide an option to block third-party billing on your account because the FCC mandates that they allow it. It’s not right!

  49. Carla R. Heard says:

    Scammed twice in the month of June 2009. I called at&t this morning to follow up on fraudulent calls made to home telephone and they also asked me about the $21.35 USBI charge. Again like all the other upbove complains I have read, I didn’t authorize this. Why is this happening to so many law abiding citizens? I will file complains to the appropriate authorities. Thanks to all who shared their complaints! Information is power!

  50. Kristina Wright says:

    I am trying to clear a charge on my bill that I did not make. In May I received a bill for $555.00 for multiple 300 minute calls. I did not make those phone calls. They are at weird times 2:14 AM, 10:14 AM, 4:14 PM, 8:14 AM. You have to be pretty good to make multiple phone calls at that same precise minute. I first spoke with Toby who transferred me to Brian (Supervisor) who was NO HELP. So Brian said he would transfer me to the Credit Dept and I was transferred to a VM. So I called back and spoke with Karen who transferred me to another Supervisor Ryan and I got his VM. So then I called back and I got Karen again. I told her she transferred me to a VM and she said ‘oh, after I transferred you I was told Ryan is running late and will not be in for 45 minutes.’ Hello can you tell me why she was transferring me to him if he was not in??????

  51. Sonia S says:

    Unauthorized charges on Verizon phone bill by USBI for a company called Tele Circuit Network Corporation.

    My mother’s telephone bill amount seemed to keep getting higher every month, so I checked the charges on the current bill and noticed that there is a charge for Miscellaneous Services from USBI for a company called Tele Circuit Network Corporation, a third party telecommunications company that provides for local and long distance telephone service as well as internet service and calling cards. Their charge appears on Verizon telephone bill as Tele Circuitld Mthfee.

    Make sure your long distance provider hasn’t been changed. USBI is a
    3rd-party billing company that handles billing for a number of obscure
    telecom companies. You can be slammed with unauthorized charges from these companies by USBI more than once, so check your phone bill often. Even having your phone company put a lock on your account in the hopes that this does not happen to you does not stop it from happening, and when it does happen your telephone company will tell you they are unable to give you a refund for those charges since they didn’t come from their company.

    Link to info on USBI:

    Here are the sites where I found the info on Tele Circuit:

    Link to info on fraud called telephone cramming which is a scam that places unauthorized charges on a consumer’s local telephone bill by a “third party billing” company like USBI. Cramming charges normally appear hidden on local phone bills and in very general terms, such as service fee, service charge or monthly fee. These or other unauthorized charges can be crammed onto a consumer’s telephone bill without the consumer even knowing the companies involved in this fraud, like Tralee Telephone or USBI.

    Here’s All the info I found for the Tele Circuit Networp Corporation:

    Name of company owner/president/Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
    Asher Syed
    Phone: 1-678-478-2452

    Company physical address:
    Tele Circuit Network Corp
    3050 Royal Blvd.
    South Suite 145
    Alpharetta, GA 30022


    1815 Satellite Blvd.,
    Suite 504
    Duluth, GA 30097
    Main: 678-818-1166
    Alt: 800-246-2677
    Fax: 770-343-9902

    For Telephone Service:
    For Internet Service:

    Contact for customer complaint/Supervisor/Regulatory Manager
    Yara Aedes

    Tele Circuit Online Contact Form:

    Fax: 1-877-835-3788
    Mail: P.O. Box 1193
    Alpharetta, GA 30022-1193

    Here are the sites where I found the info on Tele Circuit:

    Help for victims of consumer fraud / ripoff in New York:

    NYC Department of Consumer Affairs Complaint Forms:

    State of New York Office of the Attorney General Consumer Frauds Bureau Compalint Form:

    Here’s help from the News websites:

    7 On Your Side

    Fox News Shame On You

    Telemundo A Tu Lado

    Caso Cerrado

    If you or a loved one is a victim of fraud or ripoff please don’t just let it happen without doing anything about it. Even if it’s not worth the money to sue the company make sure to call them, and call them as many times as you have to, to get them to cancel the account and unsubscribe you from their services and demand a refund. You probably won’t get it, but don’t make it easy on them. Also, please take the time to fill out as many complaint reports with as many agencies or websites as you can. It will not undo what was done to you or your loved one, but it might help prevent it from happening to another innocent and / or ignorant person, and could give the shady ripoff companies a headache, pain in the neck or bad reputation. Definitely find out your City Department of Consumer Affairs and your State’s Bereau of General Consumer Frauds, they should have a website with online complaint forms you can send them. Let’s not make it easy for scammer companies to ripoff consumers and fight back when you do become a victim, fight for your rights and the rights of your loved ones. Also be very careful about answering question from telemarketers. You should never answer in the affirmative to any questions asked by strangers over the phone.

    Hope this info can help others.

  52. Lorri says:

    I was told I had signed up on the enternet and since i pay online bills i rarely look at my hard copy of the bill. I have been charged for long distance service for 5 months to my basic phone line that does not have long distance service. I use magicjack for long distance service. After trying to contact them for over and hour then having to argue they said they will credit my account for the past 5 months and cancel the order . They decided to do this after I told them I am reporting them to BBB due to them being fraudulant and they were not authorized to place me on any account. I also told them that the website reports on them are very negative and cslled them theives.

  53. She's pissed off !! says:

    Im so pissed off that I let these people “G” me (get over on me)I saw a segment on ktvu san francisco-bay area news warning everyone about them.Too bad it wasn’t aired a month earlier becasue I became a victim.

  54. Wilson says:

    I was slammed by this company. The rep told me he was an AT&T representative. Because I am cautious, I asked several times if he was from AT&T because I have business agreement for a year and he kept stressing that he was. Of course, I get my phone bill and see this charge from USBI. AT&T credited my account and I immediately contacted this USBI to let them know that I did not appreciate their unsavory business practices and to cancel those unauthorized services.

  55. Elizabeth says:

    I found charges of $7.49 PER LINE on our four phone lines from USBI for “Nationwide LD SVC”, including charges on a line that does nothing but forward calls to our main number. After several angry phone calls, USBI agreed to refund for two months, but then charged us the next month! I will be taking them to small claims court. No one in our office authorized this. I would love to join a class action and shut down these people for good. How the heck is it that nobody has shut them down and made them pay for their fraud?

  56. Floyd says:

    Just waked up to a $14.95 monthly charge for every month since last August from ESBI for some phony charge I never signed up for.

  57. joanne says:

    I have a $2040.00 phone bill which says I should contacy USBI about these charges. I have spent hours on the phone with them. They keep telling me that I have long distance through MCI. I have Fair Point and pay $60 /mt for their freedom package which includes long distance. Why would I want a long distance company that charges me $2.08/min? I finally got ahold of MCI. They have no record of my ohone number let alone any charges that I owe them money. The MCI represenative called USBI directly and connected me to yet another represenative. I have been told that in order to have been billed I dialed an access code of 1010555 before I make any calls. I DONT! why would I? Anywyas they wanted to give me a $5 good will credit. They werent able to tell me how I got the long distance or when I even supossidly signed up for this service. In thier words..they are a 3rd party billing service for multiple long distance carriers and MCI is my carrier no matter what I say, and I do dail an access code!! They are nuts! Fair Point told me they thought that USBI was somekind of scam from phishing web sites or something like that. I am calling my attorney generals office for the state of Miane and the news stations!!! If I pay the $2040.00 bill to Fair Point, they in turn send the money to USBI..not MCI or any other long distance company. Then MCI says I dont owe them money so my money would go to who exactly???

  58. Kim Steppert says:

    I was contacted by someone that had said they were from AT&T. But they weren’t! They were from USBI telling me that they were going to be adding more discounts to my account. I could barely understand them because they had a strong accent and talked so fast you couldn’t keep up. But they just keep saying they were from AT&T and that I would be getting discounts. I then called AT&T after this phone call because I felt uneasy about it and the rep said that nothing has changed on your account so I wouldn’t worry about it as of right now. But then I got my next bill and had charges from USBI for $54. I freaked! I called AT&T and told them what happened and they credited me that amount and took down my story and then put a pic freeze on my account ot keep 3rd parties from charging my account. The rep that I got a hold of at USBI for the first call said that they were having problems with their phone lines and someone would call me back in an hour and I never got a call. So I called again the next day and was able to get a hold of someone. They told me to hold and then came back and I told them I wanted to cancel my service and that I wasn’t going to pay the amount they billed me because they lied and said they were from AT&T and I never agreed to it. She was SOOOO rude to me and told me that I agreed to change the service and then said in a cocky way “you want to hear the tape?” I then was furious! I told her then again I want a credit for it and she said no you will still have to pay. I said whatever! And she gave me a conformation number for the cancelation. I sure hope I never have to deal with another company like that again because if I do they will be sorry! This is a scam and it needs to stop! AT&T was great at helping me with this issue but I do think that they should automatically put a block to 3rd party charges on your account and then if there is change to your account they should call you before they put it on your bill! So it makes me think that AT&T is in on it too. All I know is that this was a scam for sure and we need to do something to stop it.

  59. Elizabeth Reinoso says:

    I have been chgd from verizon provider by usbi. Charged $43.97 + $17.83 after the fact that I called and told them to stop this SCAM because I never confirmed converting my Verizon line to them. I hear so many complaints online but is something really going to be done? I know I better receive my credit and it better not take a long time. I am truly disgusted that I have to take time out to hold on the phone and speak to an unprofessional rep from USBI. Shouldn’t somebody be paying attention to our blogs? Is Verizon connected to this? I hope not because I have never had problems with Verizon, Has anyone else had problems with Verizon. I Feet they should not let our information out in public so that these OTHER PROVIDERS HAVE ACCESS TO HACK OUR PRIVATE INFO.

  60. M e l i s s a says:

    Our company noticed unauthorized charges to our phone bill from USBI in November 2008. They charged us Long Distance calls on our phone service, even though Long Distance is covered on our ATT Business Calling plan — which means LD w/ATT is free! We called ATT, switched it back and got credit. In July of 2009, we noticed that USBI re-hijacked our phone line! They did an authorized switch to their service in May! I had to call ATT again, switch back, and this time I put a lock on our line. The people who own/operate this company need to be arrested and sent to prison – they ARE running a huge SCAM that spans over different telephone service providers.

  61. John Wang says:

    I have similar situation with USBI and Verizon. They contniue charging me even after I called both companies. Verizon agreed to block it, and USBI agreed to refund. But none of they kept their promise. Are they danced together to play this trick? Anyone know which government office can be contact to stop this?

  62. Samuel Marein says:

    Why not contact the FBI. This is a fraud accross state lines.

    In my case USBI claims that somebody not living in the US authorized the service. What business has a person not living in the US authorizing telephone charges on a US number.

    How these people were able to get Verizon and Qwest to be their bagmen is beyond belief.

    I wonder if these people are not working off lists that are obtained through identity theft?

  63. Rafael Molina says:

    en ningun momento yo autorise a verizon a ser pagos revertidos con mi telefono mucho menos al telefono que figura en la factura de fecha agosto 13 a las 2.24 p.m. tel # 9565846606 ya que este ni siquiera aprase en los rejistros de llamadas de ese dia por lo tanto esijo el bloqueo del servicio usbi

  64. Janine Medley says:

    After a long and extensive battle with USBI to stop charging our company phone with long distance charges I learned a few things I would love to pass on. First off, USBI is only a clearing house for what ever long distance rip off company that has hacked into your phone, changing the pick codes. Pick codes are the numbers assigned to your phone by your perferred long distance carrier. So when you pick up the phone and dial that long distance number, the pick code tells who to bill you for that call by routing you to your carrier. The hackers come in and change that code to route to their system and then bill you for it through a clearing house such as USBI, who in turn send a bill to your area phone company such as Qwest. First thing to do is call your local phone company and make sure your pick codes match your long distance carrier, if not get them changed. Then call your long distance carrier and ask them the same thing. Once you are sure that the codes are as they are supposed to be, call USBI and tell them that they are no longer authorize to bill your account and you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY the bill! Pay your bill short. Just leave out the USBI charges and pay for what you actually have to pay for. Next, contact your states Public Utilities Commission. These guys LOVE to burn these hackers and will fight for you to get your money refunded and get them off your bill.. they need to know what is going on so they can stop the hacking. Then contact your states Attorney Generals office to file a complaint followed by a complaint to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). There are complaint forms on line. If you continue to get charges and you may for up to 45 days, call them back and state that you have contacted these agencies and filed complaints. It is AMAZING how quickly they leave you alone. Also, just as a side note, when someone calls posing as a Qwest, AT & T, Vonage sales rep saying that they can save you LOTS of money on your LD Service, ask that employee if they are indeed with said company and then ask them for their ID number and a phone number you can call and verify their employment with said company. If they refuse, they are hackers. Any reputable company will give their ID and a return phone number. just ask them the next time you call your phone company. Usually the big phone companies will not call offering better long distance service. I hope this helps some one out there get these monkey’s off your back.. peace and love everyone!

  65. Joanne Baker says:

    I too noticed charges from USBI on my Verizon phone bill. I contacted Verizon and asked who they are — was told by Verizon that I would have to contact USBI to get any information or to get their charges canceled. My contract is with VERIZON — NOT USBI. The woman still would not help me. I did not pay the amount for toll charges. We don’t have toll charges anyway and couldn’t imagine how our toll charges would amount to over $40. After reading some of these posts, I’m glad that I did not. Makes me want to drop Verizon now since they are apparently allowing anyone to add charges to my bill.
    Thanks for the post about contacting the Attorney General. That will be my next stop!

  66. Janine Medley says:

    you are more than welcome Joanne, but don’t forget to contact your Public Utilities Commission, They are the ones that really help getting the ball rolling.. good luck!





  69. Karen Campbell says:

    I wanted join in the fight and to let others know that it is high time we the American people, start taking back our phone services away from United Service Billing! ATT is the only phone provider with the bad reputation of not adhering to CA Code 2890A and their not caring if we are hit with boggus cramming charges on our bills like :/,LLC – United tel.LLC – Instant 411,Inc, etc… I was told by CPUC.CA.GOV rep. that other phone providers like Verizon offer a small blocking fee so that we are not constantly bombarded with these false charges showing up on your telephone bill!!! This has been going on far too long! I for one am tired of having to contact the slammer crammers to remove the boggus charges off my bill waiting for their cancellation number and tired of AT&T ignoring all the 100,000K complaints on their refusal to adhere to CA Code 2890A and doing nothing about it! Let’s put this information out there on the internet – disconnect from AT&T and get another phone provider…. Nothing will happen unless we all band together and do something other than complain about it!!! Make sure when you call the unauthorized billing company, to ask for the IP address to which this charge was billed from, for the address they have (don’t give your address) and for the email address they’ve been given and write it down and keep a log on your calls… also make sure to get the cancellation number and give it to the rep at AT&T so you won’t be required to cover the charge while they wait for the reimbursement!

  70. GCrosby says:

    I just found out that I have been charged since Jan.2009 for services long distance from a company called USBI, I have know long distance service period. I would like to know how and why does AT&T allow others to charge accounts without getting a vertified ok from their AT&T subscriber. AT&T knows I do not have long distance and can check my service and see that service has not been setup.

  71. C Carpenter says:

    I was contacted by someone representing themselves as AT&T my current carrier saying that they had a computer problem at the main office and my phones would not work if I didn’t reestablish my long distance which I did. The next month I started seeing charges from USBI and I was paying more for my long distance them before. These people are fraudulently changing your long distance service over to them. I called AT&T and explained to them and they said they would change me back but that I would have to contact USBI to get the charges removed. I did that and after 3 months I think I am rid of them. AT&T advised me that anytime I get a call about phone service and they say they are from AT&T hang up and call the service number on your bill and see if there is really a problem.

  72. D. Oconnor says:

    USBI charged me on my ATT account for services I have not asked for and do not want. They blamed it on for voice mail. ATT cannot or refuses to block billing by ESBI. I will have to wait and see if I have been successful in stopping the billing. Only way for sure is to cancel tel service.

  73. Victoria says:

    These folks are insane! Our business phone is with AT&T. USBI said that we signed up for service with them. Could not produce a tape or conformation in writing. HA! I have received credit and have cancled service. I’m sure this isn’t the last of USBI that I will see, but I know my congressman, state rep and the BBB will get an ear full today! CHECK YOUR BILL!!!! I hope these people are shut down soon.

  74. sarah says:

    USBI charged my brother’s phone with illegal toll calls he never requested nor authorized(he’s disabled). Please file a complaint with the FCC online or by telephone. They advised us to pay only what you normally pay the telephone company but not the toll calls and refer the matter to them-FCC. This is a scam and has to be shut down.

