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If you were charged on your local phone bill by USBI for third party services and subscriptions (i.e., voicemail, Internet access, web hosting, email service, and caller-id services, etc.) that you never authorized USBI to bill you for, tell us your story!

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USBI Website:

Who Is USBI and Why Are They Billing Me For Charges On My Local Phone Bill?

According to USBI’s website “USBI is a billing clearinghouse that processes information on behalf of various long distance service providers. We are not a long distance or common carrier..”

How To Cancel or Stop Billing From USBI:

USBI Customer Service Inquiry Form:

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If you were charged on your local telephone bill by USBI for third party services and subscriptions that you never authorized, tell us your story!

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371 Responses to “USBI | Telephone Bill Complaints | Unauthorized Phone Charges?”

  1. Peter Keller says:

    Same problem can’t get a $8.22 billing stopped nobody seems to know how to stop it.

  2. North says:

    USBI adding an extra 40$ month to our Verizon phone without permission. I had never heard of them until I checked our bill more carefully. Arrggg..

  3. DK says:

    I received a phone call saying that AT&T longer provided long distance service and this new company would be supplying the same service at discounted rates. My long distance increased from $47 unlimited to over $160 in a month. When I called to find out why I was charge so much, the USBI operator said that I had requested the new service. Does anyone believe that some would sign up to get the same service and pay over 3 times as much? Just surfing the web you’ll find extensive remarks about the company USBI doing this kind of scam!

  4. Becca says:

    My 88-year old grandma that lives in a nursing home was contacted by this company in December of 2013. She barely knows what day it is much less anything else. Her name isn’t even on the account with CenturyLink, but yet they stilled called her and let her change the account information. When asked, “who is your current long distance provider?” she replied “i don’t remember.” when asked, “who is your current local phone provider?” she replied, “i don’t know.” now does that sound like a competent person to you? How can they contact someone who’s name isn’t even on the bill to ask them to change long-distance carriers? This is ILLEGAL!!!! This company charged us almost twenty extra dollars for something that was already covered in the Century Link bill. When called, they replayed the recording of my grandmother talking and the lady basically bullied her into thinking that if she didn’t change her provider, her phone would be shut off. When I contacted the USBI company, I also contacted Century Link. USBI said that they contacted Century Link and told them about the changes to the bill, yet century link said they never received any confirmation. When asked to cancel this plan, and I told them that I was not going to pay for something that should never have even happened, the lady argued with me about it and told me that her company is going to get paid no matter what. This company is nothing but a scam!!!! I hope somebody does something to fix the fact they take advantage of little old ladies in nursing homes!!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    USBI called me like so many of the others above, and misrepresented themselves. They claimed they represented my phone company and that the charges would not impact my bill but instead would save me 10-20$ per month. What they don’t tell you is that there services cancel any “bundle”, promotional packages, or deals you previously had with your phone company. So YES it is more expensive and worse, it creates 2-3 months to rectify with your phone company. Many of the fees can not be credited back.

  6. Ron G says:

    About three months ago I was contacted by someone claiming to be from Verizon (My telephone company). This person claimed Verizon was no longer providing long distant services in my area and I needed to pick another service provider. Not wanting to take this at face value I pushed off the call and told him I needed to contact Verizon as my service was all tied into a plan which could change my fees with Verizon. I contacted Verizon who was not much help the service person from Verizon said she know nothing about stopping long distant service in my area, but that the long distant service would not change my service plan with them anyway if I switched. She could not say who this other person was claiming to be from Verizon, but that long distant was in no way tied into my service plan with them. I decided I would just leave it as it was, until this person called again the next day and asked me if I had checked with Verizon, and how he could save me $10.00 to $15.00 each month with a company Verizon had contacted to help customers switch over to another long distant service.

    So I figured why not Verizon said it would not change my plan with them, and this guy claims to be from Verizon helping people switch over before they stop long distant service I would give it a try. Big mistake, my first months billing was almost $12.00 higher then my old Verizon bill for long distant. Now keep in mind I asked this person about any hidden charges, or fees and that my bill would be lower several times and they confirm it would not be higher them my Verizon bill for long distant.

    This first months billing was more then double what I paid and adding insult to injury I now had two long distant service providers, Verizon my old provider and now this USBI company also billing me for long distant, and this month I made, nor had any long distant calls. So I call USBI with the number on the bill and they tell me they cannot help all they are is a billing agent and I need to call the telephone company who billed me. I get their number and call them and get the worst customer service agent in the world. The minute I said I had a billing error his responds was you switched service and all fees are correct it’s not our problem.

    Not their problem, I told him to hold on your company is billing me for bill processing and accessing shared lines things like that. He replies, “Ya, so”

    Ok I told him I am cancelling this service and will no longer pay any fees for his company. He said “we will see about that” and hung up on me.

