Is There A Statute Of Limitation, Limitations Period or Time Limit To File A Whistleblower, Qui Tam or False Claims Act Lawsuit?

False Claims Act, Whistleblower & Qui Tam | Statutes Of Limitation, Limitations Periods (i.e., Time Bar or Deadline To Sue Or File Suit)

Like most types of legal claims, federal and state whistleblower, false claims act and qui tam suits are typically subject to what is known as a statute of limitation or limitation period. This is the time limit by which a whistleblower, false claims act or qui tam lawsuit must be filed.  Failure to timely file a complaint can be fatal to a law suit.

Under the federal False Claims Act, a lawsuit must be filed within the later of two time periods:

  1. Within six years from the date of the violation of the Act, or
  2. Within three years after the government learned, or should have learned about the violation, but in no event later than ten years after the violation of the Act.

If you have knowledge about a company or companies that committed fraud against a federal, state or local government or agency or provided false information to obtain money from the government, you must act quickly as there are specific time limitations for filing suit which, if not followed, would prevent you from ever bringing a false claims act, whistleblower or qui tam lawsuit.

–Report A Company Committing Fraud Against The Government–

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Become A Whistleblower, Report Fraud Committed Against The Government and Recover A Whistleblower Reward For Successfully Bringing A Qui Tam or False Claims Act Lawsuit and Recovering Money On Behalf Of The Government:

–Contact A Whistleblower Lawyer & False Claims Act Attorney–

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  1. Mory Atashkar says:

    If you are a State employee Do NOT blow whistle in California! Arnold will eleminate you. I am being one.

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