  75. Eileen says:

    What a scam! I was led to believe I was going to save at least $10 a month – that ended up costing me an additional $9.34 a month. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. I knew I should have hung up. I was transferred to another person who told me that the call was going to be recorded – I told them I do not make long distance phone calls, they should know that if they new my history. But kept insisting they would save me money on my phone bill. That should all be on the recording. Refused to credit by bill – I told them I will be reporting them to the BBB. The only reason I have a land line is because my Dad worked at the phone co. I hope something can be done about this! It’s bull shit.

  76. Frank says:

    I was scammed for $39.79 a month from early March to November of this year 2009. On Third Party charges is USBI Phone Company is major scam on my phone business line.I never AUTHORIZED the charges and I am stuck but you can canel the charges. This USBI Company IS BULL SHIT for long Distance BULL SHIT CHARGES. Some fast talk son of a bitch calls and tells you you can save a money with USBI which long distance carriers. All you do Is SAY YES to All the Quesitions which is recorded fast talking BULL SHIT, then you are stuck becuase you did not understand the situation. And did not take the time to look over your Bill closey enough and find the hidden third party charges USBI rip-off charges that you were scammed out of your money. Yes the Customer Rep. Refused to credit anything of the bill Just gave me cancellation number. Somebody needs to file charge with the FCC and file a complaint,for these charges. Frank

  77. sarah says:


    Report this to the FCC. I did. They said the more people report this then they can take action against these crooks. They’re cheats and you should only have to pay your regular bill and not what USBI via a 3rd party is billing you. When you get a file number with the FCC, they can help resolve.

  78. Michael says:

    Hello, The folks at USBI slammed us on our Verizon to the tune of $21.35 a month for months. This is a scam, pure and simple. Report these guys to the FTC and request a third party block on your bill. This will prevent them from billing you on your regular phone bill. Call your state attorney general and complain. If you don’t people will continue to get ripped off.

  79. Michael says:

    Dealt with the scam artists at USBI last night. Here’s what you do:

    Immediately call your carrier (mine was Verizon) and have them do the following:

    1. Have your carrier institute a third party block. This will (or should) keep the USBI’s of the world from being able to bill to you.
    2. Have your carrier do a “chargeback” for the amount you were ripped off. Basically this means that they give you credit and “charge” the amount back to the creeps at USBI. (I’ve heard that this doesn’t always work, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.)
    3. Get caller ID and NEVER, EVER, EVER buy anything from telemarketers and companies that you don’t know. PERIOD. If you feel uncomfortable on the phone just hang up and then DON’T pick up when they call back.
    4. Get on the Federal DO NOT CALL list. Telemarketers have to abide by this (with certain exceptions like politicians and people you already do business with). If they don’t they can be subject to huge fines. That URL is Do it today. It cuts the calls dramatically and it’s FREE.
    5. Report these people to the following places: FTC, Public Utilities Commission and the State Attorney General’s office.

    If enough people make a stink, they’ll do something about it.


    P.S. If the folks at USBI hassle you and if you’re trying to get a refund/credit, you might want to say in a nice even voice that you know you were “slammed” (that’s industry talk for unauthorized switching) and that you’re in the process of reporting them to the FTC, Public Utilities Commission and the State Attorney General. As another poster said, it’s amazing how quickly they change their tune. Good luck!

  80. Michael Costa says:

    I too have been a victom of Slamming. USBI/Cheap2Dial have been taking fees off my AT&T bill for almost 2 years.Pats to read your statments. Anyways I was able to cancel the service even though they had the account under someone elses name, who by the way lived in another state and was never on my account to begin with. IF THERE IS A CLASS ACTION SUIT. i AM IN.

  81. Michael Costa says:

    I too have been a slammed. USBI/Cheap2Dial have been taking fees off my AT&T bill for almost 2 years.Pays to read your statments. Anyways I was able to cancel the service even though they had the account under someone elses name, who by the way lived in another state and was never on my account to begin with. IF THERE IS A CLASS ACTION SUIT. I ALL IN.

  82. Michael Costa says:

    I too have been a slammed. USBI/Cheap2Dial have been taking fees off my AT&T bill for almost 2 years.Pays to read your statments. Anyways I was able to cancel the service even though they had the account under someone elses name, who by the way lived in another state and was never on my account to begin with. IF THERE IS A CLASS ACTION SUIT. I AM ALL IN.

  83. Thong Due Phan says:

    I did not sign up for USBI. I don’t even know who they are. But in November statement, I was charged through USBI. I really don’t want to see this in my billing statement.

  84. Thong Due Phan says:

    I did not sign up for USBI. I don’t even know who they are. But in November billing statement, I was charged through USBI for $14.58. I really don’t like this on my Qwest billing. Please help

  85. Janis Zentner says:

    These people represented themselves as Verizon. I agreed to changes thinking they were Verizon and just got our bill which is $500 more! I have been trying to get back to Verizon to have the service changed back but have been having problems. I will never ever talk to a phone company representative unless I call them.

  86. Charles Boyer says:

    I recently got “crammed” on my phone bill by “Transaction Clearing LLC”, allegedly for “Bill Via Phone” for services I never requested.

    The scam continues…

  87. Mila Blough says:

    I was charged for something I didn’t sign up for. How can USBI charged me for long distance that my phone does not allow to call long distance only local calls. This is so irritating.

  88. Nicole says:

    I just got off the phone with Verizon! In order to get this off your bill you have to put a FREEZE on your number through Verizon. They were so helpful. You have to tell them your bill was “SLAMMED”. Once the FREEZE is in place no one can ever call you and scam you again and in order to change your freeze you will have to call Verizon yourself!! USBI and another company got my company for over 700.00 but we are getiing it credited. So just call your phone company and you’ll be all set!!!!

  89. Joan Koone says:

    My 93 year old aunt recntly fell and broke a hip and was put in nursing care for 6 weeks. In the process of having her phone service changed, we found out she was being charged 11.53 from USBI. Ths was brought tomy attention by an AT&T representative. I called USBI to find ut why she had this charge. They produces a tape of a person who did not make himself clear and spoke fast as to what the call was for. Being mostly deaf she said yes. In speaking with someone from USBI about the situation, she said the service would be cancelled. The person I spoke to was rude. She tried to tell me that AT&T were constantly increasing their charges without your knowledge. I hope this will be the end of her being billed and do intend to file complaints with FCC. It is especially a shame when a senior citizen is being taken advantage of.

  90. John marco says:

    I have Verizon FIOS and i’m being charged 20 more dollars each month for nothing! Bad service!

  91. John says:

    ESBI and USBI both just tried to scam about $50 on to our most recent AT&T bill, so they are still at it. I can’t believe the companies haven’t been shut down yet – and I can’t believe AT&T, Verizon and other phone companies are still letting them tack their bogus bills on!!

  92. Melinda M. Murrell says:

    stop services.

  93. Melinda M. Murrell says:

    I am tired of my phone bill being charge and you all are taking my money through verizon.

  94. Matt says:

    I was called by them and told they were just a company that was taking over the processing for att long distance and nothing on my bill would be changed. Then I just got a bill and was charged $18.03 on my bill in addition to my att long distance. I talked to the supervisor who would not give me a refund for misleading information. She said I had to send the request in writing for a refund. How do we sue these people and stop them from misleading others?

  95. Rosalinda says:

    I also have been slammed, my bill for months has also been charged thru USBI by Tele Circuit, AT$T definetely does not offer any help at all, they will not help period.

  96. M C A says:

    Matt – whomever you spoke with is lying. Either party will give you a refund – I know, because they’ve given me one over the phone. USBI can refund you or if you call ATT, they will refund you directly. I posted to this thread sometime ago, was billed on two different occasions and received refunds both ways. I now have a lock on our ATT account, so that no changes can be made, unless ATT speaks with me directly.

  97. Michael says:

    Agree with MCA – Ask the phone company to do a chargeback (AT&T, Verizon, Etc) If they won’t do that call USBI and tell them you’ve been slammed and that you would like a refund. As soon as they hear the word “slammed” they change their tune – at least they did with me. Good luck. 2 other things: file a complaint with your state attorney general and make sure you put a 3rd part block on your AT&T account

  98. Mario says:

    I was charge on Oct/2009 $ 8.67 from USBI and I never noticed from my bill of ATT then on Nov another charge of 22.61 and on Dec of 16.32 that I have not paid yet and I refused to pay because I never request or authorized other service than ATT I called USBI and only one person name Chi responded de Telephone and she does not want to remove the charges and she keeps insisting that I have to pay the bill, we need to stop this company from making charges to individuals and the law needs to persecute them because they make us waste time and money…

  99. Rosario Rubino says:

    I said “yes” to a party who declared they were Verizon when offered a free calling card. Next thing I know I am being billed for long distance services I did not request. I owe 48 dollars and they refuse to refund. Now it appears they refuse to take my calls for no one answered on my two previous attempts.

  100. vilma says:

    I was bille calls covere by verizon I never sing for usbi I wiil cut off my verizon services
    thi is ridicules
    still money from people I will contact the state atorneygeneral offce and file a conplaint

  101. shawn says:

    I got my bill from Qwest and i was on a plan with them for $25.00 unlimited then i missed a payment they say they dropped me and usbi picked me up without any permission from me .I’v ben on the phone with my regular phone company they told me to call quest and see what’s going on so I did . first i talkwith a person that cant speek english and i tried to be nice but she counn’t tell me nothing she didn’t know so I told her i wned to talk with a maniger and he gave me the runaround for twenty min and still didnt tell me shit .so i’ll call him agin tommarrow and we will get in touch with my phon company and try to fig it out. I WILL NOT PAY THIS BILL I DIDN’T OK THEM TO HOOK ME UP AND IT’S B.S. CAN ANY BODY TELL ME WHAT i SCHOULD DO.

  102. John says:

    CHEAP2DIALTELEPHONE, LLC. Its total BS!!!! I do believe that THEY are th ones making up Phoney Email addresses and taking OUR names and phone numbers off our websites and SUBMITTING to the OUWn company the “forms” that THEY say have been filled out! The ONLY thing that is correct on the FORM is the address and Phone # …… The persons name & email address is totally bogus! But they have been billing me since Feb. 1st of 2009. So I have called and now they are emailing me a form to read over and then a number to call back and “supposedly they will send the charges BACK to my AT & T account. We’ll see what happens from here. I think it is WRONG of our Phone service providers to accept any third party charges WITHOUT contacting US directly and asking them if it was authorized. I am going to contact AT & T and tell them that I doo NOT want ANY third party charges accepted without contacting me directly!! Total BS.

  103. John says:

    CHEAP2DIALTELEPHONE, LLC. Its total BS!!!! I do believe that THEY are th ones making up Phoney Email addresses and taking OUR names and phone numbers off our websites and SUBMITTING to the OUWn company the “forms” that THEY say have been filled out! The ONLY thing that is correct on the FORM is the address and Phone # …… The persons name & email address is totally bogus! But they have been billing me since Feb. 1st of 2009. So I have called and now they are emailing me a form to read over and then a number to call back and “supposedly they will send the charges BACK to my AT & T account. We’ll see what happens from here. I think it is WRONG of our Phone service providers to accept any third party charges WITHOUT contacting US directly and asking them if it was authorized. I am going to contact AT & T and tell them that I doo NOT want ANY third party charges accepted without contacting me directly!! Total BS.

  104. sarah says:

    Please contact the FCC and voice your complaint asap. They will take action if enough people complain. This is a fraud/cramming operation.

  105. Patricia says:

    I have a website and an email: Haven’t received a response. How can people work there knowing it is a scam operation?

  106. Nancy says:

    USBI did the slam on us for 2 mo-for long distance calling Dec 09 and Jan 2010-Noticed the bill from Verizon and there it was for new service provider USBI !
    Called Verizon about this slam and they did put a 900 Block on our phone-so this would
    not happen again-
    we already have local and long distance service with Verizon-
    So why would we need the USBI provider? we have never heard of this company or shame whatever it is before until the bill arrived-
    CONSUMERS BEWARE read your monthly bills from your provider ASAP!

  107. Tim says:

    Fairpoint communications has been billing monthly now “Billed on behalf of Norrisstown telephone” Univ serv fd 1.95, Savigns Plus 13.90 total 15.86, this is for USBI, now I ahve IDL “Billed on Behalf of ID Select Security. IDSS Primary Mthly Fee 13.41, IDSelectsecrtymthbillfee0.41 total $13,82. Oh so guess what now monthly additional charges are $29.68 plus taxes. OK so can’t get these bogus fees removed. Going to try Fairpoint one more time and tell them I DO NOT WANT THIRD PARTY BILLING AVAILABLE on my account. Will keep you updated.

  108. Norman Kaye says:

    We have our bill paid by credit card and never get a copy of charges from the local phone company, but jan. 2010 I decided to print a copy of my bill. rudely discovering a charge on an unpublished number that we have showing charges from USBI for a company Mainstreet telephone platinum plan charging $15.61 per month. not authorised by any one at this location. Always check your bills as I didn’t and have been charged for these false billings since 7/25/2008.
    Stupidity on my part

  109. carol kisner says:

    i have been being charged for usbi for months now.i treied to call and talk to them.there was even one from something called cheap2dail max plus. i have been charged about 45.00 a month for 4 months.they will not fix it.please help.

  110. Jennifer says:

    I just noticed on my bill this USBI charge of 17.21. I called my carrier century link formerly embarq. and they told me I have been charged this for the last six monthes. When I called them to cancel they told me ok and I wanted a credit because I never ordered this on the internet.Thats rediculous. I don’t even know what they do for you other than steal your money. I don’t even make long distance calls. have been billed. They told me I’d have to contact thier main office for a refund.
    I called them back to get an email address and they hung up. I called again and got a different man and he gave me a bogus email address. When I typed it in it wouldn’t come up on my computer. So I have ended up here.
    I must say I am more than alittle bit mad at Century link for allowing unauthorised billing like this. They have been charging me for six monthes. They owe me $103.00. I am going to call centurylink and ask them to give me a payback. After all they allowed for this mess.

  111. Kerry says:

    I have been scammed before by USBI, big hassle to remove me, said I ordered services which I did not I have basic phone service through QWEST no voicemail, internet call waiting. I also have my long distance through them, why would I pay another company for long distance when I already pay QWEST. notice today that charges have reappeared going back to dec. 31, 2009. Qwest noted my account that I am disputing it but will not reverse charges nor can I block future charges from occurring in the future. It is unfair to the consumers who have to play a game of he said/she said regarding services that one orders! when is government going to hold these companies accountable for all the $$$ they have scammed from us. There should be an easier way to end these calls from happening in the first place. now I get to HAGGLE with some csr about services I did not authorize. totally unfair.

  112. Susan says:

    I just got my phone bill that says I have a new service provider and being charged $14.95 a month. I already have unlimited phone and internet. What is really funny is that I was away from home the month this was billed to me! Never even used my phone..scary

  113. Bernadette says:

    I looked at my telephone bill with USBI charges at $7.95 for which I never signed for the services. They credited me but here is the bill again charging me the USBI. CSR told me that somebody in the household had signed up for it. Nobody will sign up for it for I am alone at home. I am sick of calling back for this credit. this has to stop.

  114. donna says:

    I was charged 15.86 and I have no clue as to what for. I have all my phone services through AT&T and I definately do not need their services.

  115. Cristina says:

    We were slammed by this company. They changed the long distance carrier on our phone service without our consent. They run a scam and should be shut down by the FCC.

  116. Dottie says:

    I was charged for WEB TV.
    I do not know the amount
    because I called A.T.& T. and they
    took the charges off.
    I then called A.T.& T. headquarters
    for my area and told them to discontinue
    my service immediately. I am tho
    with the insider who works for A.T.& T.
    A.T.& T. said they would put a blocker on
    my telephone number so I will
    give them one more chance.

  117. veronica says:

    US Telecom Long Distanc. Read reviews
    Write a review
    (949) 222-1071

    17832 Gillette Ave
    Irvine, CA 92614 33.6873 -117.8536

  118. veronica says:

    US Telecom Long Distanc. Read reviews
    Write a review
    (949) 798-7044

    17832 Gillette Ave
    Irvine, CA 92614 33.6873 -117.8536


  119. Maria Freymann says:

    Please I want to cancel the account with you … I have not given my permission….I am not available to pay the amount that you have sent me into my account Att….Thank you maria Freymann

  120. GAI TRAN says:

    I have the cell phone.My home phone is local only.The Clear world communications charged 2 bills.
    I called them,but never answer.Just tell me Wait and wait and wait. I don’t know why they can do tis. NO LAW ???

  121. Deb Manning says:

    Hello, I, like most of you, just found out that my local phone bill, which is internet ONLY, no outgoing at all, was being charged an average of $15.00 per month from USBI – representing voicenet, since March of 2009. My local phone co. can do nothing to reimburse me, due to some FCC regulations on 3rd party billing. Contacted the companies direct, requested this to be stopped and get reimbursed….got the run around of being transferred to another extention. Finally got someone to listen, he sent me 2 emails confirming my cancellation and how to obtain refunds……well the emails were blank!!!! This is not right at all!!!