    I called them back and told another person I was cancelling my services and they just said I would need to call back and talk to a supervisor. Each time I call back no supervisor is available. I contact Verizon and told them to block any further billing from these people. Next month I get a bill again for over $12.00 from them for long distant service. I call again to cancel and get the same run around. These people need to be locked up as running a con game period. I refused to pay any bill from them.

  7. robert hibbs says:

    got bill from at&t for 6.65 more that usual, cld them they can’t do anything, we will have to cancel service to stop it i guess, pissed me off.

  8. Jeff says:

    There have been unauthorized charges from USBI on our Centurylink bill for the last three months. The first month it was only $2.26. The next month it was $3.64. This month it is $43.53! We have free Unlimited Long Distance included in our bundle with Centurylink so I have no idea why or how USBI can put these unauthorized charges on our bill and I’m really upset about it!

    Last month I called and was on the phone with Centurylink for about an hour before someone finally agreed to put a block on our line and remove the charges from our bill. She was able to remove the charges from my bill and my bill was updated pretty quickly online to show that the charges were actually removed.

    This month there were USBI charges that apparently were put on our bill before Centurylink put the block on the line. This time when I called the representative from Centurylink said that it would take about 24 hours for the unauthorized charges to be removed from my bill. It’s now been 48 hours and the charges are still showing on our bill. I’m going to call Centurylink tomorrow to find out why they haven’t taken the charges off of our bill yet.

  9. Alejandra Diaz says:

    This USBI is CRAMMING and at my latest statement from ATT it shows a charge for a service never requested !!! Can any government office stop this criminals ?

  10. miguel rueda says:

    I have called & cancelled their services yet I still keep getting billed from them! (USBI)

  11. Teresa says:

    We noticed that our business phone bill started drastically increasing. We had originally signed up for service with CenturyLink for phone and internet service only. We did not need long distance, we used our cells for that. Our “bundle” was for a monthly fee of $68.00/mo. Our first bill was over $300 – what???? When I called I was told it was for 1-1/2 months with 1-time hook-up fees etc. Ok, that explained that. The next month was our “normal” bill. The next month it jumped to over $200.00 – what???? The next month was even more outrageous. We called CenturyLink on 5/27/2014 and found that due to us unknowingly “signing up” with USBI (United Telecom) for long distance service we lost our $68/mo. bundle. In addition, now we are paying more for our regular service and an additional $41.00 for long distance service we never authorized and didn’t even know we had. CenturyLink told us we had to call them to discontinue service and request a total refund. Why does CenturyLink allow third party billing without some sort of written authorization or verification from their customers? We were told that in order to remove this long distance service and get a refund – we had to call USBI (United Telecom) to cancel and request a refund! Why do they allow third party billing charges to just get slapped on their customers bills? They also told us that these slammers will make a phone call and ask any sort of question (in our case – “Hi, are you the business owner?” to which you would answer “YES” to and that is how they get their authorization for long distance service. Why do we have to opt out of everything now instead of signing up for all this shit? It is so frustrating, aggravating, etc.!!!!
    I don’t trust going completely paperless at this point anymore! It only benefits company’s not people! WARNING: people go over your bills with a fine tooth comb.Question everything!! We need to do more than just save company’s their money, we need to save our own – we don’t get a discount for going paperless, company’s save thousands per month!

  12. manuel manzano says:

    I have been charged twice $17.50 and $16.30 for calls to Washington to people I never called and never authorized USBI. I called them on several occasions the “manager” was going to call me back but never did. Since it was with my phone bill I not only had to pay, but this time, since I wait for the USBI return call, I also had to pay a fine from Century Link for a first time late fee on my bill. I called those numbers from my cell phone that USBI placed on my bill and those people in Washington DC had never heard from me or received a call from me. Nevertheless USBI still did not remove the unauthorized charges and for the first time I was assigned a fine to my bill. If you live in my area, some 15 years ago or so, there was only one phone company and suddenly people were assigned a long distance that they had no ‘say’ and the bills in this area not only to the public but to even the local judges were anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00 a month on calls never made to Japan, Australia etc. My girl friend was one of the victims here, just like everybody else that had to pay $400.00 a month otherwise she would have her phone disconnected. Well today we have resources and laws have been passed and no company, including USBI can impose her fraudulent charges on the public. I never authorized USBI to do any long distance simply because I don’t do any long distance but if I needed I would use my cell phone (which is free for the number of hours I have). Century Link tells me to take this up to the USBI which is impossible.

  13. Trudy G says:

    I was called and told they could save me money each mo. on my AT&T phone bill. That was not and is not true. I paid monthly without receiving anything. I had to bundle with AT&T for it to stop.

