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If you were wronged by an Electric Company (i.e, ripped-off, defrauded, scammed, cheated, deceived, misled, overcharged, victimized, or subjected to fraudulent, deceptive or unfair practices, etc.), share your an Electric Company story or complaint with other an Electric & Utility Company consumers!

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A variety of laws at both the federal and state levels regulate consumer affairs. These consumer protection laws or consumer rights laws regulate the relationships between individual consumers such as you and the businesses that sell those goods and services to you.

Consumer rights laws cover a wide range of legal issues and wrongful conduct, including but not necessarily limited to product liability, defective consumer products and services, warranties, privacy rights, identity theft, unfair, fraudulent or deceptive business practices, misrepresentations and omissions, and other consumer and business interactions and wrongdoing.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers just like you lose time and money every year due to unscrupulous business practices and consumer fraud.

If you believe that your consumer rights have been violated by your Electric Company and you want to fight back, an experienced consumer protection lawyer can help protect your rights.

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10 Responses to “Utilities | Electric Company | Consumer Complaints | Class Action Lawsuits”

  1. Dawn Holland says:

    Electric bill has normally run around $170. As of this year, the bill has jumped to $400. No new electric appliances, no different use of electricity. The meter reader is at my house three to four times a month, and the company will not tell me why. Who can I contact that will help me understand what this company (ANEC) is up to? That would be most helpful.

  2. D.Black says:

    just had new electical smart meter installed at house6/15/10 for no particular reason other than everyone is getting them installed per centerpoint energy. I have already puchased a smart meter a year ago! Why should I pay for another ! I’ve been ripped off and I want my 70.00 dollars back!

  3. William Bonebrake says:

    I had fallen behind on my utilities payment, and had made arrangements with the local utility company here in Rolla, Mo to keep the utilities on long enough for me to get paid about 4-5 days after the shut off date. I came hom today, and the electicity and everything was shut off. I contacted the service department, and they came and turned it back on. I am a missouri national guard soldier, and I have had problems such as this a feew times before. Do I have any grounds for legal action against the utility company?

  4. K.bailey says:

    I pay my bill every month on the first” but I get the bill in the middle of the month and then I notices I am being charged for gas. and travel of my electric from Texas.and they are trying to shut my electric off even when I pay my amount I am on a payment program and they are demanding cash money from me on the spot or they will turn my lights off saying it was not in the papers that I am on a payment plan. how do I fight this. They are over charging us and we cant fight back why ?

  5. Anna Patterson says:

    This is against a rural water company. I have been billed over $1000 for water since jan 2013 until 11-1/13. I finally went in to get a printout of the last 2 years and I have a time stamped photo of my meter in the end of Jan 2013 showing the reading. It is showing that I have overpaid about $600 to date. I use 4500 usage a month on average and that would cost $35 a month. I have no trash or sewer charges since I am on septic. I live in a 1000 sf house without a dishwasher and only 1 bathroom. I barely wash dishes by hand because I buy plastic cups and plates since we are busy people. I run about 2 loads of clothes a day. None of their billing even matches the bill. I do math for our painting business everyday estimating so I know I am not crazy. I hired an accountant to see if I am wrong since they only sit down with me with their Chinese arrithmatic that doesn’t make any sense. When I told the lady that I had a accountant looking at it she got nasty telling me she had a computer that did math well (although I should have went off saying that you input or change anything with that).
    One really suspicious item was that in the whole 2 years they always estimated my monthly rate but just in the last 6 months 3 months of estimated billing have been removed and are not showing any balances. That’s why I got an accountant before an attorney.

  6. Anna Patterson says:

    Also to add I got a bill for those months removed and they credited me a whopping $50 for overcharging me last month by 15000 usage. I really don’t find that fair. And they also were charging me between 12000 – 16000 usage per month each month for 8 months of last year. They charged me $50 disconnect and then $50 reconnect and then $50 if they locked my meter. I didn’t have a picture of my meter last year so I never questioned them on that. Today I requested a certified reading from when I moved in and a certified reading from when the current meter was installed. Hopefully somebody can help me.

  7. Anna Patterson says:

    I just wonder even if I was only overcharged $200 at the end of the day, how many other customers have been fraudulently charged by this company? I absolutely without a doubt know I have been overcharged hundreds if not more by my last year readings that I know are impossible. We even had them check our meter for leaks and for it being dysfunctional near the beginning of this year as this bill became a big problem

  8. Anna Patterson says:

    I had one billing last year that I had to pay $600 and then 3 months later another $300 plus other payments. I just trusted the company and figured something was going.

  9. Roy Phillips says:

    We are served by Kentucky Electric Power (KEP), a subsidiary of American Electric Power )AEP). As a matter of fact, AEP, at one time, did away with the KEP name, and bills were paid directly to AEP. That changed and I’m sure I know why.

    Because of new regulations re: coal burning power plants, KEP, aka AEP, decided to retire a coal burning plant in Ashland, Ky. To make up for the loss of this plant, AEP announce that KEP would buy half interest in a plant in West Va., owned by Ohio Power. Then AEP, aka KEP, convinced the Kentucky Public Service Commission to allow a sizable rate increase to help pay for the purchase of this plant.

    Trouble is Ohio Power is also a subsidiary of AEP. So, in effect AEP is buying a power plant from itself and got a rate increase imposed on its customer so it could afford to pay itself back.

    What’s right about that? We’ve been paying so much more for electricity since the Public Service Commission bought that load of bull crap. How about a nice class action suit that would seek to roll back that price increase and refund AEP/KEP’s customers. Sounds a lot more reasonable to me than the reason for okaying that rate increase, don’cha think?

  10. lakeisha pierre says:

    Town of clayton,nc billed me &500-$800/ mo for utilities.. Me and my 3 kids had to sleep outside of our home in my car during winter mos..we eventually were evicted because I could not pay the rent..Ann the manager just laughed and didn’t care..my last bill was $2500..at first I thought it was the house so I paid that bill off and moved..then shecharged me the same at the other house..she refused to give me a ledger of my bill and payments and she lied about it to the town manager

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