  122. Deb Manning says:

    Hello, I, like most of you, just found out that my local phone bill, which is internet ONLY, no outgoing at all, was being charged an average of $15.00 per month from USBI – representing voicenet, since March of 2009. My local phone co. can do nothing to reimburse me, due to some FCC regulations on 3rd party billing. Contacted the companies direct, requested this to be stopped and get reimbursed….got the run around of being transferred to another extention. Finally got someone to listen, he sent me 2 emails confirming my cancellation and how to obtain refunds……well the emails were blank!!!! This is not right at all!!! This was all done under a bogus name…the only thing that matches my life is the phone number it was billed to!!!

  123. GAI TRAN says:

    Thank you Deb Manning.But I called them,they never answer.How Can I do nw ???

  124. Dottie says:

    Deb Manning,
    Tell your internet provider that you are going to cancel your service now.
    You can always find another service. They will start to negotiate with you
    immediately. You can always go the library for the internet for a few days
    until you find another provider.

  125. Deb Manning says:

    Gia Tran, Call your company that USBI has been billing and ask them for a phone number to call. If that does not work, let me know and I will get the number I was given and post it.

  126. Rosa says:

    Everything started on 6/18/2008, when I received a call telling me this company (USBI) was working with Verizon and would be doing their long distance billing. I was very confused as to why Verizon would need someone else to do their billing for them, but they made it sound as if it was necessary for me to make this change.I was billed for calls that are covered from my verizon service. When I received my next Verizon bill I had unwanted charges over and above my Verizon fees. I called Verizon to see what was happening. They told me it sounded like I had been “slammed”. I called USBI a couple of times to stop these unwanted charges, receiving a confirmation number from them. I again was billed. I called again and demanded a cancelation. I was transfer to the supervisor Linda Fernandez and tried to explain to her what happened, she told me that I made those calls and that I needed to pay for them. I told her that I have confirmation numbers and that i was going to get them… she told me to call her back, but when I call she was “busy”. I called again and a very nice lady called Cladia #7337 told me that I just owed $46.62 of the $76.91 that they where charging me. I need help because I know I do not need to pay this since they called me pretending to be Verizon and made me change to their company, eventhough I had already my own long distance with verizon… What should I do, should I pay them, can they mess up my credit? Please help!!! I have proof of all the calls I made and 2 confirmation numbers for cancelations.
    I am very upset by the deceptive way this was done and the phrases they use to make you think you have to make the changes to their company and then to make you pay.

  127. Sarah . says:

    While filing our taxes, I noticed an increase that never went down on our telephone land line bill. I’m almost embarrassed to say I didn’t notice the monthly charge on my AT&T Phone bill for 9 months. I started to investigate the charge from USBI aka Cheap2Dial. Since we use our wireless for long distance and even have AT&T as our long distance provider ‘just in case’ on our landline – I called Cheap2Dial thinking it must be a mistake.

    I was told I signed up via the internet. I know with 100% certainty that this is blatantly false. I requested they send me my enrollment information which they did. The information they sent contained a bogus email and a fictitious birthday. When I asked for refund they refused.

    PLEASE, please – I implore anyone who is making this horrible company rich without even knowing it to file a complaint with the FCC. This is illegal and is pure fraud. Google Barry Rynearson the owner. He deserves to be behind bars.

  128. Sarah . says:

    Please visit:

    Click wired telephone –> Next –> Slamming: Unauthorized switching of your home telephone service to another company

    Somebody is sitting on a yacht with our hard earned, UNAUTHORIZED, stolen dollars.

  129. guillidex says:

    I never contract these services but now i need page for that one these is a abuse to my money i will demand this company all be do the same demand thes people that do these with my money

  130. qandqt says:

    I’m a CenturyLink customer in Montrose, Michigan and on my 4/4/10 billing a USBI Long Distance charge of $16.81 was on there that I did not authorize. I don’t even know what USBI is. This needs to be removed from my billing right now. The Better Business Bureau will be contacted regarding this billing.

  131. John says:

    Called ATT tolower phone bills at the church – they told us we didn’t have long distance with them, it was with USBI. I do not know how long it has been on the account but I had it removed and will gladly join in a class action suit.

  132. Bonnie Gamblin says:

    I just got off the phone with these people and they tried to tell me that they got permisson from someone that does not live at this address nor are they listed on my phone. I am waiting on proof from them. This has been on my bill since aug 2008. I had not gotten a paper bill and did not see it until today. They will not issue credit for this charge that was not authorized by me or my husband.

  133. denise carson says:

    Hi I would like to make arrangements to pay my bill on April 23, 2010. It would be paid in full and by telephone. Please extend my request. Thank you so much.
    Denise Carson

  134. Jeff Berman says:

    I just looked at my ATT second line for my alarm and it has charge for usbi which I never authorized

    How to remove and get credit??

    this is where we end up??

  135. Paul Nickerson says:

    I called and had USBI blocked and my account credited. I got the credit but USBI is still scamming me.

  136. rmerry says:

    I noticed a $12.19 charge for the fires time on an AT&T bill received today. Called AT&T and the initially said they couldn’t do anything but after a little argument, removed the charge and gave me the phone number of USBI. Problem is it was the incorrect number. The folks I called have gotten so many calls that they have the correct web site to go to on their answering message. It is . There you will get a phone number, 1-800-460-0566. If you call from the number being scammed they will send you to the carrier they are billing for. Tell the person that answers you want to unsubscribe from their service. I did and they said they would take care of it. We will see. Your carrier can’t do much. Currently the scammers are protected by law. Not sure how. I do know that each individual has to unsubscribe themselves. Write you Senator and Congressperson.

  137. Dana Parks says:

    USBI US Telecom Long Distance
    (949) 222-1071/ 949-798-7044

    17832 Gillette Ave
    Irvine, CA 92614

  138. Jean Day says:

    I was contacted by someone who said they were from Verizon. This woman told me that Verizon was loosing customers that had land lines becaue of so many people having cell phones. Verizon was offering this huge discount on telephone bills for their land line customers. She also told me that if I didn’t put my long distance charges onto one bill, I would be charged an additional $25.00 per month on top of it. So I said that would be fine and I put both my business and home telephone onto this “new” Verizon service. When I recieved my telephone bill I was shocked to find out that there was no discount in fact, I was charged for each telephone call I had made instead of the one unlimited calling plan’s monthy fee I had had with Verizon. This woman lied to me saying she represented Verizon. I tried to call them but only got voice mail. I did leave several messages, but of course no one has called back. This is a scam pure and simple. I hope something can be done to put all these people into jail where they belong.

  139. Diana says:


  140. Carlton Walton says:

    I want USBI cancelled on my phone bill. Will not pay future bills.

  141. Walter Vega says:

    I want USBI cancelled on my phone bill. Will not pay future bills.

  142. Sarah . says:

    The FCC and the BBB helped me get my refund for 9 months of charges from this shady company. They can help you too if you complain.

    Please visit:

    Click wired telephone –> Next –> Slamming: Unauthorized switching of your home telephone service to another company

  143. Trung says:

    I got charged 16.99 and I never sign up or authorized for the service. I called my local telephone to dispute and same time call 3rd parties to removed the charged. You needed to filled out the form (BLOCKED FROM THE 3RD PARTIES BILLING) from your local telephone company. :)
    Good Luck

  144. Pamela Bowling says:

    I have been having charges on my TDS account for 22.63 for the last 3- 4 months I do not want this service please stop these servcies now the amount I am being charged is $22.63. You know my number I dont have to give you that since you know my number some how.

  145. Pamela Bowling says:

    I am being charged each month for 22.63 for long distance charges I dont even use with USBI I have TDS as my local and long distance carrier. I want my charges stopped now. I have contacted TDS about this problem and calling USBI this morning as well to get this charges stopped. I did not give anyone this approval.

  146. Pamela Bowling says:

    The number to contact these crazy people is 888-241-2724.

  147. Paula Kaiser says:

    The amount of my local phone service with Century Link just increased by $16. It turns out that my bill contained erroneous or fraudulent billing by a 3rd party for $13.90 plus taxes for a servce called “Mainstreet Platinum Plan”. We never signed up for this service. This might be the time we finally decide to drop our land line with “Century Telecom” – who needs this kind of hassle?

  148. Daisy Varela says:

    I was charged in my AT&T telephone bill for USBI aducing that I asked for a long distance service!

  149. Betty says:

    A young man called my house and my elderly mother answered the phone while I was at work. He told her that he would send her a free long distance calling card for being such a good customer, paying the bill on time. She told me that she told him that she already was paying $9 for all the long distance calls she wanted to make and didn’t really need it but if it was free it would be ok. After she hung up the phone rang and a lady told her that she was calling to confirm that she wanted the free long distance card. Of course, my mother said yes and then she asked what my mothers full name was.

    A month later we got the bill for $73.15 for all the calls we had made through USBI and still have not received the free calling card. I called AT&T and told them what was going on and they told me they couldn’t help and that I would have to contact USBI to cancel. I called them and requested an immediate cancellation and refund. They cancelled the services but I just got my second bill in the mail yesterday and now they are charging me late fees on top of that because I didn’t pay that portion of the bill since I knew they would investigate and credit my account. I called them and the rude lady told me that they are not going to credit me because my mother had requested the change. I told her the story again and she said she would request a recording so I could listen to it in a week.

    I want to know why nobody else offered to request the recording for me and why they are gettin away with this.

  150. Sandy L. Gomez says:

    San Jose, CA June 7th. 0f 2010

    I need your help before I go on to the pertaining authorities,The company in question is:Metropcs PLEASE!!!
    Last month on 5/10/2010 I paid my monthly fee for my telephone services, the amount of $46.00, a few days latter I received a text message asking me to pay $46.00 before certain date, in order to prevent interruption of my services, a day or so, I received another text message announcing that unless I paid right of way my service will be disconnected Etc. Thinking that it has been a mistake and that my payment did not have the chance to go into the system, I did nothing, to discover the next day that my phone was dead, I then tried to contact your customer service to no avail, there was no way I could talk to a human on none of the numbers I called, frustrated, and angry, I decided to pay the $46.00, (for the second time that month,) so I did, and I had to wait two days for my service to be re-stated, that was on the date 5/13/2010 three days after my initial payment for that month.

    On this month of June I did not send any payment since I had paid twice for last month, again I was harassed with the annoying text messages indicating that if I did not pay $46.00 there will be a disconnection, again tried to talk to some one in your “customer service department,” with the same results as last months, it was impossible to talk to a human, went to a representative o one of your stores, where there was no help no matter of how much I pleaded with the sales person, I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told that there were none at that store, so the clerk handed me a business card with some telephone numbers to call, I recognized one of them and explained to her that I used that number before and could not get to talk to anyone, she assured me that she used that number everyday and she spoke with a person using that number, went home and tried the two numbers on the card, just to get even more frustrated and my blood pressure soared to 200/95 I was taken to the hospital where they took care of me and was told to not get too overworked about the situation because it could cause me to be sick again. In the mean while I am without telephone service, and frustrated/angry even more than before.

    I gave up and decided to pay again since it is the only way for now to have my service restore, still do not have a number to call for help, it seems that there is just none in existance.

    This is a plain and clear abuse, I am not alone, the Internet is full of complains pertaining to this very same issue.

    I like to point out that I am on a fixed income from SS I am 73 years old and handicapped, I depend on that phone 100% (my line to external world.)

    Sandy L. Gomez


  151. Mandi says:

    Another victim. Charged $5.31 per month for long distance, no one can answer phone calls, the inquiry form suggested above does not allow submittal. Working with AT&T to get it rectified… we’ll see.

  152. Bernadette says:

    We opened a new business in April. After doing so we had several issues with Qwest and the internet. We canceled Qwest internet but kept the phone package. We were back and forth with qwest regarding credits etc. In July I recieved a bill stating 548.00. Which USBI had called and posed as Qwest at the end of may and told us what our long distance package should be! They scammed one of my reps into the package thinking that it was qwest fixing the issues previously. Qwest was kind enough to credit us back BUT could not help us get these other charges out of the business name. So now I am into USBI for 245.00. I was told by there supervisor at USBI that if I didn’t pay them that collection notices would start. They were rude, ignorant and I want to know how they sleep at night!

  153. Patricia says:

    I received a phone call and the “smooth talker” said a telephone pole was knocked down and he had to verify my coverage for re-installment. Even though he caught me at a busy moment, I told him I didn’t trust this call. Boy was I right…look at all these complaints!

  154. Rebecca says:

    I received our company monthly AT&T local and long distance bill. I saw a page that said USBI in with our phone bill. I realized we had been slammed. I phoned the # on that bill and the woman was VERY rude. She said TIM ok’d the change of services. When I informed her that there was NO TIM at our company she was rude and hung up. I phoned our chosen phone carrier AT&T and they told me I needed to call in and ask for the switch. I did that immediatley and I also had them put a password on my account. They can not slam you if there is a password. EVERYONE needs to put a password on their phone accounts to prevent slamming. I have yet to receive a refund, but we are back with AT&T where we CHOOSE to be.

  155. Rebecca says:

    I received our company monthly AT&T local and long distance bill. I saw a page that said USBI in with our phone bill. I realized we had been slammed. I phoned the # on that bill and the woman was VERY rude. She said TIM ok’d the change of services. When I informed her that there was NO TIM at our company she was rude and hung up. I phoned our chosen phone carrier AT&T and they told me I needed to call in and ask for the switch. I did that immediately and I also had them put a password on my account. They can not slam you if there is a password. EVERYONE needs to put a password on their phone accounts to prevent slamming. I have yet to receive a refund, but we are back with AT&T where we CHOOSE to be.

  156. Eileen says:

    I don’t have long distance service on my home phone because I have it free with my cell phone. I received my phone bill today and noticed that USBI has billed me for Advantage Telecom for $21.96. I tried calling them and of course got an answering machine. No return phone calls from them. I’ve tried to talk to Verizon, but the genius representative that I talked to couldn’t answer half of my questions-such as does Verizon just take the word of every slamming phone company out there that I authorized this service? Her brilliant response was “we didn’t just take their word for it, we didn’t even speak to anyone”. Really? Like that makes it better because you didn’t speak to anyone? Her response was they just billed Verizon, so they are billing us. I again stated I didn’t authorize long distance being added, to which she replied I didn’t add the service, I just made a phone call using that 1010 prefix. I tried to explain that if she looked at my bill it would show her that the charge is not for a phone call, but monthly service charge. I said I wanted this service removed and all future long distance blocked, to which she said she couldn’t do that. I asked to speak to a manager and she told me there weren’t any on duty because they were a new department. Really? Billing is new? Anyway…I will be taking the advice I have seen on here. I will only pay the Verizon portion of my bill, and I will call USBI again and tell them they are not authorized to bill me and to refund my charges. On the FCC website it says if you file a complaint with them within 30 days you are not responsible for the bill. I also read on another site to NOT pay your verizon portion online, but to print out your bill, write on it “Bill in dispute” and sign it. Then they can’t send the remainder to collections. Keep doing this until USBI gets the hint and quits billing you. I was also told to contact Verizon and put a freeze on my account regarding long distance and that way no one can change it without my written permission to Verizon. I will also contact the PUC and Attorney General as suggested. This is outrageous that these types of things are allowed.

  157. Robert Gauer says:

    USBI has been charging for unauthorized services of some sort using my AT&T phone bill.

  158. Pam says:

    We have not authorized any USBI charges and have had 4 charges from them. I don’t need there service, we have a bundle with TDS and don’t need any other service. I can’t even contact them to get it off because I was never contacted for them to do this.

  159. Rebecca says:

    AT&T informed me today to put “PICK FREEZE” “PASSWORD” and a “3RD PARTY BLOCK” on our phone numbers. Everyone needs to do these 3 things. It is getting worse with the ecomony as it is.
    We have been credited but AT&T. I requested a credit from USBI also. They are some of the RUDEST people I have every spoken with on the phone. I had this issue happen to our work phone numbers and now I am sending out an email to all the employees in our company advising them as what they need to do to prtect themselves. PASS THE ABOVE INFO AROUND. Maybe we can run them out of business.

  160. Mychelle says:

    Well glad I am not the only one. I am the only one on the Quest bill. They called the number and my brother answered. He was definitely slammed because in the recording he clearly did not know the answers to any of the questions they asked. Furthermore he was cut off on 3 seperate occasions by the salesperson, when he did not have ready answers. How is it that a person who is not listed on the account can AUTHORIZE a change, but the person who “owns” the account cannot STOP the service? By the way their Phone Number is 888-481-8724. I urge everyone to call and complain.

  161. Deborah says:

    The person on the line claimed to be a CenturyLink employee and said they have swithched their authorized long distance carrier to USBI due to rate increases from previous carrier. Tricked me into allowing the switch and my bill increased by $50. What a scam. They need stopped!