  14. Lorenzo says:

    This is the 2nd year USBI has billed me for long distance. I told them NOBODY has authorization to change my account. They claim my mother (who suffers from Dementia)authorized it. I argued with some stupid 20yr old who kept saying her supervisor is on the phone. They refunded some of the money. I told them I was filing a complaint with the BBB and reporting elderly fraud.

  15. Adrienne says:

    WOW,my bill went up by 100 dollars because of this third party carrier I NEVER authorized. AT&T told me I got all these fees for breaking contract and switching to another carrier, but I never did. How this happened is beyond me, but it HAS to be illegal.

  16. Beth KORELL says:

    I was charged $9.25 a month on my business phone account through Century Link, (which I had a 3rd party block on). I never agreed to it and was unable to get Century Link to take the charges off and stop the billing.After months of no relief I ended phone service with Century Link. The fact that I no longer have any phone service at that number has not stopped Century Link or this USBI from billing me 9.95 a month for ??? This entire illegal underhanded cramming is appalling.

  17. Kristina says:

    I was just looking over my ATT bill today and was wondering why my bill kept going up and all I have home phone service. USBI has charged me beginning in October 2013 till now from 4.70 to 10.88 monthly. I NEVER authorized and am totally appalled that they were able to do this. I don’t ever use my home phone but for work.

  18. Jessica Legan says:

    USBI began charging $40.99 for long distance service on my CenturyLink bill. I never authorized this, and because I was on AutoPay, it went unnoticed for 6 months. I never authorized this and cannot believe this can be legal.

  19. Juan Aleman says:

    A while back I received a phone call supposedly from my phone company with a woman saying that because I have been a good customer all these years they will send me a calling card. She started asking personal questions and suspecting a scam or an attempt of identity theft and obviously very upset I told her that if she was from my phone company she should have all that information already. When I reacted that way the woman nervously apologized and rushed to get off the phone. When I got off the phone I Google the number that unfortunately don’t remember now and found out that it was an unknown number not related with my phone company and even worse that there were hundreds of people in the same situation. My last two months bills from my phone company were showing charges from USBI on behalf Tele Circuit Network Corp for long distance services that I already have unlimited for free with my phone company. When contacting my company they said I should contact them myself to stop the “service” I got upset and told the guy that they were my phone company so they should take care of the problem. He put me on hold for a while and when he came back on he said that the problem was fixed, that he gave me credit and even better that he lowered rates for others services for the next few months. The following month when I though the problem was over, the USBI charges again. I called my phone company again and this time the woman who answered told me that there wasn’t any other choice but me calling them to stop the so called “service”. I called to the number she gave me. The person who answered named Rafael gave me another number and when I finally got to talk to somebody named Lourdes she told me that their system shows that I authorized the service. I told her that I didn’t authorize anything. Even going further I told her that they were a fraud and that probably had something to do with that suspicious phone call I received a while back. She ended transferring me to a supervisor named Yelvin that nervously denied the connections between the two incidents. During our conversation he kept repeating that the service was cancelled but refused to make any comment every time I repeated that I didn’t owe them anything. This month I paid to my company what I owed to my company minus the charges from Tele Circuit Network Corp. I warned my company that if they tried to insist on collecting Tele Circuit Network Corp charges and/or charged me late fees for them I would be canceling my service with them and going with another company. Yesterday I checked my account on line and it was showing the Tele Circuit Network Corp charges as past due. I called my company again and made clear my position. The customer service person assured that she was going to take care that she removed those charges that should be showing clear on line in 24 hours. Is my story similar top yours??? Did you receive a similar suspicious phone call previously to start receiving those charges from Tele Circuit Network Corp? Don’t let those fuckers to steal your money!!!! Report Tele Circuit Network Corp to the Federal Trade Commission and even report your phone company if necessary. There are a lot of people in out same situation out there, so it isn’t a secret that Tele Circuit Network Corp is a fraud and that USBI is playing their game and the phone companies are not doing anything with the excuse that they are obligated by the government to accept the charges!!!!!! All pure bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Chris Anderson says:

    I was told by USBI That they could lower my bill by going with there third party service, they gave me a reasonable good price over the phone and I took the deal. I finally look at my bill after a few months being that I am on auto pay and saw that my bill was even much higher than my ATT bill from before??
    I called ATT and they told me that there was nothing they could do about it, but suggested that I call
    USBI and cancel there service. I called USBI and really think that they know exactly what they are doing, they lie and cheat people of there money! Is there anything being done about this company? They need to be shut down.

  21. B. rios says:

    I was charged a couple of months for “USBI services” that I never authorized. The refused to remove all charges but gave me credit for most of it. Second month, I checked my bill and there was additional charges from USBI. Called them but they refuse to remove the charges. It is incredibly easy for a fraudulent company to take your money. Something needs to be done.

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