  162. Al says:

    $126.89 in charges since Nov.2009 from USBI through Consolidated Communications.
    When I called the USBI # from the Consolidated Communications phone bill a man answered “Main Street Co.” I questioned the name thinking I was calling USBI.
    He told me they were a ‘third party’ and they provide services for many phone companies. I asked about the $16.03 charge and he told me it was for use of 1-800 number with PIN. I asked him when it was set up and by who? He told me back in May-June of this year and by me. I’m not even on the account, I was calling for my uncle. I told him I have never called to set anything up, I’m not even on the account. (How did he know my first and last name?) Then he said they would remove it and hung up. It wasn’t activated in May-June, it started in Nov. 2009!
    So now I’m wondering if my uncle will receive the refund and by whom? Where is Consolidated Communications responsibility in all of this?

  163. Justus Schlichting says:

    On June 14, 2010, MCI doing business as Verizon, cancelled my long distance coverage, in part to resolve a dispute about other telephone matters. I was to have no long distance coverage until I made alternate arrangements with Verizon, my local carrier. On Aug 9, 2010, I received my Verizon telephone bill for that line, and found that I had been charged $619.00 for long distance service by “USBI billing on behalf of MCI”. My normal monthly long distance charges over the past decade have been $30. When I confronted customer support at both Verizon and MCI, I was told that they were not responsible, and I had to resolve the issue with USBI. I am presently preparing a 501 slamming complaint for the FCC, and a similar complaint for the California Public Utilities Commission.

  164. Andrew says:

    Just so everyone knows is in no way related to whatever is going on here. It is a Telecommunication Expense Management company in Australia. We have nothing to do with any Billview product in the USA.


  165. Shnea Alexander says:

    Ok so my Grandmother calls me and stated that i put something on her phone bill she is elderly and tight with her money.. so she is yelling at me and screaming at me she stated that there was a charge from usbi on it.. and im like WHAT.. (thinkin she has totally lost it) so i call them and the rep is like we got your application online??? and im like where online?? she says online.. and im like dont get smart with she was like through any website.. i think AT&T has something to do with this ALL THE WAY

  166. Maria says:

    Also got a call from USBI representing some kind of long distance changes with Qwest (who is my current service provider). I actually asked if they are with Qwest and they just flat out lied about it. So – they got me. I got my Qwest bill today charging me $45.30 from USBI. I called Qwest to understand what is going on. They said that I somehow authorized this but they switched my service back and refunded the $45.30. They said they are filing a dispute with USBI regarding this. Thank you Qwest! This was great customer service!

  167. Lisa Lynch says:

    USBI – Norristown T – Scam… I noticed by bill went up. I thought they flipped me to a different plan as I was late on a couple of bills. Afterwards I noticed the USBI crap which is billing me every month and providing no service. I am clueless how this un-authorized charge / service occurred. I called by provider, TDS Telecom and they would do nothing, but give a number for USBI 888-241-8724. I called them and they just wanted lots more personal information and would not cancel it unless the info was given. I am guessing so they scam me in other ways! Well screw them! I guess I am going to have to cancel my phone entirely to rid me of these parasites.

  168. Jamie Ly says:

    Okay I just got a bill on my AT&T for long distance services. For places and phone numbers I don’t even know. After reading these comments, I have no clue what to do? Call USBI or AT&T to fix this matter? Please help. this is very shady crap!

  169. suzanne says:

    I was billed 16.26 on my home phone bill for charges that I didn’t agree to. They said I signed a contract on line with them. (no) They did credit one month and cancelled my contract but refused to credit my account for the first bill because I signed their contract (no). They said they would email me a copy of the signed contract then I would have to call a Sr. Representative to argue with them.

  170. Alexandra says:

    I canceled them once before. and asked them to remove me from their list. They claimed they would lower my bill the first time. It went up $50.00 more a month. the second time they represented themselves as my phone company(Quest) I have asked them to remove me again. and they are still charging me.They never reimbursed me Either time. they are still billing me.I never signed a contract.

  171. Alexandra says:

    P.S. I canceled my long distance and they are still charging me

  172. Kirk says:

    Same story as everone else. I always pay my phone bill and know there is a certain amount that is tax, state charges, etc. but just discovered I have been paying $10.80 to USBI for several years! When I called them to removed the charges, they played me a recording of my “agreement”. The person they say is me, isn’t my voice and didn’t even give them the correct birthdate for identification. They insist that because they think they called my house (even tough I was on a no call list) and have a recording of someone other than me, that I am responsible for the fees. I am looking for any information on current class actions, regulatory actions or other litagation against this entity. They are operating completely illegally and should be shut down. I want a refund, but more than that I want to make certain they are not scamming anyone else anymore.

  173. Al says:

    An update to my post #162.
    Good news to report. When I called Consolidated Communications and told the rep what happened she filed a complaint then my uncle was credited the full amount of the charges. It took less than a week.
    I sure hope others have a good outcome to these illegal actions.

  174. Audrey says:

    Glad I found this page. Just googled Qwest USBI to find out what USBI stood for. Got a 23.08 charge on my Qwest bill for July and August. This is my cabin phone. Will try to deal with it tomorrow. Thanks for the support from everyone.

  175. ronbeaudry says:

    i just got windstream usbi ddc i want a remove from my bill

  176. Terry says:

    USBI used a fake email address from GOA in India to add services to my bill. This is the second time this year that they created a fake email address added the service and charged me! I am sick of this! They cleared the charge as soon as I confronted them, but it should never have happened.

  177. Mike says:

    I just got my phone bill it had a 16.25 charge on it from usbi. I called the toll free number and they said I had filled out to get this online. I dont have internet connection at home. Watch your phone bill. This is a SCAM

  178. Mike says:

    I blame the Phone Company for allowing them to do this.

  179. Bernadette Rodak says:

    On my At&T bill there was a charge for $16.26 from USBI for Talk For Less Interstate service. When I called USBI they said that I had signed up by internet. THey sent me the Letter of acceptance – and while it was my name, address and phone number, the e-mail was not mine, nor was the date of birth correct. USBI told me that I had to pay the bill or AT&T would charge a late fee – I call AT&T and they told me that I did not have to pay it. We’ll see what happens…..

  180. Ed says:

    Agree with Mike in post 178, the phone company is to blame for allowing this. I just got a charge of 16.90 from usbi. A.T.&T. said someone with my name subscribed. They had an e-mail address that I have never heard of. USBI is a scam. I am not paying it and A.T.&T. can eat it, and if they don’t like it I’ll find another carrier.

  181. yema says:

    this story happened to me.. last month I called AT&T, and the charged was removed..this month, it happened again. ATT will remove the charge, but USBI said my son who is 14 years old signed up by Internet. My did not do that… see what will happen,…

  182. Eliza says:

    This is also happening to us and I am getting sick & tired of it. ATT supposed to cancel this but then again it showed in my bill this month. There should be something done about this USBI and ATT is not cooperating. We should all take a legal action on this. Since ATT is not helping, I will cut there services. We should all go to media if no one listens. I even tried to call this USBI but no one answer. WHAT A BIG SCAM!!!

  183. Christine says:

    I got my ATT&T phone bill today and had USBI on there. We never signed up for anything and they can not blame my 8 yr old since he has not been on the internet in over 2 months. WE also tried contacting customer service with ATT&T and their customer support is down…How convenient. This was a $17.00 charge that no one in my home approved. They are scamming milions of people without permission and I do not think it is right.

  184. Payal Parekh says:

    i was charged 40.00 dollars on my verizon bill for no reason. i am already paying verizon for my long distance i have the whole package for small business which includes long distance and now these guys are charging me 40 dollars for the things i already have. I spoke to Racheal in USBI and she denied to refund the charges. This has to stop. They are ripping us and we cannot do anything about this. This is not right and they have to give us our money back.

  185. Deborah says:

    A USBI employee claimed to be a CenturyLink employee and told me they were discontinuing a partnership with a long distance carrier that was raising their rates and were partnering with a new company that would lower my long distance charges. I agree to allow CenturyLink to switch my service. I find out months later that they were with USBI and my bill went up drastically. This company pratices deceptive business practices and something should be done about it.

  186. Debbi Bender says:

    Rec’d USBI bill on my Att for long distance that we don’t use. My husband authorized it if there is no charge which didn’t happen. i cld them @ 888-474-8724spw/irene & her supervisor brenda & they will not credit this charge. i will not pay it. this is crazy. they will only do a credit if i keep their service. that will never happen, i don’t have long distance – we use cell phones. This company is a bunch of fast talking crooks.

  187. Wow says:

    I got slammed by USBI last year, and just now got slammed by these bastards again.

    With the number of fraud reports against USBI, why hasn’t some government agency shut them down yet? Clearly, they are charging people for services they did not authorize. Weasels.

  188. emilia says:

    I was charged in my AT&T telephone bill for USBI

  189. KATHLEEN COYLE says:

    Pittsburgh, went to emergency room..was billed $20+. Reported it, was rushed back to Mercy Hospital…charges are over $100….who is to blame? Hospital, USBI rip=offs or Phone company

  190. Erin says:

    My company was charged $37.34 on our long distance bill by USBI. Longtime (and happy) ATT customers, we immediately called ATT. ATT told us that they receive phone calls daily with people in the same predicament, and unfortunately there is nothing that they can do in order to stop USBI. She was very helpful, and recommended for us to call USBI and let them know that what they were doing was fraud. ATT is powerless to stop them at this point. (But apparently there is pending litigation from the phone companies against them.)
    I called USBI (888.478.8724) and let them know what I thought. Be warned… they will tell you that someone authorized it, tell you that they have a voice recording, and that they were not saying that they were calling from your phone company, but just confirming that that is your carrier. HOLD FIRM. I actually told the woman that I had all day, and was happy to wait while she found someone to authorize the credit to our bill. They eventually issued a credit, and canceled the service.
    Again, their direct number is 888.478.8724 and I spoke with someone named “Lucy.”

  191. Leslie Spurlock says:

    I just found out I was getting charged by them on my phone bill. UGH!

  192. Steve Sheridan says:

    There are charges on my at&t bill in the amount of $16.16 for DUS Long Distance Comm., Inc. I have not ordered, authorized, nor plan to pay for these services. I am contacting at&t and the Texas PUC in regard to these charges. I believe they are referred to as “cramming” or “slamming” and are illegal. Please remove these charges from my at&t account ASAP.

  193. jolene says:

    I had gotten my bill from my land line from at&t and there it was. A charge for 16.16 for long distance. So I called them and they said i had applied for it online. I told them I hadn’t and all she could say was we will email you the confirmation letter that I had sent. I told her why would i would l ong distance when I have a cell phone plus I haven’t used this since it was activated. Does that tell you anything? I was given another number to call to try and get my money back so I did and guess what it was the same lady I had talked to earlier. Anyone can get my informatin because none of it is confidential. You can get it online or in a phone book
    This is crap

  194. Carl says:

    A monthly bill for $16.16 from USBI appeared on my phone bill. I only use that line for DSL, and have no LD phone service. I called USBI, and they sent me a copy of “my” online signup form. Someone who found my phone number and address signed me for USBI service using an online form. I was never contacted. The asshole who signed me up received a $50 Wal-mart gift card. Any co. that allows online signup, with no phone number verification is feeding on FRAUD!

  195. Robert Wesley says:

    I discovered long-distance service charges on my Qwest phone bill. I never spoke with anyone. I do not have long distance on my land line because I use it exclusively for internet dialup–make no calls at all on that line. Never approved the service. Never was contacted by anyone. Total scam.

  196. Francisco Torres says:


  197. bonnie ackerman says:

    I noticed my phone bill was up $7.58. Horrified I found charges from a company just called USBI Long distance calls. There was a spot for time min, and type. Not filled in, but the words on one bill is fedusf reimb. what was that suppose to mean. The other is min usage fe. Now what does that mean. I called usbi, what a bunch of nonsense. The lady from usbi was saying I was being charged for a person using my phone and calling 10-10-811. What is that all about. I live alone, and no one was here even vvisiting on or near the date. Which conisidently was sept 25 i was billed for the two calls, yet the lady on the phone said they happened on the 26. My long distance calls were made to a phone number in the same area code. When asked how is that even possible, she answers ” oh yes that is very possible”: I was more and more upset the more she tried to sooth things over. I asked her why the phone number that my phone called wasn’t on the bill. She avoided the question and gave me the number. Oh I was upset. She said it would be taken off but would not show up for two or three months. I was furious, Why? It had to have paperwork filed which she was doing and that had to be verified by someone else. What a bunch of hoo ha…… I was very upset. I asked to have this company blocked from my phone. She says she was doing it. Then I called my own phone company, Frontier, who had put this on my bill to begin with. She couldn’t even figure out what the abbreviations meant, or why they don’t know the number I supposidly called. Even the billing from my own company, Fontier couldn’t figure it out. Talk about one unhappy lady. It is clear this was all bogus, how they picked me out to try to scam, how they used my telephobne company to scam me. God only knows. I hope they get shut down, and sued for the trouble and misery they put people through. I guess you think why fight over $7.48 . Because my friend, I live on about $700, a month. Out of that I pay my rent my food my drugs, my car insurance, gasoline, clothes, everything else, and MY TELEPHONE BILL. There is no room for extra’s. Please find a way to stop illegal charges to people. That is stealing. Many of us can’t afford thee luxury of paying off thieves. Stop the madness. Thank you so much for this websight. Sincerely, Bonnie J. Ackerman

  198. Brad Butler says:

    Got ripped out of over $300 from these scammers. Lying about being a Verizon rep and doing long distance adjustments. Drop whatever you are doing right now and call your phone company. They can put a carrier freeze on your account that will NOT allow any changes unless you call them directly. The bottom-feeders at USBI will keep doing this as long as theres money to be made.

  199. Jason Price says:

    I noticed on my telephone bill an increase of 43%. I contacted the phone company and they told me the increase was due to an “authorized” service provided by USBI. I contacted USBI and the service we were paying for we never authorized. They said they would reimburse the charges I incurred. I have not received the refund yet. I plan to file a claim with the BBB.

  200. Jorge M says:

    I also had charges on my AT&T Bill from USBI/ Tele Circuit for “Long Distance Monthly Fee” the interesting part is that I do not have a phone line even for local, I only have a line for DSL. When I contacted them they asked me permission to cancel my account, here you go they want your permission to cancel it but not to open it without your knowledge.

    It is fine to come here and post and vent your frustration but it does no good for anyone. I ask anyone who is a victim of these fraudulent practices to file a complaint with all the following agencies:
    The Office of the Attorney General in Georgia (where Tele Circuit is located)
    Your own state’s Office of the Attorney General
    The FCC
    The Office of your Congressman

    It seems like a lot of work, but it isn’t, once you type in the story you can copy and paste it again and again. I just did it.

    Only this type of effort will bury these crooks for good.

  201. Gregory Wieskamp says:

    I was charged on my ATT bil from a compant called USBI I did not authorize these charges. Why the H*** is ATT adding it to my bill? I did not authorize USBI, NOR DID I AUTHORIZE ATT TO ADD IT TO MY BILL !!!!

  202. Tonia Silva says:

    This is not ATT adding these charges. The callers identify themselves as a representative of ATT, but they are lying. I am on the phone with ATT as we speak. They have put a block on any further charges from USBI and it’s parent company. ATT is also adjusting the charge and fixing the mess that USBI made out of my long distance charges. I advise calling ATT immediately and warning all of your friends and business associates about this scam.

  203. Mary Alice Karstens says:

    My name is Mary Alice Karstens and I was assigned 623-386-7701 by Qwest, my local phone company in June of 2010. Since my first billing you have been billing me for long distance service. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS BILLING. I have never ordered this service nor do I ever use the phone for long distance calls. I have made SEVERAL attempts to REMOVE the outstanding balance charged by your company over these many months with no success. PLEASE REMOVE THIS CHARGE AND MY NAME FROM YOUR ACCOUNTS. THANK YOU. Please do not publish this complaint and also confirm when this charge is removed from my account. Also, the fax number given to me this morning is not assigned to you, (240-238-9168)The owner of that company called me to give me that information.

  204. V Gee says:

    my mother (77yrs old) received a call from usbi claiming to be Centurylink, and was told they could lower her long distance bill from 15.00 per month to 10.00 per month. Of course USBI did not record that portion of the call from the sales person. They recorded the portion that she agreed to the change. When I spoke to them and explained she already has unlimited long distance they said they cover her calls that are 60+ miles. There are calls on her bill that are not 60 miles away. Why are they allowed to prey on our senior citizens. The floor manager George Cruz played some half scratched recording of the conversation, but not t he sales pitch. Bottom she was charged 15.00 for her regular carrier and 12.00 for this other carrier for some unauthorized calls.

  205. Andrew (Gladys) Agee says:

    acct#000791045849 please remove all previous charges and taxes for USBI from this account and issue a credit, as these charges were not authorized, this is a nursing home phone in patient’s room and if you say it was authorized by phone, the patient has dememtia, so please do not call the number again to solicate, I am POA and will be expecting immediate response or I will need to contact my lawyer

  206. Pat says:

    I have been battling the same problem but I have contacted my local Utilities board and filed a complaint with FCC. I would suggest that everyone on this list do so and flood both Gov’t agencies with complaints. Someone should contact a TV station an make it public so everyone is aware of the practices

  207. The keymaker Locksmith says:

    I have also been charged by USBI 29.99 a month on my Qwest bill. I Had a local phone guy look at my bill and he told me it was a bogus charge. So we called Qwest. The Qwest rep actually told me how this happens. He said that they will call to verify your information and the they will clip parts of the call and make it sound like you ordered services. When you didn’t. This has been on my bill for 6 years, you do the math. So Naturally I told the rep. that Qwest knows whats going on, and that makes them as dishonest as USBI. So I canceled my 7 year Qwest account. Right now Qwest is trying to collect 300 dollars per line for canceling after I’ve been a paying customer for 7 years. The long and short is USBI are certainly in the sack together. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH QWEST…….

  208. Stella says:

    In October, Stephan, who claimed he was from AT&T, called and told me World Comm, a subcontractor of AT&T, was suing AT&T and the result is our bill would be split in two. To keep my charges on one bill, I would have to agree to switch service to ISI, the new subcontractor under AT&T. This was necessary to remain on our phone plans. Because of the lawsuit, AT&T could not talk about this openly, but instead was calling customers one by one to inform them and help them with the switch, if they so choose. There would be no additional charge for this, in fact, there would be a permanent reduction. He went on to detail the prices, which were close enough to what I remembered being in our original contract.
    He did allow that there would be a small fee, but I wouldn’t see it on my phone bill. He then coached me on how to answer the third party verifier, which I did. So, my voice is on all those recordings, agreeing to switch our service to another subcontractor under AT&T. I have since learned that AT&T has no subcontractors other than sales people. Our next bill was $140 more than usual. The extra charges were comprised of USBI fees (also known as “Williams Communications”) and the AT&T Break of Contract fees. AT&T has since removed these charges from our bill, and returned us to our original plan, but despite blocking USBI from our account and calling USBI myself to complain and cancel services, charges continue to show up. It is now January and I had to call AT&T yet again to remove ISBI charges.
    I was simply lied to. Stephan was courteous and sincere sounding throughout his entire call, but not one thing he said was true. It’s scary that he, and his company can get away with that.

  209. Jessica the salon owner says:

    USBI charged a Unlimited long distance fee to my account for $39.58. My name is the only one on the account, and when I called them they said another stylist approved the charge. Which I do not see possible since she is not on the account! They told me they could not refund the amount already charged but could cancel the service. So I told them they would not be getting their money for this charge. I’m still waiting on my phone call from AT&T, hopefully this will get taken care of! You would think with all the complaints on this website alone that the company would be shut down…

  210. James Bender says:

    When i recieved a call from a represinative from usbi,i told him at that time that my phone was for security house phone only and i never used long didtance or called anyone on this phone.he insisted that i would not have to pay any amount to quest except the 5.95 charge he would take my old amount i pay every month and stop that amount and my full phone bill would be 5.95.He lied i got my bill and it was the same amout with the 5.95 added to it.what kind of people do you have working for you that have to lie to people to keep there quota are something.People like this would not work for me.If this is the way you run your company,it all comes around to hit you later.Thanks but no thanks ive already cancelled this out with quest and they will take care of me the right way.Thanks Mr.Bender

  211. Peace says:

    I never signed up for anything like this but they charged me twice. I called them and they said someone in my household registered for that but there was no such person with that name lives in my address. They said they would credit back the charge of the most recent month. for the previous month, I have to talk to another department on Monday to review the application. We are customers so we need to be protected at the highest level. They can’t charge without our consent.

  212. Stacey Pedersen says:

    We also were charged $16.95 from USBI (“new carrier this month”) which we never authorized. Our local phone company credited us back the fraud charges immediately. I am still going to call USBI and complain.

  213. Ruby says:

    IMPORTANT: If you have been slammed, file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. Go to their website and search for “Slamming Complaint Form 501″. Fill it out and send it to the FCC along with a copy of your phone bill. this is the only way to get the attention of these people.

    I, too had USBI charges for something called “Talk for Less Deluxe”. TLF claims that the service was requested via an email address at, using the name of my son. The “confirming email” was sent to the same phony email address, so of course I had no idea what was going on. It turns out these companies offer $50 gift cards that can be claimed electronically once the new phone “service” has been in effect for 3 months. Undoubtedly, someone with a list of names and telephone numbers can easily set up fake email accounts to change unsuspecting customers’ long distance service, and then wait to claim the gift cards if the customer doesn’t notice the change for at least 3 months.

  214. greg says:

    I never signed up for this BS! I was charged $17.51 a month for two months. How can AT&T and other carriers allow this BS to go on? I guess they are toooo big to care about there customers.

  215. Susan says:

    I was called on Dec 29th and was told if I switch my long distance carrier they would give me a $25 credit on my first bill. Then, I got a second phone call and the lady told me I spoke with a trainee and for the inconvience I would get the $25 plus another $50 credit on my first bill. Well, got my first bill (third party billing) and there were no credits and my long distance cost increased from $15/month with Century Link to $29.99 plus another $7.40 in fees for Carrier Cost Recover and Uniuversal Service Fund…go figure. Just a warning – think twice before you agree to any United Telecom deals! I cancelled the service today but have to pay the add’l charges because of the third party billing…let’s hope these services are really cancelled. It’s a shame they have companies like this – how can they stay in business?

  216. Susan says:

    I was called on Dec 29th and was told if I switch my long distance carrier they would give me a $25 credit on my first bill. Then, I got a second phone call and the lady told me I spoke with a trainee and for the inconvience I would get the $25 plus another $50 credit on my first bill. Well, got my first bill (third party billing) and there were no credits and my long distance cost increased from $15/month with Century Link to $29.99 plus another $7.40 in fees for Carrier Cost Recover and Universal Service Fund…go figure. Just a warning – think twice before you agree to any United Telecom deals! I cancelled the service today but have to pay the add’l charges because of the third party billing…let’s hope these services are really cancelled. It’s a shame they have companies like this – how can they stay in business?

  217. Anna Lee says:


  218. Ryan sargent says:

    I was called oct. of last year and a person clamied to be a verizon rep. they said i was being charged a large amount of money for long distance. i never made an aggrement to switch to usbi but i have a $200 bill each month when my regular service is $50 a month. i made a request to disconect from ther service lets see what happens.

  219. JB says:

    Someone really needs to do something about these parasitic companies~!~ USBI has high jacked my Verizon services and Verizon wasn’t able to protect a me. I have been with verizon for years and for this to happen makes me wonder if they really do value their customers. I have tried to find an address for USBI but have not had any luck. If anyone has that, please get it to me so that legal action may be taken.

  220. Nate says:

    Good luck filing a complaint! I used to work for OSC in Lubbock, TX, which handled USBI complaints and billing. I never understood what the charges were for and I worked there a year back in 2002. The fact that this company still exists baffles the imagination. Something tells me USBI will be billing bogus charges 10 years from now as well.

  221. Judyintx says:

    My office got a call and they pretended to be with AT&T (my carrier) and said in my last bill there was an insert I should have responded to. But said problem, they’d handle it over the phone. Wanted to let me know my office line charge was now eligible for a reduced lower rate but before they could give it to us, we had to accept the new discount. I was uncomfortable about it after the call and called AT&T who put a pick freeze on our office account. But that wasn’t enough. USBI billed all our lines for ‘long distance line charge’ as a 3rd party biller. I also then had to request AT&T to refuse all 3rd party billing. We were lucky, our office is affiliated with a major company and our line goes to Major Accounts. The Major Acct rep reversed our charges. I had already called USBI who cancelled the account but refused to credit anything. These poor souls who answer for USBI get beat up constantly I think. I bet their employee turn over is high. Anyway, it remains to be seen if they’ll try to turn it over to collections or not.

  222. fernando hernandez says:

    The same thing is happening to my folks USBI called and asked if they were authorized to make changes on there AT&T bill and they said yes. They weren’t asked if they wanted to change plans just if they had authority over their account. USBI Is a shady company they give you the runaround and say they will reimburse you but never do. This happen to my dad last year and this year it happened to my mom.

  223. Rick says:

    I discovered this charge on my bill, I called up the number provided and talked to Whitney. I told her my line is only used for DSL purposes. She says she going to take it off. We’ll see.

  224. Al says:

    My previous post was #162.
    My uncle did get reimbursed. He moved out and the account is in my name. I do not see USBI on the bill. Now, when USBI was on the bill it was under an area for services, one being ‘universal svc fee’ Now my bill says ‘Fed universal fee’ of $5.64. Is this normal or am I being scammed again but only more discreet?

  225. David says:

    I went to pay my Verizon business phone line for the month. When I looked at the bill I see a $41 charge from USBI. I don’t even know who this is. A couple of months ago Verizon allowed my line to be slammed by another long distance carrier and my bill went from $65 a month to $300 a month. It took two months for Verizon to staighten out my bill and refund me, Now they allow this USBI to add false charges to my bill.

  226. stuart weinstein says:

    My mother, 87 and in a nursing home was crammed by USBI. As I pay her bills it is my fault for not noticing the 7 months that this was on her ATT bill. However when I called them to complain and ask for a refund they said she had verfied through United Verificaction Services. I asked them to play the tape and after listenting to the call it was obvious she was not quite sure of what this meant Whie she did agree to the change she told them she did not pay the bill, it went to her son, she could not remember her year of birth so he asked for her motehr maiden name
    She did not know the address of the home. She refered to her carrier as Illinois Bell, asked ‘what if i do not want to do this’ several times. The verifer had to explain several times what this was for and did asked if he should call back but it was obvious it should not continue. I spoke to a ‘FLOOR SUPERVISOR’ and another ‘HIGHER UP’ both of whom said it was a valid verification and other then cancelling the service they would not refund anything. On top the ATT LD services we alos charged.

  227. Tim says:

    My long-distance service was changed without authorization.

  228. Val Alves says:

    I strongly believe the telemarketer records any of your “Yes” and later someone edits the recordings to lock you up in the fraudulent agreement. I think its best to never talk with Telemarketers. I can’t believe that Verizon or any of its regulators can’t do anything against these companies! I just found out that we were getting billed by USBI on behalf of Nationwide Long Distance for LD calls when we already had an Unlimited LD package from Verizon!

  229. Jackie Allen says:

    I received bill for 33.04 for long distance services,
    I have unlimited long distance with Q-West…. I find it rather interesting that Q-West gives you a discount if you use Verizon wireless service and direct TV…. Most of these comments involve Q-West and Verizon bills….

  230. BP says:

    OMG!! I got the same thing USBI has charged twice in my phone bill!! my phone company credit me back for this amount.. but what is going on with this USBI!!!.. I will call the USBI and complain too.. this is unacceptable..

  231. Ricardo Rodriguez says:

    USBI Ha what a joke! I cant seem to get them off my verizon bill. They are a rip off!

  232. Sara Hanko says:

    We own a business and our phone bill has been outrageous. When I contacted Windstream, they notified me that USBI have been charging us in excess of $80 per month just for FEES! We don’t even make long distance calls. I called to cancel and was given the run around. This was not an autorized change on our account especially for the amount of fees we were being charged! What a rip off – and if there is some class action lawsuit against them, I want to be included!!

  233. LAKERS 3 PEAT says:

    This is not acceptable this company Clear World MUST BE STOPPED

  234. Hoai Duong says:

    I am being charged 19.95 for something called USBI I dont even know what that is i called my att provider and they said they have know ideal what USBI is why am i and other people being charged for something we dont even know about or dont even used .Something has to be dont about USBI or im gonna haved to cancel my att sevice .

  235. Ricky S says:

    I hate this!! I have AT&T but I guess this happens with other providers too. We are constantly getting charged for odd things that we have never even heard of. To make matters worst, we have automatic bill payments (tyring this whole paperless crap) and what do we get for being “green” we get screwed into months of this dumb USBI charge. I hate this.

  236. HNGUYEN says:

    My brother is 73 years old. He never have long distance sevice.Only local phone from Qwest.But he get the charges from USBI (clear world Communications )

  237. Henry Carrero says:

    Same as everybody else, received a charge for $30.29. This charge was not authorize by me or any other family member. This is abusive.

  238. Ohio says:

    I have been fighting with USBI since Nov. of 2010 to get the charges to stop..They blame AT&T for them continuing…I had enough and called them once again today and went off on them..It is a hard world out there and for them to take advantage of them is not right! I have two small children trying to make it and make sure everyone of my bills are paid.. I am seeing red right now..and the charges were not light charges they were 84 and on top of what at&t charged me..Good luck and beware of them.

  239. Peggy Klingelsmith says:

    I have been charged $19.25 from USBI which I have never heard of. I talked to Verizon and they someone had hacked into my account and changed things. I have never heard of USBI and explained all of this to Verizon. I thought things were taken care of but with my new bill I found out they were not. I will call the company on Monday to try and have this removed but from what I read I see little hope of solving the problem.

  240. Diane Grieb says:

    I also have been seeing these USBI charges on my phone bill. Called Verizon last month to have it changed back to Verizon Freedom for Business which I have had for years. They credited for last month. Received new bill and nothing has changed except for the credit. Called USBI and spoke to Nick and he gave me a confirmation number and said that I will not have a long distance subscriber in 24hrs. I will call Verizon in the morning again and ask them again to change the service back. Usually Verizon works with you. Just have to be the sqeaky wheel sometimes.

  241. Stan says:

    Charged my Verizon telephone account for two calls. These charges were not approved.

  242. Connie says:

    I called USBI today because my parents phone bill showed these charages. They don’t even have long distance. The customer service reps were horrile, rude and uneducated. USBI is a disgrace. AT&T should be held accountable for allowing them to access their clients accounts. Who are they to disclose personal information? USBI were calling people who had no idea what they were talking about. Getting them on a recoreded line agreeing to swith LD service. What a shame!

  243. Connie says:

    I called USBI today because my parents phone bill showed these charages. They don’t even have long distance. The customer service reps were horrile, rude and uneducated. USBI is a disgrace. AT&T should be held accountable for allowing them to access their clients accounts. Who are they to disclose personal information? USBI were calling people who had no idea what they were talking about. Getting them on a recorded line agreeing to swith LD service. What a shame!

  244. Amy says:

    Well, they got my business account. SWORE they were AT&T when they called to do a “routine bill consolidation.” Went so far as to give me a number, when I insisted, to call them back to make sure they were At&T. They answered the phone with, “AT&T!” A month later, our long distance bill has almost tripled, got an early cancellation fee from AT&T and USBI is listed as my carrier. This forum has posts that go back to 2008! Why are they still pulling this scam? How can it be legal??

  245. Bridgette says:

    In November of 2010, an agent claiming to be calling from Verizon called to tell me that my long distance plan was not optimal and that they could change my plan to reflect a $5.00 per month savings. This wasn’t much, but at the time we were looking to save every penny would could. It seemed odd that they kept verifying my information, but they had it all. I asked if it would affect my bundle price, and was assured that it would only reflect the five dollar savings.

    Then I received my Verizon bill for December and nearly fell out of my chair. Not only did I have additional charges for this USBI company, but I also got slammed with a hundred dollar early termination fee for canceling my bundle. I called Verizon right away and was told that there was nothing that they could do because I authorized the change. No one seemed to care that the agent that called me said they were from Verizon, nor did they offer any kind of reimbursement. I was also told that I could no longer get the bundle deal that I had signed up for; the best they could do was $20 more than what I had been charged for.

    I called and cancelled the USBI service at the same time and although I was told that it was cancelled, I still got charged for it in January and February. I called again in February and was told that I had not chosen another long distance company and until I did, I would be getting charged by USBI. I was told that Verizon would have to remove them from our account.

    Verizon would not make any changes to our account until we were completely caught up on our bill though. Finally in April we were able to get caught up and I made the changes. I called USBI once again and was assured that Verizon had removed them and that I would no longer be billed after April 5th. It’s now June and I am still being charged for USBI. I called yet again and was told that they bill one to three months behind and if there are no phone calls on their service for the previous month then they would stop billing.

    I can’t believe that some of these posts are two and three years old and this criminal activity is still going on. I agree with many others.. . how can this be legal? Clearly this is deception and borders on extortion.

  246. Gloria Douglas says:

    This company is pretending to be a part of Verizon telling perple that they are working with them to lower long distant rates and sucking people into thinking that they are affiliated with verizon. When will this all stop. I have called the number they provide on the bill but no one answers. I have left messages for them to stop charging my bill. The government needs to take action against usbi and bring them to justice.

  247. Mark T. Phelps says:

    I was lied to on switching to their services, and my bill went up. This needs to be a class A action lawsuit!!!!

  248. Mark T. Phelps says:

    I was lied to on switching to this company, and my bill went up. This needs to be a class A actions lawsuit.

  249. Jai says:

    My verizon bill was charged for unauthorized charges. When I called USBI to find out what this was about, they played me a staged recording with me saying yes to questions I was never asked. How awful that this so called business is still operating and getting away with this. Hopefully a third party block will help.

  250. dave burdis says:

    first of all i only keep a landline to keep my alarm operative told this to usbi rep & they added long distance calling to my phone service! i have a cell phone for that they said that my phone bill would only be $10 per month instead of $17 as it is now instead it went up to $23! they said that i authorized this do not recall doing so!

  251. Sherry says:

    I just got my phone bill with verizon and i saw that USBI had but more charges on my account. they needed to cancel it bec i dont order it. if they dont cancel it i will cancel verizon and i am not playing.

  252. Sherry says:

    I am not going to pay for these charges

  253. George says:

    I too was scammed / Slammed. I was charged $6.12 on my Verizon Account. I called Verizon and they took off the charges. I then called USBI and asked for a playback of messages. They played back a staged voice mail where they used excerpts of me saying Yes to my name and created a conversation of me saying that I want to switch to them . Scammers …

  254. Laura says:

    USBI charged me almost 50 dollars in fees and i never gaver them permission to switch my service i have always had att&t so when my bill arrived almost 50 dollars higher than usual i called att&t and they usbi had me as using them as a carrier..they are crooks!!!!

  255. A. M. Brady says:

    I did not authorize USBI nor VarTec Telecom to bill me minimum usage fees. I will not pay it and have instructed Qwest not to pay it. I want $8.83 credited and the so call service cancelled and disconnected. I am writing a letter with copies to anyone who wishes to affect legal action.

  256. alejandro says:

    I called USBI today because my parents phone bill showed these charages. They don’t even have long distance. The customer service reps were horrile, rude and uneducated. USBI is a disgrace. AT&T should be held accountable for allowing them to access their clients accounts. Who are they to disclose personal information? USBI were calling people who had no idea what they were talking about. Getting them on a recorded line agreeing to swith LD service. What a shame!

  257. Domitila Dorado says:

    I did not authorize USBI to be charging me for services I do not even use, I have paid more than $50 in fees that I don’t Understand, and I want a refund of my money

  258. YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA says:

    Unauthorized Charges on Your Local Phone – Utility Bill? R2
    FCC fines Verizon over ‘mystery’ fees $25 million and $52 million in refunds – 10/28/2010

    How to Find Them, Eliminate Them & Get Your Money Back!
    If your business still gets its phone service through the old “AT&T and Verizon, etc” local phone company (as opposed to one of the newer competitive phone providers) then you need to double check your phone bill each and every month for charges you did not authorize. You may not know it but the local phone company allows other companies to bill you through your local phone bill. And while the local phone company allows other businesses to bill you through your local phone bill, the local phone company does not verify that the charges being billed to you by the other company are valid. When these unauthorized charges fraudulently appear on your phone bill it’s called “cramming”. Unfortunately you as the business owner or manager are the only one that can spot the unauthorized charges and if you don’t comb over your bill every month to spot these unauthorized charges – you’ll pay for them.
    Customers get crammed when a dishonest company puts charges on their phone bill (landline or wireless) for services that were not wanted or authorized.
    YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA

  259. Ricky Nations says:

    USBI is a SCAM!!!! I was slammed by them. If you are researching them, do not use them!

  260. Carlos says:

    I was charged 20.96 in fees. when I call them they told me that it was a fee service fron AmeriTe, but I never have had bussinesses with that company, so I called ATT in order to stop this payment. I thinsk ATT is resposnsible for this situations because it its doing my information to some thieves. I I thinking about legal actions againts ATT – no only cancellng my service.

  261. dave says:

    Verizon Bill had 19.45 charge last two months, for hellomail unitedtel or something like that under USBI. VERIZON and AT&T need to step up it is under their bill.

  262. Mike A says:

    These bastards scammed me for 31.13 for one month with AT&T. AT&T gave me credit & I had them put a third party block on my account. We will see if this helps! Good luck to all!!

  263. Lori says:

    I reviewed my 90 year old mother’s AT&T phone bill today and found USBI charges. She has dementia, resides in a nursing home, and doesn’t even make outgoing calls. Now, I’m struggling to get them to stop this service and its charges. These people are preying on seniors who care no longer able to conduct their own business. It is so very wrong.

  264. Jackie T. says:

    I got our company’s Qwest bill today and saw a charge from USBI. I pulled last month’s bill and didn’t see it, so I asked our General Manager if he knew what it was. He said he’d received a phone call from someone “representing Qwest” and because CenturyLink is taking over Qwest, the bill was going to look a little different. And they were just calling to tell us the bill would “look different” from normal. Several times the GM asked if they were from Qwest…and each time they said they were. So he authorized the change. I only recognized this for a slam as I fell into this trap several years ago and when I called Qwest the customer svc rep told me that Qwest will usually not call us unless there is a big problem with the account. These guys are slick as snot. Fortunately, we are in partnership with an intermediary company and we called them and told them the story…our representative told us what happened was a big problem and she’s going to take care of it for us. I’m going to get in touch with the PUC, State Atty General, and FTC/FCC now. Nowhere in any conversation do these guys identify themselves as USBI…

  265. Why It Pays to Study Your Phone Bill – Cramming, Part 1 | Advice Mint says:

    [...] infuriating absurdities have prompted calls for class action suits and the creation of Internet complaints boards to document this practice, known in the industry as [...]

  266. elida garcia says:

    usb is a scam company usbi is ben chargen me for last 4 months 112,15 and att help me whit the credit for 48.90 thank you att

  267. elida garcia says:

    USBI is scam company USBI bill me for last 4 months 12.15 each month i call att and they help me thank you att

  268. ELIDA GARCIA says:

    USBI is scam company USBI bill me for last 4 months 12.15 each month i call att and they help me thank you att USBI interfier whit all att customers and try to get money foe free please call and ask for your credit

  269. upset att customer says:

    Been paying about 6 dollars a month for 5 month and just noticed. I called them and they ask lots of questions and then wonder why i want to cancel something i never authorized. they said they have recording of my wife saying she accepted. That is total BS!!!

  270. DLC says:

    USBI charged my company 542.00 for long distance services that i did not authorize. i searched for their main company which is BSG – Billing Services Group and called USBI directly, their representatives continued to try and direct me to American Telecom Sys Customer Service Department which is a Voice mailbox that is full, after 3 hours they told me that a credit of 584.00 will be taken off my bill between 1 -3 billing cycles that’s 2 – 3 months later

  271. Marv Neal says:

    Every month for the past 10 years I have noticed a $10.40 charge on my bill. I inquired about the charge and Verizon informed me it was another company billing me for services rendered. I assumed it was in relation to the calls I get from my brother who is in prison. Finally after 10 years I dug a little deeper and began to question even more what this charge is. Finally I learned it was a long distance company??? I never authorized any other long distance company to provide me with services. I spoke with USBI in June and reqested they stop charging me. It is now August and I am still being charged!!

  272. brendan says:

    I have been trying to get them to stop charges on my bill for one year. I even resorted to changing my service only to have them re-install me. I am currently still being billed by them and am now speaking with the PUC,, FCC, and California PUC about them and ATT being unable to stop billing me for it.

  273. Cristina Velasquez says:

    $60 dollars of unauthorized charges on my AT&T phone bill which indicates I made many long distance phone calls which I am certain did not come from my home. I am soo angry, in a time when ends are meet – these companies come and try to scam hard working Americans. Shame on them. I hope they do get a class action lawsuit, this is horrendous.

  274. Renee K says:

    I received our telephone bill today from AT&T and found it to be almost twice as high as is normal. In checking, USBI switched our long distance plan to them and charged over $50.00 for all this. I called and they said it was authorized by me, but I told them I never authorized a change from AT&T. Why are these places still in business, and why does AT&T allow such disreputable places use their customers in this way? They must be receiving some type of kickback or something. I can’t believe all the bull you have to go through and hoops to jump for these scammers. Ridiculous!

  275. Charmaine Todalen says:

    solicited by usbi said I could change my free long distance with windstream to get 10.00 of my bill. I said yes. I am not even authorized to make changes it is my husbands account. Now instead of free long distances I have the privelidge of paying usbi for longdistance. Does that make sense to you? I don’t feel like I should have to pay the outstanding 43.00 that is currently on my longdistane after windstream credit me 59.00. usbi is demanding the balance for longdistance that i was getting free.

  276. Denise says:

    I moved into my new office May 2, 2011. I set up all of my telephone services with AT&T. My experience with AT&T has been anything but good, but ironically this complaint is not about them. However, because of all of the issues, I have had to make several lengthy calls to AT&T trying to resolve issues. After another very lengthy and disappointing call with AT&T, I received a phone call from random person saying they were going to get everything straightened out on my account, implying he was with my current carrier, and they were going to get all of my long distance calls bundled the way they should be so I can get the correct discounts (which was one of the problems I and been having with AT&T) – I was very flip and said “Ok well, I guess we will see about that when the bill comes in”.

    On July 12th I had to call AT&T again because of another issue and the AT&T agent told me that there was some other service provider showing and I told them I didn’t have any other and then remembered the conversation I had that day with that random person that called – so AT&T said they would correct that.

    I received my new bill this month only to find a bill for $141.66 for USBI for unlimited long distance services! I called AT&T and they said they have had this happen before and that I should call USBI and tell them what happened, request a credit and no further billing.

    I just got off the phone with the rudest person I have ever spoken to in a customer service related position! I explained what happened and she said “according to my notes, you did agree to this service”, and I kept telling her that I didn’t and I wouldn’t and unless she could provide me with a signed contract or a recording where I agreed to it, then I expected a full credit. She said she did have a recording and would go listen to it, and I demanded to listen as well.

    It was a recording of a man speaking extremely fast and a woman answering “ye” to each and every questions – at the end it asks the customer to recite their name and when the person said my name, they had a Latin lilt/accent!! I am from Mississippi and I most definitely DO NOT have a Latin lilt/accent! Not to mention there was a mistake in the address that I would have corrected if it were actually me on the phone. I laughed and told the woman that most definitely was NOT me and she said that it didn’t matter because she has to go by the recording. I was furious and demanded to speak to a supervisor and she wouldn’t let me. She said that the supervisor would tell me the same thing and I didn’t need to speak with a supervisor just because I didn’t like what I was hearing!!

    I am absolutely floored that this kind of practice can be legal and that there is nothing that an innocent person can do to defend themselves! There must be some sort of penalty for doing business this way. I own and operate my own business and I do the right thing every day. I make an honest living and I have an excellent reputation in my field. Yet I have to defend myself, my company and my credit from vultures like this? It just isn’t right and I will not rest until they are never allowed to do this to anyone else again.

  277. Jessica says:

    I also recieved a call from someone claiming to be an AT&T employee offering me to save me money on my plan. I naivly believed them. Once I switched my plan – which I didn’t quite understand – if it was AT&T, why would I have to “switch” anything? Anyhow, the rates were MUCH higher. A week later, I switched back to AT&T, but USBI is STILL billing me for service I no longer have with them. WHY is this company still in business?? I’m going to contact the Better Business Bureau and the SBC as well. I suggest everyone else do the same. I cannot comprehend what kind of horrible people would work for a business who lies and cheats people like this.

  278. Tonya Wilkins says:

    I own a contracting business and as of Tuesday, August 16, 2011 I cannot receive calls because USBI took over the phone number without my permission. AT&T is supposedly sending me a form to fill out to get our number back and working again. This does not help me get back 3 business days that customer’s could not contact our company, so who knows how our sales could have been affected. I believe we should be compensated by USBI.

  279. Jafar Omidvar says:

    I noticed charges of over $200 on my bill by USBI for long distance calls. I am the only authorized person in our company to start any phone service and we already have an unlimited long distance plan with Verizon. When I called USBI they said somebody in our company had authorized the service. Upon further inquiry it was discovered that they had called our number, talked to our janitor who happened to pick up the phone, represented themselves as part of Verizon and told him all they want to do is save our company 35% on long distance calls.And when our janitor said they have to talk to me, they said it is not necessary to bother him because “he may be busy” and all he had to do was accept the offer. It is clearly a dirty scam and I’d like to know how to file complaint.

  280. Bridgett Librado says:

    usbi is on my bill and i did not authorize this. i have contacted them several times to no avail.

  281. Bonnie Hedrick says:

    Woman claiming to be affiliated with AT&T called about bundling our church phone lines into one long distance bill. Claimed this would save us money on our long distance. Said it was only long distance, not the toll calls. Got the first bill from AT&T and the bills were double – we were charged early termination fees for our AT&T plans plus the new long distance and toll rates on each line. AT&T graciously changed us back and credited us the fees. However, we are no longer able to get our previous AT&T long distance rate back and will now be paying more anyway. When I call USBI, no matter what number I enter, the “voice” transfers all calls back to AT&T. Can’t even talk to this bogus company.

  282. Joann Blei says:

    I cancelled this account over a month ago!! why am I still getting billed for it!

  283. laura herrera says:

    hola necsito que alguen me ayude tengo 2 anos peleando con esta,compania de tel.o compania de cobros al final de cuentas no se que sea ya q parece que es una compania fantasma sea lo que sea .se ha metido en mi servicio telefonico de at&t,y no se por q pero la cuenta me ha llegado ya hasta de 70 dolares extras,no las pienso pagar por que ni uso el servicio delarga distancia,ahora mismo he hablado a at&t por q ellos me estan haciendo un cobro de 4;77 sobre la privacidad para q ninguna compania como la antes mencionada se meta y creo q no es justo ahora me dicen q por que quite ese cobro es muy posible que esto vuelva a suceder por favor que alguen me ayude

  284. Dave says:

    Just received a check ($15.85) from HBS Billing ser inc from San Antonio,Tx. This has been going on Since Dec. 2010. I told my Frontier phone co that I would not pay this unautorized charge. They said I needed to put ” No phone charges” on my account,which I did. I blame both parties. A real gimmic. How many people never notice the charge?

  285. Adrian F. says:

    About a month ago I received a call saying that I had a packaged from FEDEX and it didn’t had the receipnt’s name and address just the phone number. So they just kept asking if I wanted to received the package and I could hear a recording machine recording my “Yes”. But that just got really weird because they just kept aking me lots of questions so that I could answer “Yes” . They began to say “I couldn’t hear your answer. Can you repeat it please.” It just sounded really weird. So I just began to question them and I ask to talk to a supervisor. They got really mad and they hang up on me. But now I received my phone bill with a charge from USBI for 5.25. So I called them I they told me that I had authorized them when I said “YES” and they even put my recording. I am very angry how they took advantage from me.

  286. martha roberts says:

    same here a guy claiming to be from att called abd said he was from att and wanted to tell me about changes att was making anf how it would lower my bill and now att says they can’t stop it till i get a conformation number from usbi that i cancelled them and can’t get a hold of usbi i have been paying three months and counting

  287. Aulsie Yates says:

    Well my story is a little different. A man with a latin accent called claiming to work for Fed Ex and that he had a letter for me. For some reason I told him my name and spelled it for him, he then asked me to verify my address, but when he asked my birthdate I stopped and told him if the driver needed any information I would be glad to give it to him in the morning. When I got off the phone I looked back on the phone to see who had called. I tried to call the number back but it was a disconnected number and of course it was not listed as Fed Ex but some woman’s name. I called Fed Ex to talk to them about the call and they told me that they would have never have done that. Then low and behold my long distance phone service is now changed. I called today to cancel with this rip off of a company. I am calling back on Tuesday because I told the representative I would not pay these charges. I am also going to call the better business bureau and my state public commission service to see what can be done.

  288. Desiree C says:

    Never authorized services from them. Started with a bill of $10.00, but now it is up to $29.99. My longdistance service is now changed. I will not pay for these charges. I feel AT&T is not protecting my right of privacy as their customer.

  289. George Leckey says:

    I just recieved a bill from Centuruy Link, an company i’ve never heard from and they had any incredible amount of information about me. I have verizon wireless service, direct tv internet and television service and Qwest phone service the simplest plan possible. I never authorized this sleezeball outfit to nill me for services or have anything to do with me, and I would like very much to gt rid of them, Do you have any suggestions? I would sure appreciate it; nothing makes me madder and lose it (going postal) than these telemarketers that chet us out of our money and do things without our permission. Any hep you can offer I would surely appreciate.

    Kindest Regards

    George Leckey

  290. Michaela Montano says:

    I want to join a class action suit against these shysters!!! They have been billing since March 2010, according to Qwest, but I think it’s been longer. I called Qwest around that time to ask what this charge was, and THEY told me it was just part of taxes and wireless billing. Now I find out its a scam! Qwest tells ME to call and demand my money back…good luck to me!

  291. Julio Patricio says:

    My Mom who is 71 years of age gets a phone call from a person claiming to be doing a survey. A couple of days later she gets another phone call saying that her account has been activated and now $100 hundred dollars later we are still fighting with this company.

  292. Kay Culver says:

    I have been charged 2 times from USBI. I called the them before and I told them I did not want this charge and they said they would not refund the money. Then call AT&T and found a very nice man and he refunded the money. I received another bill with another charge a lady at AT&T said the USBI should refund me -doubt that since they did not the first time. I am very unhappy that I am being charged for something I know nothing about and did want this service. Here I go again with AT& T and USBI. This should not happen to anyone that does not want the service. What can be done to stop this?

  293. Davene Bazhaw says:

    five calls were billed on my AT&T bill by USBI. I have cancelled the service for Naational Access LD

  294. Davene Bazhaw says:

    5 calls were billed on my AT&T bill by USBI on behalf of National Access ID. Please cancel these calls from my bill.

  295. Davene Bazhaw says:

    USBI does not have authority to bill calls on my AT&T bill.
    Please cancel this service.

  296. Cynthia H. says:

    My story is almost identical to Jafar’s (above #279). Although our LD charges on our business line were $711.43. I contacted AT&T about this and she mentioned that USBI as well as other LD carriers continue to make these shisty calls. We have a small sales office in another state with 10 phone lines and only one of the lines was ported over by USBI. She said that even if the person said “that sounds like a good rate” they take this as a “YES” without even the person on the other end, no matter who they are, knowing that they have just “accepted” their offer to switch LD carriers. AT&T put in an “investigation” on these charges and said it should be taken care of by the next billing date. So we shall see what happens next month on 10/07/11 when our bill regenerates.

  297. Carl says:

    AT&T is not charging you, nor assisting USBI in charging you. The FCC requires phone companies to accept third party charges.

  298. Stephanie Corby says:

    I have been fighting with USBI for over a year. I used to work in telecom (business side) and I know a lot of the processes; I then worked on the “other side” managing telecom & data accounts for a business and this has been a more hellacious fight than I ever had. I have repeatedly requested LD blocks and cramming blocks from my LEC (Verizon) and call back periodically to make sure they are still there. The cramming block (supposed to keep these USBI-types from being able to bill you)has “disappeared 3 times over the last year and the LD block has “disapppeared” twice. I have called USBI repeatedly and all they ever do is say they can do nothing. I actually had a girl almost in tears explaining the ethical delimma she has put herself in working for this company and she appears to have cancelled my USBI account, for which they charged me over $50 in assorted fees!!!! Whoever heard of fees to close an account, especially when you have no contract??

    Anyway, Im going to tell my story and report them at every possible opportunity until I feel that I/ have given them as much hell as they have given me, and then at least I can say I did my best…

  299. Sara Fleming says:

    Someone called identifying themself as ATT. Wanted to offer discount long distance. My bills have more then doubled. Cancelled them numerous time still get this bill!Ridiculous!

  300. North American Pharmacla says:

    I called USBI and they told me that it was cell communications whom i had to talked to. They canceled the long distance service right away but no money back. They claim that one of my employees agreed to that but they still need to find the recording to prove it.

  301. Susan Walsh says:

    I have been getting the go around from USBI about a charge on my bill that I never authorized for Months now and am sick of the crap! If there’s a lawsuit in the works I want in on it. It’s a $5.95 charge for long distance and again I never authorized it and no one else can. I have names of employees and their ID’s with confirmation #’s of when they “closed” the account and yet I still get charged every month. Think it’s about time we all contact the Attorney General and the Public Utilities Commission.

  302. Holli says:

    I received the same phone call as many others have from USBI Global Crossings. I was told according to the long distance I use they could save me money every month. I am so glad for this website because it has brought the attention to me that this is not okay! These people need to be stopped. I can’t even count how many months they have been taking my money. $44 added to my AT&T bill plus $16 of other charges. It is truly sad that nobody can be trusted in a phone conversation anymore!

  303. Tiffany says:

    I received the same charges on my companies CenturyLink bill. They said they were not authorized to release the name of signed us up, when I am the only one who has the authorization to make any decisions on behalf of our company. I have already filed a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission in the state of Washington. CenturyLink stated that is really our only option to fight them. To stop it from happening again though, she stated most phone carriers have a “THIRD PARTY BLOCK” the they will gladly put on your account at NO CHARGE, but beware that those who occasionally accept collect calls from people, this will block those as well.

  304. Jesse Barba says:

    I received a Call from USBI about two years ago claiming I save money with them so I signed on but after one call back east to my mother I found there was no saving and I was paying more. I called them up and canceled and went back to AT&T. For a few months my bill went down. I hadn’t even noticed they had been billing me again but they had for over two years. I figure they owe me over $191.40. I’ll be seeing what can be done to recover my losses. :(

  305. DELIA ROSALES says:

    I recived a phone call from a “verizon” employee as well. I called verizon and had a freeze put on both lines so that no one can have access to my lines and called USBI and told to stop everything they cancelled and gave me a conformation #. We will see what the next bill says. What they are doing is wrong they are misrepresenting themselves to seem as if they work for our telephone providers.

  306. Maria G. says:

    I was with Bellsouth before it became ATT and continued up to now. My long distance service is with them also. I just wonder how my long distance service got stolen by a third party company during the time that there was an outage in my area. Now this third party is telling me that I authorized their company to provide my long distance service and even played a recording. I swear in my mother’s grave that I did not authorize this third party company and I swear that if I answered yes to certain questions, authorization was not one of those. It’s like two or three questions were reworded or inserted just so they could be answered by a yes or no. And a while ago after I contacted my company regarding my dispute, I was connected to a “third party verifier” and lo and behold, the first 3 questions were exactly the same questions from that third party and of course, this scared me to death. I said I am not gonna put myself in another situation like what I’m going through now. And I can’t believe for all years of loyalty I have with ATT, they can still give me away. It’s hard to call this company now because everything is outsourced. You actually are talking to someone from out of the country. Who can help me better than someone who is physically in the United States, who understands and empathizes with my dilemma? I’m calling the help of any government entity that can assist me with this problem. It’s election time again. Maybe my problem can be of use to any politician out there. When America allowed outsourcing, fraud and identity theft started happening.

  307. Helga says:

    I recently got my phone bill and noticed charges from USBI from Jan. I remember talking to them and telling them I don’t use long distance through my landline but my cell! She then said we are from qwest and we can save you some money on your long distance! I said it shouldn’t be on my phone bill and to take it off. Then low and behold I got charges on my phone bill for 4.75. I call USBI and they play a recording with me agreeing to the change. I am 86 yrs old and I i kept telling them I use my cell on the recording. They didn’t try and explain anything they just had me agree! I know the charges are not much but it is the point they should have never put those on my bill! I asked for the CEO and the flat out refused any information except her name is Pricilla and she doesn’t have an email or a way to contact her. They cancelled the service but refused credit! I called century link and they are blocking any third party APs! Thank goodness for that and also thanks to my granddaughter for helping me with them and posting this for me! I hope they are stopped!!!!

  308. ikey says:

    8 months of USBI, just finally got them to agree to cancel but I guess only time will tell. I am with AT&T and have an all Carrier block on my number but they still got in there. How does this happen? I never agreed to a thing. Well hopefully its all cleared up but the sad thing is I look at how long this company has been doing this and how much money they have got off of people over just the few years that’s been posted on here. Its not right they get away with that.

  309. Zoraida Franco says:

    I started getting charged phone calls for PR through a Century Link Package though they told me calls there were free. They said it was third party billing from USBI…..never heard of them, didn’t need them. I called them and they gave me some arbitrary name that had authorized this long distance service. I find it ludacris that they can charge me, through Century Link, without any contact from the account holder. Someone truly needs to get the BB in on this racket. I’d often received calls from this carrier before speaking to me in Spanish (I can speak English), because I had a hispanic name. Doesn’t matter that I can speak Spanish….I don’t like the way they ‘target’ their customers trying to sell them on a service they don’t need. If they are making money, it is not by hook, it’s by crook. Class action suit in the making…….Phone companies are required to accept third party billing?…………wow….

  310. John says:

    I was Billed $423.60 from nov 2011 thru April 2012 for long distance service I never signed up for. I was “Slammed” by USBI.

  311. Sylvain says:

    I used 1010-300 ( Williams Comm) for long distances early january 2012. published price was 1.9 cents a minute and I received a bill for $159.00 for 36 minutes.

  312. Joseph Curry says:

    My Telephone company is ATT, I receive charges from USBI when my wife calls her family in Mexico.
    In the phone bill, it stated billed on behalf of Americatel. It adds about $20 extra to my phone bill.

  313. Alex says:

    We’ve been charged $5.17 to $10.35 a month for service i never authorized. Please sue this company, they shouldn’t get away with this!

  314. Scott says:

    Had my phone for 3 yers and have never made a LD call from it without a prepaid phone card. Back in January US Telecom asked me to be my long distance provider. I told him I never make a LD call he said it won’t cost me anything until I make a LD call and I would save money. I still haven’t made a LD call and now in June I’m billed $11 for statement and network fees!!!

  315. julio pz says:


  316. Susanne Heidt says:

    I’m being charged USBI charges on my local phone bill. I requested from my phone carrier to have these charges removed.

  317. Audrey Hodson says:

    I told them I didn’t have a long distant server and that I didn’t need one, they signed me up any way. Charged my ATT bill. I hope it is taken care of. I don’t want this service with USBI Thank you

  318. rvital says:

    This long distance service was added to my phone bill without my authorization. I was told that it was authorized by a person (a name given) who I dont know and doesnt live in my household. When I called to ask why this was on my bill, i got the worst customer service first with Andres ID# 1224 he wouldnt let me speak so I had to hang up and re-call. then i spoke to Gustavo ID# 1229 who was equally rude. I dont understand how a company can operate by scamming the public. This company needs to be stopped!!!!

  319. TRICIA says:

    U.S. billing charged my Frontier Account without permission. When I called their number 800-460-0556, it transfered me automatically to Century Link and said that Century Link had authorized it. Century Link can not find my numbers or account. So I’m being charged and have no way to contact the usbi because it transfers me to century link. century link says they are my provider, but their not my provider. i’m going around in circles with them. Frontier told me that i have unlimited local with them and 100 minute nationwide with 3 cents for each additional minute. but frontier can’t stop other carriers from putting long distant charges on my bill even if they’re not authorized.

  320. JEANETTE says:


  321. Anna Doyle says:

    I have been calling USBI for a month to try to get an explanation of the charges that they have posting through to my account from my local carrier. They can not do it. Anytime I ask for a supervisor…they say the person is in a meeting or not available. I am going to write a letter to the FCC.

  322. John says:

    Like so many, I received a call from someone “working for ATT” who thanked me for my business and said ATT wanted her to check the plan I had and help me save money. Then she lied about the true costs involved. When I got my first bill I realized I had been lied to. I called Att and switched back to them. When I called USBI I was told the cancellation was processed. I asked for written confirmation and was told that USBI doed not “do that”. USBI never cancelled my account, and according to ATT they switched me back to them (without permission) after ATT took me back over. Now USBI claims I never cancelled and told me I would have to prove I did. The people at USBI make a game out of the whole thing on the phone and deliberately try to frustrate and antagonize callers. They do this to thousands of people and think nothing of it. The “supervisor” I spoke to was practically laughung at me. WHERE ARE THE REGULATORS? This should not be permitted to happen.

  323. Sasser Auto Care says:

    My complant regaurds an AT&T Bill for my Buisness Account, which increased due to 3rd party billing. A total increase of 154.27 in just 2 month. The first amount increased was 61.00, the scond month it was an increase of 93.27. I believe the BBB and the Public Utilities Commission should investigate AT&T for the involvment.

  324. Billie Ricketts says:

    Charges have been put on the bill that were not authorized. They said they have a recording of myself authorizing the charge, but when it was played back to me it is not my voice on the tape recording.

  325. william says:

    i was being charge from USBI from Consumer Telcom,
    got a call from them months ago with information that only my phone company should know and told me they could save me money aswell for long distance. recorded me only agreeing to the change but not to the 30 minutes of me saying no and him telling me the lies. and never stated that they were going to ADD extra charges. when i called them just now to find out WTF they replayed the recording of me saying yes. so now they canceled but are sending me a final bill of what my phone company has refused to pay them. grrrr

  326. Ben says:

    I have a very similar story that USBI charges monthly fee appeared on my ATT statement. I don’t understand: 1) how USBI got my info in the 1st place? How can ATT give customer info to the third party? 2) how can government allow such scam existing for long time (some complains since 2006)?

  327. Jennifer says:

    We received a call from a USBI represnetative claiming that they were a new arm of Verizon and that long distance would no longer be covered through Verizon directly. So we were deceived into saying yes and our bill has only gone up.

  328. tyrone and janie hudson says:

    they are still billing me after i call and cancelled them i guess ill just cancel at&t i cant afford this im sick of this please help us get a refund and stop biling me ,they got me where i cant get long distances from anyone .At&t wont help i guess we will get another telephone company

  329. Guadalupe Dorantes says:

    I noticed a charge for long distance on my nov bill, it was a surprise to me, because my current plan allows me to call anywhere in the U.S for no additional cost (century link), I noticed these extra charges came from a USBI company, i called them to find out why the charges and i was told i had authorized to use them as my long distance provider for a very small fee, i told them i would never approve this change since i dont pay any extra with my current provider, they said i had agreed to the charges and they said i they had a recording, well they never were able to prove to me that it was my voice, and they said they were going to credit my account, well now is the end of dec and i have not received any credit plus i just received my phone bill and they are still charging me for having USBI even though i told them to cancel what ever service they said i had. im sick and tired of this B.S and of these companies that try to take advantage of honest customers.

  330. Clara says:

    I got an extra $33.00 in my regular bill. I never authorized anything from ATT. I need this charges to be cancel.

  331. Carol Capas says:

    I received a bill attached to my regular bill from this company. When I finally got through they advised that someone that I do not know the person who they say authorized long distance on a phone that I have never had long distance service on. After some more wait time the “long distance” was cancelled and a refund should be on my next bill. If not, then there will be more coming!

  332. Nina says:

    TERRIBLE!!!! They are connected with Clear World Communications that swore that they had a recording of me saying yes to their services. When I asked to hear it and they said its been too long and they can’t let me hear it! FRAUDS!!!!!! TERRIBLE COMPANY!! I NEVER SAID YES TO ANYTHING!!! I can’t believe there’s horrible people like this in the world! You don’t deserve to open a company! ATT is obviously not helping and USBI is lame and so is CLEAR WORLD CONNECTIONS! SO they “CLAIMED” to have canceled everything and since ATT is being a horrible company as well it’s being cancelled! I CANNOT trust any company anymore! SAD!

  333. Robert says:

    I received a call in Dec 2011 telling me much the same thing everyone else here is saying. The person told me that they were affiliated with ATT and I could save $10 on my business phone for long distance (which I don’t use anyway). My bill was $78 more than normal due to their “money-saving” offer. I called ATT, had my service restored and have tried repeatedly to reach the number I was given to cancel the other (which I never even authorized). Report these people to the FCC. This and all other scams like this MUST be stopped.

  334. egbune harold says:

    USBI with the connivance of ATand T billed me about 540 for 3 months now for calls I never made.They must be stopped.

  335. egbune harold says:

    USBI with the connivance of ATand T billed me about 540 for 3 months now for calls I never made.This is more than a scam. They must be stopped.

  336. Lisa JIL says:

    When will it end with USBI? Constantly insisting they are Verizon, even have a call back number that they answer saying “verizon” and how they are going to change my services. Now that I recognize the process, I tell them “no, I do not want to save money” and they become annoyed and ridicule me. It’s all about getting the “yes” onto the recording. Sooo frustrated — I’m about to call Verizon, yet again because they have found their way onto my phone bill for the 4th time!!

  337. Lattice Edmonds says:

    Hello I called my local Verizon telephone service provider to make a payment to be informed that I have a large amount of long distance calls that I am currently being billed for. I stated that I have long distance services provided by there company Verizon,so why I am I getting billed for those calls. Verizon’s prepersentative informed informed me that I am not surpose to be billed for long distance because the are providing that service in my bundle package. I have a bill for almost 400.00 dollars on my Verizon telephone bill from this USBI company. I asked what is a USBI service, I don’t make long distance call from my house phone number, although I have a long distance carrier. This was my first time hearing of this company when these additional charges appeared on my bill last month (January 2013). I was informed by my carrier that I am responsible for the charges that was change for these calls. I want to know who is responsible, how do I contact them, what I need to do to file a complaint against this company to get them to stop charging me and PAID MY BILL. I will get to the bottom of this. I will not allow them to get away with this, IT FRAUD and someone has to make them PAY.I have ask my provider to send me my next bill, so I can check it for these calls also. Someone anyone please Help! We all need justice in this matter.

  338. Jon says:

    Was speaking with a representative from Century Link about my bill. They brought it to my attention that although I was already paying them for unlimited long distance I also had a 3rd party charge from USBI for long distance service. I have no idea how it is that they can do this without permission. I never would have given them permission to handle my LD service. It reminds me of those Yellow Pages scams that bill you to be listen in fake books. Outrageous! They (Century Link) said that it was impossible for them to do anything about it (cancel or contest the charges.) I would love to see these types of swindlers get some prison time. It’s obvious that this system is broken! It’s impossible to understand a phone bill with the cryptic codes an pages of taxes and fees that make no sense. Thanks Uncle Sam – great job making rules that put honest customers in this type of lurch. I guess the lesson is, never trust your phone bill!

    Why aren’t the phone companies outraged about this? This makes them too terrible.

  339. Cheryl Gray says:

    unauthorized charges they say my 90 year old uncle approves, but if you listen to the recording one can clearly hear my uncle was very confused and I have been on the phone for over 45 minutes to get the current charge of 10.92 this does not include all the other charges going back about 1 &1/2 years.

  340. Antonio Perez says:

    USBI is billing me through Century Link for third party billing i need this to stop i cann’t afford this billing to keep going on can you hepl me

  341. Antonio Perez says:

    CAN YOU HELP ME!!!!!USBI is taking my money and i need it to live

  342. Cindy says:

    I was billed around $250.00 over a two month period. I had AT&T unlimited long distance for $7.99 a month! Att said they would take care of it the first month then another bill for 117.00 came. AT&T told me they blocked 3rd party phone company on my account…guess not.
    Called USBI I was yelling and they lady from usbi was yelling back!
    I BLAME AT&T just as much as USBI! I think they are in it together. Why would they allow this. My name is the only one on my account, yet they said someone in my home ok it?

  343. Christy says:

    I was charged a total of $181.97 on my AT&T phone bill SILV Communications. When the recording was played back to me the questions on the recording were not the same questions asked during the phone conversation I had with a man who verified my information, asked a few questions and told me I was getting a discount on my phone bill. When I called this company to dispute these charges they agreed to cancel the service but I told them I wanted to be credited the entire amount I was charged because this was a scam and I was joining a class action suit against them. I stood firm with them and was told my account would be credited the entire amount but it would take two months to show on my account. I shall see!

  344. peter sherman says:

    received call from central telecom long distance. spoke to latina woman who takes care of kids, does not speak english well. she said ‘yes’ to question ‘are you authorized to make changes” but she was not. gave birthdate and then 3rd party “verification” asked her same questions. she resopnded same way (did not understand, was not authorized). due to e-billing and autopay i did not recognize problem until 14 m later. ($132 in charges). we do not use phone for long-distance (instead use cell). the predatory marketing approach is such that vulnerable people can be easily scammed. i was… for over 100$. i called them and they provided me 30$ credit.

  345. Charolette Rivera says:

    In january my mother asked me to look at her phone bill to see why it kept getting higher although she felt she was making fewer calls then ever.
    I found a USBI charge, called ATT who said it wasnt theirs, then called the USBI. They said that my mother had authorized the charge for long distance billing. She does not recall that.
    We dont know how many years she has been paying this.
    The charge was removed in February, but low and behold, it reappeared this month – they tried to tell me that it had never been removed because I never called!!
    ATT just sent out a Third party billing class action information sheet – we will participate.
    That is fine, but for now, how do I go about stopping them from continueing to charge her account??

  346. Joaquin C. Torres says:

    I was charged from usb1 and I don’t know that company and i never hire them. Cut am off.
    Thank you.

  347. Dawn Jones says:

    My 85 year old grandmother who doesn’t even understand that there is more than 1 phone company. Was scammed by these people !!!

  348. Benito Viveros says:

    Received charges from USBI when I never subscribed to this service. somebody should do something about this company who is ripping people off.

  349. Donna Camp says:

    I am having the same issues with being billed by USBI for long distance service I did not authorize. They have stopped additional charging but they are still posting a balance due on my bill every month and will not take it off.

  350. James Shanes says:

    I want the billing to stop.

  351. Peter Keller says:

    Same problem can’t get a $8.22 billing stopped nobody seems to know how to stop it.

  352. North says:

    USBI adding an extra 40$ month to our Verizon phone without permission. I had never heard of them until I checked our bill more carefully. Arrggg..

  353. DK says:

    I received a phone call saying that AT&T longer provided long distance service and this new company would be supplying the same service at discounted rates. My long distance increased from $47 unlimited to over $160 in a month. When I called to find out why I was charge so much, the USBI operator said that I had requested the new service. Does anyone believe that some would sign up to get the same service and pay over 3 times as much? Just surfing the web you’ll find extensive remarks about the company USBI doing this kind of scam!

  354. Becca says:

    My 88-year old grandma that lives in a nursing home was contacted by this company in December of 2013. She barely knows what day it is much less anything else. Her name isn’t even on the account with CenturyLink, but yet they stilled called her and let her change the account information. When asked, “who is your current long distance provider?” she replied “i don’t remember.” when asked, “who is your current local phone provider?” she replied, “i don’t know.” now does that sound like a competent person to you? How can they contact someone who’s name isn’t even on the bill to ask them to change long-distance carriers? This is ILLEGAL!!!! This company charged us almost twenty extra dollars for something that was already covered in the Century Link bill. When called, they replayed the recording of my grandmother talking and the lady basically bullied her into thinking that if she didn’t change her provider, her phone would be shut off. When I contacted the USBI company, I also contacted Century Link. USBI said that they contacted Century Link and told them about the changes to the bill, yet century link said they never received any confirmation. When asked to cancel this plan, and I told them that I was not going to pay for something that should never have even happened, the lady argued with me about it and told me that her company is going to get paid no matter what. This company is nothing but a scam!!!! I hope somebody does something to fix the fact they take advantage of little old ladies in nursing homes!!!!

  355. Sarah says:

    USBI called me like so many of the others above, and misrepresented themselves. They claimed they represented my phone company and that the charges would not impact my bill but instead would save me 10-20$ per month. What they don’t tell you is that there services cancel any “bundle”, promotional packages, or deals you previously had with your phone company. So YES it is more expensive and worse, it creates 2-3 months to rectify with your phone company. Many of the fees can not be credited back.

  356. Ron G says:

    About three months ago I was contacted by someone claiming to be from Verizon (My telephone company). This person claimed Verizon was no longer providing long distant services in my area and I needed to pick another service provider. Not wanting to take this at face value I pushed off the call and told him I needed to contact Verizon as my service was all tied into a plan which could change my fees with Verizon. I contacted Verizon who was not much help the service person from Verizon said she know nothing about stopping long distant service in my area, but that the long distant service would not change my service plan with them anyway if I switched. She could not say who this other person was claiming to be from Verizon, but that long distant was in no way tied into my service plan with them. I decided I would just leave it as it was, until this person called again the next day and asked me if I had checked with Verizon, and how he could save me $10.00 to $15.00 each month with a company Verizon had contacted to help customers switch over to another long distant service.

    So I figured why not Verizon said it would not change my plan with them, and this guy claims to be from Verizon helping people switch over before they stop long distant service I would give it a try. Big mistake, my first months billing was almost $12.00 higher then my old Verizon bill for long distant. Now keep in mind I asked this person about any hidden charges, or fees and that my bill would be lower several times and they confirm it would not be higher them my Verizon bill for long distant.

    This first months billing was more then double what I paid and adding insult to injury I now had two long distant service providers, Verizon my old provider and now this USBI company also billing me for long distant, and this month I made, nor had any long distant calls. So I call USBI with the number on the bill and they tell me they cannot help all they are is a billing agent and I need to call the telephone company who billed me. I get their number and call them and get the worst customer service agent in the world. The minute I said I had a billing error his responds was you switched service and all fees are correct it’s not our problem.

    Not their problem, I told him to hold on your company is billing me for bill processing and accessing shared lines things like that. He replies, “Ya, so”

    Ok I told him I am cancelling this service and will no longer pay any fees for his company. He said “we will see about that” and hung up on me.

    I called them back and told another person I was cancelling my services and they just said I would need to call back and talk to a supervisor. Each time I call back no supervisor is available. I contact Verizon and told them to block any further billing from these people. Next month I get a bill again for over $12.00 from them for long distant service. I call again to cancel and get the same run around. These people need to be locked up as running a con game period. I refused to pay any bill from them.

  357. robert hibbs says:

    got bill from at&t for 6.65 more that usual, cld them they can’t do anything, we will have to cancel service to stop it i guess, pissed me off.

  358. Jeff says:

    There have been unauthorized charges from USBI on our Centurylink bill for the last three months. The first month it was only $2.26. The next month it was $3.64. This month it is $43.53! We have free Unlimited Long Distance included in our bundle with Centurylink so I have no idea why or how USBI can put these unauthorized charges on our bill and I’m really upset about it!

    Last month I called and was on the phone with Centurylink for about an hour before someone finally agreed to put a block on our line and remove the charges from our bill. She was able to remove the charges from my bill and my bill was updated pretty quickly online to show that the charges were actually removed.

    This month there were USBI charges that apparently were put on our bill before Centurylink put the block on the line. This time when I called the representative from Centurylink said that it would take about 24 hours for the unauthorized charges to be removed from my bill. It’s now been 48 hours and the charges are still showing on our bill. I’m going to call Centurylink tomorrow to find out why they haven’t taken the charges off of our bill yet.

  359. Alejandra Diaz says:

    This USBI is CRAMMING and at my latest statement from ATT it shows a charge for a service never requested !!! Can any government office stop this criminals ?

  360. miguel rueda says:

    I have called & cancelled their services yet I still keep getting billed from them! (USBI)

  361. Teresa says:

    We noticed that our business phone bill started drastically increasing. We had originally signed up for service with CenturyLink for phone and internet service only. We did not need long distance, we used our cells for that. Our “bundle” was for a monthly fee of $68.00/mo. Our first bill was over $300 – what???? When I called I was told it was for 1-1/2 months with 1-time hook-up fees etc. Ok, that explained that. The next month was our “normal” bill. The next month it jumped to over $200.00 – what???? The next month was even more outrageous. We called CenturyLink on 5/27/2014 and found that due to us unknowingly “signing up” with USBI (United Telecom) for long distance service we lost our $68/mo. bundle. In addition, now we are paying more for our regular service and an additional $41.00 for long distance service we never authorized and didn’t even know we had. CenturyLink told us we had to call them to discontinue service and request a total refund. Why does CenturyLink allow third party billing without some sort of written authorization or verification from their customers? We were told that in order to remove this long distance service and get a refund – we had to call USBI (United Telecom) to cancel and request a refund! Why do they allow third party billing charges to just get slapped on their customers bills? They also told us that these slammers will make a phone call and ask any sort of question (in our case – “Hi, are you the business owner?” to which you would answer “YES” to and that is how they get their authorization for long distance service. Why do we have to opt out of everything now instead of signing up for all this shit? It is so frustrating, aggravating, etc.!!!!
    I don’t trust going completely paperless at this point anymore! It only benefits company’s not people! WARNING: people go over your bills with a fine tooth comb.Question everything!! We need to do more than just save company’s their money, we need to save our own – we don’t get a discount for going paperless, company’s save thousands per month!

  362. manuel manzano says:

    I have been charged twice $17.50 and $16.30 for calls to Washington to people I never called and never authorized USBI. I called them on several occasions the “manager” was going to call me back but never did. Since it was with my phone bill I not only had to pay, but this time, since I wait for the USBI return call, I also had to pay a fine from Century Link for a first time late fee on my bill. I called those numbers from my cell phone that USBI placed on my bill and those people in Washington DC had never heard from me or received a call from me. Nevertheless USBI still did not remove the unauthorized charges and for the first time I was assigned a fine to my bill. If you live in my area, some 15 years ago or so, there was only one phone company and suddenly people were assigned a long distance that they had no ‘say’ and the bills in this area not only to the public but to even the local judges were anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00 a month on calls never made to Japan, Australia etc. My girl friend was one of the victims here, just like everybody else that had to pay $400.00 a month otherwise she would have her phone disconnected. Well today we have resources and laws have been passed and no company, including USBI can impose her fraudulent charges on the public. I never authorized USBI to do any long distance simply because I don’t do any long distance but if I needed I would use my cell phone (which is free for the number of hours I have). Century Link tells me to take this up to the USBI which is impossible.

  363. Trudy G says:

    I was called and told they could save me money each mo. on my AT&T phone bill. That was not and is not true. I paid monthly without receiving anything. I had to bundle with AT&T for it to stop.

  364. Lorenzo says:

    This is the 2nd year USBI has billed me for long distance. I told them NOBODY has authorization to change my account. They claim my mother (who suffers from Dementia)authorized it. I argued with some stupid 20yr old who kept saying her supervisor is on the phone. They refunded some of the money. I told them I was filing a complaint with the BBB and reporting elderly fraud.

  365. Adrienne says:

    WOW,my bill went up by 100 dollars because of this third party carrier I NEVER authorized. AT&T told me I got all these fees for breaking contract and switching to another carrier, but I never did. How this happened is beyond me, but it HAS to be illegal.

  366. Beth KORELL says:

    I was charged $9.25 a month on my business phone account through Century Link, (which I had a 3rd party block on). I never agreed to it and was unable to get Century Link to take the charges off and stop the billing.After months of no relief I ended phone service with Century Link. The fact that I no longer have any phone service at that number has not stopped Century Link or this USBI from billing me 9.95 a month for ??? This entire illegal underhanded cramming is appalling.

  367. Kristina says:

    I was just looking over my ATT bill today and was wondering why my bill kept going up and all I have home phone service. USBI has charged me beginning in October 2013 till now from 4.70 to 10.88 monthly. I NEVER authorized and am totally appalled that they were able to do this. I don’t ever use my home phone but for work.

  368. Jessica Legan says:

    USBI began charging $40.99 for long distance service on my CenturyLink bill. I never authorized this, and because I was on AutoPay, it went unnoticed for 6 months. I never authorized this and cannot believe this can be legal.

  369. Juan Aleman says:

    A while back I received a phone call supposedly from my phone company with a woman saying that because I have been a good customer all these years they will send me a calling card. She started asking personal questions and suspecting a scam or an attempt of identity theft and obviously very upset I told her that if she was from my phone company she should have all that information already. When I reacted that way the woman nervously apologized and rushed to get off the phone. When I got off the phone I Google the number that unfortunately don’t remember now and found out that it was an unknown number not related with my phone company and even worse that there were hundreds of people in the same situation. My last two months bills from my phone company were showing charges from USBI on behalf Tele Circuit Network Corp for long distance services that I already have unlimited for free with my phone company. When contacting my company they said I should contact them myself to stop the “service” I got upset and told the guy that they were my phone company so they should take care of the problem. He put me on hold for a while and when he came back on he said that the problem was fixed, that he gave me credit and even better that he lowered rates for others services for the next few months. The following month when I though the problem was over, the USBI charges again. I called my phone company again and this time the woman who answered told me that there wasn’t any other choice but me calling them to stop the so called “service”. I called to the number she gave me. The person who answered named Rafael gave me another number and when I finally got to talk to somebody named Lourdes she told me that their system shows that I authorized the service. I told her that I didn’t authorize anything. Even going further I told her that they were a fraud and that probably had something to do with that suspicious phone call I received a while back. She ended transferring me to a supervisor named Yelvin that nervously denied the connections between the two incidents. During our conversation he kept repeating that the service was cancelled but refused to make any comment every time I repeated that I didn’t owe them anything. This month I paid to my company what I owed to my company minus the charges from Tele Circuit Network Corp. I warned my company that if they tried to insist on collecting Tele Circuit Network Corp charges and/or charged me late fees for them I would be canceling my service with them and going with another company. Yesterday I checked my account on line and it was showing the Tele Circuit Network Corp charges as past due. I called my company again and made clear my position. The customer service person assured that she was going to take care that she removed those charges that should be showing clear on line in 24 hours. Is my story similar top yours??? Did you receive a similar suspicious phone call previously to start receiving those charges from Tele Circuit Network Corp? Don’t let those fuckers to steal your money!!!! Report Tele Circuit Network Corp to the Federal Trade Commission and even report your phone company if necessary. There are a lot of people in out same situation out there, so it isn’t a secret that Tele Circuit Network Corp is a fraud and that USBI is playing their game and the phone companies are not doing anything with the excuse that they are obligated by the government to accept the charges!!!!!! All pure bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

  370. Chris Anderson says:

    I was told by USBI That they could lower my bill by going with there third party service, they gave me a reasonable good price over the phone and I took the deal. I finally look at my bill after a few months being that I am on auto pay and saw that my bill was even much higher than my ATT bill from before??
    I called ATT and they told me that there was nothing they could do about it, but suggested that I call
    USBI and cancel there service. I called USBI and really think that they know exactly what they are doing, they lie and cheat people of there money! Is there anything being done about this company? They need to be shut down.

  371. B. rios says:

    I was charged a couple of months for “USBI services” that I never authorized. The refused to remove all charges but gave me credit for most of it. Second month, I checked my bill and there was additional charges from USBI. Called them but they refuse to remove the charges. It is incredibly easy for a fraudulent company to take your money. Something needs to be done.

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